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Try to Understand (pt. 6)

Characters: Alpha!Dean Smith, Omega!Reader, Beta!Benny Lafitte, Omega!Charlie

Word Count: 2900, plus a few more

Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, language, smidge of angst I suppose

A/N: And another installment of my AU Alpha!Dean Smith series has arrived! Things get interesting after Benny arrives and the reader has to figure out how to handle it all. My eternal gratitude goes to @roxy-davenport for her beta work, and to @dr-dean for hosting the initial challenge that starting this series - inspired by ‘Magic Man’ by Heart.

I’m always thankful for comments and constructive criticism, so let me know what you think!

Reader’s thoughts are in italics.

Get caught up - Part 5  Start at the beginning - Part 1  See what happens next - Part 7

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Spending the evening on the phone arguing with your parents got you nothing but a headache and a heavy dose of guilt. Everything was done “out of concern” and because “someone needs to make sure you keep your head on straight” but you knew it was really to keep an eye on you and make sure you weren’t doing anything to sour the deal with Benny’s family. Benny kept fairly quiet during the whole evening, sometimes offering you sympathetic looks, other times expressing his agreement with your parent’s concerns. At the end of it all, when your battle was lost, he softly bid you goodnight, unable to hide the hurt written all over his face as he retreated to the guest room.

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In Love (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Summary: You always seem to find Bellamy at the worst of times but this time it ended in the best way you could have ever possibly imagined. 

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The sun has yet to rise but everyone seems to be wide awake, huddled in a tight circle. You attempt pushing through and getting to the front but nothing seems to work until you see Finn. Tapping his shoulder, he turns around and you know something’s wrong. His eyes are wide with fear and his mouth is parted in shock.

“What’s going on?” You try yelling but the noise of people’s shouts and cheers are too loud so Finn just grabs your arm and pulls you in front of him. That’s when you see it. In the middle of the wild crowd where he stands. “Bellamy!” You yell to him when Finn doesn’t let you run up to him. But it’s no use because he can’t hear you, he keeps his eyes on his opponent - Murphy, who’s brandishing a knife - the whole time. Feeling tears burn your eyes, you notice the blood dripping down his face from the fresh cut above his eyebrow, “Murphy, stop!” You yell as you push past Finns rough hold. Murphy pauses and looks at you. The crowd quiets down. 

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Moving Day

Pairing: Shawn and Y/N

Summary: You and Shawn have just moved into your first apartment together, things aren’t going as expected.


You let out an exhale as you took a step back, groaning as you saw that the frame was still not straight. You had been trying for at least half an hour to get Shawn’s platinum album frame straight, yet it didn’t like you for some odd reason.

You would of course go to Shawn and ask him to help you, however you knew he was doing other things that were far more important than a frame on the wall in what would be his little studio. That wasn’t the only thing though, you had given up on putting together a wooden bench and a rack for Shawn’s guitars.

God, knowing you two had your own apartment still felt so surreal. Given - you two had only owned this apartment for a day and a half, but still. It was almost a dream come true.

It was a long while before Karen had accepted the fact that Shawn was going to be a big boy and have his own apartment, but she finally did; even if it meant that he was a plane ride away, instead of a walk down the hall.

Yesterday was finally the day the two of you went apartment hunting and boy, were you tired afterwards. Shawn and you had probably looked at six or seven possible options, every time coming back empty handed. You were defeated, to say the least and you could tell Shawn was also getting frustrated.

The realtor of course, dragged you two to one more choice and thinking this would be the same as the others, you were both relieved when you knew this was the one.

However, you weren’t relieved at this very moment, knowing this damn frame didn’t want to go on the wall straight. So, you just decide that you would let Shawn deal with it later.

That’s good thinking, Y/N, just let -

You were cut off by the sound of your stomach rumbling. It had been over a few hours since you last ate and if you were hungry, you could only imagine that Shawn was as well.

Walking down the small staircase, you enter the living room where Shawn was supposed to be putting together a coffee table and instead…not.

Shawn was laying on the couch with his guitar in his hands, lazily plucking the strings. He looked bored out of his freaking mind.

“I thought you were supposed to be putting together a coffee table?” You smirk at him, putting your hands on your hips.

He looks at you, a sweet smile appearing on his lips as your presence made things 110% better.

“Thought you were supposed to be putting together a bench?” Shawn quirks an eyebrow at you playfully.

“What makes you think I didn’t?” You challenge him.

He gives you that look the he gives you when he can tell you’re lying, and you cave.

“Ugh, stop.” You roll your eyes as you hear him laugh. “Pizza or pizza?”

Shawn places his guitar down and gives you a funny look, puzzled.

“For dinner - pizza or pizza?”

“Wow,” he chuckles, standing up and walking towards you. “How will I ever make my decision?” His arms circle your waist as he pulls your back into his chest, and lets his chin rest on your shoulder. “I guess I’ll have to go with pizza.”

“Good choice.” You smirk and pull out your phone, ready to end your hunger.

As you call into the pizza place, Shawn gives you a kiss on the forehead and pulls a water bottle out of the fridge. You see him silently ask if you wanted one and you shake your head no.

You finish ordering and hang up the phone before seating yourself at the small island on the only things you two have managed to build in your eight hours here. That’s a lie, most of the furniture in your bedroom is build as well, except you didn’t have to build the dresser or bed frame (thank god).

Shawn sits himself on the ground in the middle of your living room and picks up the directions for this coffee table that he’s had trouble figuring out. You just sit there and watch him while listening to the sirens in the streets of Brooklyn.

Ten minutes pass and he’s throwing a piece of the table against the floor, muttering “fucking IKEA.”

The doorbell rings throughout your spacious loft and you go to retrieve the pizza, knowing that food would ease Shawn’s restless mind.

You return with a large pizza, knowing food will make him feel less frustrated.

“Okay, let’s just take a break so you can let your brain breath, baby.” You say, sitting right next to him on the floor and placing the pizza box on the jumbled parts of the coffee table.

Shawn smiles at you for a minute until you realize that it’s like he’s watching you. He watches as you take a piece of pizza and bite the tip of it off and you’re extremely confused as to what he’s thinking in that mind of his.

“What are you staring at?” You laugh, wiping your mouth with your thumb.

“You,” he simply says and leans over, his mouth softly attaching to yours in a tender kiss. “I love you, Y/N, you know that right?”

“You’re acting weird, what’s going on with you?” You narrow your eyes at him and lean against the couch.

“Nothing, just happy that I get to move into my first apartment with you and start a life here. A life with you.” He sincerely says and you’re completely captivated by the boy you’re in love with.

“I’m happy too, Shawn. Thank you for giving me a reason to be happy.”

And with that, you two polish off the rest of the pizza, enjoying your first official night in your new apartment.

As the clock hits 11:30, you’re trying super hard to stifle yawns and keep your eyes open since you and Shawn had been making progress on the coffee table.

“Baby, go on up to bed.” He tells you, screwing the last leg into the table.

“No, I want to help you finish this.” You say, stubbornly.



“Go to bed, I’m almost done here and then I will join you, I promise.”

Sounds like a good promise to you, so you nod and kiss his cheek before you slip into bed upstairs, descending into the wonderful thing called sleep.

It only feels like a solid ten minutes before you’re awake again, but in reality it’s been four hours. The clock on your nightstand blares angry red numbers that read 3:32 AM. It was then when you notice that your boyfriend had not come to bed like he promised.

