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So since i have the biggest headache ever… i don’t have anything new today. but we could switch it up a bit. So if you want write short starkquill stories, tag me under it and i’ll reblog them! And i will love you forever! (can be just 50 words if you want - anything would make me happy!)

Here some example sentences you can use, if you need any inspiration:

  • “What do you mean you don’t love me?”
  • “When i’m with you, i forget the rest of the world.”
  • “I-i can’t s-stop crying.”
  • “Wow i never got flowers before!”
  • “Can you help me?”
  • “Do you think i can wear that?”
  • “I don’t know where to go…i dont have anybody.”
  • “You dont have to do that, you know?”
  • “Do you know why thats my favourite song?”
  • “Please just let me kiss you once.”

Only if you are up for it of course! If nobody does that we’ll forget that and tomorrow you get something new from me :3

I’m gonna go ahead and recommend money-making apps, because I’ve tried a bunch of them and some are better than others. 

  • AppTrailers is the most impressive thus far, even though I’ve only been using it a short time. It has the lowest cash-out rate I’ve ever seen, so I’ve already been able to transfer money to my Paypal account. Twice. It was $.50 each time, but that’s still notable because most apps don’t let you cash out until you earn $10 or more, and that can take ages because most of those apps operate on a point system. You’re not earning money, you’re earning points you trade in for cash. Even though AppTrailers operates on this system, it’s pretty easy to earn–I like to just turn the sound off and watch the ads while I’m doing something else. Even the low earners give you 5 points per watch, which is a jump on the 1 point that seems to be customary. I’m used to not being able to earn a lot because I don’t have many people to refer, but this one works for me. You don’t have to earn big to cash out, and that means it’s becoming one of my go-tos. 
  • Google Opinion Rewards is honestly one of the best, and it doesn’t even give you ‘real’ cash. It gives you credit to buy things on GooglePlay, which is great for me because I sometimes like to buy stuff in the games I play. If you don’t have any reason to use GP, this app isn’t for you; I say it’s the best because I’m used to not getting very many survey opportunities and this app gives me a new survey pretty much every week–often more than once a week. I’ve been using it since November, and I’ve already earned $22–that’s kind of a lot for a money-making app. It may not put any cash in your pocket, but it’ll let you buy things without actually spending your hard-earned cash. *cough*attackonlight*cough*
  • Fronto is a… decent… app. I realize that’s not a glowing assessment, and that’s because I’m still assessing different lockscreen apps. It took me months to cash out with $10, but the fact that it pops up on your phone every time you unlock it makes you feel like you’re actually doing something semi-productive with your time, even if it’s not worth much. I got paid. Real money. And I didn’t even have to go out of my way to do it. 
  • OnGo surveys is alright. At first the amount of surveys was semi-comparable to Opinion Rewards, but these days I rarely receive any notifications at all. The cashout llevel is $10, and I’ve been stuck at $7 for a while, but I’d still recommend this app because the surveys and easy, quick, and give you several cents rather than several points. They just updated the app, so I may need to revamp my assessment in the future. 
  • is similar to Ongo surveys, only slightly worse. Both are still sending me surveys, but it’s slow going. It has a minimum cashout level of $7.50, and I currently have $2.50. I’m only recommending it because it’s easy, it notifies you when a survey is available, it uses cash instead of points, and if you’re not lazy you can occasionaly get location-based surveys that offer more moolah. Neither this nor Ongo offer any survey rewards. 

I made this post because I’ve tried apps like Fronto and Cashpirate, but they don’t really work for me. I don’t think the points you earn are worth the amount of data you have to download–my wifi is spotty, so I end up going over my data plan before I even earn anything–and, because they rely so heavily on things like apps and references, I was never able to actually get paid. Most of the apps I’ve listed here will notify you about chances to earn more money, and I just find them easier to use. Referrals are still the best way to earn points, though, so if you use toreo2 for Fronto and AppTrailers it would really help me out. General tip for everyone, even if you’re not planning on doing this–if your friends are into survey apps, joining and using their code will help them earn money, even if you never use it afterwards. That’s why you may see some people asking over and over. 

