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monsta x reaction when their s/o sasses them in spanish


*thinks it’s sexy*

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“Wow, Y/N, where did that come from?!”

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You’ve never spoken Spanish to me, Y/N… teach me more.”

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*completely understands every word and claps back in Spanish, to your surprise*

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“Ahhh! Stop screaming at me, Y/N!”

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*is offended even though he doesn’t know what you said*

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Did you just call me stupid, Y/N?”

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Mistletoe: a Josh Dun imagine part 11

Y/N: Wow okay, I did not know that you guys would like my poem that much. I got a lot of love, and a handful of hate, but it was insane to see that reaction. You guys are crazy! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, Hanukah, or just a happy holiday. You all deserve it. And if not, then there’s always next year. I love you all very much and hope you’re doing well. Here’s the popular request to continue the Mistletoe series…

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“I thought I told you to stay off the couch!” a loud voice jolted both you and Josh awake. Wide eyed, scared, you looked around before resting your glare on Tyler, hands on his hips, staring down at the two of you. “What the heck is this?”

“Cuddles,” Josh mumbled, not giving a care in the world, curling up closer to you.

“Well cuddle time is over,” Tyler rolled his eyes. “It’s time to decorate our Christmas tree!”

“Come on, Josh,” you urged, nudging him slightly. Both of you were extremely exhausted, but agreed on getting up and helping Tyler decorate the tree.

“I got a couple ornaments,” Tyler chuckled, pouring a bag of contents onto the floor. On the table was a small Christmas tree, probably three feet tall at the most, and on the floor was scattered candy canes, cinnamon sticks, mini baubles, a strand of tinsel, and a small star.

“This is like an elf version or something,” Josh giggled. “It’s so tiny!”

“Does it work?” Tyler raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah definitely,” Josh nodded.

“Did you get me my present?” Tyler joked.

“Yup,” Josh reassured. You looked at him quizzically.

“You did?” you questioned.

“I did,” Josh narrowed his eyes.

“You sure?” Tyler cocked his head to the side. “Because when I got in the hotel room, it looks like you didn’t get much accomplished at all gift searching wise.”

“Don’t worry,” Josh laughed. “I got you a present.”

You couldn’t seem to figure out how or when this happened, but you just shrugged, deciding that Josh probably did think up something to give Tyler last minute. You on the other hand, were secretly panicking on the inside. You had nothing to give Josh or Tyler, and you hoped maybe things would work out. If you woke up early, you could probably draw little Christmas cards on the hotel room stationary, or make them morning coffee, or get a cab and pick something up, or get a small present from the gift shop. You decided not to worry about it. Instead, Tyler turned on his phone to a Christmas music station, and the three of you smiled, crouching down and picking up a handful of ornaments, preparing to decorate the tree. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a Christmas tree this small before,” Tyler commented, unwrapping a mini candy cane and sticking it in his mouth.

“I thought those were for decorating,” Josh gave him a playful shove.

“They were,” Tyler reminded with a grin.

“Doofus,” you smirked, tossing a bauble at his face, watching it bounce of his cheek and the candy cane fall out of his mouth and onto the floor.

“My candy cane!” Tyler cried, surprised, turning his attention towards you. He instantly picked up a cinnamon stick, throwing it at you and it hit your head, getting tangled in your hair.

“Oh, it’s on!” Josh decided, tossing the star ninja style at Tyler, making his eyes go wide.

It wasn’t but several minutes of us throwing Christmas ornaments until we heard a knock on the door and we all went silent, Tyler opening it and getting scolded by the hotel staff for being too loud, apologizing, and promising it wouldn’t happen again. When he closed the door he burst into laughter. “You know, I thought you two would be the ones getting in trouble for being loud, but I was proved wrong,” he teased.

“Hey!” Josh’s eyes lit up, throwing a candy cane at Tyler.

“Okay, okay,” his laughter died down. “I think that’s enough.”

“Tomorrow’s Christmas,” you reminded. “We’re supposed to be hugging and giving presents, not using ornaments as deadly weapons!”

“Fine,” Tyler chuckled, topping the Christmas tree with the star. “What do you want to do? We don’t have an oven so we can’t bake cookies, we’ve already decorated the tree, and it’s way too late to be singing carols.”

“How about a movie?” Josh wondered.

