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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 3

And we did it again, amigos! 

  1. “My sock is missing.”
  2. “I must say it can be rather therapeutic”
  3. “Shit, they spotted us. Quick, put your Obama mask on.”
  4. “You raided my village, killed my parents and slaughtered tens of innocent people. I was able to forgive you for all of that-tell myself it was in your nature. But then you did something heinous. Something beyond all possible hope of redemption. You killed my dog.”
  5. “What do you mean you accidentally assassinated the Pope!?”
  6. “I would love to give a fuck about you but sadly my last one went off to war and never returned”
  7. “If you think I’ll stop my quest for world domination for a bag of cookies, you are,,, right… Now, gimme that!”
  8. “What are you doing with that rubber duckie toy– OH DEAR GOD LORD HAVE MERCY”
  9. “I’m more afraid of myself than you.”
  10. “I already told you, there’s nothing we can do about the fights. We COULD if you stopped spoiling shows and books to everyone.”
  11. “You, my friend, are the most unnecessary when it comes to your excessively sassy attitude.”
  12. “I love you.” “…..What? OH APRIL FOOLS.”
  13. “What is this, a concert for ants???”
  14. “I made it! I’m in the list! This is being a great day since I remembered it’s a Thursday, not a Monday!”
  15. “It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just that, well, I’ve got a sink full of dishes and a cat to wash.”
  16. “When you said i had pretty eyes i thought you were complimenting me,not trying to buy them!”
  17. “The wolves eat tonight.”
  18. “Gee, thanks for nearly killing me because of ____!” “Listen up here, are you dead? You’d better be greateful you’re still alive tou little shit.”
  19. "When you said you could fly, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”
  20. “Sarah, I love you and all but hOW ON EARTH DO YOU KEEP SENDING OUR PETS TO SPACE?!”
  21. “Look, just because you kidnapped me doesn’t mean I’m going to marry you.”
  22. “How in God’s name did you even get up there?!”
  23. “I think I misplaced my right hand”
  24. “I did it! I got into university!” “That’s great! What course?” “Uh… Would it be a bad thing if I told you that… Dark magic and villainy?”
  25. “Well, it just so happens that I have been a homeless man for three years now. That must mean I’m the chosen one!”
  26. “Have your eyes always been that colour?”
  27. “I’m going to fight the sun!”
  28. “You can’t just run around punching people you don’t like, ____!”
  29. “I’m not into that kinda thing.”
  30. “Dude why did you eat all that cake on your own?”
  31. “I just wanted to know if we could use a plastic knife”
  32. “Uhhhh, guys? Don’t hate me, but I think I just released Satan”
  33. “Well, fine… Just wait a little bit before you do something stupid.” “…”
  34. “What do you mean there’s no bacon flavored ice cream!?”
  35. “What do you mean you’re my sister? I don’t have a sister!”
  36. “Why the hell do we need a duck to hunt Bigfoot?”
  37. “Oh, so you can do pink explosions too”
  38. “This isn’t my kitchen, is it?”
  39. “Ohhh, so THAT’S what you meant by ‘shooting starts’.”
  40. “ACHOO” “bless you” “Thank you, wait a minute I live alone”
  41. “Put my creepy cat in a different room? Don’t be silly! I don’t even have a cat!”
  42. “Katie, please stop shooting me with tranquilizer darts.”
  43. “Why did you think it was a good idea to only bring a potato to this heist?”
  44. “Okay, we make this promise now - nobody look at that fucking goat ever again.”
  45. “Sarah, why is the cat naked?”
  46. “Wait. You’re aroused?”
  47. “Why would that surprise you?”
  48. “It does on account of you being covered in blood. Wipe that smile off your face. You look like a cat in heat.”
  49. “okay so let me get this straight, you’re not actually my long lost twin…” “yes.” “…because you’re me from another dimension” “…yes.”
  50. “I’m sorry, but did that thing just talk?”
  51. “I thought we promised to never speak of that incident again!”
  52. "Sweetheart”“Yes dear”“Some of your morally challenged friends are trying to kidnap me again.”“And?”“And!?”“You’re a big girl, you can take care of yourself.”“Of course I can, but the gesture would have been nice!”
  53. “how many epilepsy pills can you take before you overdose?” “Just one or two.” “I’m gonna have to call you back.”
  54. “…I was GOING to ask why there’s a pink goo all over the kitchen floor but I think that can wait whilst I ask what the FUCK IS GOING ON?”
  55. “For the last time, can you stop calling that thing 'human’”
  56. “Okay, that is a seriously dodgy looking hat-are you certain you’re right about this?”
  57. “Really Darling, you can stop trying to scream, we’ve already espablished that no one cares and it’s giving you unflattering lines on your forehead.”
  58. “_______, why am I on the ceiling?”
  59. “What the heck happened while I was at the store?
  60. "What the actual fuck!” “I did warn-” “Yes I know you said you were crazy, but this…. This is…” “Just another Tuesday. Oh we’re late for tea!” “With who?!” “With the Queen of course, who else?”
  61. “Despreate times call for cows.”
  62. “Did you burn the last piece of toast again?”
  63. “You didn’t TELL me there’d be free food!”
  64. “Did Jesus really die for this bullshit?”
  65. “Do you want the apocalypse?!! Because that’s how you get the apocalypse!!!”
  66. “Goddamit, I’m dead again aren’t I? How the hell did I do it this time?”
  67. “Dude, no.”
  68. “I may be a horrible person, but at least I am an honest one.”
  69. “I told you, I dress to kill, now fetch me my fancy stilettos, mama’s gonna slay tonight!”
  70. “I left the room for 3 minutes and you really want to tell me you started a war with every single planet?” “Well, I told you 3 months ago to not leave me alone.” “And I told you I have to use the bathroom 3 months ago!”
  71. “Wow, only took 3 minutes to destroy the world.” “Let’s see if I can do it in 2!”
  72. “So… Wh-Why- How did you flush the duck down the toilet?”
  73. “dude. i liked that carpet. do you know how hard it is to wash bloodstains out of carpets.”
  74. “Don’t worry, it’s much worse than it looks.”
  75. “What are you doing ___?” “I’m camping.” “No you’re beside tree with a blank-” “CAMPING”
  79. “What the hell kind of scream was that? And how did you make it?! ”
  80. “Hey, uhm… Hate to interrupt your conversation, but why the fuck is there a giraffe on the soup aisle”
  81. “You mean to tell me that somebody decided it was a good idea to cross plums and apricots, but nobody can figure out why my cat has RABBIT ears?”
  82. “Sorry but um… why is there a fox and a bear singing Ooh la la by Britney Spears on the balcony? And where is my chicken, Pudding?!”
  83. “Where did you get LIGHT-UP COMBAT BOOTS? THEY CHANGE COLOR?!”
  84. “So you’re telling me there was a genie trapped in that can of soup? And you accidentally ATE THE GENIE?!”
  85. “Listen…don’t take this the wrong way, but…I love the OTHER you better.”
  86. “Tell me why,  exactly, did you need the rubber chicken? ”
  87. “Look, I’m not a liar, alright?  And I ain’t overdramatic or hyperbolic or whatever else you wanna call me.  So when I say I would sell my soul for a pancake right now, I mean I will literally sell my soul for a pancake right now.  And maybe a million dollars.”
  88. “Wait a second, you’re telling me that….. YOU’VE BEEN DATING SATAN BEHIND MY BACK FOR FOUR WHOLE YEARS?!!!”
  89. “Well dad did say he would be gone for five days…what the hell? Let’s go to the corner store!”
  90. “Why did you buy 74 melons?!”
  91. “Where’s the toaster?” “It’s in the kitchen… Why do you have a fork?” “K, thanks.”
  92. “Death, out of all the things in this world, why are so afraid of ____?”
  93. “This floor is like my life; Cold and Hard.”
  94. “So you’re telling me that I am the only thing that is preventing a Third World War, right?” “Yeah, pretty much.”
  95. “I don’t know your name and you don’t know mine but I promise it will turn out okay.”
  96. “Little did you know, they were slowly turning into werewolves.”
  97. “Umm… I may have possibly accidentally blown up another planet”
  98. “I told you not to do that… now look, you’ve lost your hand!”
  99. “Every time you speak I literally die a little”
  100. “One baby soul please, Adult souls give me gas!”

“I need you, yes you (you should feel targeted), to come up with a new dialogue prompt for part 4 and leave it in the comments below. It’s fun and the first 100 replies will make the next list. As always, one prompt per amigo and don’t forget the doubles quotes “”. Pantoffel” (Click here for part 1 and here for part 2)

if you’re struggling for AU ideas take a look-see at this list i wrote for my friend who dubbed it “better than the 10 commandments" 

1)     Coffee shop AU

i)       Barista and person who has a ridiculous coffee order

ii)      I’m worried about your coffee dependency

iii)     you accidentally poured boiling hot coffee over me so you’re responsible for taking me to A&E

iv)     you give me a different fake name every time you come into starbucks and I just want to know your real name bc ur cute but here I am scrawling “batman” onto your stupid cappuccino

2)      Flower shop AU

i)       You buy a weird amount of flowers and I’m concerned as to why

ii)      I’m allergic to flowers but I work in a flower shop – you’re a customer who’s very confused as to why I’d do that

iii)     (this is also a good way to incorporate flower meanings eg, buying certain colours/types for person to represent feelings etc.)

3)      Library AU

i)       You’re overdue on this book and I want it so I’m tracking u the fuck down

ii)      I work in the library and I’m a little concerned for your health bc you never stop studying

iii)     The library’s pretty empty save for you and me and OH that couple making out loudly in the shelves somewhere

4)      Awful first time meeting

i)       I accidentally punched you in the face when I was too overexcited about something

ii)      I thought you were my friend who’s just done something awful to me (read: cut my hair while I slept, dyed all of my clothes pink, etc. etc.) because you look similar from behind so I stormed up to you and shoved you from behind while calling you an asshole

iii)     You get the gist to this one

iv)     Oooh when you told me your name I thought you were joking because it’s fucking awful and I made a joke about it and things got awkward real fucking fast (perfect for a Hannibal au just saying)

5)      Weird places to meet/awkward meetings in general

i)       We live in the same block of flats but haven’t ever talked and Sunday morning we were both doing the walk of shame and had to stand in the lift together

ii)      “okay I know that being in the woods at 2am is a weird thing to be doing but my friend called me and- wait, why are you in the woods at 2am, fuck I’m going to die aren’t I?”

iii)     A personal favourite of mine – first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night

iv)     We keep accidentally running into each other I’m not a stalker I swear

v)      You live across from me in our apartments and we smile when we see each other but we don’t really know each other and oh you’re the stripper at my friend’s stag do/hen night fuck this is really uncomfortable

vi)     “My shower’s broken but I’ve got a date tonight could I possibly use your shower please?” “Oh sure (neighbour that I’ve been crushing on for the past six months) of course you can use my shower to get ready for your date (fuck fuck fuck)”

6)      Friends to romance – pining and all that wonderful shit

i)       You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit I picked out for you

ii)      I really like you but you’re my best friend’s ex

iii)     You’ve liked me for ages and were really obvious about it and I didn’t like all the attention but now you’re over me I really miss it and fuck I think I like you too?

iv)     Somewhere along the way of getting into bar fights together, staying up all night with movie marathons, other friendship things, I’ve fallen in love with you but oh my god this could ruin EVERYTHING

v)      Friends with benefits oh wait I like you


i)       It’s my highschool reunion and I need a hot date so I can rub it in the faces of the people who hated me

ii)      My homophobic parents are coming to visit will you pretend to date me as an extra “fuck you”?

iii)     There’s a person who won’t stop bugging me will you pretend to be my partner so that they’ll fuck off?

iv)     I told my sister I have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set me up with people but now she’s coming to visit and I’m in too deep I need a fake boyf ASAP

8)      Soulmate aus

i)       The first words your true love(s) will say to you are tattooed on you and why the fuck are their first words something really ridiculous like ‘I’ll pay you a tenner to punch me in the face’ or ‘quick what’s your favourite animal’ or ‘fucking shit hell holy fuck wow oh my god jesus h Christ fuck me’ etc. or even worse a really ridiculous song lyric like  the opening lines of uptown funk or a high school musical song or smthing did you have to serenade me the first time you saw me asshole?

ii)      You get an ‘impression’ of your soulmate when you turn 18 or something but all I got was a strong smell of bananas or an overwhelming feeling that Thatcher was a good prime minister or an image in my mind of a fucking unicorn

iii)     The more ridiculous the better actually

iv)     Something like whenever your soulmate sings a duet you can’t help but join in and my fucking soulmate is in a goddamn band but I can’t sing for shit

v)      Or maybe something like soulmates always sneeze at the same time and I cant be sure but me and this kid in my French class just sneezed at the same time are we soulmates or was it a coincidence (proceed w character trying to make themselves sneeze around said person to see what’s what)

9)      Alternate universes for real

i)       Mermaids

ii)      Siren and asexual pirate who doesn’t understand why all his crew are losing their shit that person has a nice voice sure but what the fuck is happening

iii)     Hogwarts

iv)     We live in a world where the greek gods are real and you went and got yourself cursed and now I have to go on a fucking quest to sort this shit out why do I love you again?

