wow nice words

The heaviness of summer’s got me feelin’
more tired than ever.
Sun-kissed skin, more like washed out
and dull.
Stench of sweat makes me sick,
too many spiders, too much time
to do nothing but live w/ myself.
This poet’s run out of words
come back soon.
—  summer depression! by meiyu.f (via coolvilles) / POEM FROM UPCOMING CHAPBOOK ‘THE GOLDEN HOUR’


(she wraps her pretty red lips -
a shade named pomegranate, not cherry -
around the neck of a bottle and bats her darkened eyelashes,
a wordless invitation to the man across the bar
who pretends not to notice as she slips in the heels
she stole from her mother’s closet)


(she lets him take her home -
makes her body soft, pliant -
he offers the seeds and she lets them stain her chin
like a sacrifice, like blood. she smiles as she kisses him,
and she lets him think that all this
was his idea)


(in this world, it it widely known
that the name persephone means bringer of destruction -
she is hunger, she is greed, she is want,
and there is nothing more devastating
than the ambition of a teenage girl)

—  conquering the (under)world: a three-step guide | m.c.p
And THAT is why you never judge a book by its cover.


Got on a bus, sat down, alone, as usual. I was a little further forward than usual because I let a nice family sit in the back and this was my island of solitude.

Then the bus took on more passengers. And more.

Eventually I pulled my bag in and scooted to the window as the bus filled up more–and almost immediately the seat beside me was taken.

He was an older man with a bag, and I just locked myself into my phone and gave him some slight acknowledgement (I don’t really interact with strangers because anxiety).

I noticed that he had a black bag, and he was muttering, I couldn’t tell if it was to me or to someone else (I think it was me). I avoided contact, though, retreating further, and pretended not to notice the sight or smell when he pulled out a can of cherry alcohol.

But eventually ignoring him became more awkward and felt ruder, so eventually I put my phone down and started talking back. Here’s what I learned:

–His name is Bobby Joe
–He’s never been on a date in 49 years
–He has diabetes and his foot is working poorly
–He has a 31-year-old son who is a carpenter
–He is also a carpenter
–He is missing his right middle finger but did not lose it to a saw
–He lost it in Afghanistan
–Along with all but one of the men in his vehicle
–He also got shot in the lower abdomen (he showed me)
–He also got addicted to Heroin there like pretty much everyone else
–He has been clean for THIRTY TWO MONTHS do you know how proud I am of that man?
–I sadly already forgot his exact quote but it was something like “I am me and that’s all that matters” it was inspirational
–The man is a goshdarned American war hero and I was about to dismiss him as a creepy old drunk who never made anything of his life

I know this is a very specific story and my white male privilege gives me a lot of leniency in how Scary people can be, but…wow

30 years old and I still have so much more to learn.

But you know what?

The 29-year-old me never marched into a conversation like that. The 29-year-old me would have kept his judgment and his misinformed beliefs. But I am 30.

30 is different. I’ve grown. I’ve leveled up.

So happy birthday to me. May God bless me with many more, and may I use what I have already been given to help others. There’s a lot more life to live, and a lot that I have lived that I can share.

God bless that man.

Something New

fic based off of this picture (x)

summary: dan comes across something new and decides to use it in the bedroom with phil

genre: smut

warnings: swearing, blowjobs, buzzing chapstick wtf, anal, dom!dan (wow nice)

word count: 2092 (shit i haven’t written one this long in ages lmao)

A/N: this may be one of the weirdest fics i have ever written (other than big mistake gosh) but seriously guys, it’s cherry flavoured buzzing chapstick how could i not? GIANT special thank you to holly for betaing my fic and skyping me about phil’s dick size. she’s honestly amazing and wrote a super hot fic today as well, so check out her blog yo. enjoy! <33

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Alphabet Boy

Tw: swearing.
Genre: literally fluff, smut, and angst with a happy ending.
Words: 3,146
Summary: Phil always pesters dan with the alphabet. Sneering at him in hallways and such. All because In 1st grade he was so nervous he said “A,C,B” but what happens when dan finally loses it and shows dan he’s big now? Riding, teeny tiny bit of overstimulation, Daddy kink and rough smut. Pastel! Dan and punk! Phil
By the way I suck at grammar and such as you can tell so I’m so sorry about this all and hopefully I’ll get better

