wow okay so this really hit me


1.“Do you want me to leave?”

2,“You are not going without me.”

3.“I can’t believe you!”

4.“I swear it won’t happen again.”

5.“What did you say?”

6.“I’m not jealous.”

7.“You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

8.“We can’t keep doing this.”

9.“Isn’t this amazing?”

10.“I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

11.“Stay the night. Please.”

12.“You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

13.“Run away with me.”

14.“You did WHAT?”

15.“Quit whining.”

16.“Get outta my sight!”

17.“Why are you so annoying?”

18.“Were you ever going to tell me?”

19.“Never in a million years.”

20.“Don’t ask me that…”

21.“I might have had a few shots.”

22.“What’s with the box?”

23.“W- What are you doing?”

24.“Say it!”

25.“I could kiss you right now!”

26.“Are you done with that?”

27.“What’s going on here?”

28.“Stop pinning this on me! You started it!”

29.“It’s your fault we’re in this mess.”

30.“Did you do this on purpose?!”

31.“Kiss me.”

32.“Are you still awake..?”

33.“Excuse you?”

34.“This is all your fault!”

35.“Don’t give me that look! It wasn’t my fault!”

36.“I shouldn’t be in love with you!”

37.“It’s not fair!”

38.“I could kill you right now!”

39.“Knock it off!”

40.“Screw you!”

41.“I can’t be in love with you!”

42.“Make me.”

43.“Don’t tempt me.”

44.“I hate you.”

45.“You are infuriating!”

46.“Just shut up already.”

47.“That doesn’t even make sense.”

48.“Just admit I’m right.”

49.“Just admit you’re wrong.”

50.“You are being ridiculous!”

51.“That’s irrational.”

52.“Listen to me!”

53.“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

54.“Don’t yell at me.”

55.“That’s it. End of discussion.”

56.“I don’t believe you.”

57,“You shouldn’t have said that.”

58.“Shut your mouth before I shut it for you.”

59.“How dare you?”

60.“I dare you!”

61.“It’s you, it’s always been you.”

62.“Well this is awkward…”

63.“Just pretend to be my date”.

64.“Are you really gonna leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”

65.“You think I’m dumb enough to fall for that stupid move?”

66.“When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!”

67.“I think I’ve been holding myself back from falling in love with you all over again.”

68.“You know we’re supposed to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you, and you know it, too. I know you do.”

69.“Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

70.“I’m not going to apologize for this. Not anymore.”

71.“That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”

72.“Could I sit here? All the other tables are full.”

73.“You weren’t supposed to laugh! I’m so embarrassed!”

74.“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

75.“This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.“

76.“It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

77.“It’s midnight, what do you want?”

78.“I think I know how to use a bed.”

79.“I have something to tell you…”

80.“I think I’m pregnant.”

81.“No, no, no, no, no, we aren’t ready… We aren’t ready for kids yet!”

82.“Your hair is so soft…”

83.“You’re so cute when you pout like that!”

84.“Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you.”

85.“I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

86.“What, does that feel good?”

87.“Are you wearing my shirt?”

88.“You are ridiculously comfortable…”

89.“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with…”

90.“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

91.“You’re beautiful, you know that?”

92.“Aren’t they beautiful?”

93.“These stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.”

94.“Shooting star, make a wish.”

5.“It’s actually a comet, but I’ll still make one.”

96.“Imagine if it could always be this way, even in the city.”

97.“Wow, you’re hot.”

98.“Keep sweet-talking and this could go a whole new direction.”

99.“Take off your clothes.”

100.“Tell all those other guys/girls you don’t need them ‘cause you got me.”

101.“Don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back.”

102.“After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?”

103.“Are you drunk?”

104.“Are you hitting on her for me?”

105.“Are you kidding me? We’re not ‘fine’!”

106.“Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “You’re wearing two different shoes.”

107.“Are you really taking his side against me?”   

108.“At what point did you think that was a good idea?”

109.“Come over here and make me.”

110.“Come with me.”

111.“Could you be happy here with me?”

112.“Can I kiss you?”

113.“Come back to bed.”

114.“Be my wife.”

115.“Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.”

116.“Damn. You clean up good.”

117.“Did I just say that out loud?”

118.“Did I stutter?”

119.“Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

120.“Did you hear that?”

121.“Do you ever think we should just stop this?”

122.“Don’t say that. Not now.”

123.“Do you think she could have loved me?”

124.“Don’t say you love me.”

125.“Don’t you ever do that again!”

126.“Either ask her out or I will do it for you!”

127.“Excuse me, I’m terribly lost. Can you help me?”

128.“Everyone deserves a second chance.”

129.“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

130.“For some reason I’m attracted to you.”

131.“Frankly, I couldn’t care less.”

132.“Go on then, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

133.“Go then, leave! See if I care!”

134.“H-How long have you been standing there?”

135.“Have I ever lied to you?”

136.“Have you lost your damn mind?”

137.“Hey, have you seen the…? Oh…”

138.“Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

139.“His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.”

140.“Hold me back!”

141.“How dare you?”

142.“How could anyone be that cruel?”

143.“How long has it been?”

144.“I almost lost you!”

145.“I am not losing you again!”

146.“I came here to explain what happened, and I’m not leaving until you listen.”

147.“I can manage on my own.”

148.“I can’t… I can’t lose you.”

149.“I can’t get you out of my head.”

150.“I can’t let you do that.”

151.“I can’t start over again.”

152.“I can’t stop thinking about you.”

153.“I choose you!”

154.“I could never leave you, I love you too much!”

155.“I didn’t ask for any of this!”

156.“I didn’t realize I needed your permission.”

157.“I don’t care what he said, it doesn’t mean jack squat.”

158.“I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

159.“I don’t know why I’m crying.”

160.“I didn’t want to hurt you.”

161.“I don’t want to let you down.”

162.“I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

163.“I had to see you again.”

164.“I hate you!”  “No, you don’t.”

165.“I just need you to do this one thing for me.”

166.“I just really need to have you here right now.”

167.“I just want this.”

168.“I just want to be alone right now.”

169.“I just wanted you to know that when I picture myself happy… It’s with you.”

170.“I know, but I love him… You can’t give up on someone you love.”

171.“I love you.”   “I know.”

172.“I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and – Oh, screw it!”

173.“I love you for you! Don’t you dare think otherwise!”

174.“I love you more than anything in this world… which is why you have to stay here.”

175.“I made a mistake.”

176.“I may be an idiot but I’m your idiot.”

177.“I need you to forgive me.”

178.“I never meant for anyone to get hurt.”

179.“I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”

180.“I think I’m in love with you and that scares me to death.”

181.“I think we need to talk.”

182.“I thought you were dead…”

183.“I trusted you!”

184.“I waited and waited, but you never came back!”

185.“I wasn’t planning on asking you, but I’ve come to realize that life is short. Will you marry me?”

186.“I won’t give up if you won’t.”

187.“I-I can’t trust you anymore…”

188.“I’ll be right over.”

189.“I’m flirting with you.”

190.“I’m not good enough for you.”

191.“I’m not the only one who thinks that.”

192.“I’m sick of being USELESS.”

193.“I’m so happy you’re alive!”

194.“I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

195.“I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

196.“I’m sorry, run that by me again.”

197.“I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

198.“I’m tired of being your secret.”

199.“I’m up to the challenge.”

200.“I’m yours.”

