wow like really proud of this



So yes her have some japis–

I have been working on this for daaays and finally I’m done–
This is the first lengthy comic I’ve done and I’m so proud ahhhhh 

I had to draw something for Japis because I just couldn’t help myself–

Of all the ships in SU I gotta choose this one to obsses over hhhhhh

Really good practice tho-


ya lit meme: [2/5] protagonists - remade

“They never pried, but it took him weeks to realize they didn’t have to. They didn’t ask for secrets; they settled for the breadcrumb truths of day to day life. They knew he hated vegetables but loved fruit, that his favorite color was gray, and that he didn’t like movies or loud music. They were things Neil understood only in terms of survival, but his teammates hoarded these insights like gold. They were piecing Neil together and building a real person around all of his lies. They found the parts of him no disguise could change.”


uuuuuuuuhhhhhh, i made a thing

and im not happy with it, haha, but whatever :D

anyway! color!Sans belongs to @superyoumna!

*watching ice skating competition with my family*
  • Me: Wow! That triple axel was amazing! Even though, I would really like to see a quadruple axel in competition.
  • Mom: How come you know so many things about ice skating?
  • Me: Well, I'm kind of obsessed with it
  • Mom: And what made you obsessed?
  • Me *sweats*

My new headcanon:

So Dex and Nursey have been secretly dating and when Bitty calls them all for a meeting, they think “shit he found out and now he and Jack are gonna give us a talk on dating a team member”

And they sit really, really close together because they are a Unit, they are Together and they are proud of it or something equally sappy.

There’s a long pause where no one knows what to say and just as Nursey is about to blurt out that yes he’s dating Dex but it’s not a big deal, Bitty is like “Jack and I are dating”

And then “wow ok.” and “oh. cool” but theyre both secretly salty because Bitty and Jack stole their thunder 

impressive things hunk has done because damn he doesn’t deserve this shit:

  • Is literally one of the smartest members of the team
  • found the fucking blue lion with his “Voltron Geiger counter” they would be lost w/o him bye
  • messed w the wiring of a galra tech elevator to get it work in no time at all
  • was one of the two paladins thus far to use their bayards to create a weapon for voltron (very useful on the balmera AND when they were rescuing allura)
  • Hunk knew Rolo was sketchy from the get-go and realized they were faking the ship problems bc he’s a fantastic engineer.
  • like the whole balmera thing
    • He’s the first of the younger paladins to really understand what its like to be a paladin 
    • what a great maturing arc im so proud of him
  • Used algorithms or something (i didn’t really understand it) to help Pidge create a better system for translating Galra to English (basically did something even pidge couldnt do like wow!!)
  • Saved all their asses in episode 10 by signaling that guard with a drone so he thought nothing was amiss.
  • Charged right into the main Galra ship to save Allura even though in like episode 3 or whatever he wanted to flee with the Arusians like it’s only been a few weeks but he’s grown!!so!!much!!
  • stop reducing him to a fat joke he’s one of the best characters in this show bye

I DID IT. I DID A CLEAN LINEART. It’s, like… the first time in two years ? I’ll congratulate myself with chocolate and apple juice. (and it was sooo long to do, I love my messy sketches finally)(but I’m still lazy : I did for Will the same skin and the same hair as Annabeth here)

I think I really need the Trials of Apollo soon because I need more Percy Jackson stuff.

And I need Solangelo. No, in fact, I need Nico happy, and I think Will is able to make this grumpy boy happy.

(I really did a clean line… wow I’m so proud for just nothing)


MEMORY_GLITCH - A #Winter Cyborgs AU mini-comic

HYDRA hears rumors of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and sends WS-01 and WS-02 on a quick scouting mission. WS-02 takes an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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Reasons I think Sam and Cait are together, part 16/we need new videos

I shockingly had more than I thought I did so there might be more soon!!!

1. Sam looks like a proud fucking husband/father introducing Cait and Eddie and I’m FINEEEE (AND the way she looks at him in the 2nd gif wow)


3. those heart eyes, yowza


5. I love that this is definitely BTS of a very emotional scene and they’re sitting really close to each other and he definitely has his arm around her all supportive and protective like and the way their bodies are kind of angled towards each other and I’m crying

6. PARTNER. EVERY. DAY. not scene partner. just P A R T N E R. EVERY DAY. she looks like she’s about to cry and Sam looks like he’s barely holding it all together. lihrogega


8. she breaks and HE PULLS HER IN CLOSER to help her get back on track BC HE’S HER CALM CENTER. 

9. the way Sam says “shaved your punany” all casual!?!??!??? I just……….why is this how they talk in the bedroom at home. 

10. It kILLS Me how Sam is trying so damn hard to pull it together but the longer Cait stands there laughing the more he laughs and then he finally gives up and PUTS HIS HEAD ON HER SHOULDER

I finally got around to giving these a tag so you can find all the others I’ve done (and there’s a lot???) here!!!

(*not my gifs*)

Quick 2am pen sketch of Hoseok because I wasn’t tired and Hoseok is beautiful

Today in Quantum Mechanics my professor was explaining properties of a second-order differential equation for a free-particle wave function in a finite potential well. Instead of freaking out like, “Oh shit, this class is about to get exponentially harder,” my first thought was genuinely, “Wow, I’m going to be so proud of myself when I finally learn this.”