v)      Pacific rim au (either they’re drift compatible or one of them is a ranger and the other stresses constantly bc what if they die yes I have read a fic like this no I didn’t come up with this one but it’s fucking good) (also if you haven’t seen that film go watch it now)

vi)     Literally any movie or book universe you like tbh just go for it

10)   Other aus that I like

i)       I wanted to go on the ferris wheel but there has to be two people to a cart come on random person let’s go oh wait are we stuck at the top? Fuck

ii)      We work in the same office and you have a goddamn squeaky chair and you wONT FUCKING STOP SQUEAKING IT BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT ANNOYS ME

iii)     Our mutual friend set us up on a blind date and I thought I’d hate it but you’re actually… kind of funny? But because I expected to hate it in no way am I going to let you change my mind just because you’re gorgeous and funny and intelligent oh no my friend is not winning this

iv)     It started to snow and I’m the only one of our friends who would go outside with you – I soon found out why none of the others would go out in the snow with you (this works best if they’re new friends who don’t know each other all that well) when you shoved a handful of snow down my back and declared snow war

v)      It’s nowhere near Christmas it’s literally still November would you calm down about Christmas wait no why are you getting the tree out no stop please stop (if you do this pre-relationship you can have the grouchy one secretly finding the other’s excitement endearing and falling in love with them actually that works for established relationship too)

vi)     Current partner got a new job in America (or other country far away) and we’re getting by on skype calls and emails but it’s not easy and then I met someone new (can be poly or can be finding the OTP person)

vii)   You want us both to get in shape and I hate working out/running but your ass looks really good in shorts oh the things I do for my friends and their nice asses

viii)  Carrying on from 10.vii. you’ve caught me checking you out in what I thought was a subtle way too many times and now you’re calling me out on it what do I do???

ix)     You’re an actor/other famous person that I really admire and I just saw you in the street and as I was debating whether or not to say hi you came up to me and started flirting what do I do??

x)      You were waving at your friend behind me but I got confused and waved back at you and now I’m dying of embarrassment but you think it’s cute

xi)     I sat down in the wrong class and I’m panicking but don’t want to get up and leave because the class has started and you think it’s hilarious and shut up you dumb fuck you don’t know me aahhh

xii)   I’m a waiter at this wedding and you’re a drunk guest who will not stop hitting on me please I’m trying to work no I can’t dance with you omg let me find you some water

xiii)  Our best friends are that awful ‘cute’ couple that make-out in public and call each other “sweetie” and “sugar” and “babe” and god they’re awful let’s talk about how awful they are – develops into “shit we’re the awful couple now”

xiv)  You pissed me off in class so I threw a book at your head and now I’m in detention and jesus fuck I hate you so much and the teacher made me apologise and wait you’re cuter up close and the way you talk is kind of nice actually oh fuck no

Okay I could go on forever but this is over 1,500 words of auing already I have too many ideas christ

send me some to @theskyis-forever with a pairing for me to write :)

Six Years and Seven Days

This is pretending that Bellamy could hear Clarke talking all those years, she just can’t hear him responding, and that the ship at the end is them coming back to Earth. 


Day Three

“Bellamy…are you up there? Are you alive? Is anyone alive?”


“I only woke up yesterday. At least, I think it was yesterday. I barely made it into the bunker in time, but I made it. And the computer says it’s been three days since the radiation hit, and I was so hungry I thought I might die. Please tell me you didn’t die.”


“Bellamy, my mom was right. In a way. My face is disgusting, covered in boils. You’d be laughing at me…probably. Because she was right but so were you. I’m not dead Bellamy. I hope you aren’t either.”

His fingers slammed on the respond button, pushing it down to the point of it feeling like it would crack from the pressure.

“I’m not dead, Clarke. I’m not dead.”

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Masterlist - Updated 30/4/17

Originally posted by sebastiansource

- read my masterlist here . Please come and let me know your favourites -


Training With Bucky - A series of connected one shots of what’s like to train with Bucky Barnes based off these headcanons here - Part 1

Ficmas - A series of christmas drabbles - Masterlist

Daddy Drabbles - A series of drabbles which detail the adventures of our favourite characters as fathers - Masterlist

100 Kinks - 100 kinky drabbles to celebrate Bucky’s 100th birthday (smut)

Front Line Love - Reader a nurse during WW2 finds herself at the same camp as Bucky. - Part 1, Part 2 (smut)

Riding in cars with boys - A smutty drabble series featuring all our favourite Sebastian Stan characters in cars, so come along for the ride. - Part 1: Carter

Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

“I’m tired of being your secret”/“Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking” (SMUT)

“Will you just tell me the truth?”

“You don’t need to protect me”/“Didn’t realise I needed your permission”

“I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

“I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..”

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

“Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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fic: Smile Even Though You’re Sad

title: smile even though you’re sad

genre: au/romance

word count: 2700

description: dan is the son of a rich man, unwillingly studying business in London who wanders into a gallery looking for some quiet, and instead finds the happy-go-lucky owner with a camera around his neck, the nicest smile he’s ever seen and a knack for knowing exactly what to say.

a/n: thought i’d post a little mid-week fic to perk you up if you need some, erm, perking…?

read on ao3 here if you prefer.

“They gave me the designer clothes, the trust fund and the private education and they told me to be happy.”

“And are you?”

The steel of Dan’s gaze softens. He ruffles his hair a little and a single curl still manages to dangle across his forehead.

“You know, Phil, you’re the first person to ask me that.”

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One Week (Connor Murphy x Reader)

TW: EVEN SMUTTIER THAN THE LAST ONE, swearing, a whole lot of innuendos

Words: 1,700 ish

Disclaimer: I may edit this a tiny bit more in the future. But enjoy, kiddos!

“Oh here they come,” Alanna groaned to the rest of your friends, spotting you and Connor walking towards the lunch table. 
“Wow, and a whole new gallery of hickeys to go along with it!” Jared nodded towards the faint purple bruises on Connor’s neck. 
“Ugh, seriously, can we stop talking about this? He’s my brother. The last thing I want to think about is him… doing it,” Zoe basically cringed at her last words. She folded up her half eaten sandwich, clearly having a loss of appetite.

You and Connor sat down, smiling. Your boyfriend slung his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side.
“What were you guys talking about?” You asked curiously. 
“Oh, just how you and Connor can’t keep it in your goddamn pants,” Jared snorted casually.

“I mean, I’ve never heard Y/N complain-“

Zoe groaned. “Okay, that’s all I can take. Come on, Evan, let’s go eat outside,” she stood up and the blue boy followed. His ears were pink just from listening to the conversation.

“See? Even tree-nut over there can’t be around you two,” Jared remarked.

“What the hell do you mean, Kleinman?” Connor rolled his eyes. 
“I MEAN that we all know how much you guys fuck. My god, look at you; your neck could be a Picasso sunrise!” Jared laughed in between his words. Connor’s hand shot up to his neck immediately, in attempt to hide them.

“Every time we get together, you guys always leave early to have sex,” Alanna pointed out, taking a bite of a baby carrot.

“Do not! When was the last time we did that?” You looked at Alanna with disbelief.

“Literally last week we watched Schindler’s List at my house, and you sucked Connor off in the bathroom,” Alanna stated.

Your face turned bright red. Connor’s ears changed colour like a chameleon to match.

“Who the fuck gets turned on by dead Jews? You guys are messed up,” Jared joked.

You rolled your head back and groaned. “Ugh, you guys are exaggerating! We don’t do it that often.”

Alanna and Jared bounced back and forth.

“Last week. Schindler’s List.”
“Week before that, we went to the arcade. You guys left and had sex at Y/N’s house.”

“Week before that, we all went out to eat and you guys dashed before dessert came.”

“Ok, ok! I get it. We have a lot of sex. But what’s wrong with that?” Connor let out an annoyed sigh.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, scientifically speaking, but it’s just… annoying,” Alanna concluded.

“Yeah, I bet you two couldn’t go a week without having sex.” Jared took a sip of his juice box, giving you both a judgemental glare above the rim of his glasses.

“You’re on,” you shook his hand. Connor choked on his own spit, eyes growing wide.

“Wait, babe, are you sure-”

“Quitting already, Murphy?” Jared spoke as he reached out his hands to shake yours.

Connor gulped, looking between the two of you. “Ok. Fine,” he finally sighed.

Alanna checked her watch, “ok, so this time in exactly a week, you guys cannot have ANY sexual intercourse. That includes anything in sexual nature.”

You nodded with a confident smirk on your face.

Two days have already passed, and it’s been a lot harder than you thought. You have been so used to having little quickies and long nights with Connor, that you felt… frustrated. It was almost as if your nerves were just asking to be trampled on. Even worse, Connor was getting antsy.

You were at his house, in an attempt to study. But he couldn’t sit still. He was full of energy and in a pissed off mood.

“Connor, just come sit down,” you pinched the bridge of your nose with your fingers.

“I can’t fucking sit down. I can’t just sit, I-I need something,” he ran his hand through his long hair, pulling at the roots.

Connor had quit smoking after you two started having sex. When he smoked weed, he felt a release of stress. Then when he became intimate with you, he didn’t need that other outlet. Of course, you were over-the-moon when he told you that he had stopped smoking. And the sex wasn’t too bad either. You stood up from his bed, walking over to him and placed your hand on his arm.

“Look, I get that this is all a shitty bet made by Kleinman, but we have to prove to ourselves that this relationship is more than just sex,” you gave him an endearing look, searching his eyes.

Connor dropped his hands to his sides, nodding. “Yeah. You’re right,” he sighed softly.

The two of you were laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

“Do you remember that time, we were on a date, and you laughed so hard that soda came out of your nose?” Connor teases with a grin.

“Oh don’t remind me,” you giggled.

“I think that’s when I fell in love with you. I mean, who wouldn’t want a girl who has Dr.Pepper for snot?” He tickled your side softly.

“Ok, seriously, shut up. Remember the time you peed yourself in second grade? Yeah, don’t start shit, Murphy.” You jokingly growled back with a laugh.

The two of you continued to joke and share the odd memory or two. You reminisced on embarrassing moments, your firsts, and plans for the future. It had been so long since you two had just sat down spoke to each other. It felt… nice.

Connor must have been thinking the same thing, because when you looked to your right, he was looking right at you. There was something in his eyes that you hadn’t seen in a very long time. It was the look of genuine care and love. His pupils were enlarged and his eyebrows were relaxed. His mind looked like it was put at ease with something other than physical pleasure.

As much as you hated to admit it, Jared might have actually done something useful.


Time wore on and your patience grew both thick and thin. A week without sex was a week full of love and frustration. You and Connor took the extra time you had to get to know each other. But your time alone was the most frustrating. 3 days into the week, he had tried to sext you. Sending you teasing messages and pictures of himself that were not-safe-for-work. By the fourth day, he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. When you sat near each other, his hand would run up your leg and be hiked dangerously north. By the fifth day, Connor’s eyes were glued to your neck. He stared at the skin that resembled a blank canvas. He wanted to litter it with bruises created by his lips. He wanted to make sure that everyone knew you were his. And by the sixth day, you couldn’t take it anymore.


Connor growled as he shoved you into his room, slamming the door closed. You attacked his lips, pressing so hard that he almost lost balance. Connor yanked your jacket off of your arms, throwing it on the floor. The zipper hit the floor, making a loud noise. But you didn’t care. Every sensation that wasn’t caused by Connor – faded into white noise.

He quickly grabbed your thighs, throwing you onto his double bed. He tucked his head in your neck, biting and finally creating a piece of art that couldn’t be graded. His hands quickly moved under your shirt, grabbing onto your breasts roughly.

“God, I fucking missed these,” he breathed out messily.

“Connor, w-what about your parents? W-What about Zoe?” you whispered in between hot breaths.

His hands grabbed your thighs and pulled them apart roughly, slipping his torso between them. “At work. I don’t fucking care about Zoe,” he grumbled against your skin.

You tipped your head backwards, letting your boyfriend catch up on all the missed time. Every tick, emotion, or outlet he needed was now all in for your pleasure. His anger built up from the week is pushed onto his muscles: carrying out the pleasure that he dedicates to you.

Connor sat on his knees. Stripping off his shirt, he presented the pale torso that you know all-too-well. You placed your hand on the line of hair beneath his belly button. You wanted to admire his beauty, but Connor had other plans. He attached his lips to yours and the two of you continued to remove your clothes, throwing them to the side of his bedroom.

His kisses trailed down your bare body. His movements resembled a waterfall, graceful and with a plan. He got dangerously close to where you wanted him the most. Slipping under the covers, he threw your legs onto his shoulders, burying his face in your thighs. He kissed up them, his nose nuzzling into the soft skin.

“I’m so lucky. So goddamn lucky,” he murmured.

You sucked in your breath, leaning onto your elbows as you watched his every move.

Connor kissed up your legs, and placed a soft kiss to your core. You hissed in delight, mouth hanging agape. Connor licked a single stride, smirking as you squirmed beneath his touch. He alternated between his tongue and fingertips, making sure to give you his undivided attention.

“You’re such a pretty girl, so so pretty,” he murmured against your heat.

