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For @jamiiton’s story CYMFH. A little something for Alexander and Thomas! I tried to make this seem wedding-y but I think I kinda failed and gave up half way through lol. For some reason I imagine a purple wedding for these two nerds o; anyways I hope you like it!

*I made this before the hell that is the two newest chapters came out so*
little amnesiac!barry things
  1. Barry to Iris: “You work for a superhero?  No way that is the coolest thing.” 
  2. B: *twenty minutes later* “I am a superhero??”
  3. B: “What’s my favorite flavor of ice cream?”
  4. B: “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you bring?”  I: “Books, freshly made coffee, you.”  “Awwww.”  “Entrusting you to bring an emergency radio, Swiss army knife, and tent.”  “Of course.”
  5. B: “Hey uh – sweetums?”  I: “Sweetums?”  “Dollface?  Snookums?” “Dear god honey–” “Oh!  There we go.  Hey honey I think our turtle escaped.”
  6. B: *giggling uncontrollably* “McSnurtle?”
  7. I: “You can sleep in here, you know.” B, hanging out on couch, hands folded over stomach like he’s on a psychiatrist’s couch: “I know.  But I’m not – I mean I am –”  “Come here.”  “yes ma’am”
  8. B: “Ohhh wow Iris look!  Look!” I, yawning: “Babe it’s four in the morning.” “I found a Pikachu.”
  9. B, watching Discovery Channel: “Did you know there are real life zombies?  See, these ants–” “Honey?” “…I’m going full nerd again on you, aren’t I?”
  10. B: “I like this shirt.” I, amused: “You bought that shirt.” “I have good tastes.”
  11. B: “Psst.  What’s your favorite cookie flavor?”  I: “Did you make cookies?” “Do you like chocolate chip?” “Does anyone not?” B, beams.
  12. B, prodding own chest: “Why am I so freckly.”
  13. B, singing in shower: “I’m engaged to the most beautiful woman in the woooorld.”
  14. I: “Do you wanna go bowling?” B, shoving feet in shoes: “Have I ever in my entire life said no to that?”
  15. I, sneaking up behind Barry and tickling him. B, trips over own feet: “Iris??” I: “I wanted to see if you were still ticklish. *resumes*”
  16. B, holding up shirt, scrunched nose: “I do not like this shirt.” I: “You bought that shirt.” “I had terrible tastes.” “I don’t know, I thought you looked pretty cute in it.”
  17. B, wearing same shirt ten minutes later: “I like this shirt.”
  18. B, hugging I: “You smell amazing.”
  19. B, biting into a Starburst: “Hm.” *biting into a different Starburst* “Hm.” *biting into a different–* Cisco: “Um, excuse you, those are mine?” B: *biting into a different Starburst* “Okay, spoil me – what’s my favorite flavor?”
  20. B, belly-down on couch, hiding head under pillow: “What kind of animal am I?” I, eating popcorn, arm resting on the pillow on his head: “You love this stuff.” *horror movie continues* *B scoots closer and hugs her belly* I: “You don’t have to watch it with me.” “Uh uh.  I am your husband-to-be.  I will stay at your side until the bitter end.”  “My hero.”
  21. I, amused: “You can’t dance.” B, tap-dancing around the apartment: “Everyone can dance!”
  22. B, watching Cisco playing with his lit drones in the dark: “OOH!” I, leaning head on his shoulder: “Nerd.” “You’re seeing this, right?  CISCO, MAKE IT DO A *elaborate hand gestures, followed by gleeful whooping on both sides*” I: *cuddles closer*
  23. B: *slips on an honest to god banana peel* I, rushing over: “Honey??” “I take it I’m not James Bond in another life?”
21 Questions- Calum Hood

So this isn’t my best despite all the time spent on it, also REALLY long, but wanted to give you guys something…so enjoy

But then what? You drop your guy and take me on, it’s everything i wanted…but then what? Would you get tired of my time? -21 questions, Waterparks

Your boyfriend got a new gig, a major one. Or at least that’s what he made it seem like. You had no idea what this 5 seconds of summer was. What kind of name is that for a band anyway? Regardless you were happy for him. This was his first big gig in months. Sure he’d have to follow them on the American leg of their tour, and be gone for awhile but that’s what you signed up for.

“I can’t wait! This is going to be so awesome! And I already met the guys, they’re super chill. You’ll like them a lot. Now have you seen my box of SD cards? I can’t them anywhere…or that new lens….Where’d you put them?”