So, you obviously go see what’s taking him so long and to your surprise, you see that everything took him so long. Shawn had completely built everything that needed to be built in the living room, nothing left undone. There were, obviously, still boxes full of decor and other things but that was all cosmetic.

Shawn had did all of this himself and you shake your head as you see him fast asleep on the couch, small puffs of air coming from his slightly ajar mouth.

You two were going to be okay on your own.

Not Dead Yet (Part 14)

*Long update! Hope you like it and thank you so much for 100 followers! Means a lot!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language, violence

Neither of us spoke for what felt like the longest time. “My dad.” I finally whispered, “My dad left me.”

“I thought you said he died?”

“He did. He left me in the most permanent way possible.” I swallowed back the lump in my throat. “He died and left me alone with the worst caretaker in the world.”

My mind flashed back to that time so many years ago. I could still hear the crack of the Doctor’s cane striking against my legs. “I didn’t know. At first I was so sad and scared that I didn’t realize what was happening. Doctor Beadnell…he let me stay. He convinced me to earn my keep by doing small chores for him. In the end small chores turned into laborious tasks and I became his slave.”

“The nightmares…”

“Are of him, yes.”

“Wow…” Pan sighed, “You are pitiful.”

I shot to my feet, giving him a knock to the head as I did. “Bastard.”

“Son of a–Y/N wait.” he blinked in front of me.

“This is why I don’t talk to you about this kind of stuff. You’re such an unfeeling codfish!” I shoved him out of the way.

“You didn’t let me finish.” he grabbed the neck of my shirt pulling me back.

“What’s there to finish?” I tried to pry his hand off me, “You think I’m just a blubbering little girl because I have nightmares about something that was very traumatic for me. Yes, I want to hear what other comforting words you have to say.”

“I just meant,” he snapped his fingers and I froze in my place, “that it was pitiful that one of my fiercest and deadliest recruits is still scared of a knobbly old doctor.”

“I’m not scared of him! It’s only when I’m asleep that it’s a problem.” I muttered. “Now let me go!”

“Not until you say you forgive me.”

“But I don’t forgive you.”

“I’m not letting you leave until you say it.” he reclined against a tree fully ready to leave me be until he got what he wanted.

“It’ll be a lie.” I reminded him.

“I’m alright with that.”

“Fine.” I huffed, “I forgive you. Happy?”

“At the moment or just in general?”


“Okay, okay,” he snapped his fingers again and I was able to move. I left with my head bowed feeling ridiculous for letting him treat me so. I open up and all I get is grief in return. How could I have been so stupid?

“Y/N,” he called after me and my step faltered, “I’m glad you told me.”

“At least one of us is.” I mumbled. Pan didn’t do anything to stop me this time when I walked away.

I trudged back to camp where the boys were getting ready to start training. Good, I need to blow off some steam. We went through a few warm ups before launching into some real battle. After taking Curly down a handful of times I wanted some more challenge.

“Felix,” I hefted my club back on my shoulder, “Wanna go a round?”

He smirked at me in surprise. “You really wanna take me? Remember what happened last time?”

“I would have had you but the–”

“Sun was in your eyes.” he rolled his eyes, “The sooner you admit that I’m a better fighter than you–”

“Never.” I poked him with the end of my club, “Scared that I’ll best you this time? It’s not good to be out of practice.”

“Well when you put it like that,” he knocked my club back, “Come at me, Lost Girl.”

At that the Lost Boys near us backed out of the way. I waited for Felix to move first and ducked the strike. While Felix was stronger and more practiced than me, his height worked against him when fighting someone shorter and it made him slightly clumsier. I used this one flaw to my advantage as best I could and tried to get him off balance.

I aimed for his side which he dodged and tried to swing back at me. His club clipped my elbow and I winced back. He swung again and I blocked with my own club. The tremor of the blow rattled me and my arms slackened. I tried to reaffirm my grip but he knocked the club again and it dropped to the ground.

Felix went to land the finishing blow when I flattened myself against the jungle floor. I rolled out of the way when he tried to hit me again and kicked out at his ankles with my leg. He dropped to one knee and I took his momentary pause of bewilderment to push myself up and collect my club. He saw me coming and blocked my next attack just in time to not be harmed but it was a desperate attempt and he was further unbalanced. I cracked him in the side with the butt of my club and he lay flat on the ground.

Quickly I kicked his club away and pinned both his arms behind his back. “Do you submit?”

“Not quite.” He pushed with all his strength and we flipped so that I was now crushed underneath his back. He leaned up, elbowing me hard in the stomach, then pressed his dagger to my throat. “You almost had me that time, I will admit.”

“I knew I should have bashed in your spine.” I groaned as I pushed him off. “I’ll get you next time.”

“That’s what you said last time.” he grinned.

“And look what happened?” I smirked back, “One of these days I am going to knock you down to the point where you won’t get up.”

“Till then.” he helped me to my feet.

“Till then.” I nodded and left to grab a drink from my canteen.


Peter watched from the sidelines as Y/N and Felix fought. Maybe it was because he had been around her for so long now or the fact that as she fought the Tell-all pearl around her neck was an angry red Peter had a feeling this wasn’t just some practice for her. She was much more powerful when she was angry and it showed. Lucky it was Felix and not him getting that beating.

Pitiful. He had to have said pitiful out of the entirety of the human language.

It is what he meant to call her because it was exactly what she was being. Again though she couldn’t face the criticism and ran off spewing profanities at him as she left. It was no new news that Y/N had a troubled and traumatic past as did many others. For her though it seemed to weigh more.

She couldn’t forget like the others. Although she heard the music of the pipes it didn’t resonate with her. She couldn’t or wouldn’t let it in. Why would she want to remember though? Why would anyone want to remember a past like that?


A few days went by and Pan hadn’t so much as breathed in my general direction. I guess my big dark secret wasn’t interesting enough for him and now he was so disappointed that he didn’t want anything to do with me.

Good. The less of that cold emotionless rat I had to deal with the better!

I was sitting with Ben getting a refresher on how to stitch things. My clothes had gotten torn during my fight with Slightly and needed mending. “Why can’t clothes be indestructible?” I muttered as I closed the tear in my shirt.

“Why can’t you comprehend something as simple as stitching some rags together?” he jibed and I flicked the side of his head.

A shadow passed over us and we looked up to see who was blocking our light. Pan, peachy.

“Y/N, come with me.” he said.

“How about no?” I went back to focusing on my stitching.

“It’s important.”

“You’re going to stand there until I get up, aren’t you?” I groaned and handed the half done shirt to Ben. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

I followed Pan out of the jungle and to the beach. Before I could ask him what was going on he pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to me. I looked down to see what he had given me. At first glance I thought it was some jewel but it was smooth and shaped like a bean. “Pan?”

“It’s a magic bean.” he explained, “There’s a hidden stalk of them that I keep when I need to move between realms.”

“Why are you giving me this?”

“Because I figured it out. Why you still have your nightmares. Why you can’t move on.” he tapped his pipes against his leg, “Why you won’t let the music in to help you forget. It’s because that doctor person you talked about is still alive to you. You can’t let go until you know he’s gone for good.”

“What is this bean for?” I asked.

“So you can go back.” he said flatly, “You’ll never be able to be a true Lost Girl if you hold onto your trauma. It’s the exact opposite reason that Neverland exists.”

I stared down at the bean then back at Pan. “And what if he’s alive? What then?”

“That’s the best part.” he materialized my club in his hand, “You get to kill him.”

“Kill him?”

“Not like it’s anything new to you. You took your first life after being on this island only a couple months. You’ve been here years now and you’ve only grown more deadly as an opponent. Taking the life of a decrepit old man that hurt you so should make you nothing but happy.” he held out my club for me. “The choice is up to you.”