“Like Elf!” you suggested.

“Oh my gosh, yes!” Tyler exclaimed happily.

“I’ll get the popcorn,” Josh grinned.

“Wait. Are we allowed to sit on the couch or is that still forbidden?” you joked.

“As long as I get to sit beside Josh,” Tyler decided.

“Don’t fight over me,” Josh laughed, putting the popcorn in the microwave as you plopped on the couch and looked for the movie.

“You were mine first,” Tyler reminded.

“Shut up,” you giggled, picking up a blanket and easing into the couch cushions.

“You about ready, Josh? We’re going to start without you,” Tyler teased, picking up the remote.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Josh glared, taking the popcorn out of the microwave and pouring it into a bowl.

“Three,” Tyler began a countdown.

“Hold on! I need the salt!” Josh shouted, opening up the cabinets.

“Two!” Tyler continued.

“Give me a break!” Josh yelled, pouring salt into the bowl.

“One…” Tyler dared.

“Almost there!” Josh exclaimed, racing over to the couch and plopping down right between you and Tyler.

“Zero,” Tyler grinned. “You got lucky.”

“You almost got another candy cane thrown at you,” Josh warned playfully as Tyler started the movie.

“Be quiet and watch the film,” you hushed, leaning your head on Josh’s shoulder. Being with Josh and Tyler could be frustrating at times, especially seeing as childish, immature, playful, and crazy as the two boys often were, but it was definitely worth it. Their smiles, laughter, happiness, and adorable quirks seemed contagious, and there was absolutely nobody else you would ever want to spend the holiday with except for these two boys.

BTS Reaction to their child rapping well

Can I get a reaction of BTS hearing their kid rap for the first time and they sound really good?? I feel like it would be really cute!!

This was so cute to imagine, Bangtan as fathers makes my heart melt *_*

C/N= Child’s name

Jin (Seokjin): *claps excitedly when he sees it* YAYYYY I’m so proud, my child is amazing! You’re so much better than your appa * starts dad- dancing* *embarrasses his child*

Suga (Yoongi): *smiles* you’re Min Yoongi’s offspring, I didn’t expect anything else *super happy* *brags about it non stop*

J-Hope (Hoseok): *screams of excitement* WHOAAA JAGI DID YOU KNOW C/N COULD RAP?! WOW I GOTTA TELL EVERYONE *excitedly gathers friends and family* *gives his child so much love*

Rap Monster (Namjoon): *proud AF* YESSSS THAT’S MY CHILD! *picks kid up and spins him/her around* YOU GOT IT FROM YOUR DADDY!!!

Jimin: *really impressed* wow it must be because you’re my child, I’m amazingly talented as well *smug but also really proud*

V (Taehyung): AHHH YOU’RE SO CUTE *grabs his kid and gives him/her little kisses and hugs* come let’s show mommy how great you are *grinning*

Jungkook: OF COURSE YOU CAN RAP, YOU’RE THE GOLDEN MAKNAE’s CHILD *hugs his kid hard* *giggling*

Credit to the gif owners~


Imagine Cisco has a crush on you, a villain, even when you destroyed one of his suits.

Cisco: W-Wait… You blew my suit up….?
Y/N: What…. Me? Phh… No- Yeah, okay, I did. *shrugging*
Cisco: …… Wow… Just… Wow…
Y/N: Are you angry?
Cisco: Of course!!
Y/N: Aww, sorry, sweetheart. *kiss Cisco’s cheek and run away*
Cisco: *blush* … Cisco, stop blushing! S/He blew up your suit….. Great….

*gifs are not mine*

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Wow, Shoyo, you really did grow taller than me! :')

child-like gaiety erupts in the form of a smile / crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes and the slightest tinge of crimson in the apples of his cheeks. there’s pride swelling within his heart - and there’s no way he can hide it. finally

   —you noticed!!!  his voice booming as ever ) leaves no room for the other to reply;  you’re so slow daisuke-san!! you really are becoming an old man, huh. 

100WTSILY #3

Request by: Anonymous

Pairing: Steve x Reader

83 with Steve thank you thank you!

Prompt: 83. “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

Word Count: 1019

A/N: Wow did I get carried away. The timer I set myself never went off so I just went with it. I’m pretty happy with it though. Send in more, these are actually pretty fun!

