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tell us a story about an insect

parker insists that he doesnt normally sleepwalk. 

i have no idea if its true or not; for the sake of anyone who lives with him (myself occasionally included) i hope it is. 

however. when he’s sleeping off a few injuries and is pain-medicated enough that its effective on his jacked up metabolism, he does

which would not normally be a big deal. thor sleepwalks too, and the only problem with that is he sleeps naked. so i thought nothing of it when peterbird wandered into the common room late at night with his eyes closed. he kinda just showed up and then stood there, so i figured id let him be and went off to go make myself some hot chocolate. ten or so minutes later, i stepped around the divider wall back to the common room. 

and promptly had the everloving daylights scared out of me. 

why? you ask, why were ten precious years scared off your ridiculous life, bucky???

well. because parker was standing right on the other side of the wall, about two inches from my face. with an alarmingly vacant expression on his face. because he was sleepwalking. 

he was sleepwalking on the fucking ceiling

in the cal-zone [draco malfoy]

request: “45, 55, 119, 179 and 318 for Draco? Of course, you don’t have to use all of them, but I think it would be awesome if you did any combination of them, because I feel like they work well together. I also wanted to let you know I loved your Draco fic- you’re an amazing writer and you’ve got yourself a new follower! <3″ - @quills-and-quaffles

word count: ~1700

a/n: guess who’s back, back again - it me back w more draco malfoy, the slytherin asshole who i love and hate at the same time! thank u requester for ur lovely compliments!!! thank u for following a lame teen like yours truly (,: also sorry i only did 2 of them yeet i just felt like they went together really well! an additional sorry for changing “i love u, u arsehole” to “i luv u, u arsehole” even tho i’m not rlly sorry. (: i hate myself for this title even tho i laughed like a hyena when i came up with it now enjoy this - i’m hungry for calzones *ben wyatt look into camera*

55: “have i entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

119: “i love you, you asshole.” 

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💙 he l l o

Send 💙 for a spiderman kiss.

she’s keeping his SECRET.  not ONLY that, but she’s HELPING patch him up when he STUMBLES his way to the school or WHEREVER it is she happens to be that NIGHT.  it’s STRANGE, the way he feels so TIED to her, like that night at the LIBRARY was something scripted by FATE.  it felt like the start of some CHEESY origin story, &. he could almost LAUGH.  of course it would be MICHELLE who cracked his secret first.  like she HERSELF had said, she was very OBSERVANT of peter.  &. NOW, perched on the wall above the LIBRARY window, he was PREPARED to leave, to go home for some MUCH needed rest.  but he DIDN’T, not just yet.

instead, he TAPS the window to get her attention, &. when she OPENS it, one GLOVED hand remains on the WALL along with his feet.  the OTHER rests on her cheek, hesitating for a moment.  is this a good IDEA ??  because if peter DOES this, if he KISSES her like something inside him is TELLING him to, things would NEVER be the same.  things would CHANGE, &. peter wasn’t sure if he was READY for that.

but he DOES it.  he leans forward just a BIT &. he kisses michelle.  he’s never KISSED anyone besides his family, so it’s WEIRD.  but it’s soft &. just like HIM.  he’s GRINNING when he leans back, &. he can’t help LAUGHING a little.

 i’ll….see you around.  later, michelle. 

Its past 3 am, I’ve ate two bags of Crisps listened to the entire soundtracks for Be More Chill, Dear Evan Hansen, Newsies, Avenue Q and Jasper In Deadland. I’ve watched around ten leafyishere video, made a crappy drawing, ate a Hershey’s bar and failed at trying to sleep. Wow, who else loves life, wo w ! 

Florent sketches cause I lame ass. sleep deprived flo, good mood flo, randomly topless flo, irritated flo and sleepy flo

Luke becoming a daddy like:

- “Babe look at my little mans cheeks!! They’re so squishy he’s so squishy :(”

- giggling like a maniac when baby boy Hemmo won’t let go of his finger

- pouting when he has to go to work and can’t take his little man with him

- “Bye mini me, love you bug!!”

