wow look at the dumb things i make

I want more fics where Stiles is unaffected by Derek’s hotness. Like, real people interact with attractive ppl every day without making a fool of themselves or drooling or doing stupid things. Instead of Stiles being dumb, unable to talk, or immediately falling in love with Derek, I want him to look at Derek, think “wow that guy’s hot,” and then immediately go “that dude is out of my league so moving on.” So, Stiles just treats Derek like he does everyone else.

Derek is really really into Stiles. So, he does everything he can to impress Stiles. He wears tight jeans, tank tops, works out with Scott and Danny in front of him, and takes off his shirt and walks around him front of him. Except…nothing works. Derek never has trouble getting people he wants. He knows he’s hot, and so he works that. Except it’s not working on Stiles.

And Derek is really really confused. Whenever he takes off his shirt or wears his best ass-hugging jeans, Stiles notices, sure. But so does Allison, who’s basically married to Scott, and Lydia, who Derek has overheard screwing Jackson too many times to count for the past couple years. Kira blushes, and Erica - well, Erica may be engaged to Boyd, but she never misses an opportunity to put her hands all over Derek’s sweaty abs and pecs. Danny always fucks him with his eyes, and Parrish stares a little too long, his cheeks a little too pink, and Derek thinks maybe he should hook up with Parrish again just to appease his bruised ego. Because Stiles looks, but then he stops looking because apparently it doesn’t impress him.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 530 Review

It’s a chapter all about Anna… joy let’s dive into, Neo Eclipse

Okay I have an issue with this cover and mainly it’s lucy. Why is she in a sexualized pose? The Phantom Lord arc was actually an arc where she was beaten and tormented and it wasn’t BDSM fanservice. It was actual torture. Easy way to fix this would be to have Natsu and Gajeel in the foreground staring down, then have the robotic castle in the mid ground, and then Makarov and Jose Staring Down in the Background. But on to the Chapter.

We open on Crocus years ago during an eclipse. That was when the eclipse gate opened and Anna appeared in this time line. But she seems to missing some kids.

Okay that’s pretty funny.

Actually here’s a question Toma sees all this but in the GMG arc he never noticed that Lucy looked like Laya and Anna. You think he’s remember seeing as they did something unbelievable and crossed over time. Oh wait, I’m trying to use logic but this poorly timed retcon doesn’t allow for that.

So Anna and Layla catch up and explain the situation. Layla explains how she didn’t want Lucy to bare this burden. Y’know hearing this talk about Lucy and it coming from 2 characters that look like her, makes really angry at the fact Lucy has gotten almost NOTHING to do this arc. I mean christ, it’s not like Lucy’s a main character and these 2 have been flash back only characters who served their purpose in the narrative.

This is weird… Like time travel itself is already tricky and now your trying to see to make a contradiction as if all this is pointless but not pointless. Or is this following the multiverse theory that altering tie makes another universe- And I’m going to stop asking questions.

Oh now you go searching for the flying children, great care taker.

Also again with the king, why did you include this, seriously retcon you’re a pain in the ass already, just please stop making more holes.

So cutting back to the present, Anna explains how in this era there is an anomaly that she discovered…

That was caused by her travel? I guess it makes sense as the plan was to use the dragon slayers to beat Acnologia and this rift in time was a product of crossing time.

Okay Jellal is right how did anyone not notice. Oh wait Anna hid it.

So this rift in time is apparently so strong nothing can exist near in it and in this era of stronger magic nothing can compare to this abnormal magic. Hey Anna, here’s an idea, why didn’t you ask the king for help? Yeah they fear Acnologia too and they know that you’d be on the up and up. Why didn’t you ask for their help with this, it’s essentially a hole in time I don’t know how bright you are Anna but with a whole kingdom working together could probably figure out what this thing is faster and kill Acnologia faster.

The Hole is also apparently very small so you can’t find it easy.

So that’s the plan. Totally not the ending goal of Rave Master.

Or the other option is the dragon slayers, the ones were brought here to beat Acnologia in the first place.

Okay this is where I make a few people scratch their heads on what I say next, this makes sense but I don’t like it. You’re probably curious why I’m so down on a flash back chapter even though having flashbacks are a great way to develop characters. Hell, if you all remember my big break out in the reviewing world was the Irene flashback chapter which I praised the fuck out of. Well, lets compare Irene and Anna. Anna is a character that had no build up that it was possible to be here, only appeared in flash back, and we knew nothing of her character. Irene was a spriggan who were the big villains of the arc, had a presence, and build up before her flash back. Irene’s flash back added to the world and made her as a main villain have more depth to her, Anna being retconned into the present was something that was so easy to explain that the text explanation she gave of how she got here was honestly enough, we didn’t need to see more of it because essentially it would be padding. Another thing that bothers me is with this time spent on something so simple we didn’t need to see it, we’re taking away time that could be spent on characters that do need it, like Lucy. I mean Anna and Lalya are characters who’s stories have been put to rest, we don’t need to know more about them when all it’s doing is reiterating what we already know and won’t impact us anymore in this point in the narrative, whereas characters like Lucy who have gotten almost nothing this arc are still left with nothing. So this whole sequence and back story make sense, but it still is pointless.

Speaking of Lucy, we cut to Magnolia

Oh look Gray is coming to terms to not wanting to endanger Natsu’s life. I’m gonna silently cry for this scene and all the greatness it could’ve had if the whole END and Gray relationship wasn’t botched.

WHAT THE HELL! YOU CAN JUST OPEN IT?! WHAT WAS THE POINT OF TARTAROS?! I mean the whole point of END not being revived sooner is because the magic in the world is so great that END can’t exist but apparently you can open it. I wouldn’t be as mad if not this chapter actually unintentionally made a reason why this is stupid and that’s how we spent so much time talking about this Era having a lot of more magic than in the past. We know in the past END was around, he knew Igneel, meaning he can live in a world with magic just not in an abundance like now.

Okay I complain about Lucy doing nothing, but Gray’s sin this arc is he’s an idiot. He’s not telling his friends about something potentially dangerous. Look Gray has kept to himself before he’s left some characters out of the loop like with Ultear but this isn’t something personal he doesn’t want to drag his friends into but this is the fate of the world he’s not telling them.

We return to the only good thing in this climax, Natsu vs Zeref

The fight continues but Zeref has come to realize that, hey he can’t die.

Yep you heard right people due to all the shit that’s happen to him he’s going to use the power of time to re make the world where he was never turned immortal. Y’know I sound like a broken record but RAVE MASTER! Seriously this is just Lucia’s goals and motivation from Rave, getting screwed over in this world so he considers it a wrong one and wants to go to a world where none of this happened and will use the power of time to make it happen. You can’t get anymore like Lucia at this point Zeref.

Oh god just dye your hair blond and call yourself Lucia at this point.

Again Natsu is sounding like the smart one here, good on ya! Also he seems to be turning into END, well I guess that choice was really pointless as the ones who decide who natsu is are his friends. Also Mavis was a key to neo eclipse. SO Mavis was a way of accessing a power that’ll open the way to using a magic that manipulates time? Well guess we should call her SInclaire now (take a shot if your playing the Rave Master Drinking game). Now Zeref’s master Plan actually does make sense. Unlike Anna’s flashback this actually makes sense of another way to get rid of his curse, as we know, Zeref only hedged his bets on END killing him, still doesn’t mean he can. SO having this back up plan is rather interesting.

As for the next chapter being called “Pegasus vs Black Dragon”, I had a rant for that but I think it best be saved for next time.

Post Chapter follow up: This chapter was weird for me. I can’t really put the Anna stuff as good or bad. It’s doing development but it only treading over already know ground. While it makes sense, we really didn’t need this and just kinda wastes time. Another thing I can’t judge is Zeref’s master plan. It makes sense for his character but it also seems so hollow. Like this is the weakness of having a villain group that’s under developed, we don’t know if he’s been lying to everyone, saying that he needed Fairy Heart to destroy Acnologia or he told them all and they were on board with this. Actually that would be interesting like maybe Irene wanted this new world so she could never become a dragonor maybe August wanted a world where he could be raised by Zeref and Mavis or Brandish who might want in this new world her mother alive.

On the negative side Anna is still negative. I went on a long rant about how she shouldn’t be this teacher because it is ruining the bond of Slayer and dragon, which is sill true but I was still open that from chapters on I wouldn’t be as down on her as I was then. But now, her problem seems to be how her existence is literally causing more holes.

Another thing on the negative is the main characters. Gray you’ve become a fucking idiot. I mean wow. Some people say this is to make Natsu look better but it really doesn’t. While Natsu is still the best thing just for verbally slapping around zeref, my attention is more drawn that Gray is acting very dumb. Lucy as well with this is still doing nothing. This is the final arc, have her do something, now some say Lucy is doing something, she’s the emotional support for the team. I hate that excuse. While Lucy has been the emotional support at times she wasn’t soley just that, she was the heart of Fairy tail. While, she cared for everyone she was still active in fights, coming up with plans, discovering things on her own etc. But now all she’s doing is sitting on her ass either crying or waxing friendship which isn’t Lucy. Lucy doesn’t have to just fight someone to be considered, “something” she could be the one who figures out how to save natsu when he was dying or she could make a way to use the book of END, that would be doing something. But all she’s doing is “emotional support” which is something all characters in this team should have but nope lets just diminish Lucy to just that.

Final negative point is that opening of the book. It doesn’t make sense and what hurts it even more is it makes a way that explains why END can’t be summoned. If he is, you are again lessening Tartaros’s story and it’s END plot.

Good points, Natsu is again the best things this chapter for pointing out this bullshit and trust me that’s a breath of fresh air. Also Yes I’m glad END is still around as a lot of people speculated END was no more thanks to the seed crap.

Another good thing is what Fairy Heart is. Most expected it to be some world ending nuke but actually it’s a way to access time. That is really interesting.

Final Verdict: 4/10

  • There are some things that aren’t bad but just padding
  • More misuse of characters
  • A legit interesting turn
  • Not bad but not good
hacker!jihoon au

-uni student by day hacker by night

-and like listen

-he didnt start hacking bc he had bad intentions

-he just does bad things when he’s bored

-im not saying jihoon goes on the deep web but im saying he goes on the deep web :))))))))))))))

-he’s fucking infamous there

-nobody fucks with him

-he’s only known as woozi and nobody knows his real name

-he’s tiny and T E R R I F Y I N G

-do you know how many times he’s hacked into big corporations and leaked information just because someone would pay him for it

-y’all dont fuck with jihoon

-he sounds like an awful person but pLS LET ME EXPLAIN

-turns into the mr krabs meme any time someone mentions anonymous or hacking in general

-he mostly just hacks for the money honestly

-he doesnt even spend any of that money on himself

-he just spoils the fuck out of his friends and pays for his uni stuff

-he is such a sweet precious baby in real life but he’s so cold hearted online what a loser i love him

-the reason he joined the team was bc of seungcheol

-seungcheol went to uni with him and they were close friends!! seungcheol knew everything about him except that jihoon was a hacker


-how else does he manage this team of actual children smh

-so tl;dr he manages to convince jihoon to join the gang and now hacking for the gang is his full time job :’)))))))))

-he doesnt go with the boys on missions but he stays back and watches them from security cameras and talks to them through mics

-probably does homework while doing so tbh

-”ok jihoon what do i do next?”

