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I’m sure someone else has designed a box-head Mettaton but I wanted to have a go at it. Yes, that’s his adorable news reporting suit because I can’t say no to lots of red. I really like this design so far! Poor Frisk has to suffer through this fab dweeb’s BS. Please help them.


Admin Melody here and here’s the first scenario of this blog. I was in a fluffy mood and decided to write on about Suga since I love him so much! I hope you guys like it and don’t forget to suggest other scenarios, reactions, etc.

 Category: Fluff

Word Count: 1K+

Don’t think of anything

Don’t say anything, not even a word

Yoongi laid silently in his bed. If it was any other day he had off from his hectic schedule, he would have been asleep but something about [Y/N] lying beside him, her head pressed against his chest and her chest rising and falling as she snored softly, made it bearable to be awake at the moment. He gently brushed the strands of her [H/C] hair that framed her face behind her ear and observed her peaceful features.

Just give me a smile

He didn’t know which was better, her beautiful smile when she was awake which seemed to light up the entire universe to him or the way her face was completely peaceful as she slept. He chuckled softly at the thought. How could he feel so much love and admiration towards one person?

I still can’t believe it

All of this seems like a dream

Don’t try to disappear

He broke out of his trance when he heard a soft giggle break through the blissful silence.

“Do you always stare at me when I’m asleep?” Her soft voice was raspy from waking up as a small but teasing smile made its way into her face. He playfully rolled his eyes and flicked her forehead.

“And why would I want to stare at you?” He said with mock disgust.

Is it true? Is it true?

You You

You’re so beautiful, that I’m scared

She gasped before playfully hitting his shoulder.

“You love me.” She grinned. “Unfortunately,” He said before laughing, one of his heart-stopping grins appeared on his face. He gently brushed his lips against hers. She smiled at him before rolling over to get out of bed but Yoongi’s slim arms wrapped around her waist pulling her back down. She groaned softly as he buried his face against the crook of her neck.

“Yoongi, let me go. I’m hungry” She whined.  His grip remained tight around her as he gently kissed her neck.

“Ten more minutes. “ She sighed softly, knowing he wasn’t going to budge. “Fine” She turned around to face him. Her [E/C] eyes stared back into his dark ones.  “Just ten minutes”, She said, sternly.  He briefly nodded as his face remained buried in her neck. She smiled as she ran a hand through his dyed black hair. “Why do I love you?”  She muttered softly. Yoongi chuckled softly.  

“Because I’m the only one that will put up with you” She rolled her eyes. “Wish I could say the same about you”

Will you stay by my side?

Will you promise me?

After ten minutes passed, [Y/N] broke out of Yoongi’s grip causing him to groan playfully. He looked up at her as she walked into the bathroom.  Once she walked out, her hair was in a small ponytail and she rolled her eyes at him. “If you’re not out of bed in 10 minutes, you’re not getting breakfast.”   She said, feigning a serious tone. Yoongi nodded even though they both knew she was bluffing.  She always made him eating and getting rest her top priority. He had the tendency to work days on end without eating or sleeping so she made it her job to prevent him from doing this. Likewise,  he did the same for her since she had the same overworking tendencies he had.

If I let go of your hand, you’ll fly away and break

I’m afraid, afraid, afraid

Yoongi reluctantly got out of bed, his messy hair falling into his eyes as he made his way towards the kitchen. The aroma of bacon and pancakes made him realize how hungry he actually was and made him quicken his pace. He walked into the kitchen and saw [Y/N] cooking. He could hear her humming to whatever song she had stuck in her head this time. He walked behind her and gently kissed her cheek.

“You’re adorable, jagi” He grinned at her, causing her cheeks to turn a rosy color.

“Wow. I get two smiles in one day. Are you sick, Yoongi?” She said, mockingly as she attempted to hide her embarrassment. He smirked slightly as he tilted her face up so she was looking at him.

“Only for you” He muttered before placing a brief kiss on her lips. “You’re so greasy!” She exclaimed as her cheeks turned a darker shade of red. He chuckled before sitting down at the table.

Will you stop time?