I reached for my club but hesitated and pulled away, “What about getting home? There’s only one bean.”

He rolled his eyes and pulled out another bean. “Right here, now if you’d please I’d like to get this over with as soon as possible.”


“I’m coming with you.” he stated and my eyes widened.

“You want to come with me?”I scoffed, “Is this some kind of sick kick of yours, watching me kill people?”

“Bloodlust is a good color on you, what can I say?” he smirked and I resisted the urge to clonk him over the head.

“Fine. But you do not interfere. Got it?” I dropped the bean on the sand.

“You have my word.” he gave me a poke towards the portal, “Ladies first.”

I jumped into the portal and was swept up in a violent spiral before I was spat back out, disoriented and a tad queasy. I felt a hand pat my back as I caught my breath. “Travel by magic bean can be nauseating the first couple times. It’ll pass in a moment.”

“Good to know.” I straightened up and took in the sight before me. I was in the cemetery. Gone was the warm tropical jungle, replaced with the brisk air of the forest. It took all my strength not to look toward the back of the cemetery.

With heavy feet I trudged toward the small building that I knew was the funeral home. My breathing became more labored the closer I got. I can do this. Nothing here can hurt me anymore. I peeked in through the window and my blood froze.

“That him?” Pan pointed towards the elderly man inside the funeral home. Doctor Beadnell. The source of everything that was horrible in my life. Seeing him again brought back many unpleasant nightmares and a vengeful wrath I didn’t know I had.

“That’s him.” He can’t hurt me anymore.

“Go on,” Pan whispered in my ear, “take your revenge.”

“With pleasure.” I opened the door and walked inside.

He stood up at the sound of my entrance and hobbled toward me with his cane. “Good morning, how may I–” his sentence came to a halt as he really looked at me. “Y/N?”

“Hello doctor,” I strained the words out, “Long time no see.”

“But…you ran away.”

“Now I’m back, because you owe me something.” I let the end of my club fall to the ground where it slammed against the wood floor and caused the old man to jump as a result. I wonder how I ever let someone so weak harm me in the first place. “And I am not leaving without getting it.”

“If it’s money you’ve come for then take it.” He cowered and I sneered at his sniveling. The object of my nightmares and the last real fear I had was whimpering at the mere sight of me.

“I don’t want your money.” I swiped his cane out from underneath him and he crumpled to the ground. “I want your blood. I want the last face you see in this life to be mine. I want you to die knowing that all of this could have been avoided if you hadn’t had been such an abusive bastard to me when I was younger.”

I stomped down hard on his hand, reaching feebly for his cane. “Take a good look you puny raw-boned milksop, because I’ve come for your life.”

He stared up at me in horror as I raised my club. No. This was too easy. I dropped the club and instead picked up his cane. “How many years has it been Doctor since you last saw me? You’ve probably forgotten what it was like to have a dual purpose for this. Let me remind you.”

Crack! I rapped the cane against his spindly legs. “Ah!” he pulled his feet away.

“What? It doesn’t feel good?” I smacked him again. “It hurts doesn’t it? I wonder how that must feel!” Crack!

“Please! Stop!” he begged.

“Why? You never did!” Crack! Crack! “You always found a reason. Even the most blameless of errors you would treat like a personal offense just so you could hurt me!”

“Y/N! I’m sorry! Stop!” he was crying hard now.

Crack! “Apologies won’t help you now!” I kicked him hard in the chest before snapping the cane in two over my knee. “Look at you. The once genius and terrifying doctor sniveling like the worm you are.”

I kicked him again to the side of his head and it looked as if the blow had rendered him unconscious. Taking deep breaths to down my adrenaline I looked back and saw Pan watching silently from the doorway. It was so easy. All I had to do was bash his brains in or slit his throat and he would be dead. I could finally have my revenge.

Why was I so hesitant then? I didn’t think anything about beating him into unconsciousness. I suppose it was just too easy. I came back to face the man that had beaten me and abused me for years. I had built up my revenge as a battle similar to the likes of say Slightly or Felix. While showing him that I was no longer scared of him and instilling fear of me was a wondrous sight what would his death give me? Could it end my nightmares like Pan had said or would it just be a hollow victory?

“What’s wrong?” Pan asked after I hadn’t moved.

“I can’t…” I muttered in distaste, “I want to but I just can’t.”

“Do you want to leave?”

“No.” I’ve made up my mind. This was no longer for me. “I have a different idea.”

I walked out to the shed and picked up a shovel. I was out of practice but it came back quickly as I started to upturn the earth. Pan didn’t say anything, just watched as I dug. When it was deep enough I hauled myself out of the grave. “Pan, if you could.”

He nodded and levitated the doctor’s unconscious body out of the funeral home and into the grave. As I started to fill the hole once more a strange calmness overtook me. With every shovelful of dirt the nightmares beadnell had caused grew more distant and a weight eased off my shoulders. At the end I stabbed the shovel at the head of the grave. He’s dead. He’s actually dead.

“Are we done?” Pan asked.

I shook my head. “Just one more thing.” I started to walk through the cemetery, my heart hammering harder the closer we got.

At the back of the cemetery was a grave with a humble stone marking its place. I knelt in front of it and smiled. “I did it. He’s gone now.” I whispered to the grave, “Rest easy dad, your little girl is doing just fine.”

There was a moment of silence before I felt a hand on my shoulder and knew it was time to leave. I stood up and walked with Pan back to the funeral home to collect my club.

Pan pulled out a bean and was about to drop it on the ground when I caught his arm to stop him. He looked at me curiously before lowering his hand back to his side. “Before we go back to Neverland and the whole Leader Pan, snarky Lost Girl routine picks up again, I want to say something.” I told him.

“What’s that?” he asked looking puzzled.

I wrapped my arms around his torso and squeezed. He was stiff in my arms but I didn’t mind or simply couldn’t find it in my surreal state to care. “Thank you…Peter.”

An awkward hand came up to cradle the back of my head. “Don’t mention it.” He mumbled back. I could hear his heart beating rapidly in his chest and whittled it down to him not expecting the sudden physical familiarity and nothing more.

I let go of him and nodded. He regained his composure and without looking at me dropped the bean on the ground opening the portal and sucking us in to return home.

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What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You  (pt.ll)

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Alright fam here’s part two!! I’m really happy with the way it turned out and I hope you will be too!! Let me know what you think!

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (ft. Baekhyun)

Word Count: 1.659k

Genre: Angst

Warnings: two more mean words

Part l / Part ll / Part lll (final) / Masterlist~

Monday morning is fine and passes without incident. You spend your lunch with Baekhyun as usual and you manage to make it through your classes alright. That night Baekhyun comes over as usual and life is fine.

Tuesday morning is fine and pretty calm. You spend lunch with Baekhyun as usual and your afternoon classes are okay. You and Baekhyun hang out after school and life is fine.

Wednesday morning is alright and uneventful. You would’ve spent lunch with Baekhyun but for some reason Park Chanyeol is holding your wrist, pulling you away from everyone and life is so very, very, extremely far from okay in that moment.

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Smart Mouth Chapter Four

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight Chapter Nine


Rating: Teen First two chapters are Nc-17

Notes:  So much for porn without plot am I right? I have the beginning of the next chapter started and some ideas for where to take it, but my boyfriend is coming over so I have to stop for the night. Message me if you have any requests or some ideas you’d like to see in the story. I’m happy to take any recommendations. into consideration. 

