wow ok i think im done with tags

I can’t concentrate on work so I sketched feanor with baby maglor sorta based on this post (I wanted to draw all of them but wow is that not going to happen lol)


i was tagged by all my faves aka @yewonu, @kookrps, @cutierps, @jonginrps, @jeonrps & @minhysks wow did y’all see them ?? bunch of beauties thru n thru .. im Emo . anyway i think ur supposed to post ur lockscreen + wallpaper + last song played + a selfie eksfs im sry abt that last one idk either

i think everyone has done this rip but imma tag my gfs @baeirens & @tuvns r we surprised by this rly n im also gna tag the actual sun @wangsheart & my best friend in the universe @maren1x1, and also @cittaphons & @wnhoswife & @julietcapulct & @jonglnsgf & @gelrps & @amiknownyet idk is that 2 many idgaf i lub u all


Why is it that I can relate to a triangle