201.“I’ve been in love with you my entire life. Ever since I met you.”

202.“I’ve moved on.”

203.“I’ve never felt this way about anyone before… and it scares the shit out of me.”

204.“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

205.“If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me!”

206.“If you die, I’m gonna kill you!”

207.“If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t make it to the bed.”

208.“If you walk out right now, it’s over for us.”

209.“Is it really you?”

210.“Is that a challenge?”

211.“Is that an apology?”

212.“Is there a problem?”

213.“Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

214.“Is there something you want to tell me?”

215.“It could be worse.”

216.“It made a difference to me.”

217.“It was just a dream.”

218.“It wasn’t supposed to happen like that.”

219.“It’s all my fault.”

220.“It’s okay, I’m here for you.”

221.“It’s okay to cry…”

222.“Just leave me ALONE.”

223.“Just talk to me.”

224.“Kiss me.”

225.“Let me buy you a drink?”

226.“Look at me – just breathe, okay?”

227.“Look, I don’t have much time, but I wanted to say I love you.”

228.“May I have this dance?”

229.“Meet me at midnight. Alone.”

230.“Meet me on the bridge in an hour.”

231.“No one needs to know.”

232.“No one will ever hurt you again.”

233.“None of that matters now.”

234.“Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!”

235.“Please don’t cry.”

236.“Please don’t do this.”

237.“Please don’t leave…”

238.“Please listen to me…”

239.“Please say something…”

240.“Promise me you won’t let anything happen to him.”

241.“Promise me you’ll stay.”

242.“Shit, are you bleeding?”

243.“Shut up and kiss me?”

244.“Somebody’s in love!”

245.“Sorry, I thought I was alone…”

246.“Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.”

247.“Tell me a secret.”

248.“That came out wrong.”

249.“That guy at the bar keeps staring at you.”

250.“The way you flirt is shameful.”

251.“There are plenty of people out there who love you.”   “Yeah, like who?”  “Like me.”

252.“There’s something I need to tell you.”

253.“Things don’t always turn out how they should.”

254.“Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

255.“Wait a minute… Are you jealous?”

256.“Wake up! Please, please wake up!”

257.“Wanna dance?”

258.“We could be amazing!”

259.“Well, don’t keep me waiting!”

260.“Well, this is awkward…”

261.“Well, this is where I live.”

262.“We finish it the same way we started… together.”

263.“What are you afraid of?”

264.“What were you thinking? Were you trying to get yourself killed?”

265.“When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!”

266.“Where did you learn to dance?”

267.“Where were you? Do you have any idea as to how worried I was?”

268.“Who gave you that black eye?”

269.“Why are you lying?”

270.“Why are you up so early?”

271.“Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me?”

272.“Why choose me?”

273.“Why don’t you just kiss me already?”

274.“You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

275.“You deserve so much better.”

276.“You did this all for me?”

277.“You DID WHAT?”

278.“You don’t have to stay.”

279.“You don’t know you the way I do.”

280.“You don’t need to protect me.”

281.“You fainted… straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

282.“You have the most amazing eyes.”

283.“You have to make a choice.”

284.“You have to remember!”

285.“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

286.“You know, it’s okay to cry…”

287.“You lied to me!”

288.“You look beautiful!”

289.“You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

290.“You need to leave. Right now.”

291.“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

292.“You shouldn’t have even been there!”

293.“You walked away. Not me.”

294.“You weren’t supposed to hear that…”

295.“You’ll be the death of me.”

296.“You’re not alone.”

297.“You’re safe now. I’ve got you.”

298.“You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

299.“You’re too good for me.”

300.“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

301.“Have you lost your damn mind?”

302.“Please, don’t leave.”

303.“Come over here and make me.”

304.“Wait a minute… Are you jealous?”

305.“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

306.“I almost lost you.”

307.“Wanna bet?”

308.“Teach me how to play?”

309.“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

310.“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

311.“Just once.”

312.“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

313.“I got you a present.”

314.“It’s not what it looks like…”

315.“Hey! I was gonna eat that!”

316.“I swear it was an accident.”

317.“Knowing you has made me a better person.”

318.“Just hold me.”

319.“I think I love you.”

320.“I’ve loved you for years.”

321.“Kiss me.”

322.“You’re the best part of me.”

323.“You keep me going.”

324.“You mean everything to me.”

325.“I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without you.”

326.“You’re perfect to me.”

327.“I don’t want to think about what I’d be like without you.”

328.“We’re best when we’re together.”

329.“I can’t stop thinking about you.”

330.“Can I hold your hand?”

331.“Do you want to stay over tonight?”

332.“You’re adorable.”

333.“Everything has been different since I fell in love with you.”

334.“I didn’t think it was possible to love a person as much as I love you.”

335.“I didn’t think love existed until I started loving you.”

336.“Let’s move in together.”

337.“Do you want me to leave?”

338.“You are not going without me.”

339.“I swear it won’t happen again.”

340.“What did you say?”

341.“I’m not jealous!”

342.“We can’t keep doing this.”

343.“Isn’t this amazing?”

344.“I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

345.“Stay the night. Please.”

346.“You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

347.“Run away with me.”

348.“Quit whining. It’s just a bullet.”

349.“Knowing you has made me a better person.”

350.“Just hold me.”

351.“I think I love you.”

352.“I’ve loved you for years.”

353.“Kiss me.”

354.“You’re the best part of me.”

355.“You keep me going.”

356.“You mean everything to me.”

357.“I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without you.“

358."You’re perfect to me.”

359.“I don’t want to think about what I’d be like without you.”

360.“We’re best when we’re together.”

361.“I can’t stop thinking about you.”

362.“Can I hold your hand?”

363.“Do you want to stay over tonight?”

364.“You’re adorable.”

365.“Everything has been different since I fell in love with you.”

366.“I didn’t think it was possible to love a person as much as I love you.”

367.“I didn’t think love existed until I started loving you.”

368.“Let’s move in together.”

369.“Let’s strip down to our socks.”

anonymous asked:

Dude it sounds like you had a panic attack...

I… guess you’re right? I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I’m reading the symptoms and that sounds correct. Wow.

I just remember being hit by this wave of horror and shame and intense, nauseating empathy and not knowing what to do. I couldn’t believe what was happening, and then they laughed me off and said it was no big deal when I said it was not okay, so I just had to stand there and bear witness without letting on that my body was on fire and I was choking on the smoke. I felt really guilty about that for a while, but ultimately I think it was best that I didn’t make a scene ‘cause then the kids might have become suspicious of the situation and not been (hopefully) shielded by naïveté.

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nOW I THINK YOU’VE ALL HEARD OF HOW i started this blog because i wanted to share my love for youtube, bLAH BLAH. but???? i literally started this blog as also a screesnhot dump. i never thought i would make edits (gifs, graphics, all that jazz) and have people actually enjoy them? i’m so glad that i found this community and to be apart of. it’s such a lively and diverse and spectacular fandom. yes, we may have our ups and downs but in the end we come together and bond over our love of youtube.