“You already packed them” You laughed. “And what’s this about me liking them?? You never mentioned I have to meet them…”

He looked up at you and sighed.

“Dammit…I blew it. Oh well might as well tell you…”


“Well Y/n, you see….”


“You’re coming with me for the first month”


“You get to come on tour! Look babe I know it’s been hard between us lately, but I think if you came with me and we just got away for awhile it’ll fix things…” He said, pulling you close.

“Oh Jesse…that sounds wonderful…this will be so much fun!! Oh my god, I have to start packing. A month?? What am I going to wear, what can I bring, oh my gosh” You said, giving him a quick kiss before rushing to your closet to start packing.


You walked into the venue. The band had to be here early for set up, so they thought it would be best for all of us to meet there. That way Jesse could also plan out his shots.

From the look on his face, you can tell he was already doing that as he looked at the stage in front of you both.

“Hang on, I’ll be right back” He said, disappearing somewhere on the side of the stage.

“Ya, sure just leave me here…” You sighed. He was already gone though.

“Are you supposed to be here?” Someone said from behind you.

You turned to see a boy with dark hair and tanned skin. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt, leaving his bulging arms exposed, and giving full view to his tattoos. You couldn’t help but stare, then in embarrassment you fumbled for the lanyard around your neck.

“Yeah….” You said holding up your badge.

“Oh ok, I thought you might be some fan that snuck in”

“Haha, no…I honestly don’t even know who the band is…I’m supposed to meet them later though. And of course I’ll be on tour with them for awhile…”

“Really?” He grinned

“Yup. Do you know them?”

“Yeah. Quite well actually. They’re all assholes.” He laughed


“Oh yeah. They’re the worst. Here, I’ll introduce you” He said, pulling you by the hand.

Once you were backstage, he went straight for the dressing room.

“Hey we got company, you all better be decent” Calum yelled as he opened the door.

“Hey guys this is…what was your name?” Calum asked you.


“Y/n…” Calum said, smiling at you.

“You brought her backstage with out knowing her name? What is she’s just some stalker fan” A tall boy with blonde hair and blue eyes asked.

“Yeah Calum, come on think dude” Another boy with blonde hair asked, dark scruff covering his chin.

“Um hello? Yes, I’m right here. What is with the whole stalker fan thing? You guys actually have those? And why am I assumed to be one? What because I’m female? Look I’m actually meant to be here, see this badge? I don’t think I could have stolen a photographer’s badge.”

“Ohhh! You’re Jesse’s girlfriend yes?” A boy with curly brown hair asked, holding a pair of drumsticks.

“Yes, thanks for finally realizing. Calum here was right, you guys are a bunch of assholes.”

“Calum said that?” The taller blonde boy asked, laughing. The other two laughing with him.

“You’re Jesse’s girlfriend?” Calum asked you, giving you a confused look.


“Ok Y/n, so when Calum said the band is made up of a bunch of assholes, did he mention he’s our bassist? ” The one with the scruff said.

“What? Seriously?” You said turning to Calum

“Wow…you really aren’t a stalker fan are you?” The drummer asked.

Calum seemed lost in thought, but quickly returned to normal at this.

“Yup! See I told you!” Calum laughed, throwing his arm around you.

“Woah watch it buddy, she’s taken. Hi I’m Michael.” The boy with the scruff, Michael, said while shaking your hand.

“Luke” The tall blonde boy said, shaking your hand as well.

“Ashton, and I’m more of a hugging type” The curly haired boy said, giving you a huge bear hug.

“Hi…Well, nice to meet you guys”

“Y/n! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! I see you met the guys… hope you all have been nice…” Jesse said, giving them a smirk. He then went to stand by you and put his arm around your waist.

As he did this, you couldn’t help but see Calum staring, and you couldn’t quite place his expression. Was it anger, jealousy, hurt? All three?

“They’ve been great. Don’t worry. I think we’ll have a lot of fun” You said smiling.


One hour until the show started. You were really busy, making sure all the cameras, lenses, batteries, and SD cards were in order. You had front row seats to the show (thank you boys) but you wanted to make sure everything was in place for your boyfriend.

“Wow looks great babe! Thanks! Why don’t you go get some snacks or something? There’s the catering table right over there. Relax for a bit before the madness starts.”


You had just filled your plate with various snacks when you felt someone walk up next to you. You looked up to see Calum.

“Hey Calum. Ready for the show?”