-”hm? wait i don’t know what’s happening my glasses are fogging up”




-before he even joined, the entire team knew about him and not just from seungcheol

-tbh they were all terrified of him at first bUT THEY REALIZED HOW SMOL AND FLUFFY HE WAS AND HE BECAME THE GROUP’S NEW BABY

-cringes xtra hard when he sees the boys doing something in a way he wouldnt personally do

-like, he understands there are different ways of doing things but being a hacker and doing things the same way over and over again, using the same techniques to solve everything stuck with him and it makes him feel icky and anxious when he sees the boys do something that he wouldnt

-cares about his dumb spy children so much ;-;-;

-hansol is such a terrified lil baby and jihoon has to always comfort him

-”jihoon im gonna have a panic attack”

-”no youre not, it’s ok”

-”you cant even see my face how do you know iT’S OK”

-”i can see your face in the corner of the camera and wow u look ugly”


-hansol proceeds to run off and steps on a trap

-jihoon cringes and slams his head on the table

-save him from these idiots

-honestly he’s the true mastermind

-seungcheol is like half a mastermind and the other half is an edgelord™️

-cue jihoon’s eyeroll

-”hoshi if you touch my hair one more time im gonna send a swat team to your house”

-”are u still salty i didnt let u sit on my lap :((((((((“

-”i diDnT WaNNa sIT oN uR LaP”

-one time hoshi broke his arm so he wasnt allowed on missions so during the entire time he was forced to stay home, he’d go over to jihoon’s and he’d make jihoon sit on his lap while he hacked

-”woah numbers”

-”woah hoshi shut up and let me hack”

-”ur feisty ;))))”

-”im going to abandon this team, move to alaska and change my name to whore-rito do you want that”

-”i luv me some whore-rito”

-the member that’s most likely to be kidnapped

-so tiny and smol cant fight for his life

-reason #232847 of why he has bodyguards!meanie

-talks shit isnt ready to get hit

-falls asleep hunched over his desk all the time because he works to the point where he passes out :)))))

-seungcheol forces him to take breaks and if he doesnt convince him, jeonghan has to come in to pull a mom

-”honey, youre working yourself too hard, you should-”


-ok now it’s the point of the au where i talk about where youre dating jihoon if that doesnt float your boat you can skiP IT

-you two met when he joined the team

-”hey jihoon meet y/n, they’re apart of the team now.”

-jihoon fell for you so hard what a dweEB

-youre in charge of most of the missions and jihoon worries over you a lot

-”hey jihoon maybe you shouldnt fuck around with the deep web anymore-”

-”maybe you shouldnt fuck around with your life anymore on those missions but you dont see me saying anything”

-he’s sososososo subtly caring towards you and it warms your lil heart aw

-he’s not much of a violent person but he’ll do anything to protect you dbsfvjdsfbdnfs

-being a hacker taught him something about keeping those who were close to you and throwing everyone else away

-and fuck you are so important to him

-god he would throw his life away for you in a heartbeat it’s so scary but you feel the same way and sdfildfjdf

-can you imagine if this lil bean gets kidnapped because someone didnt like what you were doing



-”jihoon when’d you learn how to fight”

-”*cue jihoon’s internal screaming bc he only fought so hard for you*”

-whenever you get hurt he wont let you leave his room until he makes sure youre ok again

-”jihoon i literally just got a bruise on my leg i-”

-”stOoOoooOP rEsIStINg yOurE ON ThE VerGe oF DeAtH”

-you like watching him hack but you dont get to often since youre off on missions all the time

-but on the rare times when you dont need to go, you like hanging back with jihoon and watching him do his thing

-he always looks so concentrated and determined and his soft features turn so tensed

-he clenches his jaw and it’s a bad habit but you find it so cute and dsfkbshdkfd

-the way he sounds so stern when talking to the boys just goSH IM MELTING

-i mean

-youre melting


-hardwork with the occasional “babe can you get me some ramen”

-”jihoon if you dont fuckin help the boys istg”

-”i aM”


-jihoon’s the type to eat cereal while watching the boys suffer

Look, guys, Dylan decided to be a porn cop for Halloween and I’m not ok rn.

The porn ‘stache. The cheesy sunglasses. The shirt opened for maximum sleaziness. I am so into it, send help. Why self why.

(I guess Latts dressed up as a cop too? I’ll be honest, I was too focused on Dylan to realize anyone else was even there.)

bookscorpion  asked:

Alright, it's me with my list of topics: *people not being all that religious * women's rights *sexuality in general Thanks again :)

The thing to remember is that when I say “not that religious,” it’s relative – i.e. a person not very religious by medieval standards would still be considered quite religious today, because the church was the medium in which public and private life was framed and in which everyone took part. It’s like how pretty much most people in the West celebrate Christmas whether or not they’re religious – it is part of the civic faith of the society. However, the perception that everyone was a bunch of wild-eyed religious zealots who unquestionably accepted whatever the church said is super, SUPER wrong.

Some reading to start you off here:

Those Terrible Middle Ages!: Debunking the Myths, by Regine Pernoud (San Francisco; Ignatius Press, 2000), is the closest thing I have to a short, readable, and general history intended for a popular audience. It will give you plenty of quick facts and overall framework for, as noted, refuting some major medieval misconceptions. Everything from here on out will be more specialized/academic.

The canons of the 1215 Lateran council, summarized ( and in full ( Among them is canon 21: “Everyone who has attained the age of reason is bound to confess his sins at least once a year to his own parish pastor, or with his permission to another, and to receive the Eucharist at least at Easter.” You wouldn’t think you’d need to compel these supposedly super religious people to take communion AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR, AT EASTER, which is basically when the majority of America goes to church anyway. Hey, also try canon 42: “ No cleric may so extend his jurisdiction as to become detrimental to secular justice.” Now, I’m not gonna say this is a model of a tolerant and forward-looking legal code, because it gets pretty hairy at the end with its insistence on distinguishing Jews and Saracens from Christians and barring Jews from public office (as Innocent III was a hard-liner on this point). But have a read-through the summarized version, because it’s short, and because I guarantee it will say at least three things to make you go, “wow, I didn’t know they already thought like that in the Medieval Era.” (Which is, you know, when they are dumb and religious and etc.) There was also the Capitula de Judaeis of Richard I (my homeboy) made in 1194, which specifically legally protected the Jews of England and the Plantagenet lands in France, which – while made largely for economic reasons – represented a drastic change from the stringent anti-Semitism happening elsewhere in Europe.

Elizabeth Siberry, in Criticism of crusading, 1095-1274, examines how the clerical sources dealt with the idea of crusading and whether or not it was justified. Spoiler alert: the clerics almost always thought it was, as did the noble vernacular sources, but since this is my area of specialty, I can tell you that crusading appeals were extremely elite (focused on those who had the means and methods to go) and with the exception of the First and Third Crusades, and to some degree the Second, struggled to retain popular support after an initial highly-successful emotional appeal. Whenever the major crusades were over, the popes could call for help for the Holy Land for years, but the average layman paid no attention; they just weren’t that fussed about it. The Fourth Crusade was highly criticized and suffered from almost constant desertions, as crusaders exercised their individual right to disagree with their leaders and cynically question their supposedly Christian motives. See “The Fourth Crusade and the Just-War Theory,” for a good explanation of how the average Fourth Crusader thought, the religious influences available to them, and the decisions they made.

The Albigensian Crusade in the south of France, 1209-1229, against the schismatic group the Cathars, was also heavily criticized and viewed by contemporaries as being more about a king and pope’s political power, and its bloody excesses became infamous and condemned in its own day. Also, even a remote scanning of the history of the 13th century will see new movements and challenges to the pope’s authority popping up everywhere.

As for women, I answered a bit of this in an earlier ask, but some reading to start you off:

Medieval Maidens: Young Women and Gender in England, 1270-1540, by Kim Phillips (Manchester; Manchester University Press, 2003)

Four Queens: The Provencal Sisters Who Ruled Europe, by Nancy Goldstone (New York; Penguin, 2007)

The Beguines of Medieval Paris: Gender, Patronage, and Spiritual Authority, by Tanya Stabler Miller (Philadelphia; University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014)

As above, when I say that women were not silent/submissive/raped as we like to believe, I do have to qualify, of course, that that does not mean their situation was anywhere comparable to modern feminism. There were still distinct social roles and expectations for them, there was certainly nothing like sexual liberation/freedom (at least legally speaking, though of course practice was different), and not much in the way of legal redress for the ordinary married woman (though noblewomen had more options). However, women were fully valued in the roles they were allowed to play in society, were respected as patronesses, advisors, even rulers (as regents for a husband or son, usually, but nonetheless), and in general, had far more of a rich and varied life than popular historiography and our cherished notions of Progress would like to give them. It’s of note that people only ever complain about things being “historically inaccurate” when women are given any autonomy and agency at all. They won’t complain about physical or archaelogical or linguistic disparities, sometimes by hundreds of years, but give a woman any personhood at all, and “oh no that’s not accurate.” Which is a) BS, and b) represents a desire to indulge what I call “stylized misogyny” – i.e. the idea that it’s supposedly historically or socially acceptable to discriminate against women without consequences in this environment is half the attraction for the modern MRA type. They don’t want real history, they want their idealized history where women “knew their place.”

As noted, the situation of our foremothers was absolutely very different to ours, and feminism has made many crucial advances. But the liberal idea that it then took until the 20th century to make any of these changes at all, and that medieval women were just a bunch of meek, submissive helpmeets with no minds, personality, ambition, or respect of their own is just as dangerous.

i love taehyung so much? i really do, when i see him i feel so happy and like im going to explode because of how much love i’m feeling? of course we all know this, but! hes so beautiful, ethereal, handsome, cute!! all of him is so, wow, that beautiful, radiant and (looking) soft skin, and his big and cute eyes, and his nose with his mole (i love) and his lips!! they’re so pretty and soft! and as i said i love him, he looks like an angel, but! he’s so funny too, and also sometimes in a cute way:( and i LOVE when hes laughing about his jokes or the members jokes, he looks precious:( and the way he talks about the stuff he likes?? i…love hearing him talk about it, he looks so happy and excited, so interested in it, wanting to learn more, and sharing it with us!…and hes so smart?? he always amaze me!! he really is in so so many ways, you know what else? he’s so full of love, and hes so cute when he shows it:( i love him, seriously he really is!! (full of love) and so warm and radiant and so unselfish, and i feel like he’s so kind and a really good person, with so many talents, and he’s always surprising us!!, anyways my point here is that some of u need stop seeing taehyung as this person who’s not smart, stop acting as he’s someone dumb, as someone who u cant have serious/deep conversations with, as he’s only there to joke, or saying stupid things the whole time lmao, he’s so much more thant that, and not to say whats actually obvious but…wow he’s a person!! stop acting as he only can act a certain way, and be a certain way, people change, they keep growing and stuff, you all need to stop

Another Universe

Title: another universe

Pairings: Steve x tony, wade x peter, Sam x Bucky, Natasha x Clint, Wanda x Vision

Warnings: angst, fluff, profanity, vomiting, a little abuse.

Author’s note: It’s super long. Almost 10K. I didn’t mean for it to be this long, it was meant to be short but then I wrote it and I know I could have split it up into two parts but I just wanted it to be one thing. Anyway I like it and I hope you do to.

