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NCT Taeyong Expectations: Sleeping/Cuddling

Sleeping/Cuddling with Taeyong: 

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  • in his bed with tons of snacks
  • including a tub of ice cream
  • you wouldn’t want to get up to throw the trash away
  • just putting it on the floor
  • him nervously sweating, trying not to get up and clean it
  • hugging him tightly
  • legs intertwined and all
  • so that he won’t get up
  • burying you head into his chest
  • because he smells good oml
  • him wrapping his arms around you
  • “you’re so warm”
  • “Thanks…?”
  • slowly placing kisses from his jawline to his lips
  • playing with your hair
  • pulling it a little *hinting*
  • but fails to get intimate
  • because you start laughing
  • when he slides his cold hand up your shirt
  • giggling at him being flustered
  • “maybe next time babe”
  • going through your couple pictures
  • him falling asleep after kissing your cheek
  • as you are retelling the story behind every picture
  • you decide to sleep when your phone dies
  • which is at like 1 in the morning


this was long too wow. taeyong aint even my bias lol, anyways i hope you enjoy it! btw this took me awhile to post because i’ve been binge watching Strong Women Do Bong Soon. its so good omggg

Stages of being an anime fan
  • Discovery: Huh, what a cute little Japanese show. Looks interesting, maybe I'll take a look lol
  • Stage 1 weeaboo: GUYS ANIME AND JAPAN ARE SO KAWAII DESU~~~~!!!1 >//w//< Nya I wanna live in Japan it's the best country in the world!! 日本はすごいですね~~!!ww
  • Realization: Oh no someone murder my past self I like anime but that was awful
  • Avoidance: Wow, anime is so overrated. Stop acting like Japan is the best country in the world and glorifying them, you weeaboo trash.
  • Reemergence: I suddenly remembered the entirety of World is Mine oh no
  • Acceptance: I'm weeaboo trash ww

I love how Yugi looks sad for just a split second there before smiling again as he looks up at the sky. And his whole last monologue is pretty touching. Yugi has plenty of adventures left ahead of him in life, and even though we may not be able to share them with him anymore we know that he’ll be fine.

And so this is how DM ends. And I honestly think that it was the best way that the show could have ended. Atem leaving is very painful, especially since he’s my favorite character, but it was also foreshadowed for so long. Since season 2 at the very least, and there have been so many references since then. I especially always remember what Atem himself said to Noah about how every soul has a home to return to. And it was made clear in the final episodes that Atem only had this one chance to be able to move on, and if he didn’t he would remained tied to the Puzzle and stuck in the present forever. That would mean he could stay with his friends, yes, but eventually they would all grow old and die while he never changed. He would be alone again, this time forever. And that’s simply a fate he doesn’t deserve.

I would have been very happy if there could have been some way he could become a real boy again and get to live out a full life for once, but there’s nothing in the story that indicates that could have ever been a possibility. I like the way Atem’s story ended, it’s bittersweet but also beautiful at the same time. He had a full character arc that came to a natural conclusion, as did Yugi. Both of them learned so much from each other and helped each other along the way and it was wonderful to see them share that journey together. And now Yugi has a journey to make on his own, but he’ll never truly be alone with his friends always by his side.

Anyway, thanks all for sticking around with me for the past two years I’ve been watching this show. I love DM, it was a great ride and I’m sad that I’ve reached the end of it now. But there’s always the other series to watch too! And of course DM isn’t actually going anywhere and I can always go back and watch it again any time I want to. :)

