wow let me go cry now


Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.

ok but how about “yeah we’re both girls and we’re best friends and we’re totally straight but boys are so dumb let’s cry together and get drunk and oh you’re actually really pretty how are you single can we kiss a little ok let’s kiss a lot and wow are we hooking up right now but we’re straight!! now it’s days later and we’re drinking again this is turning into a habit and you’re dating your boyfriend again but let me go down on you this won’t count as cheating because you’re my best friend” 

  • brain: you know that terrible thing that happened a long time ago?
  • me: Of course, wow, that was years ago
  • brain: I'd like to think about it
  • me: why?
  • brain: because it's time to suffer!
  • me: NO...NO....I don't want to...
  • brain: too late :)
  • me: *spends hours reliving a terrible experience and crying*
  • hours later...~
  • brain: Okay, we're done! Now let's dissociate and make some poor choices that you're going to regret!
Fun Toxic Thoughts of an Addict

This is amazing! I’ll be one of the few people to control my drug use. I can function while staying high. I’m not going to overdo it. I’m only going to do enough to tolerate life. I’ll only overdo it a little bit; only sometimes. I’ll never run out of money. I’ll keep my priorities straight. 

Wow, I never thought I’d spend that much money on drugs. I dont feel like going to school/work today, I’m going to stay home, do drugs, and do my own thing. Fuck everybody else. 





 I can get shit done, now! People like being around me and think I’m funny! I can even control my emotions! I never cry anymore, it’s amazing.

I’ll never snort anything, though. Only when I’m really desperate, but I’ll never let myself get to that point. NO way.

 Okay, I’ll just stick to snorting because it hits me quicker, but I will NEVER shoot up. I dont ever see myself doing that, I’m terrified of needles.

Alright fine, I’m just going to try shooting up this one time. JUST THIS ONE TIME, THOUGH.

I cant do this anymore.

Why did I let myself get to this point?

I cant believe I was ever scared of needles, I love them.

Everyone and everything else is so dumb, it’s not worth it.

I cant get out, I’ve gone too far.

Everyone can tell something’s up with me, now. 

It’s so obvious I have a problem.

Everyone else has the problem, I’m fine.

There’s no hope for me.

It’s over.

I either have to quit or… I dont even know or care anymore. Die, I guess.

I cant quit, I’ve tried to so many times… every time I dont have drugs, I’m so sick.

Nobody understands, nobody cares… I cant do this alone. I’m so alone.

If I tell them what’s wrong, they’ll just freak out.

I’m dealing with this on my own, what do I do what do I do

I need to get high, I cant deal with this

When did THESE become my problems

I’m so stupid



iconic j hope lyrics
  • “make money, good money”
  • “bang bang, shout out wow wow”
  • “hang hang over bang”
  • “it hurts im always cry cry cry”
  • “it makes me cry, ring ding dong”
  • “i want to buy alcohol in a natural manner”
  • “just forget about all your troubles for now because today im going to drink”
  • “move out of the way drama characters”
  • “today im wild for the night my body feels like A$AP A$AP”
  • “captivating kpop like psy”
  • “abcdefgh hakuna matata”
  • “girls are like cold ice montaints… let it go”
  • *car noises*

anonymous asked:

sticky note, stencil

sticky note: something about yourself you’d like to change

a lot of the times i jump to conclusions and make judgment really quickly. i don’t wanna be like that :/

stencil: who are your role models?

not to be a nourry stan but i am - louis, harry, and niall. louis bc he’s so giving and kind and so selfless like MUM LET’S MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY TODAY.. [goes on for ten years]. harry because he’s always? so? nice? like he’s so nice to everyone and their grandmother. he makes me cry tbh y’all should watch this video of him wow i’m gonna go rewatch it right now and cry. and niall because he’s so happy and carefree! i was watching this video earlier and literally niall didn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes he’s so cute i love u niall. 

“this is commander shepard signing off” wow i’m crying i’m literally a mess right now