    This mission was proving to be one of the more difficult missions the Avengers had faced as a team. Each one individually had had some rather difficult missions, but when combined, after the Battle of New York, they seemed unstoppable. So when something that was supposed to be as little as a mission to destroy a HYDRA base proved to be this difficult, something was definitely wrong. Maybe it was an off day. In their defence, it was a lot of soldiers. A lot of soldiers. Nothing they hadn’t faced before, and even though they all seemed to be having a bit of an off day, they were still kicking major ass. HYDRA soldiers were falling left and right, with a few hits managing to make it to the group of heroes. Your boots crunched against the snow in the forest, breath coming out in clouds as you whipped around, fist landing right between the agent’s eyes as your leg swung around to kick him in the side. Your steel toed boot made contact with his ribs and you heard a crack as his body collapsed in the snow, where you kicked him again for good measure. You wiped your mouth, the small line of blood from where one agent had landed a hit on you warm against your freezing skin. It stained your leather glove crimson as you shook it off, trudging on. 
    “(Y/N), behind you,” you heard Clint say into the comm lodged in your ear, and you spun around as you took the man down. In one foul swoop the soldier was dead, and you lifted yourself out of the pale white snow, determined to continue to press on. You had to get to the rendezvous point quickly, you couldn’t afford to hold the team up. You took each step with care, darting across the soft white snow that crunched between your feet. You heard a sound, and as your wild (E/C) eyes widened and your head whipped around to face it, you felt the impact in your chest, and the warm crimson pool forming on the tight material of your shirt. Pushing the searing pain around your chest to the back of your head, you advanced on the man with the gun, ducking to the left, yet never slowing as he frantically tried to lodge a bullet in your skull. Two hands reached up and wrapped around his neck, like a viper beginning to strike, and in one swift movement, you twisted his head and snapped his neck, the body of the foe falling limp and imprinting into the soft snow beneath you. You sighed, and your hands pressed into your stomach, making a feeble attempt to stop the heavy flow of blood.
    “(Y/N)?” you heard over the comms, and your hazy head easily recognized the worried voice of your team member, Steve. More commonly known as Captain America.
    “I’ve been shot, Cap. I’m working on it,” you breathe out heavily, stumbling a long through the woods. You knew you’d heal fast, it was sort of part of your skill set, but that didn’t make it any less painful as you struggled to make it to the rendezvous point. 
    “Stay there. I’m coming to get you,you heard him yell into the comm, and you struggled to stay on your feet. Your eyes darted around, making sure there was no other agents around before stumbling over to the tree beside you and sliding down the trunk, sitting in the snow. Your crimson stained hands dug into the powdery blanket of snow beneath you, red seeping into the pure white. Your head lolled back and hit the trunk of the tree you were propped up against, and you blinked your eyes a few times as you could hear the crunching of boots on the snow. Clumsily you tried to get a grasp on your gun, pointing it at the approaching figure till you recognized the trademarked stars and stripes of your team member and best friend. You lazily dropped your arm as he crouched down beside you, making eye contact as he started to hoist you up. 
    “Can you walk?” he asked, and you laughed for a second, nodding yes. That is, until you started to try, but since the adrenaline had worn off the minute you sat down, you were unable. Starting to fall, even though your arm was around his shoulders and his around your waist, he simply scooped you up off the ground, free arm going beneath your knees. Instinctively your other arm wound around his neck as you held yourself tight to him, feeling everything move beneath you as he sprinted back to the rendezvous, and the plane.
    “Thanks Cap,” you smiled, fading in and out of conciousness as your head fell back into the crook of his neck. There was silence as he ran, and you could hear the pleasant crunching of snow turn to heavy thuds on metal, and you knew you had made into the plane.
    “We good to go?” you heard Nat call, and after a brief “affirmative,” the plane took off. Steve had set you down on a chair and was now coming to look after you, sitting beside you and handing you a rag to help put pressure on it. 
    “Worried? You know I heal quickly, right?” you asked, obliging, and holding the rag against your torso.
    “You couldn’t walk. Usually when you get shot you can,” he sighed, turning to look at you. 
    “Well, I’m having an off day,” you huffed, leaning back. Steve mimicked your actions, and you cast a glance at him, expression softening. 
    “Thanks for saving me,” you smiled, leaning into his side, and you could feel him chuckle as he wrapped his arm around your waist, dropping his head to rest on yours. 
    “It’s kind of my job,” he said, and you could hear the smile in his voice. He pressed a kiss onto your hair, staying there for a second before returning to resting his head on yours. You grinned and moved closer. You’d have to get shot more often.