“Yup. I think you’ll really enjoy it.”

“Yeah? I don’t know we’ll see…” You said giving him a wink.

“Oh I know you’ll love it”

“And why is that?”

“Because your sitting front row on my side of the stage. Complete view of all of this” He said, gesturing to himself.

“Oh really?” You laughed.

“Yup. So you see, it’s a real party on my side. Impossible not to have a great time.”

“Haha well I think that all depends on your music”

“Oh that? We’ve got that covered”

“I’d hope so since you are performing” You laughed. “But I’ve never heard you guys before”

“Really? Well then we really must play our hearts out” He said, giving you a wink before grabbing a chip off your plate and walking away.

“That was mine!” You yelled after him. He gave you a thumbs up in response.

“Dork…” You muttered to yourself.


You didn’t expect to like the show. You didn’t expect to actually have a good time, despite Calum’s confidence that you would. You didn’t expect to actually like there music, but look at you now. The whole show, you couldn’t stop dancing and smiling. The whole crowd seemed to know every single word to every single song…you didn’t even think that was possible. You desperately wished you knew the words too, you wished you could connect to the songs like they did before now. They were amazing, and Calum…. Well there’s a lot to say on that matter. You thought he was very attractive before, but put a bass in his hands and he instantly became 10x more attractive. The way he played and sang….and not just him, all of the guys. You could definitely see the appeal. Of course it didn’t help that Calum was constantly smiling or winking at you. Every time he merely glanced at you, your heart pounded in your chest. You never instantly liked someone so much, not even with Jesse. Jesse…fuck.

The whole show you kept glancing at your boyfriend, just as a reminder that you were in a committed relationship, and despite all the problems between the two of you, you did in fact love him….right?


You had been on tour with the guys for a little over a week now. They had the weekend off, and were planning to spend the weekend right. And by that, they weren’t spending their precious time off relaxing and catching up on sleep. Oh no, the whole weekend was going to be spent partying. You couldn’t wait, and were super excited the guys invited you and Jesse along. Everything was supposed to start Friday night, only you woke up puking your guts out Friday morning. Yup, on the best weekend of your life you woke up sick. Wonderful. So much for partying. You insisted Jesse go though, no use in the both of you missing out. However, you didn’t actually expect him to just leave you there in the hotel room sick while he went out and partied.

So here you are in bed at 9pm Friday night watching Netflix. You were a little better than this morning, at least the puking stopped anyway. Your stomach and head were killing you though.

Suddenly you heard the door open.

“Jesse? I knew you wouldn’t just leave me here, and- Calum?”

The tall boy who walked into your room wasn’t your boyfriend after all.

“Hey Y/n…I heard you were sick. So, I brought you chicken soup” He smiled as he held up the container of some really yummy looking soup.

“Thanks Calum. You really didn’t have to do this. Why aren’t you out tonight with everyone else?”

“Well because someone has to take care of you, and when your boyfriend made it clear to me he wasn’t going to do that I decided to take it upon myself”

“Ya…I told him to go and have fun”

“That doesn’t mean he should have done it. He should be here bringing you soup instead of getting drunk at the bar. I mean that’s what boyfriends are for, they should take care of their girl”

“Your girlfriend is truly lucky isn’t she?”

“Haha, no girlfriend here”


“Seriously. Now here eat this” He said, handing you a bowl of the soup.

You never asked Calum about his love life, just naturally assumed he had someone. The news he was single shocked you, and also made you feel happy and relieved.

“This is delicious” You said, scarfing down the incredible soup.

“I’m glad you like it”

One you finished the soup, he took the bowl from you and set it down on the counter. He then felt your forehead, moving your hair out of your face with his fingertips.

“You’re burning up. Let me go get you a towel”

He then walked into the bathroom, to get a cold wash cloth. He made you lay down, then set the cloth on your forehead. He then jumped into the other side of the bed with you.

“So what are we watching?”

“Calum, you’re gonna get sick”

“I’ll be fine…and I promised to take care of you! That means I can’t leave your side all night” He winked.

“Fine. You’re lucky I’m feeling better than I was earlier.”

“I didn’t know you were sick earlier. But I’m here now, and so what are we watching?”

You laughed and shook your head, but decided to flip through your options. You settled on some movie and tried to ignore the fact that Calum was laying in bed a mere few inches away from you. You couldn’t however, so of course you had no idea what was going on in the movie.

It was nearly midnight by the time the movie ended. Calum got up off the bed and came to stand next to you.

