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Miriam's gonna kill Chilton isn't she :c Or at least injure. She's like a reprogrammed bomb sent back to the FBI.

She’s like a reprogrammed bomb sent back to the FBI.” -these are actually my thoughts, too. 

In that promo she’s standing in the mirror room (idk it’s called mirror room as far as I remember), next to interrogation room, she’s watching Hannibal through one-way mirror:

Now, personally to say I’m 97% sure she won’t recognize him, that’d be too easy, but Hannibal may have brainwashed her, so she would recognize Chesapeake Ripper in someone else. Looks like he chose Chilton for that role:

 In the new still from 2x07, we can see that Chilton is being investigated in FBI :

 If he’s a suspect now (have no idea how that coud happen tho) there’s a chance they might interrogate him later, in the same room as Hannibal. And in the new mid-season trailer, we can see her firing a gun (she’s still in the mirror room).

Is she going to shoot whoever standing in the interrogation room? Someone she believes to be the Ripper? Maybe so, but I doubt it. Usually one-way mirrors for interrogation rooms are made of bulletproof glass and also Jack is standing right next to her, he will of course try to stop her.

However in the photo that Bryan posted a while ago on Twitter, we can see that there will be a lot of blood on the other side of the interrogation room. (It’s the same room, I made a post about it.)

So whatever happens there, eventually someone will get hurt. But, hey, that’s just my assumptions.