“What, nothing?”- Liam/reader

You really wish that you weren’t attracted to Liam because he’s a total asshole who uses every opportunity to pick on you. So, you do the same in return. He deserves it.

“Wow, (y/n), did you sleep through the alarm? You’re looking a little frazzled today.” Liam says with a smirk as he leans against the locker next to yours.

“Wow, Liam, did you forget to go through puberty? You’re looking a little, well, little today. No, wait. That’s everyday, isn’t it?” You retort, going back to gathering the books you’ll need before lunch.

“Whatever,” he huffs sullenly, and stalks off. His height is a sore spot and you know it.

You should be proud that you got the upper hand but instead you just feel guilty.

“Hey,” is all Liam says the next time you see him. He barely glances at you and you feel terrible.

A week goes by and Liam doesn’t really talk to you at all. You’re miserable when you realize that you miss your exchanges.

You may possibly go a little off the rails when you try to apologize to him. You catch Liam at his locker and, squaring your shoulders, you walk over.

“Hey, Liam,” you say gearing up for your speech.

“I’m not in the mood today, (y/n),” he returns irritably.

“I just wanted to—” you cut off when he slams his locker and turns to glare at you. He doesn’t say anything, just glares and that makes your blood boil a little. You’re trying to apologize and he’s not making it easy. “Just because you’re hot doesn’t give you the right to be a dick, Liam. I’m trying to apologize here.”

He doesn’t reply, still just staring at you but the heat id gone from his gaze and there a spark of something new in his eyes.

“What, nothing?” You ask sarcastically.  “You’re not going to say anything at all right now?”

Liam grins. “You think I’m hot?”

You groan and roll your eyes before stalking off down the hallway. Halfway to your own locker, you hear “The feeling’s mutual!”

You bite back a smile and keep walking.

Part 2

A watch gone wrong (Prompt #14)

Requested by anon:  14 with Isaac? Thanks!

#14: Oh my God, did I just shoot you?!

A/N: Wow, you guys are awesome. I got a LOT of requests. In fact so many that I have to close the requests for now to keep up with them. But I promise: I will do every single one of them, starting today. Enjoy and thanks so much! xo

You are standing in your garden in twilight, raising the bow, your weapon of choice. You finally decided that you needed something to defend yourself, since you are only human and tired of having to be saved by others. You did not necessarily jump at all the supernatural stuff and the pack, but it seems to find you over and over again, as if you are a magnet for life threatening trouble. It’s time to turn that magnet into a deadly trap. At least that’s what you tell yourself right now as you pull the string back in concentration and focus on the target up ahead.

It’s awfully far away. Allison probably would’ve hit the bullseye on that tree easily, but you aren’t nearly as good as she was. Nevertheless, she taught you a few things and after she died you became even more determined to push yourself to perfection in that art.

You squeeze your eyes together and slow your breath. Adjust your feet just a little bit to gain a better position. Then you hold the air for a second and let the arrow fly.

It doesn’t hit bullseye but it’s close. As you lower the bow, a small smile brushes your lips. That’s progress.

You are already about to let the next arrow fly as you hear the noise and freeze. It’s barely audible but you are sure that some leaves rustled to your right. Your body immediately tenses at this possible threat and you scan the bushes in agitation. Nothing seems to hide there. However, something stops you from lowering your weapon. Just this slight feeling of being watched. With all that’s going on around the pack right now and with your record of dangerous situations you are not willed to take this lightly.

Then you catch the noise again in your back and this time you don’t hesitate to shoot.

It’s stupid. You know that. It could be anything and anyone you are shooting at. An animal, thin air or even a person. But your instincts react faster than your brain.

All to his bad. While you are still in your movement, he pushes out a painful yell as the arrow hits him in his side and causes him to sink on his knees. You catch sight of him seconds later and gasp horrified, letting the bow fall on the earth before you rush to him.

Oh my God, did I just shoot you?!”, you exclaim, holding your hands in front of your mouth. Isaac moans, pressing his hands to the spot where the arrow is still stuck in his flesh.

