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Double Take | Part 1 | PETER PARKER X READER

Description: The reader is helping Peter with his English essay when he comes to the startling realization that his best friend is really pretty. Peter goes to Ned for advice shortly thereafter because he’s confused about his new found feeling for her.

Author’s Note: Wow, Phoebe’s back at it again with another Peter Parker fanfic. What a surprise… Anyways I hope ya’ll enjoy this and let me know if you think I should do a part 2. I got inspiration for this fic from one I read last year and liked. As always, my requests are open so feel free to send me a message with an idea for a story if you want.

Word Count: 1268

Part 2| Part 3

“Okay Peter, so the key to writing an analytical essay is to examine how certain aspects of the story make it what it is. You should always ask yourself why the author chose to do this instead of something else and how that effects the story as a whole. Get it?” (Y/N) explained, tapping her pencil against the notebook laid out in front of her.

Peter nodded slowly while jotting down some quick notes. “I think so. Can you give me an example?”

“Sure. Uhhh…” (Y/N) leaned back into her chair and started spinning slowly. “So the story To Kill A Mockingbird, it takes place in Alabama during the 30’s. The setting is really important because it adds significance to the events of Tom Robinson’s trial. That’s why Harper Lee chose that specific date and place. Okay?”

Peter put his pencil down and shut his notebook. “You’re the best English teacher I’ve ever had (Y/N),” he said with a smile.

She grinned and stood up out of her chair to stretch. “I try Parker,” (Y/N) yawned, extended her arms above her head. “Anyways I better get going. I’m supposed to have dinner with my parents’ friends tonight. How do I look?” she asked, facing Peter.

Peter swiveled in his chair and looked his best friend up and down, examining her every feature. That’s when his posture suddenly went rigid and his mind started whirling.

(Y/N) was really pretty.

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It is SO LOVELY and the moments where it is soft, you might die of softness. But there are moments of heat that you’ll end up in flames. And there are moments I almost fell off my bed laughing.

[insert comment about toplock that I do not apologise for but terrible people made me very anxious about but I don’t want to unrec this lovely rec, but I need to somehow clear away the negativity]

And wow, was this enjoyable, and in the end I wasn’t sure whether I was a pile of goo from the softness, heat, or lack of oxygen from laughter

  • Jungkook: why did we ever give Yoongi-hyung the rights to make us do the house cleaning?
  • Yoongi: why did we ever give you speaking rights?
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook: ok WOW

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Hope you're having a great day and you're smiling wherever you are because your writing makes me smile! I read everything off your master list in one sitting and probably squealed way too many times. I appreciate you so much! Do you have any recs for other angsty or fluffy works? -cuddly anon ❤

Oh my goodness, this is such a lovely thing to write, thank you so much! I’m gonna reread your kind words whenever I feel down, because they made me smile so much!  ❤️❤️

Now… as for fic recs… get ready!! I’m about to recommend some of my favorite writers on here, and unleash my love for them in the process, just a warning:

Originally posted by cutebts

@an-exotic-writer - Honestly, everything written by Missy is phenomenal, but I’ve picked my favourites for you to scroll through to your hearts content. Missy is one of my greatest inspirations on here, everything she writes is just so… real. I’m in love with the feeling her writing gives me!

50 kisses (ot7 drabbles // fluff)

100 ways to say I love you (ot7 drabbles // fluff)

A paragraph, a moment (Yoongi scenario // angst)

@bagelswrites - Okay, okay, okay! The writing style here is just FANTASTIC! It melts me down with the smooth use of words, so that I’m a happy pile of English Lit student pooling on the floor! It’s gooooooood.

Love at First Touch (Jimin series // fluff and angst)

Bangtan_Banana_Muffin - Such a sweetie! And such a good writer too! I’m in love with this writing, and I don’t even normally read member x member stuff!

♡ Inked (ot7 with shipping between members // fluff and angst)

@bangtan-spells - Their fluff scenarios are so cute, I just wanna cry (I mean that in a good way!) Plus the girls that run the blog are actually the sweetest people on the planet!

Your Warmth (Jungkook scenario // fluff)

Of First Times (Hoseok scenario // fluff)

@dreamscript - Yes! Just… yes, please, and thank you! All the writing is so good, it completely sweeps me up into it’s world. I almost missed my stop on the bus I was so caught up reading this stuff once, haha…

Stories (Namjoon scenario // fluff?)

