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Sorry to be a bother but I need some good fanfiction in my life and I'm having a hard time finding stuff I can get into. What stuff you've shared has been awesome so I trust your taste so would you mind pointing me in the direction of some good stuff? preferably Chasefield. Chaseprice also acceptable. Chaseanything basically. >_>

*rubs my chase-shipping hands together*

Let me list of a bunch of authors first - all these tumblr users have AO3 accounts, too, which I believe they have linked on their pages.

@eiprej - Wrote the Victoria route for Love is Strange Visual Novel, and also lots of LiS fanfiction too. She’s big into Chasefield and also into Chaseprice, and basically is a big Victoria fan so you can’t go wrong. Please read her stuff if you haven’t, oh my god. Please.

@pataytas - I’ve reblogged some of her fics here but the one that drew me in was Ennui on AO3… there’s so much more though, and she’s working hard to keep writing and honestly I die, friend. I die. Just… just go to her tumblr tagged/fic and bathe in the good.

@mjrrgr - Author of the Rachel route for LiSVN, amazing writer in general. Honestly just go read her stuff. Anyways, my first introduction to major’s writing was It comes in slow, slow whispers, which I finished on break at work and had to go cry in my car afterwards. It’s Not Happy, but wow is it good… She also wrote another fic, Full Bleed, which I am just starting, actually. I’m ready to read that and be amazed yet again.

@jarofbeees - I’m reading Thirty-Two Rejection Letters right now, which is a Chasefield fic set in an LiSVN AU sort of. They’re also very happy to talk about Chasefield AU’s and headcanons! (…Which I have totally been doing and it fuels me, okay.)

OK I think that’s the authors whose fics I’ve been reading/have bookmarked that I know of on tumblr. Now I’m gonna list AO3 links to fics/authors (if you know the author’s tumblr please let me know so I can credit them on here too!)

Dandybear on AO3 has written some really, really excellent Chasefield fics. Go forth and please read.

This fic, which an anon reminded me of a few days ago, is very, very good:
Life is Hard (and No One Understands) by Twilit. That’s their only Life is Strange fic on AO3, sadly, and I don’t know if there’s anything else by them, but honestly, I like this fic a lot.

So far I haven’t gotten too deep into Chaseprice fics, but I’m changing that, don’t worry.

I’m sorry if this is mostly stuff I’ve already shared. I’ll call this a bit of a masterpost for my fav Chasefield fics and LiS authors (so far…. there’s always room for more). I hope this helps, and I wish you well on your Chase for more Victoria fics ;D