wow it's really great


she wasn’t interested in telling
other people’s f u t u r e s
 she was interested in going out
and finding h e r own

 lee ji eun as b l u e  s a r g e n t — the raven cycle

Reasons why the small Twilight fandom of 2017 is great…at least on Tumblr (and like always….TYPOS):
1.). You post anything under the twilightsagaedit tag, it’s going to be seen. It won’t get lost in a ton of other edits. Sure, it may not get hundreds of likes because there aren’t that many active Twi fans on Tumblr to make that happen, but if you get about 30 notes, that means everyone has seen it. All art and edits are appreciated. Your hard work and effort doesn’t go unnoticed.
2.) You basically know everyone?? Like by name….it’s so great.
3.) We can have discussions about literally anything where no one gets butt hurt unlike the old days. We can bring up our opinions on characters, plot, cast, the writing, the movies, parts of canon we don’t like, headcanons, dynamics of the creatures, literally ANYTHING! You pose a question or a discussion, YOU WILL GET AN ANSWER! You don’t get ignored. All opinions and points are seen as valid and are respected. It’s seriously so great.
4.) Team Edward/Jacob still exists, but it’s not intense. You can state your side without being attacked.
5.) We are mature and intelligent enough to recognize the not so good things of Twilight (unhealthy relationships, exploitation of the Quileute tribe, touchy backstories, all vampire are canonically white, etc.) without hating on it and being 100% negative towards the series as a whole. (Check out @panlight and @kyilliki for discussions)
6.) We have poc and lgbt+ edits for like anyone. You say “_____ is trans” no one will argue “No they’re not !1!1!1!” Headcanons will be throw out immediately, along with edits because we aren’t disgusting homophobes. Or if you post something like “Here’s the Cullens as poc” it will get nothing but love cause we aren’t racist idiots. (Check out @alilaro for poc/lgbt+ Volturi art and @midnightsuntrash for lgbt+ funny posts and headcanons)
7.) We have Keeping Up With the Cullens!!! It’s hilarious. We are so blessed. (Check out @keepingupwiththecullens )
8.) All new Twilight blogs are like 100% accepted in and it’s like they’ve always been there. I’ve literally never been so accepted into a fandom so quickly and felt so comfortable. It’s great. Completely toxic free and so inviting. No one cares if you’ve been there since 2005 or if you just became a fan yesterday.
9.) We think the hate people reblog on our posts is funny (well I get super annoyed but others are cool with it)
Check out this post:
10.) Our shitposting is honestly so pure and hilarious.
11.) If anyone seriously needs anything like everyone is so quick to help. There’s been countless times where I’ve needed something and immediately I had people in my inbox and replied giving me what I needed. And when people are going through rough times, there’s always love given to them. It’s so sweet and pure and I love it.
12.) We all just love. Twilight. So. Much. So much nostalgia and good memories are shared. We have nothing but love for this series and it shows in everything we do.
13.) We support the cast still today! Yes, some of us don’t like everyone, but everyday I see posts of various members of the cast, not just Kristen, Rob, and Taylor. We even support the directors. I saw some posts from people in the fandom who went to see Beauty and the Beast were just like BILL CONDON!!!!!!! while everyone else was like Emma Watson!! (He directed Breaking Dawn Part 1&2 and BATB) It was so cute.
14.) Side characters are appreciated SO MUCH. The love triangle is not the only focus. Minor characters get so much love. Basically all characters in Twilight are talked about and edited.
15.) We all like collectively hate imprinting and Breaking Dawn in some way. It’s great.
16.) In our edits we don’t whitewash!
17.) Twi hards are still the geeks and fangirls/boys they were many years ago…it’s just more low key.
18.) Editing skills have evolved. Twi fans make some of the most beautiful gifs and images I have ever seen. So much heart goes into them.
19.) We have accounts dedicated just to the atmosphere of the series. This is one of my favorite things. Just scrolling though these blogs makes you feel like you’re in Twilight AHHHHH. And it’s a lot of blogs really, not just atmosphere dedicated blogs, that reblog posts like these. I. Love. Them. !!
20.) Last but not least: We defend Twilight with everything we have. Doesn’t matter if its characters, the plot, cast, etc. We are defensive and protective of what we love. We argue and we attack. No one comes to talk trash about Twilight and it’s characters without being intellectually and respectfully shown why they’re wrong. We own up to the faults of Twilight…we don’t argue these points. We argue those who are wrong and go off basis of opinion/the movies. We protect our beloved series!!!