If this moment passes

She sat their plates down before sitting across from him. Yoongi immediately digged into the food causing a small smile to appear on her face.  She silently ate her food as she glanced up at him. From the time she met Yoongi, she and him had an immediate connection. It could only be described as if they were a couple from their past lives who had found each other once again. They were so similar. Both having a immense love for music and were incredibly stubborn people. They were each other's’ muses even though they wouldn’t admit to each other.

As though it hadn’t happened

I’m scared, scared, scared, I’ll lose you

“Look who’s staring now” Yoongi’s raspy voice snapped her out her thoughts. [Y/N] blinked before looking down at her empty plate.

“I was thinking” She muttered.

“Oh? Were you thinking about me?” He asked with a slight smirk on his face. She rolled her eyes before standing up and picking up their dirty dishes.

“Why would I want to think about you?”  She walked over to the sink and began to wash the dishes.

Butterfly, like a butterfly

Just like a butterfly bu-butterfly

Yoongi walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

 “Someone’s really sassy today”

 “And somebody is really touchy today” [Y/N] retorted. “I can’t touch my beautiful wife?” He asked. “Soon-to-be wife” She corrected with a sly grin. Yoongi tighten his grip around her waist and intertwined his hands with hers.

 “You’re still mine,” He said, running his finger over the cold metal of her engagement ring.  “And that’ll be official in a week, Mrs.Min” She giggled softly causing Yoongi’ heart to flutter.

 “I love you, Min Yoongi” She muttered, all of her love for him evident in her words.

“I love you too, Min [Y/N]” He said, softly before pressing a kiss against her cheek.

“And that will never change, my beautiful butterfly”

I did! A thing! 

First of all, let me be very clear in saying I didn’t actually draw this. I just lined and colored my best bud @bucketofchum ‘s original sketch. If you like this one, pls go like its origin! 

This was really really fun. I know my pitiful attempt at shading is just that, but I still liked playing around with it. Also don’t talk to me about hands because wow that shit’s hard I really need to be practicing generating my own sketches and such…but probably don’t be surprised if you see more of this sort of thing. 

“Orange is not, and will never be, my color.” -Nathalie Sancoeur, probably

Decided to include the sketchy lines because I thought it looked neato, and look at that! An attempt at a background! You can probably click for more details.

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Ticklish (ft. Suho)

(Note- I wrote this in a different POV today. I thought I’d switch it up.)

Originally posted by wugalaxy

 Playing video games with Suho had always been interesting. After work Suho had promised he’d buy the newest MarioKart game for our date night. Since Suho is always busy with schedules we had a promise together to have a date night once every two weeks. Tonight Suho had decided we should stay in to relax and eat Chinese takeout.

A half an hour later from when Suho gets out of schedules he arrived with MarioKart and food. 

“BABE, I’M HOME.” Suho yelled from the bottom of the steps, “I got you some soup.”
After we finished our meal, the game of MarioKart began.  
“HAH, LOSER.” I jumped up and down excitedly. I won, yes!
“Oh, come on I let you win.” Suho stated being confident, “Round two, this time let’s make a bet. If I win you clear the table and wash up.”
“I lost. I can’t believe I lost.” Suho frowned.
“That’s just the way it is.” I put my hands above my head attempting to make a ‘cool’ pose, “I win. You have to do the dishes.”
sighed and started to clear the table. He put the dishes in the sink, wiped off their table and put a selection of movies on the table. Planning to watch movies the rest of the night. Once everything was clean, Suho put on his favorite drama.
“Wow, he’s so handsome.” I started to coo over Kim Bum making Suho jealous. 