Dan hated school. He absolutely despised it. He saw no reason to want to go somewhere super early only to learn stuff you’ll never use in your life again. So he couldn’t help the glare that he wore as he walked through the crowded halls. He couldn’t help it, people just got on his nerves. They were loud or picking on someone or some people just didn’t know when someone needed to be left alone. Sighing he stuffed his hands in his white jeans. Dan was definitely what people call an aesthetically pleasing person. He wore a soft pastel pink oversized jumper today, white jeans, some pastel lavender converse, and of course his favorite lavender and pink flowered flower crown. Dan never cared what people thought of his outfits. It’s his taste and he doesn’t force others to like it so he’s glad No one has tried to force him not to like it. You see, he didn’t hate people because of his outfits or sexuality, no, this school doesn’t judge. Everyone accepted him and he had friends, he just knew they respected his wishes to be alone. He hated school because of one person, one person who made his life hell. Phil Lester. Badass punk who somehow managed to beat dans grades by miles. He didn’t even study! How was that fair? But still he ruined his life. You see in first grade he was asked to stand and list the alphabet, not that hard right? But you see dan was a horrifyingly shy kid. Still shy, even at 17 years old, but when everyone’s watching you and you’re shy you speak quickly And of course the dreaded mistake happened.


Groaning internally he stood shaking slightly. Everyone was watching him, everyone knew him, if he messed up they would never let him live it down. He hated the attention being on him, it made everything so awkward. Some say it was anxiety and some say he was too young and simply shy. Either way Dan Howell was about ready to jump out the window. Deciding he could either embarrass himself or let the teacher embarrass him which also involved getting his mom involved for disrespecting his teacher, he said it once in his head then bolted out “The alphabet, a c b” He quickly glanced around close to tears as everyone snickered. Of course they weren’t being mean. Simply being immature like kids their age were. Dan didn’t know it just that moment, but a boy in the back of the class snickering to himself was about to change his life in a bad way. For now.

:flashback over:

Of course people forgot. They moved on in only a week. Soon the biggest discussion was Annie broke her leg and used crutches and everyone got to draw on her cast, but that didn’t stop Phil from mentioning it. Didn’t stop him from making him cry nightly, and certainly didn’t stop him from reminding the whole School that he was stupid. ‘Speaking of’ he thought dryly as he watched the boy walk over. Phil Lester was beautiful. He couldn’t deny that, he had pale skin that dan swears sometimes he can see through him, his body was slim and tall standing at 2 inches above dan which royally pissed him off, his hair sat perfectly on top of his head never having to worry about it curling, and his eyes were enough to make anyone swoon. Still an asshole though. “Hey alphabet fuck up!” Phil said smirking at the Pastel boy with the same glint in his eye he got every time he saw dan, probably hate. “What do you want alphabet boy.” He asked glaring at the raven haired boy before him, more than likely here to fuck with him, and not in a kinky way. You see, those weren’t cute nicknames that made his heart melt, it was a reminder that no matter what Phil was better than him. Phil usually switched around the nickname but dan continued to call Phil alphabet boy. It was an insult in his mind, probably not in Lesters. “What’s the second letter of the alphabet?” Phil asked laughing darkly. Of course he was here to make fun of him. “Hmm I hope it’s F for fuck you.” Dan said smirking. Phil glared at that and stepped forward pinning the pastel boy against the lockers. He tried really hard not to think about how Phils body fit perfect on his own. “Don’t make me punish you Howell. That mouths messed up before but I’m sure we could find better use of it.” He whispered darkly grinding his hips ever so lightly to make it seem as though an accident. Dan of course let out a pathetic whimper blushing at the sound Phil could rip out of him at the smallest touch. He hated Phil. He did, But come on, hot guy pinning you against a locker and whispering dirty sentences in your ear? Fuck yeah he was gonna take advantage of it. He felt the hot breathe of the other on his neck and oh god, his neck was his most sensitive body part, he didn’t know why but it was. Phil laughed again before backing up, shaking his head and saying “pathetic.” Before walking away surely heading to smoke with his friends. And God fucking dammit did Dan Howell hate Phil fucking Lester.

Sighing he headed towards his English class a few minutes later. You see dan wasn’t stupid, he knew what to do, how to do it, and exactly why. He just didn’t care. Nobody took him seriously with English anymore so why bother. He saw no point in trying to impress the others. So he sat down at the back and pulled his sketch book out, zoning out and ignoring the teacher that walked in and began teaching. Dan began to sketch, at first drawing harsh lines that no one else would be able to picture but soon filling in and shading the picture in front of him. It was clearly a cherry blossom tree now. To most people this was just a tree, but to dan he saw the meaning, it explained the beauty of life but also how tragically short it was.