Summary: when a mission goes wrong tony finds himself sent to another universe, where’d everything is identical to his own, except he isn’t married to Steve and peter isn’t his son and almost everything good and important in Tony’s life is wrong and twisted in this one.

Tony woke up to find his sleeping husband’s face was merely inches away from his. A small smile broke out, he could hear Peter cooking in the kitchen, talking with the other avengers. Things were good, better than good. For a while it had felt as though things would never be good again. Fighting with Steve had been awful, but now that they were together and sorted through everything, they were stronger than before. A smile crept onto Steve’s face and he opened his eyes to see Tony already looking at him.
“Morning.” He said with a raspy voice.
“Morning.” Tony pressed a kiss to Steve’s mouth before getting out of bed.
“Where are you going?” Steve groaned and grabbed Tony’s hand.
“Coffee is in the kitchen.” Steve frowned.
“Coffee can wait.” Nobody ever really saw this clingy side to Steve, it only was brought out in the mornings.
“Peter is cooking breakfast.” Tony countered.
“But the bed is warm!” Tony rolled his eyes and kissed Steve’s forehead.
“Time to get up old man.” Steve sighed and let go of Tony’s hand. With a smirk, Tony walked out and made his way to the kitchen.
“Oh god!” Tony put a hand over his eyes when he saw Peter mid-makeout with his boyfriend Wade. He could tell he’d forgotten about breakfast because he could smell smoke.
“Sorry dad.” Peter mumbled. Tony rolled his eyes and poured himself a cup of coffee.
“Good morning.” Steve said as he strolled into the kitchen.
“Morning pops.” Peter scraped out something that resembled burnt pancakes from his pan and poured batter into another clean one.
“Did you get a good night’s sleep?” Steve asked.
“Yeah, did you?” Steve nodded and drank some of Tony’s coffee.
“How are you Wade?” Steve was ever so polite.
“Fine.” Wade had gone slightly red and Tony rolled his eyes.
“Where is everyone else?” Tony asked and took his coffee back from Steve.
“Dunno, still sleeping?” Suspicious. Tony checked his phone and saw he’d received a text from Fury.
“What’s wrong?” Steve was wide eyed and Tony showed him the text.
“Duty calls.” He sighed. Peter began to turn off the stove but Tony shook his head.
“Uh-uh. You two stay right here, don’t make me send Natasha to baby sit.” Tony warned.
“Tony’s right Peter. Plus you have school.” Peter groaned but nodded and headed back to his room. Wade trailed after him.
Thanos had sent an mini army to attack the city, Steve and Tony got there as quick as possible, only to land in the middle of the fight. Every avenger was occupied with a soldier. Steve and Tony instantly jumped into battle, Tony shot a jet of energy which rebounded from Steve’s shield to take out some soldiers. They continued fighting, slowly getting the numbers to dwindle. Tony shot more energy beams at them, punching and kicking and clawing his way through them all. Until he came across one holding a staff. It waved the staff around and Tony shot off an energy beam, only to be hit by one himself. He grunted as he flew back, hearing Steve’s scream as he blacked out.
Tony woke up in the avengers compound. A sigh of relief passed through his lips as he sat up. If he was here then they had survived, they had won. He looked around and found nobody waiting for him. It was strange, Steve was always so protective. Whenever tony got hurt he would growl at anyone who got too close, would not leave Tony’s bedside until he woke up. Tony grunted as he stood, a bandage was wrapped around his side. He’d taken a pretty bad hit. He limped out of the room and through the compound. Running into Rhodey.
“Where is everyone?” Tony asked.

“So now you deem me worthy talking too?” Rhodey snapped.

“Don’t play dumb for me Tony. We all understand that you’re superior.” Tony’s brows furrowed.
“I don’t understand-”
“Wow, that’s low. Even for you.” Rhodey shook his head and stormed off. Tony shook it off, he had to find Steve. Tony twisted the wedding band on his left hand, finally making it to his room. He walked in and it looked the same. Except there was no wedding photo on the bedside table and no pictures of Pete anywhere. What the hell is going on? Had something happened between the battle and waking up? Was tony forgetting things?
“Steve?” Tony called out but got no answer. Instead he found vision who came in.
“Is there a problem?”
“Where the hell is Steve? And Peter?”
“Peter?” Vision raised a brow.
“My son? He’s a teenager, Spider-Man and is about this tall.” Tony motioned for Peter’s height and waited for Vision’s response.
“You must have hit your head when you fell sir, you don’t have a son.” Tony’s heart began to race. No Peter?
“Where’s Steve?” Steve would know, Steve would help.
“Brooklyn, you kicked him out. Along with Mr Wilson, Mr Barnes, Wanda, Miss Romanoff, Mr Barton, Thor and Mr Banner. Rhodey is packing his things up as we speak.” Tony’s brows furrowed.
“Why would I-”
“I don’t know. You’re a bit arrogant tony. But that is beside the point, I think we should get your head checked out. I’m concerned about the whole son situation.” Tony shook his head.
“My head is fine. Where in Brooklyn? I need Steve’s address.” Vision told him, Tony wasted no time in getting to the garage.

Tony arrived at the apartment building where Steve was living. He rushed inside and ran up several flights of stairs before banging on the door. Why had Steve moved out? Why would he have done that? Why didn’t they have Peter? The door opened up and Tony saw Sharon standing there.
“What are you doing here?” She asked cooly. Tony didn’t miss the engagement ring on her finger.
“I need to see Steve.” Her brows furrowed.
“I need to talk to him it’s important-”
“Who is it?” Steve. Tony relaxed slightly at the sound of his voice. It would be okay. Steve would explain, Steve would listen, Steve would know-
“Tony?” He sounded disgusted. Tony stared into those blue eyes and his jaw fell open slightly. He looked repulsed to see him, what had happened?
“What happened? Where is Peter, why do you live here-”
“Who the hell is peter?” His heart stopped.
“Who the hell is peter?” Steve repeated.
“Our son.” Tony stuttered and Steve raised his brows.
“Why would we have a son?” Steve demanded and Tony swallowed the lump in his throat. This wasn’t happening. How did Steve not know Peter? What the hell had happened to him?
“Because we’re married.” Tony waited and Steve just stared at him, utterly disgusted.
“This is some sick joke Tony. I was willing to hear you out but now-” Steve shook his head.
“Steve wait-” but Steve slammed the door in his face. Non caring. Tony’s heart pounded in his chest. Something had gone very very wrong.

Steve cried out as Tony was hit with a bolt of energy and then disappeared. Along with thanos’s army. They all vanished.
“What just happened?” Wanda asked, concerned about the disappearance. But Steve looked around with wide eyes, where had Tony gone? His heart pounded in his chest as he spun in circles.
“Steve?” Nat asked softly.
“He’s gone.” Steve whispered and Nat swore as she looked for him and couldn’t find him anywhere.
“Tony!” She called out but there was no response. The rest of the avengers noticed his disappearance and called out his name. But he had vanished just like thanos’s army had. Steve thought back to that morning. The simplicity of waking up to his husband’s smiling face. To Peter cooking breakfast with Wade and stealing Tony’s coffee. How perfect those few precious moments were. Oh god. What am I going to tell Peter? Steve was suddenly aware of how much he desperately needed Tony. He couldn’t tell Peter. How was he supposed to say that his dad vanished along with an alien army?
“Maybe he went back home.” Rhodey offered half heartedly. But Steve had seen it. But for a moment he allowed the hope in. That maybe he hadn’t seen it, maybe Tony had gone home. To check on Peter. To have breakfast waiting when they all got back. As unrealistic as it seemed, maybe he’d be waiting for them.

Tony wasn’t waiting for them, but Peter was. He hadn’t left for school yet and Wade had gone back to his house.
“Pops?” Peter’s brows furrowed and he looked around for tony.
“Where’s dad?” Steve swallowed the lump in his throat.
“He took a hit. In the fight, then he disappeared. I don’t know where.” Steve mumbled.
“What do you mean he disappeared?”
“He just vanished Pete. He’s gone.” Peter shook his head.
“That’s bull shit. Where is he-”
“I don’t know!” Steve shouted and Peter flinched. He sighed and rubbed his eyes.
“I don’t know.” Tears streamed down Steve’s face and a sob racked out of him. Tony was gone. Peter hugged Steve and they clung to one another.
“We’ll find him.” Peter whispered. But Steve wasn’t so sure.
When Tony returned to the compound he found Sam waiting.
“Your royal highness.” Sam gave him a mock bow and Tony sighed.
“I’ve been getting this crap all day, what the hell did I do?” He demanded.
“So suddenly you’re not smart enough to have all the answers? You really love to drive things home.” Sam shook his head.
“Why aren’t you with Bucky?” Tony demanded and Sam raised a brow.
“Why would I be with Bucky?” He asked.
“Because you’re together?” Sam snorted.
“That is hilarious. But I hate Bucky and the feeling is mutual. The only person who is as much of a dick as Bucky is you.” Tony raised his brows.
“Vis mentioned that you hit your head, must’ve hit it pretty damn hard.”
“I didn’t hit my head!” Tony shouted. What the hell had happened? Why was Steve repulsed by tony? Why weren’t Steve and Tony together? Where was Peter? Why was Sam and Bucky enemies? Why had tony kicked everyone out?
“Then what’s wrong with you? Vis said you thought you had a son-”
“I do have a son! His name is Peter! He’s got brown hair and brown eyes and is sarcastic and he’s a teenager and his whole family is dead!” Tony shouted.
“Is this why you lost it at everyone? Because you have a son?” Tony rubbed his face. He had no recollection of “losing it” at everyone. But Sam looked almost ready to forgive him.
“Yes. And I’m sorry but i don’t know where he is and-”
“Does Pepper know?”
“Pepper?” Tony’s brows furrowed.
“Your wife?” Tony glanced down to the wedding band. He was married to Pepper?
“No.” Tony said after a while.
“So you’ve been lying to everyone.” Tony nodded.
“I need to find my son.” Maybe Peter could explain.
“When did he go missing?” Sam asked. Tony opened his mouth to answer but found himself speechless. He had no clue, for however long Tony had been out. For however long Peter had seemingly ceased to exist in the avengers memories.