I wish real life have montage moments. Specifically things like battling other trainers, and traveling around Alola. I’ll be the first person to tell you that I have an awful attention span, and I got bored so easily. I had errands to run, but I needed money before I could get it done. Thus were the days I spent wandering around the islands of Alola, finding any trainer willing to battle me. Most of them thought I was a member of Team Skull, but they were so mad at the group they were willing to battle just to vent some frustration. I had a few close calls, but with some potions and regular trips to the Pokemon Center I made enough cash to buy a new outfit in Malie City. I needed to make one stop before I went to Poni island however, so I took a boat trip over to Akala Island.

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Kiss Me (Please)


K+ rating, pre-movie au, hurt/comfort and romantic fluff

FFN | AO3 | original prompt

Metro Man tries to explain to Roxanne that her flirting with Megamind has more of an effect that she realizes. But Roxanne is certain that he has to be wrong. Megamind would have to care about her for it to matter, wouldn’t he?

“You need to stop flirting with him,” Wayne says.

Roxanne, in the middle of recounting the story of her latest kidnapping, puts down the coffee mug she was using to gesture.

“Come again?” she asks, arching her eyebrows. “Need to stop flirting with who?”

Wayne looks supremely uncomfortable.

“With Megamind,” he says, lowering his voice and darting a glance around the cafe, as if worried they’ll be overheard.

Roxanne’s heart seems to stop for a moment in her chest.

“Wh—I do not flirt with Megamind,” she says, and forces an incredulous laugh. “That’s ridiculous.”

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WINNER - Sparkling (July) Magazine Interview!

“GOING UP” – Meet WINNER, KPOP’s next big thing. It’s been eight years since hip-hop royalty BIGBANG debuted, and now YG Entertainement is finally ready to unleash a new boy group into the K-POP scene. Enter WINNER, YG’s five-member boy band, the product of survival program WIN: Who Is Next, which had two groups of trainees battling it out for their chance to debut. At the end of a series of musical challenges that tested the boys’ mettle and pushed their creativity to the limits, Team A emerged victorious and claimed the name WINNER. Even without an official debut, the boys quickly gained a massive following, especially after showing their quirky sides on reality show WINNER TV. Each member has his own charms. Leader Kang Seungyoon, a former contestant of audition program Superstar K2, allures the audience with his husky rocker voice. Meanwhile, Lee Seunghoon, an early favorite on reality show K-POP Star, leaves fans in awe of his dance moves. Song Minho, WINNER‘s main rapper, is already famous for his work in the underground rap scene, while Kim Jinwoo graduated from BIGBANG‘s Seungri’s music academy. Maknae Nam Taehyun is not someone to scoff at either, with his lethal combination of flower boy looks and unique voice quality. Together, the five boys are ready to take the world by storm. Find out more about them in this Sparkling exclusive.

Please introduce yourselves and your roles in the group. Seungyoon: Hello, I am Kang Seungyoon, the well-rounded leader of WINNER. I am mostly in charge of lead vocals, producing, lyrics, and nagging our team members, Seunghoon: Hi, I am Seunghoon, team WINNER’s monkey. I am in charge of rap and choreography. Jinwoo: Hello. This is Kim Jinwoo. I am the oldest and regarded as the cutest member of WINNER. I am a vocalist. Minho: Hi, I am WINNER’s rapper, Minho. For our group, I am in charge of not only the rap and hip-hop vibe and style, but I also keep the mood positive amongst our group members. Taehyun: My name is Name Taehyun. I was born in 1994 and am the youngest member of the team. My position includes songwriting, lyrics, and vocals.

Can you tell us about each member’s background before becoming a trainee at YG Entertainment? Seungyoon: I was in the Top 4 of Superstar K2, an audition program on the channel. Seunghoon: I joined YG Entertainment through a survival audition program called K-POP Star, which was produced and televised with YG, SM, and JYP Entertainment companies. Jinwoo: Before I joined YG, I was a hardworking singer and an aspiring actor. Minho: I originally started as a trainee group with the K-POP group BLOCK B when I was in my first year in high school. However, after that I started training with yet another group, but things didn’t go so well and that’s when I applied at YG and became part of WINNER. Taehyun: Since I was a child, I had passion for music and liked to play a lot. I usually spent time with friends and I also had a girlfriend. However, I always wondered what I would do when I grew up. This led me to dream of becoming a singer and I started auditioning. Which company I entered was secondary. When I start something, I always have to see it through. So I auditioned three or four songs for different companies and also filmed a video of myself to send out. Eventually, I ended up at ‘N’ as their first hopeful artist and began my first two years as trainee. After two years, I said my goodbyes to the company and came to be a part of the YG family. Although I auditioned many times in the past, I had never auditioned for YG. I had always thought that YG would be an impossible company to get into.

What were the most challenging and most rewarding moments of your lives as trainees? Seungyoon: Since I was not originally a dancer, learning how to dance was the most challenging thing for me. Seunghoon: The time when I filmed a choreography video in front of the YG building, which I prepared as my audition tape for YG Entertainment. I was 19 years old at that time and visited Seoul for the shoot. A foreign fan came to me and gave a present wishing that my dreams come true. Jinwoo: I haven’t faced many challenges in my life until now, so I don’t really know. I am planning on challenging myself, so please have high expectations! Minho: Even though every moment of training is challenging, I think competing on the WIN program was by far the most difficult. In terms of the most rewarding experience, it would have to be the moment we won the competition. I still remember the moment like it was yesterday. Taehyun: I think my most turbulent time was when I was in middle school. I look back most fondly on the times when I sought out different record labels, and auditioned without a care in the world, unprepared, and with a “use me if you like what you see” attitude.

Can you tell us about your experiences doing the reality show WIN: Who Is Next? What did you find memorable? Seungyoon: The final battle was very memorable, of course. And the second battle was also very memorable. It was an unbelievable experience during a short time period of my life. I have never been that emotional and excited. The second battle was memorable, of course. It was our first time winning against Team B in many battles. Seunghoon: The day that was really moving and memorable was when we got a higher score than Team B for the song “Smile Again.” Jinwoo: I would have to say it was the second battle of the WIN program. The date of the battle was September 26th, which happens to be my birthday. I got the most special gift that day. Minho: “Wow, it has already been almost a year since the WIN program ended. At that time, every day felt like it was extremely tiring and hard to get through, but if I think about it now, I remember every day as a great experience. Throughout my time on the show, I think the day I can never forget is when I injured my leg and lost my spot as the team leader. Besides the day we won the final battle, it was the most I have ever cried in my life. Taehyun: Living my life as a trainee, I didn’t really get the chance to out of Seoul or go on a family trip, but through the show WIN, I got to get on a boat, I got training, and so on. It was a challenge for me, but the most memorable time that I had was teamwork training. I remember eating ramyun after one of our hardcore training sessions.

How did you feel when you won the show and found out you were debuting as WINNER? Seungyoon: Even if I someday become the wealthiest person in the world, I will not be as happy as I was at that moment. The fact that all the hard work the members and I put together was not wasted really made me happy. Seunghoon: Unbelievable. I cried because I recollected all the memories we had with Team B and how hard we worked for this moment. Jinwoo: When the judge said that Team A won, I couldn’t see anything and thought of all the difficult times that we had gone through. Actually, I felt very sorry for Team B as well, so there were mixed emotions. Even though our team won, it was not easy for us to completely happy because of these reasons. Minho: It felt like the dream I had dreamt for a couple of years finally came true, especially since all of the difficult battles finally came to an end from the victory. Though the dream was happy and satisfying, there was still a part of me that felt bad and sorry for Team B. Taehyun: Just in case any of you haven’t seen the show when we got the final result, you should pay attention to our reactions. It felt like we were hit in our hearts. It felt like we got repaid for our difficult times. Finally, we are coming out of the trainee life. On the other hand, I was sorry for Team B. They worked so hard too. I felt a burden as well.

