wow it suddenly got really hot

Hot diggity dang 1000 followers!!!

HOLY SMOKES thank you all so much???!? And to think that 2 months ago I got excited over 100 followers! I started this blog in like November of last year and it was under 100 for about half a year until a couple months ago??? Like what did I do to suddenly gain all you awesome followers??? 

Well anyway to celebrate, I’m doing a HUGE uhhh thing? Just be excited! For the next 48 hours or so, I’ll be answering EVERY SINGLE ask with either drawings, or voice answers! Be sure to specify which one you prefer in your ask, or I will just answer it normally with text and you don’t want that boring stuff! If you have trouble deciding, just check out my previous answers here

Also, I’ll do some other stuff! If you reblog this post, I’ll draw something for you, whatever you want! If you want me to post it publicly or send it to you privately is up to you! I’m not that great, but hey, free drawing! And if it’s free you should take it! 

And, since I hate my singing voice, I’m going to make this kinda hard. I will let you have me sing a song of your choice if you

1. Provide me with a pun so bad that if ruins my day

2. Tell me why you even want me to sing in the first place

3. Tell me a bit of info about myself that I have said in my previous asks

4. Follow my art blog @waddledee125art!!! (come on, I have to benefit from this somehow!)

And yeah! That’s all I have to offer for now! Thank you all SO MUCH for following me, I love each and every one of you guys! And as I say in almost all my follower milestone posts, Let’s keep on loving Peridot together!!!


You were on your bed in your room, minding your own business by doing an assignment on the laptop Scott lent as he came over to work with your brother Stiles on some werewolf stuff. You’ve had a major crush on your brother’s best friend since you went into your teenage stage and your hormones went wild. He was always kind, always smiling, so overly protective of you along with Stiles that it made him just so much more adorable than he already was in your eyes. And hot. So hot.

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