“I don’t know. I don’t know.” Tony began to sob. He was suddenly overwhelmed with the ache of how much he missed his husband and his son. He didn’t know what had happened and now they were both gone. Peter wasn’t there and Steve hated him, and he had no idea as to how it had happened. How had he lost them both?
Steve combed through the news, watching any and every recording of the fight. He kept his eyes on Tony the final blast before he vanished. But in every video, Tony was out of frame just before he vanished. No sign of how or where he went.
“Dammit.” It was two in the morning. But Steve couldn’t sleep. Or eat. Hell, Steve couldn’t think straight without Tony. He toyed with his wedding band and glanced at the photo Tony had proudly placed on his bedside table. The wedding photo where Steve was all red in the face and tony gave him a kiss on the cheek. The other avengers had tried talking to him but nothing had worked. Nothing would work until he found Tony. Steve’s eyes continuously dropped, he was exhausted but the idea of sleep was almost too much. He sighed and crawled onto Tony’s side of the bed. He inhaled the scent of Tony and smiled. It was almost as if he were right there. Steve breathed it all in again. And then he was crying again. Where are you Tony? Where did you go? Why did you leave? He clung to the pillow as if it were Tony himself. Come back to me. Come back to our family. Please just come back home.
Tony spent the next couple days searching for Peter. He made peace with the other avengers and they one by one moved back into the compound. Steve and Sharon were the last to do so. Apparently he had hit his head and it was how the avengers got passed the whole married to Steve thing. Pepper was away on a business trip and Tony was grateful. The idea of having to pretend to be in love with her… Tony shuddered. Pepper was a friend nothing more. Natasha watched Tony like a hawk, glaring and frowning at him constantly. It was strange that she was only clint’s friend. They had gotten married too.
“Is this him?” Steve asked hesitantly and handed Tony a picture. Trust Steve to find their son. Tony smiled softly and felt pure and unending relief.
“Peter.” He breathed and Steve smiled at the obvious joy on Tony’s face.
“He lives in Queens. But currently he’s at school-” Tony read over Steve’s shoulder. He read over it once, twice, thrice and then nodded

“I’ll be back later..” he told Steve. He immediately drove to Pete’s school and spoke with the principal. After donating an incredible amount of money to the school, the principal strode off to get Peter. Tony waited nervously, surely Peter would know. Surely Peter could explain, he would know what to do. Would explain as to how everything had gone wrong.
“Mr Stark?” Peter asked and seemed a little star struck.
“Hey Pete.” There was a softness to Tony’s voice that he only had with Peter and Steve.
“Peter.” The correction was like a knife to the heart.
“Can we talk in private?” After the principal got Peter’s nod of approval he left.
“Do you know who I am?” Tony asked.
“You’re Tony Stark, you’re iron man and a billionaire and you run Stark industries and-” and Tony wasn’t peters dad.
“I’m going crazy.” All signs pointed to it. He must have hit his head really hard. Because he thought that this stranger was his son, that Steve was his husband, that sam and Bucky were together and that Clint and Natasha were married. He was an asshole, that much was clear. And to make up for it his brain had concocted an entirely fake past to make Tony change. To make him feel better.
“Mr Stark?” Peter looked a little afraid.
“Do you know a Wade Wilson?” Please.
“Yeah. But he’s a bad guy, I do my best to stay away from him.” Tony hung his head in resignation. Hadn’t it only been a couple days ago when he caught Peter making out with Wade in his kitchen? He really was going crazy.
“I’m sorry to bother you kid, have a good day.” Peter furrowed his brows and then left. Tony left too and didn’t bother returning to the avengers compound. He needed to clear his head.
Peter was refusing to go to school and Steve was getting worried.
“Pete you’ve gotta go-”
“It’s been over a week pops. We haven’t heard anything from Dad! There’s been nothing and I’m not going to waste time at school-”
“Your dad would want you to be at school Peter. When he gets home he’ll kick my ass if he finds out you skipped school. I’ll let you know the second I hear anything. I promise.” But Peter shook his head.
“Dad is missing. He is gone and I’m not wasting my time with algebraic equations and quadratic formulas when I could be helping-”
“Peter you’re going to school. Be a normal teenager, go to school and hang out with Wade. When your dad gets home he’s going to want to hear all about it.” Peter frowned.
“Please don’t make me.”
“Peter. Listen, your dad is coming home. He’s coming back to us alright? He wouldn’t just up and leave. I swear that you’re not wasting your time. And as soon as you get home you can help out alright?” Peter nodded.
“The second you hear something you call me. Understand?” Steve nodded and then Peter sighed. He nodded and then left for school without another word. I really need you to come home now tony.

When Peter was at school he got bullied, when he started dating Wade the bullying mostly stopped for a while. But things were getting bad again.
“Hey Pete, how are you?” Wade wrapped his arms around Peter and for a moment Peter allowed himself to enjoy the moment.
“Still nothing, things are getting pretty bad at home. Everyone is tense and fighting and I don’t know what to do.” Peter ran a hand through his hair. It was all over the news. Everyone was talking about how iron man had vanished with no word. Some people said he was evil and others said he had died. Peter didn’t know which was worse, the idea that his dad was evil and had abandoned them or the idea that he was dead.
“You shouldn’t have to do anything. Don’t worry your dad is gonna come back.” Wade promised.
“Everyone keeps telling me that.”
“I’m sensing a but.”
“But if it were true then why is everyone so worried?” Wade had no answer.
“You should come over to my place after school, we can hang out and I’ll help you destress. One night of relaxing won’t kill you.” Wade offered.
“I’ve gotta help out at home-”
Please!” Wade pouted and Peter sighed.
“One night. But then I’ve gotta help out until-”
“Yeah yeah and I’ll keep helping out too.”
“Wait what?” Peter stopped Wade mid walk on their way to class.
“I’ve been helping out with the research. Annoyed the crap out of Natasha to do so-”
“What have you gotten so far?”
“Not a lot. But we’re not going over it today. You already promised.” Peter sighed but nodded. They reached Peter’s math class and peter wanted to run in the opposite direction.
“I’ll see you later.” Wade kissed Peter for a long moment before pulling away to go to his own class. Peter walked into the math room and found a penis was drawn in permanent marked on his desk.
“Penis Parker finally arrives.” Flash taunted. Peter swallowed back the lump and knew it was about to be a very long day.
“Did you see the news this morning?” Peter overheard as he sat down at his desk.
“What happened?”
“Apparently the avengers are all splitting up. Because Tony Stark is evil and now they don’t know who to trust. Apparently Captain America has gone insane-” the kid continued talking and peter clenched his jaw. He couldn’t tell them they were wrong. His family had made it clear from a young age that it would be best if nobody knew who Peter’s dads were. The drama that would ensue if it ever got out… peter shuddered at the thought. But it was still agonising to hear other people whisper about his family.
“Oh and apparently the black widow cheated on hawk eye with falcon which started a big fight-” that one was harder to ignore. As if Nat could ever cheat on Clint, or Sam on Bucky. These people were full of so much shit-the teacher called out his name and Peter looked up.
“Sorry sir?” People sniggered at Peter’s ignorance.
“Violating school property is worth suspension Peter. Go to the principals office.” Peter opened his mouth to argue but merely shut it and stormed out. He was so angry that his spider senses didn’t even notice as flash stuck out his foot and sent Peter sprawling to the ground. Peter grunted and glared at him before getting up and storming out. He could still hear people laughing in the hallway.

Tony had slowly gained knowledge of what he had done. It had been a month and a half since he’d woken up to this life. And adjusting had been horrible. He slept on the couch though, despite Pepper’s protests. He wasn’t ready for that. Bruce examined his brain regularly, trying to work out what was wrong. Didn’t they understand that Tony wasn’t the problem here? The worst part was how Steve avoided him constantly. His wedding was fast approaching and everyone was expecting Tony to go. But the idea of it was almost too much. He toyed with his wedding band, supposedly given to him by pepper. But he remembered Steve slipping it onto his finger. Remembered how Steve suggested adoption, remembered Peter taking his first steps, remembered learning that Peter was dating Wade. He remembered a life so vividly and he wasn’t even sure if it was real anymore. Sleeping was the worst, he kept reliving that morning. Waking up with Steve, catching Peter and Wade, Steve stealing his coffee. It was almost as though it were a dream now. Tony had suffered from bumps on the head before but never had they resulted in this. That blast of energy… it had done this to him. And now he was going insane. Tony shook his head. He married Steve. They adopted Peter. Peter was in love with Wade. Clint and Natasha were married. Sam and Bucky were together. It was real. It had to be real. Because of all the things in Tony’s life, he was certain of that. Certain that he loved Steve. His husband. Steve was in Tony’s room now. He leaned against the doorway and studied Tony in a way that was all too familiar.
“You’re different.” Steve murmured.
“What do you mean?” Steve was his husband. Peter was there son.
“You’ve changed. I know Tony. You’re not him.”
“I don’t understand.”
“You’re not Tony. Tony is arrogant and an ass and he kicked us all out. He told us to all go to hell, that we were all ignorant and useless.” Steve studied Tony again.
“Sorry.” Tony mumbled.
“And he never apologised. Tony Stark wasn’t wrong. Ever. So are you Hydra? Another project designed to mess with us? Explain.”
“I’m not a project. I’m certainly not Hydra-”
“Then what?”
“You really don’t remember?” Tony asked.
“Remember what?” Steve demanded.
“We’ve been through this Tony-”
“No! I’m over the whole bump on the head! It’s been more than a month! I know that they’re looking for me! I can feel it. Something happened to you guys or to me- I don’t know! But we were a family! I’m certain of it.” Steve narrowed his eyes.
“It’s like you lived a completely different life.” Steve mumbled. Tony froze.
“Say that again.”
“It’s like you lived a completely different life.” Steve repeated, more clearly. Tony thought back to the blast. He’d taken a hit and had been sent flying back. His grip on consciousness had been loose. But maybe he had been sent into another life. Another universe. An alternate one. Tony pulled out a tablet and began researching. Slowly growing more and more sure. The multiverse theory. Where every decision a person face created a new and different universe. There was a universe where Steve was his husband and where Peter was their kid.
“Oh this is bad.” Tony mumbled.
“How the hell am I gonna get home?” Tony wondered aloud. By the time he worked it out it could be another year, by then he’d be assumed dead.

Peter returned back to school and the bullying was only getting worse. Horrifically worse. Wade still had no clue as to what was going on. When Peter got back to school, he found flash waiting for him.
“Enjoy your time off?” Flash asked. It had been hell. Steve had grounded him and yelled for more than an hour. Then concluded that Peter could help find Tony. It was fun at first, working beside his pops. But the fun quickly vanished and now it had been three months and there was nothing. The rumours only got worse.
“It was great.” Peter lied.
“Good. Oh and by the way, sorry about your boyfriend.” Peter’s brows furrowed but he ignored the comment and walked inside the school. It wouldn’t have bothered him but everyone was staring and whispering.
“Do you think he knows?”
“Wonder if Wade told him.”
“Penis Parker’s gonna cry.”
“Did you hear about Wade?”
“Wade is gonna break his heart.” Peter tried to block it out but his spider senses ensured it all drilled in to his head. He sorted through his locker and grabbed his phone.
Where are you?
Peter hesitated before sending the text but ultimately did so. At long last Wade leaned against the locker next to Peter’s and the first thing Peter noticed was the bruises. Not on his face but on his neck.
“Do I want to know?” He asked and heard his voice shake. The hallway was getting quieter as people pretended that they weren’t listening.
“Can we talk? In private?” Peter’s stomach churned. It was bad then. He slammed his locker shut and followed Wade to the bathroom. Once sure it was empty Wade locked the door.
“I know how it looks-”
“Do you?” Peter demanded and clenched his fists.
“Its not what you think.” Wade promised.
“Then what is it?” Peter demanded.
“Flash-” Peter closed his eyes. Wade hadn’t spoken to him for a couple weeks and Peter had been worried. But he had had to stay home.
“Of all people?” He asked with a shaky voice.
“I tried pushing him away- Pete they spiked my drink and-”
“And I’m supposed to believe that?” Wade sighed.
“Fuck. I fucking hate them for this.” Wade punched the wall and Peter felt sick. Partially for the fact that his relationship was unravelling before him but mainly for him being malnourished. He vomited in the sink. It wasn’t long before the avengers realised that Tony bought all the groceries, held all the details for the bank accounts. All the passwords and codes. Leaving the avengers completely and utterly broke. They had no money and no way to support themselves. Peter bought groceries with some money he had gotten from his part time job- but that ran out quickly. Sam had some money which got them through for a while but then that ran out. They had nothing.
“Have you been eating?” Wade seemed to notice just how skinny peter had gotten.
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“It’s none of your business Wade. My life is no longer any of your business.” Peter snarled and Wade looked as though Peter had struck him.
“Got it.” Wade mumbled and then Peter vomited again. After a while he went to the nurse and got sent home. Only to return to a maelstrom of shouting and arguments.