Some people get paid to write articles like these. I need to figure out how to do that. 

edit: this post is mostly outdated.

twenty questions ☁︎

Rules: Answer 20 questions, tag 20 people you want to know better

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Nicknames: noot noot (lol yes from the pingu show) and Villy Vonka but no one ever uses that anymore

Zodiac sign: aries

Height: she’s 5’3 y'all

Birthday: april19

Favorite fruit: wAtERMELON!! Especially w passion fruit BOII

Favorite season: idk, any of the rainy ones?? (Is that even a season😂)

Favorite book: (ok I seriously read more fanfic than I do real books oops) but I really liked the city of ember series (but if y'all wanna read a good quality fic then it’s @taechubs Labyrinth)

Fandoms: in kpop?? Would be nct, aroha, and army:) BUT I fucking loved the tv show Merlin

Favorite flowers: ok I’m seriously uneducated in this topic and I can never pick a single favorite flower cause it always changes,,but I think bird of paradise?

Favorite scent: sunscreen!!! Also fresh bread (also kinda like the smell of gasoline)

Favorite animals: sloths and alpacas Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea and coffee tbh

Average amount of sleep: lol sleep whaAtS thAt?? Seriously it’s either I oversleep or ‘undersleep’

Cat or Dog: I LOVE LOVE LOVE DOGS MAN, but kittens are cute too

Favorite fictional character: Morgana Pendragon (even tho she’s not even a book character oh whale)

Number of blankets you sleep with: I have like 4 but wake up with 1??

Dream trip: (yoo!! I’m going to japan at the end of may! So if u know Japanese hmu cause I suck at it and I need to be fluent) but South Korea (Busan in particular) anywhere in Europe, and Hawaii

Blog created: Halloween of 2016 (lol what am I)

Favorite colors: black, gray, nd grEen

Name: Oh BOi, hello guys call me Nika

Orientation: i still don’t know?

Nationality: russian

Number of followers: enough to get notes ;)

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5 ski jumpers based on their character 

Stefan Kraft

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Michael Hayböck

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Kamil Stoch

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Stephan Leyhe

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Andreas Wellinger

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5 ski jumpers purely based on looks

Gregor Schlierenzauer

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Andreas Wellinger

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Kamil Stoch

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Michael Hayböck

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Peter Prevc

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3 favourite bromances/friendships


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little bonus because this is a friendship i never knew i needed but now would not want to live without because they have shown us that there are more important things in life than who’ll win the crystal globe: 

Stefan Kraft & Kamil Stoch

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3 favourite teams 

Team Austria

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(and yes, THIS team austria lmao)

Team Slovenia

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Team Germany

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miyabihanakouji  asked:

yeah, using desktop is way easier and convenient, but it was also just a big matter of "can this be done? yes it can, neat" and sharing because it'd never crossed my mind until tonight. it'd probably be pretty much the same on android and we have a tablet with it's OS laying around somewhere but i barely know how to navigate it lol...

Wow, I didn’t expect anyone to respond to the tags, but thank you! Main reason I didn’t write my tags as a proper text reply because I didn’t want to diminish the importance of the discovery. Totally not my intention to come off as dismissive. I may try finding android versions of the apps and try it out. I think it’s a neat discovery nonetheless. Especially helpful those on mobile!  [Save Editing on Mobile]

Italics: added

Hikaru’s first big job after school is as a cruise ship helmsman, this big hulking beast of a ship that crawls low across the tops of jungles and cliffs. He loves it, he loves the view and the mini world of the on board politics.

He meets Ben on the cruise, he’s there with his family for his parents wedding anniversary. They hit it off quickly and have a beautiful month, knowing it’ll be over soon. It’s what Hikaru is used to, he doesn’t like it but he likes his job too much.