“Howell!” He heard his name being shouted, and with a breathless gasp he looked up from his sketch book to see his English teacher. “Finally with us I see.” She said before heading back to why learning this shit was “important.”
He heard a quiet snicker and immediately knew who it was but decided it was best if he just act like he’s listening and continue his sketch of a cherry blossom tree.
Once the bell has rang he proceeded to get up hoping to leave quickly and go home, maybe play some video games and ignore how fucked up his life was, but that was ruined when his teacher called out “Lester, Howell, I need to speak with you both.” Of course. Of-fucking-course. What did Lester do? Had he started something?Groaning quietly he walked over to her desk. “Yes Ms. Julie?” He asked hoping it was nothing serious and he wouldn’t have to stay for very long. “You’ve been failing Howell. Your just not getting this, so I think it’s best we get you a tutor.” She said. Are you fucking kidding me. How dare she. In front of Phil? Was this just more reason for him to insult me? “Oh, um okay.” He mumbled clearly embarrassed and fuck Lester of course he was smirking. “And since Lester has perfect scores, he’ll be tutoring you.” “WHAT?” He yelled, oh no no no no this couldn’t be happening to him. School was different. He had people there, but since he lived alone there would be no safety. This couldn’t be happening. He heard Phil quietly snicker and turned to glare at him. “Whatever, your coming to my house, and I don’t wanna hear a thing until we’re there.” He growled before storming out beginning to head to his house. He can’t believe she’s making him spend time with Lester. He just wanted to go home and relax but no. “Wow what nice words, alphabet slut.” He heard. Dan willed himself not to cry at the word slut. He was a virgin so why was he being called something so rude. “I will murder you.” He said through his teeth as he clenched them together. “Stop talking.” He added on.

The walk to his house was silent but he knew hell was to come. Walking slowly dan took this time to think about everything. Why Phil thought it was hilarious to torture him, why the earth was so pretty but held such assholes, and why he couldn’t read Phils emotion right at the moment. It annoyed him too no end not to be able to read his emotions. His face was just set in a blank expression giving no hints to what he was thinking about and It made him feel stupid. Soon he was arriving at his house and unlocking the door. “It’s not much..but I live alone so I guess it doesn’t matter” he shrugged awkwardly. He quickly made his way in inviting Phil inside before closing the door and heading upstairs. He opened his door blushing at the anime and video games that located around the room. “Sorry for the mess” he mumbled. “We could make a bigger mess.” Phil said smirking at dan and winking. Dan rolled his eyes but blushed more. “How about we get this over with?” He said sitting down at his desk and pulling out his books. Phil sighed and reluctantly sat down on the bed beginning to explain the chapter they are working on in class.
Even though Dan already knew what to do.

~time skip because I’m not a teacher~

They sat there for a few hours working on the lesson. Dan was beginning to get annoyed. He knew all of this he just didn’t care so why was he being forced to learn all of this? At the moment Phil was reading over a paper, so he decided to take some time studying him. He looked over his face first, the way his eyelids fluttered the tiniest bit when he read, the way his lips parted ever so slightly, he watched the way his eyes moved along the paper as though it was a girl he found attractive. You see, dan wouldn’t lie, he’s hot. God he’s hot and he definitely wouldn’t mind that mouth on his neck, wait shit he can’t think like that. Slowly his eyes travelled down to his body, his hands which would be perfect for holding him down, no, none of that, his torso which he could bet would fit perfectly on his, and slowly travelled down to his crotch, of course he was wearing skinny jeans which left almost nothing to the imagination. You know what, fuck it, He was done being teased, he just wanted to be fucked by Phil Lester and he had a plan for that, he would say something to annoy him, then say something in which hopefully he’ll take as a hint. So he slowly looked up and said “My eyes have crossed. I am now blind. I can not continue or I will die.” He said dramatically. Phil rolled his eyes “just shut up Howell.” He said glaring at the pastel boy. Dan but his lip before he spoke lowly, “why don’t you make me?” He said fluttering his eyes for effect. Phil growled under his breath before walking over to the boy. Phil knew his plan and if that’s what he wanted then that’s what he’ll fucking give him. Deciding they could do soft later he quickly grabbed Dans hair but before he pulled and they started this he looked down “are you sure you want this?” He asked. See he wasn’t a total dick. Dan quickly whined nodding “yes daddy.” And fuck every restraint went out the window as he yanked up on dans hair, forcing him to stand. “Say red if you need to stop. We won’t continue for another second but you’ll need to say it.” Phil said. Dan let out a whimper already feeling himself harden at the roughness. Yes he hated Phil, but he wanted to be fucked and screw anyone that judged him for that. “Tell me who you belong to.” Phil said dominance clear in his voice as he pulled dans trousers down quickly. “You daddy.” Dan moaned blushing and whimpering as the cold air hit his throbbing member that was already half hard. Phil smirked and smacked his ass before saying “I want you to ride me in your jumper and crown baby” he said pushing dan on the bed and undressing himself quickly. He stopped at the edge of the bed stroking himself for a minute while letting out deep grunts. Dan was in pure bliss and he hasn’t even been touched yet. He watched as Phil stroked himself and quickly looked up at Phil “can I suck you off daddy? Please daddy wanna make you feel good.” He whined his mouth practically drooling at Phils cock. It was huge but not too big and plenty wide. It was definitely perfect in Dans eyes and he needed it in his mouth. Phil smirked at his baby before climbing on the bed and guiding Dans head onto his cock. Fuck. Phil wasn’t religious but he was positive this was heaven. Dans mouth was hot and wet and he was kitten licking the tip and Phil was positive he was seeing Jesus.