Steve stopped shouting in mid sentence when he noticed Peter in the doorway. They all stopped.
“I thought you were at school.” Steve mumbled.
“I-” Peter then proceeded to projectile vomit on the floor.
“Shouldn’t have fed him so much.” Bucky muttered and Steve glared at him. They were all barely surviving and not having Tony around made things so much worse. The others thought it was time Steve moved on. Everyone had grieved. Accepted it. But Steve couldn’t. He continued researching combing through everything. Asked Friday to suggest places where Tony would go.
“I’m gonna go back to bed.” There was something wrong.
“Do you want me to call Wade-” Sam began but Peter shook his head.
“We broke up.” Then slammed his bedroom door shut. They all stared at Steve and he sighed. What would Tony do? If the situation were reversed then Tony would have your ass home and would be taking care of everyone. Steve thought bitterly. Steve went into their room and walked into the wardrobe. No trace of Tony left. Like he had finally vanished from Steve’s life. Along with it was every thing good.
“This is when you come back to me baby.” Steve whispered clinging to one of Tony’s shirts.
“Steve?” Steve sighed at the sound of Nat’s voice. He hung up Tony’s shirt and turned to face her.
“It is hard. We’re all struggling, but Peter is struggling too. He needs you and I know that you think he needs Tony but he just needs you.” Steve sighed and nodded.
“I’m just over everyone telling me that he’s gone. That I need to move on.”
“I think that when you’re ready, you’ll move on. It’ll take some time but it’ll happen. Or it won’t and you’ll be hung up on Tony for the rest of your life. But I do think that he’s gone. And that he isn’t coming back.”
“But he’s my husband. He’s supposed to come back.” Steve whispered.
“If he’s meant to come back. He will.” Steve nodded.
“I’m gonna talk to Peter.” Nat nodded and left. Steve knocked on Peter’s door.
“Open up Pete. Come on, talk to me.” After a while the door unlocked. Steve walked in and locked the door behind him.
“What?” Peter asked, sounding as exhausted as Steve felt.
“What happened.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“If I start talking about im gonna start crying and with everything going on I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stop.” Peter whispered.
“We’re gonna get through this. We are getting through this.”
“You don’t think he’s coming back.”
“He is.”
“He’s not. If he was coming back he would have. He would have at least contacted us. He isn’t back yet so doesn’t that tell you something?”
“It tells me that he’s trying but it’s hard. Really hard. Because we may have lost him but he lost us too.”
“Wade cheated on me.”
“Really?” Steve was shocked, he never would’ve guessed it.
“Well he says some kids spiked his drink, so really he wasn’t actively cheating-”
“How far did it go?”
“I don’t know. I didn’t ask. I was vomiting.” Steve sighed. Things really had gone to shit.
“Are you going to talk to him again?”
“I don’t know. Maybe? Unlikely.”
“Am I supposed to move on now?”
“No. Maybe? I don’t know. Are you ready to move on?” Steve shook his head.
“No. I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.” There was nobody in the whole universe like Tony. And there never would be ever again. So Steve wouldn’t be able to move on. Maybe ever.
“Well I guess we’ll just have to take it. One day at a time.”

Tony explained his theory to the avengers and they slowly agreed with him. He was from an alternate universe.
“So what’s different in your universe?” Vision asked as Tony continued writing algorithms.
“Uhh, you and Wanda are a thing. Clint and Nat, they’re married. Sam and Bucky are also together. Steve and I are married and, as I have said repeatedly, have a son. Oh and Pepper quit her job a very long time ago.” Tony scratched out the math and started again.
“How did you get here?”
“Got blasted by alien energy.”
“And you think math will send you back?” Tony sighed. No. He seriously doubted it.
“Do you have a better option? Should I just wait around for the aliens and hope they blast me again?” Tony raised a brow.
“How long have you been away?” Vision asked. Tony counted out the dates and frowned.
“Almost seven months.” He stared at the pyramid of scrunched up paper balls, day after day he wrote algorithms and built machines in hopes of sending him back. They all failed. He stared at the algorithm and realised it was the same as one he had already written.
“Shit.” He scrunched it up and started again.
“Do they know? Your husband and son? Do they know you’re here?” Tony shook his head.
“I don’t think so. I don’t even know if they’re all alive.” It was something he hadn’t wanted to think about. How he may have made it out and they might not have. Peter could think himself an orphan. That sent a bolt of panic through Tony. Was Peter even with the avengers? He shook his head and continued writing the algorithm.
“What are you going to tell them? When you get home?” Tony squeezed his eyes shut.
“I’m going to tell them how much I love them.” The idea of being in Steve’s arms, of having Peter cook them breakfast, of feeling happy again…Tony swallowed back the lump. He had to get home. Had to return back to them.

Peter and Wade avoided each other at all costs. And it hurt, it nearly killed Peter every time he saw Wade. Was reminded of vomiting in the bathroom, he alway had to resist beating the shit out of flash but that wasn’t anything new. The avengers were back on their feet now and Steve worked out all the passwords to Tony’s accounts. Peter was writing notes when a paper ball hit his head. He unfolded it and saw a picture of hangman with the words being Penis Parker. Peter glared at Flash and merely scrunched up the paper again. Breathe. Deep and calming breaths. He glanced to the front. This was the one class he shared with Wade. And he found Wade already watching him. Peter closed his eyes again and looked back down at his book. He continued writing notes when suddenly every phone in the room went off. Exploding with text messages, even Peter’s phone. The teacher sighed and just continued to write notes. Everyone checked their phones. Only to see a video of Wade trying to push away flash and flash aggressively shoving him against a wall. So this was what had broken up Peter and Wade. Peter turned off his phone and then more texts flooded in. The avengers compound as it exploded. People gasped and showed one another. Peter stared wide eyes at the video. Watching it play and replay over and over again. Watching as the only family he had left blew up. He looked up and saw Wade looking at him. The only person in this damn school that knew. The only person that understood that Peter had just lost everyone. His heart pounded and his blood roared. He began texting everyone, nobody responded. So he rang and each phone was disconnected. Peter’s hands were shaking.
“Can I go to the bathroom?” Peter asked the teacher. She frowned and shook her head.
“Twenty minutes left of class. You can wait.”
“It’s urgent.”
“Sit. Down.” Peter shook his head.
“I really have to go.”
“Wait.” Peter shook his head. He ran out into the hallway and sprinted off as the teacher ran out to follow him. But along with her was flash and Wade and a couple other students. Peter sped up and finally made it outside. He continued running and could hear people close on his heels. Peter needed to get home and fast. The train would take too long.
“Shit.” He called Steve again and again and still, nothing.
“Take my car.” Wade gave Peter his keys and Peter stared at him with big, wide and grateful eyes.
“Thank you.” He breathed and recognised Wade’s car almost instantly. Peter started the engine and reversed out. He was suddenly aware that he’d never really learnt how to drive. Tony had said it was important but being a superhero meant there was little time for practice. Wade seemed to remember too because then he was opening the door and telling Peter to move. Then they sped off.
“Why didn’t you tell me they were bullying you again?”
“Why didn’t you explain that you were shoving Flash away?”
“Me first.”
“Me first!” Peter hissed.
“I tried but then you were vomiting and that scared the shit out of me and I needed to know you were okay and then you pushed me away and looking at you hurt. Everytime I tried to talk to you, I got choked up.” Wade explained.
“I was already dumping all my crap on you with my dad being gone. I didn’t want to explain how I was getting bullied again too-”
“I’m here for you Peter! Jesus! You weren’t dumping your crap on me!” Wade glared at him and Peter rolled his eyes.
“Just drive.” But in the distance, in the direction of the avengers compound, Peter could see smoke.
“This should do it.” Tony grinned at the algorithm and showed it to Bruce.
“It makes sense. But being able to harness the energy and-”
“But we are a step closer to getting me home.” To Steve and Peter. To his home.
“Yes. It is one step closer.” Bruce confirmed.
“I’m coming home.” Tony grinned. Back to his husband and son. Back to his life.

When Wade stopped the car there was police tape and fire and smoke everywhere. Peter got out of the car and stared at the remains of the avengers compound.
“Were there any survivors?” Peter found his voice shaking and the officer frowned.
“Go home kid, this is a private-”
Peter?” Phil. Peter relaxed almost immediately. Phil Coulson. A trusted family friend.
“Phil.” Peter hugged the federal agent and Phil hugged him back.
“It’s okay. We’re looking into it.”
“Did anyone live? Did anyone make it out?” They couldn’t be dead.
“We’ve got confirmation from Romanoff and Barnes. But no word on the others.” Nat and Bucky were okay.
“Steve?” He had to be sure.
“No one else.” Wanda, vision, Clint, Sam, Rhodey, Thor, Bruce, Steve. All unaccounted for. Wade took Peter’s hand and squeezed it.
“Where should I go?” Peter’s voice shook.
“For tonight? Can he stay with you?” Wade nodded.
“Of course.”
“If we don’t hear anything from Steve or Tony in the next three days, then you go to child protection services.”
“Who was I supposed to go to? In the event that tony and Steve died? Who was I supposed to go to?”
“Rhodey or Sam. If Bucky and Sam were married then Bucky but they’re not. Because both men are assumed dead…” Phil trailed off. Foster care.
“His hands are tied.” Phil walked off to help search through the rubble and peter clung to Wade’s hand.
“We should get out of here. A lot of people are going to come here to see this and it won’t be good if you’re here when they show up.” Wade murmured.
“Nat and Bucky-”
“Are probably already in hiding.” Peter sighed and closed his eyes. A big gaping hole opened up in his chest.
“It’s gonna be okay.” But peter and Wade both knew that that was a lie.
When Tony harnessed the energy, it was a freaking miracle. The other avengers were as impressed as he was.
“Time to send me home.” Tony made his rounds, said goodbye to his companions from the past nine months.
“Bye Tony.” Steve was the last one to hug him.
“Thank you. For everything.” Steve let go and nodded.
“Tell them all we said hello.” Clint told him and Tony nodded.
“Will do.” Then Tony nodded at Bruce. Who then aimed the energy beam at Tony. It hit him and he went flying back, blacking out once more.

