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170723 ‘Hello Again’ Fanmeeting - Part One~

♢ Eunhyuk looks around at fans who all have long hair. “We made a promise?” “Do you remember?” “How did your hair grow so fast”

Hyuk: Do you remember what was it that we promised each other?

Fans: To not cut the hair!

Hyuk: Did u rly go thru it?

Fans: Yes!

Hyuk: Liar.i saw someone who really shaved her head so i give my confirmation that she is an elf.

♢ They wanted to greet so hyukjae wanted to say we are d&e but hae messed up hahaha

Hyuk: Its been a while right?

Hae: I’m nervous. I’m fluttered to stand here after this while and somehow.. I feel a bit shy/embarrassed

Hyuk: your hands are shaking 

Hae: to not show that, I am holding hands together

Hyuk: hurry drink some water

They will be sharing photos from their vacations from the army~

 ♢ Hyukjae is just bragging about himself being really great at shooting

♢ Hyuk showed a vacation pic of eating with his unit. 

Donghae: Didn’t you make plans to eat with me? And you went to see others?? 

♢ Hyuk took a pic when he was taking the 지하철. Fans were shocked.

Hyuk: yeah I tried taking the subway once.

Hae: You’re cool.

♢ There was a pic of hyukjae with a lot of ppl so he asked hae to find and hae picked a girl and said that is hyukjae. Hyukjae said good job~

Eunhyuk: I went back to the dorms & pressed the doorbell for 3 minutes & made faces at the camera… but it was the wrong house

♢  Hyukjae said his mom used his name at the hair dressers to get a cut and dye XD

 Donghae asked Eunhyuk to re-enact the scene with him and his mom 

Hyuk: “so I act as the mom?" 

Hae: "no you act as Donghae”

Hae showed a pic of him in some sort of recording studio.

Hyuk: You were a DJ?? Wah you must have rly improved you talking (skills)

Hae: It wasnt that, I was doing the voice navigation for the app like KKT.

Hyuk: *cant believe it* *imitated Hae’s voixe doing navigation*\

Hyuk: go left! go right! i said go right!!!! (in thick Hae accent lmao im dying)

Hae: I didnt do it with Sattori!

♢ Hae showed a pic of him and Siwon shoveling snowy road during winter. Hyuk got up from his seat doubled over laughing.

Hyuk: Wah really handsome. There’s a policeman taking picture of DBSK CM, SW, YH.

The police officer Hyuk is referring to is Hae. He is just is teasing that how Hae looked in that photo next to those three.

Hyuk: *still laughing at his own joke* You look like a robot!! 

*still referring to the same pic* He cant move on XD

In all these photos Hae is so short compared to the others, hyuk keeps laughing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

♢ Eunhae are going to show their written profiles from before army and after

♢ Donghae’s weight before army: 65 After: 65 

HJ: … 

DH: but I lost muscles! 

HJ: You don’t actually know it do you? 

DH: no I just wrote wtv

Hyukjae’s weight before army: 60 After: 60 

HJ: I maintained myself bc we were going to meet

♢ Hae’s favourite weather. Before and after still rainy day. 

Hyuk: He’s rly a simple man. Why do you like the rain so much?

Hae said he enjoyed the sound of the rain.

Hyuk: Today is raining right? So don’t feel bummed by it just think that ahh this is the weather that Donghae likes so it’s okay.

DH said the real reason why he likes rain is bc of memories of sitting with his bro inside with his mom and dad and the rain on the windows~


Hyuk: Before - expensive things 

After - cheap things

Hae: Before - dandy 

After - police uniform

food preferences: 

Hae: Before - Samgyetang (chicken soup) 

HJ: Since when???

DH: well I only wrote it thinking of what food is healthy

Now: Army food (Hyuk: liar) 

Hyuk: Before - kimchi fried rice 

Now:anything edible 


Hae: Before - Romantic 

After - Ro~~~~~~~mantic 

HJ: Oh so you changed a bit then!

Hyuk: Before: Angelic 

After: Real man

Hae’s fav song before army: still you 

After army: uptown funk 

Hyuk: before: with you 

After: uptown funk

Girl group 

Hae: Before - RV, fx, Snsd 

After - ALL

Hae: Actually I have not rly watched TV much these days 

Fan: Good! 

Hyuk: *laughed*

DH’s habit: Before - ELF 

 after - El~~~~f 

EH’s habit: Before- thinking about ELF 

After: thinking about myself

Hyuk’s way to relieve stress before army- avoid lee donghaek 

After army: following lee donghaek

DH’s stress relieve: Before- go to hyuk’s house 

♢ One of DH’s answers was small and scribbled out HJ: Is that a poo

♢ They are showing self cam VCR during 1 week after discharge.

♢ Hyuk went to sauna and be doing facials

♢ Hae went to greet fans at SUM. He stood next to his standee. “Aren’t I handsome?”