RFA: date with mc at the museum

This is a really cute request @defender-of-kawaii-707 :D


  • Jumin experienced the harshness of life and he is conditioned to make sure everything is perfect. For the first date, he was planning on renting out an entire 5-star restaurant for just the two of you, so you guys can enjoy fine cuisine and excellent conversation. However, he needed to make you didn’t have food allergies because he doesn’t want to see you fucking die on the first date. He didn’t want to ruin the element of surprise so he was trying to be casual as possible
  •  (y/n) do you have any food allergies I don’t want you to die
  • you: what ? um no im okay, I just don’t like seafood that’s all
  • and you continued reading your magazine. He noticed you kept reading that magazine ever since you moved in and he decided to look at it in when you fallen asleep. He open the magazine and say many sticky notes saying “HERE” “BUCKET LIST” “SOON” and he removed the sticky notes to see that it was museums around the globe. It was 1:05am and he called Jaehee 5 times and when she finally answered “Assistant Kang I need a report of a certain museum called ‘The Museum of Tolerance’ in Los Angeles Californina, United States. I need plane tickets for this afternoon and a week stay at the finest resort with limo service ready.” Jaehee: really wow that’s all you have to say Mr. Han its 1:07 am” Jumin: “sorry, good morning” beeeeeeeep
  • He called the gaurds for the morning shift and told them to pack bags and everything. He got Elizabeth 3rds luggage ready and everything was done by 3:23am. He wants everything to be perfect for the both of you. He surprised you with the plane tickets when you woke up and bam the next day you two had the museum of tolerance as your date. When you two go there, you started to cry and you were telling him about the history of the genocide and everything. He was paying close attention to the way your words came out of your mouth and how your expression changed when you meet a holocaust survivor.
  • You were dragging him everywhere telling him about the history of ever artifact and he was just staring at you. He loved how you lost yourself in history and in that moment, he knew he wanted to be your past, present, and future.


  • She knew you loved the usual coffee dates whenever she had time to do so, however she was beginning to feel like it was a routine and she wanted to do something spontaneous
  • She wanted to get out of the routine for a while so she begged, like legit begged, Mr. Han to give her 2 days off. He agreed so because he knew she needed to rest to continue working well. He even gave her a bonus and with that bonus she got a hotel that was hours away. She wanted a mini vacation and when she showed you the plans you had your suitcase ready.
  • You two got to the far away town ready to explore what the town had to offer. It wasn’t a heavy tourist site, but it did have interesting buildings to go and explore in.
  • You saw a museum and you dragged her inside with you. You paid for the tickets and you waited for the tour guide to show you around.
  • You were enjoying the history of the town but when you looked at your girlfriend, she was more into it than you
  • She was examining the artifacts and documents through the glass and noticed that the world is such a bigger place. That there is so much to explore and she only seen so little.
  • She kept asking the tour guide questions because she really wanted to grab a feel for the place, to understand and appreciate the town.
  • When the tour was over, you both took pictures with the tour guide and you two had the biggest smiles :,D


  • You were kinda tired of your dates being just at home, you wanted to explore the world with him… not through a computer screen. So you had a shit ton of convincing to do because once he heard the word ‘museum’ he tensed up a bit because It reminded him of his history courses…. He doesn’t like talking about his history courses….
  • The day finally came to go to the museum and he was not excited because you knew he was putting on an act for you. You were disappointed because you always do what he wants to do and its rare for you to even ask for anything.
  • So you two were in silence….. it was pretty awkward because he was still sulking saying ‘are you sure you wanna go’ don’t you wanna go to the beach’ and you just looked out the window not saying a word.
  • You guys arrived at the museum and he held out his hand and you just put your hands in your pockets and kept walking D: okay he is feeling really bad. You walked ahead of him and paid for the tickets. He knew he fucked up and he didn’t want to cause a scene so he kept his distance group chatting the RFA. He was asking for advice and Zen told him he fucked up while Jaehee said he made a mistake while Jumin said he is surprised he actually has you as his girlfriend.
  • He was feeling soooo bad, but he followed you around like a small puppy :3 He was taking pictures of you enjoying the art work and statues. He then realized holy shit.. he knows these art works. He saw it in his humanities class. He walked next to you and was telling you the history and you were impressed. With every art, he kept telling you the story and you were hooked to every word coming out of his mouth
  • (y/n) look I know I can be a crappy boyfriend at times but I thank you for everything you have done for me… you saved me and you do the things I want to do and I know I don’t deserve you but thank you.. and im sorry…… please forgive me
  • You looked at him and he was already crying D: you cleaned his tears and you kissed him
  • He knew he was forgiven and now, the relationship was more balanced