Peter got kicked from foster home to foster home. Living in Queens and Brooklyn and Manhattan. Foster home after foster home, all claiming he was troublesome. Some kicked him out because he was gay. The worst was when he got shoved into homes where they beat the crap out of him. He’d never realised how lucky he’d been to end up with Steve and Tony. Still no word on either parent. No word from any avenger. Even Nat and Bucky. Peter returned to his foster home and was met with a fist to the stomach. He grunted and bent over.
“Fuck.” He swore.
“Don’t you use that language in my home.” The man snarled and punched at one of Peter’s broken ribs. He clenched his jaw and ground his teeth. More kicks and punches and finally he made it to the stairs. He scrambled up them and slammed the door shut. He locked it and leaned against it, panting heavily. He looked at the bandaged wound in his side. Badly sewed up and horrifically infected. Peter reached for his phone and called Wade.
“Where the hell have you been?” Wade demanded.
“Call Phil.”
“What’s wrong?” The instant fear in Wade’s voice didn’t help matters.
“Just call Phil. Get me out.” Peter begged.
“Where are you gonna go?”
“Anywhere that isn’t here.”
“Peter talk to me-”
“Call. Phil.” Then he hung up the phone at the sound of approaching footsteps.
Tony was pretty sure he’d fucked up. Because he went to the avengers compound and found nothing but rubble and dust. He called Steve and got told the number was disconnected. He went to Queens to the address that Peter had lived at and found an old angry couple there. He wandered around aimlessly until he saw a car that was all too familiar. Wade. He knocked on the door until a blind old lady opened the door.
“What?” She snapped and Tony was surprised by the ferocity of it.
“Does Wade Wilson live here?” The woman frowned.
“How do you know that asshole?”
“He’s dating my son.”
“You’re Peter’s dad?”
“One of them. Is he here?” He was relieved that he had landed in a universe where Peter and Wade were at least together that had to be a step in the right direction. 
“WADE! YOUR FATHER IN LAW IS HERE TO SEE YOU!” She walked off and Tony patiently waited as Wade approached.
“Tony?” He looked surprised to see him.
“Where’s Peter? And Steve? What the hell happened?” Wade frowned.
“Where have you been?”
“Long story. But I need to see my husband and my son.” Wade looked at the floor.
“Well a lot of shit happened-”
“Where. Are. They?”
“Steve disappeared after the avengers compound exploded and Peter’s been passed from foster home to foster home.” Wade confessed.
“Excuse me?”
“The compound got bombed and Steve disappeared. He’s thought to be dead. But because you were gone and so was rhodey and Sam-”
“Where is he?”
“I don’t know. He’s shoved me away.”
“Why would he do that?”
“Because he’s Peter and he’s lost everyone this year.”
“Phil knows where he is though.” Tony pulled out his phone and called.
“The fucking hospital? I am going to kick your ass Coulson.” Tony snarled.

Peter screamed as the doctor pulled out Peter’s stitches. He screamed and screamed and desperately wished there was someone other than Phil here for him.
“I know it hurts, just hold still.” The Doctor pleaded. He touched the wound again and Peter screamed again. Then the curtain was pulled back and there was Wade and Tony. Peter had to be out of it.
“Oh kid.” Tony took Peter into his lap and nodded at the doctor. He touched Peter’s wound and Peter screamed. But Tony held him tightly and stroked his hand. Wade held his hand and Peter squeezed tightly.
“What’d they do to you?” Tony whispered softly. The doctor sewed it up properly and gave Peter some antibiotics. He then proceeded to examine Peter’s other wounds.
“Tony I am so-” Phil began but Tony cut him off.
“Get. Me. Steve.” Was all he said.
“He’s busy.” Tony raised his brows.
“I have been missing for nine months and our child is in hospital. I think whatever he’s doing can fucking wait.” Tony snarled.
“Would you like anyone else?”
“Yeah. Get me the whole team. We’re gonna have to have a big chat.” Tony stroked Peter’s hair and peter began to relax.
“You left.” He whispered.
“Never. I never left.” Tony whispered.
“You were gone.”
“Okay yeah that happened but it’s one kick ass story. But who did this to you?”
“Foster families.” Peter mumbled. Tony glared at Phil.
“I had no idea-”
“You left my son with abusive-”
“I’m sorry. I have a lot going on-”
“My son should have been top priority.”
“He was. Until he was taken off my case. Assigned to another agent.”
“Who gave that order?”
“I don’t know, do you want me to contact Steve or not?” Tony merely glared and then kissed the top of Peter’s head.
“What are you doing here?” Peter asked Wade with a croaky voice.
“I couldn’t just sit on my ass and do nothing. You were in trouble-”
“Have you two said the L word?” Tony asked.
“No.” Peter mumbled and finally the drugs kicked in and the pain began to vanish.
“We’re gonna give him a sedative. He needs some rest.” The doctor murmured to Tony. Peter began to protest but felt the jab of the needle and was out before he knew it.

Tony was furious to find out that his child had been kicked around from foster home to foster home. Furious to discover that Peter thought Tony had abandoned them. Peter was asleep in his arms when Steve showed up. Wade had left to get food and Tony was relieved to see his husband. And angry. Very, very angry.
“You’re a sight for sore eyes.” Steve whispered and he looked exhausted.
“Where the hell have you been?” Tony hissed.
“Where have you been? Do you have any idea about what happened to Peter when you were gone?”
“You’re yelling at me for disappearing? Seriously?”
“You weren’t shot with alien energy that sent you into an alternate universe.” Tony seethed.
“You were in another universe?”
“We can talk about that later. Where. Were. You?”
“Killing Thanos.”
“It’s done. Don’t worry we’re all okay.”
“I’m sorry I couldn’t help.”
“You were in an alternate universe. But I couldn’t bring Peter. If I brought Pete-”
“Too dangerous.” Tony agreed and stroked Peter’s hair.
“He’s gonna hate us both.”
“He’ll be happy though. We might have to put him in therapy.”
“Probably. You were presumed dead for nine months.”
“It wasn’t fun on my side either.”
“And it was fun on ours?” Tony looked down at his sleeping child and tightened his hold.
“If you ever leave me, do not marry Sharon. I already watched that once.”
“Sharon? Carter?” Steve looked revolted at the mere idea and Tony laughed.
“Yeah, interesting wedding, and don’t move out. Ever.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”
“Promise. But tell me the bank account passwords.”
“What happened?”
“We ran out of money. And food. And electricity.”
“You didn’t pay the bills?”
“We worked it out. Eventually.” Tony sighed.
“I also noticed our house got blown up.”
“Yeah. But I got the USB.” Steve motioned to a chain around his neck. The USB that held all important files and photos on it. Tony relaxed.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“But I am going to kill whoever did this to my son.” Tony snarled and Steve chuckled.
“Prison works better.”
“So does death.”
“Our child is in hospital Steve!”
“Ahem.” Both men turned to look at the doctor.
“When Peter came in we took an X-ray. He’s got a lot of internal damage-we’re gonna have to do surgery.”
“How serious?”
“The injuries are pretty extensive. It isn’t lethal yet-”
“Where do I sign. Get him in an O.R now!” Tony hissed.
“Youre gonna have to get off the bed.” Tony tightened his grip. Let go of Peter?
“A couple hours won’t kill.” Steve assured him. Tony nodded and got off the bed. Then they wheeled Peter away.
“Can I kill them now?”
“I’m tempted but no. We should tell the others.” Steve took Tony’s shaking hand and smiled softly.
“If he dies in surgery?”
“He isn’t going to die.” They walked into the waiting room that was filled with avengers and some people that Tony wasn’t familiar with.
Tony?” The avengers pulled him into a group hug and he held them all tightly.
“It is so good to be home.” Tony mumbled and stepped back. His hand instantly found Steve’s and he gripped it tightly.
“Where’s Peter?” Wade asked.
“Why the fuck is he here?” Bucky had to hold Sam back and Tony’s brows furrowed.
“You let him come here?” Nat demanded and reached for her boot where a knife undoubtedly was hidden.
“It wasn’t me who let him come-”
“This little bitch is going to get his ass-”
Sam.” Bucky’s warning tone made him shut up.
“Mind filling me in?” Tony asked Steve quietly.
“Oh right you weren’t there, umm they broke up.”
“Wait what?”
“Well it’s a long story-” Wade mumbled.
“Your lying, cheating ass-” Sam started and Tony raised a brow.
“Was anyone actually looking after Peter when I was gone?”
“He’s like seventeen-” Clint began.
“Do not tell me that he can look after himself when we are standing in a hospital with Peter in surgery.” Tony said calmly.
“Way to break it to them gently.” Steve muttered.

“What do you mean surgery?”
“Why is he in surgery?”
“What happened to him?”
“What type of surgery?”
“Is it lethal?” Question after question was fired off and Tony sighed.
“Abusive foster home, there’s internal damage and a pretty deep and nasty wound that is in infected. They also mentioned something about some broken ribs and a broken ankle-”
“Fucking should’ve stayed behind.” Nat muttered to herself.
“Listen- he is gonna be okay, we’ve just gotta wait for more news.”
“Who blew up my house?”
“Thanos.” Bucky answered.
“Who killed him?”
“We all did.”
“Where were you?” Rhodey asked not caring about Thanos at all.
“Oh, i was in an alternate dimension.”
“Do I want to ask?” Bucky asked Sam who shrugged.
“What was different?” Bruce asked.
“Oh lots of things. Sam and Bucky hated each other, Clint was with some random girl, you and nat were a thing. Sharon and Steve got married and nobody knew Thor.” Thor frowned at that.
“What did I do?”
“You stayed in Asgard. Never came to earth.” Tony shrugged and sat down. He had travelled through universes and held his screaming child all in one day. He was exhausted.
“I need coffee.” He mumbled to himself and Steve laughed.
“You always need coffee.” Steve kissed Tony’s temple and Tony allowed himself to relax. But fear curdled in his gut, Peter was in surgery. All he could do now was wait.

Peter woke up to find Tony asleep in Steve’s lap in the visitors chair. He smiled softly at the sight. They were okay. They were together and they were both here. He turned his head and saw Wade in the doorway.
“Hey.” Peter didn’t bother being quiet. He could tell by the snoring that his dad’s were completely out of it.
“Hey.” Wade put the roses he was holding down on a table filled with flowers.
“Thank you. For calling Phil.”
“You scared the crap out of me. You stopped talking to me once you were in foster homes and you shut everyone out-”
“I’m sorry I scared you.”
“I get that you were going through a lot-”
“It’s been a crazy year.”
“I know. At the start of the year we were together. We were happy.”
“I know.”
“Is there a chance we could go back to that?”
“You’re such an idiot.” Peter giggled. He was pretty sure that was due to the pain meds.
“Is that a no?”
“The day when the compound blew up, I was terrified I had lost everyone. And so relieved to know you were there. With me. But after shitty foster home after shitty foster home, you didn’t need that. I wanted to go back to that. To being happy with you. Because I love you Wade.” Peter held his breath. Wade looked utterly shell shocked.
“I love you.” He waited for the rejection. He’d put Wade through so much shit this year.
“I love you.” Wade kissed Peter and they held onto one another. Tightly.
“God I missed you.” Peter buried his head into Wade’s chest.
“But you’ve gotten be honest with me this time. Not more secrets. No more lies. Promise.”
“I promise.” Wade kissed the top of Peter’s head.
“Well aren’t you two just adorable.” Tony murmured with a soft, sleepy smile.
“Sorry sir.” Wade mumbled.
“Get some sleep.” Was all Tony said before doing exactly that. And Peter, finally feeling safe, closed his eyes and drifted off into a long and peaceful sleep.
It was twenty minutes until the new year began. Tony had his arm wrapped tightly around Steve and rested his head on Steve’s shoulder.
“We made it.” Tony whispered.
“This year sucked.” Steve responded.
“But we made it. Even peter made it through.”
“Don’t be pessimistic.”
“I’m not. I just hope we do better next year.”
“Me too.” They stood there and watched as their friends mingled and laughed at the party they had thrown. Peter and Wade had disappeared but Tony decided he didn’t want to follow and find out what they were up to.
“We’ll do better. If I vanish in mid battle you’ll know not to worry because I’m just in an alternate universe.”
“That’s not comforting. I was married to Sharon. You were married to Pepper.”
“A terrifying universe, I like this one much more. But at least you’ll have an idea to my location.” Steve rolled his eyes.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” They let the silence fill the space. Watched as the fireworks exploded and counted down along with everyone else. Then, once they screamed happy new year, they pulled one another into a deep and long kiss. Knowing that this year would be better.

