wow no i am really emotional

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hey how do u think an ISTP 5w6/5w4 would act in a romantic relationship? thanks!

Wow! I was with one briefly!

HONestly, you don’t want me to answer that question because I am going to get very very fucking mad. I don’t ask for much, but said fellow was the one person who absolutely, positively could not/would not give me the one thing I really really really wanted, and I needed to step back because I felt incredibly disrespected 

That being said: 

I’ll tell you this: date one who’s mature and doesn’t invalidate your feelings. Inferior Fe (you having emotions is stupid! Emotions don’t make sense!) combined with 5 (WHAT’S AN EMOTION?? guys??? they’re stupid) makes for a person who can be incredibly disrespectful unless they are decently mature. INTPs are a lot better at not being dicks to people they like 

They’ll probably be all sweet and puppy dog but still step all over your fi fi’s or your fe fe’s (more than likely on accident) and really upset you. The trick is how they respond when you tell them you’re upset. 

 Wow, I’m so Mature and In Control of My Emotions. Break-ups with boys don’t really bother me. All I feel is mild annoyance, perhaps. I don’t understand why break-ups seem to be such a big deal for other people…? Well, I’ve always been called The Stoic One. Because this is exactly who I am.
 Yes. ….. ….Years later, when my best friend said she loved me but not THAT way, I cried so hard I gave myself a nosebleed. After an entire year of gross crying and sobbing on the floor (or in the shower) I had to accept that I do, in fact, have feelings. A LOT of feelings, actually. Gay feelings, mostly

oh God Courferre romantic feelings starting right about the same time, after years and years of friendship

and Combeferre is just oblivious to it for the longest time, like, ‘wow, I sure am fond of him what a great person he is,’ or ‘his hair looks so soft, I wonder what shampoo he uses,’ or ‘wow he makes me feel so warm I’m so glad we’re friends’

and Coufeyrac, from the second the first feeling hits, just knows, and is immediately like nooooooooo 

i just love Ginny Baker.

Vulnerable!Ginny Baker and Emotional!Ginny Baker are so damn important… Like wow. A 23 year old Black woman playing major league baseball with the weight of the world on her shoulders gets to have emotions too??? Wow. 

She gets to hold things in. She gets to be strong as hell. She gets to be angry. She gets to break down and cry. She gets to feel weak. She gets an episode ALL ABOUT HER MENTAL HEALTH. I REPEAT. THEY ADDRESSED HER MENTAL HEALTH!


Ginny Baker makes me so damn happy. And when she’s hurt, my heart breaks for her. I just really love Ginny Baker and I’m glad that the writers are exploring all of her emotions. Take care of my child, writers. <3

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B.A.P Le Noir AU: Prologue

Wow! These boys have really outdone themselves like seriously! So much feels and emotions from watching their MV! I am so proud of them and excited for their comeback and I hope and pray that the get all the love and support they deserves because damn Noir is one hell of a way to come back! And since this album and concept is so amazing I decided to make an AU out of it because how can I freaking not! So I hope you guys enjoy and pretty please send me some feedback or comments so I know how I can improve my writing :D


They were the most dangerous men in the city. Surrounded by greed, blood, violence, and murder. Wanted by the law and the unlawful. They were like a black flame. An dangerous taboo that you shouldn’t go near, but couldn’t help feel pulled in…

Warning: Contains some foul language, implied sexual content

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The soft sound of jazz, the fresh scent of tobacco, the soft glow of the ambient light, and the small chatter of some of the most dangerous men in the world. This was what you called home. This was your life.

“Hey Bearcat!” An elderly man dressed in a fitted suit sat himself at the bar, a friendly grin gracing his face. His silver mane was slicked back and his hat and coat rested beside him on the bar counter. Based on his appearance, one wouldn’t think that this man once ran one of the most notorious gangs in town.

“Sam, you’re looking as handsome as ever.” Your ruby smeared lips formed a soft grin at the sound of your beloved nickname and the sight of a familiar face. You leaned over the bar counter and greeted the man with a cheek kiss.

“Sweet talker as always. Just like your mother,” He chuckled before he gestured to the bartender to order his drink. A young girl, barely 18, warily came over beside you and slightly hid her appearance behind your form. “And who’s this little dame? I haven’t seen her around before.”

“She’s a new trainee,” You gently put a strand behind her ear and gestured her to come forward. “I found her working 9th and I just had to take her home. A sweet thing like this shouldn’t be on her own,” You placed a gentle kiss on the girl’s temple. “So be nice to her Sam.”

“I’ll be a gentlemen,” He tilted his head and playfully winked at the girl, causing a small smile to break through her fearful expression. Sam called for his usual, a simple whiskey on the rocks, and the young girl flashed him a smile before scurrying away to complete his order. “Business seems to be doing well,” Sam turned around in his seat to view the crowd of men. Young and old. Some with their women some without. All of them dangerous. “No one causing you trouble right?”

“Of course not, they know better than to cause trouble at Le Noir,” You chuckled, pouring yourself a glass of red wine. “Plus, they wouldn’t dare.”

