wow remember the good ol days


Wow. All this deja vu is really… freaking me out….

Remember the good ol’ days when video games were purchased in a shop? A physical shop which gave you a physical game in exchange for physical money? Now it’s all just digital stores with clouds and pretend money… 

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5 Things I Learned RPing in MMOs (Or “What I’d Submit to as an Article”)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the parlance, I’ll give you a quick crash course. “RPing” is role-playing, or pretending to be an elf in a land that’s only slightly more magical than your local Ren Faire. (At least the Ren Faire has turkey legs you can eat.) And “MMOs” are massive-multiplayer online" games. The best known is, of course, World of Warcraft, but the popularity has really picked up speed in the past decade. Playing an MMO is pretty much mainstream, and gaming companies love it, especially if they have a subscription-based game. Role-playing in it, however, is a little different. I’ve RP’d in Guild Wars 2 for four years now, after a year in WoW and 2 years in Neverwinter Nights (oh, those days of nostalgia) and I’m still going strong.

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How would companions act if they met Shaun? (Bearded institute old man Shaun)

Cait: She ties to remain civil, but you can tell she’s on edge. She gives terse responses and holds her hands close to herself. 

Codsworth: “I can’t believe it’s you….” He’s so shocked and dumbfounded he literally shuts down for an hour. 

Curie: “Finally, we have met the men of science!” She asks 7332 questions about all the scientific advancements the Institute has made. 

Danse: “Hello…sir.” He’s similar to Cait, very on edge. He manages to keep a good small talk going.

Deacon: “So, the master slave driver himself. It’s an honor, sir.” He’s really sarcastic and mean to poor ol’ Shaun. 

Hancock: “Wow, never thought I’d live to see the day. You’ve got a hell of a parent here, Shaun. I hope you know that.” 

Nick: “Do… do you remember me? The cop? Please, please tell me what happened to me here. I can’t remember a thing.” he says, voice full of desperation.

Preston: He’s very cautious, pursing his lips pensively. “As long as you stay away from our settlements, we’ll have no issues. 

Piper: “How long has this place been here? Why are you hidden? Why kidnap people? What’s with the synths?” Proceeds to ask 69,420,666 questions with no breaths in between. 

X6-88: “Hello, Father. I hope you’ve been satisfied with my work lately.” Very solemn and respectful. 

MacCready: “Hey, I know we’ve just met but… do you have any cures for my Son? He’s really sick and… I don’t want to lose a child. Please.” He asks, eyes both hopeful and sad. 

Strong: “Old human weak. Won’t survive.” He observed, looking down on the bearded man. 

Dogmeat: Cautiously sniffs him and keeps an eye out. 

