wow look i attempted to color


I’m sure someone else has designed a box-head Mettaton but I wanted to have a go at it. Yes, that’s his adorable news reporting suit because I can’t say no to lots of red. I really like this design so far! Poor Frisk has to suffer through this fab dweeb’s BS. Please help them.

Hello everyone! I finally had the time to finish that comic I promised a while ago ^-^;; It’s not the greatest thing in the world. Definitely doesn’t look professionally done but. I hope you guys find it. interesting? I was debating on whether I should color the whole thing but that’d take way too long. Also this is my first time attempting to do a comic on SAI so… >_____>; 

Well anyway, I kinda based the comic off of the picture above. This isn’t an official introduction to the story (which will come soon), it’s more of a preview. So to say. 

Welp. Enjoy this garbage. 

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