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I am so late to posting this wow. But I just wanted to say thank you so much Jack for being so nice to me on Sunday, this has literally been a dream come true for me for the past few months now and I’ll never forget it.

Also I’ll never forget what you said after I gave you that hat “What in St, Patty’s Day nation.” But again, thank you so much Jack, I am so blessed that I got to meet you and of course Signe too.

P.S. That bracelet I gave you took about an hour and a half to two hours to make but it was worth it!!



sterek week (2016 edition) ▷ day 8: halloween bring back the dead

Halloween also known as All Hallow’s Eve is widely known for its trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving. However, there’s a darker, more powerful meaning to this day.
Marking the last day of harvest, Halloween is the day of the year where the line that separates the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest.
For centuries, druids have taken advantage of this situation to communicate with their dead loved ones or summon unearthly energies to perform their spells.

And the bravest dare to resurrect them.

After Stiles finds a spell that could potential change their lives forever, he contacts Derek - who returns to Beacon Hills to help him in every step of the way.
Together, with the help of their friends, they bring back to life the innocent causalities of a war they never chose - Erica, Boyd and Allison.

Bestfriend Trouble (2/2) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! Here’s part 2 of Bestfriend Trouble! A lot of things are going to happen for this one. I hope you guys like this! Warning: This might be too cheesy for other people, especially near the end. HAHAHA. Enjoy!

Request: Can u do a imagine where Zach takes you to the dance and y'all do cute things like slow dance and all that.. and u can end it how u like it.


“Will you go with me, as my date, to the winter formal?” Zach finally asks after 10 minutes of clearing his throat, coughing and stalling. I laugh at him in response.

“Yeah, duh. Who else will I go with? You’re obliged to ask me since I’m your best friend.” I answer and he stares at me for a while with a confused look on his face.

“Well with that kind of reasoning, I should be asking Justin to the dance too since he’s also my bestfriend.” he mumbles under his breath but loud enough for me to hear while rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, Zach? I don’t get why you’re acting so odd for the past couple of days.” I reply as I lean back on my chair and cross my arms in front of my chest. He turns to face me and lets out a deep sigh.

“Look, I’m not asking you to the dance because I have to or because it’s my responsibility as your best friend.” he begins, adding finger quotations as he says the words “best friend”.

“I’m asking you to the dance because I genuinely want to go with you, Y/N. No one else, just you. Only you.” he continues and I give him a small smile.

“Alright, fine, okay, I’ll go to the dance with you. It’s not like I had a choice anyway.” I answer and he groans in frustration.

“Please don’t say yes because you don’t have a choice. Please don’t say yes if you feel like you’re just doing me a favor.” he says as he rubs the sides of his temples. I raise an eyebrow at him and shake my head before speaking.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, yes, I will go to the winter formal with you Mr. Zachary Dempsey. It will be my absolute pleasure to be your date.” I finally say and he lifts up his head to face me. There was a certain sparkle in his eyes, like he was ecstatic that I agreed to go with him to the dance.

The rest of Zach and I’s time in Monet’s was nothing out of the ordinary. After the whole conversation about the dance, we just got on with typical best friend stuff. He got us more food - celebratory pastries as Zach liked to call them - and he dropped me home after that.

There were only a few days left until the winter formal and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited for it. If I’m being completely honest, I was excited to go to the dance and I was hoping - even to the point of praying - for Zach to ask me to be his date. However, I didn’t want to let anyone know just in case everything goes to hell. I didn’t want to expect anything because expectations lead you to disappointments. Fortunately, it looks like the stars have aligned and the Gods have listened to my prayers because so far, everything’s going great.


The night of the winter formal

Getting ready for a school dance is the most tedious task there is. You need the perfect dress and the right hairstyle to go with that dress. Not to mention your shoes also need to be flawless.