♢ Donghae went to pick Hyuk up after his schedule (Radio Star) and they went to eat at a restaurant together with Kyuhyun.

cr: Dew, Yoojin ♡BelIidonghais,아잉~, ,StalkEunHae, ferfer_DHislove,ELF_thoughts,emzhaek.


Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 Devil Animation

170914 SJ IG Updates

DH new profile pic

leedonghae: 📷 

yesung1106: 컨셉이야? 이거 경고야 너 _  [is this a concept? this is a warning for you _]

eunhyukee44: 그만하라니까 멍충아 카메라+체크셔츠+흑백사진 질린다질려  [I told you to stop it, idiot. I’m getting tired of the camera + checkered shirt + black n white picture]

kimheenim: 이거 이거 아주 습관이구만😐😐 경고란 말조차 지친다 휴…. [this this is really a habit😐😐 I’m even getting tired of warning you sigh….]

leedonghae: @kimheenim 난 형을 좋아해 [I like you hyung]

leedonghae: @yesung1106 난 형을 좋아해 [I like you hyung]

*totally ignored Hyuk lol*

siwonchoi: 유니세프에서 감사장을 전달 받았습니다. 전세계의 어린이를 위해 마음과 노력을 다하겠습니다. 감사합니다. [I received a letter of appreciation from UNICEF. I will put my heart into it and work hard for all the kids around the world. Thank you.] (x)

yesung1106: 이거 너무 티내는거 이거 경고 _ [this is so obvious, this is a warning]

eunhyukee44: 횩재어린이는 안 챙겨서 경고 [warning for not taking care of little Hyokjae]

kimheenim: 풍성 풍성 풍성 풍성 풍성 풍성 풍성 풍성🎈
#Gmarket #김희철 #셀프경고 #설현 #살인자의기억법 [balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon 🎈 #Gmarket #kimheechul #selfwarning #seolhyun #MemoirofaMurderer] (x)

yesung1106: 이거 경고야 이유없이 경고! [this is a warning, there’s no reason, just warning]

kimheejin331 (heechul’s sister): 경고가 너래제목이야? ㅋ [is warning the title of a song? ㅋ]

yesung1106: You look at me .. masi 🐎 my cute man !! #변혁의사랑 #은혁의사랑#goodnight [You look at me .. masi 🐎 my cute man !! #Byunhyuk’sLove #Eunhyuk’sLove #goodnight]

*made a pun out of the title of Siwon’s upcoming drama and Hyuk’s name*

siwonchoi: 🤣😅☀

Rumors and Truths (Royal AU Heechul) Pt2

Originally posted by yehae

Type: Fluff Angst

Request: Hiiiii. Can you do a part 2 for the heechul royal au? It’s just too good to leave it like that. Pleaseee.

Omgg can you do part 2 for royal au heechul pls.

Part 1

He cupped your face lightly after he finished rubbing the lotion onto it. He looked you in the eyes as he felt himself leaning in to place a kiss onto your lips. Your eyes widened as you leaned back “what are you doing?” you asked as he frozen. He looked at you as he let out an odd laugh “I am sorry for my actions” he spoke as he turned away. His face was bright red, you couldn’t see it but you could feel his body heat grow largely as you simply got more sun lotion and rubbed it onto his neck. Your fingers slipped around to the front “don’t choke me” he laughed as you realized how your hands were on his neck “I can’t even choke you like this” you say as your arm went around his neck “I have to cut the airway off to choke you” you finish as he simply tapped your arm. “Putting your prince in a choke hold. That is new” he says as you smiled lightly.


You found the moment very weird. He was about to kiss you, you were sure it was in the heat of the moment because for sure no prince would want someone so…simple. You didn’t get dressed up, your jeans or knees ended up with grass stains, often times you had imprints on grass and bark on you from all the time you spent laying around reading. You piratically lived to be dirty while surrounded by an overly clean place. But Heechul found it perfect.

Which lead to why he his himself against one of the stone pillars watching you. Passing by was his close friend, Siwon who was staying there with his family. “Why are you watching your help?” he questioned as Heechul jumped. “How long have you been there?” Heechul asked “long enough to know, you’re way too spaced out” Siwon teased. “She isn’t the help. She’s the daughter of the help” Heechul corrects. “Well excuse me” Siwon says as he looks out at you. “She’s like 12 compared to you” Siwon spoke as he let out a light chuckle. “She’s 19” Heechul says “wow barely legal” Siwon teased. “Shut up. I can have what I want. I’m a prince” he told his friend as he saw that you were gone.


