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soulmate! park jihoon
  • okay in this au you have the “you see color once you meet your soulmate”
  • and gOD do you hate this method you have because what the heck you’re a fashion and design major
  • your whole life you’ve been working with clothes in black and white and shades of gray and you had to bust your ass to get into the top university in seoul for fashion
  • whatever mythical being it was that gave you this curse basically said a massive fuck you to your hopes and dreams like rip
  • in middle and high school you would literally people-watch in different areas and different cities to meet your soulmate 
  • actually you didn’t give a fuck about who your soulmate was you just wanted to see color and work with it to produce high quality works
  • and end the shitty friend moments when you’re shopping with your pals and they go “hey should i get the blue shirt or the red one”
  • you: oh i don’t know andrea i think the slightly darker shade of fucking gray looks nicer
  • andrea: :DD
  • SO one weekend you’re looking around some stores in this mall and searching for inspiration for your next piece
  • and everything’s okay and in black and white as usual when suddenly you saw this??? strange shade???????? not in black or white???????
  • you’re SHOOK and immediately just start darting your eyes everywhere
  • and finally when your eyes land on a person at the men’s section of the store a burst of saturation and color splashes in front of you
  • and everything seems to have just…come to LIFE
  • you’re shaking because everything you see now feels like a new experience….colors that you can’t identify are everywhere you turn and you’re so EXCITED to learn the names of each
  • you turn to your “soulmate” person with tears ready to fall but suddenly
  • you: oh my sweet baby jesus
  • you: can his fashion sense be aNY SH I TT I E R
  • your jaw is like on the FLOOR and you’re absolutely appalled by the young man looking through some sweatshirts
  • in your mind you’re furiously criticizing all the choices he’s made and making 
  • you: why in the world would he pair that shirt with that vest
  • you: sweetheart that is one hell of a stupid hat you’re staring at
  • you: is he actually serious about picking that vest
  • you: what in the world did i ever do to deserve this
  • you’re fuming at this point and you’re ready to either stomp over and hit him on the head to get his senses back into place or walk away and pretend the meeting never happened
  • but then he turns around and sees you and when his eyes widen you know there’s no turning back
  • also you realize he’s really cute so
  • he walks over all shy with a hand rubbing the back of his neck and a suppressed smile to hide how excited he really is
  • he says “so….i guess…..we’re soulmates?” with pink steaming cheeks
  • it takes you like a few seconds to get over how utterly cute that was and the you’re like “yes. and your outfit is a disaster. how dare you.”
  • and that snaps jihoon out of his bashfulness and he’s just?? excUSE ME???? what the heck do you mean my shirt is suPER cute thank you very much
  • and you’re like SWEETHEART the design on that thing is utterly atrocious it doesn’t match your face at ALL
  • and that’s how you and your soulmate got into a huge argument in the middle of the store with ppl staring and taking pics
  • a few minutes later a middle aged man comes over and taps jihoon’s shoulder and says hey we gotta go you can’t stay here and act like this
  • jihoon glares at you before he turns around and leaves and you’re just HUFFS i hope i don’t see that kid ever again……..
  • literally two hours later you friends spam your phone with articles about “Wanna One’s Park Jihoon’s Intense Argument With Mysterious Person”
  • you’re on the verge of crying after realizing you bickered with a massively popular idol and your friends are like “what kind of flowers do you want us to leave at your grave”
  • you couldn’t focus on anything for a week straight and you’re so scared of stepping outside and having people recognize you so you started wearing masks and sunglasses all the time
  • it hurt your fashion common sense to wear sunglasses while it was raining but you were too terrified
  • but good thing was!!! you learned the names of all the colors you could and developed this habit of differentiating even the slightest shade like “that’s not just bLUE that’s cornflower blue with a tint of turquoise on the lower right”
  • it would only be a matter of time before you start addressing colors by their html code name lmfao
  • anyways your friends are recognize that your works are becoming a lot better and the color mixing seem smoother and more elegant than before
  • they ask you if it’s because you met your soulmate and beg you to introduce him but you know that they’d lose their shit and fall on their ass laughing if you tell them it’s actually the park jihoon you accused of having disgusting taste
  • you actually feel really sorry….like however much you hated the way he dressed you shouldn’t have criticized him like that man
  • you start researching him online and you get really interested because damn he has such a nice face
  • in your head you could conjure so many different combinations of outfits that could work fantastically with him
  • a few weeks later wanna one is doing a fansign meet and greet thing and jihoon is smiling at every fan and holding their hands and thanking them for their gifts and doing his aegyo
  • and suddenly…..he sees YOU right in front of him with your deep blue hat and heavy trench coat to avoid being seen
  • he flinches at first but he can’t be rude so he fakes a smile and just goes…”hi”
  • and you’re like listen….i’m like seriously sorry for that fiasco back at the store….. and you proceed to apologize several times before he’s like okay!!! i got it you’re sorry
  • and then you take out the bag you’ve been holding and hand it to him
  • “here,” you say. “i included a booklet inside.”
  • and then you just rAN OUT OF THERE like you didn’t even talk to the rest of the members who’re looking at your back like wtf was that????
  • after their schedules end and they’re at their dorms jihoon takes out the bag you gave him and sees the booklet that read “ok i know i said sorry but please take a look at the clothes i picked out for u” 
  • he’s so ready to get pissed to see you STILL criticizing his choices but then he sees all the clothes inside and the different outfit combinations drawn and written in the booklet….and he’s sOLD like these are so pretty and cute???????
  • and he tries everything on and woojin is like whoa and guanlin probably gets gayer
  • jihoon wears one set for his airport fashion the next day and all his fansites basically explode bc he reached another level of stunning
  • and his stylists and managers are like????? what the heckie HECK
  • jihoon’s all smiles and stuff and he’s….really grateful to you…..
  • like when he met you and found out that you were his soulmate he never felt more crestfallen because the relationship already looked darker than woojin’s past
  • but now…he just really wants to meet you again and thank you….and maybe talk over a cup of coffee….and just be……..a soft couple that he’s always wanted to be in……….
  • jihoon became the top search on naver for the whole week and became the reason for your smile
  • it’s the first time that your work has ever been “publicized” in any shape or form and you’re so glad it’s receiving such positive feedback
  • a while later you get an email during your lunch break 
  • and the sender is…..CJ E&M entertainment
  • they somehow figured out that you were the one who gave jihoon his clothes and discovered more of your works from blogs and stuff and now they want to hire you as a stylist for wanna one and the meeting date is….in three hours
  • you drop your cup of coffee and spRINT out of your university to catch a taxi cab
  • when you get to the meeting place at the company you realize that frick frack botta bing botta boom your hair’s a mess and you’re sweaty and you haven’t showered in three days due to your schedule and you’re in no way appropriate looking to be hired to be a person who’s in charge of making people look good 
  • but a staff sees you and is like!! come in!!!!! and you’re like welp it’s do or die
  • and the company manager and wanna one members are all in a private room waiting for you and the manager starts this speech about how he adores your sense of style and how all the members would be happy to have you as their stylist and how much they’re willing to pay you but the whole time you’re mostly sneaking glances at jihoon
  • you know how sometimes you would sneak glances at someone who just so happens to look at you at the exact same time and it gets awkward and then both of you would look away really fast
  • that happens so many time with you and jihoon but…the fourth time that it happens he stares back just three seconds longer than before
  • he blushes SO hard because of how daring of a move that was and starts fanning himself and beside him jisung is like??? it’s like 20 degrees in here what are you doing
  • and then the company manager says to you “usually we hire stylists who are married to prevent any kind of special relationship between them and the members…you’ll be an exception to our rule. but the second that we see something suspicious or that you’re violating that rule, then….well, you can guess what might happen.”
  • and you’re like wow what the heck so i’ll lose my job for getting together with my soulmate
  • and then the meeting is done and the manager goes to get you your id card and all the paperwork and everyone pre much disperses except for you and jihoon
  • it’s a bit awkward with both of you staring at the floor….and then you try to break the silence with “this sucks”
  • and jihoon laughs and just says “it’ll be fine” and he looks up at you and takes a deep breath and goes “give me your number before they come back”
  • his heart’s racing and he’s almost afraid that you’ll say no
  • and when you say yes and take out your phone he feels six weights being lifted off his shoulder
  • and his head jihoon imagines all the possibilities for you two…snuggling besides you as he watches you draw ideas into your notebooks, holding your hand and telling you to pay a bit more attention to him, and smiling when you toss your notebook away, giving in, and leaning closer to him
  • you have to shake his shoulders to wake him from his daydream lol
  • you’re like listen bud ur cute i gUESS but we ain’t gonna kiss or anything until i organize your closet
  • and that’s probably when jihoon realizes this relationship will be anything but the perfect manhwa couple he’s always dreamed of
  • and suddenly he finds himself swiftly pecking your cheek and going “yeah well i just dID”
  • you:
  • you: 
  • the other 10 members watching from a crack of the door: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
  • he saved u in his heart real fast