Le Noir. It was the safe haven to some of the most dangerous and notorious men in the criminal world. It was place that no one dared to disturb or cause trouble. To most it was a place where you would steer clear of. But to you, this was home. Your mother had started this business ever since you could remember. Gangsters and mob bosses were your uncles. Guns and knives were your playthings. This was you and your mother’s world. Your kingdom. And your mother was queen. No one dared to stir up trouble in her presence. She was tough, intelligent, beautiful, and conniving as any other criminal you could meet. But most important she was kind. Taking in lost souls. Not judging others based on their past or occupation. She was the original Bearcat, a name you graciously adopted after your mother’s passing. You remember the wise words your mother had told you to survive in this world. Baby, in this world you can’t allow anyone to put you down or intimidate you. This may be a man’s world, but it only takes a strong woman to crush it.

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someone just dmed me on ig with this picture of my profile and stuff
and i noticed it said big in yuri on ice and i never really ever thank any of you guys for reblogging my dumb textposts and following me so just wow jusjrh
im really emotional because this has sort of been my dream for a while, to be popular in a fandom for posting original textposts and stuff and it happened and i just want to hug every single one of you because i am so stunned and happy and i love all of you so so much and you’re the reason im smiling at my phone. you’re the reason im happy. thank you so so much, have a lovely rest of the year!

wow I am truly SO sick of gukdoo’s bullshit !!!!!!! when he sits down with heeji n is like ‘lmao jokes on u I actually never really liked u n I liked bongsoon for a long time n now I just realized it hahahah play yo cello bitch’ like THATS WHAT HE SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n its like……….bongsoon on gukdoo have been literally childhood friends n it takes him 20 years to realize that he likes her when she’d known from the very beginning n then n then n then despite having mixed emotions of whether he likes bongsoon or not he goes out with a CELLO PLAYIN HOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams out of my real human asshole* then as soon as gukdoo tells heeji that he never truly liked her n dated her for ??????? no real whatsoever ???????? it’s pretty apparent she feels unhappy n betrayed so I bet ya she’s probably gunna be like ‘no wait gukdoo I was wrong who tf is bongki I lov u I lov royce chocolate’ like hate to sound like a dramatic bitch but these 2 confused n toxic people deserve to be together STAY AWAY FROM BONGSOON N BONGKI

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How are you happy? This is not an attack, but he literally was an ass to her up until that last bit. And she was unwaveringly there for him after everything he's done recently. April Kepner has a really really high tolerance for Jackson Avery's bullshit. And then at the last minute, he decides he wants her?!! How is this okay with everyone? Like I get it, SEX, wow..but there's a lot more important things.

I think he definitely has to apologize because he was an ass. With words he has to apologize with words. BUT I think his facial expressions did a lot of talking this episode. Jackson’s emotions were on full display and he finally let April in completely. And maybe that’s one way April forgave him, he let her in .. something he never did completely in their marriage. I HOPE they talk more and really do say I’m sorry. I am happy with this episode but I’m also very cautious because this is greys. A Little bit of happiness is usually followed by tragedy.

This will always be my favourite gif on the internet. Always. Rosie looks like she’s having one of those “wow I can’t believe how beautiful you are. How am I so lucky” kinda moments and that fucking smile just really gets to me on such an emotional level and Rose looks so happy and she just embraces Rosie’s little ear fetish and wow true love this has me feelin some type of way call 911

Words Fail

is just breaking me apart. 

“No, I’d rather pretend I’m something better than
These broken parts
Pretend I’m something other than
This mess that I am
‘Cause then I don’t have to look at it
And no one gets to look at it
No, no one can really see

'Cause I’ve learned to slam on the brake
Before I even turn the key
Before I make the mistake
Before I lead with the worst of me
I never let them see the worst of me

'Cause what if everyone saw?
What if everyone knew?
Would they like what they saw?
Or would they hate it too?
Will I just keep on running away from what’s true?

All I ever do is run
So how do I step in
Step into the sun?
Step into the sun”

Can’t help the fact that I am huge fan of growth and stuffs XD 

Been following a lot of timelapse videos for years, but it’s really nice studying tho’ and discover how different they can be when aging up, along with their personality, emotions, physical features and such. After all I just simply find it FASCINATING.

May or may not be canon for my comic that’s still in progress. :P XD

“That’s why… H-Hawk Moth, if you are listening,“ his voice broke, something taking a hold of him; something fierce, wild… "I’m going to hunt you down and make you pay!”

Silence reigned as Chat’s voice rose with his impassioned threat.

“You hear me?! I’m STILL HERE HAWK MOTH!” He yelled, eyes narrowing as his voice rose to a dark growl “Paris may not have the whole team, but I am still standing, and I will find you! This city will not be threatened by you, not while I am still here!”

The crowd cheered and whooped, fueling the flame of his emotion.


WOW would you look at that, i drew fan art of  @ferisae ‘s fic: You Don’t Know Me . it’s rEALLY GOOD I CRY GO READ IT

i should be sleeping, and yet. this scene was way too good i had to draw it. and i had fun experimenting with the lighting on this drawing too, it turned out not eeentirely how i wanted it to, but i’m still proud of it !! 

