wow look at me being productive

  • Me at the beginning of the practice session: wow this is great I'm in the "zone" I'm being so productive wow I just played a warm up scale do you hear that flawless intonation and the way the instrument resonates my mind is fresh clear and ready to go oooh let's do super slow work look at me goooo:))))))
  • Me at the end of the practice session: I actually want death to come for me my fingers are flopping mindlessly everywhere my intonation is garbage I'm cramming my music at a tempo I know my teacher will roast me for my pinky feels broken and I'm screwed for my lesson tomorrow :))

Guys, it’s almost Halloween~! You know what that means, right? Right? It means me following a tradition and posting my annual Halloween illustration! (A couple days early this time… won’t have time on Monday. Blame my college timetable for that…) Featuring the return of witch!Mahiru, this time with human!Kuro in a cat costume plus cat!Kuro in a basket XD And even a background, wow, look at me being productive and stuff… Anyways, I hope you like it! Have a great Halloween, hope you’re feeling spooky!

  • me: wow i slept in today and am still being somewhat productive look at me feeding myself and achieving personal goals for the day
  • my brain: yeah but u got that scary email
  • me: but i responded to it well so i don't need to think about it any more
  • my brain: let's dwell on it and then remind u of all the stuff u gotta do like chores and shit
  • me: yes i know i'm getting there
  • my brain: also we could take a nap
purify me (part one)

Originally posted by daenso

idol : chanyeol ( exo )

genre : fluff/angst/we’ll find out as we go along honestly

a/n : look at me being a big kid and making a big story … wow also this is partly inspd from the fact im breaking out rn and i just bought some skincare products lol

The heat was sweltering, suffocating, and it really didn’t help you had to be outside, sweeping the patio of the café you worked at. You huffed, letting the broom rest against a bush as you wipe the sweat on your forehead, whining when you felt a new set of bumps on your skin. You were breaking out again.

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