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How can you possibly look at that class photo of Eric taken on March 4, 1999, look into those eyes of his, that stare he is giving to the camera and say he is NOT a psychopath. He was clearly, by all accounts, a clinical textbook psychopath. Even his own parents have come to that conclusion. You are in utter denial. It's best NOT to over-analyze him or his motives. He doesn't deserve that. His victims are the ones who deserve attention not him.

Do you really mean to tell me that this one picture, frozen in time, is enough to convince some people that Eric was a big mean old psychopath? Wow. That just goes to show that if you put a little effort into looking the evil part, the rest of the world’s going to do your work for you and call you that for the rest of your days. Of course that picture is Eric at his most Reb-like, purposefully vicious and completely hellbent on making that picture a “fuck you, this is me being a neon warning sign you won’t see until it’s too late”-moment. Dylan, right next to him, is giving a pretty similar look into the camera. Funny how Dylan’s excluded from the psychopath narrative, despite them both looking like they could eat us alive. I guess that the whole “look into his eyes and tell me he’s not a psychopath”-thing only really counts when it comes to Eric, huh. Double standard much?

I also want to say that ‘clinical textbook psychopath’ is a more problematic descriptor than the standard account on Eric has any right to be. Psychopathy is still not an officially accepted clinical diagnosis, after all, and both the ICD-10 and the DSM-V do not recognise it as a standalone disorder. Psychopathy is recognised in the latter as a symptom of Antisocial Personality Disorder, but that inclusion took almost fifty years of research and debate about its validity. ASPD and DPD (dissocial personality disorder) are currently the clinically accepted measures that come closest to what we call 'psychopath’ in layman’s terms. I would strongly advise you to read up on the many criticisms on psychopathy, so that you will come to understand why this is still subject to debate and not yet recognised as an official disorder by the standard works in the psychiatric world today. Arguments countering psychopathy as a disorder include doubts about the neurological concepts of psychopathy, arguments that it could have a sociological stigmatisation effect, concern about its potential incompatibility with evolutionary models of empathy, and so on and so forth. It’s well worth your time to take a look at these critiques, because nothing about this potential diagnosis is currently 'textbook’ due to its still-evolving state.

While it is true that his parents gave off the impression of accepting the conclusion of psychopathy, it is also important to note that we only really know of two moments in which they spoke of Eric after the massacre. One of them is the talk with the Mauser family, in which they did seem to accept the standard view of their son, and another is an account in which Wayne Harris stated that he had two sons and that one of them died at Columbine. To me, that’s not enough to go on to definitively say that Eric’s parents have come to that conclusion you say they arrived at. It’s possible that they did accept it, of course, and it’s even more possible that they decided to not challenge the official narrative even if they personally have their doubts about it. When all the world tells you that your child was a certain way and leaves no room for doubt about that, it can really screw with your perceptions of who your child was and mess with the memories you have of time spent with your child. The Harris family has lived with people telling them their youngest son was a psychopath for close to eighteen years now. That’s as long as Eric was alive. That’s a long time in which to hold on to another view of him that may not fit the psychopath-narrative. It’s entirely possible that, in the privacy of their own home or even in the quiet space of their own mind, they might yet feel differently about their son than we currently think they do.

It’s not just about what Eric deserves. It’s not that simple. It never is. I would argue that we don’t analyse Eric’s personality or his motives for Eric’s benefit to begin with, as Eric is dead and gone and nothing we uncover right now has the power to help him. The reason why we want to get to know his motives is because there are other people out there with similar motives. The reason why we should take a very close look at his personality is because there are other people out there who recognise themselves in him and feel a kinship with him. We owe it to these people to uncover the truth about Eric and analyse what was going on with him, because that is the only way in which we will be able to provide these people with the help and support that they need. These people deserve our open minds and hearts. The last thing that they need is for us to conclude that Eric was a psychopath who couldn’t be saved by anybody. What kind of message do you think that sends? What do you think it tells those kids who feel the way Eric felt, who see themselves in him, who want to follow in Eric’s footsteps someday? What do you think happens to our hopes of helping these people when you say that Eric was less than human or not even human, as Dave Cullen did?

I personally chose to come to different conclusions about Eric over the past five years. And, let me tell you: that was not very hard to do. It’s not difficult to create a narrative for Eric that has a strong background in psychology and child development without straying into the psychopath-territory in the process. It’s possible to speak about Eric in the most basic, human terms you can conceive of and still have that make perfect logical sense without detracting in any way from the horrible things he did. The Eric I saw when I began my research was very angry, very hateful, and very aggressive. The Eric I see today is still all of those things. Were I to be in actual denial, I would not recognise the validity and presence of these things in him as much as I do. The only thing that has changed is how I choose to look at them. Are they all that Eric was, as the official narrative goes, or are they the symptoms of something far more complicated?

In my opinion, following the official narrative is what Eric would want us to do. He’d love it. He’d push for us to believe it every step of the way. Hell, I could even argue that he already played it up as much as he could while he was still alive. Do you really want to give Eric Harris the satisfaction of having his story be told exactly the way he wanted it to be? I personally feel he doesn’t deserve that courtesy. I think he deserves to have his narrative blown wide open, so we all get to see the insecurities, the self-loathing, the doubts, the loss, the fear, the anxiety, the rage, the isolation, the loneliness, the child behind those staring hateful eyes. He’d hate that. He never wanted us to see that and worked so very hard to avoid that we would be able to contemplate it as the truth about who he was.