Let’s talk about WINNER’s music. Please describe your music style. Seungyoon: We don’t fit into a certain genre, but because we produce our own music and write our own lyrics, people tend to relate with us better. Some listeners relate to us and get consolation by listening to sad songs, and some listeners are encouraged by listening to songs of hope–to become a winner, this kind of music is WINNER’s style. Jinwoo: WINNER’s music is mainstream and something that everyone can easily listen to. We tell anyone’s story and put real life experiences into our lyrics, so I think our music is something everyone can relate to. We also incorporate hip-hop and R&B with mainstream pop influences. Minho: Our music aims to target the masses. We are working on making music that people of all ages can enjoy and relate to. We incorporate a variety of genres throughout our music. Taehyun: We write our own music and lyrics, so we have a variety of styles to show. Personally, WINNER’s music is more about “taste” than “swag”. Of course it is important to be cool onstage, but we want people to relate to our music. When we write our songs we write based on our personal experiences.

What can fans expect from your debut album? Seungyoon: Because all members participated in songwriting and writing lyrics for the album, you will be able to feel each member’s own style in the tracks. Seunghoon: A whole new style and appearance that you’ve never seen before–not only from YG but from Korea in general. Jinwoo: Hope you expect growth from the time you’ve seen us appear on the WIN program. Minho: After completing WIN and WINNERTV, our fans can expect to see how we have developed and matured. Taehyun: Our first album comprised mostly of songs that we personally produced. There are my songs, Seungyoon’s songs, Minho’s songs with the addition of other member’s lyrics. Each of us has his own style, so our album will be very enjoyable to listen to. You will be able to tell like, “Oh this is this member’s song.”

How do you through the processo of composing a song as group? Who’s in charge of the lyrics, the melody, and the arrangement? Seungyoon: Each member can produce and write lyrics, and the rappers Minho and Seunghoon write their own rap lyrics. Seunghoon: I write lyrics, especially rap parts. Jinwoo: Minho, Seungyoon, and Taehyun write most of the songs. The three of them have their own styles that are all very different but when you mix them together the end result is a beautiful blend that works well together. Minho: Typically, Seungyoon, Taehyun, or I compose our music, but more so than who is responsible, everyone uses their capabilities and all participate in a different way to create our music and performances. For example, if I make the melody or top line for a track, another member might go in and turn that into lyrics ans so on. In order to produce the best results, we all try contributing to the development process. Taehyun: Seungyoon and I write songs together, and the others usually write the rap lyrics.

Minho, you are close with a lot of well-known underground rappers in the industry, such as Zico from BLOCK B and SIMS from MIB. Did you have a hard time transitioning from doing underground rap shows to being part of an idol group? Minho: Honestly, even until now there are a lot of difficulties. Since WINNER is a little less hip-hop than Block B and MIB, it has been very difficult for me to transform myself from a hardcore hip-hop artist to a more mainstream artist. How is it like being the leader of the group, Seungyoon? Seungyoon: I have to be the first one that navigates for the future. So I try my best not to get complacent. Jinwoo, you were the longest trainee out of all the members. What was the biggest challenge that you face during your training days? Jinwoo: Three-and-a-half years was such a short time. Whenever we had our monthly assessment, I tried to show something new by challenging myself. WIN aired your YG audition clip back in 2011, Taehyun. Your style back then was s o different from WINNER and YG’s style. How was the experience like aligning your entire style as a singer to match the group’s image? Taehyun: My initial image in the past was created by my previous company. They made me very feminine. My style now is more like my actual self. Seunghoon, you were always vocal about wanting to be a YG artist even way back pre-debut. What made you want to join YG? Seunghoon: When I was young, I made up my mind to become a singer after seeing Se7en’s performance. I danced, and of course, was very interested in hip-hop. Thereafter, BIGBANG and 2NE1 debuted from YG and I started becoming hopeful of joining the company.

WINNER was the opening act for BIGBANG’s Dome Tour last year. How was the experience performing on such a grand stage? Seungyoon: The dome tour stages were unbelievably huge. I felt honored to be on such a big stage even before our official debut and was very thankful to BIGBANG and our boss, Mr. Yang Hyunsuk. Seunghoon: I have never been to the universe, but it felt like I was singing in the middle of the galaxy. That was too awesome to describe in words. Jinwoo: I was very thankful towards BIGBANG seniors and our boss. I felt very happy and had goosebumps when we saw 30,000-50,000 fans screaming in front of us. And on every stage we go on, I feel like we improve our performance each time. We thank you all very much. Minho: It is impossible to describe it to anyone who hasn’t experienced it first-hand. My heart nearly exploded standing in front of more than 50,000 fans in that packed arena. Taehyun: I felt that it wasn’t the reality, going on stage to perform and not as an audience member.

What were your first impressions of each other? Seungyoon: I thought Jinwoo hyung was handsome and pretty. He looked very kind. When I first saw Taehyun, I thought he had feminine characteristics, but actually he is very manly. Seunghoon was surprisingly a very nice person. When I first met Minho, I could tell he was a true hip-hopper. Seunghoon: Seungyoon-”Wow, the audition star ‘Seungyoon.’” (laughs). Minho – “He looks very strong. I think I should treat him well even though he is younger than me.” Jinwoo – It was not comfortable as he is very gentle. Taehyun – I heard that YG doesn’t care about trainees’ appearance, but he was so good-looking. Jinwoo: Seunghoon – He’s a friend that gives me energy for dancing, and we have good synergy together. Minho – I was scared of him at first, but once you get to know him, he is the battery of our team. Seungyoon – He always says the right things and is the mother of our team. Taehyun – I thought he was “so weird.” His style was like that at first, but he became much more masculine after he changed up his style. Minho: I thought of Jinwoo as a kind hyung. Taehyun seemed somewhat sad and lonely-looking. Seungyoon was kinder than I had expected. Seunghoon hyung was more serious and not as fun as I expected. Taehyun: Seungyoon – unemployed, Jinwoo – the youngest, Minho – soldier, Seunghoon – liberal arts student.

What characteristics set you apart from other rookie groups? Seungyoon: First of all, all of our members are able to produce at a high level. For our album preparation, all members have been participating in producing and writing lyrics, and even choreography. Seunghoon: We have gained experience by performing on big stages. Minho: I would say our unique personality and height. Taehyun: Tall and friendly.

If given a chance, what name would you like to give your fan club? Seungyoon: Queen. This has two meanings. One means treating fans like queens, and the other one means if we are supposed to be Kings, our fans are Queens. Seunghoon: Honey? Minho: I thought about this a million times, but it’s difficult. Maybe Queen? Taehyun: Queen? I personally am a big fan of the band Queen and the fans are our Queens? Anyway, not a very good fanclub name for male fans.

Who are your musical influences? Which foreign and Korean artists do you enjoy listening to? Seungyoon: I get inspiration everywhere. It could be artists’ music and it could also be the feelings I have right now. Recently, I am into the band Daughtry. Seunghoon: I enjoy watching other artists’ performances, but I also love comic books. They give me imagination. Jinwoo: I listen to both, but I listen to a lot of folk songs. I also listen to CCM. Minho: What influences me changes from time to time. Usually, I just listen to music and don’t specify whose album a track was released from, but recently Schoolboy Q’s album is fun to listen to. Taehyun: I usually like foreign songs, and I have been listening to Daft Punk’s official 4th album, Random Access Memories. I love how it’s analog and classy. I get inspired by their music.

