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Work Out - William Nylander

“i made a lot of mistakes / crash collide into space / who’s to blame, tell me who’s to blame”

requested: yes | no

word count: 2100

warnings: cursing, struggles with body image and weight-related insults

lyrics source/what i listened to while writing this: hypocrite by cage the elephant

a/n: not gonna lie, i felt very uncomfortable writing this as someone who has struggled with body weight/image but in a different way. i hope it’s alright but if anyone has any problems with it, please let me know.

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your cheeks were burning from embarrassment and anger. people talked about you behind your back all the time; they all believed that william nylander should be with a girl who fit the typical wag mold, and not you. but this? this was fucking ridiculous.

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Hockey Luke



Your boyfriend slid across the rink in a blur between pinning members of the opposite team to the glass and shooting goals. He kept a tough facade, constantly getting in fights. Yo

You screamed loudly when Luke scored the winning goal, running out of the bleachers to outside the locker rooms. You smiled widely when he walked out the doors, you grab his skates and entwine your fingers. As soon as the doors open, lights start flashing and people start yelling.

“How does it feel to be the youngest team captain in the NHL?” A reporter asked.

“Get out of my face.” Luke said emotionless.

“Wow, that’s a great piece of ass you got there Hemmings.” Another reporter said with a disgusting smirk on his face. Luke drops his duffle of gear and throws his fist in the guys direction.


“Did you have to punch him?” You ask as you dab his bloody lip with a damp rag. Luke sat on the counter, you between his legs. His hand was on your waist, long fingers making it so his thumb just about touched your belly button and finger tips touch your spine.

“Did you hear what that guy said to you? It was disgusting.” Luke defended. You let out a sigh before continuing to clean his wounds.

“He was trying to get a rise out of you. It’s probably going to be on all the front pages of all the newspapers.” You say. Luke sighs and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear before nestling his head in your neck. He kissed the skin there. If only the reporters saw this side of Luke, your Luke. The soft, kind Luke that cuddled you to sleep and liked having baths after his games with bubbles. Not the tough Luke that started fights with anything that moved.

“Okay. Your all down.” You say and Luke hops down from the counter.

“Good. This is my first night home, sorry I ruined it.” He apologized. You shook your head before hugging him.

“You didn’t ruin it. C'mon, lets go upstairs and cuddle.” You say before grabbing Luke’s hand. He smiles widely and follows you upstairs.

Hockey Players Before and After Tumblr

Patrick Kane

Before Tumblr: Amazing skill in a small frame. Just absolutely breathtaking when he is on fire.

After Tumblr: He LOVES to lick his lips.

Alex Ovechkin

Before Tumblr: One of the most entertaining players on the ice.

After Tumblr: One of the most entertaining players off the ice.

Tyler Seguin & Jamie Benn

Before Tumblr: Amazing chemistry and complimentary styles.

After Tumblr: OMG do you think I could get invited to their wedding??

Sidney Crosby

Before Tumblr: So whiny, just shut up.


Zdeno Chara

Before Tumblr: Terrifying defensive force.

After Tumblr: He lives in my nightmares.

Corey Perry

Before Tumblr: Is there any way someone hates him more than me?

After Tumblr: Oh. Yep. Wow, ok.

PK Subban

Before Tumblr: Showy, dynamic, clutch offensive defensemen.

After Tumblr: Oh he plays hockey? I thought he was a great suit model with a million dollar smile and enough charm to power the sun.