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Klance: Detention

The high school AU where Keith and Lance’s bickering caused them to have to write a letter to the other about what they liked most about them.


“Look, he is asleep at his desk again! What makes him think he is so good that he can just sleep through every lesson and still be the top of the class?” Lance Whispered angrily to Hunk, holding his hands up to show his annoyance. His best friends listened on next to him who honestly couldn’t be less interested in hearing this rant yet again.

“I know, what a bummer.” He replied in an inattentive tone, while mindlessly copying down the work that the professor had put up on the whiteboard.

“I am so much better at school then him, that mullet-head loner doesn’t even have any friends-”  

“Well I don’t need ‘em!” A loud roar of a voice shut Lance up instantly as Keith, who had clearly been awake this whole time, jumped up from his seat to face Lance, hands in fists by his sides and jaw clenched.

Lance just stared at Keith in silence for a few moments to process his shock before snapping right back.

“Only people who don’t have friends would say that. It’s not my fault you were raised by a pack of wolves in a cave-”

“ENOUGH!” Their professor roared, cutting Lance off once again. The whole class had shut up as soon as Keith had first yelled, now every pair of eyes were glued to the two boys as if they were anticipating some physical fight to occur.  

“DETENTION FOR THE BOTH OF YOU!” Their furious professor sent spit flying onto the desks of the first row of students in his rage.

“Look what you’ve done.” mouthed Lance to his rival as the class recommenced, earning him an ice cold glare as Keith slumped back down into his chair.


“I’m sick of you two not getting along in my classroom. How do you expect to grow up as mature members of society if you can’t stop this utter nonsense. Grow up and learn to be civil. You aren’t a bunch of apes.” Their professor said in a firm and serious inflection as the two teens slouched in the front row of seats in the now empty classroom.

‘Wolves.’ Lance thought to say, but he never voiced it as he was already going to be serious trouble from his mama when he got home.

“You two can go.” He stated, causing both Lance and Keith to believe that that was the entire duration of their punishment. “When… you can both write a letter to each other saying what you like about the other. Then maybe you can finally put whatever this silly thing between you is aside.”

“What if we don’t like anything.” Retorted Lance.

“Well enjoy your stay at hotel Garrison Mr. McClain.” With that the professor left the room, closing the door behind him.

Lance just watched as Keith instantly pulled a piece of paper and a pencil out of his bag and got to work, leaning right over his table, tongue poking out of his mouth slightly.

Lance watched him scribble a few sentences before getting out his own stationary, looking at the blank page and willing for it to write itself. He couldn’t concentrate over the scratching of the other boys pencil and decided to break the silence.

“Wow, you must have a lot of great things to say about me. Can’t say I blame you.” He smirked. Keith didn’t even look up as he answered causing Lance’s smug expression to drop.

“I’m making it up, obviously. Do you think I actually want to stay here all afternoon. Some people have places to be.”

Lance rolled his eyes. Like Keith had anywhere to be. He turned back to his own paper.

‘Ok McClain, just make it up too, you will be out of here in no time.’

Lance started to scribble down how his actually loved Keith’s dumb mullet and how his emo fingerless gloves were going to one day be the latest fashion trend. He wrote all about how he must get so many girls with his broody personality and that he would one day win employee of the year at Hot Topic. He even put in the effort to attempt a picture of Keith at the bottom, hair and all, it was truly a masterpiece.

Lance assumed that Keith had written his letter to the same standard and they were both done in the next ten minutes. They quickly swapped papers and Keith ran from the room before Lance even had the chance to open his.

‘Why was he in such a hurry.’ Lance mediated.

Lance picked up his bag from the floor and left the room shortly after. He was midway down the hall when he decided to open the letter for some quality entertainment as he walked home.

One thin Lance hadn’t expected was for Keith’s writing to be so neat. The left-handed loops and curls of his cursive writing actually impressed him and he admired how Keith wrote his name for a second before he actually began to read.

He read in his head as he walked.

‘Dear Lance,

I don’t actually know why we are in a ‘rivalry’ as you often call it. I don’t actually mind you; I mean, sure you’re loud and obnoxious a lot of the time but I always hear your smart remarks about what the teacher says when you think I am sleeping. In all seriousness, I think you are funny. I like that you are good with people and I wish I knew how to talk like you do. Maybe if you weren’t so caught up in hating me we could have actually think we could have been really good friends.

I know I said that I made this up but I didn’t think you would even read it if you knew I actually meant every word.

From Keith.’

Lance had stopped dead in his tracks by this point, right outside of the school gates. He looked up in time to see Keith’s older brother Shiro’s car speed around the corner and out of his sight.

‘Could have been friends?’

‘I think you are funny?’

Lance was so confused. If Keith didn’t hate him, why did he fight with him so much? Why did he never make an effort to talk to him before?

Maybe he had.

Lance thought over what the letter had said for the entire walk home. He had a slight spring in his stride as he unlocked the door to his home and ran to his bedroom before anyone noticed.

‘Yeah, friends could work.’ Thought Lance as he folded the letter away into his bedside draw. Maybe he had meant what he had said in his letter a little more than he had originally thought too.


Wow! Posting two days in a row? ME? I’m on a roll.

Enjoy this short little Drabble that I had to get out of my system.


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I am so here for richie doing things because he thinks Eddie likes people who do them???

listen,,, he TOTALLY does anything eddie says he likes even if it was obvious to the rest of the losers that it was a joke,, and eddie catches on that richie does everything he says and he takes full advantage of that

he usually says things like “people who clean up after themselves are so attractive” just so richie throws away his napkin (the trash can was literally 10 feet away, why couldnt he just get up and throw it away anyway, eddie wonders) 

he also says things about clothing and looks just to test out what richie would look like in different styles and decides he really likes him in ripped jeans so he makes sure he mentions how much he likes it when the people around them are wearing ripped jeans (richie immediately goes home and ruins his pants with scissors. most the holes look like shit but eddie thinks its cute)

one time eddie comments on how nice bev’s eyeliner looked one specific thursday and the next day he could notice something different about richie but it wasnt until they were sat next to each other during lunch he realized he had the tiniest bit of smudged black on this water line

eddie also says he likes things that are so dumb just to see richie make a fool out of himself!!!

like one time eddie is all like “wow i LOVE when people can fit their fist in their mouth” and ricHIE LOOKS AT HIS HAND AND EDDIE CAN SEE THE CONTEMPLATION ON HIS FACE BEFORE HE SHOVES HIS HAND HALFWAY IN HIS FUCKIGN MOUTH 

bill and mike are always in tears on the floor just watching their friend do the stupidest things for eddie. ben doesnt get it, he thinks things like why cant he just do something normal like buy flowers to impress eddie.  stan rolls his eyes but his giant grin and little giggles show just how much he cares about these two.  everyone knows he would take on the world for any of his friends no matter how tough and unattached he acts. while beverly always whispers things to eddie that she wants him to say next

but anyway richie ends up doing some stupid shit and all the losers especially eddie love him

I started reading Junjou Romantica in the 8th grade – it made me really happy during a very dark time in my life. Now I’m in my last year of college about to graduate, anxious about entering the real world and Takahashi Misaki is also getting ready to graduate and finally just came out to his sister-in-law and wow this is so dumb but it all feels kind of full-circle and weirdly paralleled. Of course I still struggle with things but I’m in such a healthier mental & emotional state and physical environment and I’m still reading this story and it still makes me so happy when I’m sad or stressed out – I still look forward to new chapters and seeing how Misaki’s life is panning out god damn I just feel so old and also so grateful and wow I love Junjou Romantica and it will always have a special place in my heart

College Au! Wonwoo (bullet points)

This Au makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside and I may or may not be open to making a part two for this or a series for members 🙈 -Admin Jade //reading this a couple months later I realized this isn’t strictly a college AU, more like meeting him in college LOL

• oKAY you met wonwoo as a freshman in college but you didn’t know he existed even though he’s in a couple of your classes
• the first place you actually interacted wonwoo was in the be the library
because both of you couldn’t handle studying in your dorm rooms and you see this cutie reading a book and ignoring everything he should be studying
• your first impression was like ??? bc he looks intimidating but at the same time his glasses make him less scary plus he’s a boy that’s reading for fun?? you’re trying to figure out this boy and unconsciously you end up staring from afar
• although he’s really into the book he still notices you staring at him and super fast you pull a book from the shelf buT YOU PULLED IT OUT SO FAST THAT THE ENTIRE ROW OF BOOKS FELL
• tHE EMBARRASSMENT IS REAAAAL. after processing what just happened he gets up and helps u pick up the mess and asks if you’re okay before going back to his table  :’))
• after today you figured you’d never see him again since you haven’t seen him until today but WRONGG. omg you thought u can get away from this boy mhmm nahh
• so turns out wonwoos your best bud mingyu’s roommate and one day when you decide to study together but wonwoo tags along aND YOU SEE HIM AND WBSISKSBZHB
• its super awk because you just kNOW he remembers you and you’re debating whether to say anything or not. just when you were gonna say something he asks if you could help him with hw
• you get reeeeally confused bc he has the same assignment as you but you’ve never seen him and he’s just … “we’re in the same class….”
• tbh your friendship with wonwoo was awkward because he’s pretty quiet around ppl he isn’t close to so you’d always ask mingyu to tag along but you end up third wheeling more than half the time
• months passed and yooo you and wonwoo are pretty tight!! you guys are practically study buddies and before returning to the dorms from a study sesh you two always go get boba or whatever you were feeling that day
• once you posted a selca of you and wonwoo on one of your friend dates and your comment section went crazy!! your friends were like BOOOOY????.?. and all texted you if u were dating cuz you two look so cute together!! ofc you say he’s just a friend but we call know you’re lying ;)
• wonwoo saw the comment section anD bOY DOES THAT DO THINGS TO HIS HEART
• he actually likes you
• like
• a lot
• But he’s really good at hiding it from you, but not like you would notice anyways because you think you’re super g8 buddies
• ooooo but Mingyu. Sly fox mingyu knoooows.
• Wonwoo may be really good at hiding his feelings from you but not from him. Wonwoo could rambling on and on anD ON about his day with you or even when he didn’t hang out with you, wonwoo would magically find a way to talk about you in every convo he had with his friends
• It gets to the point where all
of his friends get really annoyed and tell him to confess to you already but smol lil wonwoo is too shy to :’)
•BuT fiNALLY after months of prep talk  he finally has the nerve to do it
•Wonwoo waited until it was almost sunset before dropping by at your apartment.
It was unannounced, but he knew you wouldn’t mind bc he it wouldn’t be anything new
•He wasn’t wearing anything too fancy, just a white tee with a red and black flannel, ripped black jeans, and white sneakers. His hair was done slightly, though not being too obvious for what was to come.
• “I’m kidnapping you”
• He doesn’t tell you where you’re going but judging from the route, you could tell that he’s taking you to the library
• you’re all confuzzled cuz finals is much later?? and there’s no test for you two to study for?? why you going there???
• to confess to you where you met, duuuh
• Of course he will stall though. Wonwoo would start reminiscing to try to make you forget why he brought you to the library, and you knew it wasn’t to study or reminisce.
• You would push him to tell you why you’re really there, like playfully nudging his arm and such. Wonwoo would be smiling as you do this, and he gives in.
• “Okay okay, I’ll tell you”
• His heart would be racing soo much and he’d be so nervous that he almost forgets how to speak. He could either take your friendship to whole new level, or totally ruin it.
• “remember when I first met you?”
• “Woo, I thought you were gonna tell me”
• “shhhh you didn’t let me finish”
• //eye rolling
• “like those books you dropped. I fell for you”
• “…..I’ve been waiting for this day and THATS how you confess to me?”
• His face would look make this dumb expression, the epitome of “wow I didn’t think past the whole confession part”. He would try to search for words but???
• he spends like a good minute just looking at you
• wonwoo was a vv happy happy child that day because he never imagined that he’d end up with you :’))
• but the next morning
• haha
• he had no clue what to do now that you were dating. Would things be any different in your behavior towards each other?
• He was awkward
• very awkward.
• After a couple weeks, Wonwoo had gotten the swing of things. Nothing really changed, except he didn’t have to hold back his urges to kiss or hug you
• back to college life!!
wonwoo was stressing about his upcoming exams causing you to stress out too ;;-;; finally you decided iT WAS ENOUGH so you dragged his butt down to your apartment so he can take a break
• you got him covered and cooked him his favorite food and even got his mother’s recipe
• after dinner you’d cuddle on the couch, listening to every kind of music, from rap to ballad
• this boy would be the king of cuddles
• He’d nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck, leaving kisses.
• Wonwoo would find comfort  run his fingers through your hair while his other hand rested on your waist to pull you closer to his body
• he would smell really nice, like laundry detergent or cotton
• You could tell he was still stressed but not as bad as he was when he got there :’)
• You’d kiss him lightly on his lips and look at him, telling him that he studied a lot and knows the content!!
• You buried your head into his chest and closed your eyes and that signaled him to take a nap too
And what do you know, he aced those exams