Dan glanced up and made eye contact with Phil as he went deeper taking him down his throat. Pro of being dan Howell. No gag reflex bitches. Phil continued to let out moans and dan pretty much drank them up swallowing Phil down. Phil could only moan as he watched the boy take him and stared in amazement at his lack of a gag reflex. But soon he was getting close and all good things got fucking better as he stood up and shushed a whining dan grabbing the lube from his school bag. Phil walked back over to the bed leaning over dan as he left soft kisses up and down the boys exposed collar bones from his jumper pushing down. Dan whined softly at the feeling of Phil being sweet and his hips thrusted up on their own accord silently begging Phil to get on with it. Phil chuckled whispering a small “needy” to which dan whined at. Phil quickly decided this needed to move on and poured a generous amount of lube onto his fingers before taking his pointer finger and moving it in circles around the boys hole. Dan whimpered trying to push back onto the finger and Phil laughed making sure there was enough lube that it wouldn’t hurt as much then pushed his finger in quickly. Dan moaned loudly and leaned up sucking hickeys into Phils chest pushing back into the thrusts of Phils finger. “Daddy please” he whined “please daddy I need you!” He whimpered impatiently. Phil looked at dan and smirked quickly pushing in two more fingers loving the way the boys face twisted into pain but his mouth held open spilling moans that proved he loved this. “You’ve been so bad, being so rude to your daddy, your lucky I’m here to help you, I’d usually never help such a slut.” Phil growled out biting at dans neck leaving angry purple splotches. Dan was so close already and this hasn’t even gotten to the best part yet. “Daddy please need to cum daddy please make me cum with your fingers then take me with your cock daddy please” dan sobbed out as Phil began stroking him. Phil chuckled “kinky little shit” he said stroking dan faster “cum you little slut.” He said thrusting into the boys hole harshly with his fingers.

Dan sobbed as he came spilling all over their stomachs and began to whimper at the pain of Phil stroking him and thrusting into his abused hole. “Daddy oh please! Please don’t stop!” He sobbed. He wasn’t really sure if he was pushing back to get away from the pain or to get to the pleasure faster as his hips moved on his own. Deciding it was time and dan was hard enough he rolled them over lining his cock with the boys red hole. “Ready baby?” He asked sucking more hickeys into the boys neck. Phil whimpered letting out breathy moans as he nodded quickly and that’s all it took for Phil to smirk and drop dan into his dick. Dan continued to sob and moan slowly starting to move up and down making sweater paws and biting at his knuckles through the jumper to shield his sobs. Everything was so much. It was too much but not even close to enough and dan swore up and down this was going to kill him. Dan let out a series of small “daddy’s” and whimpers of “ah ah ah” and Phil couldn’t get enough of it as he flipped them over again pounding into dan roughly feeling himself get closer to the edge. “Daddy!” Dan screamed as he came again and Phil followed not far behind as he moaned loudly slamming into dan one last time before stilling and pulling out. Phil then got up and went to walk away when he heard a small sob and a tiny voice saying “your leaving?” At which Phils heart exploded with pure fondness of this boy. He never hated dan, he loved him, he just knew he would never go for someone like him so he teased him. Turning around his heart broke at the sight of dan looking up at him with tear tracks down his cheeks his eyelashes wet and his lips formed in a pout. He looked so vulnerable he would swear this wasn’t the same boy who called him daddy no less than two minutes ago. “No baby I’m gonna go get some towels, run a bath, and get you some water. Want anything else love?” He asked kissing the boys forehead.

Dan thought for a minute before nodding shyly “I um, is this, what, what are we?” He asked blushing. Phil melted and smiled “we’re us love.” And went to grab this stuff leaving dan to blush. Okay maybe he wasn’t so bad. Still an asshole though, he laughed to himself.
And that’s how he spent the rest of his night, being cuddled and pampered while they watched anime. And Of course he had questions and he didn’t fully forgive Phil yet but he knew he would eventually. Because Phil was HIS alphabet boy. “My alphabet boy” he mumbled kissing Phils jaw. To which Phil smiled.
The End

Got a lot of compliments this week and I didn’t have the heart to tell people I wasn’t putting in extra effort I just lost my glasses.


thecatgirlyang  asked:

Hey, I've got a prompt for the Kiibo x Ouma thing. Ouma carries Kiibo to his "evil organisation's headquarters" which is actually his house, Ouma's brother tries to mess with Kiibo and Ouma gets all defensive, "they have feelings too!"

Sure thing! I’m on my computer, so let’s get writing! I hope you guys enjoy!