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all life is strange ship prompts

Most of these prompts I’ve basically discarded or they’ve already been written, but I have many prompt ideas so here’s small little ideas for you guys (Sorry, I’m Pricefield trash so there’s a ton of those, but please send me your story so I can read them if you do use one of these ideas please because I like reading new life is strange fanfics):

- “We experimented over wine-tasting sessions as kids, but now we’re adults meeting each other for the first time in five years and oh my god is that sexual tension between us?”
- “I’m terrified of men because of something that happened in the past, and Rachel and Chloe are trying to make me feel comfortable with Warren but I’m slowly realizing that it’s not Warren that my eyes have been focused on.”
- “Warren keeps asking me to the drive-in so I asked my best friend Chloe for advice, so now we’re fake dating but I think I’m really getting used to this idea.”
- “This punk girl keeps on coming to the homeless shelter at the same time each week purchasing a shit ton of water bottles, canned chili, and loaves of bread with money that comes from God-knows-where but holy shit, she’s actually royalty whose parents are trying to keep her name under wraps.”
- “I recited one of my poems at a poetry slam about my childhood best friend, turns out she was there listening to my every word and now I’m humiliated.”
- “I dared Max to kiss me, but her nose started bleeding and I can tell she’s rewinded more than once and she just told me not to pull back because apparently, that’s what’s going to happen.”
- “Max and I are at her Seattle home, and I just discovered a treehouse her Dad built for her. I’m sorry, Ryan, I’m using this opportunity alone with your daughter to try and seduce her.”

- “One of the pieces you played on the violin is something I recognized, and you anonymously (even though I know it was you) slid a tape under the door of that piece on Valentines day.”
- “It started raining on our tea date, so we ran inside the cafe with our clothes dripping wet but wow, Kate, you’re so cute with your hair pulled out of the bun.”
- “Max has been taking photos for the children’s book I’m writing and one of the photos she took was of the sunset with a sweet quote on it and I think I’m blushing.”
- “We decided to skip class, and we went to the park with Alice in the middle of the day and wow, Max’s smile is so beautiful. Am I really thinking this?”
- “After Max saved me off that rooftop, all I’ve been thinking about is how much she’s supported me over the past month and a half she’s known me and according to google, I have a crush on Max.”

- “I’ve been talking to this girl online and turns out, she’s just like me and I’m starting to dig her. Turns out when I meet her, she’s one of the girls I personally resent.”
- “I ended up saving your ass from getting eaten by a crocodile while we’re camping but I still hate you. Okay, so maybe that’s not the case. What’s it to you?”
- “Even though you’re trouble, you still invited me to your celebration banquet after getting one of your photos in your parents gallery and we seem to get along just fine when we genuinely talk to each other. Wait, are you flirting with me now?”
- “We accidentally hooked up in the middle of a party involving a shit ton of alcohol and now I’m trying to figure out how to approach you about it. Turns out, you were pretty sober during the party and you weren’t exactly rejecting my advances.”
- “You were holding my arms while I rewinded to try and erase the argument we just had, but turns out my rewind power doesn’t work on you, and now you’re freaking out asking me what the fuck is going on but at least we’re on good terms now, right? I’m now this God-like person to you, and now you’re scared yet intrigued by me.”

- “So maybe the drive-in didn’t help us progress in our relationship, but we definitely managed to hook up after an experiment gone wrong.”
- “We’re graduating out of Blackwell Academy, and I didn’t expect to blush furiously and freeze onstage when you blew a kiss in my direction.”
- “I’m tutoring you in chemistry since you’re not doing too great in it, turns out there’s only one type of chemistry you’re interested in.”
- “I fell asleep in your dorm room during a movie marathon of Harry Potter, and I woke up to you staring at me affectionately and I’m 95% sure I’m drooling.”
- “You convinced me to head to Comic Con with you, but you’re the only one cosplaying while I’m taking a ton of pictures of your nerdy self. I think this side of you is kind of cute.”

- “I ended up blackmailing Victoria after she pulled some shit on my best friend Max, so now she’s willing to do anything I say. And I mean anything.”
- “It’s prom night, and since Nathan hates prom, I’m stuck with the single group of people which includes Chloe in a tux and wow is it getting hot in here?”
- “Stop bothering me by coming up to my dorm room and knocking on it. Oh wait, you’re actually dropping off flowers this time?”
- “Nathan, I know this is gonna sound weird but I think the blue haired girl I keep on seeing around Blackwell putting up those Rachel Amber posters is really hot. How do I approach her?”
- “Chloe keeps on pranking me, turns out she doesn’t know how to express her feelings towards me.”

- “At the lighthouse, I was thinking about ending my life when you came up behind me and started a conversation with me about something stupid, but you fucking saved my life.”
- “We nearly got busted for smoking pot in the parking lot of a restaurant, but it’s okay because we were making out the majority of the time so that’s partly why I didn’t notice.”
- “After getting really high together, both of us almost got hit by a car when we realized it was parked and now we’re making out against said car.”
- “We’re at a party together playing truth or dare and someone just dared me to kiss you but wow, that’s not going to be the first time I’m going to kiss you.”
- “Both of us end up in Los Angeles, and I’m not sure what is going on but I think you’ve been more touchy-feely this trip than throughout our entire friendship.”

Caulscott (Max/Nathan):

- “I’m starting to get obsessed with this version of you because you’re changing from snoopy nerd into this untouchable badass within this entire week.”
- “After you overheard of my situation with Mr. Jefferson on accident, you secretly called the police and arrested him and I’ve never felt so relieved and happy in my life.”
- “You visited me in the hospital and gave me a hug, and instead my heart is going out to you because you really do seem to care even though I give you so much shit in school.”
- “Max has been reluctantly taking care of me while I’ve been sick since Victoria can’t do it because she’s been out of town visiting family, but she’s been so sweet to me so I don’t mind the arrangement.”
- “I recognized Nathan at the aquarium spending the majority of the time with the whales, and there was this big cheesy smile on his face that immediately grabbed my attention. Now that I’m noticing it, this is my first time seeing Nathan smile…and it’s nice.”

- “Victoria keeps telling me to find a girlfriend, but is she not getting the fact that I want to date her instead? Sheesh.”
- “Both of us don’t ever bring up about how we discussed marrying each other in middle school until we both got really high together and ended up talking about that.”
- “My Dad mistakes Victoria for my girlfriend, and when she vehemently denies, for some reason, I feel upset over it and correct her surprising Victoria and myself.”
- “We’re playing Laser Tag together one night but you kissed me out of nowhere in the middle of the game, and what the fuck is our relationship now? Are we best friends? Lovers?”
- “When she asked what my type was, I accidentally made it obvious that she was my type and now she’s giving me a funny look but it doesn’t seem to be a bad look either.”

Grahamscott (Nathan/Warren):
- “You were in the locker room getting dressed, and WOW I just noticed your six pack. Why am I thinking so much over this?”
- “You’ve changed from nerdy boy to hardass, and for some reason, that’s my type? I think I’m starting to get curious about you now.”
- “We ran into each other in a gay bar, and I’ve never seen both of us look so ashamed and embarrassed in my life.”
- “I ended up in the hospital due to a really bad car accident, and you were the first person I woke up to. Apparently you slept by my bedside and didn’t leave my side once.”
- “I’ve been talking to him on grindr, but he doesn’t know that I have a crush on him. Yet.”

Hellalujah (Kate/Chloe):
- “You came up to me on campus and invited me to your Church group. Instead of being interested in that, now I’m interested in you.”
- “Alice seemed to have gotten out again and it’s raining, but the only person whose around to help is me. You’ve been coming over everyday after school after discovering I’m sick because of that to make me soup and cheer me up whoops did I mention I’m starting to have feelings for you?”
- “You’re the type of person I want to be: Free to make any decision I want, and finally I’m given that opportunity when you and I decide to smoke weed together in private and now I’m feeling pretty good about everything and you.”
- “I’m in cultural anthropology and we’re in a heated discussion about opposites attracting, yet you’re telling me they don’t but I’m going to prove to you they do.”