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I love you so much I've forgotten what hating myself feels like. [c.m x reader]

Warnings: anGST, anxious reader, worried tree bros, swearing bc connor duh lol

Requested? Yes! by anon

word count: i thiunk like 2-3k

sorry this was a vent source, I might change it in the future to hopefully improve it!

xoxo cass

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ladygattoditoon  asked:

Can you do the #8 prompt? Pretty please Oh and your writing is fantastic love ya

8. “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal.”

Nico doesn’t think he’s ever been more mortified to bump into a person before. 

It’s not just because that person is hot. Like, so overwhelmingly hot that Nico has to bite his cheek to not let his mind wander to places inappropriate. No, the man is also wearing a white lab coat and a badge that says he’s a doctor. A doctor. Nico’s cheek is bleeding in his mouth.

Oh, and the worst part? The white lab coat is now drenched in coffee.

“I am so terribly sorry”, the doctor says, and Nico’s mind snaps back to focus. He’s sorry? “Should know to look where I’m going… Guess my focus isn’t the best after a night shift, huh?”

Nico blinks and looks at the bright blue eyes that seems to be twinkling. Oh boy. He can feel his whole face turning red. “W-what?”

The doctor furrows his brows. “Are you okay? Did you hit your head? I didn’t notice, but I wouldn’t put it past me in this state of sleep deprivation.”

“N-no, I’m fine.” Nico swallows dry and tries to stop the stutter. “I’m - I’m really sorry about your coffee. And your coat.”

And then the doctor smiles. Nico’s heart stops right there. “It’s no problem, honestly. I’ve already had too much coffee this morning, I think, and the coat was going to the cleaner’s as soon as my shift ends, anyway.” The doctor looks at him so closely that Nico is sure he can see his thoughts. “You sure you’re okay? You look like you might pass out.”

Now, Nico is usually very good at keeping his thoughts to himself. He prides himself for thinking before speaking. But the fact of the matter is that this doctor is unbelievably hot and Nico’s mind short-circuits when he tries to gather his thoughts.

So he mumbles, “Well, it’s not my fault you look like a freaking male model, which, by the way, is totally unfair at six AM.” Then he wonders if there’s a hole nearby for him to crawl in and die. “Shit! I-I mean, I’m fine, not passing out. Fuck.”

Nico doesn’t look at the doctor, he simply can’t, but he does heat a soft chuckle, like the wind chimes on his grandmother’s porch in Italy. “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal, reacting like that.” Nico sneaks a peek at the doctor, who looks thoughtful for a second. “I mean, at least I think it is. I’m not really an expert in flirting, it would seem.”

This is a dream. This must be a dream. There’s no way the hot doctor is actually… “Flirting?”

The doctor looks confused and rubs his neck. He makes even that look ridiculously attractive. “I mean, you were flirting with me, right?”

Oh. Oh. He thought Nico -? 

Wow. This day just keeps getting better and better.

Nico has to take a few deep breaths before he can answer. Just because he wasn’t exactly flirting before doesn’t mean he wouldn’t want to. “Well, I could be”, he says slowly, trying not to avoid the doctor’s eyes (blueblueblue) and giving a shy smile. “If - if you’d like?”

When the doctor smiles again, it’s so bright that Nico thinks he might go blind. It’s so unfair that someone can look like that with what seems like no effort at all. Nico’s heart flutters in his chest when the doctor holds out a hand to shake.

“I’m Will”, the doctor says, and never before has Nico thought such an ordinary name could be so beautiful. “My shift ends in twenty minutes. Can I buy you breakfast?”

i’m so terribly sorry this has taken so long but it’s here now i hope you like it thank you so much for the support also let’s face it nico totally has a thing for doctors

Why Her? (Part 12)

Prompt: You’re in love with Chris Evans…but your best friend is dating him

Warning: language, adult content-ish? Jealousy, drama-rama

Word count: 786

Note: This is for one of my bestest friends. I hope she enjoys it! @amarvelouswritings This will feature Sebastian Stan and OFC Lexi. This is a drabble/short chapter series. Beta’d by the perfect @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

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You texted Chris Saturday morning to meet for brunch. He declined at first, which hurt, but it was highly expected. You were persistent though, determined to set things right. So when you said it was imperative, he finally agreed to meet you. At least it was a step in the right direction.

You met a small breakfast place and as soon as he saw you, your heart sank. He didn’t greet you with a hug or smile or anything. His face was like it was chiseled from cold stone.

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bts react ෴ they have to break up with their idol gf

anon asked: Hi! pls can you do a BTS reaction to having to break up with their idol gf because of her entertainment rules (she can’t date)? Sorry for my bad english.

don’t worry about your english, buddy! you’re better than most of my friends so your english skills aren’t bad at all! thank you for requesting <3

⁂ seokjin:

jin was absolutely crushed when you told him that your contract took away your freedom to speak to males; which basically meant you couldn’t continue dating seokjin unless you both were able to hide your relationship extremely well. since you were a fresh idol, it would’ve been terrible if you both were put in a scandal together – it wouldn’t put you both in the best of positions. with a bleary smile and a hug that felt like it was going to last forever, seokjin finally stopped crying and kissed your face as much as he could before letting you go with a loving look on his face. “someday we’ll be together again. you can count on that.”