Ben leaves when his month is up and they try to stay in contact but it’s difficult, it’s always too difficult. Hikaru moves on.

A few years later Hikaru has had a couple of jobs running inter planet cruises. He’s been saving up and has enough to move back to San Fran and join starfleet. He demolishes the entry exam for helmsman and enrolls.

The people in the room next to his at the academy are way too loud so Hikaru finds himself studying at a cafe nearby. He tends to just order a coffee or tea and hunker down, not noticing too much around him.

Hikaru has a shit day and gets to the cafe, struggling to focus. He notices the odd little flower in the jar on his table and starts sketching it absentmindedly, unable to get his work done. When he finishes drawing it he glances around. There’s a different flower or plant on each table. He quickly jumps up and grabs another flower, settling down quickly to draw it too.

When he finishes the second picture he starts looking around for another. One of the waitors places one down for him. Hikaru thanks him, blushing quite a bit at being noticed. He’s not proud of his passing interests, he’s a pilot and he should focus on that. It’s where his future is.

At the end of his shift the waitor who’s been bringing him flowers sits down at his table. He starts explaining the plants and where he gets them. Turns out this guy volunteers at the botanic gardens in San Fran and takes cut offs of the plants.

It takes Hikaru a few minutes but then he remembers.


“How did you- oh,” Ben looks down at his name tag, tugging it with a wry chuckle.

“No, we’ve met before. I used to work a cruise ship from Japan over to Africa. You- you and I…”

“Oh wow.”

“How have you been?”

Ben and Hikaru talk for hours. Hikaru is late for his afternoon class. Ben offers to take him to the botanic gardens and and Hikaru agrees. Hikaru loves plants, but he’s never gotten into it because he’d decided on being a helmsman and wanted to focus.

Ben shows Hikaru his plants. They stay up and Hikaru shows Ben the constellations.

Ben got through school fine but never had much interest in academics. He likes to learn, though, and Hikaru finds a joy in sharing the more interesting points from class with Ben. Ben asks him questions he never thought of, about ancient flying machines, alien animals, ancient oriental weaponry, mass production techniques.

Hikaru finds that he can’t answer all these questions, but he wants to. Hikaru has always wanted to know more about the world but never let himself get distracted. Ben provides him with a reason to learn and question and take on hobbies.

He takes fencing classes with Ben, winning every bout but loving Ben’s thrilled enjoyment. They do a dancing class, Hikaru can dance but Ben is very distracting, great hip isolation. Hikaru goes to most of Ben’s tours of the botanic gardens, asking him devilshly difficult questions about plants, questions Ben can always answer.

When Hikaru gets his assignment to the Enterprise he and Ben talk. They’ve been married a year, their girl is only six months old, but this is what Hikaru has been working towards his entire life.

Hikaru goes. He finds that without Ben he delves deep into his hobbies. He picks up something new each few weeks, learning pottery, leather works, studying jellyfish, luminscent rocks, anything that catches his eye.

He fills all his spare time with his hobbies, sending Ben and Damora details of what he’s learning that week or that month. He quizzes Demora softly on it, lighting up whenever she remembers something he messaged them.

Ben puts so much effort into making sure Demora knows that Hikaru is as much her father as he is. Hikaru doesn’t realise how much effort Ben puts in until Demora is old enough to describe the sessions they have to him. How she and Ben sit down when his messages come in and read it outloud, Ben simplifying some language or repeating things Demora finds curious but always, always, making it clear that these facts and these curiosities are from Hikaru.

Demora and Hikaru grow up with common interests. Ben is who she goes to for personal advice and problems, but if she’s ever excited about anything, she calls Hikaru first.
That's Why I Love You

Author: @dilisinlove

Word Count: 3,406 (Wow im so sorry)

Type: Angst, Fluff (99.999% fluff) 

Description: Dan shouldn’t have made fun of the sticky notes Phil had bought, but hey, he doesn’t really mind them now.

