wow look he's actually doing something

Reasons why Sicheng and Taehyung remind me of each other
  • they both have rectangular smiles
  • their eyebrows are thicc™ af and perfect
  • they both went blonde and shook the entire nation 
  • taehyung’s voice is below sea level and so is sicheng’s when he’s speaking in chinese
  • real life babies!
  • both of them look serious but are actual care bears
  • when they’re modelling they turn into serious grown ass men who have been working 9-5 jobs and putting food on the table for their families
  • “maximumeuro turn it up” is equivalent to “sak da bultaewora”
  • whoop whoop whoop = bow wow wow 
  • fashions sense is a++
  • when they do that thing with their eyebrows

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  • even though sicheng isn’t very fluent in korean, just like taehyung he makes the mood lighter every time he speaks
  • just that for taehyung it’s him saying something silly and for winwin its his cute korean
  • they both don’t get much lines (at least winwin hasn’t as yet) but their voices are amazing trust me i replay their parts over and over again
  • amazing dance skills. don’t even ask, just watch
  • so soft and cute
  • kids on the inside and outside

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  • seriously, too cute
  • they both have unusually stage names hahahaha
  • they’re both married to their bffs (taehyung to jimin and sicheng to kun)even though they married you can still find them being lovey-dovey with others lol
  • they look intimidating but when you speak to them its all rainbows and sunshine and (・ε・`)
  • over excited puppies who dance their way into your heart

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  • taehyung played saxaphone for 3 years, sicheng did chinese dancing for 6 years but both of them put those aside to become singers
  • they are both dog lovers
  • taehyung has the ‘dumb blonde’ stigma attached to him and sicheng has the ‘clueless’ stigma attached to him but don’t get it twisted they’re both extremely smart
  • sicheng competed to go to one of the top 3 drama academies in china along side 5,419 other persons and not only was he one of the 50 to be accepted, he was ranked in the top 10.
  • taehyung may not have been a top student in school or anything but he’s very very smart. he can easily read people and knows how to observe a situation before tending to it. reading people and situations and knowing how to react is not something everyone can do but taehyung does it very well and knows exactly how to comfort people
  • they both deserve as much love as they can get please love them i love them everyone should love them

Oh it’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do~

wow I had forgotten how easy and relaxing it is to draw hq BoKuro!!! This ship is killing me lately 

are they singing Bruno Mars to each other? Hell yeah they are. Are they actually gonna try to get married and fail since they’re in Japan and underage? Maybe. It depends on how fast and alert Akaashi and Kenma can be, tbh


“Oh, hey, (y/n), hum… How to say this… I.. I was wondering if…”

“Yeah?” you encourage him with a little smile. 

This little grin of yours seems to disconcert him even more.

“Actually, I was thinking if, by any great chance, you would have the time to… hum… like go watch a movie with me on friday evening?”


“Or do something else!” he adds quickly. “If you have the time of course. I understand that you must have a lot of things to do and…”

“I would love to go watch a movie with you” you tell him, really glad that he asked.

He stops for a second, looking surprised.

“Really?… I mean. Okay! Great! Wow, cool. Hum… right. I’ll see you on friday then?”

“Sure, you can count on me.”

While walking away, you hear him hum and that makes you smile.


A: Wow, you’re all really looking for something to embarrass Kei with, huh… Well, what good am I as a brother if I didn’t have a story to tell?

So… We found out that Kei… Can’t actually sing. And he hates getting reminded of that one time Tadashi caught him in his room trying out the pair of headphones I got for him on his 12th birthday.

How do I know all of this? Well–

I was outside.


so the new chapter of nisekoi is out and all I actually have to say about it is that I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!!!

I mean look at this guys

until now everything is okay. she actually wants to confess to raku even though she knows kosaki loves him and stuff but then look at this guys

I KNEWWW IT!!! So now chitoge heard raku saying that he likes kosaki. wow raku so you hadn’t like to do something else but talk about this while chitoge hearing you? bravo. 

poor chitoge runs away and actually 1 sec later raku says:

nice raku the only problem is that you actually said that when chitoge wasn’t there. very nice boy.

chitoge realizing everything and now the big shit (I knew it would happen though) happens. chtioge asks raku this:

NO CHITOGE WHY ARE YOU ASKING THIS!?!?!?!??!?”?!?!? ;A; this is so typical for chitoge. always thinking about her friends and not about herself. always wanting others to be happy. it’s not like this is a negative characteristic but sometimes you have to be selfish. 


I hope chitoge and raku will talk about this and that they both will get together, marry and have a lot of children.

no offence but ??? kim jongdae is literally the sun ?? listen… his voice damn son its so good and pleasant and i live for his high notes!! also he looks like a kitten when he smiles!! AND HIS LAUGH IS LOUD AND GENUINE I LOVE IT WHEN HE LAUGHS ITS SO WARM AND IT LIGHTS UP THE WHOLE MILKY WAY LIKE WOW!! he has worked hard from day one and he still does and he actually is a nice person like i dont think he has ever done something really wrong ?? why is he not appreciated as much as he should be ??