  • He didn’t want to take you to his musicals, movies, or other area where you guys have been to many times. He wanted to take you somewhere he always wanted to go to. You got home from work one day and instead of you coming home and making dinner, dinner was already made for you. You. Were. Fucking. Shook. You saw your boyfriend pull out the wine and everything and the both of you enjoyed a nice home cook meal.
  • You weren’t going to lie to yourself, because you were thinking something is about to happen because he rarely and I mean rarely cooked dinner for the both of you. You were giving him suspicious glances and all he did was smile. He finally told you that he had the day off and he already had the whole day planned for the both of you.
  • He made breakfast for you and took it to bed and picked out an outfit for you and everything c:
  • You two got in the car and ended up in a museum and you were surprised he didn’t take you to a movie or something. He loved your surprised face because he knew he did something right. Something unexpected because he wanted to show you a side of him that not many people knew…. His love for the arts, not the musicals, plays, sonnets, but real art. That Baroque period, the Impressionist and Post-impressionist period and everything. He wanted to show you a whole new world. He took you by the hand and guided you, shit you didn’t even need a guide tour because he was exlpaning everything and you never knew Zen had this side of him. You snuggled yourself closer to him when the ‘tour’ ended and thanked him for having trust in you to see every part of him. He grabbed your hand and interlocked it with his fingers and caressed it with his thumb. He brought your hand closer to his lips and kissed it gently. He looked at you with his beautiful orbs and you swore, you never saw his red orbs the same way. It had purity and innocence, something you haven’t seen before


  • You wanted to surprise him for your 1st year anniversary. He always talked about space stations and everything but you realized he has never actually been to one. You were honestly shooked because he always talked about it like he has been there but he only hacked the security system and browsed around thru camera :/
  • You felt so horrible you wanted to cry D: knowing this precious baby never been to a space station and your goal was to change that. In order to pull it of, you asked vanderwood for help and because you are amazing, he agreed c: 
  • He got the coordinates for yall to sneak into fucking NASA LMAO. Don’t ask how vanderwood managed for yall to go… he just did what he was asked to do xD
  • You told saeyoung to have full faith in him and to trust him * he was blind folded okay * and he agreed. He was still making jokes even on the plane and sometimes you gave him a break and let him see you and that’s all he ever wanted… was to see your face
  • When you were about to land you put the blind fold on again and Vanderwood was there waiting for you guys to sneak in. He was going to disrupt the security system for 30 seconds so yall had to get in quickly. You took the blind fold off and he was shook. He wanted to cry because you went thru the trouble for him :,D
  • You guys sneaked in and this man became a legit child. He had googly eyes and he was touching and taking pictures of everything. You guys were on the vents looking down and the main area where the control system is located and he was just happy? Like he never knew he could be that happy
  • The trip was cut short because the monitor in the main system was showing a rocket and he screamed because he thought it was beautiful and you guys had to run out of there
  • When you two finally managed to get back to the hotel room, you gave him a present a small red box. He looked at you with a puzzled expression wondering what you got him and it was a ring. You gave him a promise ring and tears were forming
  • Saeyoung Choi, ever since I entered the messenger, my life has took a big 180 and I could of never been so happy to have gotten the privilege to talk to you. I thank you for all the amazing memories we have done together from us talking as 707 to you showing me your true self…. For showing me who saeyoung is. I love you no matter what and I will always thank god for letting my guardian angel be my soul mate”
  • He cried even more

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May I bother you for a scenario/HCs for what Itachi's s/o would do if he has nightmares/terrors? Your writing is amazing and I've been glued to your page since this evening! (Currently it's 1:15 in the morning over in Texas)

Thank you! From Texas? Oh wow, it seems surreal that my writing from a little old town in the east of England reaches as far as Texas, and maybe even further! Goodness me. 

You jolted up in bed, your breath coming in harsh pants, your heart pounding in your head, making you startlingly aware of its fast pace. Your palms were sweaty, your hair sticking up in all directions.The darkness seemed suffocating, and you felt a rising panic. You had to get out of the room, turn on the light, grab a glass of water and shake off the remnants of the night terror. It had felt real. Far too real. 