“Pretty much, yes”, he gets out between clenched teeth, throwing an incredulous look at you. “When did you go all Katniss Everdeen?”

“Well, I didn’t. Otherwise I would have totally killed you. Damn it, Isaac, what are you doing in my garden at this time of day?”

Now that the first shock has worn off and that you realized you haven’t hurt him too badly or injured any important organ you sink down on your knees yourself and press your lips together to not make any weird sound as you observe the bloodspot growing bigger on his light blue shirt. You really have a weakness when it comes to blood. And when it comes to Isaac. Both things combined are not good. It makes you whole body tremble.

“I wanted to protect you with all that crazy guys on the loose. But you are obviously pretty good in defending yourself”, Isaac replies with a hint of accusation. You can’t blame him.

“Can we please get this thing out before I start to heal?”, he begs.

You are really feeling sick by now but you obviously owe him that, so you nod. He carefully pulls his shirt over the arrow and for the first time ever you are looking at his naked upper body. And embarrassingly enough you feel the heat creeping into your cheeks.

“Are you blushing?”, Isaac asks, smirking. How the hell is he able to smile with an arrow piercing his stomach? Unbelievable. And not helpful.

“I am not. Shut up”, you grumble before you grab the arrow and look up at him, mostly to get your eyes off the wound. ”Isaac, I really can’t see blood.

Now he finally shows the appropriate reaction and pails. “You are not gonna throw up on me, are you?”

You shake your head, though you are actually not so sure about this. “I just don’t know if I can do this.”

He takes your hand in his and makes you look him in the eyes. It’s an intense gaze

“You can, alright? You shot a werewolf with supernatural speed, this will be a piece of cake! Just look at me while you do it, okay? Put your hands on the shaft.”

You can’t say no to those blue eyes, therefore you nod and do what he told you.

“Good. Now you just pull it out quickly. Count to three in your mind, then do it.” 

You hold your breath, slowly counting. At one you just tug it out with force.

Isaac exhales loudly, his eyes widening for a second but at least he manages to hold back a scream. The wound starts to heal right away and after a few seconds the drying blood is all that is left. And his abs, of course. Those abs that you should really stop staring at. You clear your throat awkwardly and turn to the side until he lowered the shirt.

“I’m really sorry”, you apologize, realizing that you still haven’t done that.

“Ah, I will get back on you when you least expect it”, he replies, trying to smirk which fails as a weak attempt because he is still pail as a ghost and shivering like a leaf in the wind.

“You should take revenge on Scott, he is the one who sent you to watch me”, I remind him.

“Oh no, he didn’t. That was my idea.”, he says matter of factly.

You blink at him. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I was concerned.”

“About me?”

“Regarding the fact that I’m currently standing in your garden I would say that’s a yes.”

You are lost for words for a moment. That’s quite the surprise. A pleasant one, of course, but also embarrassing. He wanted to protect you, which is very cute, and you screwed up by shooting him. So typical.

“You smell like confusion”, he states with a frown as you are still not saying anything.

“I guess you have that effect on people”, you mumble. “Come on, we need to get you another shirt or I may still puke.”

He grins and jumps up to his feet, pulling you with him. Now he’s towering over you again, which is probably exactly what he was aiming for.

“So…even though you’ve degraded me…can I still stay to protect you?”, he asks you, scratching his neck, while the two of you start for the house.

Your heartbeat quickens at this suggestion. He notices, of course, and his grin grows even wider.

“We’ll see, Lahey.”

When they come across some of their sweet and shy girlfriends writing and it turns out to be a very intense battle scene.

Request: Hi! I love all your reactions so far, so I thought I’d ask for one of my own. Could you please do a gif reaction of their girlfriend, who’s quite sweet and shy being an author and they come across some of her writing and it turns out to be a very intense (and discriptive) battle scene. Thank you in advance!

N: “Wow.. This is good..” *continues to read* “Wow.. Did you really write this? This is really good!”

Leo: *thinks to himself* Is this.. really..?

Ken: *tries to process what he just read* “You’re saying that you wrote this?”

Ravi: “I didn’t know you could write these kind of things…”

Hongbin: So this is what’s happening inside of her head?