“Hey!” Suho shouted, “Stop doing like that while I’m here.”
I decided to tease him more, “Look at his pretty eyes.”
“My eyes are the same color as his. See?” Suho widened his eyes trying to get me to look at him
“Maybe. I don’t know Suho, he looks really good in this drama.”
Suddenly Suho pushed me to the ground and put his leg over my own. He put his hands to the side and started to tickle me.
AH, SUHO STOP IT!” I rolled giggling on the floor, holding my hands to my stomach. “Why me? Tickle someone else instead!” Suho gripped my sides and squeezed them gently before he started tickling me again. “Say ‘Suho you’re the most handsome man in the world’.”
“Suho, you’re the most handsome man in the world!” Suho pulled his hands away from me then I let out a sigh of relief. Suho looked at me with a smile, “I win.”
“Whatever.” I looked away and pouted, “I had my fingers crossed anyway.”
“Mmm, did you?”
“Yes.” I looked down at the floor not wanting him to see my face.
“I think your lying babe.” Suho kissed my neck, teasing me.
I let out a giggle, then turned to him “Damn it Suho, why do you always win in the end?!”
“Because I’m good at everything.”

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Bitter Sweet (Drabble) [8]

Day & Night (Drabble Series): Pt. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11]

Genre: Angst

College AU

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 1,268

A/N: I went a bit over my intended word count… My bad! But I couldn’t bring myself to take anything out. Ahh, I feel so nervous ;A; I hope you can guys enjoy this update~   :^) 

-          Admin Mochi

[October 17, 2016]

              She had been acting distant lately and he didn’t understand why. Whenever she would come over to the dorm she’d spend most of her time with Jin or Jungkook, which was strange because she usually spent it with him. He had also noticed how she stopped coming around the studio. On top of that he no longer received ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’ texts, he never thought he’d be irked by something as small as that, but he was. Yoongi tried to tell himself he didn’t care and that it didn’t bother him, but he knew those were nothing more than empty words. His mouth was pressed in a firm line as he gazed down at his phone, no new messages or calls.

              He found himself standing outside of her apartment contemplating on whether or not to knock. She had always answered his calls, texts, and visits no matter how late it was. Whether it were 4PM or 4AM she was always there when he needed her. She had made it clear many times that her doors were always open.

              After a couple of minutes he had finally gained the courage to knock, anxiously he waited for the door to open and when it did he was met with an unpleasant surprise. A tall brunette boy wearing light denim wash jeans and a cream colored knit sweater had answered the door. The stranger sported a friendly smile that Yoongi wanted to punch off his pretty little face.

              “Who the fuck are you?” the black haired boy growled scrutinizing the guy in front of him.

              “I should be asking you that.” The brunette responded timidly sounding genuinely confused.

              “Where is she?”

              “Are you perhaps looking for Y/N?”

              “Yes, where the fuck is she?” Yoongi growled attempting to walk past him, but the stranger wouldn’t let him.

              “Wow, where do you think you’re going?” the startled boy replied while blocking his way, which pissed off the leather clad individual.

              “Inside, now fucking move.” Yoongi snarled grabbing him by the collar and shoving him back with such force that he actually fell to the ground with a loud thud that he was certain the downstairs neighbors had heard.

              “Oh my god, what’s going on here?” Having heard all the commotion from her room Y/N ran out to her living room, she glanced from Youngjae to Yoongi whose chest was rising and falling as he glared down at the younger man with one of the fiercest looks she had ever seen. “Youngjae!” immediately she had ran to his side, her small hands held his face while her eyes thoroughly examined him. “Are you hurt anywhere?” her voice was soft and seeping with concern for another man and that made Yoongi scowl.

              “N- No, I’m fine.” Youngjae stuttered flushed by the sudden physical contact.

              “Get your hands off of him! And where the hell are your clothes?” the dark haired boy hissed, she was only wearing a silk bathrobe that stopped mid-thigh, which in his opinion showed too much skin. To make things worse the baby pink robe was slightly slipping off her shoulder exposing a strap of her lacy bra. Without a second thought he grabbed ahold of Y/N and snatched her away from the other boy.

              “Yoongi!” the girl squeaked as he wrapped a possessive arm around her. “What on earth do you think you’re doing?” but the more she squirmed the tighter his grasp around her became.

              “Please let go of her.” spoke Youngjae in a gentle voice as he walked towards them.

              “Don’t.” the dark haired warned pushing the petite girl behind him while giving him one last warning look that made him stop dead in his tracks. “Leave.”