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⁂ namjoon:

“i was really hoping you’d be lucky and not have that ‘no dating’ policy in your contract.” namjoon sighed exasperatedly and moved his hands to rub his face in despair before continuing on to rest his hands on his neck. his eyes were sad as he gazed at you and you shamefully hung your head; not able to bear the feeling of his stare on you. “i’m sorry, i really am,” you whispered, your fingers wringing each other as you willed yourself not to cry, “i thought i was going to be lucky too.” your lips started to tremble once namjoon pulled you into a hug, and he tried to hold his tears in too. “i’ll wait for you. i’ll wait until that policy is invalid and you’ll be in my arms again, okay?”

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⁂ yoongi:

“that’s bullshit,” yoongi spat, throwing his pen across the table with his eyebrows furrowed in anger, “you’re kidding right? i thought they said they weren’t going to put that in your contract!” his hands had clenched into fists as they stared at you in disbelief, but all you could do was give him a weak smile and a helpless squeak, “i don’t want us to end either, but if you’re really against it, then i’ll leave the industry.” you vowed. yoongi couldn’t help but scoff as he processed your words and shook his head; defeated. “i’m not letting you abandon your dreams for me,” he said sincerely. his eyes were glossy as he tapped his knuckles against the table, “please don’t forget about me.”

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⁂ hoseok:

“wow.” was all he could say. when you showed him the photo you took of your contract with the ‘no dating’ policy circled, hoseok was in complete shock. he didn’t know what to say. he cleared his throat with a pained chuckle and ran his fingers through his hair; still trying to process what he just read. “that’s really.. wow.” leaning back against his chair, he looked at you with a frown, his fingers anxiously gripping onto the ends of his sleeves. his laugh was quiet as he kept his gaze on you, your actions mirroring his. you apologized with a deep bow and smiled shakily, reaching out for hoseok as his eyes began to well up with tears. he pulled you in for a tight hug and you both began to cry on each other’s shoulders, both your tears making the other’s clothes wet. “i’ll be rooting for you no matter what.”

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⁂ jimin:

“so.. you’re breaking up with me?” jimin looked up at you after a few minutes of watching his thumbs twiddle over the other and tilted his head to the side, his eyes soft, but his gaze sharp on you. “it’s not because i want to, jimin..” you answered, a pathetic laugh falling from your lips as you realized how ridiculous and unreasonable you sounded just then. “my contract says i’m not allowed to date anyone and i guess you’re no exception.” you rubbed the back of your neck with a cringing smile as jimin sighed deeply, his eyes still glaring as he scooted closer to you. you apologized as you tried not to choke on your tears and jimin couldn’t help but pull you in for a loving hug, his eyes beginning to well up with you. “i wish i was that exception.”

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⁂ taehyung:

taehyung couldn’t believe his ears. you had to breakup because of your contract? that’s shitty. “i really don’t approve of this.” taehyung spoke; aggravated. you watched as he slowly paced back and forth in front of you, his arms crossed over his chest. “i know you don’t,” a humorous laugh left your mouth as his words hit you and you nodded in agreement, smiling sadly at your lap, “i don’t either, tae.” with a calm look in his eyes, he crouched in front of you where you were sitting on the sofa. he rest his arms on either side of your lap and smiled his kindest all the while leaning in to give you a little kiss on your nose. “do you think we can still text at least?” his smile turned sheepish as he gave you a hopeful look, “just change my contact name into something feminine. maybe that’ll work?”

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⁂ jungkook:

he really wasn’t expecting this at all. he didn’t expect you to break up with him – you two were doing so well together and now a contract was there to keep you two apart from each other. on the outside, he was calm and collected about it, but internally, he was livid, and he was screaming in despair. “when will that policy be invalid?” he rest his palms on the table with his tongue poking the inside of his cheek while he watched you with wide eyes, his smile shaky as he tilted his head to the side with a scoff of disbelief escaping him. “i can’t believe they put that in the contract. they were totally fine with me during your trainee days.” his head hung low as you reached out to rub his back and you smiled reassuringly, a quiet sigh later being released by you. suddenly, jungkook went to grab your hands and he stared at you with earnest, “i will wait for you.”

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♡ guidelines


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clexa at a movie night with their friends and lexa is slowly rubbing her hand on clarke's thigh. and she's truly not trying to be sexual, it's a scary movie and rubbing clarke's thigh comforts her, but clarke is trying desperately not to squirm as her thighs are super sensitive. the whole night clarke is just dripping and trying not to squirm and lexa is completely oblivious. when they get home clarke practically jumps lexa, and they do it hard and fast on the living room floor

“Did you like the scene where-” 

“Alexandria you’re in deep shit.” 

“…what…did I do?” 

“You made me soaked, all night. LOOK.” 

“Oh….WOW. I… I didn’t mean to-” 

“FIX IT.” 




“NO. HERE.” 

tbh best night of Lexa’s life. 

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can I please request a scenario of bokuto and his s/o's first big fight? (can it be about how oblivious bokuto can be at times??) and can it also please have a nice fluffy ending! thank you!

Sorry for taking so long! <3 So basically just picture them in college haha

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“I’m moving.” It took everything you had to come out and say that to Bokuto. You spent days and nights thinking of how you were going to tell him yet somehow, the bluntness of your words fell from your lips. Tears started to push through to your eyes but you held them back. You kept telling yourself how you needed to be strong for him. Bokuto looked to you, “Really? That’s really cool (Y/n)! Hey, I’m hungry. Let’s go grab something to eat.” Your mouth fell open, did he not just hear you? Can he not see the devastation that is clearly on your face!

“Are you listening to me! I’m moving!” You said as your hands clenched into fists instinctively. He sighed, “Yes I heard you. It’s not that big of a deal, now where do you want to go eat?” Anger filled your body faster than it ever had before, is he really this oblivious? Does he not understand that you aren’t moving across town, that you’re actually moving like ten hours away??

You figured the only way to get your point across was to yell so loud that you bust a lung. “BOKUTO, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST IDIOT I HAVE EVER MET!” You placed a hand over your mouth, where did that come from? You didn’t mean to say that! You looked down, “W-wait…I didn’t mean t-” Bokuto sped walk to where you were and got all in your face. “Wow. You really went there huh?” You reached out to touch him but he smacked your hand away. “Don’t try and comfort me now! You said what you had to say and I know deep down, you really do think I’m an idiot. So why bother trying to keep this relationship going anymore? Let’s just end it. End us

You couldn’t hold the tears back anymore, it’s almost as if a dam has busted. “No Bokuto! I didn’t mean it, I was just angry because…I’m moving far away and you didn’t really seem to care…” The ace scratched the back of his head and looked at you with a serious expression. “You don’t think I know that?” Your eyes widened, so he really doesn’t care? You hung your head low feeling depressed and defeated. 