- “Chloe tried to make Max breakfast since it’s her birthday and Chloe totally fucked up and burnt all the food so now we’re eating burnt toast but it’s whatever, we love Chloe anyway.”
- “I just walked in on Chloe and Rachel hooking up which got awkward really fast, and I told them to continue and I guess I joined in.”
- “We’re roadtripping but Chloe gets lost and we end up staying the night in a cabin since we’re nearby a campsite when I confess that I’ve never been kissed and both girls end up fighting over kissing me.”
- “We’re at a Halsey concert and they’re playing our song whenever both of us realize how Max is more than ready for the mosh pit.”


- “We decided to go food shopping, and Chloe keeps on throwing junk food into the basket but Kate keeps on putting the junk food back in when Max isn’t looking.”
- “Both me and Max come out to Kate about our relationship when she admits that she’s always been a little bicurious herself. A joke about that quickly turns serious.”
- “I just took down Kate’s viral video by going into Victoria’s youtube account, and turns out after watching it, Kate kissed a wasted Chloe. But Kate ends up being so relieved she kisses me too? So now she’s held responsible for both of us.”
- “Max brought us to the zoo and she’s torn between me wanting to see the insect exhibit and Kate wanting to stay where she is because Kate really dislikes insects so Max decides to compensate for the entire party by coming up with an idea all of us will enjoy.”


- “As a kid, I used to hate beans but whatever these beans are, they’ve gotten me addicted to beans and now my nickname is Frank-N-Beans.”

High School Band AU: Chapter Two

There you go, fellas! Time to meet the band buddies! I’li be back with some scenarios a little later! See ya ;)

Okay, if anybody ever asked you how you would imagine spending your Saturday afternoon, the last thing you could ever think would be having a sack over your head on this very hot room. Where are you? In a basement?

“Fellow members, we are assembled here today to confer the honor of initiation upon MC. May her voice guide us through a victory without precedents in Daykey High School’s history. May her talent and charisma lead us to a journey of paying gigs, whether in money or in coupons from the donut store.”

“Or in tepid beer.”

“Thank you, fellow member Zen. Let your wishes be granted as well. Now, may the chosen one step forward.”

Oh… is he… is he talking about you? You step on what you think it’s forward.

“Oh, chosen one, let your voice be heard!”

“I… don’t really know what you want me to say.” Your voice is muffled.

“Saeyoung, I think we got it. Just take this out of her face before she asphyxiates.” The only female voice besides yours speaks.

“But… she didn’t even drink the blood!” Saeyoung whines.

Now you know this initiation ritual apparently was Saeyoung’s idea, you’re worried about having to drink actual blood. Who knows? That guy felt a little crazy, finding you behind the curtains like a sniffer dog looking for drugs, and talking about biting you… yeah, you know it was a joke, but… who knows? The guy is weird…

“B-blood?” you take the sack out of your head.

“No! You can’t take it off before Jumin makes your welcoming official.” Saeyoung whines dramatically.

“She’s welcome, just get rid of the sack.”

“Ah, you’re no fun! Here, just drink the blood. Don’t worry, it’s wine. Actually, don’t worry, it’s grape juice. Yoosung couldn’t buy the wine.”

“I told you to send Zen.”

“Yeah, yeah, lesson learned… so hey! Welcome, MC! Are you excited to be joining us?”

“I was excited when you texted me, then you put this sack over my head and basically kidnapped me, and I’m not excited anymore.” You hear some chuckles from Zen and… Jumin? The intimidating brunette just laughed of your little joke?

“Too bad, you should be excited about joining the jewel in the crown of Daykey High School! The amazing band Mystic Messenger!” yeah, you didn’t get used to the name yet…

“It’s pretty cool, indeed. I hope you can forgive Saeyoung’s methods and enjoy where you find yourself right now, MC.” Zen says, it’s the first time he sounds serious and not like trying to desperately say something flirty… it’s pretty comforting.

“Thank you… I… honestly thought you would never want to see my face after the way I behaved. It was childish…”

“Don’t forget foolish.” Jumin adds.

“And kinda of overdramatic.” That coming from the guy who was talking about drinking blood for a initiation ritual a minute ago?

“Yes… it was a bitchy behavior. And I apologize to you all, but mainly to you, Jumin and…” you look around trying to find the other twin, but he isn’t here.

“I’ll forgive you when we win the festival.” Jumin says bluntly. Uhm… he is still pretty mad, isn’t he? So why did he even agree on you joining the band?

“The festival?” you ask curiously.

“Yes, the winter festival for high school bands! It’s so cool!” What’s the blonde’s name again? It was a pretty name… Y-Yoosung, right? Yoosung seems to be the type who gets super excited easily, usually people like this annoy you, but he also seems so sweet, totally the boy next door, and definitely not annoying at all.

“We participated last year and placed second, but things were a little different, we had a different vocalist and a different bass player.” Jaehee explains. Oh yes… V was the bass player and created the band. Which one here plays the bass now? If you had to guess… Jumin?

“And you’re counting on me to win this year?”

“Basically, yes.”

Wow, it hits you like a rock. This group of people is really betting on you to get for them something they let slip away before… they… trust you. And they don’t even know you that well… when was the last time somebody hand you something so important and meaningful? No, actually, did this ever happen before?

“But no need to feel pressured, sweetheart. We still have time to rehearse and get you ready. If you ever feel burdened, come to me, okay?” hum, the Zen’s flirty tone is back again… or maybe he’s just like this and doesn’t even notice some people can really take him seriously… are you taking him seriously?

“Yes, if she’s burdened, the first thing she would need is your constant urge to make a move on freshman girls.” A-ha! Jumin is thinking the same as you, he just puts it on a more intellectual way. By the way… why does he talk so formal? It’s funny…

“Ahem. Anyway, MC, just know we’re not waiting for you to just get up on that stage and slay, you’re talented, but you also need practice, we all do. And we will practice and walk through this together. “ Ah… Jaehee, you thought she was one of those really mean ice lady like girls, but… she’s super nice. What instrument does she play?

“Well, I’m not worried.” Yes, you are. “Progress, not perfection.”

“This sounds like an AA mantra…” Saeyoung teases you.

“Well, Saeyoung, the first step is admitting you have a problem, yours is making nonsense jokes about alcoholism.” He widens his eyes, uh oh… is a comeback coming? Wait for it…

“Yes, you’re right. Alcoholism isn’t funny.” He scratches the back of his head, visibly considering what you said. Uhm… maybe he isn’t as impossible as you thought.

“Alright then. She’s officially in…”

“She’s not, she didn’t drink the blood.” Saeyoung says, going back to what you know him for.

“I don’t give a damn about the blood. Anyways, welcome, MC. We’re glad to have you here, well, not exactly here in Yoosung’s basement, but we’re happy to have a new and promising vocalist.” Jumin says and smiles softly. Oh… he knows how to smile! Would you look at that!

“Thank you. I’ll do my best, I mean it.” Yes, you do.

“Oh, no sarcasm this time? That’s a good start… progress, not perfection, right?” what’s with Jumin and his sudden change to a nice guy? “Okay, late introductions, I’m Jumin Han, the current bass player.” You knew it!

