wow it's too early for these feels

imagine park woojin as your classmate

project partners to dating partners :’)

(( AS REQUESTED // omg since ure a woojin stan can i get a request where y/n and woojin study in the same course after his wanna one activities (before he debuts in brand new music) and got closer after a project andddd you can write whatever after that LMAO :^) THANK YOU ))

  • okay so ure a fan of wanna one
  • who isnt tbh
  • and lucky u bc it turns out tht ure going to college w the one and only park woojin!!!!!!! (srsly tho what r the chances)
  • u forgot tht woojins age is kinda similar to urs bc he always acts like a tough guy on stage or a little kid off stage and u forget that hes a student like u
  • anyways
  • its a little weird to get used to seeing him in person after all the pictures n videos uve seen of him online
  • like?? hes a Real Person??? what a wild idea
  • and even tho ure both in the same college course, u try to keep ur distance

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Sometimes everything I need is a little break from my own mind.

Doodles I made instinctively at dark times. I’m actually happy with how they turned out.

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Hi viki :) I'm feelin really anxious rn and my insomnias bitchin @ me again so I was wondering when you have time and if you feel like it maybe writing a lil evak drabble?? Idk just what they are doing today and maybe include the holy trinity of Even, isak and Sana bc.. cmon it's so pure 💗ly

HIIIII LOVE, alrgiht hmm right now they are in bed all cuddled up, the tv is on not too loud ,even has his back against the wall,isaks head in his lap, even is running his fingers through isaks hair ,his other hand around isaks shoulder, holding his hand (which sometimes starts to get a lil uncomfy bc of the position but they work it out), even says something but isak cant hear him properly so he hums and it vibrates through his body, against evens leg and it makes even so aware of isak being there and his heart skips a beat, and he starts smiling and then repeats what he said ,smth like “i said that woman is probably the one who shot first” (they are watchin some show like csi or idk, theyre too tired and comfortable to change the channel) and isak starts explaining why its not her and even isnt really listening bc isaks voice is so soft ,it makes him doze off and if isak realizes ,he doesnt wake him up. then theyre gonna wake up in the morning, isaks up first for a change and he’s making coffee and even drags himself out to the kitchen when he smells it and he’s kissing the top of isaks head, mumbling a god morgen into his hair and isak smiles and wow. when did he start smiling so early in the morning (ever since he knew even) and even sits down at the little table they set up until the real one gets there, the chairs arent the final ones either but they might keep it bc its actually comfortable? sometimes feels like its gonna break but. then isak sets the cup of coffee in front of even, and then he sits down too to a much more stable chair and his legs bump into a box next to him, “we gotta move this for real, this happened too many times now” and even laughs like “why havent you moved it yet, then” and isak shrugs, he really doesnt know?? anyway, after coffee they decide to walk down to this cute small restaurant on the end of the street to get breakfast and theyre laughing and talking when sana is walking towards them and they both raise their eyebrows and go “sanaaa!!” and sana smiles ,that cute lil dimple smile,and isaks like “where are u headed” and sanas like “wanted to get something before im off to training” and then evens like “join us, yeah?” with a big smile and they sit in the restaurant and get food and theyre talking and sana asks them hows the living together going and they say its been real fun and theyre super excited and then theyre like “you should totally come over!” and sanas like “…you havnt unpacked yet hm” teasing and evens like “ah, isaks so laaazy” and isaks hits him playfully and they laugh and then sana promises them that she’ll drop by in the afternoon:’)) i HOPE U LIKED IT idk what this was but i hope you’ll feel better and have a nice sleep<3333

marching band in a nutshell
  • before rehearsal: ugh i don't wanna do this its too early
  • after rehearsal: wow that was amazing our band is gonna kick ass at competition i feel better than ever

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It's VERY wrong, you being raped a child. However, you have to realize that underage consensual sex wasn't always considered rape. Not that long ago (early-mid 1800's) if females weren't married and procreating by 16 they were considered old maids. You can't ignore millions of years of programming and say it's wrong when it's biologically programmed into males to be attracted to the youngest, fittest females. Evolution just doesn't happen that quickly. Only society has changed, not biology.

Wow now I’m being bombarded with defenders of child rape here on tumblr too. David Bowie wasn’t raping a 13 year old in the early-mid 1800s. If you feel that you’re programmed to be attracted to and rape young girls then I hope you get locked up ASAP because you’re garbage and a danger to society. 

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During the first few months of the relationship, Lexa is like super insecure and nervous about doing anything with her dick while having sex with Clarke so for the most part Lexa continuously tires Clarke out with multiple (like a lot) of orgasms using her mouth (and its not like Clarke's complaining, but she wants to make Lexa feel good too) until one day Lexa is again trying to go down on Clarke like the good girlfriend she is, awkwardly humping her boner against the mattress when Clarke (1)

has finally had enough and flips Lexa over so she’s straddling her. She rips off Lexa’s pants and is in awe because like Wow Lexa is kind if big and so she sucks her dick like a pro and lil bean Lexa is trying not to nut so early but damn Clarke don’t stop either. Clarke eventually does stop but only to take off her panties before she rams herself down on Lexa’s dick and just rides her and doesn’t stop

this is ooc, lexa would have nutted from clarke breathing on her tbh