All of a sudden, you felt something on top of your head. You looked up and saw Bokuto’s large hand. “(Y/n)…you made one mistake. You assumed that I would give up on this relationship just because you’re going to move a hundred miles away. You didn’t believe in me, you didn’t believe in us. That’s what I was upset about the most, not over the fact that you called me an idiot. But I’m sorry, I should’ve acted more concerned. I should’ve been more open with you about my feelings, but there was no doubt in my mind that our love would last.”

The tears just kept on flowing as you listened to Bokuto, “I’m sorry Bokuto! I don’t really think you’re an idiot! So please, please stay with me!” You lunged out and wrapped your arms around him. He let you cry into his chest while rubbing your backside in a sweet manner. You both knew that your love would last a lifetime, and you cursed yourself for doubting the man you cared about.

Thanks for requesting! (Took me a few days to write sorry!)

Disney World


Ashton had always liked photographs.

His apartment was littered with them, each one paired with a story he could recall at a moments notice. His phone contained even more, each of them holding memories he could look back on wherever he was. Ashton’s photographs were of everything, of landscapes, of artwork, of his friends, of his family.

Of you.

So logically, you should have guessed your trip to Disney World would consist of more photographs than you could count. Every ride with a photo opportunity, Ashton got the photo. At breakfast, you had your pictures taken with the characters. And as you wandered around the Parks, Ashton was taking photos after photo of the brightly coloured scenes around you. You didn’t blame him. The trip was a break from the real world for the two of you, both of you able to be happy and care free for just a few days. Ashton’s habit of taking and collecting photographs was something you were more than used to, and when it came to this holiday, you were more than happy for him to document it through photos.

You didn’t realise he was taking pictures of you as well.

And it wasn’t until the two of you were planning your wedding, looking through pictures to display at the reception, when you noticed. Amongst the pictures of you screaming on roller coasters and grinning beside Mickey Mouse, you found the candids you didn’t even realise had happened. 

“Ash?” You called, his hum of affirmation calling from the kitchen. “What are these?”

“Photos from Disney World two years ago.” He replied, coming back with drinks for you both. “Thought that would be evident from your Minnie Ears.”

“I’m talking about the ones where I’m not looking at the camera.” You show him one of you looking up at the castle, the majority of the frame your smiling face rather than the beautiful castle itself. “Why did you take so many?”

“Because I love you.” He smiles, his arm winding around you to pull you into his side. “And I remember being in that Park, surrounded by all those happy faces. And all I could think about was how happy Disney was making you, and I thought that was what I wanted to remember. You, being that happy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile as much. I decided you were just as worthy of being photographed as everything else in Disney World.”

You don’t reply, instead twisting your head to capture his lips, kissing him softly as he smiles against your lips. His fingers drum against your side as yours lace through his hair, before you both pull away, smiles still evident.

“I’m lucky to be marrying you.” You tell him, Ashton’s grin somehow widening.

“Not a lucky as I am to be marrying you.” He smirks, eyes falling to the picture still in your other hand. “I think we should go back.”

“To Disney World?”

“Yeah. I want more photos. Plus, we had a great time there didn’t we?”

“Yeah. We did.” You nod, kissing him once more. “So, extra honeymoon to Disney World?”

“Sounds like a plan Baby.”


Michael had spent all day waiting for the fireworks.

The rest of the day had been fun of course. He’d enjoyed watching the parade, his arm around your shoulders as you’d leant into his side whilst the characters went by. He’d found your screams funny as you’d plummeted on the Tower of Terror, and he’d definitely enjoyed the kisses he’d managed to steal whilst queueing for all of the rides.

But the fireworks were what he’d been looking forward to.

As the darkness began to creep into the parks, and the tall old fashioned street lamps illuminated, Michael grew more and more excited, lacing his fingers with yours and dragging you towards the castle in the hope of finding the perfect spot. When he did, he leant back against the railings you were near, pulling you between his legs as you pulled snacks from your bag.

“You know these are supposed to be the best fireworks you’ll ever see.” He grinned, taking a handful of popcorn from the tub in your hands. 

“Yes Mikey, you’ve only told me six million times.” You smirked, Michael huffing in response, pouting at you.

“Well sorry for being excited about something.” He mumbled, releasing you completely to through his arms across his chest with a sigh. You laugh, rolling your eyes as you leant up to kiss his lips, smiling as he kissed you back. “Not fair.”


“I can’t be mad when you kiss me.”

“You can’t be mad anyway.” You tell him triumphantly. “We’re at Disney World.”

“I have a right to continue this pout when we leave.” He grins, arms once again encircling you. You roll your eyes again, placing a piece of popcorn in his mouth when he opens it expectantly.

“Whatever Mikey.” You smile, smirking slightly when his eyes light up at the announcement the fireworks will begin in five minutes. “You’re like an excited child.”

“Can’t help it. I really want to see these fireworks.”

“Why? I thought you would hate them since the pyro incident.”

“Oh ha ha. You’re  hilarious.”He rolls his eyes at you, pouting slightly before shrugging. “I don’t know. I’ve always liked fireworks. They’re loud and they look pretty.”

“Hey that’s the same reasons as to why I like you!” You grin, Michael letting out a bark of laughter at your words. “See, I am funny.”

“Hilarious Princess.” He nods, leaning down to kiss you again. You smirk against his lips, your free hand cupping his jaw to keep his face close to yours as he pulled away. “I sort of love you, you know?”

“Only sort of?” You smile, trying not to freak out at the half declaration of love.

“Yeah.” He smirks, arms tightening around you. “Not a fan of the jokes, but I love everything else.”

“Yeah well I sort of love you too.” You smile, the end of your sentence interrupted by the announcement declaring that the fireworks were beginning, Michael’s smile growing even more. “Not a fan of the tendency to disappear for days on end with no communication.”

“I can work on that.” He nods, leaning forward to capture your lips as the firts firework explodes in the sky, his smile seeming triumphant.

You realise there was a reason Michael had been excited for the fireworks, and you didn’t mind that reason at all.


Luke doesn’t think you’ve ever looked more beautiful.

You’ve got a pair of Minnie ears balanced on your head, and a Tinkerbell tank top that goes to about mid thigh, your leggings underneath. Your hair’s braided in two loose plaits and he swears you haven’t smiled like this in a long time. You look so care free and happy and all the more gorgeous he decides Disney World really is the most magical place on Earth.

It only makes him more nervous though, the ring hidden in his jacket pocket burning through the fabric to scorch his skin, weighing him down a little bit more every step closer to the castle you get. You chat excitedly beside him, planning exactly which rides you were going on and in what order ebfore your gasping, eyes scanning the beautiful castle towering abouve you and Lue realises it’s his moment to shine.

Now or never, he thinks.

“Y/N.” He pulls you to a stop right in the centre of the path, the castle standing tall and proud beside you. “Before we go in, there’s something I need to say.”