You grabbed onto his locks, throwing your head back with your eyes closed. You could feel him humming the tune to your favourite song. You felt so close to the brim and then he pulled away.

Whining, you looked at him. Usually, he would give you 2-3 orgasms a night. But he was too eager to finish what he started. Throwing open his bedside drawer, he reached for a condom and slipped it on.

“Ride me,” he spoke quickly. You nodded and straddled him. You slipped him into you and rested your forehead against his.


Zoe walked through the front door of her house. Her mom and dad were at work, but had texted her to ask Connor what he wanted for dinner. Running upstairs, she was already dialing the number to her favourite pizza place.

She swung his bedroom door open, “Hey Connor, what do you want for- OH DEAR GOD.”

okay, hi. it’s me—the annoyance in this fandom. and i’d like to talk about something, so bear with me.

there’s a problem in this fandom that doesn’t need to be discussed. why not? it’s not up for discussion, basically. it’s up to you all to sit back and learn that this shit you all are pulling needs to be stopped. period.

i’m breaking it up to a couple of core parts so you all know what i’m talking about.

first of all, let’s talk about the islamophobia and racism in this fandom.

here’s the deal: shut up and listen. is that too hard? then just shut up and close your browser. delete your blog. take a walk. go on with your shitty life.

i don’t know why this needs to be explained—seriously. i don’t understand it. it’s not physics or the study of runes. it’s the basic thing called logic thinking and common decency at the least.

you’re all doing something incredibly harmful and it’s not okay. when you started calling a brown character a rat i—i thought it was a joke. and when it was pointed out it’s racist, by people of colour in this fandom, you kept doing it. why? do you take enjoyment in calling brown people rats? do you think you can get away with it? guess you can, but you can stop doing it to people of colour. it’s disgusting.

next. the idea of this season is: please don’t let me be misunderstood. the reverse of this? please don’t let me be understood. just so we’re clear. there’s no reverse. the song was in reverse, the message was clear. so you can shut up about that.

so when the fight broke up, and sana was hiding in the bathroom stall, what did we hear? the two white random, irrelevant white girls talking about how they thought (assumed, didn’t know but talked anyway) it was about homosexuality, and how muslims are homophobic. was it there for the lols? no. it was there for us. to know. that it wasn’t about that.

my point: shut the fuck up about it. it’s tiresome, getting old, it’s toxic. if you keep talking about this, you’re spreading harmful messages to others. what messages? that muslims are homophobic. which they can be, i’m not saying some aren’t. i’m saying that that’s not the point of this season and that non-muslims are equally likely to be homophobic. don’t believe me? wow, i guess it’s something that has been fed to you by media representation and… dare i say it? people talking shit of shit they don’t know on social platforms. precisely what you’re doing right now.

second thing we need to talk about: the series. yes! let’s talk about what content we have right now and why us people of colour and why muslims are upset, shall we? (note: we have all the right to be upset.)

let’s first get this out of the way: we know it’s written this way to prove some point later on in the season. probably something along the lines of muslim and brown boys not all being homophobic and shit. you know. that thing you keep shutting your eyes from. we understand that, we know that.

we’re just. not. happy. about how it’s written. it’s kind of doing a lot of damage right now. look at some of the messages some people (people of colour, muslims, muslim people of colour) receive. and what we should be getting is much more healthy scenes between muslims, muslims and people of non-faith, people of colour and white people, to weigh up to the damage its doing. we don’t get that much of that. and it’s frustrating, because we understand why (sana’s lonely) but there are so many ways to portray loneliness than completely erase healthy interactions between people on the fucking screen.

don’t bring up the hei briskeby videos, because they don’t count. i’m talking about the real episodes here. the real clips. the clips that the casual viewer will watch.

so yes. the series itself is… partially at fault here. the writing, i would say. especially filming only the people of colour in a fight and—wow. that chokehold they had on the only black guy? yikes.

what’s worse is that they surely know—or at least have a slight idea—of what outbreak their clips will give. and they keep doing it. keep feeding this shit to us, and leave us to either deal with it, or completely shut down our inboxes. which results into people thinking we’re selfish, because we don’t answer their wish to learn more about culture and islam and the experiences people of colour have.

third thing we need to talk about: vilde and noora. yup. i’m putting them on the agenda.

i, as a lesbian of colour, wholeheartedly believe that vilde’s character is poorly written this season. she’s obviously not too different from earlier seasons, but she’s definitely had more emphasis on her ignorance, and how that ignorance is dealt with is—less acceptable. i do believe, on top of that, that she will be “redeemed” (i’m just not sure i’ll buy into it) and that she will learn, apologise and maybe grow the last episode or something, since we won’t be getting any more.

but what bugs me the most about the way they’re writing her this season is that, she’s coded as possibly lesbian (or bi, if you prefer, but i’m gonna talk about her being lesbian, and you can make your own post about her being bisexual). and she’s literally the only character fully coded this way. if you’re interested in why, just… google it. believe it or not, we aren’t google. but the key point is that she is doing a lot of what us lesbians perceive as compulsory heterosexuality. and they completely villainised a potential lesbian this season which is just falling into the same shit people have done over and over again. lesbians are bad, lesbians are racist, lesbians are this and fucking that and that pisses me off. if, by the off chance, she eventually is canonically declared as lesbian, i’m not sure i will rejoice or throw my phone through my computer screen. they ruined her character to me, they ruined a (coded) lesbian to me, a lesbian, simply because they wanted to put her to be the ignorant girl who keeps shitting all over sana.

and noora. man. i’m not too mad about noora as a character herself. she’s flawed, she has her good moments and shit. but she takes up so much of her own storyline from sana’s. it’s a mess. she’s talking about herself, her problems with dickhelm, and sure, that’s what friends do—talk about what bothers you. but we’re so frustrated that she’s once again on the screen, talking about the same old thing, and rip the minutes that could’ve been spent on sana from our hands.

don’t get me wrong. we all know that sana is a listener. but there’s a line. and they jump over it, time and time again.

and then there’s the misogyny in this fandom that needs to be addressed. and this is a harder one, because it’s hard to spot.

during the course of season three—up to this day, i see this shit—people keep shitting on sonja and emma for no other reason than them being girls who got hurt in the process. sonja? remember her? she got cheated on. and while even kept saying he felt controlled by her you somehow got the idea that she’s toxic. she isn’t. a toxic relationship would not end with isak thanking sonja for the help she’s given. she knows even and—well, at the most, she might have been a bit controlling because she doesn’t understand that even is his own person with or without his bipolar disorder.

and emma? she outed isak, which is fucked up and there’s no excuse. but stop thinking she’s the absolute villain to isak’s life because she’s a girl, who got hurt, in the process. accept that, move on, because isak sure did.

you thought i’d end there? really? nope. ain’t gonna happen. i’m gonna bring up vilde specifically again.

you think she’s just a dumb ignorant islamophobe? partially true. she’s islamophobic and is not a good friend to sana. she’s ignorant, yes. but you’re reducing her character to something she isn’t. you’re reducing her to the blonde dumb girl, which is just as shitty as people defending her islamophobic behaviour. her islamophobia does not correlate to her dealing with whatever she’s dealing with (compulsory heterosexuality, if you will), but if you reduce her to a two-dimensional character it’s quite misogynistic itself. if you’re woman and doing that—check yourself in the mirror.

same goes for noora, basically, but i don’t think anyone is genuinely despising her for anything else than the shitty line here and there and the serious screentime she’s clocking.

we also had a run in with the lovely subjects of biphobia and ableism too. you all can’t stop anywhere, can you?

since we aren’t discussing, let me just point out these things:

bisexuality does not equate to cheater. a cheater can be of any sexuality. the stereotype is that bisexual people are cheaters is harmful and it ends here. whether a bisexual person/character has cheated can be discussed without bringing in their bisexuality to the conversation.

and mental illness… it seems it’s harder for you to grasp this part. so let me put it this way: think of the most embarrassing shit you’ve done. called your teacher mum and everyone laughed? peed yourself in public? pretended to talk on the phone and your phone ended up ringing? whatever. the most embarrassing shit you’ve done. think of that. feel what you felt at that point. oh my god, what did people think of you?

do you want your crush or your partner of a few months know… that? say it involved a second person. say you… shat yourself on your best friend’s expensive, newly bought couch, felt so embarrassed you left the house and deleted all your social media and never answered their calls.

say your partner brings them up.

would you… tell them that?

i don’t mean to trivialise mental illness here (i’m struggling with my own). it’s much more complex (guilt, self-blaming, embarrassment, sadness) than what i’m saying here. i’m just breaking it down to a point where hopefully even the most abled person can understand.

you’re expecting someone who deals with this every day to just tell their partner. it’s not that easy. it’s a lot of compartmentalising that needs to be done, so you can tell that story without breaking down completely. what happened to even broke him enough to switch to a new school. that’s not something you just tell someone, regardless if you’re together with them, without having thought it through for weeks—even months—and analysed each possible turnout and reaction. that’s not something you tell someone unless you really, really, really need to.

that’s not to say that it’s… bad. that even and sana weren’t honest with isak from the start. but it’s what it is. even isn’t perfect. sana isn’t perfect. isak isn’t perfect. none of these characters are completely perfect. why not? because they’re supposed to be realistic, human and resound to us. we’re supposed to be able to relate to them, in a way.

lastly, but most importantly: stop thinking you’re so bloody entitled to send shitty asks to people, especially the muslims, people of colour and disabled people of this fandom.

now that i’ve said my piece, kindly don’t find your way into my inbox and think it’s time to discuss. as i said, it’s not up for discussion.

don’t understand what i’m talking about? congratulations, you just won the prize: read this post again until you get it.

peace the fuck out.

Walnut (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW: SMUT, really smutty, like use of the word boobs and condom

Words: 2,176

Requested: Nope lol

Disclaimer: this is my very first smut… ever. if i am absoloutley garbage - please tell me. seriously. i will stop lol. anyways, this is a super fumbly/nervous smut thing bc lets be real… evan would not be the most confident in this region. 

Yours and Evan’s relationship seemed to fall into a format that could be related to English literature: repeated and rhythmically patterned. The moment you two start doing something, you couldn’t stop. After your first kiss, Evan would not stop pecking you on the lips. After your first time holding hands, Evan couldn’t bare not capturing your fingers and intertwining them with his. Just last month, you and Evan had your first make out session.

It was strange at first. It took a while to getting used to. It would start off with a kiss, standing up. Then Evan would have to break away to control his breathing from excitement. It took a while to find a sitting position where you were both comfortable to lock lips. A few fumbles and bumped heads later, it was decided that the best spot was if you straddled Evan’s lap whilst he sat on his bed - leaning against the wall.

The make out session would include straddling and hair pulling at the bare minimum. It was so new to both you and Evan that you had to make a code word. Every time one of you got a little too excited, you would murmur the word walnut. That would give you or Evan time to calm down before continuing in kissing. At the beginning of the month, it was quite rare that the word would need to be used. 2-3 weeks into the make out month, Evan had used it 6 times and you twice. Now, at the end of the month, Evan needed a break every 10 minutes.

           Today was like every other day of the month. Evan greeted you after last period with a kiss. You two would walk to his house, holding hands. Stepping through the door, he led you upstairs. The two of you giggled like children. Evan’s mom was rarely home. Which could give you the range of make out spot possibilities, but Evan didn’t like change. Evan liked security and being able to know what goes on around him. Because of that, each afternoon snog would be in his room, with the door shut.

           You reached up onto your tip toes and grabbed Evan’s face in your hands. Smiling widely, you connected your lips together. Evan immediately placed his hands on your hips, pulling you into his lanky frame. Smiling against his warmth, you slowly led him to the edge of his bed so he could scurry against the wall; for you to get into your regular seating position. The moment you swung your legs around his hips and sat on him, his eyes grew wide.

           “Walnut,” he whispered, as if the world could hear him.

           “Already?” you question curiously.

           He nodded quickly, swallowing hard. You nodded with a small smile, obviously respecting his wishes to take a quick breather. After a few moments passed, he gave you the nod to keep going. You pressed your lips back to his, moving your mouth in sync. Your hands brushed up his blue polo and into his sandy locks. He let out the smallest of whimpers. It left butterflies in your stomach. Evan’s hands ran up and down your sides. Pulling away from his lips, you looked into his sunken eyes.

           “We are going to try something a little different, okay?” you searched his eye for approval. He gulped and nodded slowly.

           You continued to kiss him, then slowly trailed them down his neck. About two inches away from his ear, he seemed to become weak. You applied the smallest amount of pressure, and you felt his body stiffen.

           “Walnut,” he stammered.

           You kept going. Taking his hands in yours, you slowly guided them north – up to your breasts. 

          “Walnut,” his eyes flew open and watched intensely as to where you set his hands. You held his hands there, making them apply pressure to the new destination. 

          “Walnut, ohmygod, walnut,” he pracitcally hollered. 

            You pulled away quickly, looking at your loving boyfriend. His hair was sticking up, his lips were swollen, eyes were wide, and a small tent forming in his khakis. 

             “I-It was a really close call this time,” he breathed out, blushing like a mad man. 