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day three, april 12th: alternate universe/crossover | first meeting

I’m running super late to the third day of @juminvweek but I really put a lot into this one ;0; Moulin Rouge is probably my favorite movie, and since I love making myself sad I decided it was perfect for a JuminV Crossover

anonymous asked:

Do you have any prompts for like.... places to go or fun things to do on a road trip?

I have been on more road trips than I care to count, so let’s see what I can do (note, most of these are based on real things that have happened to me):

  • No we are not taking a 2 hour detour to see the world’s largest rocking chair AU
  • I’ve been awake for 20 hours and i’ve had nothing but gas station coffee and sour gummy worms I will pay you $20 for that apple AU
  • We stopped on the side of the road to sleep but I just heard a noise outside what do we do? AU
  • You were hitchhiking and I picked you up but you want to go where? AU
  • I’ve driven this route 200 times before and your farm used to have a silo shaped like a tomato, what happened? AU
  • Look you seem very nice but you are the 20th fireworks store I’ve been to on this highway do you have any paper lanterns? AU
  • We make fun of every GOD IS REAL sign we see wow there are a lot AU
  • I’d rather look at your stupid face than spend 1 more second looking at all this corn, it’s your turn to drive AU
  • You dared me to go to the Adult Superstore we passed but wow this is really underwhelming AU
  • I took a wrong turn somewhere can you give me directions? AU
  • What do you mean I’m in Iowa I started in Ohio and was supposed to go South! AU
  • 5 hours in the car with nothing but Christian Rock and Country on the radio please tell me you can sing AU
  • Pssh 5 hour car ride is nothing, you should hear about my trip to Yellowstone AU
  • I can’t sleep in the car please entertain me AU

Hope these help! ~Lucy

louistomlinsons  asked:

You should share with the class what you wrote out in our conversation based off this picture 😊 68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/59059ad583ed9e79797d165821d8f528/tumblr_nn6de9lsiP1sb8cuko1_1280(.)jpg

i told you i’d only do it if you called me daddy but you didn’t but since i’m an amazing person whose generosity is unparalleled i’m gonna do it anyway

One of the worst things about being on tour is how exhausted everyone gets.

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munchausen syndrome (n.) a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly feigns severe illness so as to obtain hospital treatment.
caused by emotional trauma during childhood and/or a personality disorder.

*college tour group walks by*

Tour guide: And here you see real, live, college students! Wow!

Me: *looks up, half dead from the test I just took. Pauses the only song that can keep me alive right now: the Phantom of the Opera Overture. Glances down at the protein bar I’m eating to make sure I get enough calories today.*

Also Me: Wait, I’m alive? Since when?

cut off my wings and come lock me up

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just pull the plug yeah, I’ve had enough

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tear me to pieces, sell me for parts

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you’re all vampires so here, you can have my heart

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the world’s a funeral, a room of ghosts

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no hint of movement, no sign of pulse, only an echo just skin and bone

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they kick the chair but we, we help tie the rope

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so come rain on my parade

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cause I want to feel it

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come shove me over the edge

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cause my head is in overdrive

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I’m sorry but it’s too late and it’s not worth saving

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I think we’re doomed

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I think we’re doomed

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and now there’s no way back

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you must have made some kind of mistake

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I asked asked for death but instead I’m awake

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the devil told me “no room for cheats”

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I thought I sold my soul, but he kept the receipt

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so leave the light on, I’m coming home

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it’s getting darker but I carry on

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the sun don’t shine but it never did

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and when it rains it fucking pours

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but I think I like it

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and you know that I’m in love with the mess

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I think I like it

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I think we’re doomed


Seth Rollins - Mouths Shut.

Part 1 Part 2

Summary - Part 3; Seth and Reader have been together for just over a year and it seemed they knew all about each other to every little detail. Seth had proven over time that he is true to his character portrayed on screen, ‘The Man’ however when he finds out some life-altering news, will he allow his old cowardly ways to take over.