Extra Tags: Hurt!dan, hurt!phil


If we let them take us away, we have nothing. I never realized that life is worth living until you. If you’re not in my life, I won’t live it. It’s dumb I know, trust me, it’s the most clichéd thing ever. The Romeo and Juliet classic. However, it’s the truth. Before you I didn’t want to get up, face the day, smile, laugh, survive, but with you, that all comes easily. This isn’t a moment were I beg you to stay and force you to because you feel guilty. You’re not even planning on leaving while I’m writing this, or at least I hope not. This is a confession. This is the truth. I had always heard that in order for you to love someone, you must love yourself first, but that’s not the case. I never have loved myself, but you, oh god, I love you so much, Phil, I forgot what hating myself felt like. But now? You’re going to leave, I know that, I’m not dumb, depressed sure, but not dumb.

They are getting close to finding out. Are you ready? We’ve hidden it for six and a half years. The only years that have mattered to me. I truly lived in those years. You gave me everything I have, indirectly at the very least. Among them are our midnight chats and three am kisses. Our morning breath make outs, our sweaty hands clasped together. Our witty banter, or our lame jokes. Our I love yous’ and our movie nights. I’m not trying to get you to stay if you don’t want too, I’m just trying to tell you what I feel. I know that’s not enough, but it was for those amazing fantastic six years. Maybe I’m not good enough, because after all, I don’t have anything to offer. I just want you to know, I love you and I just want you to be happy, I’ll get over it if that’s what you want. I just love you so much, I’m sorry.

God, I’m so sorry for whatever I did, hell it could have been a lot I did. I’m sorry if I hurt you in anyway, it was never my intention. I’m shit at this really, you know that, I’m not sure how you ever let me write in our book, what I’m trying to say, jokes aside, is that I really do love you, more than you could possibly understand or feel for me, and I just want you to know that I’m glad I spent my prime years with you, even if you are leaving, I’m glad you gave me six plus years of happiness, I’m glad you gave me you for a bit.


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Tagged by runnergirlwannabemama to post 6 photos that make me feel beautiful and amazing! Like her, I couldn’t choose just 6. 

While going through my photos, I found that first one. I don’t think I have ever posted it, but you know what? Even though I’m almost 100 pounds heavier in that photo, I still think I was beautiful. There were numerous things I wanted to change about my body back then, but I never once felt like I hated it. 

I used to be fat. I let myself gain more weight that I ever imagined, and then I finally started to change it. My lifestyle is completely different than it used to be, and I’m a different person. I am stronger, more confident, healthy, and happy. I needed this. 

I tag running-engineering-cats, kristindoeshealthy, and addafewtiddelypoms


had a weird day so went home and put ALL the jewelry (ok not all of it) on my head and ALL the makeup (ok pretty much) on my face and played dressup

sorry for the selfie spam


i wasn’t gonna add anything, but...

Preston Garvey: A mentally ill black man that does not order you to kill someone you worked with the moment they find out he’s not human, enjoy killing people for fun, hold hate or problematic ideals – wants to keep people safe and happy, but unfortunately was given the unfortunate role of being a quest giver and like the other characters has some repetitive lines when spoken to. Suffers from PTSD after witnessing friends and an entire community being slaughtered by gunners and some of the people that he trusted and looked up to, suicidal after that point but he still has hope that things can get better and that the Minutemen can come back and do what they were formed to do again even after what happened. Thinks that YOU are the one that can help do that, even though you just met. Probably one of the easiest character’s to gain affinity with.

Fandom: Wow, he’s so lazy, he never does anything? Why did I rescue him again? Why does he keep giving me all of these quests, I never said that I’d help him (you did)? The worst!

Also Fandom: *Makes videos and clips of torturing and killing him, or reduces him to one trait, tags it, puts it in the tags where fans of said character can see it* But we don’t hate him, swear! We just hate the annoying quests! Honestly, stop attacking us, we didn’t do anything! 

Also Fandom: Wow Elder Maxson is so great I love him. 