Which artist would you love to collaborate with? Seungyoon: One republic Seunghoon: A member of Team B, Go Junhwe; Kang Seungyoon; Lee Hi; AKMU; and one of our trainees, Bang Yedam! Jinwoo: G-Dragon Minho: I would love to collaborate with top MCs like Jay Z or Kanye West. There is a foreign group called Die Antwoord that has a female rapper named Yolandi whom I would really like to make a track with. Taehyun: I would love to write melodies for Daft Punk’s tracks. I would also be thrilled to collaborate with them also. I love Pharrell Williams’ beats as well.

You already have a huge international fanbase. Any message for your fans? Seungyoon: We will repay all of our fans with a good image and good music as much as you continue to give us love. We will try our best to be with you forever. Let’s meet soon! Thank you always and love you! Seunghoon: We are trying hard to debut in the near future and also study a couple of languages to communicate with all of our fans, so please give your support to us. Thank you! Jinwoo: Thank you so much for the attention we have been receiving even before our official debut. WINNER will try our best to be close to all of our fans. We will be back with the title of WINNER! Please continue to follow us and support us. Love you. Thank you. Minho: I want to thank all of our fans that have continued to stay by us through the long wait as we have been preparing for our debut. We promise it will be worth the wait, so hang in there a bit longer. I LOVE y’all!! Taehyun: I always keep this thought in mind that our group WINNER couldn’t have existed without your love. We will come back with good music to replay your expectations and love. Thank you for your love. Scanned by: daramond@twitter.comTranscribed by: with_winner
It's Not A Thong part 3

It’s not a Thong (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

For the Full Dean Series Click Here

So I may have got a little carried away. Sorry it’s so long, but I was thinking last night how great it would be to see how Dean is feeling. Happy Easter Everyone. xx


We pulled up at the graveyard, getting out of the impala Dean turned to me.

‘You and Sam start digging, Ill grab the rest of the gear.’

I raised my eyebrows, ‘Are you friggen kidding me? How about you boys dig and I’ll grab the supplies.’

‘Play you for it?’ he offered, getting his fist ready for rock, scissors, paper.

Sam groaned, grabbing a shovel and went to work.

‘Screw playing for it, how bout I flip you for it?’

Dean looked confused.

‘First to knock the other on their arse wins.’ I stated.

‘You Aussies are nuts,’ he laughed, I grinned and shrugged.

‘Nah, practical.’

‘You know I’ll kick your sweet arse,’ he warned.

I grinned. ‘Probably, but it’s worth a try. Besides I never win at rock, scissors, paper.’

Dean moved out into the open and I approached him, he got into a defensive stance. I smiled cheekily at him, causing him to look confused. I walked straight up, grabbed him behind the neck and kissed him deeply and passionately, hearing him groaning softly. Biting his lip gently, I pulled back, he looked at my gobsmacked. I then kicked his legs out from under him, sending him flying onto his arse.

‘Looks like you’re digging, Winchester,’ I smirked over my shoulder as I walked to the car, dropping the shovel next to him I grabbed the salt, lighter fluid and cigarette lighter, I headed over to Sam.

‘Where’s Dean?’ he asked.

‘Getting the shovel,’ I smiled, Sam raised an eyebrow. Dean walked over mumbling something about playing dirty.

‘Shut up, Winchester, you’re just a sore loser,’ I laughed. ‘Besides you never asked for the rules.’

I sat back on a headstone and watched the boys dig, once the bones were exposed we salt and burned them, before filling in the hole.

‘Do you ever feel like maybe we should try and con morgues into salt and burning all the dead before they bury them?’ I queried out loud.

‘Our lives would be easier,’ Sam laughed. Dean grumbled, still annoyed. I pouted at him.

‘Stop sulking, you’re just sour you didn’t think of it first,’ I laughed.

‘I wouldn’t need to trick you to put you down,’ He growled. I laughed,

‘You’d love to think that, wouldn’t you? I’ll meet you at the car.’ I walked off, listening to the boys.

‘What happened?’ Sam asked

‘She made out with me so she could knock me off my feet. There’s no way she would have done it if I wasn’t distracted,’ Dean grumbled.

‘Don’t count of it,’ Sam stated, explaining what had happened that morning.

I turned to face them as I reached the impala, Dean was staring at me his face full of curiosity and questioning. I laughed and sat in the backseat. We headed back to the motel, Dean constantly looking at me. It was making me nervous, his eyes had changed no longer was he curious, now there way a mischievous glint forming. I bit my lip. This was not going to be good.

We got the motel, the boys showered, by the time I got through I managed enough hot water to wet my body before it went stone cold. ARGH! Next time separate rooms.

I came out and turned to face the beds, instead of the boys sharing like they had the night before. I found Dean in my bed. I stopped at glared at him.

‘Well sweetheart, I figured seeming as you are so keen we may as well bunk up,’ he grinned, I grinned back biting my lip.

‘Really?’ I asked, Sam was already asleep on the other bed.

‘Really,’ he confirmed.

I walked up to the bed, leaning over him, my long Y/C/H bunching up next to his head. I kissed his jaw, he turned his head towards me, I nibbled his lip, kissing back up his jaw to his ear lobe.

‘Mmmmmm,’ I whispered in his ear, he groaned, I smiled slightly and yanked the pillow out from under his head watching him fall backwards slightly. Pursing my lips together as he swore.

‘It’s a sweet offer, but you can’t handle me standing what makes you think you can handle me in bed,’ I winked, and climbed in to share with Sam.

Grinning, I liked Dean a lot. But be stuffed if I was going to be just another one night stand. If he wanted to be with me he can work for it. I rolled over to face him, grinning like an idiot. He was staring at me, before a sly smile appeared on his face.

‘Game on!’ he whispered

‘Challenge accepted,’ I agreed with a soft laugh.

‘Night, Y/N’ he sighed.

‘Night, Dean, Sweet dreams, baby,’ I said seductively, at that point I could have sworn I heard him mumble Bitch. I grinned again.

 I woke up the next morning to see Sam blinking at me, I immediately felt guilty.

‘Morning. Sorry for gate crashing.’

‘Dean kick you out?’ he asked, I shook my head.

‘Never got in to start with.’

He looked puzzled, next thing we knew Dean was walking through the motel door.

‘Breakfast.’ He offered holding up a coffee and a bag of food.

‘Oh wow, that smells good,’ I groaned, Dean smiled.

‘I’m surprised you are up this early, Dean,’ Sam stated as he got up and headed to the bathroom.

‘Couldn’t sleep,’ he stated.

‘If you wanted a cold shower,’ I offered, ‘last night after me would have been ideal.’ Dean shot me a bitch face and I blew him a kiss.

‘Next time you can get your own damn breakfast,’ he grumbled.

‘Aw don’t be like that. I am grateful, really I am.’ I took a sip of the coffee and a bite of the bacon and egg sandwich he had got me.

‘I mean if this is what it takes to have you bring me breakfast each morning,’ I grinned ‘I am happy to repeat last night.’ Sam walked in on the last part of my statement and froze.

‘I don’t want to know,’ he said disgusted. I laughed and jumped out the way as Dean tried to take back my sandwich.