“How are you feeling? Do you need anything?”


“Coming right up” He smiled, then went to get a bottled water from the mini fridge.

“Here you go my lady”

“Thank you kind sir, how would I have gotten over this without you?” You teased.

“We’ll never know” He laughed. “Hey so I’m going to go, I don’t want Jesse coming in here and getting the wrong idea”

“Yeah…of course. I understand.”

“Goodnight Y/n. I’ll come see you tomorrow ok?” He then surprised you by kissing your cheek. He smiled, then left the room before you could find words.


The next night your apparent 24 hour sickness was gone, so this meant you could go out with the guys. You decided to wear a classic black mini dress to whatever club the guys chose tonight. As soon as you entered the venue, you were overwhelmed with bright lights and pounding music. Jesse went straight for the bar saying he’ll find you later (no surprise there) while you looked for the guys.

“Y/n!” A voice said from behind you.

You turned to see Luke.

“Hey!” You said, giving him a huge hug.

“Glad to see you’re feeling better! We were all worried! Come on we’re over here” He said, grabbing your hand and leading you to their table.

“Guys, look who I found!”

Michael and Ashton cheered, shouting for you to sit down. Calum’s eyes went wide as he saw you, his gaze dropping down your body, admiring the dress. His staring was making you blush. The only spot at the table was next to Calum, so you sat down right next to him.

“You’re feeling better”

“Yeah…must have been one of those 24 hour things”

“Well you look incredible….”


“Hey Y/n have you had anything to drink yet?” Michael asked.

“Of course not Mikey, here Y/n have a beer” Ashton said, sliding a beer towards you.

“Thanks” You said, taking a sip.

“Where’s Jesse at?” Calum asked you.

“Um…I’m not sure actually…he said he was going to get a drink then would meet us later, but I don’t see him anywhere…”

“Great. Wanna dance?”

“You’re kidding me”

“Nope. Come on! It’ll be fun” He said, giving you one of those big cheesy grins you couldn’t resist.

He grabbed your hand as he pulled you to the dancefloor, spinning you to face him as you both moved to the music. Calum surprised you, he was actually a really good dancer. He moved his hand to your hips as you wrapped your arms around his neck, loving being this close to him. You were so lost in each other and the music that you didn’t notice who was approaching you.

“What the fuck!!” Jesse yelled, pulling Calum off of you and pushing him into the crowd.

“Jesse what are you doing?” You screamed.

“What am I doing? What are you doing Y/n?! I brought you here so you and I could get closer, not so you could hook up with this-”

“Woah mate, hold up” Calum said

“Jesse you’re drunk” You said, shaking your head.

“And you’re a slut” Jesse slurred

“Fuck you. We’re done”

“You can’t just-”

“Yes I can, and I will. I’m through with this shit Jesse! I’ve put up with a lot, but you being drunk and acting like this? Treating me like this? No. We’re done.”

You didn’t give him a chance to reply, just stormed out of the club. You heard someone running behind you.

“Y/n! Wait up!” Calum said, finally catching up to you. “Are you alright”

“I will be…for now I better go pack up my things…”

“Here let me call a car, and I’ll help you”

“Thanks Cal”


You and Calum finally repacked all your bags, luckily you never really unpack at hotels.

“Hey so I know you probably don’t have a place to stay, but Michael and I were originally gonna share a room, but then management went ahead and got us separate rooms, so there’s an extra bed in my room. It’s yours if you want it. You don’t have to and-”

You interrupted him by crushing him in a huge bear hug.

“Oh my gosh Calum that would be so wonderful! Thank you!”

“No problem” He said, wrapping his arms tightly around you.

You stayed like that for a moment, wrapped in each others arms. With Calum’s strong arms holding you tight, you never felt more at home. For once in your life you just felt happy, and warm, and just at peace. No stress, no worries, well just one….

“We better get out of here before Jesse comes back” You said, reluctantly pulling away

“Yeah. Come on, my room is a floor up”


You threw your bags on the bed you assumed was yours, since the other one was unmade.

“Well this is it. Wanna watch a movie or something?” Calum said, sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Um yeah, sure” You said, sitting down next to him.

“How are you feeling”

“Kind of numb to be honest”

“You’re not upset or anything? You did just break up with your boyfriend”

“Weirdly enough no. I don’t regret it. Its something I should have done a long time ago, tonight was just the universe’s way of telling me that”

“So you’re good?” He asked, putting an arm around you. “Because if you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on-”

“Omg no” You laughed, laying your head on his shoulder. “It’s ok. Really.”