              “I’m so sorry Youngjae, it’d be best if you go… I promise I’ll make it up to you.” she muttered peeking out from behind Yoongi.

               “But- I-… Will you be okay?” his brows were knit in concern, she simply offered him a tight lipped smile in return.  

               “What are you implying? I would never hurt her.” Yoongi growled through his gritted teeth.

               “I’ll be fine Youngjae, don’t worry about me and once again I’m so sorry about all of this.” He shot her one last worry filled look before stepping out of her apartment with a heavy heart.

              “Why was that prick here? Where are your clothes and just what exactly were you two doing before I got here?”

              “He has a name and it’s Youngjae.” Y/N snapped. “Also I had just gotten out the shower, which is why Youngjae was waiting for me to finish getting ready because we were supposed to go watch a movie together and get dinner afterwards, but you ruined that!”

              “Is he the reason why you’ve been acting distant lately?” his voice now barely above a whisper.


               “Don’t think I haven’t noticed! Is it because of that stupid pretty boy?” there was a crazed look in his eyes that made its appearance when he spoke of Youngjae and it gave her goosebumps.

               “No, so leave him out of this!”

               “Oh, so you admit you’ve been avoiding me?”

               “I never said that-“ she had attempted to protest, but he cut her off with a scoff.

               “But you never denied it.” he countered.

                “Fine, you’re right. I have been avoiding you, but why do you even care?”  Yoongi was taken back by her words, why do I care? He felt as if the answer was on the tip of his tongue, yet he couldn’t quite formulate the words. “See you don’t even have an answer.” She muttered, the look of disappointment and distress she had been giving only intensified with every passing second until he couldn’t take it anymore.

               “Stop- stop looking at me like that.” But unlike usual, his voice came out meek.

               “Looking at you like what?”

               “Like… that.” Came his exasperated reply, not being able to deal with it any longer he decided to act on his feelings. His large hand swiftly cupped her cheeks as he brought his lips down onto hers. To say she was astounded would be an understatement, she wasn’t quite sure how to feel. For the most part she relished the feeling of his warm, wet, and tender lips against hers, but a teeny tiny part of her told her this was wrong. Wrong because he was the one who had broken her whether he was aware of it or not. If she wasn’t his type, then why was he kissing her? Why was he so bothered by Youngjae? Why did he care whether she gave him the time of day or not? Why?

               Her head was spinning, she felt as if her legs would give out any second. The only reason she was still standing was because one of his arms was firmly snaked around her waist. The atmosphere was thick and Y/N was finding it hard to breath and even think. Her hands moved from her sides to his chest in a feeble attempt to push him away, but she couldn’t or maybe she truly didn’t want to.  

               The tears that had been pooling in the corner of her eyes had begun to fall. The salty solution ran all the way down her cheeks and to her lips letting Yoongi know there was more than meets the eye. Their first kiss was far different from how Y/N had envisioned it, there was a bitter sweet taste to it as opposed to a purely sugary one. But for the first time in two weeks the gut wrenching feeling that had been consuming her had vanished.


Requested by: anon

Hello! Would it be possible for you to do a reid X reader where he’s trying to ask her, someone he’s only seen maybe a few times, to accompany him to a wedding or a dinner party? A formal event where the rest of the team is present? Thank you so much! Your writer is amazing!

Pairing: Spencer x reader

Spencer Reid. What can I say about him? Well, he’s easily the kindest man I’ve ever met, and the smartest. His brown curls look so soft and I just want to run my hands through them. Sadly we’ve only been on a few dates and he hasn’t called me in a while. Maybe that was because he’s on a case? I know he works at the BAU. He told me on our second date that he was an FBI agent and that he had a Ph.D. so most people addressed him as Dr. Reid. He was embarrassed when he told me this, you didn’t have to be a profiler to figure that out, but I made sure to tell him that it was really great.

All I’ve been thinking about this week was Spencer. It didn’t matter what was going on, he was always on my mind. I really liked him, but I don’t think he likes me that way. After I got back from my job at the library, I drove to my apartment and crashed onto the couch then put on my favorite show, The 100.

