wow its so pink weird

ayy so i just hit 2k so i decided to do a tumblr awards thingy!


  • mbf me (i will check!)
  • reblogs only, likes are only for bookmarking
  • any blogs can enter but being a humour blog would help :)
  • ill be picking by the 24th of january


  • Best URL 
  • Best Theme 
  • Best Icon 
  • Best Posts 
  • Cutest Boy 
  • Cutest Girl 
  • Best Overall (1)

i’ll probably pick about 3 for each category. 

If you win you get:

  • a follow back yo
  • selfie/post reblogs or anything you want at all 
  • indestructible friendship B)
  • link on my blog
  • basically anything i have to offer

annnnd finally: if this doesnt get any notes please erase all memory of it :)