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Hi ~~ I want to prove for my friend that kaisoo is REAL so can u help me ? have an idea or somthin ? T-T

Hey anon :) wow you got a big task on hand!!

(firstly.. credit to gif/vid/pic owners!!! some gifs are my own tho)

well.. One of the biggest proofs as to kaisoo being real is still the jagi/jagiya (darling, honey) incident (when Nini called Soo jagi, that accidentally got caught by a microphone)

With most of the jagi videos you need earphones to actually hear it, but in this vid you can actually hear it through your pc’s speakers pretty clearly (at least I can) you just gotta raise the volume a bit. Look at su-ho’s expression while you’re at it! (he’s not happy)

BUT there’s A LOT of other reasons too anon!

This vid is a personal favorite of mine. Nini is obviously flirting with Soo in this one. and it’s also been said that it’s pretty much a fact, cuz Nini switches from formal to informal speech (and back again) throughout the entire conversation which apparently is a flirting technique(??) and the babo “stupid” part is very important.. not only cuz of how cute Nini looks but the implication of it. 

The eskimo kiss! bros don’t do that if they’re only bros.. it’s highly intimate (at least in my opinion) to press up your nose against another bros nose while smiling lovingly (might I add) at each other?!

Asian idol awards brought a lot of bts kaisoo (which is the best and most genuine kind). I could put all the moments from that day here, but i’m going to especially highlight this moment, when Soo gave Nini’s finger a massage handjob. Let me just tell you.. a bro doesn’t react the way Nini did (moaning and groaning) if it was only his bro touching him. It’d be weird. This is erotic tbh.  

(funny story.. they were huddling up, and instead of putting his hand on top of the others nini decided to ONLY reach for soo’s hand instead)

touches that aren’t meant for the world to see… 

A lot more under the cut!!

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Day 4 of Cykesquill Week: Haircut!

I can’t make it in time for the previous days, but I can at least get Day 4 on time!!! 

I like (some) of my lines better than the colouring so you guys can get that too LMAO.

Simon’s look inspired by Prince Jinwoo of Winner (check them out they have absolutely amazing music and talent like no joke they’re perf <3)

First Impressions

If you visit the Simths residence from time to time. Then you already know I caved and got City Living. As a country girl, I don’t even like the “City”. But What I would like to point out to those who are also on the fence with this pack; is that there is an OBSCENE amount of content. That alone, has done it for me. BUT the details in this pack are PHENOMENAL. And I’m not just saying that. CAS meshes are unlike any I’ve seen before. I’m not just talking textures the ACTUAL meshes are “wowing” from folds and creases to intricate cut-outs and bedazzles.

I got it around 3p yesterday, and I haven’t begun to scratch the surface. It literally took HOURS to go through CAS & Objects. This makes me a very very happy Bunny Bonnie.

p.s. the mouse trap in DEBUG equals WIN. EA has the simblr community to thank for marketing. Seriously, your pictures made ME excited and I caved.


“crying doesn’t indicate that you’re weak. It just means that you’ve been strong all this time.” ❤

cut off my wings and come lock me up

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just pull the plug yeah, I’ve had enough

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tear me to pieces, sell me for parts

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you’re all vampires so here, you can have my heart

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the world’s a funeral, a room of ghosts

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no hint of movement, no sign of pulse, only an echo just skin and bone

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they kick the chair but we, we help tie the rope

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so come rain on my parade

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cause I want to feel it

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come shove me over the edge

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cause my head is in overdrive

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I’m sorry but it’s too late and it’s not worth saving

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I think we’re doomed

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I think we’re doomed

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and now there’s no way back

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you must have made some kind of mistake

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I asked asked for death but instead I’m awake

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the devil told me “no room for cheats”

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I thought I sold my soul, but he kept the receipt

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so leave the light on, I’m coming home

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it’s getting darker but I carry on

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the sun don’t shine but it never did

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and when it rains it fucking pours

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but I think I like it

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and you know that I’m in love with the mess

