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Miyano Mamoru’s RADIO SMILE #151 (Eng. Translation)

2017.02.28 Tuesday

This time’s RADIO SMILE、the appearance of a semi-regular(!?) person!!!

「When something is published, come and play」’s regular!w
Hayashibara Megumi-san came to playーーー!!

This time、Hayashibara-san has come out with・・・
Her first single of 2017's「Imawa no Shinigami」!!

First of all, a review of information on「Imawa no Shinigami」!!

◎The title track broadcasting from January of 2017!
TV Anime「Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju」’s OP Theme。

◎Song creater・Composition、Sheena Ringo-san。
「Usurai Shinjuu」continuing strongest tag! 

◎TV Anime「Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu」
A song that brings out all the charm and outlook of the world to the maximum

For details, please check Hayashibara Megumi-san’s website!!

Mann!!We heard numerous valuable stories, didn’t weーー!!

・Talk of Hayashibara-san and Sheena Ringo-san’s recording for example・・・
・Talk of the「let's」of「let’s deceive」’s sexual appeal as well as it’s transience and strength, for example・・・
・The story behind the MV on January 4th that got soaked for example・・・

Along with talk of the new songs, there were also numerous famous sayings!!
・Talk of deep sexual attraction for example!!w
・Talk of elementary school’s 5th grade「Entirety!!」for example!!
・With the shavings of an eraser!I can make another one!!For example!!
・Megucchi’s most disliked word is「tangible」, for example!!

・・・The semi-regular Hayashibara-san、please come and play again, kay~♬

We’re waiting for messages from everyone who’s a listener!!

Hokkori」and「Listener’s Corner」「Mamoo! Full of Wisdom」and more、
And「Today’s Namikawa(san)」etc.
365 days, 24 hours, we’re always wanting a lottt of messages!!

My first one -shot!

So , now here it is, my first attempt to write something about our favourite character Eric.

Title: Little Warrior

Warning: none just a lot of fluff

Words: 1622

I want to thank my fellow jai-sisters and the lovely @pathybo for encouraging me to post this! You rule! Lots of love!

P.S. I’m sorry for every mistake in this text, English is not my first language.

When I left the infirmary, I was stunned. Not about the pregnancy, I was well aware about that, but Eric. He had shown up and seems very interested about the child. He even stayed behind to asked the Doctor a few more questions. With a big smile on my face I walked back to my Apartment.

Halfway there suddenly Peter stopped me, a malicious smirk on his face. „Well, well look who’s here. Heard you’ve been knocked up.“ Ok, rumours spread as fast as light at Dauntless. „ you think you can take advantage of this, don’t you? Carrying a leader’s Baby would gain you respect?“ he took a step towards me and started poking my belly with his index. „You are nothing but a cheap whore! Everybody knows that, and this little brat inside you…” The next moment a dark shadow rushed past me and Peter was pinned on the opposite wall. Eric! With his hands tight around Peter’s throat he glared angry at him. „This is MY woman and MY child you’re talking about“ he hissed between clenched teeth. „If I ever saw you around May or my child again, I swear to god I’ll show you the chasm from a very different perspective!“ Peter gurgled and turns violet. I laid my hand on Eric’s Arm. „Honey please! He’s not worth it. Let’s go home ok?“ He let go of Peter with a deep growl, took me by my waist and left further down the hall with me. Around the next corner he stopped and looked at me with worried eyes. „Is everything ok? Did he hurt you? Did he hurt the Baby?“ He laid his big Hand on my stomach. I shook my head. „No, everything is fine, but I think we need to talk.“ He nodded and followed me.