“Ok. If you say so” He said, wrapping his arm tighter around you.

“Calum, thank you so much. You really didn’t have to do this” You said, looking up at him.

“But I wanted to”

“And I’m grateful, but you keep doing all of these things for me, and there’s no way I can repay you-”

“Hey listen to me” He said, raising a hand to cup the side of your face. “I wanted to”


His actions brought you both a lot close to each other, and he seemed to just realize that. You stared up at him, unable to break his gaze. You maintained eye contact as he leaned down closer to you, finally closing your eyes when his lips brushed yours.

His kiss was hesitant at first, him being unsure if this was ok, if this was something you wanted. His concerns vanished when you brushed your fingers through his hair. His kiss deepened as he pulled you in his lap, digging his fingers into your sides.  

“Mmm…I’ve wanted this for so long” He said, kissing your neck

“Have you now?” You laughed as you pushed him down onto the bed.

“Oh yeah..” He said, flipping you over so he was on top of you. He kissed you again, hard.


You woke up the next morning half-dressed in Calum’s bed. You could hear his soft snores behind you. You wiggled out of his arms that were firmly wrapped around your waist, and quickly go dressed. You were very careful not to wake him up. You smiled as you saw his sleeping form. Then you turned to leave, you quietly closing the door behind you.

You got in the elevator and pressed the button for the first. You still couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face, in disbelief of all that happened within the past 24 hours. Of course this moment didn’t last long, for soon the elevator stopped and another passenger got on, one so unwelcome right now.

“Y/n? Hey…I was so worried” Jesse said, wrapping you in an embrace.

“Don’t even Jesse” You said, pushing him off.

“Look I’m sorry, I really am babe-”

“Don’t call me that”

“So you’re serious then? You really want to break up…”


“Ya no I get it…Y/n we’ve been through a lot together, and I love you, I really do, but maybe this is what’s best for us…”

“We’ve been putting it off for too long Jesse…it’s time”

“Yeah…I guess you’re right. So you gonna head home?”


“Calum?” He scoffed, teeth clenched and standing upright.


“So I was right last night?”


“No tell me the truth. You owe me that”

“Did I like him? Yes ok I’m not gonna lie. But that was all Jesse, nothing happened between us, I care too much for you to do something like that to you.”

“And now?”

“Now, things between me and him are different”

He sighed. “Well…I’m not sticking around for that”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m leaving. Enjoy the rest of your trip”

“What where?”

The elevator dinged and the doors opened.

“I was offered a really good job, and I’m gonna take it. Tell the guys thanks, but they’re gonna have to find another camera man”

And with that he walked out of the elevator, waving goodbye.

You were stunned by his words as you walked out of the elevator. Suddenly you weren’t so hungry, and decided to just grab coffee and donuts from the hotel buffet and just bring that up to Calum instead of a full breakfast. As you walked though his hotel room door you found him still asleep.

You set the donuts on the counter and climbed next to him on the bed. You looked at his sleeping form, he looked so peaceful. You ran your hand down the side of his face, and through his hair. He smiled as he blinked awake.

“Morning” He smiled at you and looked at you as though you were the most precious thing in the world.

“Morning” You smiled back, and for the first time in a long time it was a genuine smile. You were so happy, that not even everything that happened with Jesse would ruin that.

He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him as he brushed his lips against yours

“You keep doing that, and we’ll never get out of this bed” You laughed, breaking his kiss.

“Mmmm…and that’s bad?” He said, nuzzling your neck

“Well I brought breakfast and everything..” You said, gesturing to the coffee and donuts.

“Fine, we’ll eat. But don’t think you’re getting out of this. I don’t have a show again until tomorrow so this here-” He said kissing your lips, slightly biting your bottom lip as he pulled away “Is to be continued”

“I look forward to it” You laughed.