The more images of the terror flashed through your mind’s eye, the more you panicked. The more you panicked, the more you were unable to think logically. You couldn’t calm yourself, it was too much, you were going to -

A gentle hand came out of the dark like it was made of it, and you jumped, a small sound of distress escaping your mouth. 

“Y/N.” Itachi’s voice, steady and calm, broke through the fog in your mind, broke through the fear and the panic, and you felt relief flood your system. You remembered where you were, all of a sudden. You were at home, in bed with Itachi, and no harm would come to you. You were safe

You breathed in deeply once, twice, Itachi’s hand still on your forearm. Carefully, slowly, as though any quick movements would startle you further - a thought not so far from the truth - Itachi tighten his grip on your arm and tugged you down to lie back beside him. 

The hand on your arm curled around, sliding to your midrift and pulling you into his firm chest. You breathed in the unique scent of Itachi, feeling your heartrate slow and resume its steady pace. You were just on the edge of slipping into sleep when he spoke, his low baritone rumbling in his chest.

“Would you like to tell me about your dream?” His voice was still quiet, as though Itachi knew that you were almost asleep again.

You shook your head drowsily, sighing contentedly as the night terror left you completely. And just like submerging yourself into a nice hot bath, sleep found you once more.

Cyber Savior// Jeon Jungkook (Part 2)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Summary: Two teens desperate for some sort of support in their life, find it through an app.

Author’s Note: Hello everyone! Thank you for such a good response on the first part of this series! Please enjoy the second part! I apologize for the late upload, i was at a concert last night and was unable to write this weekend, but enjoy it regardless!

xoxo Sara


You left your phone alone for a while, waiting for the person on the other end to respond. Was this really a good idea? He was right; you came on this app because you couldn’t even help yourself. Do you really think you could help him?

You cleaned up everything that you had used when you got home and made sure to put the first-aid kit back in it’s original place, so your parents wouldn’t notice. You decided to lie under the radar for a couple of days; you had already planned to tell your parents that you felt ill so that you could stay at home and avoid your abuser. You thought about maybe asking about being home-schooled, but you knew that that options was far out of reach. A lot of home-school teachers were expensive, and your parents blew money out at bars every weekend not even leaving enough to put a sufficient amount of food in the house for you.

You came back into your room and saw your phone screen light up. You had no friends and barely went on social media, so you assumed that it was the boy you met over the messaging app. You couldn’t deny it; even seeing that he messaged you back made you feel less alone in some way. It made you feel happier in some way.

‘I don’t know.’ is all the text message said. You sighed gently. You couldn’t blame the person on the other end, because they barely knew you and just like them, you were simply here to talk about your problems with someone who could help, and you weren’t sure if you could help yourself or not.

Okay, how about this. I’ll tell you about myself, and then once I do that, you can decide if you want to talk to me or not. Okay?

You waited a couple of moments, before a new message came up.


Okay. My name is (Y/N). I live in New York with my family. I go to school, and I don’t have any friends.’ You stopped typing and sighed. Was that really all about you? You had no interesting facts about yourself; you weren’t a dancer or a singer or musician, you couldn’t draw or paint, you couldn’t do anything right. No job would hire you so you couldn’t even talk about a job. ‘…Yeah.’

Seems interesting over there in New York.

You smiled a bit to yourself, sighing gently as you laid in your bed. ‘Not really. The only interesting part about New York is New York City, and that place is a dumpster on good days. It’s also really lonely going to the City by yourself, so I never go. So, your turn. Tell me a little bit about you.’

You looked at your plush bear and stroked it’s ear softly, sighing as you closed your eyes. You couldn’t remember the last time someone wasn’t horrible to you. You had a friend when you were younger, and they were the only friend that you had, but they left you in the dust like everyone else when they got more popular and everyone began to like them. Besides, who would need you when they had friends like they did?

My name is Jungkook.’

That’s a cool name,’ you typed, ‘Where are you from, Jungkook?

I’m from South Korea. I have a job, but I don’t work many hours. I work at a music store, and I have a few co-workers i’m acquaintances with, but I don’t know them very well. They never try and talk to me, so I don’t really talk to them. I have my parents, but all they do is compare me to my older brother and say that they wish I turned out like him. It’s frustrating.

