wow it's 1 in the morning

Stages of becoming a Supernatural Fan
  • Stage #1: "Wow someone said this show was cool, lemme give it a try"
  • Stage #2: "WHAT!? I liked Jess! How can they kill someone off on the first episode!?"
  • Stage #3: "Okay I've watched 4 episodes today that's enough"
  • Stage #4: "OoOOooOoOoOoOohhhh that Angel is so adorable..MINE"
  • Stage #Woah, six eps in one day is enough:
  • Stage #5: "Wait no...THAT ANGEL IS DEANS, DEAN LOVE HIM"
  • Stage #6: *you realise that you have been sucked in so hard that it's now been 48 hours since you slept*
  • Stage #Shit a season a day is emotionally damaging:
  • Stage #7: *you realise that its 5:45 in the damn morning and all you've done is read Destiel and Sabriel Fanfiction*
  • Stage #8: "What was life before Supernatural?"
  • You: I WANT OUT
  • The fandom: *satan voice* Too bad, bitch.
Being in a relationship with Luke would include...
  • probably spending the most time together out of the 4 dudes tbh
  • lots of going out
  • to clubs especially
  • ‘bring the lip ring back pls’
  • ‘only for you’
  • lots and lots of concerts
  • cuddling in bed together where your legs are tangled together and his hand is on your thigh lazily tracing random patterns while watching renamed cartoons in the morning
  • ^ that happening a lot because he’d be so awkward about what coupley things you would do
  • and you being totally okay with spending the entire day inside
  • ‘babygirl’ OAMDF
  • your camera roll entirely filled with pictures of you sleeping on his shoulder
  • ‘luuuke why’d you take these they’re embarrassing’
  • ‘they’re adorable hush’
  • nose kisses
  • either really sweet sex
  • or really kinky sex
  • theres no in between with this boy
  • random debates at the randomest times
  • always having to keep luke grounded
  • and him being so thankful for you keeping him grounded
  • overall just a lot of little sweet things that made you fall in love with the dork and always being reminded of how special you are 

Michael  Ashton  Calum   

Draco gets really into Shakespeare after the war and acts like, he’s the first person to discover it and is the most pretentious Shakespeare brat ever

Harry thinks it’s hilarious and even Hermione is like wow chill but it all works out at night when Draco recites sonnets to Harry

And Harry is all like “shut up its 1 in the morning” but he’s all sleepy smiley this is vaguely inspired by another HC post I’ll link later

SaveWOY - a month on..

First be warned, this is a long, text heavy post.

So after seeing @oocwoy‘s post about SaveWOY.. 

Wow, has it really only been a month since the cancellation announcement? Seems like only a few days ago I was spewing out loads of SaveWOY posts while hugging my Peepers plushie and sobbing after reading the announcement at 1 in the morning, haha. Good times. I just practically poured my heart out when writing the petition and those savewoy posts trying to rally people. I’m surprised I didn’t need to go back and edit them. I can’t believe it’s only really been a month.

We’ve all been fighting so hard this last month and wow, what a fight it’s been. We’ve achieved so much in such a short amount of time. It’s been an absolutely incredible month for Wander Over Yonder. In fact here’s a list of what we’ve accomplished! Now hold on, it’s a long one!

We’ve received the support of the WOY crew and Craig’s thanks.

We’ve gotten 12,070 signatures on one petition alone. 

Animators from Boulder Media (who animated season 2) have been signing the petition.

The fandom has grown so much in a month.

SaveWOY has gathered a following on Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart and Facebook.

The SaveWOY Tumblr has accumulated 968 followers.

We’ve got multiple groups all dedicated to getting WOY a third season.

Cartoon Brew took notice of our petition after it hit 10,000 signatures.

We unleashed a SaveWOY Thunderclap on the Internet.

We held a T-shirt Give-away which raised a lot of awareness.

We’ve gotten the support of Save Disney Shows.

Who knows how many letters Disney have actually received. They are probably drowning in them.

Disney have received at least 12,070 emails, one for each signature on the petition. That’s without all the emails everyone has been sending on top. Just try to imagine the final number.

Fandoms such as Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Undertale and more have lent us their support.

The fans have shown their undying loyalty to WOY and that they’re not going to give up without a fight. 

and it’s not over yet!

We have Project Fanboom on the go.

Operation 200 Reasons To SaveWOY is kicking off on the 9th April.

ChannelFrederator will be making a 107 facts about WOY video.

A volunteer will (hopefully) be picked to make a SDS website for SaveWOY and lead the campaign.

The SaveWOY world map is still in progress.

The number of signatures on the petition continues to rise.

We still have a few more WOY episodes to go and then the finale which will hopefully lure in more fans.

There’s probably more that I’ve just missed!

These are just the plans that have been announced. I can’t speak for anyone else but I can say that I have 4 more project ideas in my head and more just keep popping up that I need to make a note of. Peepsqueak will be taking you all on a feels roller coaster over the next couple of months. You’re gonna need tissues.

Things are slowing down a bit sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. The SaveWOY fight is still going strong. Look at just how much we’ve accomplished! We are not going anywhere any time soon, the SaveWOY fight will continue on, even after the finale has aired. It will continue for as long as it is needed.

So continue to stay positive, just keep fighting, keep pushing and never give up. Hard work pays off and good things come to those who wait and we will wait for however long we have to for Season 3. and finally please remember, It Never Hurts To Help.

So from the bottom of my heart, to Craig, the WOY crew, every single person who has signed the petitions, every person who has reblogged a SaveWOY post, everyone who has shared SaveWOY on other websites, to everyone who has sent Disney a letter, or an email, to those who have been making fan art, fanfiction, videos and more to spread the word, to the SaveWOY mods, to the other fandoms who have supported us and to every single fan out there.

Thank you so very, very much. 

I hope you will all continue to support #SaveWOY and I couldn’t be any prouder of you all. 

Now let’s continue to fight for WOY Season 3!

Random late night thoughts #3

This is how much I love humanizing in my drawings:

Me:(4 years ago)Damn,I love humanizing these animal characters!

Me:(Almost 2 years ago)Oh my,wow.I want to humanize this one eyed son of a butt dorito.

Me:(Months ago)Okay now I want to humanize my computer and my drawing tablets…