Well everyone, it seems like that time has come. Big Hero 6 is upon us. For this occasion, I am going to actually talk like a professional instead of using the lowercase letters and broken grammar I normally do. I just had a few things to say to the pre-fandom we know and love. I was gonna post this the day before the movie came out, but since a lot of people are seeing it tomorrow, I’m just gonna do it now.
Guys, thank you so much. I can’t say it enough. Every single word I’m about to say in this post won’t cover how much you mean to me. Nothing I could ever say would explain how much I love you guys. Despite everything I’ve been going through lately, I have felt so much better than I did at the beginning of the year, and if it weren’t for this lovely little fandom, I doubt I would be smiling right now.
From day one, you all have provided me with laughs, smiles, comfort, and sometimes, tears (but always the good kind that come from being overly happy about something). So many jokes, headcanons, rp threads, and discussions…I love each and every one of them. Whether you’re a regular fandom member or just someone who talks to me about the film, you all have made me feel amazing these past few months.
I still remember the day the very first teaser trailer of Hiro putting the armor on Baymax was released, along with how happy everyone was (including myself) to finally get something out of Disney that wasn’t Frozen-related. That marked the very beginning of this fandom, and I’ll never forget it.
Then we had to wait a few more months before we got anything new, but it came. Remember that first look we got at the team? I can still hear the choruses of “Honey Lemon looks like Rapunzel” echoing in my head to this day. But hey, we fought those haters off with a good ol Bigheropocalypse! Wow, seems like it was just so yesterday.
Oh man, remember how long we waited for Fred’s design? My excitement when we finally saw him was unbelievable and probably one of the things I’ll remember most about being in this fandom. I can honestly say he’s my favorite Disney character ever, and the movie hasn’t even come out yet. Sorry Stitch and Belle.
Then I got the bright idea to create a little Skype group. I’m gonna be honest with you guys, I thought it would fail. I’ve tried to make fandom groups before and none of them ever worked out. I think before this one, the largest one I managed to assemble was like…four people. Wow. To my surprise, people actually wanted to join! Thus, Swampcon was born and is still up and running today, stronger than ever. God, you guys are like family to me. Talking to you is one of the main highlights of my days. <3
About a week after Swampcon had been created, the first trailer was released. Ah, the levels of excitement on that day were unreal. I remember the tag basically exploding with information, mainly thousands of posts of the “Haaairy baby!” quote. But that whole day, even though I got a stomach virus halfway through it, was overall a very good one.
Then a few more weeks go by, no new trailer. This caused the fandom to go a bit…out of the box, so to speak. And by box I mean pop tart box. Because pop tarts happened. Was that like our first fandom joke? It’s definitely the most memorable. Viva la pop tarts~
Anyway, lets fast forward to TV SPOTS. BAYMAX’S OCEAN TIPS. MAKING OF FROZEN CLIP. BACK TO SCHOOL TV SPOT. FOOTBALL TV SPOT. SO. MANY. TV. SPOTS. Seriously, Sepetember, at least to begin with, was the month of the TV spot. And I’m pretty sure we ruined more foods then too. Carrots probably.
Now let’s fast forward to the end of September, because merch happened. Remember all that merch? Baymax plush, action figures, a few shirts. AND BOOKS. MOTHER FUCKIN BOOKS. I still have yet to read any of the books other than Hiro and Tadashi and Team Up (because guess what I am still spoiler free YES I’M GOING TO MAKE IT), but a lot of people read all of them and were absolutely blown away. Thus marking a new era in our fandom.
To top it all off, we got our second trailer on the 25th of September. No I didn’t just google that pffft. The second trailer was filled with anything you’d want: feels, Wasabi spoke, feels, Honey spoke, feels, Tadashi spoke, feels, Top of the World by Greek Fire, feels, feels, mORE FUCKING FEELS LIKE A WHOLE TITANTIC FULL OF FEELS. But I think it was what officially kicked off the super hype (no pun intended).
After that second trailer, it was the month before the film’s release. For the first time since that making of Frozen thing, we gOT CLIPS. NEW YORK COMIC CON SIZZLE. IMMORTALS. MEET FRED. MEET HONEY. MEET WASABI. MEET GOGO. LOW BATTERY. UNBELIEVABLE. CLIPS GALORE! However, it still wasn’t enough to stop us from ruining more food. Pizza anyone? Oh and never forget Diddle Day.
Then we waited a few more weeks and here we are today, approximately one day, four hours and thirty minutes away from the film’s release. To wrap this cheesy little thing up, allow me to say this: it’s been fun. Really. More fun that I thought I’d ever have this year. I know the wait got hard sometimes, but in the end, the memories we’ve made while waiting were totally worth it. The Bigheropocalypse, the defibrillator rubbing, the pop tarts, the fire jokes, the cat diddling. I’ll never forget any of the crazy little things that went on in the pre-fandom. And it doesn’t end here! We’ve still got a DVD release to look forward to, am I right?
What I’m trying to say is thank you, Big Hero 6 fandom. Thank you very much. You’ve given me a time of my life that I’ll always look back on and smile at. The more of those I get, the better. This fandom is one of the best ones I’ve ever been a part of, if not the best one. Actually, scratch that, it probably is the best one. Wow. I love each and every one of you so much, and no matter what happens from here on, just know that we’ll always be like our own crazy little family. Now go out and enjoy Big Hero 6! We’ve all been waiting, and we all deserve it so very much.
Allow me to list a few friends who have made me laugh and smile throughout this wait, even if we haven’t talked much. Each and every one of these people are absolutely amazing. Again, I love you so much, Big Hero 6 fandom. Continue to stay awesome. *fandom group hug* <3