              “Evan, we should really talk about this,” you looked at him with wide eyes.

               “Ohmygod, you think I’m so weird, don’t you? I-I can try my best, next time? I will try and last as long as I can without saying it-”

               “No, no, Evan. It’s not that,” you chuckled. You could hear him sigh with relief. “I’ve been thinking about this whole thing. You have been saying the code word so often, that it’s just- I don’t know-”

           “W-What is it?” he scrambled to hold your hand, running his thumb over your knuckles.

           “You’ll find it silly,” you laughed sheepishly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

           “Me? F-Find it silly? No way…José,” he gave you an awkward, toothy grin.

           “Okay, okay, I was just thinking – God, I don’t know, - that it’s silly how we go so far and you get so worked up and then we never… I don’t know… finish?”

           “Y-You mean, you want to-“

           “Only if you want to-“

           “W-Well maybe we could-“

           “Oh my gosh, Evan, i-it’s okay-“

           “No,” he took both of your hands in his, looking up into your eyes. “I want to. I-I really want to.”

           Evan’s mom was coming home in an hour. So you and Evan decided that tomorrow evening would be the best.


It was the next morning; you had just gone to the guidance counselor to ask for a condom. You asked Evan to pick up a package of them at the corner store, but he was afraid that somehow – they would end up telling the whole town.

The entire day was filled with excitement. Yours and Evan’s face stayed a shade of firetruck red all afternoon. During lunch, Evan rested his hand on your thigh, which only made your blushing worse. Of course, Jared picked up on it and made an obnoxious comment. Something the along the lines of being “fucking gay”, and calling Evan a “weird sex freak”.

The final bell had rang and you practically ran into Evan. You giggled at each other, knowing that he had rushed to meet you too.


Evan closed his bedroom door and suddenly got nervous. You frowned when you saw him fumbling with the material of his shirt.

“What’s wrong, Evan?” you asked softly. You sat him down on his bed, sitting next to him. Running your hand up his arm, you tried your best to comfort him. He shrugged in response. “We don’t have to do this,” you reminded him. “I’m more than happy to wait. This is a consensual thing. I love you, you know that, right?” you cracked a smile, and saw him crack one too.

           “I-I want to do this. I-I’m just scared. What if I mess up? What if I…” he began to trail off. He looked up at you and whispered, “what if I cum too early?”

           Your face turned red to match his. “It’s okay if all of that happens. This is a learning experience for the both of us. We can go slow,” you kissed him gently on the cheek. You waited for him to respond. Obviously, you would never pressure him to do something like this.

           Evan turned to you, “can we still use walnut?”

           Giggling, you nodded, “Of course.”

           Evan scooted to rest his back on the wall, pulling you up onto his lap. “I-I’m ready,” he whispered against your lips.

           You two started out as per usual. Evan didn’t use the code word once. You were kissing his neck, until he pulled away, gesturing to his shirt.

           “Should I take this off?” he asked very calmly.

           You nodded, helping him remove his polo. You were breathless at the sight. His pale form was structured like a sculpture. Every muscle, vein, and freckle was beautifully scattered on his flesh. Birth marks, moles, and little chest hairs dusted his torso. You ran your fingertips along the stretch marks that had been placed there from his middle school growth spurts.

           “You, Evan Hansen, are beautiful,” you reminded him. Evan turned an even deeper shade of red.

           Taking his hands, you guided him to the hem of your sweater. You allowed him to pull it off of you, revealing your bare skin and plain push-up bra.

           “Wow…” he breathed out, absoloutley mesmerized. You began to feel the familiar tent beneath your lap.

           “You can-um, you can touch me,” you reminded him nervously, with a small giggle.

           He reached up shakily, cupping your bra in his hands. He felt you cautiously, as if he could easily break you. He was speechless. It was the first real pair of boobs he had ever seen.

           You giggled at his expression, reaching behind you unclasping your bra. As Evan kneaded your skin, he gasped as the material fell off of your breasts. His tent grew tighter and his eyes became wider. You guided his hands to your nipples, letting him touch the sensitive nubs. You threw your head back with a whimper. Evan was shaking. 

W-Walnut, ohmygod, shit, walnut,” he whispered between his teeth. 

You nodded, watching as his eyes shut tight and his hands froze in place. You could tell that he was trying to calm his breathing. You were surprised at his sudden colourful language. A few moments passed, and your boyfriend slowly opened his eyes. 

“Did you-”

“N-No, I’m still- um- full,” he mumbled back quickly. 

You giggled at his word choice and placed his hands on your hips. You pressed your lips to his, trying to give him a feeling of familiarity. Evan soon became comfortable, taking the slightest bit of control. His fingers traced down to the hemline of your jeans. He popped open the button. Climbing off of him, you laid down beneath him, watching him hover over your body. He slid your jeans down your legs, placing the material to the side. His eyes gazed over your body, drinking the sight before him. 

Walnut,” he whispered. 

You sighed, leaning your head back on the pillow as his eyes shut tight again. 

“I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just that- You’re laying there- fuck- you just look so good. And holy hell I don’t know if I can-” 

Giggling, you stopped his rambling. “Ev, it’s okay. I will wait as long as you want me to.” 

After the second walnut calling, everything went smoothly. You were finally fully bare, and Evan was left in his boxers. 

“A-Are you okay for me to take these off?” you asked him, placing your hand on the band of his underwear. He nodded quickly, watching your every move. 

Carefully, you pulled the white cotton off of his pelvis. His length sprung out of his boxers, hitting his stomach. You looked at his newly exposed flesh, then back at his face. “You’re doing great, Ev. You really are,” you whispered to him. Slowly, you reached out your hand and stroked him once. 

“S-Stop, or I’ll-” he whimpered out. 

“Okay, okay,” you nodded, reaching over to grab the condom before he stopped you. You raised an eyebrow to give him a questioning look. 

“I-I want you to cum, too. And I… I won’t last that long,” he mumbled sheepishly. You smiled at his concern, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He was doing so well, and you really admired that he thought of you and your pleasure. 

“Is there any way to get you, um, closer before I… ya know…” he asked quietly. 

Nodding slowly, you guided his hand to your heat. You let him rub you in a repeatitive motion. Soon, Evan got the hang of things, letting you put your hand on his shoulder - rather than guiding him. His thumb found your most sensitive nub. 

“What does this do?” he asked in a whisper, lightly tapping it. 

You inhaled sharply. “That felt really good,” you admitted with an even bigger blush. 

His continuous tapping brought you closer and closer to a high. You stopped him when you were almost at your breaking point.

“O-Okay, I’m ready,” you whispered up at him.

Evan opened up the condom, rolling it on to himself. He looked at you once more for permission. You gave him a nod, smiling. Before he entered you, he whispered against your lips.

“I love you.”

He slid into you, neither of you lasting more than 15 seconds. Evan hit his orgasm first, absolutely melting in your hands. His whole body shook. Then it was your turn, grappling your finger nails into the flesh on his spine.


Hedi came home around 10pm that night. You and Evan were cuddled on the couch, bones aching and hearts swelling. She opened the door with bags full of groceries.

“Aw, my two little lovebirds,” she mumbled. Putting down the grocery bags, she pulled out a plastic container. “Do you guys want some candied walnuts?”

Evan turned red.

exo shitpost #2: exo at the carnival
  • junmyeon: alright assholes go wild
  • chanyeol: hoo boy i'm going to win me some prizes
  • baekhyun: you suck ass at everything what could you possibly win
  • chanyeol: that thing with the hammer
  • sehun: your arms are two limp noodles lmao
  • chanyeol: fuck you
  • luhan: your weak ass can't even get it past the halfway mark
  • chanyeol: i don't deserve this verbal abuse you try it
  • luhan: what. the fuck.
  • luhan: it doesn't work
  • sehun: excuses are for the cheap
  • luhan: this is bullshit, this game is rigged, and we are going home
  • -
  • yifan: ok junmyeon let us get wild
  • junmyeon: would you fuck off i will not ride a roller coaster
  • yifan: why
  • junmyeon: because i may shit myself
  • junmyeon: but also because i don't want to be seen next to your crusty ass
  • yifan: why did i ever love you
  • -
  • jongdae: fuck yes corndogs
  • kai: holy shit kyungsoo take it slow
  • kyungsoo: i am a hungry bitch today don't speak to me
  • jongdae: did you really just inhale that entire corndog
  • kyungsoo: it's not that big
  • kai: i can personally assure you he's seen bigger
  • jongdae: wow kyungsoo, king of the dick
  • kyungsoo: if you don't shut up right now i might eat you
  • -
  • zitao: fuck i lost my watch, i must have left it on the ferris wheel
  • minseok: you irresponsible fuck what did i tell you about leaving your goddamn shit everywhere
  • zitao: here, take my ice cream and put it on your tits because you need to chill
  • minseok: /rubbing nosebridge/ how much did that stupid thing cost
  • zitao: it was gucci
  • minseok: i just pissed my pants
  • zitao: relax jethro i have like ten more at home
  • minseok: what
  • zitao: eleven including the one i gave to candy
  • minseok: you have eleven gucci watches, one of which is for your dog, and you still gave me a fucking slurpee for my birthday
  • zitao: at least it was a jumbo size
  • minseok: you're dead to me
  • -
  • yixing: life is fantastic
  • kyungsoo: you're a cheery mf today aren't you
  • yixing: why are you so pessimistic, go inhale another corndog
  • kyungsoo: i can't eat too many, i'm corn intolerant
  • yixing: that's not a thing
  • kyungsoo: i'm also mildly allergic to dogs
  • yixing: that's,,,, not how it works
  • luhan: don't bother this is from the same guy who didn't know how dna works
  • kyungsoo: no more kimchi spaghetti for you
  • -
  • sehun: cotton candy BITCH
  • chanyeol: this is your fifth one, stop it
  • sehun: i am in love with this shit
  • chanyeol: diabetes says hello
  • sehun: i might dye vivi this colour
  • chanyeol: what the fuck she's not an easter egg
  • sehun: doggosthetic
  • chanyeol: s e h u n that's abuse pLEASE DON’T DO THAT
  • -
  • yifan: aw fuck
  • junmyeon: what now you overgrown baby
  • yifan: i'm too tall for the bumpercars
  • junmyeon: too bad
  • yifan: this is no fair
  • junmyeon: go ride something else you ingrate
  • yifan: that's it i'm putting you on the death drop
  • junmyeon: you better freaking not
  • yifan: hi yes one ticket for the death drop
  • junmyeon: nonononono im sure i don't meet your height requirement eheheh
  • yifan: don't worry dear, they have seats for shrimps like you!
  • junmyeon: WU YI FAN YoU fUckeR
  • yifan: enjoy bitchy!!
  • junmyeon: YoU haVe a laWSUiT oN YoUR handS
  • -
  • jongin: i love the fact that i still look hot in all of these
  • jongdae: hey baekhyun this mirror's got me looking just like you
  • baekhyun: how so?
  • jongdae: makes me look ugly as shit
  • jongin: im piSSing
  • baekyun: this kind of commentary is the reason no one loves you
  • -
  • luhan: haunted house, leggo
  • zitao: fuck this shit i'm out
  • minseok: nah i'm in let's do it
  • yixing: zitao i'll protect you
  • zitao: too late i'm already crying
  • minseok: oh ShiT i am Spooked
  • luhan: his soul has left him
  • yixing: you made it taozi, i’m proud of you
  • zitao: thanks yixing, the only thing that helped me through it was the fact that those goblins back there kinda resembled you and it was really funny
  • yixing: wow, this is basically bullying!
  • -
  • junmyeon: well boys, it's been fun
  • kyungsoo: no it has not
  • junmyeon: but we must head back to hell
  • yifan: he means home
  • junmyeon: trust me, i mean hell

anagniou  asked:

I hope this doesn't sound too weird but, I wanted you to give me some advice. I'm almost 17 which means that in less than a year and a half, school is over. I'm not sure yet but I either want to be an illustrator or an animator. I just started taking art classes to. So far I was self-taught. Problem is, I see you, beinh just a bit older than, and my art is nowhere NEAR your level. Should I drop it and follow something else in life? Or keep trying to improve even if it's too late?

I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly

I’ve been told this advice by someone I really look up to and I strongly believe it’s true: you wanna do/achieve something - you gotta give it your best, dedicate yourself to the case, entirely.

1,5 years is a lot of time, believe me, you can still do whatever you wanna do but you gotta get specific; if there’s something else you’re good at/ enjoy then you can presume that other path - there’s nothing wrong with art being just a hobby. However, if you want art to become your career then get professional about it.

Right now you have a purpose: to get into college. So what do you do now? You improve your skills to get into college. You wanna be able to create a strong portfolio being the proof of your abilities. You can always check what the uni expects of you/your portfolio.

You know how art takes time and practice to look ok? You gotta do just that but DONT BE STUPID ABOUT IT. Don’t just draw cute characters or whatever!! Don’t just draw stuff you like!! Yeah it is pleasant but it does nothing to improve your skills. You gotta do shit ton of drawings that you don’t like and normally you’d never make them. Draw from real life, draw people, objects around you, stuff in perspective, practice colour theory. BEING SELF THOUGHT IS THE KEY. NO ART CLASS WILL GIVE YOU THE SAME KNOWLEDGE. Also, stuff comes much easier if you’re actually i n v e s t e d. Classes won’t guarantee any success, in the slightest.