I don’t have a particularly strong history with sonic the hedgehog outside of playing some of the games growing up, but I’ve somehow developed a very strange, semi-ironic semi-genuine appreciation for the series lately…… something’s just very fascinating to me about its fluctuating tonal history and its desperate attempts to make me take cartoon hedgehogs with eyes as big as a human head completely seriously. it’s great.

also shadow the hedgehog is super 12-year-old cool and edgy and I genuinely love it

anyways I don’t know how long I can pull the semi-irony card anymore cuz turns out chogs are actually really fun to draw and super good for warm-ups SO, HERE I AM I GUESS, ILL TAKE MY GRAVE OF SMALL CUTE CHOGS AND LIE IN IT

wow if you read the series through it’s very noticeable how often Minho and Newt’s communication is actually nonverbal, how often they exchange ‘long glances’ and don’t need words to agree on something

I mean, even after Newt has basically forced Minho to be the leader, the two of them take decisions together, looking at each other when they search for answers and basically working together as a team

my point being

how often do you think Minho led some kind of project in Paradise

and just casually turned around to shoot Newt a sarcastic glance to see if he approved or disapproved of him

just to realize that Newt would never again take his side or call him on his shit

Ok so imagine Nico and Will doing some training and Will is totally the kind of dude to goof off instead of focus.
He ends up hanging upside down on some monkey bars or something and he’s all “Hey Nico look at me!”.
Nico is just “Leave me alone Solace I’m trying to practice,” but when he stops and actually takes time to look at Wills position he just kind of pauses and slowly walks towards him.
Will starts freaking out cause “Wow Nico you’re-uh getting kinda close there,” and Nico just plants a huge ‘ol kiss on him and Will is all blushy and Nico looks confused before he realizes what he has done and just yells,

“I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO A SPIDERMAN KISS!!?” and then runs off, literally leaving Will hanging.

Why is that black artists always get looked at as if they can not shift from how they vocalize their lyrics on a song from how they would actually speak having a conversation.

It’s something that’s deeply rooted in anti-blackness honestly, because these white artists be doing the absolute most when it comes to pronunciation with lyrics but you’ll never look at them as if they’re incoherent for it.

Every time I see Young Thug say something, there’s always a person that either says “what the fuck is he saying” as if they don’t know how to work a lyric site, or “wow I didn’t expect to understand him” which means they expected him to be stupid and we’re surprised by his eloquence.

This also ties into white artists covering black artists songs just so others can say “wow I finally understand what they were saying” let black artist’s merits speak for themselves without your blatant racism judging them because you’re a sack of shit

I think we’re all missing one of the most telling parts of the episode…

Clara:”How did you know I was here. Did you see me?”

Doctor:”When do I not see you?”

Almost sounds a bit odd. A bit nostalgic/sentimental. Like 11′s admission to River in TNOTD. Could it be that what he actually means is that he’s already lost Clara, so he’s always seeing her in his mind/memory?

Clara: “Well, one face in all of the crowd?”

Doctor:”There was a crowd too?”

Clara:”Wow, we’re doing charm as well, are we? Which one of us is dying?”

Look at his face for a moment. That’s the face of someone who knows something. Clara’s just joked about dying. The Doctor looks as if she just struck a blow at him. Maybe because he’s seen her die?

And then he goes straight to hugging her like he’s desperate. Like he never thought he’d see her again. When has 12 ever done that? (Obviously he’s changed, but perhaps moreso than would be expected because he’s further along in his timestream than it seems?)

Clara: “Okay, how am I doing hugging now? Can’t keep up.”

Even Clara knows this is out of the ordinary. What could make the Doctor behave like this? What if it’s not just that he’s scared about his death (which would be the obvious answer), but that he’s been grieving hers?

Doctor: “Well, you know what they say. Hugging is a great way to hide your face.”

Listen to his voice as he says that. He’s almost on the brink of tears. He’s emotional. This moment isn’t about his impending doom with Davros, it’s about something else entirely. 

Here’s my prediction: 12 is older than we think. He either has already seen Clara’s death/doom, or else he somehow has seen the future and knows what’s coming.

But how can this be?

Well, remember this scene in Series 5:

When the Doctor comforts Amy in FAS but it turns out this is actually an older version who has been through the events of the finale (TBB), and is going back through his timestream. 

Maybe 12 in this episode has already lost Clara (which may happen in episode 10), and this is an older version of him than in the rest of the series. 

Perhaps part of the reason he has to save her from being killed by the Daleks (if she really was killed) was because he knows she can’t die there. Of course, he would save her regardless, but imagine if her death/doom/whatever it is is a fixed point. All the more reason to.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But I definitely think we should keep this scene in mind going forward in the Series.

I love her facial expression right here. Even though it seemed like she didn’t want him to do this by what she’s saying, her face says something different. Like, wow he’s actually making this real. He’s putting a stop to all the negativity and proving that she is the love of his life. I just loved this scene! Her expression right here to me means so much.

Plus, she looks gorg!