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Between A Rock and A Donkey Suit [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Here is my little halloween special for my family fics with Jason. I hope you guys love it and Happy Halloween!!! 🎃

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This wasn’t your and Jason’s first Halloween. Addilyn had already gone trick-or-treating the year prior and was even more excited to do it again. Though this year she insisted that the entire family should match since the new baby had come along. Addilyn absolutely adored Ashton and wanted him to be a part of everything she did. Especially trick-or-treat.

You and Jason both agreed to dress up with her for Halloween. Though Jason wasn’t exactly excited about the costume his daughter choose for him. Addilyn decided to do a Winnie the Pooh theme. That’s why you were currently dressing Ashton in a Pooh costume after dressing Addie as Piglet. You had already changed into a Kanga costume, and well, Jason was glaring at the Eeyore costume Addie choose. “Tigger is a bigger character! Why’d she give me the donkey?!”

You rolled your eyes. “Jason, for one she loves Eeyore so that’s why, and two she didn’t want you to scare Ashton by being a ‘scary tiger.’ She’s your daughter and wants us all to match, can’t you just wear the costume?” Jason groaned and glared at the costume again, “I understand but it’s a goddamn donkey!” You turned and threw a clean diaper at him. “Watch your language, we don’t need her hearing and learning another cuss word.”  

Jason put his hands up in defeat, “My bad, I’m sorry. I just, my brothers aren’t going to let me live it down and you know how annoying they are. I just don’t want to wear the ridiculous donkey costume.” When he said that he turned to see Addilyn standing in the doorway, they hadn’t even heard the door open. She sniffled while looking at Jason “Y-you d-don’t want to m-match with m-me daddy?” She whimpered, and before Jason could answer she ran away and to her room.

Jason looked over as you gave him a ‘you better fucking fix this’ look before picking up Ashton and carrying him out of the bedroom. Sighing he rubbed his face, man did he fuck up this time. Walking out of the room he went to Addilyn’s and cracked open the door. He saw her sniffling on her bed while clutching onto her stuffed Zebra. “Hey pumpkin” Jason said as he walked in her room and sat on the floor in front of her.

Addilyn didn’t look at him. Jason sighed, “I’m sorry I upset you sweetheart. I was just talking to mommy too loudly.” Addilyn looked up at him. “B-but you d-don’t want to match m-me.” Jason reached out and wiped her cheeks, “Of course I want to match you Addie. Why wouldn’t I want to match my beautiful girl?”

“But you c-called Eeyore dumb.” Jason nodded, “I know I did and that wasn’t very nice of me. I was just worried about getting teased by your uncles, but I forgot that I was doing it for you and how much fun we’re going to have. I’m sorry sweetie, how about we go have some fun?” Addie smiled at her father, “You’ll be Eeyore?”

Jason nodded and picked her up, “Anything for my little piglet.” She giggled at his statement before she gave him a tight hug. “I love you daddy.” Chuckling Jason hugged her back “I love you too sweetheart.”

Standing by the door you saw the exchanged and smiled. “Come on you two, it’s almost time to go.” Calling to them both as Ashton was held on your hip. They both looked at you before Jason set her down. “You go with mommy and I’m going to go change okay?”

Addilyn nodded and ran to hold your hand. Smiling you took hers and walked to the living room with her. You helped her get her shoes on and ready to go trick-or-treating when Jason walked out. Looking over you held back a laugh and Addilyn smiled happily. “Well?” He smiled.

You chuckled as Addie ran over and jumped in his arms. “You make a handsome Eeyore” She grinned and Jason chuckled “Thank you sweetpea.” Setting her down Jason walked over to you with a smirk. Laughing you poked the fuzziness of the costume. “Nice ears” You tugged on the floppy ears on his head. He rolled his eyes, “I could tell you the same thing.” Saying as he poked the Kangaroo ear headband on yours.

Addie giggled at you and Jason before there was a knock on the door. You handed Ashton to him before going to answer, seeing Dick, Tim, and Damian. “Hey guys” you greeted. They had agreed to give out candy for you and Jason while taking the kids out. “Hi [F/n]” Dick smiled.  “Nice costume.” Tim chuckled a little.

“Uncle Dick! Uncle Tim! Uncle Dami!” Addilyn came running down the hallway to the door. She jumped into Dick’s arms first to hug him. “Wow, I just caught a piglet. Say little piglet have you seen my niece?” Dick joked as Addie giggled. “No silly, it’s me! Addie!” Dick gasped over dramatically, “Oh no the piglet at Addie!”

You chuckled as Addie just giggled more. “No, Uncle Dick, it’s my costume see!” Saying as she pulled the little pig snout off her nose. “Wow, that’s quite a good costume.” Tim chuckled next to him, “I think you had us all fooled.” Addie smiled and wiggled out of Dick’s arms before going to hug Tim and giving Damian a fist bump.

Leading them inside, all three of them snorted when seeing Jason. “Wow Jay” Dick held back a laugh “Quite the costume.” Jason rolled his eyes, adjusting Ashton on his hip. “Yeah” Tim added, “It suits you nicely.” “In more ways than one.” Damian chuckled. Addie pouted and crossed her arms. “Leave my daddy alone. His costume is better than your ugly ones.”

Dick rose an eyebrow, “We’re not wearing costumes Addie.” She huffed, “I know.” Jason suddenly burst out laughing as the three Uncles stared at her shocked. You had clapped a hand over your mouth, holding back your own laughter. Jason couldn’t get a hold of himself, “You..You just got roasted by a kid!” He laughed even harder, making Ashton start to laugh too.

You calmed down before walking over to Jason, still giggling a little. “Okay babe, okay we need to go.” Jason’s laughing died down as he caught his breath. “Yeah, you’re right.” He panted and looked at you before handing over Ashton and taking Addie’s hand.

Shaking your head you chuckled and picked up the bowl of candy. “This is for the trick-or-treaters, don’t try to scare them away with those costumes of yours.” You chuckled before hearing Jason laugh again down the hallway. Shaking your head you caught up to your husband and daughter, leaving the three still a bit stunned.

Walking out to the street Addie looked up at Jason, “Did I make them stop teasing? Did I do a good job?” Jason chuckled and kneeled in front of her. “You did an awesome job. Now let’s go get some candy.” Addie grinned and kissed his cheek before running up to the first house. Standing up Jason reached over and slid his hand into yours, the other one occupied by your son. “She sure is something.”

You chuckled and nodded, “Yeah, I think she got the humor quality from you. That’s going to be a story for the history books.”