wow it was supposed to be happy

Oikawa Tooru - Love Letter

Hey sweetie.

Good morning!

I’m sorry I’m not in bed right now, but I thought you might enjoy this little note from me. I hate leaving you without you being awake. I like watching you wake up – not in a creepy way before you tell everyone I’m creepy. When you wake up, you do this cute little yawn that melts my heart. I hate missing that. But hey. I’m working for our amazing wedding we’re going to have.

I know I usually just leave you a text message but this is far too special.

It feels surreal that last night I proposed to you. It was like a dream that I wished that would keep repeating. Your face when I grabbed that mic and went down on one knee. I can’t believe you cried and sobbed while saying “I do” wow such tears. It was supposed to be a happy time!!! But to be fair, I noticed your dad was crying too. Also you HAVE to commend me on how I proposed to you! We didn’t even need to like, organise an engagement party because everyone was already there! Two birds with one stone!

I just love you. I’m sorry I’m away to work so early. You’ve made me the happiest man and we’re not even married yet. God. I can’t wait to spend married life with you. You’re going to be beautiful. It’s actually pretty surreal. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wishing for this for a long time. It’s pretty funny since we basically have talked about what we want for our wedding and it just feels bizarre but exciting that we’re actually talking about it becoming reality…

I can’t wait to see you later.

Thank you for being with me.

Your fiancé, Oikawa Tooru.

I love you.

calum being drunk on his birthday and he’d keep making those bad jokes about you being his favorite gift like he’d cover his face with his hands then he’d remove them and with a surprised face he’d be like “oh wow, this is a beautiful gift i love it so much” and you’d just be like “mm okay, am i supposed to say i love you too or something?” and he’d probably ignore your question and wrap his warm arms around your body and he’d have that smile on, you know the one where he looks genuinely happy and yeah im done

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Tyra banks just had a baby and guess what? Silence. People are respecting her privacy. No paps. No rumors. Nothing but happy feelings. Wow it's almost like 🙃 this is how 🙃 it's suppose to be 🙃

Huh. That’s a weird concept. (Sarcasm).

Service with a Smile CH4

A/N: Okay. I think I should just point out that this is not how I anticipated/initially wrote out this chapter. Some things just happened, one thing lead to another, and… ta-da? I suppose? It still works, and I’m happy with how it turned out! :)

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“‘I never understood… amputees’- Wow. Wow. That’s, that’s real nice- ‘until I encountered Hiccup Haddock.’ Excellent use of a blank card. I applaud the mastermind behind this set.” Hiccup faked dry laughter. When real laughter from his friends erupted around him, he sighed and began rubbing his temples.

“Sure, that one wins. Why not? Keep the insults comin’, gang.” While he wasn’t the one to plan this little get together, he also wasn’t the one to volunteer his house. Still, he supposed he didn’t mind that much. He just… Gosh, Cards Against Humanity had to be the most offensive game ever. Ruffnut and Tuffnut snickered and issued one another a loud high five. Hiccup rolled his eyes. “Still not a team game,” he remarked, looking through the rest of the options provided to him.

Yep. All still offensive.

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AAAAAAAAAAAH THE LITTLE THIEF CHILD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (scribbles fanart, that I may or may not post)

….wow, that party chat went from zero to politics in three lines. On that note, Yew is the sand guardian, guardian of the sands 

(coincidink or meme reference, probably coincidink, though the game is supposed to reference memes.)

On an actual note, I’m happy with the much larger range of animations in b2, it makes it very expressive.

… So, is somnial energy gonna be made of people or someshit, cause the faith i have in De’rosa is literally microscopic, listening further, I have come to the conclusion that he totally stole the wellspring gem.

Also, good to see Edea’s buy’n’run habits haven’t waned, good for Edea I mean, not for anyone else.