auntcasshamada / krei-alistair / top-me-tokana / babymaxi / kaijuhatchlings / catdiddler / a ton of other awesome blogs~
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I’m pretty sure this is the last time I saw Maddox 

For new years me and all of my friends went to Henry’s apartment to, of course, have a Beyonce-themed new years party. Henry broke out his accordion (as he does at every party) and we had a Beyonce singalong…all while Maddox was locked out of the apartment waiting for us to finish screaming the extended version of Love On Top. I cried from laughing when I watched this video because I didn’t even know he was filming the party to begin with and had no idea he had been waiting in the hallway until I saw this video a few days later. It’s really crazy to see. These are all of my friends in New York, almost nobody is left out. So many people knew him, he must’ve been a part of so many friendship circles, and he spent his last New Years with us. And just typing that makes me want to cry.

I don’t remember when I met Maddox exactly but I always knew of him. He was a part of that group of youtube gays I was too deep in the closet to become friends with because I was intimidated by how out they were. And then I finally came out and started hanging out with my current group of friends (the ones in this video), and then one day we met and it was like “Wow, it’s that one youtube guy!” and then we were friends and it’s crazy to think about now. 

I remember at some point in like 2012 we had a “good ol’ fashioned college party” where we played actual drinking games for the first time and I got completely wasted and Maddox made fun of me for it every time I saw him after that (as a joke, of course.)

I remember when he showed up to our Halloween party last year IN FULL CHEETAH DRAG.

Is that not incredible? Could you imagine being dressed as a Tamagotchi, answering the door for your friends and Maddox walks in like this? This is who Maddox was, it’s what made him so amazing. 

He just @ replied me on twitter a week ago:

So a few days later I started drawing something for him as a surprise. I showed it to my roommate trying to figure out how to make it look more like Maddox Madison. I never got to finish it. I was too late. 

And now he’s gone and I don’t even know what to do. I feel selfish for taking it so hard because this isn’t about me. It’s about his absolute best friends and his family and his roommate and who the fuck am I to have to leave work early to go home and cry? I hadn’t seen him since January. I feel like maybe I took that friendship for granted. 

And so now I’m just trying to figure out what this all means. What now? What does anybody do now? 

Life is short and people say that all the time but I never realized how short it can truly be. Maddox had such a short life but achieved so much, if anything he’s inspired me to stop being scared of the world and go out and get shit done. I’m going to miss him so much and I’m never going to forget him. He’s forever immortalized in these youtube videos and in these pictures and in everyone’s memories.

Even though he’s gone now I’m so glad I got to meet him. 

thank you for 450 followers!!! 

ok first of all you guys mean so so much to me, literally all of you are so sweet, like I can’t describe how much you guys mean to me (: like thank you for putting up with my ramblings and my music shit and liking my bad selfies and putting up with my love for a certain man with the first name of bryan… like why do I even have this many followers????

I probably forgot soooo many people, I love each and every one of my followers/people I follow! 

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raanta: okay mel (I’ve literally never called you that before so why am I now????) where to start… you’re like my fave person I’ve met on here, and it’s crazy how we even like figured out who we were (wow that sounds like philosophical or smth) and what’s even crazier is that we haven’t even met yet… BUT WE WILL we will find each other and party hard. okay? okay. love youuuuuu :*

raantastic: VENNI HI we haven’t talked in forever bc I’m shit at conversations :/ but we’ve been on-off talking for soooo long (remember the good ol’ days…) and you’re like one of my fave people ever and yeah we need to start talking again like rn bc ily (:

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