“You’re not going to tell me you’ve cheated are you, because Luke that would be a sucky way to start our Disney Date.” You tell him, your smile showing how you were joking. He chuckles, surprised at how he’s even managing to speak clearly with how nervous he is.

“No. You know I never would.” He replies, hand squeezing yours reassuringly. He can hear the whispers that have started, people recognising him, and he prays no one asks for a photo at this moment and ruins his whole plan. “Anyway, I just…you’re really beautiful you know?”

“Thanks Lu.” You giggle. “You too.”

“No, I mean you’re breathtaking. I don’t remember ever looking at anyone else and thinking, wow, they’re stunning. You’re this ray of sunshine, and it isn’t just because you’re looks are beautiful. Everything about you is, from the way you look to the way you are and even to the way you make a cup of coffee, it’s all beautiful. And every time I’m with you, when your hand is in mine, I can’t help but thank whoever it is up there that made our paths cross, that gave me the good fortune to meet you and actually be able to call you mine. Basically, what I’m trying to say is…” He takes a deep breath, pulling the box from his pocket and dropping to one knee, hearing your sharp intake of breath and the talk around the two of you hush. “Pretty Girl, will you marry me?”

“Yes.” The word leaves your lips less than a second after he finishes his question, a smile taking over both of your features. He slips the ring onto your finger as the crowd around you bursts into applause, the shutter of cameras being heard as he stands to pull your body into his, lips finding yours. “Best Disney Date ever.”

“I should hope so.” He smirks against your lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Ever since she could understand films, Elise’s favourite Princess had been Snow White.

You said it was the hair, the fact that the Princess’ raven locks matched your daughter’s so perfectly. Calum disagreed, saying it was your daughter’s love of animals that connected her with one of Disney’s oldest Princesses.

Either way, the second you had arrived at Disney World, she’d dragged Calum into one of the stores to buy the perfect Snow White dress. You’d laughed, walking behind clasping your son Tai’s hand in yours.

“Elise looks like Daddy when she makes that face.” He giggled, his own resemblance to his father strong as he laughed. You grinned down at your five year old, nodding at his words.

“Definitely.” You agree as you walk into the Emporium, noting where Calum was already helping your seven year old find the right size dress. “Do you want an outfit baby?”

“Do you think they have Woody costumes?”

“I’m sure they do.”

Ten minutes later, and your children are kitted up in their brand new outfits, Calum even buying Elise a tiara, claiming it was only fair as Tai got a hat. Elise grabbed Tai’s hand, the pair skipping in front of you as you felt Calum but a headband on top of your own  head.

“You’ve got to have Minnie ears Angel!” He smiled, pulling his own Mickey ears on, the small blue had from Fantasia sitting between them. You rolled your eyes playfully, Calum’s hand finding yours as you made your way towards the castle.

Two days later, and you’re all still in the same costumes, both Elise and Tai refusing to wear anything other than their new outfits. Calum had promised Elise she could meet a Princess, and since Tai had been able to see the car show the day before, he was more than happy to stand in line in the Princess Plaza with you. Calum held him on his hip, the two of them whispering about something you clearly weren’t supposed to hear.

“Boy talk Mummy!” Tai had told you, Calum smirking as Elise pulled on your shirt sleeve.

“Do you think it will be Snow White?” She whispered, eyes that matched your own so perfectly full of innocence.

“You’ll have to wish really hard.” You tell her, smiling as she closes her eyes and begins to whisper to herself.

“Mummy! Daddy says you think Buzz is better than Woody!” Tai’s shout causes your head to snap around to Calum,  a triumphant smirk on his lips.

“Stop lying to my son Hood.” You glare at him. “Tai, Daddy’s lying. Everybody knows Woody is the best.”

“He’s my son too, Hood.” Calum replies, arm snaking around your waist as his lips find your ear. “Love you.”

“Yeah yeah, you too.” You grin, shuffling forward, much to Elise’s delight as you reach the front of the queue.

“I really hope it’s Snow White.” She sighs, making both you and Calum chuckle. The attendant catches your eye, nodding encouragingly much to your delight. Calum nudges your hip, sending you a grin as you move around the corner, a small gasp leaving your daughter’s lips as she’s met with the sight of her her.

“Go on then Princess.” Calum encourages, Elise freezing in place. “Go and meet Snow White.”


Rumors *Neymar imagine* gurl33n


“Yes, I hear you Kenny. No can I call you back in about 15 minutes please?” I asked

Kenny sighed from the other side of the phone, “Alright Y/N but you have to call me back we have to discuss this” He said

“I will Kenny”

I hung up, and continued to work on the papers for the next case. At the knock at my door, I just waved the person in not trying to lose focus once again, but after not hearing the person talk I looked up into the eyes of my assistant and best friend, Jordan. “Did something happen?” I asked

Jordan sighed, “Why are people so negative?” He asked

I sat back in my chair, and shrugged. “I have no idea, but is this really what you want to discuss I love you and everything but I still have stacks to do”

Jordan put a hand up to stop me, “It all leads up to something promise”

I chuckled, “Alright”

“Have you seen the latest rumor?” Jordan asked

“On who?Me ?” I asked

He nodded, “Yes”

“Is it about a case or something”

He shook his head, “It’s for something else pertaining a man”


He nodded, and pulled out the tablet from behind him and placing it in front of me. I picked it up, and began reading the article outloud. “Top 10 gold-digger girls from least to greatest” I read

I looked up at him, and he just nodded sitting back. “Keep on going”Jordan said

“Number 2. Y/N, the 22 year old steps out in all the latest fashion items and is always at the hottest events of the year. How does she do it? She does it with the help of her boyfriend 23 year old FC Barcelona hunk Neymar jr.

 If it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t have any of it. Look’s like this relationship is going to come to an end soon” I finished

I sighed, and set it down. “Is that all?” I questioned trying not to show the irritation

He shook his head, and picked up the tablet tapping and scrolling and then handing it to me. “Instagram too?Wow people shouldn’t have” I said sarcastically

“Who the hell is this whore?She’s nothing but a gold digger and is using up all of Neymar’s money….She’s a good for nothing gold digger who doesn’t love our Neymar, we’d rather have him sleep around than be with her…..Look at her she just screams gold digger…..Wasn’t she on the Top 10 gold-digger girls?”

Setting the tablet down, I took a few deep breathes before slamming my hands down on the desk and standing. Jordan came around, and gave me a hug. “I shouldn’t have showed you” He said

I shook my head calming down a little bit, “No I need to think clearly and not get mad” I said

“What would you like me to do? Call Neymar?”

I shook my head once again, “No, I’ll talk to him later”

He nodded, and gave me a small smile before exiting my office. Sitting down once again, I sighed and closed my eyes. Trying to calm down before something happens, I looked down at my watch and then at the stacks of paper work and stood grabbing my purse and heading out. “Should I tell people you’re heading out?” Jordan asked

I nodded, “I’ll be out for at least an hour” I said

He nodded, “Gotcha call me if you need me” He said as I walked out

I waved, “Will do”

I made my way to my car, and then to the training grounds of Camp Nou. When I arrived, Neymar was practicing he looked up at me and smiled. I gave a little smile, and he made his way over to me. “Hey you on break right now?” He asked

I nodded, “I had to come here to tell you something” I said

“What’s wrong?Did Jordan eat your stuff again?”