Notice: Seeing as this fic was written 12/24/16, (prior to the Japanese NDRV3 release on 1/12/17) the characters may be mischaracterized. Nonetheless, please enjoy.

Additionally, this fic takes place in a Non-Despair/No Killing Game AU.

A Day in the Depths of Hell

“Please let go of me!” the robot hollered at his newfound “companion.” It was Ouma. Ouma Kokichi, supposed ‘Supreme Ruler,’ an apparently famous and renowned dictator known for leading a secret evil organization of more than 10,000 members, despite being a self-proclaimed liar.

“No way!” the ruler spat back, dragging the robot as his metal feet skidded along the sidewalk. “I’m taking you to the headquarters of my super-secret organization!”

Every interaction between the two was similar to this: the smaller of the two dragging the robot along.

It was like that when they first met back in chemistry class, too.

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i sometimes like to look at this scene as a sort of au!magic reveal. like that arthur knew - that arthur always knew, and merlin knew that arthur knew but neither of them ever voiced it. it never was brought up between them because if they brought it up it meant that arthur would then have to do something about it, something that he didnt want to do like banish merlin or worse see him dead. so this whole time arthur knew and they never brought it up, but then suddenly ghost!uther does, and they’re forced to face it for this single moment of merlin looking at arthur wondering what he’s going to do, if he’s going to say anything but instead arthur just looks at merlin and they have one of those silent conversations that they always seem to have and arthur is saying “its okay, merlin it’s okay i know. it doesnt matter” and merlin is flooded with relief and love for this stupid man so he can only say “thank you thankyouthankyou” in return


Bouquet of Clumsy Words

A/n: I’m so done, sorry, this is such a pisstake and it’s not even on time, wow. I always appreciate messages, they make me write more and stuff, so yeah :)
ezzieforprezzie drew the most darling milex Valentine thing (I stole the quote from it) and I can find the link but it’s on her blog and it’s so friggin cute.

A milex Valentine’s fic.


It had been a long time coming he supposed. Well it seemed it had been as he watched from the doorway that separated the small living room from the even smaller kitchen. The other man looked remarkably comfortable in his apartment, even had his feet on the sofa, Miles would’ve scolded him had he not wanted to keep the silence for just a little longer. Come to think of it- and it wasn’t like Miles was staring, he really wasn’t studying him, not at all- but come to think of it Alex wasn’t even enthralled by the magazine in front of him, propped against his thigh. He was obviously pretending to read it as the focus of his attention apparently swung between his own fingers and a small thread that was sticking out of the settee, the object of his amusement.

Miles stood still as long as he dared, sure he hadn’t been caught staring. Alex hadn’t moved the whole time, Miles wondered how long it would take for him to realise that there was no banging of pots and pans coming from the kitchen where he was supposedly clearing up after their dinner. Actually Miles didn’t known why he was holding his breath, hands poised with a glass of expensive dark red wine for them both, an excuse perhaps at to why he was loitering. He distinctly remembered telling Alex, probably a bit shakily to get some record playing while he cleared away. Alex had ignored him clearly, settling as he had done, looking like he was about to start a confrontation.

Honestly he was expecting one. It was his own fault, on a whim that morning he’d lost all desire to be subtle. Alex had been invited over weeks before, no mention of the very specific date, or any connotations that “just dinner and a drink” might have because of it. He’d simply announced it as “come on Al, it’s the first Saturday we’ll both be free, when am I gonna see you next?” And Alex had immediately agreed. Although that was as far as subtle went because now the general idea seemed to be fuck it. It was all Alex’s fault. If the fucker hadn’t texted him around midday saying he was bored and “what time was this dinner thing again” and, AND, fucking “should I wear summat nice” with a fucking winky face tagged on. That was about the time that Miles had refused to reply, knowing he’d show up around five if he was as bored as he suggested. It was also about the time that Miles pulled on a jacket and hurried out, previous ideas about just grabbing a take away from the chippy entirely dissipating. He’d picked up pasta, some desire to home cook something that Alex might like. Arrabbiata, he’d mentioned once that it was his favourite. Miles had also picked up wine, two bottles, a very fine one, the one he now held in two sparkling glasses, the other, a personal favourite of his was significantly sampled when he’d arrived home and started cooking. It had only been 1pm when he cracked it open, but hey, it was 5 o'clock somewhere in the world. He’d forgone the flowers. Just about. Close though, very close to picking up roses, red ones. In fact he’d been toying with how much romance was conveyed by the cliche single red rose versus the whole bunch when he snapped himself out of it. Sure he was going for laying it on thick but he wanted an option for incase he felt weak, so he could laugh the whole thing off, flowers seemed like the tipping point.