Black Magic (Jungkook scenario // action and fluff)

@exoticarmy127 - I’m sure Kaye needs no introduction in this fandom. Everything she writes is so polished, so pretty, so incredibly incredible and you should go read her stuff if you haven’t already.

Spring Day (ot7 oneshots)

Cold (Hoseok scenario // angst)

Bear Hugs and Kisses (Yoongi scenario // fluff)

@happy-meo - I have so many happy memories reading through the ‘First Meetings’ Series over summer. I honestly wish I could re-experience finding this series for the first time! It was so sweet and so fluffy! I’ve linked the Hoseok story, but please check the rest of them out!

Sun and Moon (Hoseok // fluff)

@kimtrain - Amazing, just amazing. Every piece I read, I think: wow, this could be published! This SHOULD be published!

In Want of Stability (Taehyung drabble // royalty!au, angst)

Shifter!au (ot7)

@slaypjm - Okay, so I’ve already rambled on about how much I love, Tee, BUT I’M GOING TO DO IT AGAIN! She was one of the first writers I discovered on tumblr, and she was the one who made me think, ‘This is something I want to do!’ So, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be posting BTS fics!

Mr Popular (ot7 series // fluff & angst)

Cuffs (Jungkook scenario // fluff)

@taechubs - I haven’t got to finish Paper Hearts yet, because university is a thing… but what I have read was so good, I just gotta link it! I can’t wait to get the rest of it finished!

Paper Hearts (Jungkook series w/ Jimin as well // fluff and angst) 

@workofteaguk -  Perfection! Seriously, I am such a sucker for this style of writing. I cry tears of pure joy!

See You Soon (Yoongi scenario // angst and fluff)

Okay, so I want to try and make an effort to rec more fanfics (and other stuff) because wow do I read a lot of it. So firstly here are some fics from the recent Steggy Secret Santa that I enjoyed.

A Man For The Season (15868 words) by @indiefic
Peggy’s brother is getting married and she needs a fake boyfriend for the proceedings. Behold Steve Rogers.

^^^ This was actually my gift but I would have recced it regardless. Steggy! Fake Relationships! Fic by Indie! It’s awesome!

We Still Talk (9833 words) by @roboticonography
Newlyweds Steve and Peggy take a holiday to get away from it all - but the great outdoors might hold more challenges than they bargained for!

Later On, We’ll Conspire (4829 words) by @doctorhelena
All Peggy and Steve want for Christmas is a little uninterrupted time alone.

the root of the root and the bud of the bud (3253 words) by @the-space-narwhal 
The doctors all advise bed rest, but the doctors all seem to be under the impression that women don’t give birth every day. Whoever began spreading the lie that women were the weaker sex were obviously never heavily pregnant in the middle of August in New York City.

Peggy’s Got a Brand New Bag (2504 words) by @siriaeve
Peggy kicks off her second chance in style.

As You Wish

Title: As You Wish

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Word Count: 2 000

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: There is some kissing, the reader tends to get a little flustered around Cas, if that needs a warning, and a swear word or two.

Request from @the-tomboy-fangirl : Well I’ve had this idea for a imagine in my head, where you like to watch movies with Cas and you watch The Princess Bride with him and after that every time you ask him to do something he say “As you wish” and you don’t get it right away but when you do you kiss him and say I love you to :3

Summary: The reader and Cas watch The Princess Bride together and Cas decides he’s going to tell the reader he loves her by saying “As you wish” every time she asks him to do something.

Author’s Note: Okay @the-tomboy-fangirl , I hope this is what you were hoping for! And wow I haven’t written a One Shot in a while! I’m sorry if you guys prefer these over imagines, but imagines are shorter and they’ve been all I’ve had time to write lately. I hope this makes up for it! And I’ll try to write more full-length fics in the future. -xoxo Katie

P.S. This is set in a season when Cas still has his wings, it doesn’t really matter which one, I just thought the teleporting was useful for this fic.

If you want to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

       “Why did the Pirate keep saying ‘as you wish’?” Cas asked as the end credits of The Princess Bride started rolling. You reached for the remote and muted the volume, then turned to face the confused angel.

       “Wesley,” you corrected, “kept saying ‘as you wish’ because it was his way of saying he loved Buttercup.”

       Cas tilted his head to the side. “But why not just say what he meant?”

