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For the emotion drawings, how about Kravitz, hurt, 27?? Thank you!!

do you think kravitz remembers dying? taako understands though. he understands better than most.


quickly finished a old-ass wip hope you guys like~~


A Werewolf Boy (2012) || Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

Lee Taeyong: Pretty Boy


No answer.

“…Babe?” Again, no answer from the boy who was sitting on the couch, laptop on his lap.

“Taeyong.” Yet again, you receive no response from your boyfriend. You were standing by the kitchen entrance, staring at him with a frown. Was he giving you some sort of silent treatment? But what did you even do?

You slowly approach him but then come to a sudden stop. You want to try and recall the events that happened between you, so that’s what you do.

Did anything happen this morning? I don’t think I did anything to upset him or make him mad, did I? I made him breakfast and we ate together… This afternoon… Oh! I remember! We went shopping and… we took selfies! Then I criticized him. I made fun of his photo taking skills. Also because the filters were ugly. Right. Oh Taeyong…

Earlier in the day, both of you decided to go shopping, getting information from your friend that there were sales going on. When you were inside one store, Taeyong asked you to join him in his mirror selfie and you happily agreed. In another, he had asked you again to take a selfie with him while standing in a section full of hoodies. You didn’t ask why and just joined him. The thing was, while the both of you went to go eat, you saw him editing your selfies from earlier and you pointed out that the filters were really ugly. Your criticism probably made him feel bad and upset. On the way home though, he looked fine. But once you reached home, he’s been in his whole world.

You sigh and walk towards him.

“Taeyongie…” His legs were spread out a bit so you stay between them. “I think I know why you’re upset.” You slowly lift up his chin with your hand as the other one rests on his shoulder. The laptop is the only thing blocking you from sitting on his lap. You look at each other and he’s giving you this soulless stare that kind of makes you regret approaching him.

“What.” He mumbles and avoids your gaze. “I’m busy.” You roll your eyes because you notice that he isn’t even doing anything on his laptop. His wallpaper, which is a photo of you both and your friend’s at his 21st birthday party, is being shown. Has he been staring at it the whole time? Waiting for you to come and talk to him?

“I, um… Sorry Tae. For judging you about the filters and stuff earlier. Please don’t beat yourself up over that, sweetheart.” You’re now cupping his cheeks and lightly running both your thumbs on his cheekbones. He doesn’t give you a reply, his eyes staring at his hands that are placed on top of his laptop.

“…How will you make it up to me?” He finally answers you, placing his laptop on the other side of the couch. He looks up to you but a frown is still on his face. “You made my mood down for the whole day, babe. How could you tell me that. You’re mean.” He mumbles sadly and leans back on the couch.

You let out a laugh and sit on his lap, your arms going around his neck. “I’m really sorry. I really didn’t think it would make you feel like this. It was my mistake. But hey, I’ll teach you how to take pictures with the right filters. You can count on me.” You wink. Taeyong rolls his eyes and places his hands on your sides. “Actually, you don’t even need to use a filter, you pretty boy.” You explain, grinning.

“…Can we take pictures now, then?” He asks, ready to bring out his phone from his pocket.

“Hm, later. After this.” Before Taeyong could talk again, you move closer to him and bring your lips to his, giving him a long and sweet kiss. You feel Taeyong squishing your sides and you squirm, making him chuckle.

Shortly after, you lean back and smile at him. “Forgiven?”

“Yeah, yeah. Forgiven. Can you teach me now?” Even if Lee Taeyong was upset over this little thing, he couldn’t really hold a grudge against you. He was always a softie for you. He would gladly learn from you (and be better at it so that he could tease you after).

“Give me your phone, then. Your girlfriend will show you how to take the best selfies ever.” Winking at the boy who was showing you an amused look, you move to his side. You hold his phone close to your faces, ready to take several photos of you together.

Taeyong eventually mastered the use of filters and his selfie skills. Now, he was teasing you. It was also your turn to give him frowns and a silent treatment the whole day. Oh, how the tables have turned.

stan uris x bill denbrough

stan remembered the summer of 1958,
he relived it every time night fell and the
wind’s whistling transformed into a haunting
flute melody. it was torture and the faint scars
that only he and the other kids could see were
the only physical remnants of his almost death.

not that it would’ve been bad. he’d already felt
like dying was the best option.

until beverly was officially living out of state and
bill, having gotten over his rose-tinted crush on
her, was standing on his front porch. and then
bill was in his room. and then bill was in his arms
and his words fell out of his mouth like a man
confessing all his sins.

bill didn’t remember the monster that was derry
and it’s sewer clown. but he remembered how
he felt during the summer of 1958. how he’d
thought bev was who his heart was yearning
for when in actuality it was another curly haired
loser. one that had methodically cleaned up
blood without batting an eye, one that had
gotten back up after being pushed to the brink.

stan had always known he loved bill. more than
he loved the others; in a UFO kind of way where
he couldn’t really explain it & at times he couldn’t
quite believe it.
bill had always loved stan. he was just unaware
of how much that love grew until he was itching
to be near him; a brush of a shoulder here, a
hug lasting longer than usual there.

if there was one good thing to come from the
summer of 1958, it was stan & bill.

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favourite dance practices (1/?)

monsta x - 네게만 집착해 (stuck)