wow look at the dumb things i make

I want more fics where Stiles is unaffected by Derek’s hotness. Like, real people interact with attractive ppl every day without making a fool of themselves or drooling or doing stupid things. Instead of Stiles being dumb, unable to talk, or immediately falling in love with Derek, I want him to look at Derek, think “wow that guy’s hot,” and then immediately go “that dude is out of my league so moving on.” So, Stiles just treats Derek like he does everyone else.

Derek is really really into Stiles. So, he does everything he can to impress Stiles. He wears tight jeans, tank tops, works out with Scott and Danny in front of him, and takes off his shirt and walks around him front of him. Except…nothing works. Derek never has trouble getting people he wants. He knows he’s hot, and so he works that. Except it’s not working on Stiles.

And Derek is really really confused. Whenever he takes off his shirt or wears his best ass-hugging jeans, Stiles notices, sure. But so does Allison, who’s basically married to Scott, and Lydia, who Derek has overheard screwing Jackson too many times to count for the past couple years. Kira blushes, and Erica - well, Erica may be engaged to Boyd, but she never misses an opportunity to put her hands all over Derek’s sweaty abs and pecs. Danny always fucks him with his eyes, and Parrish stares a little too long, his cheeks a little too pink, and Derek thinks maybe he should hook up with Parrish again just to appease his bruised ego. Because Stiles looks, but then he stops looking because apparently it doesn’t impress him.

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@samuraipudding‘s request for the bosses to have a “boogly woogly adventure.” I highly recommend looking at the full view! 

Had my best friend taken me to a couples cafe and teased me about it I can guarantee you it would make me embarrassed and since I don’t handle being embarrassed well I would have told her I was going to throw things at her, like I always do whenever I get teased. Kind of like how Jaebum always says he’s going to beat people up when he gets flustered oh wow look at that jaebum responds to being teased about going on a date with a same sex friend the same way I, a pansexual would respond.

plot where muse a and muse b first meet when theyre both young and stupid at a wedding they hit it off things happen they hook up and that’s that then years later theyre reunited through another wedding both have matured and whoa they got way hotter from before and what a coincidence muse a is in the wedding party again as the maid of honor/best man but this time muse b is the bride/groom but oh not to worry it’s all completely platonic we were dumb teens the last time we hooked up of course but wow why didnt i actually try to hold a real conversation with you you’re so smart and funny and you make me laugh we could be really good friends and they are good friends and muse a becomes muse b's confidant and the designated person they run to when things get rough like do you think the ring’s okay/is it just me or does this dress look completely wrong/we decided on blue and silver for the colors but idk i always hated that it’s so cliche and muse a is there through it all slowly slowly slowly falling in love with muse b and is conflicted like do i tell them how i feel what the fuck am i saying no i can’t ruin this for them theyre marrying my best friend but theyve become my best friend too until one day muse b runs to muse a i think my fiance’s cheating on me and i know he’s/she’s your best friend can you find out for me oh god please ((and ofc if the fiance is cheating on muse b then theres that whole issue of muse a finding out and trying to decide between their own happiness and their best friend’s happiness with the person they’ve started to love))

Okay, while everyone wants to talk about POC of the cast I wanna discuss something important: Farkle is Jewish. This is kind of amazing to me? For a tv show to do? Most of what I’ve seen of tvs portrayals of the Jewish people are just kinda jokes about their part in the Holocaust. Like “better get a Jewish accountant” and things like that. And in fact, when I was in Middle School I had kids go up to the one Jewish kid in my class and “Heil, Hitler!” at him while he looked uncomfortable.

This is so important to me because I sinceriously hope that when they bring this episode up they take it seriously. Not like OH WOW YOUR JEWISH but not make dumb jokes and talk about the actual impact to the Jewish people. Because they’ve been the slaves of multiple cultures dating back to Egypt. They’ve always kinda received snide remarks on tv??? And they’ve been shorted throughout history too.

So, yeah, I’ll just be a nerd over here hoping they’ll continue to show Farkle as an amazing person. And treat that carefully. You have no idea how nervous I am about the historical aspect of that episode.

10 photos/gifs of ur bias tag

I was tagged by protectchahakyeon​ who deals with my squish feels and weird as hell snapchats

Ashley I feel like you’re trying to kill me by doing this I managed to narrow it down to 11 pictures and it was the hardest thing I’ve had to do

So this is my bias, his name is Minho but I call him squish (how is it possible to look so cute when simply tying your shoelaces??)

he’s the cutest squishiest person like…

he’s also really dumb idek look at this embarrassing nerd

and he makes a really hot girl 

and he has a nice face i guess

he’s just really pretty ok

and when he wears contacts I die

and he’s really good with kids

he’s such a mom tbh

and he’s just a giggly ball of sunshine

yeah i love my cute squish a whole lot 

ok I tag greasylocket and illa-illaus ^^