The second I closed the door behind me his lips crushed on mine. But it wasn’t that usual heated sex-driven Kiss, but a soft and sensual one. When I break the kiss a few seconds later, I saw nothing but genuine love in his eyes. We sat down on my couch. „We’re really having a Baby, don’t we?” Eric noted. “Jepp” I just answered. He shoved his hand trough his hair. “Wow….that’s wow. I’ve never thought of me as a father!” “Nor I’ve been thinking of me as a mother, at least not for now. Somewhere in the future of course but not yet.” Eric slides himself closer to me, wrapped one of his arms around my shoulder and with the other Hand he started to rub my non-existent belly. “Move in with me” he whispered to my ear. I look at him in shock, that was unexpected. “Eric…I..” He took my hands in his. “I’ve had a lot of time to think about this, since you told me” I scoffed lightly. When I broke the news to him, he went pale as a wall, excused himself and run for the hills. No one saw him for nearly two weeks! Today he finally reappeared. He laughed a little. “I know I know, I’m sorry about that, I was a little overwhelmed. But as I said, I thought about it. If I would ever had to have children in this world, this faction, it would be with you!” I sighed. “Babe , I’m normally not the kind of relationship-guy, and I can’t promise that this will work , but I want to try it, for you and the Baby.” I layed my forehead to his. “I also don’t know how all of this will end, I never was in an relationship before, but I want this Baby, our Baby to grow up in a real family.” He gently kissed me again. “So it’s set? You’re coming with me?” I nodded and snuggled into him. Slowly he shoved his hand on my stomach again. “I… I think…I love you!” The next moment he grimaced. “Well, that wasn’t as bad as I thought.” I laughed. “I love you too….Yeah, you’re right, it feels good!” We sat there for a couple more minutes, hanging on our own thoughts.

Suddenly Eric jumps up and took me with him. “Come on, let’s seal the deal. Pack up a few things, you’re living with me now! Later we will visit the Housing-Department to get you registered to my Apartment. I don’t want you and our Baby to be on your own. If something happened, I’m not here to help!” I smiled. There he was again, Eric the leader. Any other day I would be angry about someone ordain my life like this, but maybe it were the hormones or because deep down I know that he was right, I simply agreed. So I took my Dufflebag and threw random clothes out of my Wardrobe in it. Eric went to my bathroom and collected my toiletries. A few minutes later we were ready and headed out to Eric’s . As I closed my door Eric laced our Hands together. This was the first time he showed any affection towards me in public.

After we put my belongings at his home we went to the Department. Carlene, the assigned Dauntless smirked widely at our request. “Finally! That step was long overdue!” She laughed hardly at our confused looks. “What? Do you really thought nobody knows about you two? We even placed bets on how long it took you to admit it to yourself! As for that…..” she spins herself around and shouted to a fellow Employee “Tell Andrew he owes me a lot of points now. I told you it would took them over a year!” Eric and I looked at each other staggered. Was it that obvious that there was more between us than just occasional banging each other? Beside that we hadn’t much in common….till now.

We get everything done and went back to Eric’s…No, our Apartment. Eric opens the door and pointed inside. “Welcome home, Babe” Albeit I had been in here countless times before, this was the first time I took a real good look around. It was as I expected: Neat, very structured and a bit cold, to be honest. On the right side of the door was the living room with a big black couch, a fireplace and a TV above it. On the left lays the kitchen with a cooking island as the central element. There were three more doors to the Master bedroom, a guest bedroom and a little bathroom as Eric told me. All walls had a light grey colour like concrete and most of the furniture was black or dark brown. On the ceiling was a big surface light which makes the whole room light up nicely. Eric dropped my bag on the bed. As I opened the wardrobe I saw that Eric had already made room for me. I looked at him in question and he smiled “when I thought this whole thing over, I already made a few arrangements” I chuckled lightly and shocked my head.

In the next few ours, the rest of my stuff was delivered to us. Soon you could tell that a woman was now living in here: There was a sand-coloured rug in front of the couch, a few pictures on the walls, a candle holder on the sideboard and a basked of fruits on the dining table. Now the bathroom holds two toothbrushes and a few more care products. Eric looked around in awe. “Wow, I liked my flat bevor , but now it looks really vivid!” He slipped his arms around me and kissed me lightly. “Thank you” he said tenderly. “For what?” I asked astonished. “Just for being here with me, for giving me something to live for aside my job” A tear formed inside my eye, as I kissed him eagerly as an answer.