       You thought about this for a moment and then decided to say, “Because sometimes it’s easier to be indirect.” You smiled and watched Cas process this information with the same unyielding focus as he always did, laughing softly as his face scrunched up. It wasn’t that you didn’t think it was a valid question, just that you found Castiel’s innocence endearing. It was just one of the many reasons you fell in love with him.

       “So Wesley said ‘as you wish’ as a way of conveying his love for Buttercup, because being direct can sometimes be difficult?”


       “And that works?”

       You smiled and pointed at the T.V. screen. “Well, obviously it did.” Cas seemed to think about this for a moment and you decided that would be a good time for you to head back to your room.

      You hated to leave. Watching movies with Cas was always the highlight of your night – though you supposed doing just about anything with Cas would be the highlight of your night – but you had to head out for a hunt tomorrow morning and you needed to get some sleep. In fact, you probably shouldn’t have stayed up at all, but watching Cas take in the characters and the stories, seeing how involved he got with anything you showed him, it made you feel an unrelenting sense of joy. Watching his reaction was almost as satisfying as the actual movie, and you wouldn’t miss that for the world - even if it meant you fell asleep in the back of the Impala tomorrow.

      “Okay Cas, I’m gonna turn in for the night,” you said as you got up from your spot on the couch and straighten your shirt. The trench coat-clad angel merely gave you a slight nod of his head, clearly deep in thought, and you sighed as you stared off down the hall.

      You knew Cas wasn’t trying to ignore you, that he was probably just dissecting the movie in his head and trying to understand every little bit of it, but it still hurt when he blew you off like that. Maybe Castiel would never care for you the way you cared for him. Maybe it simply wasn’t possible for Cas to love like you did, to feel as deeply as you felt. The thought struck cord in you and you glanced back one last time at the man you loved, who was still paying no attention to you. You pulled your arms tightly around yourself and shuffled back to your room.

      The next day you were woken up – once you finally managed to fall asleep – by an unforgiving Dean, relentlessly banging on your door and eventually coming into your room to turn on the lights. You groaned in protest and pulled the covers over your head, but you knew he wasn’t going to leave until you were walking around. So hauled yourself out of bed – albeit rather reluctantly - and got ready for the hunt.

      When you walked into the war room you found all three of your boys waiting for you - Dean sitting in a chair with his feet up on the table, Sam glaring at Dean, and Cas … looking straight at you. His stare burned through you and made you feel exposed. Did you have something you face? Was your hair sticking out at an odd angle?

      You were pulled from your thoughts by a cheerful voice. “Hey, Y/N,” Sam said, smacking Dean’s feet off the table and smiling at you. “Are you ready to go?” You quickly dragged your gaze from Cas and settled on Sam. He was dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans, as usual, and his duffle was seated at his feet.

      “She better be ready, we’ve been waiting for half an hour,” Dean cut in before you could speak. You bristled and scowled at the grumpy hunter, but ignored him and returned your gaze to Sam.

      “Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s go,” you said as you grabbed your bag off of the floor from where you’d dropped it. You reached into your pocket to check the time - a half an hour, I think not - but found it empty.

      Damn, I forgot my phone, you thought bitterly. You contemplated running back to your room to get it, but the bunker was so big it would take you at least five minutes.

      Your stare drifted to the Angel in the corner of the room.

      “Hey Cas?” he turned to face you. “Any chance you wanna poof back to my room and grab my phone for me?”

      You felt a little bad for asking Cas to get something you shouldn’t have forgotten in the first place, but before you had a chance to dwell on it Cas’ face seemed to light up and he said, “As you wish,” then disappeared. You scrunched your face up at his odd choice of words but had your phone in your hand before you could even think to say anything.

      You closed your fingers around the offending device and thanked Cas, trying desperately to hide the blush that always seemed to spread across your cheeks whenever he was close to you. You threw your bag over your shoulder, gave Cas a kind smile, and started heading towards the stairs leading out of the bunker.

      You could have sworn you heard Cas sigh behind you.

      After a week away from the bunker you were immensely grateful to be heading home. To get to sleep in your own bed and take a shower in a non-mold-covered bathroom, but most of all to spend some time with Cas without the presence of monster guts or dusty old books…

      The thought made you smile as you packed everyone’s bags in the back of the Impala - Dean currently checking out of the motel and Sam making sure you hadn’t left anything in your rooms. Cas was standing on the other side of the Car when you looked up to see if there was anything you’d missed. You spotted a bag on the floor near him.