Warnings - None (this is a big building block for the next part)

Word Count - 2,050 words.

“Thanks again for letting me stay here for a while Brie, I really just didn’t want to go back to the apartment right now,” I mumbled lightly against the soft cotton couch I previously sprawled my body across; watching eagerly as my brunette friend traipsed into the room, her arms wrapped tightly around her newborn’s body.

“It’s honestly fine, Bryan doesn’t mind so stay as long as you want, or as long as you can put up with little Birdie keeping you up at night.” She giggled, slumping her body into the cushions beside me. “So being your best friend I do think I’m entitled to know what actually happened between you and Seth, like what did you actually argue about?”

And already the questions begin… My mind couldn’t process the constant confusion that was pulsing through it and therefore it was inevitable the words that would come out of my mouth would be nothing short of a complete lie. I couldn’t tell her the real reason; not yet… Of course, I trusted her but it just wasn’t that simple anymore, the whole situation was so blown out of proportion that I couldn’t even just think about the baby without it leading to the single man that tore my world apart a mere two days ago. The seconds spared for excuse thinking time was soon transformed into a matter of minutes which was clearly evident as a firm slap was placed on my thigh ultimately dragging me from my thoughts.

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Dark Chocolate|2|M

Originally posted by ngocanne

Pairing: Reader x Jung Hoseok 

Genre: Smut, minor fluff, and angst. 

Words: 6,190

Warnings: Slight Dom/Sub, orgasm denial, overstimulation. 

Summary: You loved the taste of dark chocolate pretzels. They were salty, sweet, and just a little bit bitter. You found yourself indulging in these little treats more often than you should. Still, you couldn’t help but love the flavor, especially when licking them off of Hoseok’s lips. Your relationship with him was much the same. It was salty, like the taste of his cum leaking from his swollen cock. It was sweet like the moments spent giggling and telling each other stories while curled up on whatever surface you had landed on that night. It was maybe a little more than just a bit bitter, like the mornings you woke up to an empty bed, sheets cold but still wrinkled. Still, you couldn’t help but make weekly trips to the local candy shop and buy those tempting chocolate pretzels, just as you couldn’t help but buy a second bag for the man who could never be more than just a nighttime lover.  

Part 1 Part 3

A/n: Wow this took me awhile to finally write! I hope you like this part as much as the last. Hopefully, it will quench your thirst~ Special Playlist

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Make it hurt ( Kiss it Better ) ( Yoongi/Oc)

I know..i know i was supposed to update other fics but this one was already mostly written…. 

Chapter 6

“So let me get this straight? He offered to marry you and you threatened to strangle him? what is wrong with you…” Jieun sighed deeply, threading long fingers through my hair as she massaged some heated camellia oil into my thick sable brown tresses. i sat in front of the mirror, watching her as she separated the thick strands into little bunches, putting them in rollers and pinning them up into my scalp after she was done. 

It had been months since I’d let her do this for me. Months since I’d let anyone do anything for me and I was now officially on probation in school. Seokjin had kicked me out of the aprtment after a heated fight . 

“He said he’d rape me.” I said bluntly and Jieun groaned. 

“Are you serious? Yoongi would never touch you without your consent. You know that better than anyone else. He’s an Alpha and your mate and he probably said that impulsively. He’s already sent like two dozen bouquets and a truckload of apology cards . It’s been a week, already! Forgive the poor guy and answer his calls.” 

i sighed in defeat. 

“I just… i want to stop thinking about stuff for a while. Can’t i take some time off to myself? “ 

“Then why are you fighting with Seokjin oppa? He only wants what’s best for you!”

“Not if that best includes him pimping me out to every alpha in the vicinity.” i said tesitily. 

“So choose Yoongi. He’s a little rough around the edges , i agree but at least he’s better than the rest. ” 

“Whose side are you on?”

“i’m on the side of reason.” Jieun said loftily. “ He’s clearly very worried about you.” 