‘Hey, no take backs,’ I complained. Dean came up, stood in front of me and took a huge bite. I frowned.

‘It’s repayment for me getting breakfast,’ he said, his mouthful.

‘Ewww’ I said ‘In Oz it’s called GST,’ I sniggered. The boys looked confused, I sighed and explained.

‘GST is a tax the Government charges on goods and services. Basically most things you buy or jobs you outsource charge you 10% of the total fee. Most times it’s added on before you get the bill.’

We finished out breakfast and decided to head out later that morning, back to bunker. Before we headed out I text Trooper Matt, All sorted, report sent to headquarters. Not further investigation required at this point. Thanks for everything, sorry we didn’t get that drink. I got a text from him 5 minutes later, I can spare 20 minutes now if you want to have coffee before you go. *smiley face*

I smiled, it was tempting, Dean walked past and read the message over my shoulder.

‘No time we are leaving now.’

‘Dean, we are not even packed,’ Sam said.

‘So pack,’ he snapped, Sam and I looked at each other.

‘Think we can spare 20 mins?’ I asked looking at Dean, his jaw tensed up again and he looked away.

‘Awww Dean, I’m just stirring.’ He turned back to me, relief on his face. ‘I can skip coffee and meet him in a closet, I’ll only need 10.’ I grinned, Sam who was watching shook his head and laughed. Dean grabbed his gear and stormed out. I replied to Matt, telling him I was sorry and we were leaving. I then sent Dean a text, Game on? You’re making this too easy. I expected more. Where’s the challenge. Xxx I looked at the car as I walked out the door, watching Dean type. You’re right two can play this game.

‘That’s better’ I smiled as I got in the car. Dean looked at me in the rear view mirror, his eyes challenging. He grinned, at that moment I knew. He was taking it to the next level.

Dean’s Version

This case was a typical salt and burn. Y/N went off to go over the police files from previous cases, I have to admit having her skills as a medical examiner was brilliant. It made for a great excuse to get her to stick around. By that point I would have used any excuse.

The woman drove me nuts, all in a good way. The way her smile reached her eyes, her useless facts that she come up with, her accent alone was a turn on and when she said my name it almost sent me over the edge. Her body was amazing, it wasn’t a stick like most and she had curves, womanly curves. She was toned and athletic, but curved. She can hold her own in a fight and a drinking contest and eat like it’s her last meal. And yet she is still concerned about balance in her life. She is happy to be sober driver or to drink and let Sam take on the role. She challenges me constantly, not being one to let me push her around, but also knowing when to back off and let me take control.

What got me the most was her accent, her wording, so much is lost in translation. For us it’s the car’s hood for her it’s the bonnet, her it’s a pub, for us it’s a bar. Last night’s incident was embarrassing, she had asked me for her thongs. It was a weird request, firstly her asking a bloke to grab her underwear and secondly she used a plural. But still I did as she asked, I struggled to say no. It wasn’t until she came out the bathroom horrified I realised my mistake. Thongs apparently are flip flops, not the black lacy boy shorts I was holding.

This morning Sam and I were off to interview McTiller, whilst Y/N went to the station to review reports. By the time our interview finished, we headed to the station, walking in to find Y/N laughing and having some sort of lunch date with a Trooper. Anger rose up in me, jealousy at the way he looked at her, wanting her, hanging on to her every word. Laughing at trying to explain things. I know I was rude but I couldn’t help it. The Trooper eventually left and I started to calm down, only to have him come back in, another suicide.  I wasn’t happy. I knew what this meant, I wouldn’t see Y/N again until late tonight. She would help with the crime scene and examining the body. It would be draining on her, physically standing for so long, moving the body, bending over, helping with the autopsy etc. Mentally she processes everything in her mind, like there is no one else there. She has to, she can’t rely on the legitimate investigators, they don’t look for what she does. EMF, sulphur, weird injuries, staged crime scenes and certain smells. Not seeing her until late, when she was exhausted made my mood drop.

At the crime scene there was a witness, this surprised us all. Sam went to talk to him. It made sense he has an amazing amount of patience and empathy.  I went off to look for EMF and Y/N went with the local medical examiner. I walked up the stairs checking the readings, my meter was going nuts.  I stood at the top of the stairs looking around, resting my eyes on Y/N, her eyebrows where knitted together, she was taking in the scene. I headed back down checking the windows and the spot where the love birds had set up their blankets. I looked over and watched her. Y/N long hair pulled into a pony tail. I knew she hated it up, she preferred it long and flowing. I walked up behind her, able to smell her perfume. Placing my hand on her back, watching as she turned in my direction. The gesture, didn’t even startle her, it felt normal, natural.

‘Anything?’ she asked, her voice soft.

‘EMF, through the roof.’ I mumbled in her ear, smelling her hair while I got the chance. Strawberries, her favourite shampoo. She shivered.

‘The knot in the rope on the bannister,’ she pointed, I nodded looking up ‘It looks complicated, time consuming?’ she muttered.

‘Yep.’ I said, knowing what she was getting at. How did she have time to tie and hang herself, with people trying to stop her? She frowned, tilting my head and looking at the girl.

‘Dr Y/L/N? Could you please help me cut the victim down?’ Dr McCullum requested. Y/N nodded and walked over. I left to talk to Sam, still enchanted by her smell.

Late, was an understatement, by the time she got back the motel. I offered her a beer and pizza, listening to groan with pleasure as she took off her shoes. She asked what we found, it took me a couple of seconds to realise I needed to respond.

‘McTiller said he was out when Ruth went off the rails, literally. The kid was shot, left in the yard and Ruth hung. They found the gun near the stairs.’ I said taking a drink of my beer.  ‘At the house EMF everywhere.’

‘Troy, the kid who witnessed Sarah’s suicide, said she was screaming and dragged up the stairs, by a woman. She strangled her before throwing her over the edge. When the Trooper asked why he didn’t stop her he said he couldn’t move, his feet frozen. The woman disappeared and he could move again.’ Sam told us. I watched her take off her jacket, eyeing off her figure, God that blue shirt looked great on her.

‘Works in with what I found, each victim shows strangulation marks, not consistent with a hanging. I doubt she killed the boy too,’ she commented.

‘So we have a pissed off dead woman,’ I confirmed.

‘Looks that way,’ Sam agreed. I watched her sit up straighter and roll her head.

‘Sore neck?’ I asked, concerned, I hated seeing her in pain.

‘Stiff,’ she replied, I went to give her massage, try and ease it, but felt awkward so I sat back down. ‘What now? Salt and Burn?’ she asked.

‘Looks that way. We’ll head to the grave yard tonight,’ I declared.

 When we got the graveyard, I watched as Y/N got out the car, she had changed into more comfortable clothing. Jeans tucked into riding boots and a singlet. I knew down the sides of those boots where knives, one her own style demon knife. In the belt of her jeans were small throwing knives made of silver.

‘You and Sam start digging, Ill grab the rest of the gear,’ I said, jokingly.

‘Are you friggen kidding me? How about you boys dig and I’ll grab the supplies,’ Y/N retorted, she was tired and grumpy.

‘Play you for it?’ I offered getting his fist ready for rock, scissors, paper. Sam groaned, grabbing a shovel he went to work. I had every intention on digging, she was too exhausted to do it, but I wanted my fun first.

‘Screw playing for it, how bout I flip you for it?’ she said, I must have looked confused.

‘First to knock the other on their arse wins,’ she stated.

‘You Aussies are nuts,’ I laughed, she grinned and shrugged.

‘Nah, practical,’ she replied.