Suddenly I got a call on my phone. I picked it up and saw that it was Spencer. My heart skipped a beat and I quickly picked up.

“Hello, (y/n)?” he said. I missed that voice. We hadn’t spoken in about a month.

“Hey, how are you?” I asked.

“I’m doing good, how are you?” he replied.

“I’m great,” I answered. It was silent on the other end. “I… I missed you.” I stuttered trying not to  sound too clingy. I heard a sigh of relief come from the other end of the phone.

“Yeah, I really missed you too. I’ve been really busy with cases,” he sighs.

“Oh, well at least you’re helping people,” I say reassuringly.

“Listen, the reason I called you was to ask you something, you don’t have to say yes, but I…” he trailed off. “Can I just come over and ask you?”

“Yes, of course,” I say quickly. I shook my head at how ridiculous I sounded. Then, there was a knock at my door. I laughed knowing it was him. “Spencer Reid,” I sighed happily and hung up. I strode over to the door and opened it revealing a nervous Spencer dressed in a nice suit. I smiled and stepped aside for him to come in.

“What I was trying to ask you, was, and you don’t have to, but if you’d like, the BAU is holding a formal dance in the Luxbury Hotel tonight,” he explained. “Would you like to go as my… date?”

My eyes widened and my stomach burst was butterflies. He eagerly started at me waiting for an answer. “Yes, that sounds really fun. Thank you for asking me!” I beamed.

“The dance is in two hours. Women take about an hour and a half to get ready, so I just thought,” I cut him off.

“That’s enough time for me to get ready, thank you, Spence,” I smiled. “you can watch the 100 while I get ready, I think you’ll like it.,” I say as I walk into my room to get changed. I had a pale pink mermaid style dress left from my cousin’s wedding. I was the maid of honor. I slipped that on and paired it with nude strappy heels. I walked into my bathroom and applied foundation and concealer. Then I put in mascara and applied a faded brown eyeshadow. I brushed out my eyebrows and colored them in, applying the gel to keep them in place. I very carefully applied my liquid eyeliner and winged it out. After a few attempts, I applied it to my liking. Lastly, I put on some pale pink matte lipstick. Now it was time for my hair. I brushed out my (h/l), (h/c), hair and loosely curled it. When I looked in the mirror I sighed happily. I really liked how I looked tonight. When I walked out of my bedroom, Spencer turned around with wide eyes.

“Wow,” he breathed. “You look beautiful, (y/n),” he smiled making me blush.

“Thank you, Spence. You look great too.” I say walking over to him. Even with heels, he was taller than me. I grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers and watched his face turn a deep red. He led me out the door and into a black SUV. We drove to the hotel talking about The 100 and listening to music

When we got to the Luxbury Hotel, Spencer opened my door, like the gentleman he was, and helped me out. We walked hand in hand into the hotel.

“Reid, I see you brought a date,” an older man called. I recognized him. That was David Rossi. I have a few of his books. He walked up to us and shook our hands.

“I’m David,” he greeted.

“I’m (y/n), it’s nice to meet you,” I smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” he smiled back eyeing Spencer. David led us into the hotel’s ballroom and walked off to a tall colored man and a blonde girl with glasses. The girl with glasses ran up to us beaming.

“Spencer, is this her?” she asked. “You know what? Don’t answer that, I know it’s her!” she squealed. She turned to me and kept rambling. “Hi, I’m Penelope Garcia, aka, your future kid’s godmother!” she stopped to suck in a breath. “Oh my gosh is this really happening? Yes, it is really happening. Guys, Spencer has a girlfriend!” Penelope yelled running off to a group of people trying to lead them over to us.

“What’s this big deal with you?” I asked confused. Spencer laughed.

“I’m not really the type to get girls.” he says.

“Really?” I asked not believing my ears. “You could have fooled me.” I got another small laugh out of him. Suddenly we were surrounded by a group of people.

“Guys, this is (y/n). She’s my girlfriend.” Spencer said introducing me. I smirked when he introduced me as his girlfriend.