I sighed and dropped my head into my arms. 

“I just…I felt really hurt, okay? I don’t know … if he hadn’t said that to me , i might even have agreed to marry him. And just when I was trying to get myself to consider his proposal he goes and threatens to use force on me. It was like being stabbed in the bloody heart!” I whispered, still stinging.

I glanced at my phone briefly. 

Two more missed calls.

Sighing , I picked the phone up and stared at it. 

 From MinYoongi<@YoongiMin>

I’m sorry.

Read : 4:00PM

From MinYoongi<@YoongiMin>

you want me to beg? fine i’ll beg. i can’t fucking breathe without you. I screwed up and I was pissed because of how much you affected me and shit and i know that I shouldn’t have yelled at you on Jung Kook’s birthday but I just couldn’t handle seeing you and you were being so persistent about wanting to come home and I sort of lost it. i didn’t mean any of that shit. 

Read : 4:07PM

From MinYoongi<@YoongiMin>

i’m sorry. just let me see you.

Read : 4:08PM

From MinYoongi<@YoongiMin>

i didn’t mean that crap about forcing you. jesus. i would never do that.

i shouldn’t have said that. i don’t even know why i said that.

just let me see you? No funny stuff. i’ll stay ten feet away the whole time. 

i swear. 

Read : 4:10PM

From MinYoongi<@YoongiMin>

i’m trying to set this right. 

Read : 4:11PM

From MinYoongi<@YoongiMin>

you know i could come in and use my alpha voice and shit right? but i won’t . i swear i won’t and i don’t want to either. 

i just want you to give me a chance. Of your own accord. And it’s not even about you having to leave school or me having to have a mate. This is about you being a wonderful , strong young woman that i don’t want to lose. 

Read : 4:15PM

From MinYoongi<@YoongiMin>

come on.

just give me one chance so i can redeem myself. 

Read : 4:30PM

“Jieun do you think i’m a bitch?” I said finally, tossing my phone back down and leaning back into her. She chuckled.

“Yes. One hundred percent. Why?”

Sighing, I jumped to my feet. It wasn’t that I wanted to do this , so much as i felt like i really needed to do it. 

I moved to the closet and grabbed a robe and my favorite shampoo. It took me an hour to take a nice warm shower, blow dry my hair and let it fall in waves around me . I even grabbed some of Jieun’s make up, smoothing the red gloss over my lips and drawing out my eyeliner and even putting on some blush. 

“who you trying to kill, woman?” Jieun said drily and i gave her a little grin.

“Myself.” I said softly. “ I really just wanna kill myself.” 


“You look…. You look absolutely… wow. I mean…. really… I’m a little scared.” His voice hitched, just a little. I felt uncomfortable, fingers gripping the fabric of my skirt. I never wore skirts but then, I never voluntarily made efforts to … talk to boys either. 

I stared at him for a second, letting his good looks sink in. It hit me hard, everytime i saw him. The fact that he was so good looking. .Yoongi was leaning against the hood of his range rover, white t shirt and skinny jeans , hair ruffled by the wind and eyes shadowed like he hadn’t slept in a while. 

“Scared ?” I said, confused. 

“Yeah… like you’re trying to just show me exactly what I can’t have.” He said with a grimace and I stifled a smile. He was standing a good twelve feet away , hadn’t even made any attempt to get closer and I appreciated that. A small box of chocolates, wrapped in a blue satin bow lay on the car , another apology note pinned to it. 

“You need to stop spamming my phone with messages. “ I said firmly. “I don’t want endless apologies they don’t …. they don’t really change the fact that you said that to me.” 

“I would never do that, Min Jung. You’re… You’re so important to me. I wouldn’t force you to do anything. I’m an idiot and I ‘m sorry. ” 

And there was something in his gaze, a sort of warmth and regret, like he really did mean the words. And maybe it was because I hadn’t seen his face when i read all those messages, but listening to him apologize to me in person, it changed things. 