Here’s all of the progress from this morning’s experimental stream.  I’m very, very excited about this one!

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

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books I’ve read in 2017: the siren by kiera cass

“It seems to me that we value individuality, but only to a point. When what sets one person apart from another is beyond our understanding or becomes too much to handle, we dismiss the quirk and the soul that accompanies it to give ourselves the greatest comfort. What does that accomplish?” 

Honestly one of the biggest reasons I wanna learn languages is to get the bragging-rights that goes with them

“how many languages do you speak?”


“ :O ohmygoshthatssocool!!!”

My friend Jeannette/Kuskaya’s Barsois, the breeder/owner of Kondor put the mating announcement for my litter on her FB wall today. There is a comment “I’m Serious, I want one” and now I’m dancing through my living room, because that comment was made by Anne Midgarden/Teine borzoi from the US, breeder of Panti’s parents and one of my long-time borzoi icons. I seriously hope she will like the pups, but even if she doesn’t take one I feel more than honored now that she is even considering this. 


if a little Panti should come to live with Anne you have to visit often and send some of your amazing photos *pretty please* 🤗

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dnp's "X factor": the ability to draw in a audience, play with the control while simultaneously giving them more and less at the same time, their ability to attract more followers using that method, but have the wit and comedy skills to lure in causal viewers, but always retaining that huge "cult" following through out the years, i've watched them for 6+ years and their following as always been fanatic and extreme, they never lost that ability to control their fanbase, its so impressive

wow yeah, this is a really great rundown and i love your take on it. i definitely think they command audiences in such a unique way, even within the ranks of big youtubers–hardly anyone inspires the engagement that they do. i gave my own analysis of this in my not-podcast most recently and you can listen to that answer at 5:54 of this clip, if you want! but in short i felt like the intrigue is rooted in how talented dnp are at presenting themselves as relatable and alternative to the norms of popular people on the platform, their chemistry/charisma in front of the camera and their natural comedic abilities, as well as, of course, the sort of lingering questions about their personal lives and the initial ‘mystery’ of it all that sucks a lot of people in. 

simaethae replied to your post “What are your headcanons for Tar-Míriel’s mother? Mine is that she was…”

ooooooh. i had not thought properly about this! you’re right it’s hard to see miriel’s mother around and having an impact but… maybe inziladun marries a lower-key kings men type, as a reconciliation thing plus compromise with his father? and it does not quite work. …this is me trying to work round to a justification for having inzilbeth, not entirely without regret, be the one to poison her <_<

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Phrases #5

몸을잘챙겨주고 건강하세요! 아프지마세요! -Take care of your body and stay healthy! Don’t be ill/hurt!

자연피부가 아니면 보기나빠요. - It doesn’t look good without their natural skin color.

왜 이렇게 하예요? 죽은것처럼 보여요. -Why are they so white they look dead.

아이돌 피부를 하얗게 바꾸려고하지마세요.- Stop trying to change/whiten the idols skin.

아이돌 피부를 하얗게 편집하지마세요.- Stop editing the idols skin to be whiter.

Interesting news!! I made a 15min speed paint video of me drawing this, would anyone be interested in watching it if I uploaded it?? Let me know! 😱

that was so DOPE


I fuckin love myself. Like sometimes I really really don’t, but right now, I’m fucking great!

“I promise to take your feelings more seriously” Isn’t a confession of love.

Which means Juvia had to die for Gray to consider being in a relationship with her. I guess, because that’s completely healthy???

So what this boils down to is Gray will blame himself, because he has had all of these important people in his life die for him and when Juvia comes back he will feel obligated to return her feelings out of guilt. The basis of all healthy and stable relationships.

Just when I thought this ship couldn’t get any worse.

Just had cinnamon toast crunch for the first time since I was a kid, and im thinking of making it knox’s favorite.