Once I was introduced to Spencer’s team, I lead him to the dance floor when a slow song came on. He was a surprisingly good dancer. He spun me around gracefully and moved perfectly. We were both staring into each others eyes. for the past minute he’s been looking at my lips then back at me. Getting the hint, I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned in, connecting our lips. he kissed back passionately and I finally got to do what I wanted most… I got to run my hands through is soft brown hair. When we pulled away, I rested my head on his shoulder.

“Thank you for tonight, Spencer. I really had fun.” I say at last.

“I had a great time too, (y/n).” He said smiling. “Thank you for coming with me.”

“Pretty boy finally found himself a pretty girl,” Morgan said smirking. “I’m really happy for you, Reid.”

“You be good to her, Reid, she’s a keeper.” JJ laughed.

“Yeah, you two are a great couple.” Emily added.

“Thank you guys, and yes, (y/n) is amazing.” Spencer said proudly, which made my heart explode.

“Take care guys,” JJ said before walking off with Emily.

Finally, Penelope came up to me.

“I give you my blessing, (y/n), you and Reid are going to get married and need to have little, gorgeous genius babies.” she exclaimed.

Little did she know that two and a half years later, you did get married to him, and had two healthy twin girls named Katherine Marie Reid and Clarke Lydia Reid.

Hello everyone! I finally had the time to finish that comic I promised a while ago ^-^;; It’s not the greatest thing in the world. Definitely doesn’t look professionally done but. I hope you guys find it. interesting? I was debating on whether I should color the whole thing but that’d take way too long. Also this is my first time attempting to do a comic on SAI so… >_____>; 

Well anyway, I kinda based the comic off of the picture above. This isn’t an official introduction to the story (which will come soon), it’s more of a preview. So to say. 

Welp. Enjoy this garbage. 

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Faux Boyfriend| Peter Parker One-Shot

  warnings; stalker(ish) situation 

  You were only 16, but to those who didn’t know you you could pass as someone in their early twenties.  This definitely helped on missions, you were willing to doll up and show off your curves to manipulate men and women into getting what was needed.  But god it felt crummy knowing people only looked and talk to you for your body. 

  Peter and you had left the Avengers tower to walk around Times Square.  Since you two were the youngest out of the bunch you spent a lot of time together.  Peter pulled you into M&M’s World insisting that we needed a snack if we were going to walk around the city, and you couldn’t agree more.

  “I’m going to snag some red ones.  I’ll be right back.”  Peter informed you, nodding his head to the other side of the wall.  You raised your M&M bag in the air signaling ‘okay’. 

 You smiled when you saw the teal M&M’s, they were your favorite.  You bent down to the bottom row scooping out the candy when you felt a person beside you.

  “Found something sweeter than candy.”  The man’s voice whispered.  You bolted up, eyes wide as you looked at the man standing next to you.

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A look at the upside-down world of Tumblr racism

In this post I would like to discuss a special type of racism that exists in certain corners of Tumblr. Tumblr is, for the most part, a vocally anti-racist site… compared to say something like Yahoo comments. However, within the context of the discussion of social justice, some users have developed a new approach to continuing racism with an anti-racist veneer.

I should make clear that I’m not talking about “reverse racism” or any other specious argument that seeks to undercut the legitimacy of the anti-racist movement. Instead, what I would like to focus on is a continuation of “the old racism” but with a slightly different spin – in which white saviors/teachers silence the voices of people of color so that white people can advocate their own preferences but with the borrowed authority of the groups they claim to represent.

Let me go straight to the example that caused me to think about this…

Today some World of Warcraft players were talking about the desirability of having access to “darker skintones” for Blood Elves. One poster, lobstmourne, argued that it was a question of representation for people of color.

but even if that’s true ALL your reasons against dark skinned elves ever happening are fucking trash.  

BRAEKIN TEH CANON!!1!   NO WHERE does it say blood elves MUST be light skinned or CANNOT be dark skinned, find me the Official Blizzard source that says otherwise I dare you.

Even if there was a magical law somewhere?  Guess what, you can break imaginary rules in an imaginary fantasy universe.  Blizzard retcons characters and changes lore ALL THE FUCKING TIME and you’re telling me dark skinned options on elves would be “too different” like seriously shut the fuck up.


