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halla!! first off, i would just like to say a thank u to everyone who has followed my blog and has reblogged my gifs and edits and drabbles and such. it really means a lot, you’re all angels. now, i havent done a follow forever in a long time and im not going to be putting it into alphabetical order (sorry bubs) but again, thank u all so much!! now, lets get onto the good stuff :’)

first, im gonna mention some great friends of mine. they were my first actual skam pals and i love them to bits and pieces and they are absolutely amazing. they’ve given me great feedback on re-starting my writing career here on tumblr and they are angels;

@yousefsanas - agus!!! bub! you were my first skam pal here and honestly i love our friendship so much :’) you give me so much confidence in my writing and give me so much great feedback and i appreciate it and take it to heart (in a good way!!) you’re an amazing friend and ily <33

@valtermeme - megan you have no idea how much i adore you and your aus/headcanons. you have some of the best ideas i’ve ever seen, you would be a fantastic writer!! i love our friendship bc we cry over everything together, including gullruten and skam. i appreciate you and your existence <33 you’re amazing and ily

now onto skam mutuals!! i dont talk to many of my mutuals but they are all rad and so are their blogs <33

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again, thank u all so so much for 500 <33 500 and counting!!! i love u all <3

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holy shit you ship jackkim?? like even a tiny bit wow they are my otp of all otps and have been ever since i first watched xs and its har finding xs fans at all, let alone jackkim ones :0 i am so happy and your art is amazing!!

they are my trash babes they are so near and dear to me <3 also thank you omg 

EDIT: I also have a fanmix for these idiots, if you wanna give it a listen

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In your ml witch AU tikki is a high council witch but also the broom? Can you elaborate? I'm a bit confused.....

of course! so the story goes, each of the high council (aka the kwamis) choose an apprentice who they think is strong in magic to train. magic, however, isn’t something know to the public, which leads to tikki having to disguise/ hide herself. she normally goes for the broom form, especially when mari is going on witch quests, her and mari’s combined magic leads to simple travel through the air (and tikki likes the cliche broom-flight trope the humans made up, she thinks it’s cute)

however tikki can’t always be a broom, because it would be a bit strange if mari was seen carrying a broom around with her everywhere, so when going out, she can transform into something small and simple like a brooch or even a little ladybug, of course. there are a few setbacks of this, one- magic is limited. even though tikki is extremely old and powerful, she has her breaking points. she can’t stay transformed for more than 13 hours at a time, and is her normal self as much as she can be when her and mari are alone. two- she has to really concentrate on what she wishes to become, the broom is easy for her by now but if you ask her to become something on the spot it can lead to some…weird circumstances 

honestly i don’t know how they haven’t been busted yet, haha! it can be confusing, i didn’t get to put much backstory and lore (especially about the council!) in the first post, i hope this clears things up a bit! thank you so much for the ask!

Request: Nothing Less Than Genius

Request: Can you write a deanXreader where the reader is their kickass researcher and she’s into classic literature and physiological stuff and she’s dating Dean but lately she’s noticed that they haven’t been as close so she tries to talk to him about it and after pestering he reluctantly admits he doesn’t feel he’s smart enough for her so she comforts him and it’s a bit fluffy with some angst I guess? I love your writing ❤️ have a great day

Word Count: 1,197

Thank you so so much<33 I hope you like it<3

(In other news I have a drama exam tomorrow and I’m officially freaking out so if any of you amazing people have any words of wisdom when it comes to oral presentations I’m all ears lmao)

It all started when he was searching for your birthday gift – you’d told him time and time again not to do anything, but as usual, he ignored you and ended up in a chain bookstore in town, browsing through the shelves.

“Looking for yourself?” The assistant approaches him, disturbing the silence of the store. Dean shakes his head, trailing a finger over the spines.

“My girlfriend. She’s… into all of this,” He replies, glancing up at the sign above his head which christens the section as Classic Literature, “I’m not exactly… experienced at it.”

“Most of us aren’t,” The assistant offers a pleasant smile, “What’s her favourite book?”

“To Kill a Mockingbird,” He says without hesitation, “She must have read it a thousand times, she’s got like three copies. One of them’s a first edition, signed by the author.” He smiles slightly, remembering how excited you were when you discovered it deep in the Men of Letters’ archives.

“Wow,” The guy is obviously a bit taken aback, “I don’t think we can beat that. Anything else?”

“Uh… I don’t know. She likes the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen and stuff like that but I’m pretty sure she’s read it all. I was just hoping for a miracle.”

The man laughs, “I don’t think we’ll be much help there. What does she do for a living?”

“We work together in our family business, but she has a physiology degree.” Dean remembers, glancing across the bookstore, “We couldn’t be much different.”

“Punching above your weight a little?” The guy laughs, “You’re lucky she hangs around, man.”


“Hey, Dean, feel like a trip to the store?” You ask – you already have your jacket on and your car keys in hand, “I need a few groceries and stuff, and I was thinking about going into town and picking up-“

He interrupts you with a shake of his head, “I’m good. Kinda busy with this – next time, though. You stay safe.”

You pause, obviously somewhat deflated, “Yeah, sure. You too.” You smile slightly, even though he’s obviously just playing some game on his phone. You zip up your jacket and smile brightly as you slip through the garage door.

You don’t return for a few hours – by then, it’s dark and Sam and Dean have headed to bed. The traffic was hell but you texted Dean ahead so he didn’t worry – and he responded simply with an ok. You’re not one to hyper-analyse but nine times out of ten he at least throws a kiss on the end. Combined with him being weird earlier on, you’re coloured a little worried by him.

Nonetheless, you unpack the groceries and head to bed: only to find Dean as far to his edge as humanly possible, his back to both you and the door. You sigh, changing silently and slipping beneath the sheets.