“Mrs. Y/L/N” Heechul calls as he rushes down the stairs towards the maid. She looked up from her mopping “stop rushing” she spoke as he slid a bit but kept himself up. “Yes?” she asked “your daughter why doesn’t she work?” he asked “she’s waiting to see if she gets a letter from the college of her dreams” you mother spoke as she leaned on the mop. “Your mother even recommended to the dean herself to allow Y/N to go. But they haven’t decided” she spoke. “Why doesn’t she work here then until the letter comes? The library is a complete mess because my father doesn’t trust many with his books. He agreed though your daughter has so much respect for the books that she would be perfect for it” Heechul says with a large smile. “You’re like the big brother she never had” she giggles as his smile dropped slightly but was still there. “Big brother?” he asked in an awkward tone. “You treat her so well. A prince treating my daughter so well. Ah its a mother’s fairytale” you mother hums as she starts mopping again.


Your eyes were wide as you walked into the library. The lovely smell of old books filled your nose as you spun around. “Its like every book ever written is here” you tell Heechul as he laughs. “There is a lot of them. But I know you can do it” he spoke as you nodded. He put his fist up as he looked at you “good luck” he cheered for you as he handed you a box of gloves. “I don’t know what you will find. Father let’s no one in" he says as you nervously took the box from him.


Over the next few days Heechul hung out in the library. He was reading an old Mark Twain book that he found on the side table of the old but comfortable chair. He would glance up at you as you had sorted all the box into piles. “How’s it going?” he calls as you look up “good I just have to figure out how your father organized them” you told him heading over to the wooden rolling ladder as Heechul quickly got up to follow you. “Someone should hold them” he says as he grabs the railings. His arms were on either side of you as he looked you in the eyes. The small glint in his eyes made you neverous as he smiled again. He began leaning over again as your eyes closed “watch out for the book on the stairs” he whispers as your eyes opened again think that was all he was doing. That’s when his lips pressed to yours.

He smiled as you kissed back unsure if it was right or not. You clung to him as he had moved you away from the stairs and to the large wooden table as he deepened the kiss more. You were sure you were going to pass out from the length the two of you had been kissing. He pulled away letting out a deep breath as he looked up at the clock. “20 minutes” he spoke as he looked at you. You gave him a dazed and confused look. “We did that for 20 minutes” he corrected as your eyes went wide. “You’re so innocent its cute” he cooed as he kissed you again.


Heechul snuck out from the palace and into the backyard as he saw you sitting by the water. He smiled as he quickly sat down beside you. Nearly four months of this and the two of you had become masters at leaving without making a sound. “Hey” he whispered as he brought you in for a light kiss. He still believed it felt as good as the first one and enjoyed the feeling greatly. “Come on” he says as he tugged his shirt off “what?” you asked as he smirks. “Late night swim in out underwear” he spoke as he tugged down his pants and quietly climbed into the chilled water. “Come on” he whined as you looked around tugging your pants down as he watched “look away” you tell him as he rolled his eyes turning around and within seconds he heard you quiet squeal in surprise at the how temperature was.

He made his way over to you he took your hands and wrapped them around his neck before his arms went around your waist. He tugged you close allowing your foreheads to come together as he looked you in the eyes. “I love you” he whispered as your eyes went wide. “What?” you asked as he nodded. “I love you” he repeats as you stood there for a minute. “I love you too” you whisper as he brought you in for a passionate kiss. Soon you felt yourself go underwater as you were brought back up by a giggling prince who smiled as you. He pushed the water from around your eyes and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You’re mine you know?” he asked as you nodded “does that make you mine?” you asked nervously as he chuckled “of course no one will change that” he promised as he brought you in for another kiss.


“When someone is doing something that they really want to do, they look the most beautiful. I also want to look truly beautiful as I do the work that I really want to do. Not to someone else, but to myself.” - She Was Pretty (2015)


Under the cut you will find 49 small [268x145] gifs of Siwon. All of these gifs were created by me for roleplaying purposes. Please don’t add to gif hunts, claim as your own or remove my watermark. Most of these so far are from his role as Junho in the drama Athena: Goddess of War. Feel absolutely free to use these however you like as long as you follow those simple rules. Like/reblog if using or found useful!
This will definitely be updated as I keep making more.

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Korea Forbes 2014 Boy Bands Income for First Half of Year
  • 1. Super Junior - 308 hundred million won
  • 2. BIG BANG - 289 hundred million won
  • 3. BEAST - 274 hundred million won
  • 4. 2PM - 254 hundred million won
  • 5. CNBLUE - 224 hundred million won
  • 6. EXO - 219 hundred million won
  • 7. SHINee - 177 hundred million won
  • 8. TVXQ - 150 hundred million won
  • 9. Infinite - 132 hundred million won
  • 10. FTIsland - 128 hundred million won
  • Cr: 环球韩流Global K-POP via SJ饭团
  • Eng trans: elf_ninida
  • "【韩国福布斯2014年上半年韩国男子组合财政收入TOP10】
  • 1、Super Junior(308亿韩元)
  • 2、BIGBANG(289亿韩元)
  • 3、BEAST(274亿韩元)
  • 4、2PM(254亿韩元)
  • 5、CNBLUE(224亿韩元)
  • 6、EXO(219亿韩元)
  • 7、SHINee(177亿韩元)
  • 8东方神起(150亿韩元)
  • 9、Infinite(132亿韩元)
  • 10、FTISLAND(128亿韩元)
  • By:环球韩流Global K-POP"

