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delivery boy!JunxReader like in BoomBoom?

not sure if you still wanted the spy thing or just delivery boy but i’m going with the latter if that’s okay :)

also thanks for sending in this request !

Title: Shot In The Heart (& You’re The One To Blame)

“Settled in good?” Soonyoung asks me as he flops onto his bright red couch. I give a slow nod, gentle fingers softly parting the curtains as I take in the view from outside. It was my first time in Korea with my best friend, Soonyoung, and I had to admit, it was a beautiful place.

Soonyoung watches me for a moment, before going back to the television. “Pretty?” He questions, and I let out a chuckle. He knew me well. “Very,” I hum. Wind blows through the open window, and strands of hair fall into my vision. Tucking them  behind my ear, a loud ‘vroom’ catches me by surprise. I watch, as a jet – black haired climbs off his motorcycle, a large parcel in one hand.

His hair is sticking up a little oddly from the helmet, but still, I take a step away from the window when I find myself blushing. He’s cute. His wide dark brown eyes search the area before he makes a decisive turn towards the house opposite ours. For a moment, I think he catches me staring, but then he looks away just as quick and I can’t tell.

“Looking at something?” Soonyoung joins me beside the window, seeing the back of Cute Delivery Boy slowly fade into the distance. A grin tugs at my best friend’s lips, “Hey, that’s Junhui!”.

I clear my throat suddenly, and Soonyoung glances at me. I shake my head to tell him ‘I’m fine’ before saying, “You know him?”.

“Delivery guy. Been passing me my parcels ever since I moved in. Don’t know him well but -” Soonyoung folds his arms, leaning against the white walls. “Some people say he’s a delivery boy by day and a hella good dancer by night,”.

He makes a weird sound resembling an explosion and wiggles his fingers in time with it. I can’t help but snort. “Pretty cool if you ask me,” His gaze shoots back to the guy’s motorcycle. “Or maybe he’s a kpop idol trainee trying to earn some pocket money,” He shrugs, passing me a grin.

Oh,” Is the only response I can form. Soonyoung strides over to the kitchen, muttering about cereal and some other thing. Just as soon as the delivery boy gets back to his motorcycle, I duck away, moving to help Soonyoung with lunch instead.

“I – uh – I didn’t order anything, I think,” I stutter, flushing in embarassment as I blink rapidly at the guy in front of me. From afar, he’s cute, up close, Junhui looks good. Like really. And tall. Very. He’s wearing a black snapback, that’s just not quite the same colour as his hair, and has a black coat on that frames his broad shoulders nicely.

And all that was not helping with the clarity of my speech whatsoever.

Soonyoung wasn’t home, and I was guessing it was his parcel. Junhui smiles at me almost knowingly, like he knows the effect he has on me. “I know,” He smiles, “You’re not the usual guy I meet when I deliver something here. Are you new?”. Instantly, I scrunch my nose up, shaking my head.

“No I just – he’s – I’m staying here with him,” I glance down at the cardboard box in his hands.

“Oh,” His eyebrows knit together a little, and I immediately wonder why. “Well okay, if you could just sign here for your boyfrien-”.

“He’s not - !” I exclaim, even though I’m used to people mistaking Soonyoung and I for a couple. Calming down a little, I laugh it off, “He’s a best friend,” I explain. The frown disappears. “Okay,” His eyebrows shoot up in amusement, “Sign here for him maybe?” He holds out a pen.

I do as told, and am about to thank him and close the door when he wedges a foot between the door and us. “Actually,” He looks me straight in the eyes, and it takes everything in me not to stumble back at the intensity of it all. Stupid, ridiculously, charming good – looking guys I groaned internally.

“There’s one more thing, that I think you ordered,”.

I tilt my head in confusion, “Are you sure? Because I’m sure I didnt,”.

His smile only gets wider, and for some reason, it makes my heart skip a beat. “Well, I’m sure,”.

I shrug, doing the sort of chuckle where you breathe harshly through your nose. “What is it?”.

“My heart,” He says without missing a beat. This time, I flail so quick my forehead hits against the door, and I yelp in pain. I can’t quite seem to focus on the pain when my mind was literally racing as fast as my heart, and the redness on my cheeks was increased tenfold, much like my embarassment.

His round eyes go even bigger in concern, and he catches my arm when I almost trip again. I bite down hard on my lower lip so as not to scream because in what part of my plan or my day was this scheduled to happen I had no idea.

“Sorry,” Junhui lets go after a while, “Too much?”.

My laugh comes out a little strangled, and his eyebrows quirk at the sound of it. “Maybe,” I breathe.

