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i’ve been watching mushy wedding videos on youtube all day which naturally resulted in deep contemplation of the following:

  • harry marries ginny in his auror uniform bc HOT DAMN TBH
  • idk maybe ginny wears her pro quidditch robes too because why go the white dress route when you can start your official life as a famous hot power-couple with a statement like that
  • harry thinks it’s a good thing he was already standing up-front when he noticed hagrid and mcgonagall sitting where the groom’s parents were supposed to be otherwise he reckons he might have cried a bit he still cried a bit
  • molly and minerva take turns dancing w/ harry for the mother/son dance don’t touch me
  • people come up to mr weasley and ask him good-naturedly “gaining another son, eh arthur, don’t you have enough of those already lolol?” and he’s just like “pls we pretty much raised that kid, do u see these gray hairs he is partly to blame, this is basically an excuse to have cake”
  • hermione and ron have a muggle ceremony & hermione teaches her delighted father-in-law the chicken dance
  • ginny’s speech as maid of honor (or matron of honor bc hinny probably got married first lbr) and harry’s as best man both contain so much damn sass that hermione and ron start to question their life choices
  • ron forever regrets that he missed his chance at payback by neglecting to bring up ginny’s singing valentine at harry’s wedding
  • everyone bets on percy and audrey dating for 3+ years and then being engaged for 2+ years and having an elaborate ceremony planned down to the tiniest detail
  • lol nah they date for like a month and then elope
  • everyone but fleur is shocked
  • george considers leaving the spot of his best man open but picks ginny in the end
  • lee jordan is jealous for about a second before he starts a fierce campaign to be angelina’s maid of honor
  • angelina does not make lee jordan her maid of honor
  • he does however land the gig of dj for the reception and plays an endless rotation of sappy 80s love songs & spice girls
  • charlie never gets married bc dRA g O NS “but charlie you’re so handsome and there’s this lovely-” “DRAGONS THO. mum. like, DRAGONS??? dragons”

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If I were a(n)…

Month: October or December
Day: Sunday
Planet: Neptune
God or Goddess: Artemis
Sea animal: Seal
Piece of furniture: Bed
Flower: Hydrangea 
Weather: Chilly
Color: Light Blue
Emotion: Anxious
Fruit: Banana
Element: Sodium
Place: Disney World
Taste: Sweet
Scent: Lavender
Body part: Eyes

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That One Illustrakay Collab | Check out Taryn’s side of the collab here!

Yoyoyoyoyo sons and daughters I present to you the ultimate result of cool shoeless artists who don’t look at explosions also known as illustrakay. I be collabing with the beaut and amaze and all positive adjectives @tweekay

Pls cleanse your soul and follow my beb. She did an amazing bubblegum lucy (see what she did there) and I coloured and i did a magical girl lucy (see what i did there) and she coloured and it was all fun and games until i redefied the internet (don’t ask) and the illumanati got involved (don’t ask x2)


This or That - forthenexttenminutesago asked SMASH or glee?

Yo, so it’s my first follow foreva and everyone is excited wow look at them all tweet about it. Rih didn’t give a damn tho and Bey doesn’t eva tweet so… but anyways, let’s get to it…

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