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I hit 50 followers i’m so happy I am a loser I never knew I could get 10 but 50 it might not be a lot but I don’t even post a lot but soon i will bc i delete all my cc so i’m downloading all my friends cc xD so a new legacy and guess what they will not be gay and theres something weird bc all my sims are gay so ya there u go and have a good day u crazy people who follow me!

Edit: btw i will start tagging my stuff loook at me go im growing up look at me wow

Do you ever just think about what a massive impact you’ve had on the world? Think of everything that wouldn’t be in the world if it weren’t for you. Your childhood drawings that are still probably still kept hidden in your parents bedside drawer, the beaded bracelets you used to make at Brownies, the countless Christmas decorations and crafts you used to make in school. 
Think of all the words you’ve put down; the hundreds of thousands of words you’ve spilled your imagination out in, all the school essays and revision notes and lists. All the notes you’ve scribbled to your friends in class, every thank you letter and birthday card you’ve ever written, signed with your very own unique signature. Think of all the hundreds of thousands smiles and laughs you’ve produced in your life. If it hadn’t been for you, the world would be down at least one thousand smiles. All the doodles that have found their way into the recycling bin, all the post-it notes with scribbled messages to your loved ones, all the chalk drawings on the garden path you drew as a child. The meals you’ve cooked, the recipes you just made up as you went along, the cupcakes you baked for all the bake sales.
So the next time you feel insignificant, think of it like this- you’ve filled up the world with traces and pieces of yourself hidden in every corner. How can you be insignificant when so much is here just because of you?

  • Me: wow there's a lot of tags here
  • AO3: they're in love
  • Me: I sure hope so
  • AO3: anAL SEX
  • Me: woah calm down it has 90 words how do you
  • AO3: talking vagina
  • Me: nO
  • AO3: sex with a unicorn
  • Me: whaT Do yoU MEaN?!
  • AO3: don't kink shame me
  • Me: sorry
  • AO3: then they fuCK A DUCK
  • Me: I'm not even surprised anymore

“And why did you play this game?”

“Board games are played when you get bored.”

“Not this one!!!”


c'mon // panic! at the disco + fun.


Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 7

G is for Glasses

I had pizza before bed and one wild dream. This is a recreation of said dream. 

Armed with the Super ‘Stasche, Booty Shorts of Snark, and Bat of Justice, he’s known to crack skulls as quick as he cracks open a beer.

 Super McReynolds is a force to be reckoned with.

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I never thought of the Tarantulas/Kup ship before I saw your wonderful art and I can't believe how weirdly adorable this would be. I kind of imagine Springer would be screaming internally the entire time but dang the potential shenanigans those two could get up to are precious. Thank you for sharing this with the fandom. <3

Ahhh thank you so much for this ask !!! :’‘ D I have been ALMOST thinking it for a long time?? I didn’t think it would really ?? be fun to anyone else!! :’‘ ) (I just got an ask request to draw Kup and once I finally had to draw him I had to figure out this idea.)

I don’t know how MUCH they would eventually like each other but I think they would bond a lot over their love of Springer and mutual dislike/hatred of Prowl (for this scenario)?? and I like trying to figure out how Springer would react to this. Probably how you said. : D

Commission for @auguste-starlight

A December To Remember - Saturday 2nd

Parring: Mysterious avenger(s) X Reader

Word: 450

Summary: Christmas has arrived, and Y/N discovers through a game of Secret Santa that one of the boys at the team has feelings for her. While she’s trying to figure out who that is, Nick Fury has also given her a secret mission, that will, without a doubt, change everything.

A/N: Wow, you guys actually like this. I didn’t expect that. English isn’t my first language, so if my writing sometimes sounds a bit weird, that’s why. Anyway, please tell me what you thought about this, if you want to be tagged, and what you think is going to happen!


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Love and Peace, as requested by @camelliam

Divided: Part 18

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, a lot of combat 

Word Count: 4196 (I’m not even sorry, this is a massive scene and it was so hard to write) 

Summary: Unexpected guests arrive at the airport, blocking your teams ability to escape, you have no choice but to fight

Authors Note:  HOLY CRAP! I have never before tackled anything this difficult. I got to level with you guys, this was one of the hardest scenes I have ever written and it took forever and has been edited and rewritten more often than I care to admit. But, in the end I am enormously proud of what this is, I really really hope you guys enjoy it too. I always love hearing from you all, so drop a line with thoughts or predictions!  Tagging is open, just ask, if you are on my tag list and your username has changed PLEASE let me know!

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 

“Wow, it’s so weird how you run into people at the airport.” You can hear Tony over Caps open com line, projecting into your team’s ears as you all move into position. Clint and Wanda head up to the higher level, while you keep watch with Bucky and Sam through the glass terminal, waiting for your Captain’s signal.

“Ross gave me 36 hours to bring you in.” Tony continues as your eyes fly to Sam, both of you tensing as you listen in. Bucky’s hand twitches slightly in yours as your head turns to him, smiling at his nervous expression, trying to ease his anxiety as your hand sends a small pulse back to him.

