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Look, I know I’m not funny, okay?

Anyways, my friend was telling me about how she went to this party and everyone tried to greet her, but she just got really serious and said “I’m motherfuckin’ starboy” before turning around and leaving immediately and I was like “wow that’s the most Derek Malik Nurse thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life” so I present to you:

Nursey literally does this for two weeks straight after the song comes out because he thinks he’s funny or something and everyone is so fed up w him but lowkey, Dex thinks it’s dumb and funny and cute and will like snicker every time Nursey does it so uhhhh he continues doing it just to make Dex laugh. Okay now fastforward a few months, they’re dating, Dex does not find it funny anymore.  

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(Dexydex) tangos crush on Nursey? I need to know more.

This is super vague still and needs to be BEEFED but I’m still stoked on it. Thanks @poindexterpatrol for letting me scream abt this last night n adding some SOLID points (go follow her, the love of my life).

Ok LOOK I have. canonical evidence for this. Basically Tango meets Nursey on the taddy tour and is like “wow ok I’m smitten” (bc it’s Nursey ummm) but he’s super self conscious abt his crush so he just asks questions abt him to everyone and stares longingly, rather than actually talking to him, hence why he’s always shown w Dex n Chowder (my canonical evidence). He hangs out w them and haggles them for info about Nursey. Frankly, it’s embarrassing, but Chowder n Dex love this kid. Anyways. Bitty is the first person Tango comes out to, but Chowder n Dex are the first people he tells abt his crush (everyone kind of…….knew already. except Nursey bc he’s oblivious and too busy staring longingly at Dex so uh) and Tango, like, begs them to help him get a date w Nursey. Chowder, immediately is like “omigod of course!!!11!!1!!1!!” and Dex is like “………ok…………” ummm of course we’ll help you ummmmm but realistically he’s like ‘hm the concept of Nursey dating someone (especially someone ok SMH) makes my stomach churn a lil uncomfortable but I have no idea why I’ll deal w that later it’s probably just indigestion’ ANYWAYS Tango like walks into the Haus one day and Nursey is sitting at the dining room table doing homework or some shit and Tango, actual dweeb of my heart who cannot contain his questions ever, just blurts “HEY DO YOU WANT TO GO ON A DATE W ME SOMETIME?” and Nursey is so floored he kinda just says yes???? Ok so they go out for like food or w/e and Tango is like “ok so this was just a very intense infatuation and I’m not actually into him but I really want to be his friend??” and Nursey is like “awh this guy’s so cute awh” but just in like a friend way. OK SO ANYWAYS PHASE 2 IN WHICH THEY’RE BFFS. Nursey takes Tango to like his dumb artsy fartsy things and poetry readings and Tango accidentally becomes like best friends w all the artsy Samwell kids and they all love him because he’s SO interested in everything and he asks so many questions (and if you’re making ANY form of art and some enthusiastic kid comes by and asks you questions abt your work it just feels so so good,, we art types live4validation). Anyways. Tango starts dating some art kid (bonus points if it’s Foxtrot, the same kid Whiskey has been talking to heyo) and maybe accidentally mentions to Dex that “a lot of Nursey’s poems are about you, I’m pretty sure?? Did you know that, Dex??”

even’s gigantic smile right after he kisses isak for the first time, you know the one that immediately shows on his face the moment they both stop for a breath, always fucking wrecks me. no nerves, no repression, no questioning himself or if he fucked up or anything - there’s nothing holding his pure happiness, his relief back. no mask or cool guy posture. he finally kissed isak and he’s on top of the world and there’s nothing in him that makes him want to play it cool. he just genuinely puts it all out there. and maybe later he hides from isak, lies to him about how he’s feeling, avoids the truth. but not in the moment - not in that first instant. in that moment, it’s finally all out there. wow. ok.

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Kaz... You absolutely rekted me. Omg like wow ok first of all my poor Viktor he prob Hates himself even more for hurting Yuuri AGAIN. MY HEART. HIS HEART. AhhhhhhaAAHHHH AND YUURI. I DJCJSBRDCJCKS. I saw the timeline and when you said 'emotionally DEVASTATED' I wanted to cry like serious I can't can't can't WAIT for Viktor's POV he's just dripping of angst. Keep up the great work 💞

Viktor’s POV is so much worse in terms of angst than even this fic!

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Oh wow. Ok. Just read through the EmisonMe post. I'll have to create a blog to counter it. Lol. So so so many subjective points. Her whole reasoning for why the meetings didn't happen is because the girls didn't have time to schedule a 20 min therapy session in person or via Skype over a year and a half. Oh babies. With this logic, nothing BTS from label negotiations to legal business matters would've ever have time to be discussed. OFC the girls would've had time to attempt meetings since 2015.

are you the same anon who sent me “But if you recommend it, I trust your judgement and we’ll take a look. I’m going in pretty skeptical because EPIC, Maverick…”?

but i do think the group meeting didn’t happen to work things out and to make her stay for one more album, wasn’t their plan since the ”beginning” (or since IKWYDLS) to make her go solo? why would them change their plans and make her attend the supposed group meetings?


Sombra didn’t know what she expected from a man clad in leather and an owl-like skull mask. (my own shitposting about sombra inspired this)