A bit of the heaviness in my chest melted and I felt like my lungs cleared, just a little.  

Breathing was a bit easier. Looking at him was a little easier. Just opening myself a bit and letting him in felt a little bit easier. 

“There’s someone, I want you to meet, though. She’s… she’s really important to me and we’ll have to go see her … at her place.” I said nervously, my fingers still gripping my dress. 

“Oh, okay. Who is she?”

“You’ll see. We’ll have to take your car.”



The drive was mostly silent. I punched in the location and Yoongi frowned because it was an unfamiliar part of Seoul, on the outskirts and more than an hour’s drive. 

He didn’t start conversation and neither did I, opting to stare out of the window instead. Soft music played , a ixture of R&B and pop and he occasionally hummed along, strong hands gripping the steering wheel as he drove evenly. 

When we neared the place, he started frowning.

“This is literally in the middle of nowhere.” He muttered. 

I pointed to a small clearing, with a muddy field up ahead.

“You should park there.” i said and Yoongi obediently pulled over. I got down quickly and he followed, coming around to help me down. 

“Come on, this way.” 

I led him through ther familiar field, past the small hillock with the brigh vibrant flowers and into the small pathway that led further into the woods. I walked surely, my feet already on auto-pilot as I reached the familiar creak and the glade nearby. 

The tombstone was overgrown with wildflowers and Yoongi stopped short, looking stunned as he watched me move carefully to the cement structure, using my fingers to wipe away some of the dust before pressing my palms against the granite. 

“This is my mom.” I said softly. 

Yoongi stayed perfectly still and I moved closer to the grave, kneeling int the damp earth. The sound of the creek was soothing and calming . The scent of the flowers pleasant and comforting.

“She was an omega. Like me.” I said softly. 

“She must have been beautiful.” Yoongi said quietly, moving closer and staring down at the inscription. Nothing fancy. Just my mother’s name. 

Kim So Eun. 

Beloved mother. 

Stepping a bit closer, i traced the familiar letters. 

“My mother married my father when he imprinted on her. She was already engaged to Seokjin’s father, before that . They were in love but my father… he… was an Alpha and he wanted my mother very badly. He forced her into a marriage.” I said gently. 

“Min jung…”

“Just… Please just hear me out. I loved my m other very much. She was the kindest most amazing woman. She loved me so much and although my father hated the fact that I was an omega she showered me with enough affecton for me to be happy. And I was happy. Really happy. “

“ When I was eight, my mother became pregnant. She was twenty weeks along when my father took her in for a scan and they found that she was pregnant with a boy and the boy was an omega as well. My father was very mad. He wanted my mother to get an abortion. ” I swallowed.

“My mother didn’t want one. For one, she was already pretty weak and she really loved the baby. She kept begging my father not to force her into it. That she would do anything, if he would just let her keep the baby…”

I gripped the edge of the tomb hard.

“My father didn’t listen. He used his status as an Alpha to force her into submission. He made her go through the abortion.”

“Baby, I’m so sorry…” Yoongi was closer, not touching me but close enough for me to feel the warmth of his breath against my neck. 

“My mother died on the operating table that night. Her screaming sobbing face as she begged to my father to let her go … that’s the last emmory i have of her. . They told me she bled out on the table  but i think…i think she died of a broken heart. “ i smiled softly. 

“Seokjin’s father adopted me , afterwards and I left Busan for good. But I was there Yoongi. I was there in the hospital hallway, watching as my mother shouted and screamed and cried and sobbed. I watched her beg for her life, for her son’s life and i watched a dozen doctors, nurses and my own father just stand by and let her die…. simply because she was an omega. Simply because my father was an alpha.” 

I turned around to stare at him. He looked shocked and sympathetic and it ought to make me feel good but it only made me feel worse. 