Hyuk: “I don’t think I’m allowed to read this…” *reads it anyway*

Breakfast In Bed (SEVENTEEN)

This is a great one. Thanks for requesting

S.Coups: *would be so happy* *would be all over you* *smiling all day* “Babeeeeeee~~ I love you so muchhhh~”

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Jeonghan: “Thank you so much jagi, I love you” *kisses your forehead*

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Joshua: *would kiss your cheeks* *hug you so tight* “(Y/N) I’m gonna make you my wife one day if you keep this up. I love you.” *kisses all over your face* 

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Jun: “Wahh. This is really for me?? Yayy” *hugs you*

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Hoshi: “Wow, (Y/N), you did all this for me? Do you know how much I love you?” *puts everything in his mouth*

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Wonwoo: “Jagi~ I wanted to make you breakfast this time. But thank you.” *aegyo*

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Woozi: “I woke up to such a delicious breakfast made by my beautiful girl. Can this day get even better?” *kisses your forehead*

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DK: *stuffs the food in his face* *speaks with his mouth full* “I wov you jagi~”

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Mingyu: “How about you make this tomorrow too. And the next day, and the next day, and the next day.”

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The8: “Saranghae, saranghae, saranghae.”

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Seungkwan: *hugs you very tight* “I love you so much you know that right?” *kisses you everywhere*

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Vernon: “I have a feeling I’m gonna love you for a very long time.” 

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Dino: “Jagi, you’re so amazing. You have no idea how hungry I am right now. I even dreamed about food last night!”

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(I don’t own the Gifs unless stated otherwise, credit to their owners)

i’m a lost cause guys………..can’t believe it took a random boy who i never spoken to before let alone even meet to tell me…….wow…………fuckinj exposed

1. Xiumin

“Well I guess I know what we’ll be doing next…”

2. Luhan

“ I swear I wasn’t thinking about anything funny….I think…”

3. Kris

“ Well, you should blame yourself for that...”

4. Suho

*Don’t move, Suho…she probably won’t notice if you don’t move…*

5. Lay

“Um….honey….I kind of…I kind of have a little problem…”

6. Baekhyun

Y/N: Wow, what the hell did you get turnt on by now?!

“ Call it a superpower…”

7. Chen

*what the hell, buddy, you’re ruining the atmosphere and she’ll kill me for it*

8. Chanyeol

Y/N: You’re poking my thigh…wait…Chanyeol…is that your-

“No, no. You’re totally wrong. Everything’s fine.”

9. D.O.

*What do I do now? Maybe if i think about Baekhyun it will disappear?*

10. Tao

“Hey…hey, honey….oh, perfect, she’s asleep…what do I do now?!”

11. Kai

*embarassed Nini*

“Mind helping me out with something, baby…pretty please?”

12. Sehun

Y/N: You know the way to the bathroom….

“You’re too rude and harsh and I don’t know why I still like you…”


I hope you enjoyed this! ^^

anonymous asked:

could you do an exo reaction to seeing you dress really prettily (than usual) on a date? :D thanks

Xiumin: “I like when you dress up like this y/n.”

Luhan: “…Wow..” *just stares at you / speechless*

Kris:  *kisses you* “Sorry but I couldn’t help it.”

Suho: “You look amazing y/n.”

Lay: “You’re…just…so..i mean.” *messes up and gets kinda frustrated because of messing up*

Baekhyun: “Is that really my girlfriend?? I didn’t know she could look even more beautiful.”

Chen: “What’s the occasion?” *just teases you a bit*

Chanyeol: *greats you with a hug* “How did I get so lucky?”

D.O: “How did you become prettier, like wow y/n.”

Tao: “Woah…” *can’t take his eyes off you* 


Kai: “You’re so beautiful, you know that?.” *can’t stop looking at you*

Sehun: “Woah…you look..great.”

You Changed Me [Calum Hood Imagine]

“Cal, we’re going out tonight, do you want to come?” You were in the hallway upstairs in the house you and Calum shared when you overheard Michael talking. You were actually headed downstairs to get a snack, but when you heard this question, you decided to stop and listen for Calum’s answer.

“Nah, I think I’m going to stay home with y/n. Maybe watch a film or something.” You smiled at Calum’s response. Knowing his history with partying and drinking, you were happy that he chose you over his old habits.

“Wow, y/n really did it, huh?” Ashton asked.

“Did what? What are you talking about?”