Twice Reaction

When they get turned on by their girlfriend for anon. omo *blushes* i had a fun time imagining this one ^^ thank you for requesting and i’m so sorry it took this long!

wow i really am twice trash i had so many nonexistent nosebleeds writing this

Chaeyoung wouldn’t go all out to start with, instead slowly trying to increase the skinship she showed and deepening your kisses. Once things were ‘heated up’ enough, then as long as you were happy with it she wouldn’t show any hesitation in showing exactly how she felt.

Dahyun would have absolutely no idea what she was supposed to do, and would make some excuse to go and cool down for a minute. When she came back it would be clear that it hadn’t really helped; she’d be hypersensitive to everything you did, and would only be able to hold back for so long….

Jihyo would wait for a little while before trying to get close to you. Even though she’d try to be normal, if a little more clingy, you’d be able to easily tell from the pink blush rising on her cheeks and the way she reacted to your touch. As soon as she knew you didn’t mind, she’d have way more confidence.

Jungyeon wouldn’t actually say anything, but all of a sudden you’d find that she was right next to you, not leaving your side. Her gazes would be more intense and she’d try to make her actions more attractive until you would feel the same way. Eventually if you  still didn’t understand, she’d kiss you passionately until you clearly got the message. 

Mina would freeze for a minute, unsure of what to do. She’d start trying to distance herself, in case it would make you uncomfortable, but instead of moving away you’d push yourself closer to her, worried that something was wrong; with that and the situation, she wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret

Momo wouldn’t think twice (keke do you see what i did there) before letting you know exactly what you did to her. Taking you by surprise, she’d be gentle but determined, leaning back to look at you for a minute to give you a chance to say if you were uncomfortable before kissing you deeply and pressing up against you.

Nayeon would be the type to be in denial about it for a while. She’d think that she could handle it, that it was no big deal, but it would become increasingly obvious that it was not going away. Embarrassed, she’d try to avoid eye contact but would tell you in the hopes that you also felt that way.

Sana would worry that she would make you uncomfortable if she tried to do anything that you weren’t ready for. She’d subtly try to show off her charms in the hopes that she could encourage your feelings - if it didn’t seem to work, then every time she wanted to make a move she’d want your reassurance first.

Tzuyu would definitely want to be confident about it, and would try to go into sexy mode as soon as you weren’t looking. However when you actually turned back around she’d be really shy about it, and after enjoying her cute blush for a minute you’d eventually get her to tell you why.

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I'm kinda sorta in love with your boxing au :D Do you think you'll ever consider writing fan fics set in it?

WHOOAAAAA, wow!!! thank yooouuu, that means a lot, that’s so awesome! :) and uhmmmm. i’ve thought about it. like since i drew the first pic of it. but i honestly doubted anyone would wanna read fics for it? so i just stuck to mini comics :0 HM. well YANNO. we’re supposed to write for ourselves. so maybe i will! hmph <3
Locker Room - Captainohmycaptain - Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/FunHaus RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/FunHaus RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeremy Dooley/Ryan Haywood
Characters: Jeremy Dooley, Ryan Haywood, Mentions of several other RT emplyees
Additional Tags: GTA AU, Fake AH Crew, Friends to Lovers, Shower Sex, technically, PWP, Porn With Plot, Wasn’t supposed to be, it snuck in there, Hand Jobs, Fluff and Smut, im so sorry wow, mentallyIll!Ryan, but its not a central point, just mentioned in passing

“Stop staring at me,” Ryan muttered, not even bothering to look back towards Jeremy as he scolded him. Jeremy could never figure out how Ryan knew when he was watching him. Was it just an instinct, after so many years working as a high-stakes criminal? Or was it just a Ryan thing, being able to tell when someone was focused on him without even looking? Jeremy supposed it could be a bit of both.

“Sorry.” He wasn’t.

“No, you’re not.”

