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Being in the Durarara community is really surreal, because it’s almost like we’re split down the middle. On one side are people who watched the anime, liked it, stick around for a few months, then leave. To them, Durarara was nothing more than a popcorn franchise. Whilst they were watching it, they enjoyed it, but never looked into the deeper meaning.

The other half have people who watched the anime, read the manga, scour the internet for every piece of info they can. They listen to character songs, and could spend hours talking about the complexity of the characters, the relationships, everything. They see the deeper meaning, they get it.

When you start a conversation with somebody about Drrr, you never know which side they’re a part of. You never know if they think Izaya is a good or bad person. You never know if they think about the symbolism. You never know if they even know about how the novels suffer from the anime. It’s a unique, thrilling, and completely new conversation every time.

i just want to take this moment to imagine 20(?) year old Ichigo Kurosaki pining so much over Orihime that his friend who is literally a spirit living in a different world noticed and told him to confess his feelings

So I’ve been loosely following the Discourse™ within the fandom and I have some things to add.

There’s been a lot of vitriol from other VIPs towards fans of Seungri. Some direct quotes (not naming names bc the point is not to call anyone out in particular, but rather the sentiment) - we are “fucking ridiculous”, “annoying as fuck”, “need to grow up”, “arrogant”, “i’m seriously gonna be ot4 cuz of maknae’s supposedly stans” - these are all from other VIPs! I don’t even know what triggered all this tbh. I think it’s because there’s also been a lot of discussion about criticizing GD which somehow turned to this but idk.

I think the real question behind all of this is - why are Seungri stans always asking for more attention for Seungri? Why are Seungri stans so sensitive? And I’ve also seen a lot of people upset about us talking bad about other members. To be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of this but I have seen it a few times.

I think a big part of the problem is that when you see Seungri stans asking “why can anything GD posts get millions of views but Seungri can’t?” - we aren’t saying GD is overrated and doesn’t deserve that. We are saying Seungri deserves that too.

We have to be honest with ourselves and each other and say that no, VIPs have not been equally supportive of all members. It’s impossible to be 100% even of course - but the disparity is so much worse than that (this applies to Daesung as well). So here’s my small explanation as to why Seungri stans are the way we are:

- Seungri’s GTTU video posted in Aug, 2013 - 13.5 million views. 어쩌라고 video posted in Jan, 2011 - 17 million views. Just look at the other member’s views from solo videos from the same time periods.

- For the GTTU project during US dates of MADE tour, fans were refusing to take signs saying they didn’t care about or didn’t like Seungri (if you’re unfamiliar, this was a project to cheer Seungri up and not feel like he “failed” with LTAL)

- YGE’s mismanagement of Seungri’s solos. Seungri had to make his LTAL solo album in TWO WEEKS. His amazing self-composed, written, produced solo. No promotion from YGE.

- We seem to get ridiculed for praising Seungri. If we praise his language skills for example, that’s suddenly something not worth praising and we are annoying and arrogant. Shouldn’t we be able to praise all members?

- We have to deal with fans and non-fans alike calling Seungri useless, untalented, arrogant, mannerless, a sexist, immature. Even from the members themselves - everything is a joke and nothing ever goes too far. If we ever say, “oh I think that was too far, I hope Seungri isn’t hurt,” we must hate the other members and treat Seungri like a baby. He’s not a baby; he’s an adult but he still has feelings. And even if he puts on a confident face, he does lose his confidence. He said recently that BIGBANG would be fine without him. He’s said numerous times in the past that his “arrogance” is just a front to hide how fragile he is and how sensitive he is to how others think of him. And yet even fans of BIGBANG belittle him.

I guess my point is - just be nice. I love Seungri and most of all I LOVE BIGBANG. I think that applies for just about every Seungri fan out there. Each member has their charms and talents, that’s why people have their favorites. But I think it’s best if we can be more united as fans. When we say please love Seungri, we don’t mean love only Seungri. We mean please love Seungri, too. I hope we can all support BIGBANG as five, and individually.

The graphic novel thing is p much done. 145 pages. I don’t know if I’m happy with it – rn I’m mostly tired, the PEOW! guys are ‘hype af’, maybe in 5 years time with some distance between it and me I might feel better about it. ‘You are your own harshest judge’ etc. I hope that’s the case.

my fangirl heart experienced permanent failure and needs to be replaced.

Let’s talk about the romantic things Maya has said to/about Riley

She called Riley beautiful

She called Riley adorable

She called Riley cute, twice

She said that she likes her

She said that she loves her

She said that she’s her safe place

She said that she’s her favourite person in the world

She said that she’d never change anything about her

She said that she always has been and always will be with her

She protected Riley from the names people called her

She always agrees to do ‘whatever you [Riley] want[s]’

She once called Riley ‘darling’

She said that she will always be her favourite no matter what she is

She calls her pet names like 'sweetie’ and 'honey’

She referred to her as “m'lady”

She said that she’d rather be a fool with her, than be anything without her

She said that she didn’t mind going through all the mean stuff Riley did to her because she was glad that she felt comfortable enough to take it out on her

She referred to her as 'my girl’

She said that she’s attracted to her

She said that she believes in her

ok so public announcement I just got the perfect Valentine’s day gift from @fuckoffjaeho and I’m never going to need another one in my life if I live to be the next Methuselah

who knew I was this chatty?!

So a lovely follower asked me to write an about me and why I do what I do kind of thing and so here it is. I am so sorry this turned into a novel. Like wow. I am just not this chatty :p 

I am a grad student (last semester YAYY!!) and I live in South Carolina. The love of my life is a big black labrador named Chloe. I read a lot, write a little, and watch serious amounts of hockey. Professionally I work in health administration, that’s what the whole grad school thing is about :) I’m actually not a huge fan of television. 

So that was a nice seque :p I do still watch teen wolf because I’m stubborn and determined to make it til the end! But I am a sterek fangirl and not so much a teen wolf fan. I was hesitant to write why I dedicate so much of my free time to this blog because it’s not a happy story. Honestly, I had considered writing this sooner because I talk to a lot of you that are struggling with grief, depression, anxiety and other things like that and most of the content of this blog happened because there was just too much of that stuff going on in my head.

I started this blog in spring of 2014 and in June of 2014 my mom died. In a space of 3 weeks we went from her not feeling well to me planning a funeral. I was devastated and in all honesty I grieved for nearly 2 years. So this blog was built on me distracting myself by living in the sterek fandom :)

So what am I doing in the sterek fandom anyway?!!! I love Stiles. That is my total and complete reason for everything teen wolf related. I want Stiles to be happy and I want Derek to want Stiles to be happy.  If you’ve been hanging around then you know I’m all about the cheesy, fluffy happy endings. If you knew how many times I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice you would totally understand. :) 

I’m a closet writer. Is that even a thing?!? I have 3 fics that I need to edit and then I swear they are going to see the light of day. So that is kinda my thing behind not doing reviews. Everyone that shares their work is so brave!!  They deserve kudos and comments and wonderful tags on their posts. That’s the PSA for this post. Go show some love for your fandom artists :)

Ok, I’m done now. Did anyone actually read this far? :p Seriously, big hugs to you all for loving sterek alongside me. Come talk fics or anything else with me anytime you want!