People like you are part of the problem.  

Next time you try to shit on an attempt to improve representation and inclusion, eat it. Just eat it. Eat your own shit.

At this point another WoW player, regalswag, offered a firm but civil rebuttal saying that he, as a black man, did not feel that including darker skin tones would offer meaningful representation for him as his racial identity and experience cannot be essentialized as skin color options. (I won’t excerpt it because it is worth reading in full).

This posed a problem for lobstmourne and his friends because, up until that point, they were able to dismiss dissenting opinions as racist. Now, lobstmourne and others claiming to advocate for PoC could have listened to the concerns of one of the members of the community that they were discussing to understand that no community is monolithic and that sometimes the things that outsiders see as priorities are not the things that members of the group see as priorities.

Instead, we slide into the world of Tumblr racism – used by white folks to marginalize other folks but in the name of anti-racism and inclusion.

Lobstmourne’s first move was to imply that regalswag was blinded by “internalized racism”:

It’s incredibly important that the real people who are affected by everyday racism have the loudest voice when speaking against it.  

As someone who does not experience racism, I do not want to take center stage away from someone who does have those experiences and can speak from them.  

At the same time, internalized racism is absolutely a thing and it’s both a cause and a symptom of the way media (among other things) influences our opinions and aesthetics.  All races can internalize racism against other races and even against themselves without realizing it.  

Internalized racism is incredibly pervasive but also subtle, subtle as thinking a billion dollar game company shouldn’t have to include more skincolor options because “only a few people will roll that option, why does it matter??”

So, when a black person (regalswag) disagrees with a white person whose only experience of racism has been the perpetration of it (lobstmourne) on the subject of how best to represent black people in video games, then it is the black person who must be wrong.

Next, lobstmourne blocked regalswag from his Tumblr – which is his right – but also had the side-effect of making all of regalswag’s replies to the discussion invisible – literally erasing the counter position offered by a person of color and the only black person (up to that point) to have replied to the thread.

When this was pointed out, lobstmourne defended himself by saying:

I actually blocked you because of all the shitty snarky comments you kept making on otherwise positive posts from people being excited about darker possibilities for blood elves and about including more skin options in general, and I did so long before you made that big response.

I understand your animosity towards me and I don’t blame you, I do not have the experience with everyday racism that you do. I do not want to invalidate your experiences because they do matter.  Your opinion does matter.

In addition to the obvious tone-policing, this excuse exposes a double standard as lobstmourne himself and his friends were not held to the same strictures. As previously quoted, lobstmourne had no trouble telling people to “eat shit” and immediately after regalswag’s rebuttal he had posted:

“Also, to clarify, I think you are a great artist as are many of the people that have taken up this [cause], but I guess I don’t see why you’re wasting your time doing this when you could be effective more substantive changes on more important things.  If this really means something to you, please don’t let it become a meme.”

I’m not going to directly link the racist pissbaby who sent this, but let me say this:

There are few things more important to me than representation and inclusion of POC in popular media.  Media influences literally every aspect of our lives and the lack of representation perpetuates the popular, internalized, grossly unchallenged notion that white is the default and all other colors and cultures are abnormal, that darker skin isn’t “pretty,”  that other races aren’t intelligent or interesting enough to be the hero.

I am one person, I cannot change the world alone, but I will do what I can to make something I enjoy (WoW) more diverse and inclusive.   True there is no africa, no america, no india, no china, no pacific islands, etc. in Azeroth, but that does not mean darker skinned characters cannot or should not exist. 

Why are people so content with a mostly-white Azeroth?  Because mostly-white is what they’re comfortable with, because that’s all they see in media.  Exclusion should not be comfortable and should not be tolerated.

Darker skinned people need to be more visible in our media including our imaginary fantasy worlds.  

If you don’t think that isn’t hugely important, keep your pure white dreams to yourself please.

Keep your pure white dreams to yourself, or at least off lobstmourne’s pure white Tumblr. The lesson here is that disagreeing with a privileged white male about how to better achieve equal representation means that you are a “racist pissbaby”… albeit an internalized racist pissbaby.