                   “ HENRY for Men’s Health March issue “ 


fyeahhenber|Algerian Elf


People always question me why I only love Super Junior. They say: “They’re getting old”, “They’re not even popular anymore”, “They’re so untalented”, “There are so many newer/younger groups to love”, “Why do you love ahjussis?”, and so on. Well I question that too at times. All of the members being a lot older than me and my ultimate bias being almost twice my age, what do I find so captivating about them? And the answer is: they’re Super Junior. It’s because they are Super Junior, that’s why I love them. They may not be the best singers and dancers and may not be the most attractive men in the world; but over the years I’ve been into kpop, I have never seen a group whose brotherly bond is stronger than family. I have never seen a group crying their hearts out when they fought to the point where they’ve almost disbanded (many times). I have never seen a group go through so many hidden cameras, at the brink of disbandment, and cry in relief that it was all fake. I have never seen a group and fandom so strong with the members constantly coming and going due to enlistments and still sticking together. I have never seen a group who’s able to talk about fights and mention past members so freely and comfortably (*cough cough* bless Heechul). I have never seen a group who constantly insists on the original number of members in the group after so many years (13/15). I have never seen a group still treating their past members as brothers, having no bad blood between each other. I have never seen a group that started from nothing and made the future for themselves, without the help of their company’s name. I have never seen a group whose members are so selfless that they care for the other members before themselves. I have never seen a group so humble, always finding a way to improve themselves. I have never seen a group who’s able to tease each other, even the fans, and not take it to heart. I have never seen a group whose parents and siblings are even close with one another like one big family. I have never seen a group who always promises to stay together forever, that even when they’re all old and have their own families, they will always be Super Junior. I have never seen a group sell out all of their concert tickets that they choose to have another concert to make sure all the fans can see them. I have never seen a group who would rather lose profit just so more fans can come to their concerts. I have never seen a group take photos of their fans and posting it on their SNS to thank them. I have never seen a group who makes a fool out of themselves (cross-dressing, imitations, etc) just to make us fans laugh. I have never seen a group direct/create their own MVs/performances by themselves. I have never seen a group write/compose so many songs dedicated to their fans. I have never seen a group praying and crying for their sick fans. I have never seen a group that stands/sits on the stage during concerts just to talk and spend more time with their fans. I have never seen a group like fans’ photos and even repost them on their own accounts. I have never seen a group write their own fanfictions of themselves and post it online. I have never seen a group who volunteers at their parents shops/restaurants for free, just to see their fans. I have never seen a group always extending their concert times because they have so much to say to their fans and want to sing more songs to them. I have never seen a group always so apologetic towards their fans even when the problems are not even their fault. I have never seen a group protect their fans before they even protect themselves. I have never seen a group run back on stage to interrupt the broadcast just thank their fans for helping them win the awards. I have never seen a group who tries so diligently to learn other languages, not wanting to rely on translators all the time. I have never seen a group who, after 11 years, still bows 90 degrees and gives thumb kisses to all of the fans in every section at every concert. And the list continues…SJ and ELF’s relationship aren’t just idols and fans, we are one big family, and that makes me proud to say that I’m forever an Ever Lasting Friend.



Even if I try to empty you like the rubbish bin
Even if I try to spit you out like when I eat sour medicine
Even if I vomit on you after i got drunk around dawn
Even if I try to set you back like a clock that has broken down

Don’t Leave Me,don’t go

#cinderella #simba

NetizenBuzz Comments on MAMACITA Music Video Teaser
  • [+290, -16] : Super Junior has finally escaped the box!!!!!!
  • [+275, -22] : There's a different feel to this... Seems SM actually paid some attention since it's their first comeback in a while ㅋㅋㅋ
  • [+291, -40] : Finally SM's supporting Super Junior ㅋㅋㅋ There's a reason for their long running success. Hit daebak.
  • [+268, -22] : Definitely a concept that only Super Junior can pull off ㅋㅋㅋ Daebak for the 7th album!!! ㅜㅜ
  • [+240, -18] : Just saw the teaser, really looking forward to the transformations!! I want to hear the song soon ㅎㅎ
  • [+88, -5] : What? This is a new song teaser and not a movie trailer? The quality's amazing
  • [+94, -11] : I like that it isn't your same average concept!!!
  • [+93, -15] : The fun concept definitely fits their image!
  • Via @ana.