“You already know me, right?” Yes, Zen… we all do… “I’m Hyun, call me Zen, I play the electric guitar, but I can also sing. I hope I get to do all the duets I couldn’t do with you in the musical theater club.” Don’t blush! Don’t blush! Don’t blush! Shit, you’re blushing.

“Yoosung, keyboards.” It suits him… so that means he also plays piano? How cute… you woul like to watch him playing piano one day…

“Saeyoung, your DJ, costume designer, make-up artist, lighting guy and roadie at your service, my lady.” Wow, he surely does a lot! Wait… costume designer? Shit! Your mind doesn’t even want to go to the places where you could think what kind of outfit this guys is thinking for you… lord protect you.

“You’re pretty versatile, that’s cool.” But he’s nice, and he seemed uncomfortable about that alcoholism thing, enough fighting with these people… so you compliment him, giving your most genuine smile, and now he’s the one to blush… cute.

“Yes, the only thing he doesn’t do is actually play an instrument.” Oh, this voice… Saeran comes down the basement’s stairs. He decided to join you, after all. Was he waiting for a good cue to make an entrance? You giggle with this possibility.

“Well, you know what they say, bro, one brother has the musical talent, the other one has the looks, and the brains, and the mojo with the ladies.” Saeyoung grabs your hand and plants a kiss on it. Okay… you weren’t expecting that, that felt more like a Zen’s move.

Saeran scoffs. “Then you’re wasting your mojo, she’s not a lady.” He glares at you and grins. Jerk!

“And you probably don’t have the musical talent.” You answer. Yeah, remember that thing about stop fighting with these people? Forget it, this guy really gets to your nerves!

“Wanna bet? I’ll make you a fan for my drum solos before you even notice.” Okay, so he’s the drummer.

“I’ll be too busy in the spotlight, but it will be fun to watch you try.” He scoffs and grins, did you two just set a challenge?

“Ohohoho, so much tension!This is starting to feel like a real band! I can’t wait for our E! documentary.” You laugh at Saeyoung’s joke. It’s good that he’s trying to light the mood between his brother and you.

“Wait, what about you, Jaehee?” you remember her, she’s been so quiet…

“I… I don’t play anything. I’m the manager.” Oh… interesting, and kinda disappointing, you were rooting for her to be the drummer… she looks so cool and easy-going, so it made sense in your head. But the drummer is the little prick called Saeran… ugh. “So I hope I get to manage you in the best way possible, MC.”

“Thank you. I look forward for it too.” Again, you try to be genuine and not sarcastic, she doesn’t deserve it.

“So everybody is formally introduced. Can we please get out of the basement now?” Jaehee asks, and they all oblige. Forget Jumin, she’s the real leader, she probably didn’t realize that yet…

You get out of Yooung’s basement, he wanted you all to say for dinner, but everybody has to go. Well, you would really like to stay, the food smells good, what are you having for dinner? Maybe your father bought some takeout? Yes, probably… like he does on every Saturdays.

You’re saying goodbye to Yoosung and the twins (just to Saeyoung, you’re basically ignoring Saeran’s presence)

“Are you sure you don’t want us to walk you home?” Saeyoung asks.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

“Okay, but text me when you get home, okay? It’s dangerous for a girl to be walking around by herself…” he sounds adorably serious.

“I’m sure a thug would be more in trouble if he met her on a dark alley.” Saeran says, without looking at you.

“I see you’re still not getting laid, Saeran. I hope you find some comfort on a dark alley one day.”

No comeback? Okay. The twins aren’t really inspired today, apparently.

“Anyway. Bye guys!” you turn your back on them and start walking. You know this neighborhood, your uncle’s girlfriend lives a few streets near. You can take a bus in the end of the street, or maybe you can just walk. It’s a peaceful neighborhood.

That’s what you were thinking before this guy in a motorcycle made a u turn and stopped in front of you. You couldn’t see his face, but you knew he was looking at you… SHIT!

Think, can you run? Can you scream for help? Where is your phone? Maybe you can discreetly dial the police number? They wouldn’t get here in time… screaming seems stupid, so… run?

You back away, run! Why aren’t you running, stupid? Is this what being paralyzed in fear looks like? Shit! Your legs feel weak…

“Hop on. We’re going for a ride!” that’s what he probably says as his voice is muffled due to the helmet, also, it sounds creepy enough to his image right now.

“I- I have pepper spray!” Here… somewhere… ugh! You hate to admit your father was right about letting the pepper spray accessible at any situation.

“Pepper spray? Oh, wait… MC, don’t…”

“How do you know my name?” a stalker? How did you even get one?

“MC! It’s me!” he takes his helmet off. Oh… it’s just Zen. And he looks… pretty sexy. Hold on! Weren’t you shitting yourself in fear a minute ago?

“Shit, Zen! You scared the shit out of me!” Stop saying shit!

“Sorry, MC. I didn’t mean to. Come on… I’ll give you a ride to your house.”

“Do you know where I live?” okay, so maybe you do have a stalker.

“Uhm… no? I was hoping you would tell me?” Of course, stupid! Now he thinks you’re a paranoid little crazyhead.

“I… do you have a license?”

“You don’t have to be scared, I’ll go slow if you want to.” He didn’t answer the question… but hey, you got lucky once, will you really risk yourself walking alone again?

“Fine.” You go to him, and he hands you a pink helmet. You’re definitely not the first girl taking a ride, huh? “But you don’t really need to be slow, I… I’m not scared.”

He smiles widely. “I was hoping you would say that.”

Again, this was not what you expected for your Saturday afternoon, it ended up a little better than you could ever imagine.

Chapter One | Chapter Three 

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About the Recent ERASED Episode

I know everyone is upset because Kayo and Hiromi fell in love, got married, and had a precious little angel of a baby (OMG IT’S SO DARN CUTE) all while Satoru was in his 15-year long coma. I get it. Satoru and Kayo had chemistry together. I’d be lying if I didn’t secretly ship them myself whilst reading the manga.

But that’s not the point, and I’m pretty sure that the author, especially after putting in those cute ‘lil moments between them, intentionally decided to have her marry Hiromi. 

Why? Because the relationship between Kayo was only a child’s crush, probably stemming from her admiration of Satoru’s courage and boldness (which wasn’t even young Satoru’s original demeanor). Satoru didn’t save her to have her wait 15 years alone (within that span of time, we don’t know if her Grandmother died) without the assurance that he would return. He saved her so that she could live a fulfilling life, with friends, with eventual love both romantic and platonic. By having her meet him with a baby in her arms indicates that she’s reached happiness and her arc, that Satoru basically sacrificed his life for, is finally complete. That’s why he’s crying. Because he did it. He made a difference. That was what Kayo represented for him. Not a potential lover, but the personification of his ability to change the cruel future that he originated from. Seeing her happy and with a family of her own, that was just confirmation for him. 

Plus, if ya’ll read the manga, you’d realize (just like I did at this very exact moment) that the way Satoru sees Kayo is not the same as the way he sees Airi. Airi believed in him from the beginning, even when he didn’t believe in himself. Airi trusted him. Airi supported him unconditionally. He realized that in front of Airi, he didn’t have to always be a hero. He could relax and be honest, something he couldn’t even do all the time in front of his own mother (who is the darn best I say, omg don’t even get my started, that woman is amazing).