Later we laid in our bed together. Suddenly Eric laughed to himself. “What’s up?” I asked. He props himself up on his elbows and turned to me. “I just realised that this is the first time I’m in bed with a woman and not having sex with her” I looked at him “Never bevor?” He shocked his head. “Nope. Either I was in the girl’s room or I throw her out afterwards.” I thought about it. As in my case he was right. Every time we were done I soon left to my own home. We never really slept in the same bed. “So, should I sleep on the couch as long as we have no sex?” I said smirking. He laughed again. “ No, of course not. To be honest, now I can’t think of anything better than to wake up beside you every morning!” I looked at him ecstatic. “Aww, big bad leader Eric, soft as a little kitten” He glared at me playfully. “Don’t you dare tell anybody! I have a reputation to loose!” He reached for the covers, took them down and lifted my shirt up. Lovingly he caresses my stomach. “So, how are you two?” I laid my Hands on his. “Good, great actually. I’m happy and comfortable” He nodded satisfied, laid his head beside my belly and kissed it gently. “Hey little warrior, it’s me, Daddy. You have to grew fast and become strong. Me and your Mommy can’t wait to see you!” I fondle his hair softly. “And if it is a girl?” His eyes sparkled “Then she will be as brave and as beautiful as her mother!” Wow that whole Baby-thing has engulfed him entirely! I put my head on his chest and my arm around his waist. I closed my eyes and drifted slowly to sleep. There was a big adventure for us ahead!

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They don’t see

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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/H/C - Your hair color, Y/E/C - Your eye color.

REQUEST: Could you write a Bucky x reader fic where Bucky is his usual gruff and sometimes unintentionally mean looking self and the reader is all naturally nice looking and soft and whenever they are out on a date in public people whisper about how they can’t believe that such a sweet looking girl is with such a mean looking man and stuff

A/N: Thank you for the request. Sorry it took forever! Let me know if you like it! 

Y/N sat on the bed slipping her heels on as Bucky struggled with the buttons on his shirt.

“Would you please come and help me with these?” Bucky said frustrated, smacking his hands down on his legs.

Y/N walked over to him and placed her hand on his chest to calm him down.

“We don’t have to go tonight. I know you are not a fan of these things.” She said softly

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The NHL’s Gosh Dang Team of Children

Meet the Philadelphia Flyers. Okay, sure, they’re known as the Broad Street Bullies. And that they are. But off the ice? Honestly they’re just all children.

Bam. Exhibit A. Michael del Zotto and Ryan White (We’ll miss you, Whitey. Have fun in ‘Zona). The third episode of Stall Talk with MDZ involved a giant panda, a carousel, and a whole lot of laughing. Honestly. Try to watch them and not smile.

Y’all I don’t even care that Danny B isn’t on the team anymore. Because technically he’s always going to be a Flyer. But anyway look at this dork. Simmer there too being a dork. Gosh. Why are they so adorable. Someone help.

This is the best defensemen (fight me) in the league. With his dog, Cooper, on his head. Wow. Shayne Gostisbehere, we love you (mainly because you single handedly basically saved our sorry rear ends and also wear your dog as a hat).

Did we honestly expect anything else from these two? Michael del Zotto and Michael Raffl. Honestly. Team Picture Day. I’m just wow. They have more hair products than I, a female, do. And orange towels. I can’t handle them. Dorks.

These pictures are a tribute to most childish of all, our beloved captain, Claude Giroux. Alright, come on. If you don’t love him, you’re wrong. Guys. Look. Honestly. He’s carrying his dog in a backpack. He’s playing cards with Michael Waffle on an airplane, it looks like. Everyone loves him, tbh. Don’t deny it.

Okay, so, yeah, this is on the ice. But guys. Look at Laughts being all adorable. Who gave him permission to do this? I’m telling y’all, we’re just a bunch of kids.