“And I swore that I would never let myself get into that position. I would never let a man have that kind of control over me.” I shook my head. 

“I promise , I won’t ever…” 

“I know.” I said shortly. “ I know you won’t. I’m not accusing you of being the kind of man my father was. I know you’re not. That’s why i brought you here. To meet her. She’s the only one who… ever truly understood me. So i wanted you to meet her . “ 

Yoongi hesitated before sinking down to kneel next to me. 

“Would she have liked me?” He said softly. 

I blinked, a little thrown by the question. 

“I..I don’t know.” I said helplessly and he chuckled.

“you’re honest. Well, I guess I’ll just have to prove to her that I’m good enough for her daughter.” 

He held his palm out . 

It took every ounce of my energy just to place my hand on his. He held my hand gently and smiled. 

“This hand… I swear i’ll never let it go.” He whispered. “ Not unless you ask me to. “ 

i laughed a little.

“That’s not very romantic.” 

“It’s honest. I’ll never force you to stay when you want to leave. And i’ll never push you away when you want to stay. I can promise that much.” he traced a circle on the back of my hand, thumb soft and gentle on my skin. 

I sighed. 

“I don’t want my brother fired. I don’t want to get kicked out of school either. So , I’ll… stay with you. At least for a while. “ I shrugged. 

Yoongi leaned forward slightly and I startled. 

“Can I…?” His eyes dropped to my lips and it felt a bit like every single cell in my body had been spooked. i wanted to keel over and rolls away. 

Throat dry , i squeezed his palm in panic.

“Here?! No… I mean… Let’s get back first.” 

“First? You mean I can get my kiss after?”

I shoved him away , fighting the rush of blood to my face. He stumbled a little, laughing as he lost his balance and landed hard on his butt, his smile so wide that his gums peeped out and the entire scene was so scarily beautiful that I wanted to burrow into the ground and hide like a gopher. 

“You’re pushing it.” I muttered, moving to walk back quickly and i yelped a little when he came rushing over to link his fingers with mine, yanking lightly till i crashed into his shoulders. He gripped my shoulders lightly, pulling me close and nuzzling my neck playfully and his scent is strong now, woody and musky and altogether irresistible. 

“I’m desperate. “ He muttered , nosing into the curve of my neck before nipping at the curve , a shaft of pain flashing from the still healing bite wound. I whimpered just a bit and he pulled back surprised.

“What’s wrong?” He said worried, reaching out to push my hair away and I blushed, pulling away. I hated being coddled .

“It’s okay… it’s just the bite….I..”

“Can i see?” He said gently and i froze. It wasn’t ‘  Let me see.  it was  Can I see? 

And that mattered. Reluctantly. i grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled it backrevealing the bite mark on the mating gland. . Yoongi took in a sharp breath and let out a gasp.

“Oh my God.. this looks bad. Did Seokjin hyung see this?” He said worried. I hesitated a little before sighing. 

“He told me… only you could help.” I said softly. It was beyond embarassing and i wished frantically that he would understand without me actually having to spell it out. 

He stared at me for a second and then his eyes widened briefly.

“Oh..okay. “ He pulled away and back and I felt my heart pound steadily as we continued walking like nothing had happened. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Had i crossed some line? Did he think I was disgusting for suggesting something like that? 

Yoongi walked close by and seemed to be lost in thought and i kept my gaze ahead. When we reached the car however, he opened the back door and climbed in. I stood still surprised. 

“What are you-?”

“It’ll be uncomfortable in the front. You don’t want the gear shift digging into your side, do you?” He smiled a little and my entire body thrummed in nervous anticipation.

Oh.  Oh.  

I climbed after him slowly and he leaned back against the soft, expensive leather seats and lightly patted his lap.

“Come on. This should be comfortable for both of us.” He held his arms out. fingers trembling just a little, I slowly knelt next to him, crawling forward slowly before gripping his shoulder and lightly straddling him , awkwardly trying to keep my breasts out of his face as I rested my knees on either side of his waist. 

