wow just look at those sprites

Just to show I’m not completely useless, here. Take this with you.
Canon ERR0RBOUND sprites for the heckie of it. B3TAS on top and 4LPHAS on bottom. Kind of wanted to reference the Meenahbound flash sprites a bit, so yeah.

Favourite part? Probably would have to be how tiny John and Jane are. They’re the shortest of all their pals and I just want to reach out and squish their cheeks wow look at those small motherfuckers.

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I just read your Sans not remembering past timelines theory (I love hearing about other people's theories and headcanon's, and it's certainly one I can get behind), but I had a question. According to someone on an UT Wiki, if Papyrus' kill file is in your ini file, Sans will tell you "Let me give you some advice about fighting my brother… Don't. Capiche?" instead of how to avoid his attacks. Where would this fall in your theory? To where he can just see your expression, or by seeing the code?

(undertale spoilers)

This is an easily missed but very interesting dialogue. It requires reloading to a save point before the gauntlet of fire after killing Papyrus. Upon doing so, Sans will say the following when Frisk speaks to him.

Considering Sans starts with “here, i’ll give you some advice about fighting my brother,” it’s possible that he was tipped off that something happened by Frisk’s expression. He may not know exactly what considering he isn’t as aggressive as he normally is during his judgment dialogue when Papyrus is killed or when there is threat of Papyrus being killed (such as in genocide). 

However, it is possible Sans does have an idea that Papyrus was killed and simply isn’t being hostile to not tip off the anomaly that he can tell when they kill. As mentioned in the theory post, Sans is able to tell when Frisk has killed a monster just to increase their LOVE.

what’s with that look in your eye?
did you go through and kill someone…
just to see what i’d say about it?
you’re a pretty gross person, huh?

It’s unknown what kind of look Frisk had for killing Papyrus, but it wouldn’t be the first time they have a certain look after killing a boss and reloading. Even Toriel is able to pick up on this.

…why are you looking at me like that?
Like you have seen a ghost.
Do you know something that I do not?
No… That is impossible.

It’s interesting that Frisk’s expression on their sprite is rather flat, yet apparently they give looks that can be quite telling to those observant enough.

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Monty is Clarke's gay best friend and is always giving her advice on how to make Bellamy like her back

Also response to: Octavia and co (Jasper, Monty, Raven, etc.) all try to get Octavia’s best friend (Clarke, obvs) and her brother to date.

This got super long, so it might be easier to read it here on AO3. I loved this so much, so thank bellblaks and anon for the amazing prompts. They were incredible and I enjoyed them so much!!

“You need to just go for it,” Monty urged. Clarke glared back in response, turning her eyes back to the screen and ignoring his gaze.

“I don’t even like him like that.”

“Are you sure?”

“The sexual tension!” Jasper screamed, running through the swinging kitchen door and flopping down onto the sofa on the other side of Clarke. She took the bowl of popcorn from his hands, purposefully ignoring his comment.

“Bellamy Blake is the bane of my existence, and that is that,” Clarke declared.

“Ok,” Jasper nodded.

“Totally believe you,” Monty added in.

“You guys suck,” Clarke groaned, throwing popcorn into her mouth and crouching further into the cushions.

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