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EXO Reaction when their GF makes them clothes 'cause she studies fashion design (Fixed)

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Chanyeol: *Always uses what you make and tries different combinations* “Today I’ll go with the casual style”

Kris: *Feels like wearing the best in clothes, brought directly from Paris* “I have to say my girl has talent for this”

Sehun: “You didn’t bring new clothes for me today? But… I was waiting for a new jacket…” *Pouts*

Tao: “Yeah I know, I look great! Don’t you dare to touch my things Kris!” *Sassy*

Kai: “Wow! You made this?! Jagiya you should have your own brand already!”

Xiumin: *Doesn’t know how to tell you that the company wants you to be their new stylist* “She will be shocked… I’m sure of it!”

Baekhyun: *Feels absolutely fab* “My girlfriend is the best”

Luhan: “No no no, if I wear this the boys will want it too! I won’t let them take it away from me baobei!”

Chen: “This is for you Y/N. For always being so talented and graduating from fashion school!” *So proud of you and your achievements* 

Kyungsoo: *Feels really moved when someone praises the clothes he is wearing* “Thank you. It’s from my girlfriend”

Lay: *He even lets you decide what suits him better and how he should dress everyday*

Suho: “Well of course… what did you guys expect? It was obvious that I would get my own personal designer. And she is the best!” *So proud of you*