“Can I-?”

“Yeah. Okay…” I swallowed nervously and he gripped my waist gently but firmly, pulling me down till I was fully seated on him, the front of his jeaned pressing right up against the crotch of my panties and i seriously began rethinking my choice of attire. 

“It’s okay… relax..I’ve got you.” He hummed, voice low and soothing as he traced the curve of my body, palms runiing up and down my sides briefly . I wanted to adjust my self on his lap but I also did not want to grind down on him. Especially when I could actually feel him getting hard against me. 

“You smell great.” He said calmly and I stayed quiet, not trusting my voice yet. i was afraid I would do something absolutely embarassing. Like whine or whimper or moan. 

He lightly kissed the edge of my collarbone before licking tentatively. I shuddered at the warmth, his scent slowly beginning to seep through me. It was like taking a nice slow sip of alcohol, arming me inside out. I sagged a bit against him and his lips moved up , lightly kissing their way till they reached the small bite mark.

“You ready?” His voice ragged cracking a little around the edges. 

“Uh… yeah… yeah..” i choked out. 

He fitted his whole mouth over the bite, pressed his tongue right into the cut and then  sucked.

I jerked forward in shock, suddenly boneless as pleasure and pain spread out into my veins like poison. I couldn’t breathe, move or even think, my entire body numb with pleasure as he licked the spot gently, smooth strokes of his tongue while he used his palm to stroke my back , calming me down. 

I gripped his shoulders, hard, well aware that my nails were going to leave marks and he repeated the whole thing, lips closing over the bite before sucking on it, tongue following to lave at the skin till I was drugged, my eyes rolling back in my eyes, mind hazy and clouded and limbs heavy and limp against him. 

I didn’t know how long I stayed there, cradled against his warm, strong chest, buried in his scent as he soothed and licked at the wound. It could have been an hour. it could have been two. Slowly , I began to lose all hold on relaity and when he finally pulled off and gave me alittle nudge , I was fully out of it, my head floaty and my brain on standby. 

“Hey, baby… you with me?” He whispered gently , blowing hot air into my ears and I blinked back at him groggily. 

“Uh.. huh..” 

He chuckled. 

“Okay.. You can lay down here in the back. I’ll put on the belt and you can nap, okay? i’ll drive you back to the dorm and put you to bed, is that fine?” He said softly. 

Only some of it registered. The words bounced over my head I went a little cross eyed as i tried to stare at him. in the end I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I slipped into unconsciousness. 

IT’S DONE! BLUE DIAMOND IS SO FUN TO DRAW It took me about 7 hours (wow!) and it’s the longest I’ve ever drawn and it turned out GREAT!!! MediBang kept freezing and I wanted to do a crystal/mirror bg but I might do it one day!!! I’ll probably repost if I see mistakes lmao (I can’t draw mouths that well so I said fuck it)

Song: “With Me” by @blackcatarts  (check her out please!)


Anyway, here’s a genderbent JeffMads animation! Took me 4 hours, there goes my homework- Haha! I really don’t like how I drew Thamia and Jamie in the last couple of frames. Ouch. The first frames with Tammy were okay, but as it went on–, eh. But I’m still really proud of this!

Anyway, here’s some additional info!:

Frames: 500

FPS: 21

Program Used: Animation Creator HD


Thank you everyone for indulging me my dentist-inspired series of flashbacks, which typically has ended up going on for a lot longer than anticipated…I have one more sequence to post, and then it will back to Bridgeport and the aftermath of Roy’s barbecue, and after THAT I can’t wait to get back to Mia, Raj, Brent and Adrian and IP! I’m sorry for not being able to post ‘more’ of Joël and Georgie, I know a lot of people were disappointed, but as Georgie is only 16 I decided it would not be appropriate for Tumblr. As always, thank you for reading, and I love youse all!

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