Wow, I have legit never seen this much hate in a pro-pairing tag before, and I’ve been apart of the Naruto fandom since 2008.

We get it: it’s not the ‘healthiest’ ship, but that’s not why many of us like it! Reylo shippers are a diverse bunch, but one thing we all seem to have in common is our appreciation of the fact Kylo perceives Rey as an equal in power, even as fucked up as his actions in the movie were. We’re not dismissing that. In fact, I want Rey to hand his arse back to him before he pulls himself back to the light. Anyone with two eyes can see the upcoming redemption arc, and I doubt the writers or Reylo shippers want that at Rey’s expense.

Also, God forbid any haters saw the infamous darkfic from older fandoms. Now those were unhealthy. Go poke them.

art by Ro

Honestly, this is a little bit overdue already, but, I can’t believe it’s been a year. I fell into Naruto fandom a year ago, I cannot believe. And it’s been such an amazing one at that. I’ve met so so many amazing people, so many friends, I’ve seen so many great writers and so many talented people all together. This fandom often gets a lot of bashing, it’s not perfect, no fandom is, but if I’ve been surrounded by people so kind and sweet, I wouldn’t say this fandom is bad, personally. It’s filled with so many kindhearted people, you guys overflow the bad so easily. Thank you so much for sticking with me through so much time. Thank you if you just started following me recently!

This really means a lot to me, I never thought I’d make this far with Naruto. I didn’t expect to grow so attached to this blog, all this kinda came as a surprise and when I realized, I was already too deep down the rabbit hole. I feel like I’m just getting started and I can’t wait to be in this fandom for years to come, like most of you have! Thank you!! (●´∀`●)

under cut are: sharxngan, kingofxcuses, vindictas, irukas, devilxish

bold - precious people
italics - amazing people (people who I look up to)

I already apologize if I forgot someone!

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dude your art is totally amazing, how did you do that freaking awesome cloud thingy???? i would like to know because it is super cool!!

G-Gah i’m so so happy. ;-; Thank you so much. I don’t really think i’m qualified or have enough authority to do a tutorial though. I’m still learning and I don’t have a very good grasp on colouring, shading, etc. But I’m really happy so I will do a quick step by step.

Please do not think this is the correct or only way, (in fact I don’t even think this makes sense irl OTL) as I can direct you to many SUPER AMAZING AND BETTER tutorials. I will now call this the “How Erikachi blobs fantasy magical cloud space stars glitter um-“

1) Start off with some sort of gradient like this orz;;

2) Add some lines to help you decide which direction your clouds are going in. 

3) Blob the clouds in roughly. I like to use the marker tool for clouds. 

4) Clean it up and add some contrasting colours and I don’t even- how do you colour OTL.

5) Blending the lines away is optional if you want a cleaner finish. Sometimes I like leaving them there though. What is perspective OTL.

6) New Layer > Overlay. Outline some blobs and blur some stuff aaaa is this even correct-

7) New Layer > Overlay. Airbrush some pretty colours on to make it look more magical~ WHAT IS LIGHTING.

Optional: Add some sparkles for kawaii desu effect. Or to make it look like space or something like that. Usually I would use brushes in Photoshop but I currently don’t have Photoshop on this laptop so I had to make do with some textures. There are some lovely ones on pixiv!

Optional: SHAARPEN~

And it’s done. I hope this was of some help! I’m so bad at explaining things. Thank you to everyone who reblogged my cloud art! It made me so happy to see people tagging it as “inspiration” and “WOW SO PRETTY” since I’ve never really had something like that before. It makes me want to practice more and try even harder. 

