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Weasley Weddings and Veelas

Okay first off: You two are absolutely gorgeous! Wow! Second: Do you do ships? And third: I’d like to request an One-Shot. Something romantic about Charlie Weasley and the Second Wizarding War if that’s okay :D 

(Sorry if it isn’t what you wanted, we took our own approach to it as it was a little bit vague. We decided the wedding was one of our favourite parts of the Second Wizarding War)

  • Warnings: None
  • A/N: All characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling
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Charlie hadn’t been home from Romania in two years and after attending his brother Bill’s wedding today, he realised how badly he had missed his beloved family. The sight of his old home, wrapped in fairy lights and decorated with flowers, was an unexpected comfort in these dark times. He walked towards the humongous white gazebo, drawn by the beautiful celtic music that was drifting from it. Guests were already gathering inside of the gazebo for the wedding reception and Charlie was keen to catch up with some more old friends.

He looked around the reception venue, which was themed white and purple, and he smirked knowing that the beautiful decoration was most probably due to Fleur and not his un-colour coordinated older brother. Massive bunches of golden balloons were dangling from the ceiling of the gazebo, and Charlie chuckled quietly at the memory of his twin brothers Fred and George enchanting them earlier that day; too lazy to inflate them manually. Purple hydrangeas and clusters of English ivy were also hung from the ceiling of the gazebo, and he knew this was his mother’s doing; as she lived by the saying that “the littlest of touches can make the biggest difference.” 

The entire outside edge of the gazebo was packed with round tables that were already filling up with merry guests – this left a large empty space in the middle for guests to dance. At the head of the tented room, Charlie found a long wooden table with a card on it, inscribed “family”. He took a seat and relaxed, taking in the wonderful scene of all the people he loved in one place, laughing and smiling. 

The wedding was brilliant; he could hardly believe his brother was married and that he got to be the best man - although he wasn’t certain of how sensible a wedding was in times like these. It had been a large risk even coming back from Romania, as the death eaters had begun to ram sack dragon conservation projects, stealing the more vicious dragons. One of Charlie’s friends had even been injured in a dragon raid, losing his leg; nethertheless, Charlie wouldn’t miss this day for the world.

“Charlie!” an excited woman’s voice called. Charlie turned his head to the direction of the voice, smiling when he saw its owner.

“Tonks!” Charlie exclaimed, standing up from his seat and giving his old friend a tight bear hug. He went on, “gosh, I have really missed you.”

“Tell me about it,” she agreed, before grabbing a strand of his hair. “Look at your hair! I bet your mum doesn’t approve of it being this length.” She laughed loudly.

“Mum always cut it so short and between you and me…I just keep forgetting to get it cut.” He chuckled.  “How is Remus? I haven’t even got round to talking to him yet.”

“Oh he is fine; he’s just a little…tetchy, that’s all. Everything that’s been going on has really taken its toll on him; you know…Mad-Eye and all.” Tonks looked to the ground; it was still a sensitive topic.

“Yeah, I received a letter from dad about that. I wish I was able to be here more to help out,” Charlie said sadly before adding. “He was a great man.” He rubbed Tonks’ arm soothingly. However, Tonks’ decided that it was not the time for moping and attempted to lighten the mood. She smiled kindly at Charlie before gently touching his arm.

“Hey Charlie, wanna know something exciting?” She smirked, receiving a nod from Charlie in return. She leant up to his ear and quietly whispered, “I know you have to go back to Romania after the wedding, so I’m just going to tell you now. I think I am pregnant Charlie!”

“No way! That’s great news!” Charlie congratulated and pulled Tonks into another tight hug. “I am so happy for you,” he cheered before adding, “of course I expect the baby to be called Charlie whether it is a girl or boy. No excuses.”

“Maybe a middle name,” Tonks joked, before something in the distance caught her attention. “Oh, Remus has arrived. Don’t leave later before coming to see me.” She ordered and ran across to Lupin.

As Charlie sat back in his seat and enjoyed watching George cast spells which were changing the colour of their great aunt’s hat, something caught his attention. Fleur’s two veela cousins had arrived at the reception, being unable to attend the ceremony earlier in the day. Both of them had rich brown eyes and unusually thick brown hair. They were much taller than the rest of the Delacour family and as they walked with an unusually smooth glide; their satin blue dresses shimmered in the light of the oil lamps lit around the tent. From the moment they stepped in, the wizards and witches turned to watch them as they sat down at the Delacour table.

After a rather drawn-out conversation with Hagrid about how Norbit was, Charlie made his escape, politely excusing himself to get a drink. As he was pouring himself a glass of the silvery coloured punch at the refreshment table, he heard a gentle voice behind him.

“Could you pour me one too?” The woman’s voice was beautifully melodic and her accent distinctively French. Charlie turned around to see one of the veela cousins stood behind him, smiling coyly.