• imagine this boy in a cap and gown
• now imagine yourself in a cap and gown
• now put you two together
• He’d get emotional seeing you walk tbh
like wow we’ve gone through so many sleepless nights and endless stress together but look at where we are
• The. Couple. Graduation. Pictures.
• I literally cannot stress how cute and iconic these pictures would be
• holding your diplomas. holding each other’s diplomas and making silly faces. Hugging each other. Him taking your cap and you struggling to get it back bc you’re a smol bean (unless you’re not LMAO)
• idk bout you but this is my type of aesthetic
• Basically wonwoo would make the best college sweetheart

Had my best friend taken me to a couples cafe and teased me about it I can guarantee you it would make me embarrassed and since I don’t handle being embarrassed well I would have told her I was going to throw things at her, like I always do whenever I get teased. Kind of like how Jaebum always says he’s going to beat people up when he gets flustered oh wow look at that jaebum responds to being teased about going on a date with a same sex friend the same way I, a pansexual would respond.

i’m sure more veteran writers have learned to deal with the typical burdens of, like “i need to make this the Best Most Original Creative Amazing Thing Ever” but as a newbie it’s weird experiencing the writer’s perspective instead of the consumer which is where i’m used to being. like what makes or breaks a story, what makes people think “wow this is incredible” instead of “huh. that’s a dumb and this whole thing is a fuck” when they look at something and what can i do to make my comic be the former and not the latter as much as possible

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dude i feel you omg. i'll be randomly just sitting and chilling and suddenly bam out of nowhere all these f e e l s (or gravity feels as i like to call them). you're super lucky you got to experience it all from the beginning, it seemed like tons of fun. but hey you have those memories to look back on! and there's still tons of people making content and screaming about it. it's over but not over over lol :)

Yoooo omg I didn’t expect more asks, from you too?? I love u and ur blog sm

I kinnnd of experienced it from the beginning, pretty close to it. I remember seeing the commercials for the gravity falls premiere and being like “oh wow that looks dumb lol.”

And then like a year-ish later, or probably a few months, I saw it on tv while I was bored. Now, okay. I get naturally attracted to things that can make me laugh a lot, which makes sense bc laughing = The Happy Emotions!! And Gravity falls, this little “kids” show - was actually getting a lot of laughing fits out of me.
(You should of seen me slowly getting attached to Mabel, and I was just laughing at anything pretty much anything Stan or soos said, bless them all.)

So obviously after that I’m like “hold on this cartoon is actually really funny I wanna give it a chance.”

One of the BEST decisions of my life, I binge watched the entire season one, and I don’t remember this part Exactly, but I think I caught up /right/ when the season 1 finale was gonna air, I was around like a few weeks away from it maybe?

The cliff hanger happens, boom. This is where it all picks up, and I fall down into the great rabbit hole of Gravity Falls. I have /never/ gotten so sucked in theories and mystery as much as I did with gravity falls - it was so entertaining and I loved alllll the fan art. The two years really gave everyone time to just go insane but also make a lot of just funny shit and amazing stuff.

I remember I had a certain period for a few weeks or smth (I don’t really remember) where I’d go on and read a BUNCH of the gravity falls stuff, I found a lot of /really/ well written stuff that held my complete interest and attention and tbh I kinda wish I bookmarked them bc I kinda wanna read them again jhsmajaha

The trailer for season two eventually rolls out. And I just SHIT my pants and DIE!! THAT TRAILER !! GAVE ME SO MUCH CHILLS AND excitement. I felt like a kid in a toy store staring at smth I desperately wanted.

Good Lord though, I don’t know if you were there, but /good Lord/ the Not What He Seems live stream was the most insane shit I’ve ever experienced. That fucking episode is the one that just made everyone Fucking Die and Astral Project into the fuk vinh sun! !:’!? I was running around my room screaming into my pillow. I SWEAR I have never felt such an /adrenaline rush/ from a god damn kids show, admittingly from Anything really bc my life was pretttyy boring, lads.

The streams are actually the reason I have a Tumblr too, and I made a load of buddies from there and Tumblr (a bit like u urself u cutie! uwu) and as much of a god forsaken hellsite this is, I’m very grateful I made a Tumblr that got me to meet yall and just got to experience an over all pretty amazing community of people who all wanted to scream at this amazing cartoon. The gravity falls finale is probably one of the most beautiful yet tragic nights of my life, I remember I was completely snot faced, red af nose, and my eyes felt /Soo/ tired, just crying loudly in the dark at my desk looking at my computer screen. I was a goddamn mess. Thanks Alex Hirsch.

It feels so freaking surreal that this all happened, that it all ended last year? I think? Idk time is dead to me. The point is this got extremely long and I’m /sorry/ for that. I could literally ramble abt gravity falls For Ions bc I LOVE IT SO MUCHH AND I MISS THE PINES AND EVERYONE AAAHH fukC

Alex did a good thing though, he ended it at a good time, which is good, better to have it end nicely then to drag it out and Kill it, He obviously loved this show like it was his own little Child bc Honestly it kinda was and it’s so obvious that he put so much care and Passion into it and it just makes me so goddamn happy and oh my god I can’t think abt this too much or I’m gonnA FUKC NIN CRY!!

But anyway. This got really fuckin long and I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Nothing as ever put this much passion into me. Thank you so much Alex Hirsch and Gf team. And the community as well.

I’m gonna go cr y no w kthx by ee

Midnight Memories

“Baaabe. We’re here.”, Harry murmured in your ear.

“Uh-uh! We just left the plane.”, you grumbled.

“Yes, love, it’s called ‘driving to the new hotel’.”, he chuckled.

You opened one sleepy eye. “Hotel means bed, right?”

Harry grinned. “Nah, we booked the one without the beds. Sleep’s for the weak, honey.”

“I really hate you sometimes.”

“I know, but that’s what all good relationships are made of: A great mix of love and hate.”

“You’re an idiot.”, you laughed and kissed his cheek.

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i think its okay to want your body to look better, i think u are very pretty and all, but yeah your body isnt at its best from what i can see darling. idk how you want to look but losing a few lbs would make u look literally sooooo great, if u see bones u see pretty. and yeah prbs ppl gunna be like "skinny isnt beautiful" but yea it is and most of ppl is weak and they say those things to feel better about their fat asses.


i shouldn’t even waste my time replying to such a stuck up annoying tacky dumb ass like you. but wow u need some serious help mate! dont you dare call me darling, dont you fucking dare make comments about my body when it is MINE and not YOURS how dare you even make the suggestion of losing weight. i shouldn’t even bother because you are quite frankly containing less brains than my shits that come out of asshole. i will take a few moments out of my evening to tell you the shut your fucking crusty & idiotic self. i am going to say it right here and right now. i am going to say it for once, my body is beautiful. my body is so fucking beautiful. my body glows. my body contains more than just what it looks like, my body contains all my organs. i love it i love my tits i love my tummy i love my pubic hair i love my armpit hair i love the parts of my body which have more fat than others bc it makes me squishy and warm & nice to hold.i love my stretch marks. i can make art with my body i can make love and touch and feel and feel good from my body. i love my double chins that make me look funny and like a lil bird. my body is growing and trying for me. my body has taken all my battles and is still going strong even after i tore it to the ground time and time again because i hated it. i weigh more than i ever have and i am no longer thinking about food everyday, all day, i am no longer giving a flying fuck about calorific intake like i was from a young age (i no longer use maths when it comes to food). i am no longer crying at the thought of having to eat higher calorie foods bc what i am doing is getting unhealthy, i am no longer feeling as guilty for what i eat now. i am no longer looking at pictures of malnourished unhealthy looking girls and thinking that is my “goal”. people who say “skinny isn’t beautiful” because they are referring to the fact that bodies are beautiful not because of their exterior but because of the person that carries it are the ones that are right. having a fat ass is beautiful and great it means ppl with fat asses can push YOU away from them from a single swing of their ass cheeks and you will go flying into the dark stinking pit of other body hating confused shit faces who are the definition of ugly people. my body is the least of your concerns. you need to be worrying about your personality! you need to be reborn with a nicer mind, your mind isn’t so great as it could be :// what makes someone ugly or unattractive is not their body. its their mindset its the way its their lack of kindness. so you, are fucked. you are ugly. you are a disgusting creature. i hope you get all you deserve. i hope you grow the fuck up. thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally be able to say i love my body. I wasted too much time on it. suck your own asshole i hope you get a taste of your own utter bullshit and then i hope u learn to be even a little bit nice!


“In fourth grade, I came to Seoul and in the fifth grade, I started living in a dorm. I resided with Taeyeon and Tiffany unnie. They took good care of me and I liked to follow them around. I came to Seoul alone so I only had them to look up to for support.” – Sulli.

dedicated to my two dumbs; jessicat and izzy-boo