It didn’t take long for Miles’ thoughts to be shattered by an exhalation. He almost didn’t want to let Alex speak but he knew he had no idea what to say, so he just stood there, wanting to wipe his sweaty palms dry on his carefully picked out trousers or the crisp shirt that he’d so carefully ironed because he was of course making an effort. Instead he just stood there, breathing carefully controlled. He could smell the candle he’d just blown out, smoke wafting in through the small room, that had been another touch. That and the red table cloth. Red table cloth that matched the colour of his cheeks when Alex had seen the set up, table for set for two, his favourite meal cooked specially, that fucking tablecloth and a single white candle in the centre. “Ooooh romantic,” he beamed, laughing and Miles smacked him lightly over the head with an oven glove, turning away so his flush was hidden.

Now Alex finally spoke up, dragging Miles out of his thoughts. “Mi?” His voice was soft and he tried to lock their gaze but Miles offered only a mumble that said he’d heard, crossing the room to place Alex’s wine glass down, not letting him speak just yet, “bought us some posh wine.” He murmured, still averting Alex’s gaze and instead seeing to the fact that the record player was still silent. He wanted to find a stupidly romantic record to put in, something with a deep croon and maybe some brass but nothing immediately sprung to mind and Alex’s stare was burning into his back. Instead he gave in and turned around. Alex was looking into his wine, and Miles knew he was about to say it, knew it was coming.

“Mi?” He asked again, hesitant. “Was this a date?” Miles almost wanted to laugh at that because Alex, Alex is so sure of his sentences, they’re thought out and careful, and often skirting. This seemed too direct, sudden, he wasn’t mincing his words here. Miles’ silence was obviously most telling, or perhaps it was his sudden interest in his own wine, one hand carefully being wiped against his shirt followed by the other. Alex wasn’t going to settle for silence apparently. “Fuck.” Then he paused. “It was wasn’t it? This was a date!” Miles’ ears were pink by now, he wanted to make his excuses to go and clear up or something but he was decidedly rooted to the spot. He didn’t even know why, because he’d fucking planned it, to a fucking T. His plan had gone far better than this mind. He chanced looking up then realising he had little else in the way of options since he’d left it too long in an awkward silence to go down the denial route. Instead he swallowed, took a deep breath, Alex wasn’t even looking at him anymore, had his head down and once again studying that bit of thread on the settee. “Um, do you wanna maybe…” He cleared his throat because, fuck, Alex was looking at him again with wide eyes and his lip between his teeth. His expression was unreadable so Miles just continued, “do you wanna be like..” He scratched the back off his neck with a sort of bitter chuckle, “my valentine… Or summat?” If it was possible Miles flushed even more and Alex’s eyes widened further. The silence stretched and Miles was seriously considering locking himself in the kitchen and just waiting it out until Alex eventually left and probably never spoke to him again, it seemed like he’d set himself up for a painful reality.

Next thing he knew Alex had his head in his hands and his shoulders hunched over. Miles sighed sadly, forcing a deep breath as his vision sort of clouded a little bit. When he heard a soft sniffle from the sofa he frowned, studying the man for a moment before he was quickly crouched beside him. Awkwardness aside Alex was still, just about, his best friend and he was sat on his settee crying. Miles didn’t know if he was allowed to touch him but did anyway, arm around his back in comfort, “hey, hey shhh, err ya don’ ‘ave to be me Valentine Al!” He assured gently feeling guilty now as well as stupid. To his utter relief Alex started laughing, just slightly, and then he sighed sadly, looking up and trying to compose himself. “Sorreh, Mi I just, it’s not tha’, and it’s not that I don’t wanna be, I- I’d love to, I think,” he uttered, face back in his hands and Miles couldn’t help but grin at him, “are ya serious?” He asked, uncertainly because Alex was still crying and as far as he knew it was his fault. “I mean, I did make ya cry, probably quite a shit Valentine that makes ya cry..” Alex laughed properly then. “Sorry Miles, wasn’t you, I just-” he took a deep breath, shaky. Miles yearned to take his hand but it seemed a boundary unable to be crossed while this unspoken situation was unresolved, he settled for subtlety leaning closer so that Alex’ side was pressed to his. Alex swallowed, “y-you, hmm… you really thought abou’ ev'rything, like.. I joked about yer… Fuckin’ candle and tha’ but secretly were ‘oping you’d done it on purpose, the whole night me 'eart’s been fuckin…” He trailed off, making some sort of hand gesture to signal what exactly his heart had been doing. Miles wanted to laugh, because how stupidly cliche could this be, only Alex could entirely miss out on the deliberate unsubtle hints that Miles had dropped. He sighed.