You noticed that he had opened up to you slightly already, and you were hoping that maybe, you would be able to gain his trust.

Wow, South Korea is pretty far from me. What time is it over there?

It’s around 1 in the morning..’

You looked up at the clock; 11 am.

Wow, its really late over there. Why aren’t you sleeping then?

Because my thoughts keep me awake most nights. I have really bad insomnia, so I only sleep when I get over-tired. Then I kind of sleep for a long time.’

You did the same thing, as well; you had the worst sleep schedule because of your stress-induced insomnia, and you found yourself staying awake for days and days on end, and then sleeping the weekends away. You knew from experience that it wasn’t healthy.

I do the same thing too. Have you tried listening to calm music to help you sleep? I heard that listening to natural sounds will help you fall asleep.

‘No, i haven’t tried that.’

‘See, look at that. I’m helping you already.’

Jungkook laughed to himself, although he knew you wouldn’t be able to see. He sat in the darkness of his room, staring at the ceiling as the music he was playing from his phone blared from his speakers. He leaned over and turned off the music playing from  his phone, the soft sound of rain hitting his windows now filling his room instead of songs with heavy bass and loud guitars. He sighed gently, attempting to close his eyes for even a moment. He felt sort of relaxed, keeping his eyes closed for a moment as he steadied his breathing.

You waited for his reply, keeping your phone at the side of you as you pulled your bear from against your wall and brought it into your chest. You sighed gently at the smell the bear gave off, almost a vintage smell due to it being almost as old as you were. You got the bear when you were younger from your grandpa; someone you loved and cared for more than anyone in this world. He gave it to you before he passed away during the winter when you were young, and you never left it anywhere or let anyone see it, because it was so special to you. It felt safe and warm, just like he did whenever you went to his house to see him.

Hours passed as you waited for his reply; your mom came home before your dad , the sound of shopping bags filling your ears as she entered the front door. You got up and began to walk, when you felt a shooting pain in your stomach. There was definitely a bruise left on your skin from when your attackers kicked you, and it hurt like hell after the painkillers wore off.

“(Y/N)!”  your mom called out your name, “Come into the kitchen, please.”

You sighed, rubbing your eyes slightly as you took in a deep breath and left for the kitchen. You let out a soft cough as you entered, looking up at her slightly before looking away.

“What, are you sick?” She asked, beginning to take things out of the bags as she placed them on the counters, “I got a call from the school saying you didn’t show up today. Did you decide to take the day off?”

“I got to school and began to feel sick,” you murmured, taking the few things from the bags and looking at them. She bought milk and water for drinks, and a head of lettuce as well. You sighed and opened up your fridge, to find it as it always was; empty. “So I went home and threw up. You and Dad weren’t home, and I fell asleep right when I got home.”

“Mh,” she murmured, sounding unenthused as you told your story. She went and grabbed a black bag from the counter. The only things she buys that come in black bags are her liquor, and you let out a soft sigh, but you made sure it wasn’t audible so she wouldn’t hear you. You knew that if she heard you sigh, she would begin to yell, and that was the last thing you wanted. After everything that happened today, the last thing that you needed was your mom getting angrier than she normally was at you.

You looked at the clock; 6 PM. You sighed gently and roamed back into your room, the sun beginning to set as you sat on your bed and turned on the one light you had in your room. You grabbed your phone to see if you could watch something, and when you clicked on your home button, you saw that you had received a notification from the app.

‘Sorry, I actually fell asleep. Your method worked. So… Thank you.’

‘No problemo. I’m glad that I could help you already. Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all, right?’