Lobstmourne’s friends were also quick to attack the character of regalswag and – for the sake of thoroughness – his girlfriend.

see I thought I remembered correctly about regalswag being shit


Regalswag and perfectperfidy are some of the shittiest members of tumblr. They attacked Dogslug for making a dark skinned blood elf about a year ago, or close to.

For reference here is dogslug’s art that regalswag had suggested looked like a case of fetishizing “blackness,” a concern echoed in the recent discussion.

Art by Tagged #you just jelly.

So, regalswag’s concerns are already part of an existing multi-fandom dialogue about the appropriateness of rendering multifaceted identities down to fetishes or turning sexual identity into a “kink” and allowing members of the privileged class to transgress by co-opting the “subversive other.”

Art of this “Blood Elf as ‘sassy black woman’” type reinforces the potential danger for a virtual “black face” should white consumers who see blackness as an aesthetic and not an identity be encouraged to make black avatars.

What we see is a recycling of racist tropes presented as inclusion or representation, but, in actuality, it is just a doubling-down on the existing racial narrative.

In the words of lobstmourne:

Being POC doesn’t magically absolve you from internalizing racism or perpetuating default white standards.  Happens with the way media influences people.

If they are POC irl then I will not question their struggles, but a lot of the commentary I’ve seen from them on the topic of darker skinned characters and options being included in WoW has been gross and negative.  

White people see characters that look like themselves all the time, white humans and elves and dwarves for miles in all directions.  With how few darker options there are (for some races 0), I have a hard time understanding the resistance to seeing skin options that more closely reflect other people.

White people see characters that look like themselves all the time, and now they also wish to get a chance to act for the “exotic” other – to recreate PoC as they believe them to be based on racial stereotypes and coded prejudices.

When I opened up this discussion in the thread, I received a response that, for me, encapsulates this dynamic (from waterbendingotter):

Except Regalswag and any of his friends are not GOOD members of their supposed community and NOT people to go to to ask for what good representation is. For gods sake, he tried to say that a race in WoW was racist for simply existing and speaking a certain way that, in reality, has zero ties to any of it.

If we peel away the immediate “no true Scotsman” and the misrepresentation of regalswag’s position, beneath it we see the old racist trope of the “good minority member” and “the bad minority member” – the “bad” being she or he who disagrees vocally or strongly. The good minority would listen when their white teachers tell them how to solve the lack of representation of people of color. And I suppose we white folks have a special edge in that regard, having ourselves created this system of lopsided mis/representation.

At the beginning of this long post, I said that this was really the same old racism dressed up as anti-racism or social justice. I make that claim because what we are seeing still privileges the white voice over those of the PoC that are said to be the subject of this advocacy. Also, the prime benefit here is not so much representation as it is giving white players access to, what for them, is an aesthetic option while reducing racial and cultural identities to a single superficial feature – which would only produce, in this context, dark-skinned avatars with stereotypically white features.

What I find most troubling is the way, exhibited here, that certain corners of Tumblr have found a way to co-opt the energy of anti-racism and to use it to reinforce the existing structures of racism by continuing to divide those locked out of the system into “good” and “bad” minorities using “internalized racism” as a rationalization for why white folks still know better. Representation cannot happen until people of color are allowed to represent themselves instead of having their message channeled through “advocates” who only represent their own interests.

anonymous asked:

Scenario where Jackson tries all sorts of cute things to distract you from what you're doing so you can give him more attention? thank youu:)


Have I Earned It Now? ~Jackson~

“Hope you have a very, very…” You paused and held the pen against your lip, trying to figure out what else to write on the birthday card. “Happy birthday?” You sighed irritably and threw the card over your shoulder in the discard pile.

    Jackson sat on the edge of the bed a few feet away from you, staring with a pout. “Are you done yet?” he asked.

    “No, I’m starting over,” you said and grabbed a blank card. Who knew that making a birthday card for a five year old would be so difficult? You had spent the last half an hour at your desk trying to make a card, and you still got nowhere.

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