“Your old war buddy killed innocent people yesterday.” Tony’s voice rises, as Bucky bites his lip. You look at him, your other hand rising up to force his gaze back to you. “It wasn’t you.” You whisper quietly, “You know that.” He nods as your hand falls from his face. He raises your intertwined knuckles to his lips, placing a soft kiss on your fingers.

“Steve,” You hear Natasha’s voice enter the scene, “You know what’s about to happen… Do you really want to punch your way out of this one?” You look to Sam, both of you feeling the full weight of Natasha’s question. Almost simultaneously, you both roll your shoulders back, steeling your resolve to stand and fight, knowing for certain the justice of your cause.

Sam focuses on his goggles as he presses his finger to the pad on his arm, following red wing as the small robot scans for Stark’s quinjet, trying to find an alternative way out of here. “Alright, I’ve run out of patience” Stark speaks nonchalantly, raising his hands to his mouth.

“Underoos.” Tony shouts, and Sam panics, thinking it to be an attack on Steve. He tenses, his eyes breaking from the screen of his glider, focusing back on the scene outside. “What the hell? What the fuck is that?” Your head snaps away from Bucky, quickly focusing on the conversation outside.

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So, I love the idea of Damian being smooth with Colin, but every time I picture him trying to compliment Colin, I feel like he's like. " Colin, I- You should know-You fight good" (Like from Mulan??)

OMG YES. Extremely awkward Damian ftw!

I’m sure that over time he would probably get better with his attempted flirts, but early on Colin was probably treated to such gems as:

  • “You’re not that… you’re good. You’re good company.”
  • “You have the– you don’t– stop staring at me.”
  • “Do you– the manor– that is… um… Do you want to stay? Not here. There. The manor. Are you coming over or not?!”
  • “I like you. Being with you I mean. NOT LIKE THAT. Damn it Wilkes stop laughing!”
  • “You’re not annoying. I like being around you.”
    “Are you saying you like me?”
    “That’s not- no- you’re not– *aggravated sigh and a few choice words in Arabic*”
    “…Did you just say you love me?”
    “I did not say ouhibbouka!”
    “Oh so that’s how you say it in Arabic. Now I’ll know when you say it.”
    Damn it Wilkes!
  • “You’re going to– NO. Not with the face and the eyes and the– NO. STOP. You’re going to– Wilkes, you are going to make my older brother start shrieking about you being obscenely adorable. Please stop before you incite an aneurysm!”
    “You think I’m adorable?”
    “Y-NO. Absolutely not!”
    “Awwww, you think I’m cute.”
    “…I am going to sacrifice your kidneys.”
    “My ‘cute’ kidneys?”
    “…I am not even going to get into whether it is possible for internal organs to be ‘cute’. And it’s not.”
    “But you think I’m cute.”
    “I didn’t-! …I can’t even look at your face right now.”
    “…My ‘cute’ face?”
  • “If that wound scars I’m going to butcher Cinderblock’s face.”
  • “You’re good at that. Lifting the- the thing… I… shut up.”
  • “If you died, I’d– you– YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE.”
    “…Everyone dies eventually?”
    Lazarus pit!”
  • “I am being forced to go to my school’s prom and you are going with me! YOU ARE NOT LEAVING ME ALONE WITH THESE PEONS WILKES.”
    “…Did you just ask me out on a date? To your prom?”
    “If a date is sparing me from suffering by being surrounded by idiots alone, then yes.”
    ”That’s actually kind of romantic and sweet.”
    ”This isn’t about being romantic Wilkes! This is about keeping me from killing people by letting me see your face– stop looking at me like that!”
  • “I need you to publicly date me so I can tell the paparazzi to go to hell.”
    “Sooo, in other words you want to take our relationship public.”
    “This is about the paparazzi.”
    “Riiiiight. Because you’re totally dating me for convenience.”
    “I do not ‘date for convenience’. This is business.”
    “Right. Like the business of trying to talk me into moving in.”
    “…Are you using Goliath as an excuse to propose to me?”
    “NO… MAYBE.”
    “We’re freaking 18. That’s just… WOW.”
    “I am not proposing to you because of the paparazzi! I’m proposing your face- NO. I’m asking you– this is just– Wilkes, will you publicly date me or not?”
    “That made no sense.”
    “Face the paparazzi with me and suffer my pain.”
    “You’re so weird.”

I’m sure there could easily be more, but I’m pretty sure this already got a little out of hand. XD

ok wow, sorry about not posting a drawing in like a week or smthn. Here’s a sneak preview at a v large thingy i’ve been working on. It’s taking me a while and this little piece looks like crap but I promise it will look better when I’m done

‘Where’s your helmet?’ 

  • kit: wow ty is so beautiful and i love his voice? i love hearing him talk he has such nice hair and his smile is so bright and dazzling and hes just so great ok if i had to choose a parabatai i guess id choose ty? wow and his eyes they are luminous and he knows so much and i want to hold his hands tight and never ever let him be worried or scared ever again
  • also kit: i dont feel like kissing livvy again lol weird i bet its cause i wanna be a shadowhunter
  • me: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