Alex turned away then and this time he wasn’t sobbing but staring at the wall with silent tears running down his cheeks and of course, of course Miles noticed. He deemed it safe to put an arm around him, pull him close and hope he didn’t flinch away. Alex only sighed yet again, “sorreh, it’s just stupid, I’m happy, I swear, I just- No one’s ever planned summat like this for me, like careful and proper- you cooked for me… me favourite thing and … I just-” Miles grinned at him, cutting him off, “I’m gonna kiss you now,” he murmured, closing the gap between them. It was awkward because they were sat too close and Alex’s knees drawn up to his chest were right in the way and his toes poked into Miles’ hip uncomfortably. Alex’s lips were salty with tears and tasted a little bit like the wine that he’d had a sip of and Miles hadn’t yet tried. He trembled slightly but his hand came up to the back of Miles’ head to pull them closer, fingers weaving into his hair. Miles knew it wasn’t this simple but he gave in to the moment. Alex’s kiss was passionate but in the softest way, it was warm and tender but held emotion, great emotion. Miles brought his hands to Alex’s face, thumbs ever so gently running across his cheeks to brush away the tears that still fell. It was Alex who pulled away, eyes still closed and breathing heavy. He finally opened his eyes and gave a somewhat watery smile. “Knew it were a fuckin date!” Miles shoved him lightly then, but allowed his arm to drape round his shoulders, coaxing him to lean closer and his fingers fiddled with a bit of hair behind Alex’s ear. He offered a slightly ambiguous “hmmm” but a wide smile. “Get yer feet off me settee Turner,” he chuckled lightly.

Jealous (Draco Malfoy )

Warning: Mild Smut

Request: Hullo so could you maybe write me a one shot with draco where both of us like each other but either of us make a move so we try to make each other jealous but in the end I just get frustrated and kiss him? Slytherin, female, muggle born, pleease I tried this with another blog but they’re not active and I need to satisfy my draco needs ugh

Draco Malfoy. Where do I begin. He’s smart, most of the time. He’s gorgeous, all the time. He’s got a humorous side to him as well. He’s the perfect human being. I had a major crush on Draco, but he did not. He didn’t say that, but I’m a muggle born. I’m also a proud Slytherin. Most of my fellow Slytherins have no issues with me, mostly because they are terribly scared of me. They have all the right to be. I don’t play around.

I was walking down the hallway when my best friend, Pansy Parkinson, jumped in front of me and started screaming.

“Y/n! Y/n! Y/n!” She shrieked.

I put my hands on my ears. “What? What? What?” I yelled.

“I just finished talking to Draco and Blaise! And you will NEVER guess what Draco told me!” She screamed.

“Is he gonna get off his high horse and start treating people with respect?” I uncovered my ears and continued walking.

“We both know that’s not happening any time soon.” She muttered. She ran up and caught up to me. “Y/n! He likes you!”

“Yea. Good one, Pansy.” I said.

“Y/n! It’s true. He said so himself. He said he really likes you. He said he’s liked you since first year!” She squealed.

“Wow. All those times he called me mudblood, I thought he was being mean. I’m glad you cleared things up and made me realize he was flirting.” I said, sarcastically.

“Oh lighten up. Maybe he was being mean to you because he liked you.” She insisted.

“Oh yea. Very mature for a 16 year old.” I rolled my eyes.

“You’re just a big pile of sarcasm today aren’t you?” She laughed.

“When aren’t I?” I smiled.

“Are you gonna make your move on him?” She smirked.

“What? No! If he really likes me, he’ll make the first move. And he better do it fast before someone else does.” I said and headed to class.

“One week. It’s been one week and he still hasn’t said anything.” I whisper yelled to Pansy. We were in potions, sitting in the very back of the room with most of the other Slytherins. Draco was sitting right in front of us with Crabbe and Goyle. I sat with Pansy and Blaise.

“Who?” Asked Blaise. I was sandwiched between Blaise and Pansy.

“None of your business!” Pansy hissed.

“I know your talking about Draco. I just wanted you to say it.” He smirked.

“What about me?” We all turned and saw Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle staring at us.

“Just that Y/n-” Blaise didn’t get a chance to finish. I quickly pinched his thigh and twisted it as hard as I could, causing him to make a loud painful noise. I let go as soon as the class turned to look at us. The professor gave us a suspicious look but continued teaching.

I turned to Blaise and quietly whispered. “If you say anything I will not hesitate to use the cruciatus curse on you. Got it?”

His eyes widened and he quickly nodded. I turned back to Draco who was watching me.

“Turn around, Malfoy.” I spat. He smirked and turned around.

“Y/n! I got it!” Pansy whisper yelled. “You need to make him jealous.”

I shot my head towards her. “Pans! That’s brilliant!”

“Do it after class… With Potter!” She smirked.

I looked around class and spotted potter sitting next to Weasley. I smirked to myself. This will surely get Draco to make his move.

Class was dismissed and as always the golden trio, Malfoy and his posse, and Pansy and I were the last ones in the class.

I nodded at Pansy who dragged Crabbe, Goyle, and Blaise out.