That’s when you know that you really love what you’re learning.

BTS Reaction to: Their Wife Dressing Their Son in Really Cutesy Dresses/Cute Outfits

exo reaction; here

Jin: “wow, you’re so good looking no matter what clothes you wear! you got that kind of beauty from me. you’re welcome, son.”

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Suga: does feel embarrassed at first. for like .2 seconds. until he turns into that over proud, loud father who’s parading his son around the studio like; “you know what this is called, hope-ah? it’s called perfection. you wish you could have half as much swag as my boy”

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J-Hope: wow, I can’t believe that jung hoseok invented being a great and supportive father. he gives no f**ks about the fabric his son wears. he focuses more on raising a happy, healthy, caring little boy

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Rap Monster: researches similar cases where little boys are dressed in feminine clothing by their mothers. he reads articles on the psychological effects & is panicked at that thought. so he makes sure his son is dressing like that out of personal choice. & if he is, he does more googling to find out how to appropriately approach this situation; “jagi, please don’t bother me right now. I found a really good article on dealing with gender stereotypes for kids, I need to finish it”

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Jimin: sits his son down for a caring but serious talk. “are you wearing these clothes because you want to? or are you doing it to make mommy happy?” if he finds out he’s doing it for you, then he’ll calmly ask you to not force your wishes on your son. and if his son is happy and dressing in what he wants, then he’s 1000000000% supportive. and spoils his son with all kinds of cute trinkets and clothes

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V: proudly waits for his son at the school gates, waving and winking at him once he catches sight of him running up in his pink and yellow shoes. a dad next to him scoffs; “you let your boy wear girl shoes?”

and papa taehyung shoots back with, “I didn’t realize that there was a law stating that only girls could wear pink and yellow shoes. I wonder if there’s a law against that ugly shirt you’re wearing?”

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Jungkook: tbh he finds it a bit odd. he seems to be more traditional in his views so his son stepping out of the gender norm will take him back. but as long as it’s not you forcing your desires on your son, & his son is happy, then his paternal instincts will take over and suddenly he finds himself leading his son in a pink dress down the red carpet.

“head up, kid. you’re a Jeon, we don’t worry about what others might think”

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10 years of Gaara

It’s Gaara’s birthday, so let’s take a look back at some of my Gaara drawings through the years (prepare for ugly drawings) :

I was so proud of my ‘Mini Kazekage’ because drawing humans had always been incredibly difficult for me. For this picture to have turned out the way it did was mind blowing!

Oh my god, here’s a birthday picture from 2008 XD

And one from 2009 (why is Kankuro’s head a triangle ???)

(kinda went all-out for Gaara’s birthday in 2012. All the pictures I did are still on deviantART)

And finally here we are today, 2017.

Wow. Just wow. It really doesn’t feel like ten years. I can’t believe it!

Without Gaara I don’t think I’d be drawing humans at all today, let alone moderately Ok ones. I’m so glad I met this scrummy little red-head 10 years ago ~ ❤️

a-allyson  asked:

HI so i didn't know who to tell but i'm really proud of how i improved my grades using studyblr like i even brought my rank up 76 spots which means i made it from the top 20% to the top 10% and ik that i shouldn't be so materialistic and focus in the numbers but its the first physical proof that studyblr and my hard work is actually going toward my future. i just felt like it was necessary to tell you bc you were one of my first studyblrs i followed ☺💕

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES CONGRATS LOVE THAT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! IM SO PROUD OF U OMG THATS EXCELLENT <3 im super happy u decided to tell me about it!!!!!! ur hard work will take u far !

usuk omegaverse fanfic

hello there! after 84 years i went back to my omegaverse fic and i plan to keep updating until its finished! 

it has a sloooow-build relationship (omega arthur and alpha alfred), lots of dialogs and it kinda has this introverted feel? at least, that’s what i’m aiming at. if you’re interested, you can find it here!

1/???? beatles album aesthetics

                                                       rubber soul

“I’d never heard a collection of songs that were all that good before. It’s like a collection of folk songs, and they’re all just really, really great songs. And not just about love. They’re about a lot of different things, but they all go together, somehow. Listening to Rubber Soul didn’t clarify my ideas for Pet Sounds, exactly. But it inspired me. When we were listening to it that night I said to myself, ‘Now I’m gonna make an album just as good as Rubber Soul.’ Not the same album. Obviously there can only be one album that’s Rubber Soul, just like there can only be one Pet Sounds. But it inspired me to do my own thing, and so the next morning I went to the piano and wrote “God Only Knows” with Tony Asher. „ —Brian Wilson

 “It sort of dawned on me that love was the answer, when I was younger, on the Rubber Soul album. My first expression of it was a song called The Word. The word is 'love’. 'In the good and the bad books that I have read,’ whatever, wherever, the word is 'love’. It seems like the underlying theme to the universe. Everything that was worthwhile got down to this love, love, love thing. And it is the struggle to love, be loved and express that that’s fantastic„ —John Lennon

We were very pleased with the way everything’s turned out. We all think it’s just about our best LP. I can’t wait for it to come out. The sleeve’s finished too, and the picture on the front is pretty good! „ —George Harrison