      “Hey Cas, can you hand me that bag?” you asked as you shoved Dean’s duffel out of the way to make room for the new addition.

      Cas immediately bent down to retrieve the army green bag and bring it to you. Then he said, “As you wish,” as he handed it over, his fingers brushing yours ever so slightly.

      You quickly bunched your hand into a fist and tried to focus on the task at hand - and definitely not on how surprisingly soft his skin was, or that he smelled like soap and men’s cologne, even though you knew he used neither of those things…

      You shook your head back and forth as if that would actually make you forget about the man standing next to you, then looked up at him and said, “Thanks,” completely missing whatever he’d said when he handed you the bag. Had he said something? You remembered his lips moving.

      You closed the Impala’s glossy black trunk and opened the door for the back seat. Cas’ shoulders visibly fell as you walked away.

      Once you were back at the bunker, and after a thorough shower and tossing your dirty hunting clothes in the wash, you made your way to the bunker’s industrial grade kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea. You had the water boiling and the teabags out when you went to open the cupboard and – all the mugs were on the top shelf. You let out a groan of frustration and started to yell at whoever would listen, that someone better get their ass down here and stop putting things where they knew you couldn’t reach!

      With all your yelling you almost didn’t hear the flutter of wings at the door – almost – and before you knew it Cas was standing in front of you with a troubled look on his face.

      “Y/N, are you okay?” Cas asked as his eyes scanned over your body to check for signs of injury – at least that’s what you assumed he was looking for. His stare made you feel vulnerable, and suddenly very silly for making such a big deal about a mug. You knew it wasn’t Cas who put it there, you were really yelling at one of the Winchesters, but … here he was.

      You looked down sheepishly. “Um, well – I kind of just wanted a mug from the top shelf.” Cas tilted his head to the side and an involuntary flush spread over your cheeks. Now you felt very, very silly.

      “So you’re not hurt?”

      You shook you head no and Cas’ body seemed to relax. You felt bad for scaring him.

      “But, uh,” Cas locked eyes with you, “do you think you could get the mug down for me?”

      Without saying a word Cas inched closer to you and reached above your head, forcing you to back up against the counter, and retrieved the mug from the shelf you couldn’t reach.

      He was so close to you, so close, that you felt like you couldn’t breathe. Since when did Cas ever get this close to you? And why hadn’t he broken eye contact?

      You numbly reached for the mug in his hand, mentally preparing yourself for the brush of his fingers against your own, but when you grabbed hold he didn’t let go. You looked back up at Cas, as your gaze had momentarily slipped to your practically joined hands, and you found Cas still looking at you with that same intense stare.

      You half-heartedly tried to pull on the mug but his grip was like iron, and then just as you were about to open your mouth to ask him what he was doing Cas said, “As you wish.”

      Memories suddenly flashed through your mind. Of Cas saying that before, of you not knowing why he said it, and then … of you watching The Princess Bride. Of course! Cas had asked you what Westley meant by saying ‘As you wish’ to buttercup, that was what he was thinking about when he’d ignored you that night. But that meant…

      Recognition surged through you and your breath hitched. That meant … Cas loved you.

      You didn’t give yourself time to think or rationalize, and before you knew it your hand was on the back of Cas’ neck, your fingers tangling in his hair, and then your lips were pressing up against his. Cas seemed to stiffen at first – probably from lack of practice – but he quickly relaxed and wrapped his hands around your waist, the mug digging into you hip just slightly as you didn’t give him a chance to put it down.

      Once your breathing had slowed and you finally separated yourself from Cas – to your own surprise – you said, “I love you, too.”

      The angel looked stunned for a second, and then a bright smile spread across his face. Ho long had he felt like this? How much of your life had you wasted not kissing him?

      You were just about to ask, but before you could you were jolted back to reality by the high-pitched wail that came from the kettle, dragging you from your thoughts. You quickly ran to unplug the rude appliance and when you turned back around you found Cas standing behind you, holding out the mug. You reached for it and this time he let go, but not before using your grip on the cup to pull you towards him and place a light kiss on your lips.

      You didn’t protest when he kept doing it for the rest of the night.

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I desperately want to read some good FMA fics, but I don't really care for Roy/Ed, so do you know of any without it?

(Okay wow I didn’t realize that most of what I read for FMA that isn’t Roy/Ed is femslash, so um. If that isn’t your thing I’m sorry?)