If you don’t get into college on the first try you can always try again, it’s not like your chances will be gone forever once and for all the moment you get rejected. If you REALLY wanna do it then you won’t give up, simple as that. You will find that back door. Ps. Theoretically in the art industry “papers/degrees” aren’t as important - what counts for every employer is your portfolio. So: work on your skill.

I don’t wanna sound too dreamy and poetic here but either you follow your dreams/goals or on one sunny day you’ll wake up, look in a mirror and say “wow I regret not doing what I enjoyed, I wasted my chance”

You know when it is too late to start with something? When you adapt a toxic mentality and convince yourself that it really is

Tl;dr you’re only 16, you wanna do art then just do it

An Unexpected Visit

You meet by chance an stranger man in red and black when he breaks in your house through your window.

Originally posted by my-daily-space

The previous situation isn’t worth telling. It really doesn’t matter who Deadpool was fighting, nor how he ended up being catapulted against an apartment block. The important thing is that he fell on your living room, after a harsh landing where he broke your window.

Not that you cared anyways.

Wade Wilson was slightly confused to hear a faint giggle. He looked up. There was crystal scattered around him; he was thankful he only had a few cuts, for they would heal quickly. Wade was inside someone’s house, painted in cream colours, which seemingly was in dismantling process. It was your own apartment.

Another giggle. He stood up and turned around to the source of the sound. And there you were, now laughing way louder.

He wasn’t a man easily impressed. Yet the last thing he expected was a person in a torn wedding dress with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a piece of cake in the other. Your eyes were fixed on him and his ridiculous attire, and he just did the same.

“Wow, man. You’re like a Spiderman on steroids.” You managed to say between hysteric laughs. In a normal occasion you would have freaked out at the stranger… however the whiskey had made it too hilarous for you to take it seriously.

Wade took a liking to you and decided that he could hide a while there.

“May I take a seat?” He said and laid his arse on the couch, right next to you.

You took a gulp from the bottle and handed it to him. Wade doubted, but at last he moved away the mask from his jaw and let the liquid wet his lips. It pleased him that you seemed to ignore his skin full of scars.

Shifting on your seat, you faced him.

“Why are you here?” You asked your visitor, with a goofy- and, why not, lovely- grin upon your face. Wade left the whiskey on the table and smirked.

“You see, I was fighting this really fucking annoying guy…”

“What are you? A superhero?” The cake you stuffed in your mouth muffled your voice.

“Oh, no. Shit. I’m just a really cool dick who kicks other dick’s asses.” You nodded. “Then that bastard threw me to the sky… from several streets away. I don’t think he’d know where I am at the moment.”

“That’s nice. You can stay and eat cake then!” Your words were spoken with happiness. But Deadpool was curious.

At first he thought you were plainly drunk. Later he discovered a sad sparkle in your eyes; despite your intoxication he was sure you knew what was happening. And it was very abnormal that his presence didn’t agitated you at all. Unless something had happened and you took in the absurdity of the situation to forget it.

One way or another, nuts or not, he wanted to know more about you.

“What about you? Were you waiting for our wedding night too much?” You could swear you could see his eyebrows wiggling through the mask.

“The dress.” You stated, not knowing what to answer next. Sincerity was what you found. “An asshole left me standing at the altar. He was fucking a bridesmaid in the bathroom meanwhile.” You drank again.

“What the fuck!”

“That’s what I said this morning.”

“Is that your wedding cake then?”

“Yes. I took it all. It’s one of the bright sides, like not being married to a cheater impotent.”

He laughed and so did you.

“You know, thank you.” You continued. “You are the only one who has stuck around me for more than five minutes today. I would offer you something to eat, but I was in the middle of a move… Obviously cancelled.”

“The cake is great.” You kept on eating and drinking.

At some point he told you he was a mercenary and some aspects of his life you didn’t expect. He told you about a certain woman called Vanessa, a heartbreaking story. You didn’t know if he did to make you feel better or more comfortable around him, but you welcomed the newfound confidence. Your conversation soon dyed of love.

“Damn, girl. At least you’ll get to meet another guy. A soulmate or something worse.”

“My love records has always been really deficient. I’m not very hopeful. But who cares, love is not everything… eh… Wait, what’s your name?”


“I heard that name on TV. You were right about being a dick.” Your smile as sweet as sugar.

“I told you. Call me Wade, though. Unless you want to hire my services to scare the shit out of that fucker of ex you have.”

“No, no. I punched him, but I didn’t feel better. It’s not worth it. My name is [Y/N], by the way.”

“You punched him! [Y/N], I like you more and more by the minute.” He touched his face and realised his mask was still up. He felt self conscious. Even though you didn’t give him any signal of repugnance, Wade thought you were just being polite. The truth was you didn’t care how he looked like; he was an insane and pleasant visitor, one who drew you to him.

“Wade. Haven’t you moved from Vanessa?”

“What do you mean?”

“You said that I’d meet somebody else. You will too.” The liquor was finished, and you felt bold. This stranger caused you fascination and once you found something out, you seeked more knowledge.

“Oh, my dear [Y/N]. I won’t.”

You tilted your head to a side, confused.

“Why? I like you and I just met you.”

“You are drunk and you just met me, that’s why.”

You laughed, and made an offended expression. His smirk was now permanent, sometimes wider, sometimes smaller, as if pastered on him. Nevertheless, melancholy and harm were shown in some of his gestures.

“I’m not that drunk.” You placed your gaze on his mouth. When you spotted some cream on the side of his face, you tried to reach it.

Wade suddenly took your wrist, but let it go. You slide your finger across his coarse skin. Then, you put your finger against your tongue and licked the rests of the sugary mix.

His heart skipped a beat.

“Besides, there’s always someone who would not care about your attitude.” You ended your sentence.

“It’s not about my attitude. I’m fucking awesome. It’s about my face.” He lowered the tissue over his mouth once again. “I look like a rotten avocado.”

“You’re saying you are ugly?”


“Well, your mouth was nice.” It was a lighthearted comment, but it stired Wade’s deepest feelings.

“What? Did you see the skin around it?”

“Do you think I’m ugly?” You simply asked, hoping to prove a point.

“No. Of course not.”

“I have skin too, you know.”

“It’s not the same.”

Silence. And eventually he took his mask off.

You were surprised. You didn’t think he’d have the guts to do so, regarding how low his self-esteem was. Therefore, acting on impulse you pecked his lips. Then you froze and opened your eyes. Your drunkenness evaporated instantly.

“Sorry.” You spoke. He didn’t say anything. “I-I didn’t want to… I  mean, I wanted to but maybe you didn’t… I should have asked…”  

“Shut up.” Was all he could say.

Wade was utterly unprepared for your actions. Yet he found himself leaning in for another kiss. You didn’t move, and welcomed his mouth on yours. It was slow and chaste, just a kiss between two broken souls. He caressed your cheek, and you smiled into the kiss.

You parted from him, and he whispered.

“Are you a dream?”

“No, are you?” You teased.

“You are too good for me…”

“Says the one who fell from the sky like an angel and made me forget I got dumped on an altar.”

“You’re unfucking my life.”

“That’s not even a word.”

“You’re intelligent too?”


“How about a second date? I promise I won’t try to get on your pants yet.”

“Yes.” You wanted to see him again. Definitely.

You weren’t aware of the insanity that had just entered your life. However, just like the broken window, you didn’t care. Everytime you saw Wade Wilson you felt happy and alive. So, even though it was a challenge, you couldn’t enjoy more the adventures he always brought. He, on the other hand, just loved how he could sleep in your arms without any worries.

Fate sometimes is a kind bitch, as Wade once said.

bl00d-in-r0ses  asked:

RFA+Saeran and V reacting to an Otome Mc?

if what u mean by this is that ‘MC is the person in the game’ then hoe

i gotchu

P.S. the name of the game is “Curiously Caught” because why? because idon’tknowsendhelp


  • literally freaking the hell out
  • he’s trying SO HARD to win MC’s heart he’s doing all sorts of research
  • recent google searches:
    • how to get MC in Curiously Caught
    • MC’S favourite band/food/colour/type of cheese
  • he’s screaming inside and out 24/7
  • likes to call Seven to rant all about the game
  • can’t get his hands off his cell and lemme tell u his gaming friends are mAD


  • lookie lookie
  • a man his age playing an Otome game? P H L E A S E
  • it’s happening
  • here he is
  • smiling foolishly at his phone
  • “Zen.”
  • “ZEN.”
  • that’s right, he even plays during shows
  • he’s obsessed and is 200% determined to get MC’s route
  • “Just a sec I gotta do this… which one do you think is the better pick up line? ‘I will lock you up in my heart like a jail’ or ‘Although this is a bit cheesy, will you Gouda out with me’?”
    • low key wants to stab myself for writing^^ whatever the fuck those pickup lines are im sorry can u tell im bad a pickup lines
  • tries not to fangirl in public when MC gives him some hearts but he’s squealing on the inside sohardsometimeshecan’tbreathe


  • yea she’s that^^ type of person
  • she;s so devoted it’s kinda scary
  • Jumin is ???? “Assistant Kang, can you get me the files-”
  • she looks at him with the wild eyes of a boar and he’s like nope nevermind not today gotta go see ya holy shit she’s crazy
  • *employees slowly back away from her*


  • what is “Otome game”?
  • when someone introduces him to Curiously Caught he’s kinda ????
  • really confuzzled
  • he looks like those old people trying to work with technology
    • poking the screen with one finger really hard
    • lowering his reading classes and holding the phone 2 miles away from his face and then squinting his eyes to read the text 
    • asking questions about a million things:
    • “How do i go back”
    • “What do the coins do”
    • “How do i win”
    • also: “I can’t see”
  • he puts the game down at first because he’s confused and doesn’t know how to play, but he sees himself get drawn to it whenever he has free time
  • on the way to work? playing. taking a break? playing. 
  • there’s no stopping he’s becoming one of us


  • it’s just that he
  • he beat the game in 1 day
  • he got all the coins, all the hearts and was able to ‘catch’ MC with his skillz
  • but that doesn’t stop him from playing the game another 21232534 times because he wants to find loopholes
  • and see what the bad ends are like
  • low key hacks the game to see what happens
  • the company is like what is happening to our game???
  • oops
  • also likes to show off
  • he goes to online forums that discuss the game and logs on as
  • “curiouscatlover” and literally s p o i l s the game for everyone BUT doesn’t tell him how to beat the levels
  • i hate u seven y r u doin dis to us


  • he isn’t interested at first
  • he just saw it on his appstore and was like 
  • ok i guess i’ll download it since they recommended it
  • starts playing but doesn’t see the meaning in it
  • kinda just stares at the game emotionless
  • “Wow! MC just gave you 10 coins!”
  • “ok”
  • “Options: kiss MC or walk away.”
  • he choose to walk away
  • “we just met why would i kiss her i am not a creep like Saeyoung”
  • low key wants to delete the game but his pride won’t let him
  • “I have to win this or else Saeyoung will rub it in my face that he won and i do not want to hear it”


  • old ass men confused with game options and functions lmfao
  • dude calls up Jumin to work this out together
  • did i mention they met up at a cafe where TONS OF GIRLS AND THE PUBLIC ARE JUDGING THEM
  • and they were literally discussing the game like it was some sort of business tihng
  • “Jumin, if I choose to kiss her, will she dislike me? We just started playing this morning after all.”
  • “Hm.. I think we should just go for it - go big or go home right? That’s always been my business motto.”
  • “You’re right. Okay here it goes… YES! SHE GAVE ME 2 COINS.”
  • “See? This isn’t hard at all.”
  • *cue those comical laughs in the background of TV shows*
  • p.s. they win MC in like 1 month (much too long for 1 route)

:)) i hope this was what you wanted lol

~Cherry L.

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many happy returns

i know robert’s birthday was months ago but it is my wife @inloveamateursatbest‘s birthday today so we’re all gonna pretend :)))

happy birthday my love, i hope you’ve had a good day and this makes you smile <3

Robert’s having a so-so birthday. 

He has to work, because apparently Nicola doesn’t count “wanting to spend the day with my sexy husband” as a reason not to turn up. Though, if Robert were married to Jimmy, he wouldn’t either. He pouts and whines and moans, but it’s not like he’d trust her or Jimmy with the meetings on the books, especially the Stevenson account - the guy is gross with women and Robert might be a dick sometimes, but he’s not that guy. 

Spending the day schmoozing clients when he could be still in bed with Aaron wrapped around him is bad enough, but it gets worse when he hits traffic on the M65 and ends up gridlocked. Wonderful.

Picking his phone up from the dash, Robert thumbs through to Aaron’s number. 

“You home yet?” 

“I wish,” Robert says, letting his frustration bleed through. There’s something about hearing Aaron’s voice that makes everything calmer. He wants to be home desperately, wants to be able to curl up with Aaron on their sofa, listen to Liv whining about her homework, and watching shit television until it’s time to go to bed. 