I chuckled but shook my head, “No actually it’s something different”

He nodded and we walked, “So what’s wrong?”

“I think-I think we need to break up” I said not wanting to look at him 

I heard his cleats stop hitting the ground, and realized he’d stopped walking. “What?” He asked

“I’m breaking up with you Neymar” I said

It was silent for a little before, I heard his cleats hitting the floor once again and his hand touched mine trying to make me look at him. “Y/N look at me please, what’s wrong?”

“I just, we don’t have time. I’m busy with work and you’re busy with futbol, it would be easier. I’m sorry Neymar” I said as I looked at him before walking towards my car

As I got in and saw him, he just looked at the spot where I was before and it pained me to look at him, and drive away. As I did, I calmed myself down and drove towards his house to get my things which wasn’t a lot.

After packing everything I left his key on top of the counter, and left heading towards my brothers house. When I arrived at his house, I knocked on his door and when he opened his smiling face changed when he saw me.

“Y/N? What’s wrong” He asked letting me in and taking the box from my hands

He set it on the floor and closed the door, “I broke up with him” I said I could hear my voice waver

Rafinha opened his arms, and I went into them and cried. Rafinha pet my hair, hugging me. “Y/N it’s alright but why?”He asked

“I-I was just so sick of them, the lies and the things they spread it drove me insane” I said

Rafinha wiped away the tears, “Who?”

“The rumors, Raf. It got to me, they kept calling me a gold digger how the hell am I a gold digger? I’ve got my own money, and my own stuff why the hell would I be a gold digger?“ I said frustrated

Rafinha hugged me once again, “They’re just stupid people with no lives Y/N, you can stay here alright” He said

I nodded. “Did you already finish work?”

I shook my head, “I took a break, I still have stacks to do”

“Alright, well if you want you can bring them here and finish them”

“Thanks Raf“

He smiled, “What’s a big brother for?”

After a while, I decided to head back to the office and when I got there Jordan gave me a smile. “So how was your lunch?” He asked

I sighed, “I broke up with him, cried, went to my brothers, and then came back to work”

Jordan frowned, “Sorry about that”

I waved it off, “It’s alright”

I went into the office and finished as much as I could, my phone was blowing up and driving me crazy so I took it and shut it off. Once I was in the silence it seemed much easier to get everything done, after finishing I headed home which meant that Jordan could go home.

We walked out to the cars, and he turned to me. “Are you okay Y/N?” He asked

I nodded, “I’ll be fine, like Yeni always says there’s plenty of fish in the sea”

Jordan gave me a hug,and we got in our cars. I drove off towards Rafinha’s house and when I got there his car wasn’t in the driveway. When I walked inside, I sighed and headed to my old room laying myself down on the bed I turned on the TV and flipped channels.

I stopped when there was one regarding Neymar and I turning up the volume I sighed, “Superstar Neymar jr. is now single ladies. It was reported by a source that Neymar and his lawyer beau girlfriend Y/N have broken up after being together for a while.”

I changed it, and then eventually turned it off. My phone rang, and without looking I answered. “Hello?” I said

“Hey Y/N look on the TV for channel 20″ Rafinha said


“Just do it”

I chuckled, and did as he said. There was a video playing, turning up the volume I listened. “Marc what’s going on? Why did he call all of you to his attention” The woman asked

“It seems like he has an important message” Marc said

I sighed, “Who has an important message?” I questioned

And then on the screen Neymar appeared once again. “First thank you for actually listening, second. I’d like to address something with both my fans and the media itself” He started

“Today as many of you know, my girlfriend and I broke up. I know why am I talking about it, because I’ve been in love with the same girl for over 3 years now. Y/N isn’t a gold digger, how can she be she has more money than I do, she’s amazing, and doesn’t deserve to be called that. She’s sweet and beautiful amazingly good at arguing. So please stop calling her that, and all those articles need to stop” He said and walked away

~The Next Day

“Y/N someone’s at the door for you” Rafinha said

I got out, and headed to the front door. There in the door stood, Neymar. Flowers in one hand, and a smile on his face, “What are you doing here?” I asked

“Y/N, you know I love you. For 3 years now, and its never ever changed you’re the only one I care about. And I’m sorry all those idiots are calling you those names, and I couldn’t do anything about it.” He said

I looked down, “Will you take me back?” He asked

I smiled giving him a hug, “Alright”

Neymar handed me the flowers and placed a kiss on my lips, “Now, I have a gift for you” He said

“Neymar you don’t have to give me anything the flowers are enough” I said

He shook his head, and handed me a box. “Go on” He said

I nodded, and opened it. Inside the box was a very expensive watch and I would know because I had bought Neymar the exact same one last week I was going to give it to him as a gift.

I chuckled, and he looked at me. “What’s funny?” He asked

“Hold this right here” I said

He held the box, and I went into the room grabbing a blue box and handing it to him. “What’s this?”

“Just open it and you’ll see” I said

He nodded and when he opened it, he chuckled. “Looks like we’re really alike huh”

I chuckled, “Seems like it” 

He smiled, “Well good because I love you”

☆ My Star [Valentines edition: Bobby ver.]

Originally posted by endlessikon

Title: My Star

Pairing: Bobby x Reader

Genre: Romance

Length: ~700

A/N: drabble no.3 for this special day. i’m already so tired, i might post the rest tomorrow otl. and this drabble is a little more special because it’s for our secret valentine @bobbyteam, i know we weren’t the best secret valentines (i was crying to bella about how obvious it was that it’s us lmao because M and B but yeah), it was so much fun talking to you! i hope you like this little drabble that i wrote for you!

and yes i am indeed kaisoo trash lmao.

“What are you doing here all by yourself? I thought you were going out with that Kenny guy”, Bobby climbed over to your balcony as if It was the most normal thing in this world. Maybe it was, things like this were always normal in that friendship you both shared. “Kyungsoo”, yeah you were supposed to go out with Kyungsoo today. Too bad he had ditched you for some other girl or boy. (Jongin or something)

“Whatever his name is. He is trash, don’t be sad over an idiot like him”, he gave you an encouraging smile and you always wondered how Bobby could make everything sound so easy. It wasn’t like you really liked Kyungsoo, however just this time, just this time you had thought that you didn’t have to spend this special day by yourself.

“It’s okay, you can cry”, “I didn’t like him that much, you idiot” and then Bobby let out a such a relieved sigh. Somehow It didn’t even make you feel upset, somehow you felt relieved too. “I’m glad, I mean Susan was way too handsome for you anyway, you know.”  

“Kyungsoo. His name is Kyungsoo”, you rolled your eyes at his second comment, knowing too well it was just a joke. A stupid joke which was not even worth commenting to. “Yeah, yeah.”