I walked up to Potter as his friends left. It was Potter, Malfoy, and me.

“Harry?” I said, sweetly.

He looked up at me and swallowed.
“Y-yes?” He stuttered.

“I was wondering if you could help me out with the potion from today. I didn’t quite understand it.” I said, playing with the buttons on his shirt.

He took a sharp breathe when I unbuttoned his top button.

A loud thud cause both of us to turn. Draco had slammed a book on the floor.

“What is it, Malfoy.” Potter spat.

“Nothing. Dropped a book you blind git.” He spat back. He looked at me then back at Harry. “I’ll leave you to at it then.” He said, before storming out the door.

I smirked to myself. “S-so. When do you want to teach you?” Harry stuttered.

I turned to him and leaned in to his ear. “I think I got it now.” I whispered and walked out of the room. Leaving a poor, confused Harry.

I walked into the Great hall and sat next to pansy.

“Did it work?!” She whispered. I nodded and told her what happened.

“Awwwww. Y/n that’s so cute. He really does like you.” She hugged me.

“Come on Pans. It’s not like he-” I stopped talking when I saw Draco. He was sitting next to Astoria Greengrass. He had his arm around her waist and when he caught me staring he grabbed her face and smashed his lips onto hers.

“What is it?” Pansy pulled away from me and saw what I was seeing. “Oh.” She whispered.

I got up and ran to the common room. I heard Pansy yelling my name and running after me. Once I got to my room I threw myself on the bed and cried into my pillow.

“Y/n. He was doing that to make you jealous. After what you did to him with Potter. It’s only logical.” She said, while rubbing my back.

“Pans. I want to be alone.” I said. “I need to figure out my next move.

She laughed. “There’s the Y/n I know and love.” With that, she got up and headed for the door.

“Wait. Tell Draco he’s wanted in his dorm. Alone.” I said.

She turned to me and smiled. “Sure thing.”

I got out of my bed and wiped my tears away. I walked to his room and closed the door. I sat down on his bed and waited. It took less than five minutes for him to get there. He opened the door and walked in.

“Hello, Malfoy.” I said. I waved my wand and the door closed and locked.

“What’s this, Y/l/n? What are you doing?” He asked, worriedly.

I got up and slowly walked up to him. With every step I took, he took one back until he was against the wall.

“Since you won’t make the first move. I guess I’ll have to do it.” I said, seductively. He gulped.

I reached up to his tie and began to slowly undo it. When I got it undone I pulled it, causing his lips to touch mine. I kept the kiss slow, but passionate. I wrapped my arms around his neck, while his went around my waist. I licked his bottom lip, causing him to open his mouth. I slid my tongue in and collided it with his. He smirked into the kiss.

“You think you can have the upper hand here?” He breathed, before turning and pushing me up against the wall. My feet were no long touching the ground so I wrapped them around his waist. His lips kissed my jaw and made their way down to my neck. He sucked on my neck, finding my sweet spot, causing me to moan.

He smirked and kept kissing my neck. He stopped as he slid his hands under my skirt to hold me up while he carried me to the bed. Now was my chance to get the upper hand back. As he carried me to the bed, I started unbuttoning his shirt. He laid me down and took it off.

While he took his shirt off, I sat up and pinned him down. I smiled sweetly at his shocked expression. I leaned down and kissed him on his lips. As I kissed him I reached down to his belt and undid it. I could feel his manhood wanting to pop out and say hello. I parted my lips from his. “Take them off.” I breathed.

He nodded, quickly, and I sat up, straddling him, so he could take them off. Once he did, I leaned down and kissed his neck. I made my way down to his toned stomach. I left a trail of kisses down his stomach before getting up off his bed.

“What is it?” He asked, panting.

“Did you think I was that easy?” I laughed. “I’m not Astoria Greengrass. I’m not just gonna let you get in my pants. No matter how much I like you.” I smirked. “At least I know how much you like me.” I headed for the door.

“Wait.” Draco said. I turned around and saw that he was smiling and putting his pants on. “Wow. When you commit to something, you really COMMIT.” He laughed.

I smiled. “Yea. Well I’m not good at losing.”

“Astoria was just to get back at you. You know, with Potter.” He leaned against his bed, shirtless.

“Yea. I got that.” I rolled my eyes.

He smiled and walked to me. “Hogsmede? Saturday?” He asked, taking my hand in his.

“Wow. Those are two nice words.” I said, sarcastically.

He chuckled. “Would you like to accompany me to Hogsmede on Saturday?”

I smiled. “I’d be delighted.” He smiled, a genuine smiled, and kissed the back of my hand.

“I’ll see you there, love.” He whispered.

So it’s a mild smut. I have no clue how it happened, but it did. What do you guys think of my mild smut?! Give me some feedback, by messaging me to my main blog. theunicornblogger