(He hopes, vaguely, there are presents in there somewhere, but they’re not a necessity to the happiness of his evening.)

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Originally posted by hotseok

◇ Shin Wonho is dead.

◇ Wonho x reader

◇ mafia!au

◇ requested by anon; Could I please request a mafia au/gang au with wonho even the thought is killing me

◇ ummm this is way angstier than i planned. Oop


Wonho was cold. Icy cold. He was blue locks and battered knuckles and bruised lips and a black eye that was really shades of purple, not black.

He was never hesitant, always sure of every step forward he would take. Wonho could interrogate the toughest person known to man and they would be writhing for help in ten seconds. He was quick and nimble and good with his fists. Wonho had skills.

These skills were the main reason for Shownu’s interest in him. He remembers it clearly, how he was recruited; three years ago, after a good fight. He won, so of course it was good.

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Hair Trust - ||Joe Sugg Imagine||

Requested? Yes – ‘117 and 95 with Joe? ps. your imagines are amazing love! X’


·         “Can I do your hair?”

·         “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”

[[I want to apologise, like a lot a lot like so very much like im really really sorry for being gone for so so long, ive sort of been trying to deal with a break up lolol and me being me, I never talk to a soul about my feelings and shit so ive sort of been quietly trying to deal with it hence my disappearance, but I really am sorry and I hope you all can forgive me this one time]]

“Joe, we have to leave in a few minutes.” you said, looking down at Joe as he lied lazily on his couch, phone in hand as he scrolled aimlessly through Instagram.

“I know, Y/N. Don’t worry babe, I’m ready, just need to do my hair and I’m done.” He shrugged, continuing to scroll through pictures on Instagram.

“You hair looks fine.” You countered back.

“I still want to do it.”

“Can I do your hair?” You asked, your eyes brightening with excitement.

He softly laughed back, “Yeah sure, but, can I do your hair?” You looked at him with confusion. “Didn’t you say you wanted to colour your hair tomorrow?”

“Oh…” You paused; you’ve never trusted anyone besides professional hair stylist with your hair, to add a little brightness to your hair, you’d colour it at home. But to let Joe, the known Youtuber prankster, to do your hair wasn’t something you were as excited about. “I mean—”

“Come on, Y/N. You can do whatever you want with my hair, if I can do your hair.” You reluctantly nodded, being slightly excited all whilst be very nervous.

After styling Joe’s hair in a new manner, one both of you were impressed with. The both of you left for dinner, laughing and forgetting about the night’s promise you had made.


It was currently the next day. You and Joe were doing a little shopping, buying a few necessities such as toothpaste and shampoo. That’s when you remembered your promise to Joe.

You tried to grab a hair highlight kit without Joe noticing, but he was right behind you, softly chuckling. “You aren’t very stealthy, Y/N.” a sigh left your lips as your shoulders drooped down.

“Joe, I swear to god, if you mess my hair up—”

“I won’t, trust me.” However, you could not have trusted Joe any less than you did in this moment.

As you finished your shopping and the both of you headed back home, you went to throw on an unneeded shirt as you got ready for the mess Joe was about to create on your hair.

“Welcome to my hair dressing saloon, Y/N.” Joe clapped his hands together as an almost sinister smile crept upon his features. “We are going to make you look gorgeous!” Joe exclaimed in a high pitched tone as he sung out the last word.

“Joe, I will break your fingers if you—”

“No need to get violent, I assure you, I have had many years of practise. Back in my days—”

You interrupted him as you laughed. “Back in your days? That must have been, what, 1857?”

“Jesus Christ, Y/N, I’m not that old…I’m much older. I’ve had much more practise. No need to worry.” He continued to joke around, calming your nerves. But as the reality sunk in, there was no denying you were worried Joe’s playfulness would get the best of him and he’d mess with your hair.

“Joe, honestly though, please don’t—”

“Y/N…” Joe said with laughter, “you’re cute when you’re all worried. I promise you I won’t play any pranks. When it comes down to your hair, this is a very serious matter.” He smiled, reassuring you once more as you nodded with a small giggle.

After a short while passed by with Joe’s brows creased in concentration and few swear words said under his breath. Your hair was done and all dry, he had even styled your hair just so he could be that little bit more extra.

You looked towards the mirror, moving your head around to see if he had missed any spots. “Wow, Joe. You actually did a really good job. I guess those days in the 1800’s really paid off.” You giggled, a smile growing on your face.

Joe nodded, brushing his shoulders off in a cocky manner. “Joe’s hair dressing saloon never fails its customers.” You both let a small laugh slip through as he hugged you from behind, giving you a gentle kiss. “Does this mean I get to do your hair from now on?”

“No, Joe. Definitely not. This is the first and last time you’ll get to touch my hair.”

“Are you sure? Because I can recall many times in which I grabbed your hair whilst—”

“Joe!” You yelled, laughing loudly as you playfully hit Joe on the shoulder, him chuckling back at you.

In Another Life - Good Job, Baby


summary: a chaptered fic made up of a series of smutty oneshots taking place in the pastel!dan and punk!phil alternate universe

genre: smut, and possibly other things along the way (who knows)

warnings: in this particular oneshot - swearing, virginity, overstimulation, innocent!dan, handjob, blowjob, anal, dirty talk, size kink, lowkey praise kink uwu (wow kyra you just keep on going don’t you)

word count: 3087 (dammit)

a/n: okay yes! this is my fourth fic in a row, so i think i’m doing amazing with the ‘a fic a day’ thing. just to clarify, the following chapters to this fic will not be related to each other in anyway. the only thing they will have in common is pastel!dan and punk!phil, okay? okay. also, there are different prompts requested for each oneshot so ofc, it will all be different for each chapter, clear? alright now that that’s settled, everything phil did to dan was consensual and i had a lot of fun writing this. i would also like to thank holly for being there for me and beta’ing this fic. she is absolutely amazing :) i hope you guys liked this <33

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Nothing Compares - Bucky/Steve x Reader - One Shot - Sequel to Calling It Quits.

Originally posted by kingsebastian

A/N - Hey guys, first of all thanks so much for all the responses for Calling It Quits, I have laughed and appreciated all the feedback and messages I’ve been sent for it. Based on all the questions I’ve had, unfortunately I did go through something similar to this a few years ago. It’s not something you can get over easily, but times a healer. Secondly, my internet was pretty crap yesterday so that’s why the update has been posted today. Also I really need to update my masterlist. And finally, I’m only gonna do a little bit of Bucky’s POV as I like the emotion I can put into reader perspective. Anyway, here it is. I hope you all enjoy.

Bucky x Reader / Steve x Reader - You didn’t expect to see him after all this time, you didn’t expect him to be the one to bring up the past.

Warnings: Angst

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Playing Cupid (Clony)

“Playing Cupid.”

Prompt: Jeff is a precious cinnamon roll and I believe he would have had a big part in getting tony and clay together so I guess anything with Jeff getting those two together

Pairing: Clay Jensen x Tony Padilla feat. Jeff (Cupid)
Count: 1231 Words
Summary: pre-slash, Cupid!Jeff, half mutual pining.

- Somebody To You by The Vamps ft. Demi Lovato (probably Tony in his head)

For the purposes of this story, it follows an alternate timeline from ‘Dollar Valentine’ minus Hannah’s storyline. Hannah also doesn’t kill herself, and Jeff doesn’t die because of Sheri, and also Tony is single as fuck (but still gay as fuck).


Jeff knew, from the moment that Tony chimed in on Clay’s Dollar Valentine quiz, that he had to get them together. If he was being honest, he knew that Clay’s reluctance for anything social couldn’t just be his anxiety. Maybe, Jeff hoped, it was because he was actually gay. Not because he was gay. Jeff was as straight as they came.

After that questionnaire incident, he started to notice it a lot more. While he didn’t spend a lot of time with Clay, he did see how Tony seemed to always linger; however, Tony was always around, everywhere, all at once. But call it a hunch, Jeff knew they’d be perfect (which was not, by any means, very straight of him).

So Jeff, being his usual kind, attractive self, did what Jeff did best. Help Clay Jensen see what he was so blind to.


“I want to ask you something.” Jeff narrowed his eyes at Clay, as the latter twisted a pen between his fingers. “What do you think of Tony?”

“Maybe we should focus-.”

“Clay, my god, this will take two seconds.” Jeff laughs, closing his book. He could see the fluster reddening Clay’s cheeks ever so slightly. “Okay, I want to ask you straight out. No judgement from me. Would you ever consider going out with Padilla?”

Clay opens his mouth and closes it, several times, before making several noises and another several more mouth movements that highlighted how genuinely awkward this boy was. “He’s a guy!”

“Well, no shit, even I could tell that. I’m not that dumb, Jensen.”

“No- wait that’s-”

“I’m joking. But seriously. I’ve seen the way you look at him. You’ve never looked at a girl that way. Not even when you had that tiny crush on-”

“No don’t say it. If you don’t say it, I’ll agree to go out with Tony.”

That ultimatum was almost too good to refuse. “The office lady.

“That was one time.”

“Still. A. Crush.” Jeff laughs, earning a shush from Courtney Crimson, who is crammed in the corner with her posse.

“Fine. And for the record… I would go out with Tony. If it were to arise. But he is also not gay.” Clay mutters.

Jeff stared Clay dead in the eyes. “Are you serious?”

“What?! You said you wouldn’t judge.”

“I’m not, but, you think he’s not gay? Wow, Clay. For once I feel smarter than you.”

“He’s not.”


“Clay? Can I sit here?” The voice surprised him. Not because it startled him, although who knows, maybe both. Clay turns to see a concerned looking Tony, and instantly hopes the ground collapsed beneath them.

“Yeah, no, yes, of course.” Clay nods his head, pushing his homework off the table, to make room for Tony.

“Where’s Hannah?”

“She said she’s seeing a teacher now, about some homework.” Clay pursues his lips, in a half smile.

“Oh okay.” Tony says, before taking his seat. He turns his head, and Clay catches a glimpse of the stars behind his ear. Clay stops eating, and unknowingly starts tracing the various ink that is embedded in Tony’s oak skin. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, ‘course, just in thought.” Clay smiles. Tony nods once, before picking at his food.

“Jeff talked to me today.”

“Jeff didn’t - whatever he said, I just want you to know that I’m not gay, I’m straight and I hope you don’t hate me for saying you were hot and he’s just playing cupid and,” Clay struggles to speak through the food, so swallows heavily, “I would never have said that if-”

“Jeff never told me that.” Tony chuckled. “But, even if he did, it’d be a compliment. You know I’m gay right?”

Dread lined Clay’s entire body. “He didn’t?”

“He just told me how you were tutoring him.”

Well fuck was all Clay could think.


“Helmet, are you working on Saturday?” Hannah Baker, with all her witticism, walks across the hall from her locker. “Because if you’re not, which you’re not, because I checked, I hear that Jeff may or may not want me to take you to the diner where I will abruptly join Jeff for dinner and leave you and Tony to… get comfortable with each other.”

“Hannah, firstly, that is not what I said.” Jeff grins, approaching her from behind.

“I just think that there is some serious unresolved, probably sexual, tension.” Hannah grins, and walks away. “You’re going, helmet. No ifs or buts.”

It was an ambush.


Saturday night came slowly. After an entire two days of pure fear, Saturday night was considerably easier than what Clay had expected. Tony dressed as Tony always did, in the same leather jacket, and picked Clay up in his much loved Mustang. Hannah and Jeff did end up meeting them there, but let them have their space.

“It’s like a flower. If you cramp it, it won’t blossom.” Jeff exaggerated.

To which Hannah replied, “Jeff… that’s a terrible analogy.” Before they both burst into laughter, and leave the table.

Tony and Clay sit in what Clay considers a comfortable silence, but Tony breaks. “So… have you got any questions?” Tony asks.

Clay shakes his head, sipping from the milkshake. “No, um, you?”

“Here’s one; is this a date?” Tony asks, linking his hands together on the table.

“I, um, don’t know.” Clay laughs, and looks down. “I guess?”

“If you want it to be, we could go somewhere more private.” Tony suggests.

“Yeah, I think that would be nice.” Clay smiles. He goes to pull out his wallet, but Tony drops cash on the table, and frowns at Clay.

“Not a chance.” Tony chuckles, before looping his arm around Clay’s waist and walking him out to the ruby-coloured car. He opens the door for Clay, before getting in his own side and driving. They make small talk, but Clay can feel Tony holding back, and doesn’t try to push him. They arrive at a carpark, in the middle of the woods.

“You’re not going to kill me are you?” Clay chuckles. “Not that you could, you’re basically Yoda.”

“Was that a crack on my height, big boy?” Tony gently shouldered Clay, and laughed.

“Yesssss.” Clay grins. Tony eventually stopped them on a large cliff that overlooked the town.

“Just here.” Tony mutters. There is a nervousness to his voice. Tony could feel the nerves starting to kick in, especially in his stomach. His confidence slowly sapped. “Why’d you agree to this?”

The question wasn’t totally unexpected, but Clay still took his time to think. “Because I like you. I like the way you dress, and I like the way you look at me.” Clay sniffs, watching Tony’s breath become mist against the cold night.

“Really? I always thought you were straight.” Tony nods, and looks away from Clay.