‘You know I’ll kick your sweet arse.’ I warned, I was worried I would hurt her. There’s no way she would be on the top of her game.

‘Probably, but it’s worth a try. Besides I never win at rock, scissors, paper,’ she said, I moved out into the open and watched her approach me, I got into a defensive stance. She smiled cheekily at me, Damn that smile. Next thing I knew she had walked straight up, grabbed me behind the neck and kissed me deeply and passionately, I groaned softly. She bit my lip gently and pulled back. I just looked at her, this was completely unexpected, and hot. Next thing I knew she had kicked my legs out from under me, sending me flying onto my arse.

‘Looks like you’re digging, Winchester,’ she smirked over her shoulder as she walked to the car. I couldn’t tell if I was shocked, turned on or proud of her little game. All I think.

I approached her and Sam mumbling something about her playing dirty.

‘Shut up Winchester, you’re just a sore loser,’ she laughed. ‘Besides you never asked for the rules.’

I dug, listening to her and Sam talk, still grumbling. I was more confused about the kiss, than being knocked on my arse. Playing dirty wasn’t fair either. She looked at me and pouted, Oh God those lips.

‘Stop sulking, you’re just sour you didn’t think of it first,’ she laughed.

‘I wouldn’t need to trick you to put you down,’ I growled back,

‘You’d love to think that, wouldn’t you? I’ll meet you at the car.’ She walked back to the car. I just glared after her. Not knowing what to say.

‘What happened?’ Sam asked.

'She made out with me so she could knock me off my feet. There’s no way she would have done it if I wasn’t distracted,’ I grumbled.

‘Don’t count of it.’ Sam stated, ‘I accidentally scared her this morning on her run. She knocked me on my arse with ease. I have a bruise on my chest to prove it.’

I was impressed, she could handle herself better than I thought. Although there was still no excuse for her playing dirty. Payback’s a wonderful thing. I kept watching her in the car, trying to figure out my options.

Once we got back to the motel, Sam jumped through the shower, leaving me to sit with Y/N. After he got out, Sam went to bed. I jumped through, enjoying the steaming hot shower as it burnt my skin. Once I finished Y/N went through. Looking at Sam, he was fast asleep in the bed that we had shared the previous night. The guy was all arms and legs, and with his ginormous size took up most of the bed. It was not my best night’s sleep. Next time, separate rooms or beds. I decided tonight I would bunk up with Y/N whether she liked it or not.

Y/N exited the bathroom and glared at me in her bed.

‘Well sweetheart, I figured seeming as you are so keen we may as well bunk up.’ I grinned, she grinned cheekily back at me, biting her lip. I could see she was thinking about it.

‘Really?’ she asked.

‘Really,’ I responded.

She came up to me, leaning over letting her long Y/C/H fall down around my face, the smell of her shampoo was intoxicating. She kissed my jaw, I turned my head towards her trying to kiss her mouth, she nibbled on my lip, kissing back up my jaw to my ear lobe. It was amazing, I wanted her so bad.

‘Mmmmmm’ she whispered in my ear, causing me to groan involuntarily, she smiled at me, making my chest pound, and then whipped the pillow out from under my head. Causing me to fall back. I was not expecting that.

‘It’s a sweet offer, but you can’t handle me standing what makes you think you can handle me in bed.’ She winked, and climbed in to share with Sam.

I was left turned on and in shock. This was not going to plan. She was playing me, and well I liked it. It was frustrating as hell, but it made it more interesting. She rolled over and looked at me, with a massive grin on her face. She knew she had me, she had countered my move well. I smiled back.

‘Game on!’ I whispered to her.

‘Challenge accepted,’ she laughed softly.

‘Night, Y/N’ I sighed, this was going to be interesting.

‘Night, Dean, Sweet dreams, baby,’ she said seductively.

ARGH! She was a tease, and this was torture. I muttered Bitch under my breath with a grin on my face. Hearing her call me baby, sent me into overdrive again. What I would give to be holding her right now. A pang of jealousy hit, as I watched her lay next to my brother.

I woke up early the next morning and showered, I never really slept. Y/N had got me too agitated. I spent the night watching her sleep. I decided on a coffee and breakfast run.

‘Breakfast.’ I offered holding up a coffee and a bag of food. As I came in the door of the motel room, seeing both of them still in bed. My heart sunk a bit.

‘Oh wow, that smells good,’ Y/N groaned, I couldn’t help but smile. The neediness in her voice was cute.

‘I’m surprised you are up this early, Dean,’ Sam stated as he got up and headed to the bathroom.

‘Couldn’t sleep,’ I stated.

‘If you wanted a cold shower,’ Y/N suggested ‘last night after me would have been ideal.’ I shot her a bitch face and she blew me a kiss.

‘Next time you can get your own damn breakfast,’ I responded grumbling at her.

‘Aw don’t be like that. I am grateful really I am.’ She took a sip of the coffee and a bite of the bacon and egg sandwich I got her, knowing it was one of her favourite breakfasts.  

‘I mean if this is what it takes to have you bring me breakfast each morning,’ she teased smiling at me ‘I am happy to repeat last night.’ Sam walked in on the last part of my statement and froze.

‘I don’t want to know,’ he said disgusted. I tried to steal back Y/N’s breakfast but she jumped out the way.

‘Hey, no take backs,’ she complained. So I walked up slowly and took a massive mouthful.

‘It’s repayment for me getting breakfast.’ I said, whilst chewing.

‘Ewww’ she complained ‘In Oz it’s called GST,’ she sniggered. We must have looked confused so she I sighed and explained.

‘GST is a tax the Government charges on goods and services. Basically most things you buy or jobs you outsource charge you 10% of the total fee. Most times it’s added on before you get the bill.’

We decided to head out later that morning, as we were finishing breakfast, Y/N sent a text to the Trooper who had been flirting with her to state our job was done. It fine until he text back, I got up and pretended to walk past reading the message over her shoulder. I can spare 20 minutes now if you want to have coffee before you go. *smiley face* I watched the smile form on her face, whilst it didn’t reach her eyes, there was no way she was going out for coffee with him.

‘No time we are leaving now,’ I said grabbing my gear, putting it into my duffel.

‘Dean, we are not even packed.’ Sam said.

‘So pack,’ I snapped, annoyed.

‘Think we can spare 20 mins?’ Y/N asked, my hand clenched closed, jaw tensing up. She has got to be kidding me!!! I turned away trying to hide my anger.

‘Awww Dean, I’m just stirring,’ she said sweetly, I turned back to look at her, relieved. ‘I can skip coffee and meet him in a closet, I’ll only need 10.’ She grinned, Sam who was watching shook his head and laughed. He was not helping, he knew how I felt. This was not helping, the 10 minute comment only made it worse. I did all I could to not yell, I grabbed my gear and stormed out.  Once in the impala my phone went off it was from Y/N, Game on? You’re making this too easy. I expected more. Where’s the challenge. Xxx I glanced at the motel, before replying. You’re right two can play this game. This girl will be the death of me, the more she played the game the more I wanted her. I am just hoping she feels the same.

‘That’s better’ she smiled as she got in the car. I smiled back at her in the review mirror. If she wanted a game I would give her one.

End of Season Wrap-Up

We’ve made it, fandom.  We’re finally at the end of season three.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like this whole year has flown by. It wasn’t that long ago I was freaking out about the s2 finale!  All this to say that doesn’t mean it’s been any easy year.  It hasn’t.  So here’s my obligatory End of Season Wrap-up.  Ready?  Okay, let’s go.

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