wow its been a busy year

Oh my goodness im so glad phil uploaded his video today bc if you noticed i took a lil break for the holidays (work and stuff kept me pretty busy ya know) so i didnt wanna just randomly come back i was gonna just start fresh with phils next video— Except i was starting to get worried bc it was taking 95 years for him to upload it but now were both back so its good👌🏽

“its over isnt it” and pearl making her romantic feelings towards rose actually canon instead of implied was the best thing that has happened to me, the best steven universe scene so far and actually the best song in an animation i’ve heard, yes, even better than prince of egypt, that means this is serious business. i dont know why but i’m just, relating to it so much? it really drove home the amount of pain pearl has been in all these fucking years, i used to hate her but i now know she’s shitty and salty and annoying cause she hasn’t been able to forgive and move on and its killing her and wow fuck i know what its like to hold onto hurtful things for years and years, god bless the whole steven universe staff for breaking my heart in such a beautiful way


HAPPY 20TH/21ST BIRTHDAY TAE! this year has far been strenuous and busy for you (and your members) but lot of rewards, support, and love were given to you as weeks, days, months passed by. thank you for the love you give back to the fans and to everyone else, too smiling and making us laugh despite you having bad days and such, and always being you. lastly, thank you again for being the source of my happiness and positive vibes when the world looks bleak and negative. i wish you a lovely and fun-filled birthday taeto, may 2016 bring more good things and happiness in your life! ♡

+ a playlist — songs that remind me of you