“Erm, yeah…um…yeah, sorry, sure.” Charlie stuttered, pouring another glass of the silver punch. He turned around and passed it to her whilst he mentally face palmed at the fact that he had seemed to have forgotten every single word in his vocabulary.

“Charlie? Am I right?” She asked, smiling politely and continuing her introduction with, “Fleur told me all about you.”

“Yeah…ha…that’s me.” Charlie cringed again at the sing-songy tone of his voice and silently cursed veela’s for having this effect on wizards.

“My name is Adelina, would you like to dance with me Charlie?” She chimed, as she took a few sips of her punch whilst smirking – shamelessly flirting.

“Yeah, sure…why not.” Charlie wasn’t quite sure why he agreed to that. He never really found anyone attractive, be it boy or girl. He knew it was probably down to Adelina being a veela, as it was commonly known that veela’s had the renowned magic of seduction. Although Charlie knew this, he still found himself being led to the dance floor, hand in hand with her – he wasn’t sure if his coherent ability to make decisions was being clouded by her beauty or simply by the alcohol.

The band in the corner began to play a new song, this one a little slower than the prior ones. Charlie could feel many eyes on him, and he instantly felt awkward. He could see Ron gawping at him, amazed by how he had managed to pull a dance with a veela. Adelina noticed his tense stature, consequently she took his hand and placed it on her waist; only then Charlie began to relax into the music. She swayed on the spot and closed the space between them, placing her head on his shoulder. In his peripheral vision, he could see Fred and George imitating him and Adelina; Fred holding George’s waist and George resting his head upon Fred’s shoulder, whilst he simultaneously made kissing noises.

Charlie and Adelina slow danced for several songs, sharing stories of their lives, joking and getting to know each other. Charlie told her all about Romania and the dragons, and he had begun to lose count of the amount of times she had thrown her head back in laughter at his stories. Finally a more upbeat song came on, and the pair performed as many of their goofiest dance moves as they could for each other, occasionally having to lean on each other for support from the ceaseless laughter. Charlie was impressed with Adelina’s sense of humour and loved the fact that despite her beautiful looks, she had a wondrous personality to match. Soon their quirky dancing attracted cheering and hollering from nearby guests; Charlie being able to make out his father’s laughter above the rest.

Suddenly a bolt of blue light tore through the roof of the gazebo, ripping their attention away from each other. The guests screamed and many disapparated away from the scene, desperately fleeing to safety from the chaos that followed. It took several minutes for Charlie to understand what was happening, spells and screams flying in all directions. Despite this, he grabbed Adelina’s hand protectively and pulled her to a hidden corner of the gazebo, shielding her body with his. Shortly after, a loud voice silenced all of the noise.

“The Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. They are coming… They are coming…They are coming.” Charlie recognised the voice as Kingsley’s. Suddenly the silence broke and once again wizards and witches broke into a panicked flurry. Charlie gave a pained glance over to his family, unsure if they were safe. He turned quickly to Adelina and saw the look of terror on her face.

“It was lovely to meet you” he gushed quickly. He looked her seriously in the eye and then leant close to her speaking directly into her ear so that she could hear him over the noise. “Get out of here now. This is going to be a bloodbath.” He planted a sweet kiss on her right cheek as a goodbye, before ending with a simple demand, “be safe.”

She nodded once and with a sad smile disapparated immediately. A spell flew towards Charlie, which caused him to duck as he shielded his head with his arms. He prayed that Adelina would follow through on a promise that she had made him earlier on in the night. A promise to visit him in Romania; and his last thought before disapparating to Bill and Fleur’s Shell Cottage, was that he hoped to see her again one day.

#3- Seeing you in their clothing (4/4)

“wow you’re so gorgeous!!! :O Is it okay if I requested 4/4 seeing their girlfriend in one of their items of clothing?”

This is such a cute request, and once again I got major feels in the process of finding matching gifs and such. cx Enjoy! x


You’d be at home cleaning while Luke was rehearsing with the boys. After you were done cleaning, you took a shower and put on Luke’s “You Complete Me(ss)” shirt and a pair of black boy shorts. Your damp hair was piled on top of your head in a messy bun. As you waited for Luke to get home, you went back in the kitchen and started to make cookies. You didn't hear Luke and Michael walk in due to the fact that you were blasting your favorite songs. The two boys stood in the living room, watching you sway your hips to the beat of the song that was currently playing. As you stood on your tiptoes to grab the flour out of the cupboard, the shirt rose up a bit, revealing the lacy black material of your underwear. Michael inhaled sharply and Luke glanced over at him and said, “That’s hot, I know” while smirking.