“I’m sorry,” He extends a hand, “I’m Junhui by the way. But you can call me Jun. I just thought you seemed cute, and well, nice. So I just wanted to get to know you, and well, I was wondering if you wanted to go out,” He says all this smoothly, although when I shake his hand, I can feel the slight tremble and suppress a smile. “With me,” He finishes.

“I – wow, I’m sorry I just – I mean like sure, I’m uh – y/n,” I pull away, hoping to god my palm didn’t feel as sweaty as I thought it was. “y/n,” His eyes sparkle at that, “Pretty name. It suits you,”. Could this guy get any smoothe- “How about tonight? If you’re not busy?”.

I jolt in my spot as my train of thoughts get abruptly cut off. He looks at me a little worriedly. I sigh, “Sorry, I’m just really nervous,”. Crap, why did I tell him that?

Before I can correct myself, he lets out a chuckle. “It’s okay. It’s kinda cute, really,” Jun gives me a wink, (wow, okay, that’s kinda rude just stealing my heart like that.) “See you then? I’ll drop by at 8,”.

I hum, taking in a deep breath. “Maybe,” I tease, “Perhaps. If I don’t forget,”.

He clicks his tongue at this, before holding up his index and middle finger tightly together and doing a short wave, “I doubt  you’ll forget,”.

And as he walks away, with a big grin hidden from my sight, all I can do is shut the door. He’s right.


Requested: yuss

Author: Beth ^-^

Smut: nahh

Word Count: 1473

A/N: So I didn’t know if you wanted like an ACTUAL stick and poke tattoo imagine or just one of you giving Michael an actual tattoo but in the style of a stick and poke (a small tattoo) so I went with the second option bc home tattoo"s are like really dangerous and can cause serious harm if you don’t get them done correctly… sorry for that lil lesson, read and enjoyyyy ^-^


The sound of the bell ringing from just above the large glass door shocked me out of my day dreaming state. I looked up, only to see 4 very attractive boys wandering into the shop, none of them with any tattoo’s visible. “This is my chance to start up converstion” I thought to myself. Clearing my throat loudly caught their attention easily. “Ink virgins?” I questioned, leaning forward so both of my sleeved arms where on show.

“Nah” One of then chuckled, making his way over to the desk infront of me. “Just none on show at the moment, I have an appointment with Y/N?” The red haired boy added.

“Well that would be me” I smiled. The 3 other tall boys walked over to stand behind him. “Have you guys got appointments too?”

“Yeah, not until a few weeks from now, Michael just needed a ride” The brunette boy spoke up, before turning to “Michael”. “We’ll get you in the pub around the corner when your done” Michael nodded, smiling as the three boys made their way out of the shop.

“So what we’re you looking to get done today Michael?” I asked, letting my arms, which were littered with tattos, fall down and rest on my hips. “We’ve got huge books of art in that room over there, if you tell me what your looking for roughly, I can show you what one to look threw” I told him with a smile, leading him over to the room across the shop.

“I’m looking for something small and simple just now, nothing major” He told me, walking closley behind me.

“Like stick'n'poke tattoo’s?” I asked, raising an eyebrow slightly. Michael’s facial expression changed to one of confusion when I ask him the question. I must’ve been speaking some kind of forgein language… honestly. I rolled my eyes before leading him over to a large book that had been drilled onto the wall. “Stick and Poke tattoo’s are like tiny simple tattoo’s, people in collage, or just plain idiots, usually use needle and ink that they’d make up themselves, so they were LITTERALLY sticking and poking themselves with a needle, to give themselves a really shitty faded tattoo” I explained, opening up the booklet and pointing to a few as I gibbered on.

“Thats exactly it” He told me, smirking cheekily. I smiled, not wanting to admit how incredibly attracted to him I was just yet. That might need to wait a while.

“Well, just let me know when your ready and I’ll be waiting behind the desk” I told him, making my way to the door. I blushed as I walked out, realising how much of a nerd I must’ve sounded. He’ll tell his friends about me being a weirdo and we’ll loose customers… All because I started to like some guy that I didnt even really know.

Michael came out from the small room about 5 minuets later, and with me being me, I had to make it look like I wasnt just sitting there waiting for him. Quickly, I grabbed the nearest thing to me and began to read it, trying to act as natural as possible. Michael cleared his throat and chuckled. “Didnt realise sexy moter bike chicks was your thing…” he chuckled, gesturing to the back front cover of the magazine. My cheeks flushed a tomato red, placing the magazine down slowly before turning my attention to the chuckling boy infront of me. “I’m thinking about 4 stick and poke style tattoos up my forearm in a row… does that make sense?”

