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Thank you Izzy (Alec Lightwood)

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Pairing: Alec x Girl Reader.

Warnings: fluff, maybe some hinted spoilers to what happens in the books.

A/N: this is my first one shoot,i feel it bad, besides my English is horrible and I am Spanish. 

-Izzy said you called me, what do you … wow- You interrupted yourself to see the elder Lightwood shirtless -How come I never realized that these so hot ?.

-Maybe never look at me because you do not stop flirting with Jace, just maybe- Alec had picked arrows embedded in the head of your test dummy.

-Wait, are you jealous?- A sly smile painted on your face at the thought of Alec might have feelings for you.

With just think that Alec could see you as anything other than the best friend of his sister made your stomach cringe. And they were to serve two years since I liked Alec. At first verbal fights they were always full of hate but eventually learned, to bear for you for the welfare of Izzy.

Isabelle hated to see you fight, she could not understand that you two will not be so similar llevarais well. Both you loved using the bow, also shared this difficulty to show feelings and most importantly, carry the weight of being the eldest son. You’re the older sister Clary and you thought that this simple fact was one of the reasons why he hated you.

-Should I? because I believe that no- The black haired boy went through your hand, carrying arrows into a compartment of weapons he had at his bedside.

-Auch- You whispered giving back -Anyway, what did you want?- You observed, was getting a black jacket but still not closed so you could still see her naked torso.

-I did not ask anything Izzy, have done the rounds again- clenched his jaw line making damn sexy.

-Well, then I’ll- you turned around to go to the door, but did not get far as a hand wrapped around your wrist, looked confused blue eyes of Alec and before she realized her lips were united.

You were shocked by what took you to answer but to feel his tongue next to yours and reacted spent your arms around his neck, pulling him toward you.

His hands dropped from your wrists to your bare waist raised thanks to top revealing that Izzy had given you, in causing you a chill. The need for air was present and you you had to separate but seconds later you kissing again, this time in a warmer manner.

You felt so good, it was like a dream that you had so much to accomplish. And that was a dream come true. Alec started kissing your neck and then I took her by the thighs forcing you to jump to your hips. He pushed things your desk with your help and I sat at the table, you started your top and your jacket without breaking the kiss.

-Boys, Have ye killed much Silen …- Izzy’s voice made you separate door to watch -Sorry, sorry, go- Izzy smiled embarrassed but excited, her best friend and her brother were together !

-YOU ARE WELCOME!- Laughed hiding in Alec’s neck.

-THANK YOU IZZY!- Alec cried and turned to kiss you.

Definitely a night of passion is much more fun with the speed Rune.