For anyone is anime-only, the scene where Yashiro stops the papparazi didn’t happen. It wasn’t Yashiro. It was Airi. The scene between them is just marvelous, which leads to an ending that the anime isn’t producing. The anime is showcasing an alternate ending to the series, which I find very interesting, because I feel that they’re not rushing, but instead doing this purposefully since the entire series is based on “time traveling” and “changing the future by changing the past”, and perhaps the small differences in the anime, like Satoru not seeing Kayo return to school and rejoining the gang after she moved away like he did in the manga, is what led to Yashiro entering the scene rather than Airi. Regardless, you really see what Airi means and does to Satoru in these panels:

It was at this moment I realized that Satoru needed Airi in his life. Someone that would protect him as well and would always do her best, not just for herself, but for everyone around her. Someone that would always be an inspiration to him.

After this moment, Satoru begins the process of recalling all his alternate future memories as well as those from when he was a kid. 

So I hope I kinda helped everyone realize that Kayo was never meant to be a romantic interest for Satoru. It’s okay, I really did ship them too, trust me on this. But after I saw this scene in the manga, it hit me. Airi is the one that Satoru needs in his life, to support him, to inspire him, to help him. After this, I sat back I thought, “Wow, I guess it’s a good thing Kayo got married and had a kid. It’s all so clear now.” No joke. I have never switched ships before this manga, at least not as fast as I did here. Though I honestly believe the fandom doesn’t give Airi the credit she deserves. :<>

Please do continue to watch the series regardless of ships. It’s just too beautiful to focus only on the couples, because that isn’t what it’s about.

It’s about a man, who thought he was useless to the world, changing the past and saving lives. It’s about a man who made a difference in the world.

Exo reactions to a really pretty skateboarder knocks them over

/Hello lovely anon! Thank you for the request, I hope you like it! <3/

Baekhyun: *when you offered your hand to help him up off the ground, he noticed how pretty you were*

Baek: “Wow, you’re so pretty!”

Y/N: “Um, thank you?”

Baek: “Could I have your number?”

Chen: *you got off your skateboard so you could apologize*

Chen: “I’m sorry, are you okay?”

Y/N: “I’m fine.”

*when he looked at you, he noticed how beautiful you were and became quite nervous*

Chen: “D-Do you want to…go out for a coffee?”

Chanyeol: *you offered to help him up off the ground and he became embarrassed, he got even more embarrassed when he saw how pretty you are*

“Thank you..uh..hi, I’m Chanyeol.”

D.O: *nervous and shy once he sees your beauty*

“Ah -you’re really pretty”

Kai: *he’s amazed at how pretty you are*

“Wow, you’re so pretty. Could I have your number?”

Lay: *you hit him pretty hard and felt so bad*

Y/N: “I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

Lay: “Y-Yes, yes I’m okay.”

Y/N: “Are you sure?”

Lay: “W-Woah, am I seeing things? You’re so beautiful!”

/too cute!! \(^~^)/ /

Suho: *he was shocked by your beauty*

“I don’t think I’ve seen someone as pretty as you before!”

Sehun: *shy and cute baby*

S: “You’re pretty.”

Y/N: “Thanks.”

S: “Do you want to…get b-bubble tea with me?”

Xiumin: *you knocked him over*

Y/N: “I’m so sorry!”

X: “It’s okay, it happens.”

*thinks you’re really pretty*

X: “Could I get your number?”

/I found this too cute!! I hope you liked it!/

Guardian (V)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Jongdae/Baekhyun

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,147

Summary:  You keep seeing the same guy everywhere you go. In the coffee shop, on the streets, in your philosophy class. It’s getting to the point where you think he’s stalking you - only to realize that maybe there’s something much more mysterious at play here. (AU: Chen is your guardian angel)

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But What If He Lived (Chapter 2)

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Connor never really thought much about his sexuality. Mainly because of the whole “Gender Crisis of 2012”, at least that’s how he referred to it. Basically, before that year he was totally fine, well… not horrified, with being called his dead-name and by she/her pronouns, but as he got older and learned more he realized that 1) he was definitely genderfluid and 2) he/him and Connor were what he was now responding to now, nothing else, except for they/them sometimes. The point being he had to tell his family, which was grand! Not. His sister kinda shut down and didn’t talk to him for a month, Larry (his dad) said; “I’ve always wanted a son, but you’ll still always be my daughter.” That one sentence felt like a stab to the heart. His mother took it okay, just smiled blankly and switched over, but she definitely struggled at first. Zoe did eventually warm back up to him, but she was much more distant now. His dad wouldn’t even speak directly to him unless goaded by his wife, but Connor just liked to think about the positive fact that he didn’t have to come out to any friends… because he didn’t have any.

But sexuality hadn’t really been a topic of his thoughts. That was, until the cute boy in his language class ran into him in the hallway, and layed on his chest for like a lifetime (and a half). That was when Connor had the realization that he was very much bisexual and that Evan Hansen needed to be very, very close to him again, because damn. So then, the last little shreds of his mental stability jumped overboard. He knew that coming out again was not happening because it barely went well last time. So Connor did what he always did when his mental stability got fucked to hell, get higher than the empire state. What he tried to do after that was… one of the worst things he’d ever done. He never thought Zoe would be so distraught by him almost dying, but she was. Which is how Connor Murphy ended up in a therapy group and tried to stop doing drugs.

Connor was, at first, just going to make his sister happy, but when in strolled the heart attack on legs that was Evan hansen, he decided that staying was a much of an interesting decision than blowing this whole thing off and getting high in the alley outside. He almost regretted everything when the overly peppy counselor started talking, but when Evan got up and started talking about how he tried to kill himself, Connor made the final decision that staying was obligatory now. Why was he so interested in this practical stranger? Well, he couldn’t really say (he was cute), but what he could say was the amount of pure unadulterated shock on his face from when Connor spoke his piece was actually quite entertaining. So of course he couldn’t help himself when he looked directly at Evan and said hello, and so what if the blush that rose on Evan’s freckled cheeks made him happy knowing he caused it? Evan was probably straight, so it didn’t matter, right?

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. Was really the only thing Evan’s brain could really think, because cute boy staring at him! That was definitely a first, and now said cute boy was walking towards him? This was not an ordinary event in his life.

“So Hansen?” Connor was probably a little close, but then again, they were in a smallish room with other people so maybe not? “What’s with the blank cast?” Connor looked genuinely curious, one eyebrow arched up over his hazel eyes. The question wasn’t actually a heavy one, but boy oh boy did Evan’s anxiety launch into outer space.

“I, umm… fell, out of a tree.” Evan stuttered and coughed his way through that sentence. Maybe Connor didn’t notice.

“Mmmm,” Connor just made an uncommitted noise as his frown deepened. “You fell, sure.” Well looks like it is time to go. Evan was not doing this no, no. Definitely not.

“I gotta-” Evan turned to go but Connor’s hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Hey man, I won’t ask if you don’t either, okay?” Connor looked serious, so Evan nodded, not really trusting his voice to be steady. They walked out of the building together, Connor talking mostly and Evan nodding along and occasionally adding an opinion or two. Then suddenly Connor asked him a question only Connor would ask. “Wanna go get high in a field?”

“WhAt?” Evan’s voice cracked like a fissure in the ground. He was… startled to say the very least. But also very curious. “I, I mean. No I mean what?!”