Clay laughs, “That’s exactly what I thought you were.”

“I figured everybody knew.” Tony shrugs, and leant his head against Clay’s shoulder. They sit like that, talking about their families, their aspirations, and every other question nobody had asked Clay in a while. He could feel Tony’s gaze burning into his neck, and it was almost in the same moment that Tony leant forward to kiss Clay. When their lips met, Clay melted into it; he let the rest of the world burn away, and in that moment, everything was okay.

under my skin - one

one || the playful conversation starts

“Thank you.” She says and he grins. “I still hate you for saying I’m late and boring, though.”

“Haters gonna hate,” he sings, giving her finger guns as he rolls away from her desk and back to his.

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dragon || one

a bad boy!jimin au. my first smut written there - might be a bit cringey but i hope you can understand. feel free to give feedback! chapter 2 coming soon too! - sen

summary: a boy at the party with a dragon on his arm seems too mysterious to stay away from.

genres: smut

word count: 5.5k

warnings: swearing?

part two

Originally posted by princejimin

Coloured ink covering every inch of his built body. That’s what attracted you to him at first. All of those drawings were forever - they were there to tell a story. When Park Jimin first stepped into the room where you were, you wanted to find the meaning behind those stories. He had a peculiar aura to him - he looked like mystery, secrets and trouble. But those things just set the spark inside you. You wanted to discover and solve the mystery that was Park Jimin. Everyone told you not to - you were far too innocent and pure for someone like him to wreck him. Your poor heart would not be spared. But sometimes the heart wants what it wants, and pain is desirable.

You had never considered partying a thing you’d like to participate in. Parties were usually just filled with alcohol and filthy things, and it could be dangerous if you didn’t watch after yourself. The bad boys and girls spent their evenings in parties, people tried to sell you drugs illegally, and often it could end up with the police coming to crash the party. You despised parties. Your roommate Yoojung, however, was the complete opposite. She loved partying from the bottom of her heart and she often found company with her from that party. She’d bring her company to shared dorm of you two. You didn’t mind, the walls were surprisingly thick and you had gotten used to it. Besides, you and Yoojung loved each other, and you knew that this was just her as a person and if she wanted to hook up with different people all the time, then so be it. How people have sex was none of your business anyway, and Yoojung was dear to you. All was fine as long as she didn’t make you come to the parties with her. Usually she didn’t. This time was different. Yoojung wanted you to drag along to one of those silly, meaningless parties.

“Come on, Y/N! You barely even go out these days, you just sit and rot inside”, Yoojung exclaimed and you just chuckled.

“Yeah, and you let your river rot with alcohol so don’t think you’re any better.”

“Touché. But please, just this once? I promise it won’t be a big deal. I’ll even hook you up with one of the good guys that I’m friends with, he’ll take care of you for the night. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll take care of you in multiple ways”, Yoojung smirked with a cocky grin on her face and you hit her arm, answering with refusion.

“I don’t want some random guy to take care of me. I can do it by myself”, you sighed and swiped away the strands of hair from your face. Yoojung’s face lit up and she smiled widely. 

“Is that a yes? Please tell me that it is!”

“It’s a yes. But I’m leaving whenever I want to, and you’re coming home with your own rides”, you said, but the last bits of your sentence were muffled since Yoojung was tightly hugging you, almost suffocating you with her tight embrace.

“I knew you had it in you! Come on now, we need to make you look good for the party, alright?”

You hid your car keys inside the pockets of your denim shorts. It was a warm autumn night, warm enough to wear shorts and show off your legs anyway. Yoojung was wearing a dress, which was shorter than your shorts, but it suited her. And who were you to judge?
Yoojung had tried to make you go wild with your makeup, but you had stopped her in time. Instead, you had opted for a makeup that was natural enough but not too casual. Sounds boring, but you weren’t here to impress everyone with your magnificent makeup skills.

Yoojung and you made your way towards the party, and regret was already lurking up on you. Yoojung had told you that this party was set up by Jeon Jeongguk, one of the bad boys on the campus and that it would be wild. She most certainly was right. People were already making out half-naked in the front yard, even if it was only 10pm. The music was blasting through your ears and you could smell whiskey and other forms of alcohol even from your car. You stole a glance at Yoojung. Maybe you could just run? She wouldn’t notice, right? You took a step back, thinking you were all sneaky. Yoojung was a step ahead - literally - though. She grabbed your arm and started dragging you forward.
“Don’t you dare to run away now. You promised me you’d come”, Yoojung said while you tried to protest. You realised it wouldn’t make any difference. You were going to be here at the wild, wild party. This was going to be a long night indeed.

You stepped inside the house and immediately you were greeted with a warm embrace. She was Yerin. You and her were friends, you had some same classes. She was nice, you often hung out with her if Yoojung and her company were being too loud. 

“Hey, Y/N, you made it! Yoojung texted me about you coming and I almost couldn’t believe it! Our little home mouse finally crawled out of her cage”, Yerin said laughing and you laughed with her. Yoojung had disappeared somewhere to get a drink - obviously. Yerin started blabbering on about how she’s gonna introduce you to her friends. You weren’t listening, at least not whole heartedly. You were too busy trying to investigate the place. It smelled funny, like some Eastern spices or something.

You arrived at the spot, where there were 5 boys. You recognized them. Jeongguk - the funny bad boy of the campus. He and his signature bunny smile, which made him look so much kinder than what he did when he wasn’t smiling. Hoseok, another one of the bad boys, also the leader of the dance team. Namjoon, the smart bad boy. He was actually really nice to be around with. Yoongi, who was the small and skinny bad boy. He looked angry, and you feared him. Yoojung and Yerin had both told you that he’s actually a good guy, and that he’s just bitter about his height. But you guessed that nobody really knew. And finally, Seokjin, the oldest. He told terrible jokes but the boys held him in the uppermost respect. You smiled faintly at them and Hoseok immediately came to hug you with a wide grin. It was awkward - you had talked to him once or twice, you didn’t expect this much of affection. But soon enough it was over.

“Y/N! You actually came. Wow. This is amazing. Fucking amazing, to say. I’ve never seen you in a place like this, it was about damn time”, he said and you couldn’t help but smile. You were actually wanted here? You looked at Yerin who seated herself next to Namjoon. You sat next to Jeongguk. He smirked at you even if anyone in the room could see that he was nervous, but you ignored that. You were just a girl trying to have fun in the sinful party.

The night passed in a happy chat with Yerin’s friends and Yerin herself. You felt happy when talking with her friends. They all had the red cups in their hands, telling everyone they were drinking tonight. You had emptiness in your hands instead. You stood up, excused yourself saying you were getting yourself a drink and coordinated your steps towards the kitchen. You grabbed an empty, unused red mug from the table and started eyeing at the drinks. You opted for the slightly stronger stuff and poured yourself a drink. See, alcohol doesn’t taste good. It tastes absolutely horrifying actually. It’s the situation and the emotions along with it that makes the drink bearable. Whether it’s sadness or joy, they make the bitter taste disappear. 

You sipped from your drink and almost choked on it. Someone had bumped into you. The drink spilled on the floor, on your shoes and bare legs. You lifted your gaze angrily and saw something so utterly beautiful that you didn’t even care about the silly drink anymore.

It was a boy with raven black hair, tanned skin covered in ink and a built body. He wasn’t the tallest you had ever seen, but his beauty made up for it. The utterly gorgeous inkings in his body looked so inviting, you wanted to gently touch each and every single one of them. His dark eyes shot at you. 

“Oh shit, my bad. Sure you didn’t get hurt? Your shoes might be ruined”, he said and you swore angels were singing inside your head. His tattooed hands brushed accidently against your own. You just shook your head and smiled.

“Don’t mention it, it’s fine really. I didn’t choke. And my shoes were old and broken anyway. ‘Bout time I got an excuse to throw them away”, you said and he laughed along with you. It filled you from the inside, it was perfect. 

“Well, I’m sorry anyway, sweetheart. I can make you a new drink, if you mind?” He asked and smirked at you. Boys usually didn’t make you blush, but his words made the rosy colour splash across your cheeks. You were sober enough though, and even if the boy was everything you could ever ask from someone, you knew better. 

“I’ll pour it myself, thanks. And my name is Y/N”, you said and stepped towards the drinks, setting your cup in front of you. The strange boy just laughed and nodded.

“Okay, Y/N. Mind if I call you sweetheart? Fits you well. My name’s Jimin by the way. Park Jimin, if you prefer the formal way”, he answered you and you chuckled while pouring your cup full again. You turned to face him again and was met up with a cocky smirk that you had already learned to like.

“Jimin… A pretty name.”

“Same could be said for yours”, he said flirtingly and you just smirked back. Oh, so this is were this was heading.

“What are you doing here on this night, sweetheart? I mean, no offense, but you look like that type of gal that doesn’t come around here often”, Jimin asked, and he seemed genuinely curious. You just smiled, stealing innocent glances at his tattooed, muscular arms. 

“A friend dragged me. Ain’t no special about it.”

“Your friend made a good choice. A boring party like this needed something like you to make it even slightly better, sweetheart”, he said while smirking. You raised your eyebrow and he just laughed. 

“Yeah. I guess”, you said. You were absolutely flustered. A peculiar angel like him was saying flirtious stuff to you? A moment or two passed between you in silence. He didn’t seem to mind. He just eyed your body from head to toe, making his own calculations. He let his hand brush against you and you lifted your gaze to face him. He smiled at you and looked you into the eyes. It felt like he wanted to see your soul. And you were willing to give it to him in a heartbeat. The moment was interrupted with someone yelling his name. He turned around and looked at his friend, smiled at him and nodded. He faced you again and smiled, as if he was apologizing. 

“I’m sorry sweetheart. I have to go now. But please don’t disappear, I’d like to find you again”, he said and swiped your cheek with his thumb. 

“I’ll see you around, alright sweetheart. It won’t take too long”, Jimin said and with that, he was out of the kitchen and walking away somewhere in the huge mansion. You couldn’t get the words out of your mouth. This Jimin guy… Something in him was dragging you to a strange road and it had never felt better.

You walked back to your friends, but everything they said seemed to pass in a blur. Your thoughts were filled with Jimin and those beautiful tattoos of his. Yerin seemed to notice this, and said something about girls powdering their nose, and dragged you to a free bathroom. She shook you gently. 

“What is it? Something is off”, she asked and you just smiled.

“I just met a boy. He was really nice, but he disappeared somewhere”, you said and Yerin’s upset face was replaced with something that looked like happiness and excitement. 

“Really! Oh god, I thought someone had drugged you, I was so ready fight every guy here. Who is it? What’s his name?” she started asking happily and you let out a laugh.

“Jimin. His name is Park Jimin”, you answered and you couldn’t quite pur your finger on it, but Yerin’s expression changed fast. Was there fury? Disappointment? She shook her head and took your hands in his.

“Now, Y/N, listen. You can fuck with any guy you want, expect Jimin. You cannot fuck with Jimin. I care for you too much”, Yerin said and kept shaking her head. You were scared her neck was gonna snap.

“Why? Are you sleeping with him?” 

“No. No, no, no. He’s hot, I know. But he does not want anything else but sex, from anyone. He has never loved a woman, or a man. The only person he loves is himself and his dick. Trust me, you don’t want to mess with him. He’ll drag you to hell and back and there’s no way you’ll be able to jump off the ride”, Yerin said and you furrowed your brows. How could such a beauty be a monster like that? Ha. Yerin was probably bluffing.

“He seemed like a nice guy though”, you said. 

“Oh honey, trust me. If you think Jeongguk and the guys are bad guys, I can assure you that they are the goody-two-shoes compared to Jimin. Promise me you won’t fuck with him? Like, I guess I can’t forbid something from you, but I don’t want to see you getting hurt because of him and his emotionless actions. Pretty please?” Yerin asked, she seemed almost desperate. You just nodded. There went another boy out of your grip.

“Okay. I won’t fuck with him. I’ll forget him. Just don’t start crying”, you said and somehow you both found laughter coming inside of you. Your mind was still consumed by Jimin though. You wanted to find him and ask him all about his tattoos and himself. He had set the flame inside him and it was too hard to shut if off.

The rest of the party was quite miserable, so you decided to leave early. The boys and Yerin understood, you weren’t fond of parties. You found your way outside and started fishing your car keys from your pockets. You quickly found the metal object and spun them around for a bit, while walking towards you car. You didn’t even make it to the car, when someone snatched the keys out of your hand. You turned around and there was the laughing boy again. Jimin took your keys in his hands. 

“Hi there sweetheart. Going somewhere?” He asked while laughing and everything Yerin had said about him was long forgotten. There he was, in all his glory and you couldn’t ask for anything else.

“Going home. Need a ride? I’m sober enough to not kill us”, you said and he just nodded, throwing the keys back. You caught them and pressed the opening button in the keys. You walked over to your car, walking to the driver’s spot. You stepped in, and got ready to drive. Jimin sat right beside you and so the drive begun.

It was silent at first, you had asked him where to go and he just pointed front. He was the first one to break off the silence.

“You really are a sweetheart. You’re driving me home, even if you don’t know me”, he said, and there was something in his voice that you couldn’t understand. It sounded strange.