- Luke making sure him and little man Hemmo always having matching band shirts like the nerd he is

- giggling when you walk in on Luke asleep on the couch with teeny tiny mini Hemmo curled up on his chest sleeping happily :(

- Luke rolling his eyes when it’s his turn for diaper duty

- “Little man, I’m just trying to change your diaper, can you please stop being a wiggle worm for me?”

- Luke always sprawled out on the floor as he plays with the little guy

- him drumming on baby boy Hemmo’s tummy :((((

- him blowing raspberries on baby boy Hemmo’s tummy :((((

- bath time when Luke folds his huge self in the tub and giggles when his baby boy starts splashing

- “Thats right champ, splash mommy!! Get her baby!!” *giggles endlessly*

- singing him to sleep wow bye

- him always being the first one up when he hears cries through the baby monitor

- him pretending a spoon full of cheerios is an airplane and giggling just as much as his little man when he eats them like a big boy :(

- his eyes popping out of his head when he says his first word

- “Oh my god he’s talking, he’s so old, god, soon enough he’ll get a girlfriend, he’ll be moving out, oh my god babe.”

- his smile getting all wobbly when his baby boy says “Da-da I wuv oo!” for the first time

- “Babe when can we make another one??”

If Eren and Levi had a kid, Levi would probably entertain said child using a laser pointer. He’d sit there on the couch all smug and proud of himself for finding a way to entertain the smelly creature for hours on end.

at least until Eren came home, saw what Levi was doing, and angrily snatching the laser pointer away before throwing it at Levi’s face. 

(inspired by this video)

When it happens, it’s nothing and everything Keith thought it would be – bloody, messy, unexpected.

Shiro stands before him yet there’s no recognition in his eyes. Only destruction, pain, and a bestial ferocity reminiscent of the Galra. There’s not a trace of him left in the vessel that was once his body.

Keith grips his bayard tightly, grits his teeth. He knows he’s only stalling, holding on to the hope that Shiro will still come back like he always does. But Keith’s ribs are broken, his right leg has gone numb, and his fingers have instinctively wrapped themselves around the microbomb trigger.

Shiro had been the one to insist on it, had Pidge manufacture the tiny destructive chip and had Coran inject it into the sweet spot in his neck. Keith remembers wanting to break down when it’s him that Shiro entrusts the detonator to.

Sometimes he can just be as cruel as he is kind.

Now there’s nothing left of that kindness, consumed by the overwhelming dark that has been lurking inside him, slowly eating away at the man Keith has long since sworn his heart to.

This time, he’s just not coming back anymore.

Keith drops his bayard, stands his ground.

All too quickly, a glowing metal arm pierces through his armor and punctures a hole in his chest, and Keith feels numb, feels oddly liberated. He holds Shiro tight against his broken bloodied frame, rests his head one final time against his shoulder.

“Takashi,” he whispers, and suddenly there’s noise, there’s smoke, there’s blood and gore.

Then, stillness.


The fitness magazine Dean was reading mentions mammograms on the cover three times, and healthy foods twice, once in relation to avoiding cancer. I can’t help but think we’re supposed to make the association here between cancer and the mark, especially considering all the healthy food Dean’s been eating as a preventative measure.

I think this is a very interesting association to make considering cancer is a disease characterized by the body’s own abnormal cells growing uncontrollably into tumors. Cancers are caused by environmental factors and/or genetic inheritance, but nonetheless it is still the body’s own cells that mutate and cause the disease.

Like many cancers, the mark is something that came from an outside source, but is using what is already inside Dean to proliferate. And if we’re thinking of it as a cancer, as far as I know most cancers are never completely cured, they simply go into remission. There are treatments to rid the body of the tumors, but there’s always the chance that cancer will come back in the future. 

Taking this as just another sign that Dean will be stuck with the mark for good, but with treatment, a lifetime of remission may be possible…