“Well you seem anxious and I’ve found weed helps. A lot,” Connor was smirking again, and to be honest if it meant Connor would smirk like that Evan just might consider doing just about anything. “Why don’t you come with. You can chill with me, make sure I don’t do something stupid again. And if you decide you want a hit cool, if not, well that’s cool too.” Connor was walking away as he said this, not really waiting for an answer. Evan had to run to catch up. He wasn’t going to do any drugs, but he wasn’t passing up a chance for possibly the only cute person to look at him more than once.

Connor didn’t actually think Evan would take him up on his offer, of either the drugs or hanging out. But surprises come in all shapes and sizes, even Evan Hansen shaped ones. So there they were, sitting in Connor’s favorite field, Connor high as a kite and Evan looking cuter than what should be legal. Too bad he’s probably straight… oh well a boy can dream can’t he?

“Okay,” Evan spoke evenly (for probably the first time since he was a kid). “I want a hit.”

“Oooo, Mr. Bad Boy over here,” Connor giggled as he pulled a dandelion out of his hair. He turned to face Evan better, letting the puff of smoke he’d been holding in his lungs go and watching is float to the sky. “Are you sure, I don’t wanna pressure you or something,” raising a finger to the air half heartedly, he yelled, “No nonconsensual corruption on my watch!”

“I’m sure.” Evan seemed pretty curious, so explanations about effects and what not were needed, and Connor was more than prepared to provide.

“Okayyyy, but you should know two things first,” Connor’s voice was slow and decently smooth. “Weed is heavy, you’re gonna cough, so like please tell me you don’t have asthma or something. And your voice is gonna get really fucking deep if you smoke a lot, cause like it’s heavy on your lungs ‘n shit.”
“Okay, no breathing issues… pass it over,” Connor laughed and handed Evan back his dandelion. “Coooonnnnnoooorrrrr.” Wow, was he really that high, or was Evan whining his name kinda cute (probably both). He carefully handed the blunt to Evan after a quick demonstration on how to take a hit properly. Evan squinted his eyes nervously as he made eye contact with Connor’s heavy lidded and bloodshot ones, and quickly put it in his mouth before he could back out. Evan coughed and sputtered before almost throwing it back, looking about three times as shocked as he was when they were in group.

“WHAT THE HELL CONNOR?!” Evan yelled, gesturing wildly. Connor just giggled (again), collapsed backwards onto the ground and took another hit.

“What? I told you it was heavy?” Connor spoke while letting out his puff of smoke, still giggling like a small child. Wow was this good shit.

“Not like THAT! How the HELL do you smoke this shit regularly?” Connor just smirked instead of giving any sort of coherent answer. “Seriously Connor how the fuck?”

“I’ll tell you a secret, some people say it’s easier to shotgun.” That thought sent Connor into another massive fit of hysteric giggles. Evan couldn’t help but notice how his nose wrinkled as he laughed, and the way he covered his mouth with his hand to stifle it. Evan’s breath hitched in his throat, but he wasn’t sure if it was from adoration or the coughing fit from earlier. Evan has no idea what Connor was talking about, but was just gonna write it off as the drugs.

“So why’d no one sign your cast?” Connor smushed the remains of what he was smoking into the dirt. “That’s what I was asking earlier.”

“I- I dunno?” Evan rubbed at his cast self consciously, the rough fabric mixed with plaster scratching roughly against his hand.

“Got a pen?” Connor gestured limply towards Evan, kind of like he was reaching for his pocket then decided that it required too much effort.

“A pen?” Evan was beyond confused. Was he high?

“A pen, ya know to sign your cast?” Connor sat up and scooted closer to Evan. Wow, was he cute. Not the point Evan. Focus, give Connor the pen. Evan’s hand seemed to be moving at half speed, and it probably was but Connor was probably too high to notice or care. Hopefully. As he handed him the pen their fingers brushed, Evan’s hands were shaking and probably grossly sweaty. He wanted to drop the pen and wipe his hands on his jeans, but obviously he couldn’t because, well, Connor was staring at him and was very close. Their hands were still touching slightly, Connor’s nail polish (where it wasn’t chipped) was slick under Evan’s fingers, and Evan didn’t really want to stop touching Connor’s hand. Slowly Connor pulled his hand away, grinning playfully. Evan felt his face heat up and he looked away.

“Evan, are you getting sunburnt? Should we find some shade?” Connor leaned in even closer to Evan inspect his face. His breath was ghosting across Evan’s freckled nose.

“I-I-I-I’m f-fine, r-really,” Evan couldn’t have stuttered more if he was being forced to speak in front of a thousand people

“If you say so,” Connor didn’t look fully convinced, but was easily distracted by the task of signing Evan’s cast. Big swooping letters followed by a little squiggly line, probably because he forgot what he was doing half way though, but it was cute.

“So,” Evan scooted back a bit just so they weren’t that close and so he could see the other boy a bit better. “How are you gonna get back home? You probably can’t even walk right now.”

“Well I’m gonna lay here until I can walk Hansen,” Connor laughed while he talked, not really looking directly at Evan. “Then I’m going to walk home, obviously.”
So smoking pot with Evan was not a bad idea, and Connor kind of wanted to do it again. Now that he was clear headed enough to think clearly, all that was running through his head was the blush that covered Evan’s face when their fingers brushed. Maybe Evan wasn’t as straight as Connor assumed he was. This could be fun. In a sort of experiment, Connor walked very close to Evan, brushing their shoulders together.

“I’m glad I decided to walk you home,” Evan put his hand around Connor’s back, pulling him closer, mistaking his shoulder brush for a stumble. Now it was Connor’s turn to blush. “You can’t even walk straight.”

Connor laughed nervously and stepped away a bit. The pair had come to his house. Far too soon if Connor was honest. But that’s how his life worked. Never able to get “too much” of a good thing.

“Is this your house?” Evan gestured widely and looked down slightly, almost as if he was upset.

“Yeah, looks like I’m in time for dinner,” Connor looked at his phone briefly, the light illuminating his face.

“Number,” Evan blurted the word out like it was on fire in his mouth. “We should keep in touch I mean…”

“Sounds good to me,” Connor smiled and handed him his phone. Evan blushed slightly as he put in his details. His name was saved as ‘Hansen 🍂’ Connor smiled slightly at seeing that. Evan handed his phone to Connor who saved his name as ‘Connor 🚬’ because… of course he did. Their hands brushed again as they traded phones back, and Evan seemed to be moving slower than usual. Connor glanced up and caught Evan’s soft blue eyes, and suddenly everything seemed to fade for a second- but when Evan looked away, the air lost its charge and they stepped back.
“Well-l see you later Connor,” Evan spoke as he turned away walking back the way they had came, the low sun leaving his as barely a shadow.

“Stay safe Hansen!” Connor had called as he walked towards his house, his voice was still slow.

“So our kid has decided to come back?” Larry called towards Connor but was speaking to his mother, who looked mildly relieved to see him but she was really the only one. Zoe hadn’t even really looked up, guess her brief moment of caring was over and she was back to treating him like a stranger, nothing changed all that much.

“Yes he has, and will be eating in his room tonight,”  Connor grabbed a bag of chips from the kitchen and a soda then walked up stairs. Same old shit, different day. His mom was walking up the stairs behind him, a plate covered in saran wrap in her hands.