Bethyl Positivity

I’ve never been so sure about any kind of fictional entity in my life. We got this guys. They think they had us fooled but they don’t. Beth is alive and I can’t wait to rejoice with you guys when she returns. If you want to believe she’s dead to shield yourselves I totally get that and I’ll never try to force something down anyone’s throats unwillingly, but wow. These theories and clues are undeniable. I can’t help but not believe! Let me just take a minute to spread some gratitude.

demonslayingfordummies katwithlove bethylgrixon —> you’ve all done an amazing job with keeping up everyone’s faith here and as one of the originals in this tag I am eternally grateful for you guys. No matter how ridiculous and far fetched we may sound to some, I believe. And you’ve helped make the nonbelievers, believe.

onlyforbeth That Beth/Snow White comparison you did was fantastic and more people need to see it. Check it out guys.

sayhohohojenn What can I say as an engaged 24 year old planning a family, I can’t help but hope I am just like you when I have my own children. If you’re anything like you are here in our fandom at home, then I have no doubt you’re a wonderful mother and wife. Sorry if that’s super cheesy.

flippantninny I know you’re not Team Delusional but I’ve never seen someone ship with the passion quite like you have, so I hope if/when were right you keep that up.

xbluemagnoliax Long time favorite blog. You don’t post as much anymore but I know you’re around and I can’t wait to hear your input on Beth’s return if/when the time comes.

litwitlady Always keeping it real, I miss you as well! I know you’re still around but I always enjoyed your posts.

Gosh there’s so many more that I’m missing but just do know that I love you ALL. And I love being apart of this fandom no matter what the outcome. But with every passing day I grow more confident. Just know the trolling, the rhetorical interviews, the foreshadowing and symbolism is on our side. Happy holidays Bethylers!

Dramatical Murder Anime Episode 10 Review

I never though there was a day I would be using Mink as a tag in my tumblr at all, but let’s go, there is a first time for everything.

I just want to say that I’ll keep loving you no matter how much you love Mink, so keep loving me no matter how much I hate Mink.

My first worry on the beginning of the episode: WHERE IS CLEAR?



Wow, this exchange of looks was so intense!

- You just noticed it was a trap now?

- Awww, Koujaku worried about Clear!

This scene makes it looks like they were in a lovers’ quarrel.

And serious business.

Because they still didn’t know about Aoba’s scrap.

Somehow I imagined Toue making everybody dance nonstop.

This scene.



And now you guys are shipping and imagining they are sleeping in the same bedroom.




Reeeen, you cute pie!

So adorable!




And the anime is smart. They though in a way to infect Ren again.

Akushima and his fast appearances.


Great, shoot him.



“Why so scared, didn’t you want to greet me? ~”

Poor precious thing. I want to hug you, Sei.



- I though people from the village would be dressed with tribal outfits.

- I though Mink would be younger in this memory.


This is one of the few parts that I like in Mink’s route, but it was so poorly developed (even in the game).

Continuity is delicious at this part.

- Where did all the water went?

- In each frame, Mink’s chains are in a different part of his body.


Wait, Aoba, how did you know he wanted to kill himself just from that?

And what? Aoba doesn’t smell of cinnamon.



Forever in prison, preferably.

I think this is the first time I prefer an anime route instead of a game route. First because half of the episode was focused on Noiz, Koujaku and Clear. Second because there are no unnecessary and stupid rape scenes, which I hate, and third because I just love how Mink got really scared of Sly Blue. This made me laugh and think “sweet sweet revenge ~”.

(AND FOURTH, I saw more hints with Ren than with Mink! And it was supposed to be Mink’s episode!)

Winners Get Treehouses

A sequel to Winners Don’t Always Get Lucky Breaks
Chapter 1, ao3
Chapter 2, ao3
Chapter 3, ao3
Chapter 4, ao3
Chapter 5, ao3
Chapter 6, ao3

Big shoutout to Caitlin for just being great. She suggested sexy wood chopping and then I made her proof it. But I mean she got what she asked for. :)

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anonymous asked:

You're just using spoonycorn to gain followers.

Wow really? I would never do something that low. Spoonycorn and I are friends and I would never do that to her. Also, I’ve actually been trying not to come off that way. I rarely tag her in things I want to with a few exceptions. I find it ridiculous that I can’t interact with my friends on here without someone taking it the wrong way.