I nodded and pulled out a peice of paper to sketch out the design I thought he would like best, and that would suit him best. “What 4 where you thinking of?” I asked, grabbing a pen to jot it down quickly before I moved onto the actual tattoo design. He then went on to tell me which 4 of the small designs’s he was thinking about. A tally mark of the number five, a musical note, a smiley face, and a skull.

I chuckled at the thought of a smiley face and a skull im the same tattoo area… but then again, its his arm and his tattoo, so who am I to judge. “These are pretty easy to draw up so I’ll be like 5 minuets, do you want to come back here and prepair yourself?” I told him more than asking, but I said it in a friendly enough voice so he easily obliged. At least I now knew a tiny bit more about him…

“Can I ask why you chose such a weird combination? I mean, I like it, but it’s just confusing…” I questioned as the tattoo gun peirced threw Michael’s skin to leave the permanent marking. He giggled, looking down at his arm only once before looking back up at me.

“Well, I just wanted things that make me happy” He told me, a cheesy smile plastered on his face. “The happy face, because no matter what mood I’m in, seeing someone smile never fails to make me happy, the musical note because I’m in a band with my 3 best friends, the tally because our bands name is 5 seconds of summer, and the skull, because I’m majorly punk rock, so yeah…” he explained, getting right into his story. “I need these things to make me happy, without them, I’d be nothing, I’d be doing nothing with my life, so, this is just my way of reminding me to stay positive”

I paused for a second, looking up at Michael with wide eyes, byt he wasnt looking at me, he was looking across the shop, but yet he WAS still talking to me, so atleast I was getting some attention. I pulled the tattoo gun away and cleared the excess ink, so as not to ruin the work. All my brain managed to come up with was a simple, “Wow”. Michael stared at me while I continued my work on his arm, making me feel a little more nervous, but a little more at ease at the same time. I felt safe around this man, even though anyone else would have felt threated. With his bold hair colour, his eyebrow peircing and just his over all cocky body language, I would’ve thought he was a massive dick… but he really wasnt… he was different… but I liked it.

The tattoo itself took about 40 minuets. Between me acctually working, we didn’t stop talking, he told me about his family, his band, his life, and I was just fascinated, but normally for a tattoo as simple as this, it would’ve taken about 20. Although, he did keep looking over to the pther side of the shop, where our peircing room was, but it didnt mean anything. He was either just being nosey, or ,like most people, was to nervous to watch his skin being penitrated countless times by a needle. Which, of coarse, with the amount of tattoo’s I have, I could compleatly understand.

“Okay thats us done Mikey” I giggled as I cleared the tattoo one last time. He took one look at it and him face lit up like a child’s would on christmas.

“It’s amazing Y/N oh my god, thank you so much” he beamed, wrapping his non-newly tattooed arm around my neck for a quick hug. I smiled, doing the same to him, but only with both of my arms.

“You’re very welcome” I giggled. “Let’s get this wrapped and and we can see you on your way”

The payment and the last of the paperwork was done within seconds. He just had to sign a couple of papers and answer a couple of questions, so it really wasnt that hard.

“Thats you then Michael” I smiled, as he finished signing the last thing. I felt kind of sad, knowing that id probably only ever see him when he came in for a tattoo, which would be next to never.

“Do you have a peice of paper quickly?” He asked out of the blue. I furrowed my eyebrows but nodded anyway, handing him one of the sticky notes that I had behind the desk. Quickly he scribbled some numbers down along with his name.

I smiled as I realised finnally what he was doing. Maybe this would be his way of trying to.get to know me better. He looked up at me and smiled, but the next words that came out his mouth made my heart sink.

“Can you give that to your friend?” He asked, pointing over to my best friend and fellow tattoo artist, Hannah, who had been working on another client in the peircing room the whole time I was working om Michael. “Tell her to give me a call?”

140304 GO2PM Arena Tour - Osaka Jun. K's (Day1) FA updates

@besidewooyoung: [FANACC] They started concert with red coat cr; kana眯眼控

@Egle0702: Both Taec & Junho said they’re preparing for Korean comeback. Sounded like they’re really looking forward to it.

@Sakurina_chan: Jun.k is suuuuuper high tonight!!!! Jun.k hair look identical on the front but are shaved behind AND on the sides!!!

@2PMFAH: according to Junho the album is half Way done. || cr.FlatLee1125

@Egle0702: Almost cried at No Love. Which is a big feat because I never cry D:

@ClubHottest: Junho said: I have finished filming my movie~ and I have also changed my hair colour~ I look handsome right? This is in

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