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can i just say people watching is so nice like i know that sounds creepy but when writers tell you to people watch - take their advice. you’ll find inspiration in the places you least expect to

i’ve witnessed the beginnings of so many stranger friendships & potential romances

i’ve witnessed couples fight, make up, make-out. i’ve seen friends fall out, parents and children arguing, parents and children being affection, i’ve seen people hug & and one person would look over the other’s shoulder with a sour expression, i’ve seen online friends hug for ages the first time they meet at the airport, i’ve seen people smiling & giggling at something on their phones, & old people reminiscing past experiences with friends at the corner table of a cafe

i’ve seen tears, fidgeting fingers, nervous shuffling feet, heard boisterous laughter, muffled giggles, watched a person grin from ear to ear and watched another smile timidly and blush - it’s just really fucking great

sometimes you forget all the stuff that’s out there, so really just. sit back, relax, (try not to look creepy and stare), and just. watch the world and the people in it, it’s really fucking beautiful when you take the time to look around

Play Party 01

Members: Wonwoo and mainly sorry not sorry JB (GOT7)
Word count: 1571
Content: polyamory, BDSM, voyeurism, funishment, brat/brat tamer, spanking
Summary: After a peaceful wake-up call from Wonwoo, Y/N is introduced to her day through one of her favorite things with Jaebum. And that’s only the beginning.
a/n: it’s almost 5AM on my bday lol goodnight

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“Hey, where’s Y/N?”

“She’s probably in her room.  She got home late last night from hyung’s house.” Jackson doesn’t even look up from his breakfast. His sleepy gaze barely moved, in fact, due to his weary night with a special someone. From the look on his face, Jaebum knew he was with Jamiah. Jackson always wore himself down with her, and he loved every bit of it.

Jaebum grabbed a couple of bottles of water from the fridge and some apple slices, then headed across the spacious condo to Y/N’s room. He planned to be the one to wake her up until he found a certain brunet already laying beside her, both of them in a deep conversation.

“Good morning,” Jaebum greets, taking note of the bottles of water and fresh orange slices on the bedside table. Y/N pokes her head over Wonwoo’s shoulder, a smile lighting up her gaze.

“Good morning, Jaebutt~,” Y/N sings playfully, making Jaebum breathe a laugh through his nostrils. Wonwoo waves him over, not minding the company.

“Are those for me?” Y/N points to the apple slices in the small plastic bag Jaebum is holding. He sets them on the other nightstand and sits beside her small form.

“They were, but you already have orange slices,” he answers, making her pout at him.

“But I want some-”

“What did I say about talking back?”

And there it is. That voice of dominance that Y/N loves to challenge. She wants to push him more just for fun. So she does.

“You say a lot when you’re with me, sir.” She smiles at him. He clenches his jaw.

“Bratty so early in the morning, huh?” Jaebum reaches out and rolls her onto her stomach, sending excitement all through her body. She loves funishment.

“Ass up, girl.” Instantly, Y/N uses her knees to prop her lower half up, a smile upon her lips with her chin resting on her forearms. She can feel Wonwoo’s eyes on her lacy v-string thong, but she’s only focused on the dominant who told her to get in this position in the first place.

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Ok but imagine this. Soulmate AU for your OTP where you see colors only when you meet your soulmate. BUT Person A is blind. And when they meet Person B they are like “WHy the fuck are you silent you just bumped into me excuse yourself what’s wroNG WHY ARE YOU HUGGING ME STRANGER WHY ?” And Person B is tottaly like “OMG OMG IT’S YOU ! YOUR HAIR ARE BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE THE COLOR OF YOUR EYes…Wait.” and they talk and figure out how to handle this and they live happy ever after. 

Ok so I made this for @asksodiumchloride cuz I love her freakin blog!!! I’ve been meaning to draw these two cuties for a while now, so..uh..yeah! Take my trash!!

Y'know real talk for a second this is such a good fandom like!!! I feel like I actually belong here and that I’ve contributed at least something to this fandom, and I feel like I’m actually worth something here. I’ve interacted with some lovely and kind people in this fandom and everyone is so friendly and welcoming and I love it!
We all care so much about the boys (and their significant others!) and we all just gather here to fuckin spread that love and it’s so sweet like wow!!! This is like one of the first fandoms where I feel like this because normally they’re all pretty,,,, bad and full of drama, but this one is so good! All the artists and writers and edit makers and just the people in general are all so good and talented, oh man!

Dating Jackson Wang would include

• him staring at ur face for an uncomfortable amount of time
• and when u finally snap and tell him to stop staring he’ll compare you to the sun or some other cheesy shit and keep staring
• him trying on ur clothes for laughs
• but then one day u come home from work and u walk in ur room to find him in ur best skirt
• you smirk and tease him like “babe..whatcha doin there”
• and he’s literally shameless and says “did you say maxis or midis minimize curves? I can’t remember”
• him keeping you on your toes constantly
• no literally
• he’s too short to grab anything from the top cabinet
• help him
• you feelin him up all the damn time
• him being all shy like baabe~
• and when u stop he’s like …wow ok do u even love me
• you asking how his mom is doing and u end up holding a sobbing man for the next few hours
• surprising him with tickets to HK
• and holding his cry baby ass again
• you guys talk about anything and everything all the time
• one minute you’re talking about how much you love green tea and the next you’re both crying about life’s fragility and missing ur families
• him using his body to barricade you whenever any of the other members start to get too friendly for his liking
• the sex is crazy. Just sayin.
• you come out of the room after y'all tire out looking like a tornado whipped ur ass
• and Jackson follows u just to show off to the rest of the band like yes. It is I. The mAN. who is responsible for this, art,,,, you see in front of me.
• getting woken up at 2 am because your insomniac bf wants to get a bite to eat
• y'all joking about getting married tomorrow and u laugh and then give one another a serious look to let each other know u not actually joking
• always using his hats to cover up your bed head
• him putting you first so much to where it’s a little unhealthy
• and you try to take care of him just as much as he does you
• and him seeing you be so considerate just makes him *heart eyes*
• him being so cheap about everything until you mention in passing you really liked a certain item in a store
• and you find it on your night stand the next day
• the rest of got7 groaning at high volume whenever you two get all cheesy in front of them
• but they actually really happy that he found someone just as caring and crazy as himself
• so much fun. So much spontaneity. So much love

- Bee

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I only read ks cuz it's a psychological horror manga I don't like the fact that there is abuse but it really well drawn and well written and I really don't like how people look at the two gays™ and think oh wow look how cute like that's abuse stop

How cute?!? Ok, no. It’s not cute at all - and it’s not meant to be. That’s not what this story is about  at all. Sangwoo sure doesn’t love Bum, and I wouldn’t call what Bum used to feel for Sangwoo before love - even less what he feels for him now.

Of course it’s abusive. It’s toxic and sick and most definitely will not have a happy ending. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning people for wanting them to have a happy ending. That’s ok. It’s allowed to dream. It’s just not very likely for this dream to become reality. And if you wanna ship them (not you, nonnie, I know you dont XD) - go ahead for all I care. But cute? Nopety-nope. No way. Not in a bazillion years.

Cute ships dont break each other’s legs and put their “love interest” in a basement, to pick just one example.

I love the art. The story is captivating (most definitely not in a pretty way) and thrilling - it reminds me a bit of Stephen King’s Misery, actually, just throwing a bit of sex and feelings that are mistaken for love into the mix. 

For some reason no one seems to have problems with watching movies / reading books like that. So, I still dont really get why this comic makes the feelings of so many people run high …