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Omg I just actually have to say I have seen your art before but I could never find who was making and now that I've seen all your SnowBaz stuff and you and your friends oc's(I think that's what it was at least?) I literally can't get enough it's beyond outstanding and does exactly what art is supposed to do, make you feel something (sorry I'm Eleanor and Park trash too, but in all seriousness it does) so I just want you to know that you're art style is by far my favourite art style ever! 💕💕💕

Oh wow first thank you so much! Your message is really sweet, and I am so happy you enjoy my SnowBaz art! And I am soooo happy you like the drawings of our OC’s! That’s the biggest compliment u could give me right now ♡ We really invested into our characters, and we love them like our children. ‘Millias’ is a ship I will probably draw much much more :D
SnowBaz is my heart, I am rereading Carry On atm (again, yes) and my feels are splashing over.
Thanks for writing to me, love you 💕

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Her eyes stayed locked on the tiny pink plus that she was suddenly coming to see as the ugliest little symbol in the world. Her hand shaking as she tossed the test and box in the trash, not wanting to believe it. She should have been happy, overjoyed even, yet she could not deny the fact that it was just the wrong time. This would ruin everything, she was supposed to have her carrier, make a name for herself, a baby hadn’t been in the plan.

She was going to end up like her mother, oh God no, she already was like her mother. Panic crept in quickly, settling heavily on her chest as she pushed a hand through her hair, drawing a shaky breath. She needed to calm down to be able to think clearly for five seconds without thinking of how everything was thrown out of place. Pushing the door open she headed for the kitchen, her expression deceptively calm. 

“We need to talk.”

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I think you legitimately made me cry over Carter + LeBeau + Newkirk friendship once in your Elephant fic

Oh? Seriously?? Oh wow

You’re not the first one who highlighted this particular story, and it’s always a happy surprise - I had no idea it would have this much of an impact when I wrote it! I know I’m not really supposed to be happy to have made someone cry, but it’s so unexpected that yes, I kind of am :o)

Thank you very much!

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Ok now I really need to know the story behind this. Please tell me the au is called Pacific Tem.

THIS ASK IS THREE MONTHS OLD WOW I AM SO SORRY. (Okay, the piece in question got a couple reblogs lately, so I suppose it’s not a TERRIBLE time to reply.) The story behind the Kaidonovsky Temms is… uh, @explodinghye started it over on Twitter. Temmie-sonas happened and I drew Sasha and Alexsis to make Mia happy.

I DID THINK ABOUT DOING OTHER PACIFIC TEMS. Then I got lazy and bored. Which is a constant curse.

-Valentine Party-

Love is always a hurricane! Or just a bunch of people trying to murder each other.”

Because of life, friends, crack, and a magical unicorn, I now have 15 muses… 2 ‘supposed’ to be marines (sigh), 2 ‘real’ pirates (get away from me), 1 Impel Down Jailer (help), 7 vice-admirals (what owo???), 1 admiral (former!), 1 assassin (that’s not even sexual!) and 1 revolutionary (…)

Wow. I really want them to interact, but I don’t want to turn it into lonely self-rp. Therefore, in honor of Valentine (not gonna give my opinion on that one XD) and in the Omega AU-setting, I’ll have them all attend a party on my main blog, starting from the 13th to the 15th February.

What does this mean: my muses will jump into each other’s threads and perhaps even flirt, seeing as they’ll most likely get drunk. Even if you specify your asks, it might occur.

Technically, I’ll let them run loose. Also, if you wanna ship with any of them, go ahead, whether it’s crack or serious. Who knows, crack-ships can become serious (looking at certain persons *cough*)

I’ll post starters during the day and the tag will be ‘♥valentineslaughter. Why? Because someone will die. And not of fun I’m sure.

So go ahead if you wanna ship~

I Love You, I'm Sorry

read it on the AO3 at

by readbooksandweep

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
So why was it?

Words: 417, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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New Guys, New Lies
  • spencer wasted no time wow ok
  • toby doesn’t seem happy
  • are we really supposed to believe that new A is doing this because charlotte was killed? because i don’t
  • did byron kill charlotte and ezra knows?
  • aria didn’t put the key back
  • toby’s still an officer?
  • who was that creepy dude outside?
  • that old man mask is terrible