“I mean, I could a be a fucking rapist or something. But you ended up giving me a ride anyway”, he added, making it a retoric question. He had seen your confused face and decided to save himself.

“Well, I don’t know. You seem like a good guy. I mean sure, you’re all muscular, tattooed and shit. But you might be a good guy underneath that tough shell”, you admitted honestly. Jimin smiled, and it looked so, so pretty.

“Sweetheart, I’m afraid you’re wrong. But sure. I can be nice. Especially to pretty girls like you”, he smirked and brushed his hand against your thigh. You let him. It felt good, and you wouldn’t mind if he went a bit further, too. It was like Jimin had casted a spell on you. You chose not to answer to his speech. He was a good guy to you.

“Turn right here and you should be where I live. Number 14”, Jimin said after ten minutes, which had mostly passed with chit chat. You turned and stopped in front of the house. It looked kinda wrecked and dirty, but then again, you both were college students and money was tight. Jimin turned around to you and looked you in the eyes. 

“You should come in, you know. It’s a bit lonely, my roommates probably fucking with someone and you’re great company”, Jimin said, and even if he said it in a confident way, it sounded shy in a way. You just nodded. Funny how fast you were giving in. It was just a boy, why where you so head over heels for him? Jimin smiled, stepped outside the car while you followed. Lock up the car, and get inside and the night could begin.

Jimin’s apartment was surprisingly big. It was also clean, considering two young men were living inside. Maybe the liked tidiness. Jimin closed the door behind you and you took your high heels off. You walked inside the apartment and sunk down on the sofa, the boy sitting down next to you. He scooted closer and flung his hand around your shoulder. You just smiled at him while he turned on the tv. You knew nothing good was coming up on this hour but it was good background noise.

“So, sweetheart. What should we do? We could get to know each other better. A beautiful girl and me”, Jimin said suggestively and you smirked. Oh, so you were playing this game? 

“Alright, alright, lover boy. You tell me first. Why the tattoos? They’re eternal, after all”, you asked and gently brushed your finger across that one coloured dragon. It had caught your attention in the beginning, that particular dragon. It was mesmerising. Sure, the other tattoos were pretty, but this just stood out to you. Jimin chuckled and peeked at his arm. 

“Well, I don’t actually know. I think that if I mark my body, I’ll be able to go back to the memories of youth, even when I’m old and don’t remember much. Whether they’re bad or good, I want to keep them and hold them in my tiny heart, because they changed something in me or in my life. And, you got to admit, they’re fucking pretty”, Jimin said and laughed in the end. You heard the years of pain in his voice, but you let it pass. It was too deep for you to know, and you didn’t want to burden him. You had only met him a few hours ago, after all. You nodded in response and he took it as a sign to continue the game.

“Alright sweetheart. My question. Why don’t you ever go to any parties? You look like someone who could use a bit of fun sometimes”, Jimin asked and you giggled a bit. 

“Well, fun can be described in many ways”, you started.

“Oh hell no, you’re out the door if you go to some sewing club or some shit”, Jimin said and you both laughed out of joy. 

“First of all, I don’t go to a sewing club. And second of all, I don’t know. I guess I don’t find partying a fun thing to do. People are drunk and annoying, too many risks and all. It’s messy.”

“Am I annoying to you?” Jimin asked with a fake hurt tone in his voice. You laughed and shook your head.

“You’re an exception”, you said back and suddenly you felt him lean closer. The tension tightened around you.

“Oh, an exception? What do you let exceptions do?” Jimin asked, left hand brushing against your thigh, right hand pushing away the hair from your face. You gulped silently and looked him straight into the eyes. God, how could he be so indescribably hot? 

“You’re the first one, I’ll guess you’ll have to just… Find out”, you whispered and Jimin licked his full lips. He placed a gentle kiss on your cheeks, then your jawline, and then your neck. He found a sensitive spot on your neck and when a moan escaped your lips, he smirked and stayed on that part.

“Exceptions can do this right? I mean, you’re enjoying this”, he said when a purple mark was stained on your neck. He then moved back up, lips closer to yours than ever. You couldn’t help, but stare. You were in an absolute bliss, and anticipation was so exciting for you.

“And this”, he said while finally cutting off the distance between your lips. His lips were thick, and full and tasted like cherries with a hint of alcohol. You kissed him right back and he pulled you closer, to sit on his lap. A few moment passed and then it deepened. Jimin’s hands were creeping up on your thighs and even if everything felt so good, you knew you two couldn’t do it here. Not today. But his kisses and touch felt too good and it was impossible for you to pull away and stop whatever was going on. A flush of warmth flushed onto you, to your core. Jimin’s hands went a little further and then they finally cupped your heat. His removed his lips from your owns and looked at you with a look that just seemed to ask for a sign to continue. You nodded. Maybe it was the alcohol, or just the charms of Park Jimin, but anyone touching you had never felt so good, even if you both were fully clothed. As if Jimin had read your thoughts, he removed your shirt, and it didn’t take you both long to face each other in only underwear.

He eyed your body up and down and he let out a sigh. 

“Damn. I must’ve saved the country in my last life to be able to have a girl like you”, Jimin said quietly, like a whisper. You blushed a little, but replaced your flustration with gently running your finger down his rock-hard tattooed abs. You looked at him with innocent eyes and your hand traveled to the waistband of his gray boxers. You gently palmed his crotch, never breaking up the eye contact. You could already feel the hard on he had, but decided to keep on playing the game. It could be super fun, after all. Jimin grunted and lowered his hands to cup your breasts. He kneaded them and pulled you closer, attacking your neck with kisses. He squeezed your breast, his free hand’s fingers somehow finding the hook of your bra, and opening it. He tossed it aside, finally lowering his lips to your breasts. 

“God, baby girl, you look so fucking gorgeous like this”, he whispered and gently nibbed at the sensitive skin, making a moan escape your lips.

“Fuck, keep moaning. I’m already hard for you, I can’t wait to fuck you”, he said and you felt your wet heart twist in anticipation. Jimin’s dirty words were like a symphony to your ears. You nodded to his his words and a small moan left your lips when he squeezed your ass tightly.

“I can’t wait for you to fuck me, for you to fill me up real good. You’ll make me cum, right?” you asked with a innocent voice and Jimin grunted again. He sat up from the sofa and you understood where it was going, so you sank down to your knees in front of him. You traced his v-line and pulled down his boxers. His cock sprung up and you let out a quiet, but high sound. It was already hard, the veins outlining it. Jimin smirked and looked at your shocked expression. 

“Like what you see, baby?” he asked and all you could do was nod. 

“It’s so big”, you answered with a faint voice and Jimin let out a laugh and shifted into a more comfortable position. It was about to happen - a pretty girl like you, right in front of him, making him see stars of pleasure. Before he could function, you already gave a small lick to his tip, pumping the whole length with your hand. He let out a moan and pushed the hair away from your face. Then you took a bigger amount of it to your mouth, and angels were singing in his ear. He squeezed your hair into his fist.

“Use your hands, baby, please. You’re doing so well already, who knew you could take my dick this well?” He moaned and you hummed in response, leaving sweet vibrations down his spine. You took more and more of his cock and soon started to bop your head up and down, letting your delicate fingers play with his balls. Jimin grunted. Your mouth felt so good around his throbbing cock, he knew he wouldn’t last long, not with that mouth or those fingers. 

“Baby girl, you’re so good… Fuck, I’m coming if you don’t slow down”, he moaned, but you couldn’t be stopped. Fuck, he’s not gonna cum before he gets to fuck you, that’s for sure. He gently pushed you away and pulled you up, glaring at your panties. You took them off, and Jimin smirked, pulling you closer to himself. He moved his hand closer to your burning heat and you felt your breath hitch in your throat. Jimin’s fingers played with your wet folds, kissing your neck and lips occasionally. 

“You’re so wet for me already, I didn’t even do anything yet. Is that how much you want me?” Jimin asked, while circling your clit with his thumb. You moaned, wanting him to go further and further. This already felt like heaven, but it wasn’t enough. Jimin pressed on your clit harder and you let out a quiet squeal.

“Jimin, your fingers”, you tried to moan and he chuckled.

“Say the magic word, sweetheart.”

“Please”, you whispered.

“Didn’t quite hear that.”

“P-please”, you moaned and with that, one finger was in. He started moving it back and forth, curling it along the way. All you could do was moan in pleasure - someone fingering you had never felt this good. He added another finger and you swore you saw stars. His thumb was doing wonders with your clit and his fingers working inside you like that - the perfect combination.

“You’re so fucking wet, shit. And so, so tight. I can’t wait to fill you up”, Jimin whispered to your ear and kissed you again. Your lips let out moans and Jimin just smirked at you. Soon, the knot in your stomach was tightening, and the familiar feeling of extreme pleasure was coming closer. Jimin seemed to notice that too.

“Oh no, not yet, sweetheart. I want to fuck you first”, he said, and pulled his finger out. You groaned in annoyance - it had felt so good and he just did that? What kind of an asshole would you have to be? You were just about to go off, but then you saw him opening up a condom package. He rolled the condom onto his dick and smirked at you.

“Where were we?” He asked and positioned himself on top of you. He placed his dick right in front of your swollen pussy and then slided right it and you only heard yourself moan. You grabbed Jimin’s shoulders, to help yourself, and let him stretch you out. He smirked at you and kissed you again. He started moving at a torturing slow pace.

“You’re still so fucking tight, even if I fucked you with my fingers already… And so god damn wet”, Jimin grunted and you moaned in response.

“I’m wet for you, baby. Only for you”, you said and Jimin groaned, starting to move a little faster. Good, praise gave him energy. You kissed his lips as he started going faster and faster, grabbing onto your hips so tight that you were sure bruises would come out. But you didn’t care, all that mattered was this moment and Jimin. Him fucking you and moaning because of you. 

“F-fuck, Jimin, you feel so good. You’re so big, you fill me up so fucking good”, you mewled and it was true. Sex with Jimin was amazing, and you didn’t want it to stop, ever. Jimin moaned and looked you deep into the eyes.

“Fuck, go harder, baby”, you sighed and then he let himself free, starting to pound into you remendlessly. All that could come out of your mouth was desperate mewls and groans. Jimin had you seeing stars, and everything felt so good. Skin slapping against skin, the moans of pleasure and occasional swears. Soon, the familiar and so needed knot in your stomach was tightening and your walls tightened around him. 

“F-fuck, Jimin, I’m so close, I can’t take it anymore”, you said and he rolled his lips harder onto yours. 

“Cum for me, sweetheart. Let me hear you scream my name, let everyone know who made you this wrecked”, he said and started rubbing your clit with his thumb again. That pushed you off the edge, and you saw white stars and everything was a blur, only Jimin and you were bright and clear. He kept fucking you until you rode out your high and then placed his hands on your cheeks. 

“My turn, sweetheart”, Jimin whispered and started thrusting into you again, chasing his sweet release. 

“You did such a good job, baby. You feel so good, filling my cunt up. I love it when you fuck me like this”, you whispered to his ears and it only took a few thrusts for him to release his load inside you. He rode out his high, and then pulled out, when the overstimulation became too much. He collapsed next to you on the sofa and there you two were, breathing heavily with a fucked out look on your faces. You were both sweaty and hot, and you were in a desperate need of a shower.

“I think you can stay the night. You can drive home tomorrow morning. I’ll take the couch and give you some clothes to sleep in, alright sweetheart?” He said while smiling gently. The dirty and horny man was gone and replaced with the mysterious Jimin that you had learned to get known to. You shook your head. It was his house, you should sleep on the couch.

“A real gentleman you are. I’ll sleep on the couch. And no refusions”, you said and to make your point even more clear, you took one of the pillows to your lap. Jimin let out a giggle. 

“No. If you won’t let me take the sofa, you’ll just have to sleep next to me. Now get up, sweetheart, the couch ain’t yours.”

Jimin gave you his over-sized t-shirt and some boxers, he told you to change and to go to bed whenever you felt like it. He showed you the shower and told you to wash up. You obeyed his orders and after spending some well needed time under the dripping water, washing away all the dirt and filth, you found yourself laying under the thick blanket. Jimin soon came next to you in bed, only wearing a pair of boxers. His hair was wet and his abs were dripping with water. You chose not to watch his body, even if you felt like it. Sure, you had just had sex with him, but after the moment, it was flustering to you. He thought otherwise and wrapped his hard, lean arm around you while he sleepily closed his eyes. You smiled and made yourself comfortable.

“Sweetheart?” You heard his husky voice.


“You’re beautiful.”

“You’re handsome too.”


“Goodnight, Jimin.”

All good things must come to an end, and so did this night. You slept tightly against Jimin, but around 6am, you felt yourself wake up. You shifted in your place, got up. Carefully, not to wake Jimin up. You changed your clothing a found a post it-note collection. You took a pencil, wrote your apologies, and your number for him to catch up later. You felt bad for leaving him, but you needed to be home before Yoojung. You left the note on your place of the bed and stopped to give a good look at Jimin. He looked so peaceful and beautiful. You kissed his forehead and soon enough you were out the door for the walk of shame. What a night and what a boy.