It was silent after that. You looked up the night-sky and were impressed once again how many stars hovered above you. “The moon is some lucky guy isn’t he? He has so many stars to accompany him and here I am, alone, all by myself”, a deep sigh escaped your mouth as you rested your head on your hands.  

“That’s because you only need one star and you already have one.”

“Wow, are you trying to tell me that you are my star, Bobby?”, it was kind of funny because it sounded so cheesy and you were so sure that Bobby would make a joke out of it. “I’m impressed. You saw right through me, you nerd”

“But.. That’s different”, was it? Maybe you really had your star already. Maybe Bobby could be your star– no he was–. He couldn’t be. “Why? What if I really want to be your star? What if I really like you?”, “You’re funny, Bobby. I’m really not in the mood for jokes.”  

“I like you.”

Your heart probably made a 360 degrees flip and you turned to the side to look into his eyes, waiting for him to say something like “Kidding” or hear his stupid cute laugh but not even Bobby– especially not Bobby would make hurtful jokes like that.  

“And you know I’m glad that that Kangaroo guy had other plans for tonight because I want to spend this special day with you. Aren’t you supposed to spend Valentines day with the person you love?”

“His name is Kyungsoo, Bobby, K y u n g s o o”

“Who cares what his name is?”–

“And I thought you only liked me?”, you weren’t sure what you were feeling in this moment. You felt stupid for saying things that could just make him take his confession back and you really really didn’t want him to take it back. You wanted him to be your star.  

“I don’t know, let me find out.”

The sudden connection with his lips left you breathless. It was so abrupt, how did you kiss again? How did you even breathe? But all he did was messing with your hair with his tender touch, his fingertips brushing over your temple before he took a hold of your face to pull you a little bit closer. And then you just moved softly against his lips, closing your eyes to do the same thing he did to you this whole time, making you crazy.

After what felt like– you weren’t sure but it was definitely too short, he pulled away and was giving you that smile of his again. Idiot. 

“Pretty sure it’s more than just liking you.”

Just a snippet of some thing I write when I'm bored

“I know why you two hate each other. You know, you and Eren.” It’s Armin who’s talking, looking at his lap.

“And why would that be?” Jean’s asking with sarcasm dripping off of his words. He’s sitting in a black chair, facing the matching one that the blonde is sitting in.

“Because you see yourselves in each other.” He’s looking at Jean expectingly.

Jean’s brow furrows. “What do you mean?”

“You both wake up and you try not to look in the mirror because you hate to see the idiot that’s screwed up countless numbers of times.”

“You callin’ me an idiot, Arlert?”

“You don’t want to see your own face but, when you see each other, it’s like seeing a reflection. An image, a face, you tried so hard to avoid and there it is, staring right back at you. It’s infuriating.

Seeing someone who had the same chances, who could’ve taken a different path, but instead ended up doing the same things, ending up at the same place. Same opportunities, same mistakes, though probably in different context. Berating each other, it’s like telling yourself what you should’ve done right and all the things you’ve done wrong. You look at each other and think. ‘Wow. Why are you so stupid?’ Then you ask, ‘Why was I so stupid?’.”

“Clearly Yeager is the less intelligent one.”

“You make so many comments to each other but that’s not it really. You’re trying to hurt each other, yes, but it’s only because it’s like hurting yourself.”

“You’ve officially lost me.”

“When you make a comment to each other it’s just like saying it to yourself, only less direct. You call him stupid and, even though it hurts him, it hurts you worse. Because deep down, you aren’t thinking about Eren. You’re thinking about yourself. About how many times you’ve done something wrong. Over and over again you’d try and fail and you just couldn’t ever learn. When he calls you ugly or horse face, it’s not because he thinks you actually look bad. It’s because when he wakes up and faces himself in the mirror, he sees the ugliest person in the whole world.

You use each other like outlets for anger, but you two can’t see how worse it’s making everything. You’re tearing at each other, and yourselves, so much that you’re tearing into the bone.”

Silence. A long silence. Jean is speechless.

“I left Eren, you know. I left because of how angry he was getting. We’d started out fine at first. I thought I’d make a couple side comments here and there, have some long, deep chats and we’d be okay. Oh, how I tried.” He sighs.

Armin’s eyes are going hollow while he’s looking at the wall, thinking about the past. Now they’re starting to water.

“We really did love each other. It just got so bad. He’d yell at me, I knew he didn’t mean it, but it still hurt. And it kept hurting and hurting and I one night I guess I didn’t feel like he hurt back bad enough.”

A couple of tears are sliding down his right cheek.

Jean’s leaning in, concern lacing his words together. “Did he hit you?”

“No. Not ever. I never thought he would, and he never did. But I…” Armin’s taking a shaky breath, too long of a breath.

“I called him a monster, Jean,” He’s whispering breathlessly.

“I called the person that I had loved most in this whole world a monster. Yelled it. Screamed it in his face! I called him a monster for tearing down everything I had when all he was trying to do was pick himself back up.”

Armin’s hands are now clenching into tight fists.

“I will never forget the burning rage that emitted off of him. His teeth grinding, knuckles clenching so hard they turned a sickly shade of white, his shoulders squared, and eyes burning right through my body. But it was not the intimidating amount of rage that haunts me. No. What haunts me is how he still cried, red hot tears streaming down his face. The heartbreak that his body so clearly presented by the way is breathing went ragged, as if trying to hold back sobs, his legs shaking. The way his voice quivered when he told me that he had always been a monster, and that he’d probably always be one.”

Now Jean definitely does not know what to say.

“I saw the anger build up in Eren over the years. His eyes burned bright but not with the light of a child. Fire formed in his ever widening gaze, his teeth and grin growing sharper and wider. Not with happiness, but with detest.”

Armin’s looking at him again, face furrowing and deadly serious.

“Your eyes aren’t like that Jean. Your eyes are hollow, cold, distant. You hardly ever smile no matter what the cause may be. Just the usual, casual smirk. You get bags under your eyes and sometimes you get so little sleep that it looks like someone gave you a bruise for each eye. You get skinnier, sometimes slower.”

Jean’s squirming. No one has ever read him like this before, and he doesn’t want them to.

“You’re like me, Jean. You look in the mirror, so very tired, and try to let it slip away, to pass. You try to put a smile on your face but you can’t. No matter how hard you try you just can’t smile. Sometimes it isn’t even worth the effort.”

Another pause.

“Do you have trouble breathing sometimes?”

Jean’s face is twisting into one of confusion from the sudden change in topic.

“Do ever have to go in the bathroom? Brace your palms on the sink and gasp in front of the mirror because the world is spinning and it feels like your falling and oh! There it is! That face. The face that makes you sick to your stomach. The same weak face that you know belongs to you,”

The blonde’s words are going faster now.

“And you don’t want to be weak! You just want so badly to be strong, to prove that you’re really worth something,”

His voice is shaking. There are more tears. He’s looking back down to his lap and fiddling with his thumbs.

“Eren doesn’t yell as much anymore does he?”

He looks at Jean briefly. Jean says nothing.