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You can post this or not I don't wanna pressure you but I'm just wondering if you could maybe help me with validation????? I'm on my period and it's like a reminder that I'm not actually a """"real boy""""" and I'm just kinda really sad and emotional and wow I am so sorry this sounds so desperate and needy??? Ah jeez I'm sorry for bugging you

awe man i get you :(( you’re 100% a boy!! you’re a handsome boy!!!!!! you’re a boy who’s bleeding blood is badass how badass is that!!!!!!


(Wow this made me sad drawing this. But the fact that Nile has Sunny in his phone as squidiot makes it a little better)

So Sunny says the words. The words Nile’s past crush who joked about being together with him even though Nile really liked him, never said and it kinda made Nile emotional. Will this be enough to put em together or am I going to have to pull a few more heartstrings?


oh my god you guys



I never thought I would get this far so fast .. I thought this would take at least a year!!

You guys I am so flattered that all of you care enough to follow me, send me asks.. I didn’t really think anyone liked my art! But apparently some people do haha!

I have already met some great friends and improved on my style.

You guys really keep me determined to improve.

to keep going.

you know?

Thank you for everything so much!! 

You guys mean the world to me~


Random traditional arcanines haha

I just. Wow. Okay. Let me break this down.

This interview with QE is my chance to do the work I’ve always wanted to do.

I’ve spent two years in studio being ridiculed for my preservationist bent. I’ve been told it isn’t realistic to preserve existing structure and that the only way to be an architect is to go big, go home, go modern. The proper thing to do and demolish the historic buildings in favor of putting something glass and shiny in its place because “old things are ugly.”

I’ve been made fun of for not wanting to level an entire district of a historic town in order to masterplan it bigger and better. I’ve watched people design modern building after modern building in a historic context and be lauded as the best thing ever….while I’ve been TORN TO SHREDS for taking in the site/cultural context and surrounding community of the site and using it to influence my designs. You know, like you’re SUPPOSED TO DO. 

QE is the work I’ve always wanted to do. Adaptive reuse. Restoration. Cultural context. The work I’ve been ridiculed for in studio has a place in the design world and they want me for an interview. Me, who has been told from the beginning that I’m not right for the architecture world and that I should just go into HISP because ‘that’s what I’m good at.’ So I did; I only applied to the HISP masters program. And I got in. I was set; back to where I belong. To where I’ve always belong.

But then? The new administration came in. Preservation funding looked like it might be cut, and I realized to safeguard my future job interests I had to apply to architecture firms. Just in case. So I researched the firms coming to the job fair, and found QE. I instantly fell in love with their work; it was everything I have ever wanted to do. The reason I got into ARCH in the first place; to make historic places spaces that the modern public could enjoy.

So I talked to them at the career fair. Weeks passed; I heard nothing. Everyone around me was getting interviews from firms so I thought they had passed me over. I don’t know Revit and having a very preservation-heavy resume, so it was to be expected. But then, I got the email that said they want me for an interview.

Some people might not understand what this means to me, so I’ll try to spell it out.  If I get the job at QE I could work in an environment with people who understand and will encourage my preservationist approach to architecture. I can design mixed-use residential while adapting a historic building to save it from demolition. I can masterplan with the desire to save, and highlight,  historic structures and nobody will think twice. I can say “this won’t pass the historic review board” and people will listen.

This is my dream. I’ve wanted to do this for for years.

And now? Now I just have to nail this interview and impress them. And then, hopefully, I’m in.

No pressure.

But it’s all I’ve ever wanted–so I’ll do my best, be my truest self, and hope for the best.


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“whats the name of the ???% rp blog? :0”

i like the three hyphens too, cute touch

same! i was just thinking that! like instead of doing ‘question-mark-question-mark-question-mark-percent’ it’s implied there are three bc of the hypens. i really am impressed omg. 

also the main reason as to why i like the rp blog so much is because now we see ???% speak. like… this whole time ???% was silent without any emotion but ever since that rp blog it’s been so fascinating to witness ???% be verbal and express how they feel about things, especially in regards to shigeo. 

like so far we’ve seen, ‘scared, guilty, sad, alone’ and wow that’s a lot

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Amanda help send help I'm low key having a REALLY LARGE CONNIPTION LIKE MASSIVE because John said he was gonna block me and wow I wanna cry?????? I FEEL LIKE I HAVE TO BE A REALLY TERRIBLE PERSON FOR HIM TO SAY THAT, NO??? Am I overreacting? Probably... BUT WHAT IF IM NOT?! I just!!!! Pls don't block me too or else Ill actually cry and ahhh you're just my some of my favorite people!! :') the joke wasn't worth this emotional trauma

Uhh, woah ok, first are you sure he wasn’t joking with you? Second what’d you even say? John is super chill lol.

Someone: Wow, you’re vegan? I never would have guessed haha

Me: Yeah I know turns out I’m just really not into blatant animal abuse haha who would’ve guessed