Soulmate AU; Hoseok

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Summary; Your soulmate’s initials are on your wrist, and your initials are on his. As soon as you meet your S/O the tattoo will disappear and be replaced with the s/o’s full name.

A/N i love writing these they’RE SO FUN TO MAKE also this is kind of like a fansign thing so yeah


-you have a tattoo

-on your arm 

-more like wrist

-of your s/o’s name 

-well initials of those two points

-got that? good cause they have yours

-on their wrist

-and ever since you were little

-you and your dad would be talking about your little tattoo and who it could be 

-your dad would always say it would be a doctor or a laywer


-you wanted someone who was fun and exciting and stuff

-oh look at that Jung Hoseok wants the same for his s/o too!

-it’s so cute because he would place hearts around it and it looked so cuTEEEEE

-you did the same


-that….was going to be kind of hard though

-your friend was a huge kpop stan

-like they had the cds




-on the other hand……….

-you were studying korean and economics and was accepted into a college over there

-so your friend tagged along to what turned out to being an impromptu moving houses plan

-you two got a little apartment to call yours and it was cheap too! 

-and while you studied in college your friend was able to get a part-time job working for a tv station

- H O W  T H E 

-you didn’t question it

-only a little though

-but yeah 

-through some secret underground networking thing though….

-you called it that because you had no idea how she got tickets

-you friend was able to nab some tickets to a bts fansign for her and you

-you were pretty happy because you were slowly starting to get into their music 

-so you agreed to go with her 

-and soon enough the day came along

-and your friend was freaking out crying and laughing at the same time because she never really thought she would be doing this

-you and your friend travelled to the hall where the fansign was and you could see the mass amount of people waiting to go inside

-you turn to your friend who was just talking about the line

-”the sad thing is most of them won’t get in….”

-”really? that’s…upsetting…how did you get tickets anyways?”

-”i got them from work”

-”wow there are some perks to this new job then!”

-the queue quickly shortened and you two were able to enter in to the fansign 


-one of the memebrs

-jung hoseok

-betcha didn’t see that one– oh wait

-he was just smiling down to the little tattoo on his wrist rubbing his hand over it

-”hoseok let’s go! we’re starting in 5!”

-he nodded

-and before he left the room

-he quickly whispered to himself

-”let me find you today….please”

-and then kissed the tattoo

-oh my gosh im so soft

-that’s a thing he did too

-he kissed it for good luck on any stage that he performed on

-and you also……kissed it for good luck for any tests you had to do

-and everything turned out alright


-you and your friend somehow managed to get up close to the stage where they were

-and as they came out on stage

-you looked and heard past the fans and the screams and yells

-and you thought

-wow these boys up close are like gods

-not just normal gods

-the amazing gods that made your heart race

-especially the one in the middle


-you had a little bit of a soft spot for him

-”lookie~! it’s your soulmate~!”

-you heard your friend say

-yeah she knew about your tattoo and came up with this crazy theory J-hope was your soulmate

-you kind of shrugged it off because 1. no 2. that’s impossible 3. how

-you laughed along

-you glanced back up to the boys 

-and you looked straight to J-Hope 

-your eyes met his

-and a smile emerged from his pretty face

-and you just died

-and you’re thinking…..huh….she might be onto something here


-so the fansign was underway

-you went and saw Jungkook Jin and Jimin

-and you got to J-Hope quicker than you thought you would

-you said hello and he said hello back

-he asked what your name was and you replied with 

-”y/n l/n”

-his eyes lit up so quickLY SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR

-the initials matched his handwriting and everything wooooooAAAAAAAAAAAH

-he just smiled to you and you smile back while he was looking at his wrist

-he was writing for quite a while

-you were curious about it but then remembered something that you had in your bag for him

-you took out a small teddy bear and gave it to him just as a little present

-it had his initials on the small foot

-and you looked to it

-the font on the bear matched the font on your wrist


-you gave it over

-but just as you gave it to him he noticed the tattoo on your wrist

-that had his initials on it

-his brain;

-w h a t 

-H U  H



-just as you were about to take the cd he asked for a sticky note from one of the staff members

-he wrote something down and placed it at the back of the cd

-you smiled and moved along to the next member 

-before you knew it

-the fansign ended 

-but you had fun!! 

-on the train back home you two were looking at the signed cds you two had with you

-”woah thats so cool! let’s see what your soulmate wrote!”

-you flicked to the page where he signed and it just said the same as everyone elses but with your name– in….a love heart


-your friend took a look into her cd and saw that there wasn’t a heart by her name

-your friend also managed to take a gander at the back page

-she saw the sticky note

-you took it out and started to read it

-”To y/n, we were distant but now we’re close, my tattoo is your name and yours is mine. Call me, ok? XXX-XXX-XXXX”

-”h-huh? so i was right!!”

-you were still so confused about everything

-so you looked to your wrist

-and there it was

-mimicking his writing

-Jung Hoseok

“so who was right?”


“good you know that.”

“ok whos your s/o then?”

“u-UH IDK–”


Another edit. Jfc, what if the Pines twins admitted their homosexuality at the exact same time.
Dip: Mabel.
Mabel: Dipper
Mabel and Dipper: I have something important to tell you.
Mabel and Dipper: *gives eachother weird stares*
Mabel and Dipper: you first, no you first, stop copying me!
Mabel: Let’s just say it at the same time bro bro
Dipper: fine
Mabel and Dipper: I’m gay.