The Blind Can See

Carpe Temporis Punctum

Follow Through

Waking Memory

The In and Out

This Lion is in the Garden

The Ghost of You

To Be Mortal


One Foot in Front of the Other

Come What May (This one is billed as pre-Ed/Roy, but it’s almost exclusively Ed/Darius/Heinkel and also fantastic.)

Culture Shock

The Price We Paid

Sons of the Desert

Adversity’s Bloom (This one also as E/R but it’s centered around Lan Fan in a Mulan!AU)

You’re a stranger I know well

Safe Place


For Whatever Kind of Puzzle You Got

Yin and yang and wuji (the wuji’s blonde and her apple pies are the key to world peace.)

Kicking ass is easy (but emotions are really hard).

Home is where the heart is, as well as the dragon.

Pieces of Me

Something Beautiful

Born in High Heels

Pieces of a Whole

those deep bare vacuums between the stars

The Four Escape Attempts of Lieutenant Maria Ross; or: Secret Armstrong Family Technique

Deep Breath


Tumblr Mayhem - Lee Daehwi

Title: Tumblr Mayhem

Member/s: Daehwi (mainly) feat Bae Jinyoung

Genre: Comedy X fluff (kinda)

Words: 1416

Summary: When you got a DM from an account saying that what you wrote about the members are wrong and you should edit it out.

  • You just finished uploading your recent fanfic called “Living with Wanna One” in Tumblr. You were so proud of your work cause it garner almost 50 likes in such a short time but all those happiness were wasted when someone DM-ed you.
  • “walk-on-flowery-path” You read the name of the account.
  • “Hey! *name of your account* Everything you talked about on your fanfic is all trash. Jihoon-hyung is not that cute. Daehwi is the only one who pulled the cute act perfectly. Also, Sungwoon-hyung is not that nerdy. Seongwoo-hyung is a complete dork okay? Daniel-hyung is not sexy, he’s a cutie patotie. Jisung-hyung is also a caring person and Minhyun-hyung isn’t in-love with Jaehwan-hyung if he ever founds out he’ll go ballistic. Woojin is also a good guy! Guanlin is also a good kid. AND! Daehwi is not inlove with Jinyoung okay?!! NOT IN LOVE! Well, Jinyoung-hyung is one fine man but Daehwi’s not inlove with him okay? You need to edit it out.” While you were reading the DM, you felt so annoyed that someone took the fic too literally.

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Okay, yes, hello. So I've never sent an ask to anyone on tumblr... ever, I believe. But I do read many fics, and you had a recent anon talking about a fic called "Pigeon Alley" and I was here, preparing to type out my first ever ask, before I could stop myself. I just want to say: Wow. A giant unbelievable wow. I have never read any fic that is so well put together and beautifully, heartbreakingly written. But I want to say thank you for recommending it originally. And I just. Wow. Thanks.

No problem, anon, I am so happy you loved it! It is such an amazing fic and the author is even more amazing! 💙

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I adore how lovely a person you are 😘😘

EXCEPT!!! Now I want to bake cookies with you and braid your hair while we read @fleetofshippyships fics (#porn with feelings).

Wow. Okay. Took it too far, didn’t I?

Originally posted by lavieduneraleuse

WELL I’M STILL GOING TO HUG YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE SUCH A SWEET AND AWESOME PERSON AND PLEASE BE MY FRIEND! (We can talk about the braiding. I mean, we don’t have to do it ;))

Originally posted by dailyskyfox

literally outcast is all over my dash nd i’m so annoyed omg like i’m legit gonna bang my head on my keyboard at this point

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Opal walks in on Korra and Asami doin' the kissy thang. Like, not sex, just makin' out. It can be anywhere.

After taking a relaxing stroll around Air Temple Island, Opal wandered into the bamboo grove just behind the temple. She settled down at her usual reading spot, a large rock sitting just below a space in the grove’s canopy.

Around this hour, the sun was at the right angle to provide enough reading light. Opal opened the book from where she had left off. Reading was by far her favorite pastime, but she let out a long, strained sigh when she remembered just what she was reading.

Nuktuk’s gaze traced the line of Ginger’s slender jaw before stopping at her slightly parted lips. His breath caught at the sight of her wet, glistening tongue peeking from behind her pearlescent teeth.