“She.. changed you. You were the biggest party animal ever and now you’d rather stay home and watch a film? It’s amazing.” Ashton replied.

“Yeah. I don’t even have the urge to party like I used to. She brings the best out of me.” You smiled at Calum’s statement. It make you happy that he was talking about you, that you were the one who made him get his act together. If he would’ve stayed on the same path it could’ve been fatal to his career… and him. He was in a really bad state when you met him. You remembered the night so vividly, almost like it was just yesterday.


You separated from your friends as they danced to the music that played in the club. You really had to use the bathroom and felt like if you didn’t go now, you’d regret it. You got so close to the bathroom that you could hear toilets flushing and faucets running. Soon as you reached the door, you pushed it open, practically running inside.

After you had used the bathroom and washed your hands, you left out to find your friends. You didn’t make it far, though, because you almost tripped over something on the floor right next to the bathroom door. You took your phone out of your bra to flash the light to see whatever it was, and soon realized that it was a person, a man to be exact, sitting on the floor. His head was down so all you could see was the blonde patch in the middle of the dark hair on his head. Looking down at him made you feel sad. He was clearly drunk with no friends here to help him. You squatted down, keeping your legs closed since you had on a short dress, and tried to get his attention.

“Hey… are you okay?” you asked loud enough so he’d hear you over the music playing in the club. He didn’t respond so you tapped him on the head, making him look up. He immediately gave you a drunken smile.
“Hiiiii.” he spoke. You laughed. He was clearly out of it but he was really cute.

“Hi. Do you need any help?” you asked him. He shook his head. “Are you sure? I could take you home.” you offered. His glossy brown eyes shone in the light coming from your phone. He just looked up at you for a minute, as if he was considering what you just told him.

“C'mon, you don’t want to be on a cold floor. You want to be at home in your warm, comfortable bed, right?” He nodded his head and you smiled, even though he probably couldn’t see. “Then, c'mon, I’ll help you up.”

You locked your phone and put it back in your bra so you could help him up. It was a bit of a struggle, he was heavier than you expected his skinny body to be and he was much taller than you realized. Luckily, he didn’t need too much help walking as you made your way through the club with his arm across your shoulders, slightly leaning on you for support. It wasn’t long before you both were out the door, heading to your car.

“I’m Calum.” he randomly told you as the two of you walked. You laughed.

“Hi Calum, I’m y/n.” you told him. You looked at him with a smile on your face to see he was smiling back.

“You’re pretty.” he told you. Even though you knew he was drunk, you still found yourself blushing.

“Thank you. Let’s get you home, okay?” The two of you finally reached your car so you helped him into the passenger side. You made sure he was fully in with his seatbelt on before you closed the door and walked to the driver’s side. You drove him home and had to go inside with him to make sure he was okay before you left. You waited until he was asleep and wrote a little note, telling him who you were and that he could call you if he ever needed help, which he definitely did.

-end of flashback-

“I’m glad someone could get through to you.” Ashton told him.

“She’s too good for you.” Luke added, randomly, making you laugh.

“I know.” Calum replied. There was a long moment of silence before you heard the boys say their goodbyes followed by the front door closing. You went downstairs and was met by your handsome boyfriend who was sitting on the couch. He smiled up at you when you entered the room so you walked to him and sat on his lap, giving him a kiss on the lips.

“Did you really mean what you said?” you asked him. He looked confused, like he didn’t know where this was coming from.


“When you said that I’m too good for you.” you spoke. His face relaxed and he let out a small laugh before he nodded. “Don’t ever say that, Cal. I’m no better than you.”

“I just… I feel like you are. You’ve helped me become a better man and I can never repay you for that, y/n.” he responded.

“You don’t have to, Calum. You may think that I was the cause but you’re the one who changed. You’re the one who makes better decisions everyday. I have nothing to do with that, babe.” you told him.

“Yeah, but-”

“No buts.” you said, cutting him off. “You’re the one who made a change and I’m so proud of you because of it. No one else deserves credit but you.” you said, kissing him on the nose. He smiled and looked up at you, making you smile back.

“I love you, y/n.”

“And I love you, too. You gonna help me make something to eat?” You stood up and headed towards the kitchen. You didn’t make it far before you felt his arms wrap around your waist from behind and his head rest on your shoulder. A smile came over your face just from being in his embrace.