“Connor,” Cynthia called softly, holding the plate towards him. “I tried to keep your dinner warm for you. I know you’re not fond of my cooking, but I want you to eat healthily.”

Connor took the plate smiling softly, she tried so hard for him. “Thanks mom,” he turned without saying anything else and went to his room. His mom seemed to be the only person in that house that looked out for him constantly. Zoe did sometimes, but that felt like more out of guilt than anything.

Once in his room Connor picked at his food but most of his meal was the chips he grabbed and his pop. He fiddled with his phone for a bit, debating on whether or not he wanted to text Evan or not. Eventually he decided that he wanted to be decently high before making any decision. Double checking that his door was closed, he rummaged through his side drawer looking for the half a blunt he left there the night before. He took a few hits before pulling his phone out again, trying to think of a topic of conversation. All his muddled brain could come up with was that Evan liked trees, and had feelings. Do trees have feelings? Shit better ask him.

Hey Hansen, do you think trees have feelings

Ummm… i suppose. Are you high?

Possibly 😂😂
But like do they feel, like feel or do they just feel????

I think they can like. Feel pain and physical stuff but not, um, emotions
Also I’m at dinner I shouldn’t really be texting

Whoa, that’s wild man. Okay dude, I’ll letcha get back to the food stuffs
Evan didn’t know what he was expecting when he got a text message during dinner but it was definitely not Connor asking about trees and feelings. In Connor’s defense, it was a good question. Also he was clearly high (again).  In all seriousness the look Heidi gave him when his phone went off was comical, because his phone hardly goes off, and if it does he doesn’t smile and answer it. To say that she pestered him was an understatement, but she did eventually let the subject drop.

“Well Mom, it was great eating dinner with you, thank you,” Evan loved when his mom was around but with her working so much it didn’t happen often. The one time they saw each other with a constant frequency was every third Monday of the month, for dinner. Then it’s back to their chaotic lives of school, work, and for Evan now this therapy group. Well, for now, going back wasn’t a top priority but seeing Connor was. He never had any real friends other than Jared, so it was nice to have Connor. Connor is really nice to him, fun to be around and cu- cool. Not cute, girls were cute and Evan wasn’t gay… probably… the point being he liked being around Connor. Hopefully Connor liked being around him.

“No problem kiddo! How’s your arm?” Heidi was clearing the table so she didn’t see the look of guilt pass across Evan’s face when she asked that.

“It’s been… better,” Evan didn’t really want to talk about his arm, because that might mean his mom might notice Connor’s name scrawled across it. He really wasn’t sure how she didn’t notice it yet.

He shuffled his feet waiting a second before leaving the kitchen to go to his room. The odd thought of texting Connor again crossed his mind but he decided against it and did his homework instead

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Polar opposite prompts? Romance-wise, and if some are started from enemies, friends and strangers, better~

-Person A is like the color red. Violent. Rage filled. But passionate. Person B is like the color blue. Calm. Cold. But emotional nonetheless. Theyre polar opposites entirely and yet they’re so attracted to each and don’t know why. It’s like they keep each other together. Keep them sane

-Person A is dark and brooding. Always seeing the negatives to things. Person B is positive and always tries to make Person A smile. Person B hates it. But deep down loves it so much.

-Person A and Person B have always been rivals. Not alike at all. But still, when they work together, compatible.



-Person A is the ultimate goody-two-shoes, nerd. They have glasses, and carry around books all the time and have amazing grades. Person B, who is the ultimate slacker (but not really). Both are endlessly pining after the other, much to their friends’ amusement.

-Person A is super musically inclined and Person B is super tone-deaf…like it’s getting to be an issue. They like to sing for/at person A b/c look at that blush is that not the most adorable…wait, why’re you plugging your ears, i’m serenading you

-Person A is a good student (b/c all they do is school) and Person B couldn’t care less if they tried. They get paired together on a project b/c the teacher thinks B could lighten A up while A makes B more studious

-Person A is the sassiest fuck to walk the planet. They have a retort to literally everything. Person B is really quiet and innocent, and they don’t really understand sarcasm.

-Person A is the most athletic, they’re in all the sports (obvi not really but wow look at the power of a hyperbole) Person B is the most uncoordinated ever. One day in gym they play dodgeball. Person A throws a ball at B, expecting them to dodge. B flails for a moment and manages to get themselves hit in the face. A  feels really really bad and agrees to walk B to the nurse and apologizes endlessly on the way and wow i know you hit me but seriously it’s fine look my nose isn’t even bleeding that much anymore i swear it’s worse than it looks. 

~Ebeth (Okay so i really just love writing opposites attract so if you need more pls send them in, even if they’re more specific b/c there’s no such thing as too many details when requesting a prompt, it helps us tailor prompts to your story/idea better!)

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“Prince wrote the song in response to America bombing Libya,” Sheila E. said with sadness in her tone. “America” was Prince’s response to Reagan-era paranoia about nuclear war in the mid-Eighties.“It’s crazy,” Escovedo said of the song’s resonance thirty years later. “Because here we are again.”

What was it like revisiting “America,” which you used to perform with Prince?

When I was filming the video, I was just getting angry thinking about how we’re at this place again in society. And then, in the studio a couple weeks ago – as I was taking my timbale solo – I just broke down crying. Because I’m playing this song that [Prince and I] used to play together. I think it was written in ‘85, '86. And with him now not being here, it really messed me up. Filming and singing it was hard. Then to think, 'wow. okay I’m gonna release this on his birthday.’ It’s very emotional for me. But I think he would do this at this time, if he was here.

What do you remember from the actual recording?

The crazy thing was both cymbals crashed to the ground when we were recording “America.” I was hitting one cymbal so hard it came right off the stand. We kept playing, because I was like 'don’t stop!’ Then towards the end, the second cymbal came off. We did one take. Both cymbals were down at the end and I was like 'wow, that’s how you play a song!’ [laughs]

—  Sheila E. on “America”, Rolling Stone, June 7, 2017

okay! so.

earlier today i was trying to explain what it is, when i’m attracted to a man, i find attractive. my friend threw out all these “hot celebrity” names - the chrises, george clooney, you get the drift - and i was like, “well, i mean, sometimes, but not… not really,” and offered joe gilgun and, eventually, viggo mortensen as counter-examples.

bear with me here, because i’ve found a better one.

right now, i’m finishing the london episode of the layover because i passed out partway through it last night. bourdain meets up with marco pierre white, a restaurateur now in his mid-fifties who was the youngest chef ever to earn three michelin stars, the first real celebrity chef - basically a kitchen rockstar, with the colourful stories and slight aura that goes with it. bourdain takes him to this tiny, shabby-to-look-at, 70 year old underground club, and when they approach the equally tiny bar, white takes the near-middle aged, fairly regularly english-looking, bartender’s hand and asks her name. “natasha,” she answers. “it’s nice to meet you, natasha. i’m marco.” as she tells them a little bit about the place, white looks about and comments that he’s never been there before, and bourdain ribs him for “having a business five feet away” (one of his famous restaurants) but never having found the bar before. white says to natasha, “just down the road.” “i know,” she says. “i’ve been your way quite a few times.” white gives her a small but genuine smile and tilts his beer towards her slightly. “cheers, natasha,” he says.

and reader? i swooned.


“It’ll be okay, Jeff. I promise.”

*is suddenly hit by a tsunami wave of Shoker feels* ha ha what?? no I’m fine!!!


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