Opal gagged as she turned the page. The book was the first installment of the Nuktuk romance book series. Bolin had recommended it to her. Or really, he had begged her to read it. (He had also kept on calling it a Varri-novel for some reason, but Opal had ignored him.)

Remarkably, Opal had managed to read halfway through the book without wanting to rip it apart. The action was decent. The romance, although it was supposedly the focus of the book, was poorly executed yet still tolerable.

But this particular scene was just dreadful. And Opal knew that things were building up towards a kiss. She took a deep breath before continuing to read.

Ginger closed her eyes and began to press her lips forward. Nuktuk carefully cradled both sides of her face with his weather-beaten hands, guiding her lips towards his. He finally allowed his eyes to close as he felt his mouth being covered with a pleasant warmth.

“Okay,” Opal muttered to herself. “I guess that wasn’t too bad.”

“Oh, Nuktuk…” Ginger whispered into his lips. He felt her lips part over his, a quiet request for her to receive his tongue.

Opal tightened her grip on the book and inhaled deeply. Okay, here we go.

Nuktuk slid his tongue inside to meet Ginger’s, sweeping the top of it in greeting. His mouth curled slightly into a small smile as he coaxed a low moan from the depths of her throat.

Opal felt her face flush. She heard Ginger’s moan a little too well. At first, she owed it to her overactive imagination. But then…

Ginger hummed in delight as Nuktuk ran his tongue over the crowns of her teeth.

Her ears twitched. Opal was sure she heard a voice. A familiar voice. Someone is nearby.

Opal slammed the book shut and stood up from the rock. She walked towards the direction of where she thought she had heard the sounds. Her suspicions were confirmed by the tell-tale rustling of grass and bamboo.

Opal began to make out a faint outline behind the thin columns of bamboo. She was sure it was a person. The silhouette became clearer as she walked closer, revealing that there were actually two people hidden among the bamboo.

Opal heard a sound that was definitely a moan, similar to the one she had heard earlier. She stopped in her tracks, not daring to take another step.

“Korra, wait… This isn’t the place.”

“Don’t worry. It’s just the two of us here.”

The daring young couple was none other than Korra and Asami. The two of them were kissing passionately out in the open, their hair and clothes disheveled. With the newfound proximity, Opal could clearly hear the whimpers and sighs escaping their mouths, each sound deepening her own blush.

As her initial shock gradually faded, Opal realized that she was actually standing very closely to them. Much too closely. She started to move backward, only to trip on a fallen branch and land ungracefully on her behind with a muffled thud.

“Huh? What was that?” she heard Korra say. She almost fainted when she heard their footsteps draw nearer. “Who’s there?”

Opal figured that there was no sense in trying to escape or hide. Taking a deep breath, she stood straight up from where she had landed. “Sorry, it’s me. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

A second later, Korra appeared in full view, Asami trailing right behind her. “Opal?”

“I told you, Korra!” Asami wore an irked expression on her face. “We should’ve just stayed inside!”

“But it’s so nice outside!” Korra made a wide, sweeping motion with her arm. “Look around! The bamboo grove is so pretty. And besides, it’s only Opal.”

“It’s still embarrassing!” A flustered Asami turned to face Opal. “We’re so sorry, Opal. We shouldn’t have been out here doing this.”

“No, you guys are fine! You can go ahead and… continue…”

Korra laughed. “Well, the mood’s ruined now.” She carefully took Asami’s hand, patting it softly. “I’m sorry, Asami. Should we head back to the dormitories? It’s up to you.”

“That’s fine,” Asami grumbled.

“Wait,” Opal spoke up. “I was just about to go there too. I’ll join you guys.”

So the three of them all walked back to the dormitories. Despite Opal having caught the couple making out just moments ago, they all soon fell back into normal conversation.

Korra gestured at the book in Opal’s hand. “That’s the book, or um…, the ‘Varri-novel’ Bolin kept on talking about, right?”

Opal chuckled nervously. “Oh, this? It is…”

“I was thinking about reading it when I had the time. He made it sound interesting.”

“You can have it, actually.” Opal handed the book to Korra. “I’m pretty much done with it. Keep it.”

“Wow, thanks!” Korra began to flip eagerly through the book. “Are you sure it’s okay for you to just give it to me?”

“Yeah. You can do anything you want with it now.” Like burn it.

“Is it any good?” Asami asked.

Opal shrugged. “You can find that out for yourselves.”