Watcha think? Thanks for reading! Love you guys!! -Lydia

Lapidot Anniversary Week Day 3: Fusion. .  .Larimar

Wow look at this beach babe

I had this design finished days ago but I had trouble finding a suitable color scheme/gem name for her. Turquoise and Fluorite are one of the ones who are too over used. So when I saw @jenhedgehog ‘s Larimar post, I was like.. HOLYSHIIIT this gem matches my design. And badaBoom HERE SHE IS. I LOVE HER SO MUC H

anonymous asked:

Oikawa headcanons? You're the best at these (☉‿☉✿)

  • *oikawa looking in the mirror with you* “oh wow how gorgeous!” “aww thanks babe” “i was talking about me but you look fine too i guess”
  • fucking petty ass couple 
  • you two can be found wearing shades and caps, sipping iced tea from a bench in your local park as you throw shade at random people passing by
  • complimenting each other by insulting each other
  • innuendos in front of friends 
  • iwaizumi and you meet up on sundays for brunch and to complain about oikawa, oikawa is aware and meets up with your bff to do the exact same thing
  • casual ass smacking and arm touching
  • oikawa is the type for when someone catcalls you he just grins blows them a kiss and then turns to you and goes, “that was for me.”
  • fucking hanzo main 
  • *you in his sweatpants and t-shirt* “what an elusive creature” “shut the fuck up tooru”
  • latenight cuddles
  • constant banter


Request: Hey!! Can you do one with y/n being a famous actress and y/n and Shawn go to the Oscars as a couple and everyone loves them together?

Word Count: 1,527


”Wow babe, you look stunning” Shawn said, as he entered the hotel room.

I was putting the last pieces of jewellery on, when he snuck up behind me. I caught his silhouette in the mirror. His mouth was open, his eyes burned on me and he was licking his lips. I smiled shyly over his words.

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itsanavix  asked:

Harry and reader are at the MTV music awards and he is so horny that he takes the reader to backstage and they have sex but 1D got the award so harry walks super awkward to the stage and stufff..... I'm so sorry for the details .... sorryyy

No I am glad you gave me details. also sorry it took so long, I just hate posting so much in one day and blowing up all of my followers dashes. 

Ever since you walked slowly down the stairs trying not to fall since you are wearing such high heels you knew Harry wouldn’t be able to control himself. Right when you hit the bottom of the stairs Harrys eyes almost popped out of his head. “wow babe you look beautiful” Harry says and instantly wraps his arms around you

You both finally reach the venue and walk inside, after the whole red carpet and camera shots. You were ready to take a seat and watch the show at this point. We found out seats and sit right down, Harry instantly sits his hand right onto my thigh. I knew something was up since the whole ride here he wouldn’t get his hands off of me. The show started and Harry leaned in and rested his head onto my shoulder and leading up to my ear. 

“Baby, I need you so bad” Harry whispers and bites my ear

I gasp and grab his hand “Harry not right now” I whisper back

“Come one baby, ever since I’ve seen you in the dress I’ve had so many thoughts in my head” says and smiles against my cheek

“Where would we even do it?” I ask and turn to him 

“just follow me, I got an idea” Harry says and helps me stand up

Harry jogs and I follow right behind him, we both end up at the front door of the stage and enter to no one back there except the sound guy and the director. They didn’t say anything much at all and let us on our way. We both searched for a room that was empty till we came face to face with a empty tiny closet, but it would have to do. We both enter and lock the door, we in the matter of less then a minute pull down Harrys pants and boxers and I lift up my dress. 

“God baby I am so ready, are you ready for me?” Harry says smirking at me and running the tip of his cock on my entrance 

“Yes Harry just put it on” I moan out to him

Harry agrees and shoves himself right in without any warning to me.

“Ughhh Harry yes fuck me” I moan and grab onto his neck

“Oh baby I will, trust me” Harry says and starts to fuck me

He is going so fast and so hard I can barely keep my balance when he is holding me up. He is ramming into me with all the passion he has, I feel like I am in another planet.

“You feel good babe, moan for me. let everyone knows how you feel” Harry says and slaps my ass

“Yes god yes Harry I am going to cum” I moan out and reach down to rub my clit

“Come on y/n, cum on my cock. I know you can do it” Harry says and lifts my left leg on his shoulder hitting my g spot

“I’m cumming yess ugh” I yelled out a bit and cumming 

Harry orgasms right after I start to and is fucking me through it

“Yes fuck yes y/n take my cum take it” Harry moans out 

We both are coming down from what just happened and he sets me down on my feet. I pull up my panties and fix my dress when Harry is stuffing himself back into his boxers and fixing his pants. 

“Fun time babe, gotta do that again” Harry says and kisses my check

“Yes definitely was” Ii say smiling and kissing him back

“And the winner is…One Direction” we hear from outside 

“Gotta go back love you” Harry says and tries to gather himself, walking awkwardly on stage

God, I do love that boy