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So Meryl Streep...

Ugh. Her Golden Globes “acceptance” speech (for the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award, which, yknow, honestly, it’s about time!) was just rotten. It was ignorant, hateful, needlessly incendiary, and frankly irresponsible and dangerous, and absolutely rotten.

I say “acceptance” in the air quotes like that because she wasn’t accepting anything in that speech; she used her time up there on that soapbox to make ridiculous, cheap political statements. Statements like if you kick all the foreigners out and oh we poor vilified people in Hollywood, we poor vilified foreigners, we poor poor sweet innocent yet somehow obviously completely unjustifiably vilified PRESS, oh woe is we! 

I don’t know if she even mentioned the award at all (but I must admit I got mad and turned it off before they played her off). No, she wasn’t up there basking in the glory of well-deserved praise for a long and illustrious career, thanking all the people who helped and supported her along the way. Instead, she chose to climb up onto that stage and tell the nation that they should be needlessly and baselessly afraid of their incoming president, that he put all of their lives and lifestyles in direct danger, that he wants to and will tear their families apart!

Here is the speech, if you think you can stomach it:

I just wonder what she’s doing. What’s her character’s motivation in this one?

She’s definitely “hollywood” enough (or whatever) to be in tight with the press, so is she perpetuating the bullshit lies intentionally, right along with them, in support of them, on purpose? Or is she somehow just as brainwashed and/or willfully uninformed as the rest of the CNN and Clinton sycophants as to actually believe that Donald Trump is a fucking klansman who wants to deport ALL immigrants, ship off all LGBTQ+ people to conversion camps, and… whatever the hell other weird, impossible shit these people believe about him and, therefore, about the millions upon millions of Americans who voted for him???


I’m probably gonna stop watching su because it’s just, pretty unbearable to watch for me now