Here’s one of our star goalies. With his dog, who’s name is George. Guys, I’m absolutely screaming. I’d like to thank Mase’s wife/girlfriend for this. Wow. Dork.

Here’s my tribute to Austrian child Michael Raffl. I love him so much. He can’t wrap presents for beans. I would pay money to get a gift wrapped by him, tbh.

Here’s Matt Read. And Claude Giroux, which you could barely see because he’s so well camouflaged. Matt has that face “he’s back there doing it again, isn’t he? Gosh dang it, G, we’ve talked about this. I can’t believe you.” I love these people

Where do I even begin with these two. Honestly. I don’t know where to start. Jake, what does this even mean? Wayne, how do you put up with him? I love you both so much. I’m not sure it’s healthy, but I do anyway. Gosh dang kids.

Here’s more Jake Voracek. You guys. I can’t even with him. Look at that cheeser. I’m absolutely crying. You can see he just loves to laugh. I love him.

Again, Whitey being a dork. He’s going to be missed so much. There aren’t many other guys with this much heart. Wow. He just went out there and had fun.

Anyway, that’s just part of the NHL’s Gosh Dang Team of Children. Thank you for listening.

Story time.

I remember being in high school, and I was in a production of Sweeney Todd.  I was just in the ensemble, and the seniors made up the principal performers for the most part.  They were all fabulous, and I remember looking at them like they were gods.  They seemed so mature and sophisticated and far more talented than I’d ever be, but more importantly, they made sure I felt that way.  I even remember the girl playing Mrs. Lovett coming into rehearsal with a slushie and proudly proclaiming that she had put a shot of vodka in it.  And I remember the awe in everyone’s eyes, and how she basked in the attention.

And now I look back, and I am so taken aback by those experiences.   I am still friends with most of them on Facebook, and they are just people.  They weren’t more extraordinary than any of the underclassmen, they weren’t more talented than any of us would ever be, and that girl wasn’t more mature or somehow cooler for having vodka in her slushie.  She was just a girl hiding alcohol in her drink.  (She went on to lose about 50 pounds on, what she called, the sex and cocaine diet.)  And I can’t imagine being in a production these days and treating the ensemble like they were lesser people, or that they weren’t valuable.  The thought makes me cringe!

Most of us have people like this in our lives.  I still do–people I look at and think, wow…I’ll never be that adult, that accomplished, that effortlessly talented, that cool.  It’s an illusion, though.  You have everything it takes, and most people who are going out of their way to intimidate you are just threatened by you and want to make you feel inferior.  You are going to be so much, you are going to grow and progress…Let the skilled people in your life inspire you, but never let them make you think you’re less than them.

anonymous asked:

What makeup do you use ?

i love asks like this because i love makeup so much!!!! 

primers: (i have large pores): 

name brand: 
ysl touche eclat blur primer
veil mineral hourglass primer
porefessional by benefit 
marc jacobs coconut primer
(im not gonna lie i bought the marc jacobs one for packaging aesthetic but it ended up being good so i recommend!! though im not a usual fan of using coconut based products on my face/hair it was hydrating without making your skin oily) 
Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting primer
E.L.F. studio primer
Maybelline baby skin pore eraser primer 

foundations: combination skin 
name brand:
Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) 
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! 
Tarte Hybrid Gel Serum 
L’Oreal infallible pro matte
Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation 

Eyeshadow palettes: 
Meet Matte(trimony) (warm/nude)
Urban Decay Moondust palette (for fun/metallic looks) 
morphe 35B-35 palette (i actually dont use this but its more so to have in my collection lmao) 

Better Than Sex
Voluminous Manga Mascara 

Kat Von D Lolita 
MAC Retro 
MAC Taupe 
MAC bittersweet liner (paired with taupe) 
MAC Russian Red 

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Rosewood
Hoola Bronzer 
L’oreal Paris Truematch blendable blush
Benetint cheek/lip stain 

MAC soft and gentle mineralize skinfinish 
Urban Decay Illuminated Shimmering powder palette

I think thats it????  