Saigenosweek: Day 1, March 20
  • Title: Domestic (DILF) Daddy Saitama
  • Author: housewaifutoaster
  • Rating: G/T
  • Warnings: -
  • Summary: Puri Puri Prisoner warns Genos to be careful of those who would take interest in Saitama for his domestic charms; particularly now that he's a father. ;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -At a local market, the family runs into Puri Puri Prisoner, who has a little advice for Genos.-
  • Puri Puri Prisoner: You know, Genos-kun, you should be mindful of the type of people who become attracted to Saitama-chan lately.
  • Genos: [-looking confused-] What do you mean?
  • Puri Puri Prisoner: Well he may not possess the same enticement as Amai-chan or even Zombieman-chan, but he definitely has a domestic charm about him that would attract others; more specifically those who are interested in settling down or looking for "father material."
  • Genos: Hm...Well I doubt Sensei would ever let his guard down if that were the case. I'm sure he wouldn't be--...
  • -Gets cuts off as they see Saitama with the Minis talking to a couple of rather attractive housewives who are talking to him.-
  • Saitama: So you'll want to make sure the color is actually still vibrant at the root, and NOT just at the leaves. You can also keep them fresh by putting them in ice water. I'd say it's best to get the unripe ones for shelf life purposes, that way they can age and change the flavor profile without going to waste.
  • Pretty Lady 1: Wow, that's actually good advice. Where did you learn that?
  • Saitama: I tend to watch some health and cooking shows from time to time on how to keep food fresh for longer.
  • Pretty Lady 2: Oh, could you perhaps tell us the channel so that we could watch it?
  • Saitama: It's just one of the local channels. It comes on early in the morning.
  • Pretty Lady 3: That's good to know. Do you perhaps come around here often?
  • Pretty Lady 2: Yeah, I'd like to know too.
  • Pretty Lady 1: Me too.
  • Saitama: Yeah. It's kind of my local grocery.[-takes San's wrapper as he finishes his snack, brushing the crumbs off his shoulders.-]
  • Pretty Lady 1/Pretty Lady 2/ Pretty Lady 3: I'm so glad to hear./We can come to you for advice, right?/It's quite reassuring to know someone like Saitama-san is here. You're a lot more knowledgeable than most people working here.
  • Saitama: Uhm, sure. I don't mind. [-feeling a bit awkward as the kids stare at the group in confusion.-]
  • Puri Puri Prisoner: Oh my~ He sure does draw people in more naturally than we expected.;;
  • -Genos looks ready to kill as he snaps a daikon radish in half.-

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hi, same anon that you just answered, i just read god of destruction and woW YOURE REALLY GOOD AT TOYING WITH MY HEART ITS ONE IN THE MORNING AND IM CRYING ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU


lolol I recommend switching back and forth between my cringey fluff and my devastating angst so you don’t have to suffer so much but alright. HAHAHHAA who needs milk with cereal when you can have tears? it adds a nice kick to your meal. 

Draco gets really into Shakespeare after the war and acts like, he’s the first person to discover it and is the most pretentious Shakespeare brat ever

Harry thinks it’s hilarious and even Hermione is like wow chill but it all works out at night when Draco recites sonnets to Harry

And Harry is all like “shut up its 1 in the morning” but he’s all sleepy smiley this is vaguely inspired by another HC post I’ll link later

Did someone say Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles fanart?? :D

Dude, I had so much fun doing this, you don’t even know xD
Thank you so much to lemonteaflower for drawing the first pictures so beautifully and getting all of this kick-started! :3 I haven’t been so inspired and excited to draw in maybe ever~! And now I’m practically drowning in ideas and such for these guys, it’s awesome~!!

And also, just a personal headcanon I developed whilst drawing her, if I may share: she’s not terribly fond of her first name for whatever reason (whether we use the inspiration officer’s real name of Roxanne or otherwise) and decides to go by her middle name, Michelle, which she likes to shorten to Missy. Most people she knows formally (i.e. some of the other officers) call her by her first name still, but her family, friends, and girlfriend (another headcanon to be discussed later~) call her Missy or even just Miss.
Which ALSO comes into play–surprise surprise!–when people call her “Miss Officer” out of respect/etc, because they’re actually calling her by her “real name” whether they know it or no, and she personally thinks that’s hilarious ;D

  • Sherlock: John, I think we should move in together
  • John: what?
  • Sherlock: it's for tax benefits
  • John: oh? alright
  • Sherlock: John, I want to get married.
  • John: what???
  • Sherlock: um. It's benefits.
  • John: oh.....okay?
  • Sherlock: John, I love you
  • John: what????????