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The Tragic Love Song of Destiny 

No Tank is Better Than a Mean Tank

Ok so one time I had this suuuper uppity and egocentric tank. The dps facepulled once by accident on the way to the final boss of the dungeon, and the tank basically crossed his arms and refused to pick up the enemies that were pulled. The dps was actually apologizing and being nice about it, but the tank then starts bitching about how the dps player is garbage and if the dps wants to be a tank then he can tank, and he’ll only tank what he pulls. So I jump in and start telling the tank he should get off his high horse, remove his head from his ass, and play nice. He bitches at me, so I tell him to stop acting like such a prima donna because he’s not so irreplaceable, necessary and invaluable that we’d tolerate that nonsense. 

So the tank goes quiet and seems to step in line, tanking the enemies normally up to the final boss. The final boss is going normally, until towards the end, he suicides and refuses to take my raise spell. Wow, ok, fine. I’m a scholar in ffxiv, so I can toss out shields and heals as needed. So the bard who originally facepulled starts tanking and kiting while i shield him and the black mage dps’s her butt off. We win with the tank still on the floor.

I say “I told you that you were unnecessary.” He immediately leaves without a word. 

Mic drop.


Day 122/365: May 2nd 2017 | A Very Late Lunch with Vicky!

Met up with Vicky (AGAIN LOL — do I have any other friends???? Um… not really lmao) to have lunch, hehehe. Walked to Alexandra this time LOL (ended up with 11k steps by the end of the day *pats self on the back*). Lunch was really yum but we were literally the only ones in the entire restaurant because WHO ELSE EATS A FULL MEAL AT 3:40PM EXCEPT FOR US????? Gosh LOL. Anyway, I ate jajangmyeon and Vicky ate rice cakes!!! I had to finish some for Vicky because it was too much for her to finish and too little for her to pack away HAHAHAHA that awkward moment……… VICKY THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T EAT TWO BUNS AND OATMEAL AND 6 PIECES OF SUSHI BEFORE MEETING UP WITH ME FOR FOOD!!! HAHHAHAHAA. After eating, we stopped by Superstore because I wanted to buy a hair mask and nail polishes. After that, we walked back to RC together and I walked back home. Spent my night talking to Gaby and we even got to webcam for awhile… that was so nice~~~ <3

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Not sure if you were being serious or not...The nazis in that picture were on the german front. Soldiers from all fronts had to scavenge and resupply using corpses in the field. It wasn't just Nazis. But nice try, trying to justify Richard Spencer being punched with a common wartime practice.

Who sent me this????????

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A lot of people are getting heated up over if there is such thing as "stealing an art style" Or not. What are your thoughts?

well im not going to lie when I said I have accused people of stealing my “style” in the past when I was new to all of this and I was like “HEY FUCKER THATS MINE” 

but most of the time it was justified because they were literally tracing over my drawings and making them their OC’s so I was like “wow ok” 

it’s fine to get inspired by the style, trust me my style is FAR from being original, many people have my style

and Azy used to “use” my style, and look at how she draws now! Beautiful pieces of artwork!!

I don’t think someone can steal a style, sure they can use it at first but then you start to venture out more and grab other types of styles from other people, then you have this 


of a style after a while- I think it’s stealing when someone is literally tracing over the picture and making it their oc, not using it as a base or anything, like a re-colour, thats what I think is stealing a style is