YES LOOK AT ME BEING PRODUCTIVE IT’S A RE BLOG DOODLE WOW!!!!!! This was inspired by Dan’s tweet, of course :)))

This one’s for @akilahthegreat I am Phan trash as well. I hope you like it… sorry this took so long you re blogged this a long time ago XD
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frick i’m so tired but i just posted a new chapter for my heart’s a stereo!! look at me being productive and not having 10000000 years between updates  

here’s the fic summary in case you haven’t read it: 

name: my heart’s a stereo (it beats for you so listen close)

pairing: otabek altin/yuri plisetsky 

tags: long-distance relationship, light angst, unresolved sexual tension


“Otabek looked good. That was always an understatement, but he did. He was wearing a soft smile and a leather jacket, and wasn’t that just the sweetest combination you could think of? He looked exactly the same like he’d looked when they were Skyping just a few days prior, but Yuri drank him in anyway.

Yuri and Otabek finally meet at Worlds.”


@charliesweb: tfw u have the cutest roommate even when he’s lq @sebass

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@lebreau: i’m rlly rlly hopin this is her boyfriend because like,, wow. a Couple

@fawnmay: how many more days until turtles all the way down?

@sebass: stop talking abt urself

Guys, it’s almost Halloween~! You know what that means, right? Right? It means me following a tradition and posting my annual Halloween illustration! (A couple days early this time… won’t have time on Monday. Blame my college timetable for that…) Featuring the return of witch!Mahiru, this time with human!Kuro in a cat costume plus cat!Kuro in a basket XD And even a background, wow, look at me being productive and stuff… Anyways, I hope you like it! Have a great Halloween, hope you’re feeling spooky!

purify me (part one)

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idol : chanyeol ( exo )

genre : fluff/angst/we’ll find out as we go along honestly

a/n : look at me being a big kid and making a big story … wow also this is partly inspd from the fact im breaking out rn and i just bought some skincare products lol

The heat was sweltering, suffocating, and it really didn’t help you had to be outside, sweeping the patio of the café you worked at. You huffed, letting the broom rest against a bush as you wipe the sweat on your forehead, whining when you felt a new set of bumps on your skin. You were breaking out again.

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Daddy 5SOS Preference: Caught in the Act

“can you do a prompt about the kids getting caught with their boyfriend girlfriend doin stuff?”

AN: So I know these aren’t all getting caught by their dads, but I wanted to make sure it didnt get boring :)


“Hannah’s not going to be back for like two hours. We’re fine. She’s got class, remember?” Isaac whispered in Kayla’s ear.

“Are you sure?” Kayla frowned, even though she was already in the process of pulling off Isaac’s shirt. Isaac hummed a response and pulled his girlfriend down onto the couch, beginning to kiss her heavily.

Hannah’s class had been let out early, seeing as all they had done was take an exam, so she decided to stop at the cafeteria to grab some lunch before heading back to the apartment. So after being gone only about an hour, Hannah was turning the key in the lock and opening the door, her headphones in her ears and a takeout container with onion rings in her hand. She stepped in and glanced up, intending to call for her brother, but screeched instead as she caught sight of Kayla and Isaac on the couch, scrambling to separate themselves from each other and get off the couch.

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happy new year all!! as you can all see, i am still alive

rly fast thing i did up to say thank you for 1+ year and now 1000+ follows! wow!

there seems to be and end in sight for my college apps; i have some updates planned for jan 15 :) so look forward to that

thanks again for sticking with me through these trying times, here’s to this year being more productive~ 

Once again, failing at being productive. Drawing this instead of drawing what I’m supposed to draw for my course. Only slight regrets.

WOW I really hate my scanner sometimes. The shading looks so much better on the paper…improvement, though, there’s no cat hair this time. I think.

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