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The Beatles’ Apple boutique opened on 7 December 1967, and closed on 31 July 1968. Initially, it featured this psychedelic mural, created by The Fool. Within weeks of the opening, other local stores filed complaints and the council issued an order to have the building re-painted in white.

“Trying to influence people and doing things like painting the Apple shop was all just part of the the Teddy boy in us, the Teddy-boy theme of ‘We’ll show them.’ We thought, ‘We’ll paint the building one night, and the next morning people will come up the street and the whole bloody building’s going to be psychedelic.’ That was what it was all about - I think we would have been pirates in a different life.” - George Harrison

“If they’d protected it and the painted wall was there now, they would be saying, ‘Wow, look at this. We’ve got to stop it chipping off.’ But that’s just typical of the narrow minds we were trying to fight against. That’s what the whole Sixties Flower-Power thing was about: ‘Go away, you bunch of boring people.’ The whole government, the police, the public - everybody was so boring, and then suddenly people realized they could have fun. Once we were told we had to get rid of the painting, the whole thing started to lose its appeal.” - George Harrison