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I think I like it

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I think we’re doomed


Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010) Sentence Meme

“I should never have allied myself with a madman.”
“Wow. That looks like it really hurt.”
“Whoa, now, hang on! That looked like it hurt a lot more.”
“What hurts more – A, or B?”
“I think you may have a collapsed lung. That always impedes the oratory.”
“Please tell the big man I said ‘hello’.”
“Oh, to hell with this. I’m gone. If you brain donors wanna hang around… ”
“You wanna die? There’s easier ways to kill yourself!”
“Yeah, like yelling at the guy who’s holding the AK-47.”
“That took me two hours. Wanna see what I can get done in a whole evening?”
“Make no mistake. I’m not asking you to kick in with me – I’m telling you.”
“No. You’re anything but good.”
“Lie to me again and crashing into a wall head-on will be the least painful activity of your evening.”
“Packs quite the punch for a toaster on steroids, huh?”
“Did you know s/he could fly?”
“I wouldn’t be offended by a few suggestions!”
“Hard to forget that night, huh?”
“In a way, _____, this was the sight of your first great failure. Maybe your greatest. But certainly not your last, right?”
“Ah, memories.”
“Good thing I’ve always had perfect timing.”
“Could you just once say, ‘Let’s get in the car’? Is that so hard?”
“You could probably use a little sun. Then again, who am I to talk?”
“You really think I would stir up so much trouble…and not make sure you knew it was me?”
“Oh, good. He’s pissed.”
“Don’t be nervous, kid – but if you keep staring at me like that, I’m gonna cut your eyes out.”
“You know what I missed most about running with you? The toys.”
“You haven’t lost your touch, _____.”
“I’m chatty. It’s part of my charm.”
“He…did just thank me, right? Weird.”
“You guys having a party? I guess our invite got lost.”
“Twenty rounds a second and you were still too slow.”
“We needed him. He would have talked.”
“Sorry. That was dumb. But he deserved it.”
“Maybe my last request was too mired in subtlety. I want this man dead. When I say ‘dead’, I mean seriously dead. Beaten, broken, his-head-mounted-on-my-wall kind of dead!”
“I don’t care who takes care of you – you watch your mouth.”
“So you have all this power, and all you do with it is kill for money?”
“From what I hear, we have that in common.”
“Oh, the fight hasn’t started yet. I’m just stalling.”
“I’ve got to say, I missed watching you work.”
“Awful close. You afraid you’ll miss?”
“Just be happy I only killed one of them!”
“You want to rule them by fear, but what do you do with the ones who aren’t afraid?”
“Tell me what happened to you. Let me help.”
“It’s too late. You had your chance.”
“I’m just getting started.”
“You wanna tell me why this guy ain’t dead?”
“Can’t you feel it? We’re stuck in the damn crossfire.”
“Wow. S/he sure can move when s/he wants to.”
“It’s gonna be a sleepover, right? I packed my toothbrush.”
“It was stupid and careless!”
“I hope you understand the trouble I’ve gone through to arrange this little get-together here.”
“You’ve never shied away from drawing blood.”
“S/he’s taken everything I’ve ever taught him/her and turned it on me. It’s a hell of my own making.”
“You loved him/her. S/he knows that. It should be enough.”
“I thought you’d enjoy seeing some old faces. After all, most of these guys used to work for you.”
“You think I care if that scum dies?”
“So, I’ve been bamboozled. Oh my.”
“It only hurts when I laugh.”
“I’m just something you helped to make.”
“That’s pretty cryptic. But interesting.”
“This ends tonight. All of it.”
“Nobody knows that better than me.”
“Oh, you and your gadgets.”
“You’re not the only one with toys.”
“Please, I can help you. I know what happened.”
“We’re both just a couple of walking armouries.”
“You say you want to be better than me, but it won’t happen. Not like this!”
“I know I failed you – but I tried to save you, _____. I’m trying to save you now.”
“I don’t know what cloujds your judgement worse – your guilt, or your antiquated sense of morality.”
“But why – why on God’s Earth – is s/he still alive?!”
“I thought I’d be the last person you’d ever let him/her hurt.”
“You don’t understand. I don’t think you’ve ever understood.”
“All I’ve ever wanted to do is kill him/her.”
“But if I do that – if I allow myself to go down into that place – I’ll never come back.”
“This is what it’s all been about. This – you and me and him/her. Now is the time you decide!”
“If you want to stop me, you’re gonna have to kill me!”
“It’s him/her or me! You have to decide!”
“You managed to find a way to win…and everybody still loses.”
“Don’t you just love a happy ending?”
“This doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change anything at all.”
“Are you kidding me? This rocks!”
“This is the best day of my life!”

Im practicing with coloring and trying out new brushes along the way! 


Well, main reason is Eljohn said it would help me in my endeavors to get cute girls to talk to me, but

I can say, “I did something! I took a shower!” and people will think, “Wow, hygiene!” when really I just stared into space for an hour and a half, immobile. 

Temperature control.

Excellent background for acting out dramatic rainy-street scenes. 

It’s being productive.

Convenient excuse for not doing other things. (”Sorry I didn’t answer the phone. I was in the shower.”)

“My bed sheets kinda look like I’ve skinned you”
Here’s my little new present for cobalt-the-fox! I dennied myself from copy pasting a galaxy background and decided to make absolutely everything by myself, and wow did it took me forever?! X3 Tho Cobalt’s fur alone took around 4 hours, I can say his fursona in here is one of the works I’m very most proud of! Hope you guys like it!!!


A Tribute to X-ray&Vav: A Pop Danthology

EDIT READ: Youtube has muted the audio and since I am unsure how to progress with disputing a copyright claim I have reuploaded the video here on vimeo.

You can still watch and enjoy there.

Warning spoilers!!!!

Hey so wow this was a long work in progress for me that I had to sit back and show patience for. Basically I’ve had to wait to make this since early August. So once I finally had all the footage I needed I got straight to work and put many a tears, frustrations (and wondering why I ever thought an almost 8 min long am would be a good idea) and time (It took about 12-15 hours overall) to complete this monster of a video. I am really happy with how this turned out, like I love this so much and I hope you guys do as well.

2 things, though. One is I know people are gonna rage about a certain part in this video. my options were to not do anything for that part, cut it or just suck it up and do it. Since i thought it fit x-ray I went ahead and kept the part in. Lastly, even though I know it’ll be lost on people I found translated gingham style lyrics and matched video to those lyrics. So that part isn’t just random nonsense.

Honestly, I sincerely hope you enjoy this video because I put a lot of love and effort into it. Even though there really aren’t any super special effects I still think it is one of my best works. I have more videos coming soon and I cannot wait for season 3 of XRNV.

Song: Pop Danthology 2012

Artist: Daniel Kim

making edits
  • me: omfg, what is this shit? why am I even posting this?
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  • me: oh, my god, this took 2 hours, but it was worth it. I love it so much, it's perf, wow
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