It was early afternoon and you’d just woken up. The spot next to you where Michael usually slept was empty. You knew he’d gone downstairs to heat up leftover pizza from last night’s dinner. You smiled to yourself, pushed the covers aside and stood up from the bed. You were still wearing Michael’s “IDIOT” flannel. It was a size too big for you, the sleeves hung way past your fingertips and the body of the shirt came to your mid-thighs. Michael absolutely loved the way it looked on you, he loved the idea that you were so much smaller than he was. You quietly made your way downstairs, into the kitchen and wrapped your arms around Mikey’s waist from behind. He turned around and gave you a small peck on the lips, then backed away to take in the sight of you with his shirt on. “Oh my god, Y/N. You’re so adorable.” He said with a huge grin on his face.


You and Calum were laying on the couch playing songs each of you had picked out for the other to listen to. It was a nice day, so you guys had opened all the windows to let the fresh air in. As the day went on, it became chillier outside, causing the air coming in to be a bit colder than you were comfortable with. “Is it just me or did it get colder in here?” Calum said while nodding his head along to the beat of one of your favorite songs. You drew your knees to your chest and wrapped your arms lightly around them, “No, it got colder. We should shut the windows.” You suggested. You both looked at each other, each of you mentally asking the other to shut them. But you were both so comfortable on the big couch, neither of you wanted to get up and shut all the windows. Calum sat up suddenly and started to peel off the black sweater he was wearing. “Cal, what are you doing?” “Put my sweater on. It’s warm.” He smiled at you. “But then you’re gonna be cold. I’ll be okay babe, really. I can get a blanket or something.” You kindly protested. He shook his head and laughed, “Please. It’s cute and I don’t want you to be cold. Plus, I have you to warm me up if I get too cold.” He handed you the sweater and you pulled it on. It was quite big on you, being that Calum was much taller. You sat up on your knees facing him and put your arms out, the sleeves dangling in front of you. “Does someone need cuddles?” You said as you shook your arms up and down, the excess material of the sleeves flopping around in front of your hands. Calum tried to contain his laughs, but failed. As he laughed, his head fell towards the floor and his smile took over his face. He was overwhelmed with how cute you were. He wrapped his arms around the upper half of your torso and pulled you into his lap, “You’re such a dork, Y/N. You’re also really cute and I don’t really know how to handle it.” 


You and Ash were best friends. You two hadn't known each other that long, maybe only a year or two, but in that short amount of time you’d grown super close. It was a really nice, sunny day out and you, Ash, and the rest of the guys decided it would be fun to get tons and tons of water balloons and have a water balloon war in the backyard of your house. Since there were five of you, the teams were uneven; two vs. three. You and Michael were a team, after a lot of debating between the guys, and Cal, Luke, and Ash were the other team. It hadn't occurred to you until the war had started that you weren't wearing the most appropriate clothing to be getting wet in, and you didn't have a change of clothes or a bathing suit either. You had on a thin, light grey t-shirt and a pair of black cut-offs. The only real problem was your top, once it got wet, there would be no hiding your raspberry colored bra. “Uh, Mikey..” You tapped his shoulder and glanced down at your shirt. A look of confusion flashed across his face. “My shirt.. It’s gonna be see through..” You told him. He shook his head, “I’ll guard you. Just make sure you’re able to hit the other guys.” As the game got more and more intense, Michael forgot about his promise to guard you, so you were desperately trying to find something to block yourself with. You hid behind the seemingly quiet garage, only to be hit in the chest and stomach with multiple water balloons by Calum. “Aw, come on!” You dropped the balloon you were holding, crossed your arms over your chest to hide the bright fabric, and went to find the others. You ran into Ashton during your search, “Hey, uh can you help me?” He looked confused, “With..?” You uncrossed your arms reluctantly. Immediately, his mouth formed an ‘o’ shape and he raised his eyebrows a bit. “I see,” he said, clearing his throat. Then he smirked, “I don’t see the problem, Y/N.” You slapped his arm. “Come on, Ash. It’s not funny. I don’t feel comfortable like this.” He wrapped an arm around your shoulders and started walking with you towards the house, “I have an extra shirt and some sweatpants in my bag you can wear. Come on.” As soon as you guys got in the house, he handed you a black t-shirt and a pair of black sweatpants. You went into the bathroom and rid yourself of the damp clothing, replacing them with Ashton’s dry ones. When you stepped out of the bathroom, Ashton was sitting in the living room, looking down at his phone until he heard you walking in. He looked up at you with a very serious look on his face, “If you think the guys were gonna make comments about seeing your bra, you’d better prepare for the reactions you’re gonna get about wearing my clothes. For one, you look great. Also, they’re gonna be jealous you’re wearing my clothes and not theirs.” Something about his comment made your face turn pink. Ashton laughed and convinced you to go back outside with him and finish the war.

A/N- I’m so sorry. This is probably really bad, I had to get it finished. As you can tell I kinda got carried away with Cal’s and even more with Ash’s. I promise all my preferences won’t suck this bad. I just had to get it done. Please feel free to request! My ask is always open :) ps. I’m 27 followers away from my next hundred and it would mean a lot to me if I could reach it! x I’ll be doing ships and personal imagines/preferences once I get there! Thank you lovelies x