“It’s because he’s getting better. He’s learning how to get rid of the hate. You don’t yell as much anymore either. But, it’s not for the same reasons as Eren. It’s because you don’t think you can. You don’t think you have enough air in your lungs or energy in your body to actually make the sound come out. Don’t have enough energy to walk or talk or eat or laugh or smile and it just gets to the point where it’s all so meaningless. The world spinning in circles always repeating the same pattern that just tears you down and wears you out and we’re all just wondering if the spiral will ever end because so far it hasn’t and we have no idea what’s going to happen next and it’s all just so terrifying.”

It sounds like Armin is about to have a panic attack. Tears are streaming along his pale face, voice shaking and oh no. It isn’t just his voice. His whole body is shaking.

“Truth is that we’re all just lonely and scared and confused and we don’t know where to go. In all of the haze of trying to find a way we all make some wrong turns and some of them are very, very wrong. Sometimes we come back the way we came. Sometimes we push our way through the fog. Sometimes we fall but eventually we get back up. Sometimes, we don’t come back at all.”

Jean’s stomach is dropping from the last line that escaped from Armin’s breathless tone. He’s so ultimately compelled to give Armin a hug, to comfort him in any way, even if it’s something minor such as this. He’s dropping to his knees between Armin’s legs, he is wrapping his arms around the blonde’s waist, pulling him close. Armin’s flinging his arms around Jean and sobbing into the taller boy’s shoulder while Jean is petting his hair.

“We can’t live like this. We’re too broken, too new, too scared, too stupid, too reckless, too hateful. We can’t keep fighting. Not any of us. Not Eren and I, neither you or Eren. We have to let some of these things go.”

“I’m giving you a chance right now.” Jean’s whispering.

Armin’s eyes are shutting tighter along with his grip on Jean’s shirt. He’s holding it like it’s his last hope. He’s sobbing for what seems like hours. Jean’s own eyes are overflowing with tears of regret, and anger, and hopelessness. Armin is right. He’s almost always right. And he needs this; they both need this. The comfort may not last forever, but in this moment, it’s the best relief he has felt in years.

Christmas Morning

I wrote this little Christmas story as a present for my Secret Santa recipient @kriziamars

Merry Christmas!


Gail hated Christmas. There were just too many damn shiny happy people going around trying desperately to pretend that their pathetic, miserable, little lives didn’t suck. She was having none of it. Another Christmas Eve spent out in the snow, and the slush, and eventually toward dawn, the freezing rain, keeping the mean streets of Toronto safe from the likes of gross, Flasher Santa, and other drunks. When he told her to sit on his lap so he could fulfill her Christmas wishes, she told him he was under arrest and if he didn’t put his, uh, toys away it would be the last time he, or anyone else, would get to play with them, as she pointed her taser at his crotch. She had been cold, and wet, and had had her shoes puked on, and Traci had called her a Grinch. She sighed. Other people had families, and kids, and girlfriends. Oliver promised to not to tell anyone that she had volunteered for this stupid double shift, again, so she guessed she couldn’t complain, well, not too loudly anyway. When Chloe noticed she was working another holiday, all she did was grumble,“Yeah, it sucks.”, and glare with enough intensity that she was left alone.

She was home. Finally home, snug in her own bed with the blankets pulled up over her head, and her thick, dry, wool socks on her feet, she smiled happily to herself as she was finally warm, and the blissful weight of sleep began to descend.

“What the hell!” She awoke with a start as someone jumped on her bed and started bouncing.

“Merry Christmas Gail!” Chloe grabbed her into a bear hug, pinning her arms the instant she sat up.

“Jesus Christ Princess! I just got to sleep.” She whined, and struggled to break free.

“Aw come on Gail! It’s Christmas morning!” Dov replied with a smile, leaning against her open door frame, before coming in to sit on her bed too.

“What the…?!” She glared menacingly at him, “Does this look like the living room couch to you?”

“You love it!” Chloe chirped, squeezing her tighter.

“No I don’t.” She grumbled.

“Yes, you do!” Chloe’s smile got bigger.

Gail sighed, and sagged. There would be no getting back to sleep now.

“I told you when we became a family that we would open our presents on Christmas morning.” Dov smiled somewhat smugly at her.

She was just about to retort when the tantalizing aroma of coffee and freshly baked cinnamon rolls filled her room. Chris was standing in the doorway carrying a fully loaded tray.

“That’s right Gail. We’re your family now, so shut up and push over!” He said, setting the tray carefully on her lap and handing her a mug as he sat down next to her.

There were five mugs of coffee.

“What is this Chris? Coffee for Santa?” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“Nope.” His smile got bigger.

“Please don’t tell me that you’ve got some badge bunny bimbo stashed in your room that you’re…” She began, but the words died on her lips as her eyes drifted to the door.


The room fell away, and there she was, ugly Darth Vader Christmas sweater and all, looking exhausted, slightly rumpled, and more beautiful than Gail remembered.

“What are you doing here?” Gail asked helplessly.

“I heard you were lonely.” Holly replied, taking a tentative step forward, “and your friends sent me a plane ticket.”, she moved slowly closer, “and I missed you.”

“You did?” Was all Gail could manage.

Holly nodded, swallowing audibly around the growing lump in her throat.

“Merry Christmas Gail!” Chloe squealed, bringing Gail back to reality, kissing her on the cheek.

“You guys did this for me?” She looked around at their glowing, expectant faces.

“Yeah.” Dov replied with a smile.

“We just want you to be happy.” Chris chimed in.

The warm feeling that filled her chest, threatened to explode and leak out of her eyes as she looked around at them all.

She took a deep ragged breath to try to compose herself. “Wow.” She breathed out.

Chloe bounced off the bed dragging Dov with her by his sleeve.

Chris kissed her cheek, picked up the tray and started to go.

“Not so fast!” She made a grab for the cinnamon rolls. “And close the door behind you!”

She could hear Chris laughing at her as the door closed leaving her alone with Holly.

“Hey.” She said quietly, suddenly shy.

“Hey.” Holly replied in an equally hushed tone, sitting down on the edge of Gail’s bed.

“You said that already” Gail whispered, leaning in.

“I thought it sounded familiar.” Holly murmured before closing the distance between them.

Kissing Holly was everything Gail had been missing with a painful ache. She knew that it was wrong to hope, to expect Holly to come back for her, to want more than just this.

“When did you get here?” Gail asked when they finally broke the kiss, foreheads leaning together.

“Just about an hour ago. I took the red eye.” Holly replied.

Gail felt her heart speed up. She was afraid of the answer, but she knew she had to ask. “How long are you staying?”

“Well…"Holly leaned back in kissing her briefly, “that depends…”

“Depends?” Gail leaned back into her pillows, pulling Holly on top of her.

“Uh huh.” Holly breathed out., “on how long you want me to stay.”

“I’ve never not wanted you to stay.” Gail flipped back her blankets inviting Holly inside.

“Good!” Holly pressed her lips into the crook of Gail’s neck as she snuggled closer. “I was hoping you’d say that!”