This goes on for longer than usual: sure, sometimes the two of you have dry patches, it’s only natural in any kind of relationship but never like this. He barely speaks to you and the closest thing you get to intimacy is him brushing his teeth while you’re in the shower – even then, you ignore one another steadfastly.

On the fifth day, you approach him about it. Although you didn’t want to nag or moan or upset him further – because there’s seriously something wrong with him and you’re ninety-nine-point-nine-nine percent sure that you haven’t done or said anything – you couldn’t let it go on like this. You corner him in the kitchen after lunch, when he’s absently washing a few dishes.

“Hey, Dean?” You ask, hopping up on the counter. He spares you only the quickest of glances.


“Is everything… okay?” You offer, mentally berating yourself for how useless it sounds. Any preparation goes out the window as he shrugs.

“I’m fine.” He says monotonously, “Why?”

“Well… you’ve barely talked to me in almost a week.” You shrug nonchalantly, “And you’re just… different. I don’t know.”

“I’m fine.” He says again, “Seriously, Y/N, it’s not worth-“

“But it is worth it.” You insist, watching as he dries his hands, “If it’s bothering you then I want to know about it – that’s what this is about, remember?”

“It’s just stupid.” He scowls. You shrug.

“The only stupid thing is not talking to each other over something little. C’mon, spill.” You urge, reaching out and touching his shoulder.

He pauses, obviously debating whether to tell you what he’s thinking or not, but after a sideways glance at the door to make sure no-one else is lurking in the shadows, he sighs.

“Am I smart enough for you?”

“What?” You frown, “Of course you are. Where did that come from?”

He glances at you, and then at the floor, “I was in a bookstore last week and… I don’t know. Everything you’re into is so sophisticated and intelligent, but I’m more… I don’t know. My interests are stupid.”

“They’re not stupid.” You say quickly, “And sophisticated and intelligent have nothing to do with it. Did the guy say something? Do I need to go kick his-?”

“No, no. It’s my fault.” He sighs, “I told you it was stupid. Can we just forget-“

“No, Dean, we can’t.” You say firmly, reaching forward and taking his face in both of your hands, “You’re being stupid if you think that anything you do is stupid. Maybe my stuff may be more stereotypically sophisticated, but yours is far more practical.”

“What do you mean?”

“You can take apart a car and put it back together in record time. You’ve built that thing up from the ground more times than I care to think about. You’re amazingly technologically adept, you have an extensive knowledge of weapons and lore and hunting in general. You’re a genius, Dean – just because I spent years earning a sheet of paper that says I can do one thing doesn’t make you any less amazing.” You promise him, “Don’t ever think you’re anything less than genius, Dean Winchester. Ever.”

You take a breath and wait for him to say something - but he doesn’t. There’s a moment when you think he’s going to turn away and ignore you again, but instead he bends down and presses his lips to yours firmly, kissing you with everything he has. He’s missed you more than any word he could muster can ever describe and hates the idea that he ever could have hurt you, but… he just can’t seem to help it anymore.

“Thank you.” He murmurs against your lips, his arms closing around your waist as he pulls you closer to him. You only giggle in response, pulling away with a smile.

“You don’t ever have to thank me.” You assure him. He only shrugs in response.

“It’s not your fault I’m a colossal dick.” He shakes his head, “You shouldn’t have to deal with it.”

“But I like to,” You reply, “It’s what you do when you love someone, Dean. You of all people know that.”

All he can do is nod as a smile spreads over his features, “Talking about love… I don’t suppose you’re not busy for the next few hours?”

Oh wow, thanks for the interest! I doubt I’ll be making custom runes/banners because I’m a procrastinating busy college student, though they are pretty easy to make. As for how I make them, let’s talk about the tiny ones. 

First grab a template (I’ll post them a bit later), open it in an image editing program of your choice, (I use photoshop for all my stuff) and zoom in real close, like 1500% or something. It’ll look like this:

Then, draw your symbol using a 1px brush:

Make a new layer under the lines, and color the thing!

And last, add some glow (layer overlay)

And you have your runestone


Commissions are OPEN!

Enough people made mention that my prices were too high for what I do, so for the sake of trying to get more business and support myself and my fiancee financially, I decided to lower the prices. These are the new basic prices for edits. 

Some quick things of note:

- I do do light to medium NSFW content. Please see my blog’s /nsfw tag for examples. Please expect to pay extra as these tend to take me a lot of time due to the difficulty of posing and such.
- These commissions are my only source of income at the moment, and all that my fiancee and I have to pay the bills as of right now! If you don’t feel like commissioning me, consider donating to us via the Paypal button on my personal blog?
- Note that I am not selling models, not am I selling any of WoW/Blizzard’s resources. I am selling a service in the form of artistic edits. When you commission me, you are commissioning the time I will put into working on a picture, which will then be posted publicly for free here on tumblr. All of my completed edits will be posted here on tumblr!

How to commission me:
It’s simple! Send me a message here on tumblr first, telling me a bit about what you would like to commission. If what you want sounds feasible for the price range you’re offering, I’ll give you my email. There, you can send me any references you may have, as well as the WoW Armory links to your character(s). When I am ready to start your commission, I will let you know on Tumblr, at which point you are welcome to send the payment via PayPal!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message!

Links to edits in image for reference:

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And the final version of the price guide edit is here.

2nd NaLu Week Entry

NaLu-Week Prompt: Reunion

//I kind of messed up with Lucy there …’sigh’ (finds it difficult to draw females…) Ahhh…Anyway! Enjoy it!//

//Aaaaand I need to edit: GUYS! THIS is CRAZY! So many note on my first entry! WOW thank you! I have never imagined something like that happening to me! I am soooo happy!

Thank you for all the nice comments in the tags!! This motivate sooo much! Again, thank you! :) //