It’s not overanalysing when it brings you closer to what’s true and helps other people feel heard in the process.

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Why do you make everything about Cassian revolve around Jyn like he doesn't have his own character and life? I'm pretty fucking sure he cared about the Death Star plans

Wow, my first anonymous hate question, I am so excited for this moment!!

Well, let’s start from the beginning- if the roles were reversed, and Cassian was the hero, and Jyn was the one supporting him- would anyone really think that wasn’t typical of a sci-fi or action film? Cassian is literally the emobiment of all of those crappy tropes that are forced on female characters in movies like that.

Also, let’s look at Cassian’s character and roll in the Rebellion. Cassian is a spy and pragmatic anti-hero. In his introduction scene he kills a guy to ensure his own escape and the information that he got from his contact doesn’t fall into enemy hands. His contact was weak and would have given into Empire torture, so Cassian made the decision to do what spies do- protect the information. So yes, Cassian clearly cared about the Rebellion.

But as soon as he sets his eyes on Jyn its like he completely forgets everything. If you read the novelization- even Cassian calls himself out on it. He takes Draven’s orders even though he doesn’t like them, so he is a good solider, but also takes a really calculated risk by letting Jyn keep his blaster. He had no idea of her actual character to know if she really wouldn’t shoot him with it to escape. Jyn already made it clear she isn’t on anyone’s side and she only wants to be free- so killing Cassian would actually have ensured her escape.

Then we have Jedha where he makes more calculated risks to get what he needs- Galen’s location- but he gets that as soon as the Death Star shows up. Like he had Bodhi. He had Galen’s location. Cassian’s mission was never finding the message- he was sent to find and kill Galen Erso. Jyn’s message from her father happened completely separate from his mission. But as soon as they are able to escape, what does Cassian do? Find Jyn. HE DIDN’T NEED HER ANYMORE HE HAD BODHI SO HE DIDN’T NEED TO TRACK HER DOWN. Like Cassian had no idea that Jedha was blowing up- for all anyone knew until they got outside it was an earthquake. He just knew that Jyn was in danger and rushed after her without a second thought.

Then he gets her out of there, and still has to deal with his orders. Now, think about this as if you didn’t even know what the Death Star was. Cassian has absolutely no proof whatsoever that the Death Star is a real thing. Like at all. They couldn’t see the Death Star from the surface of the moon, and Jyn is the one who saw the message and relays it to everyone else- they have to take Jyn’s word that its real. Now how long has Cassian known her? Two Days? At most? 

“I am not the one you gotta convince.” Cassian completely trusts her at her word, BUT HE’S A SPY SO HE SHOULND’T?? Like a good spy takes information and distrusts it completely until enough of it is analysed. So Cassian is still trying to kill Galen but he doesn’t actually care about killing Galen- Galen Erso isn’t a person to him, he doesn’t care about killing him for the Rebellion- he only stops himself from killing him because he knows it would break Jyn’s heart.

Then he and Jyn have their nice big fight where he tells her to get over herself, which is a great moment for both of them- then as soon as they are back at Yavin 4 he knows that Jyn is never going to get the Council to agree to her request to go to Scariff. That’s because Cassian isn’t stupid. Jyn is an ex-criminal who worked for an extremest, has been missing for several years, is the daughter of an Imperial Science Officer, and isn’t actually a part of their military- so of course the Council wasn’t going to believe her. Until the destruction of Alderan the Alliance doesn’t even know that the Death Star really exists. There is NO PROOF.

The Death Star is like the Atom Bomb to these people. Before the American’s dropped the first one, no one knew what would happen or if it was real or not. There was the possibility, but the science is so far advanced for their way of thinking. Do you think the Alliance had the kind of money and manpower as the Empire? The Alliance just was super lucky the Force was literally on their side. That’s it. if you look at it, the Alliance has a fuck ton of blunders throughout the series.

So Cassian recruits the men and basically declares his love for Jyn in front of everyone and its adorable, so she leads them to Scariff, they get into battle, they get the plans, he gets shot at protecting her (and yes, the plans) but Cassian knows Jyn by now. He knows her personality. That woman would drag her dying body to the top of the tower to get those plans out. He actually didn’t have to drag himself up that tower, injured, just to save her from Director Krennic. In fact, neither of them even knew anything about Krennic until he started shooting at them. Like Jyn confronts him and in the novelization she doesn’t even know his name. He’s just another obstacle in the way.

Now, did Cassian have to shoot Krennic and save Jyn’s life? Actually not really. Jyn and Krennic were standing away from the computer, they were so focused on each other that Cassian could have actually walked up to the computer and sent the plans himself. Like he was five feet from the computer. HE COULD HAVE JUST PULLED A LEVER. But instead he sees Jyn, he shoots Krennic and Jyn fulfills her mission- HER MISSION FOR THE PLANS. It was NEVER Cassian’s mission. This story wasn’t about Cassian. This story was about Jyn and finding the plans and helping her father destroy the Death Star. And you can tell when he asks “Do you think anyone’s listening?”

That’s a really important line. Jyn and Cassian never get the confirmation that Bodhi succeeded. They don’t know that the shield is down until they start transmitting the plans and Cassian is a realist. Just because the shield is down, and the Rebels are up there, he knows that the entire fleet can’t possibly be there and they see the Death Star in the distance, they know that the Empire is here and that there might be the possibility that the plans would be taken back by the Empire, that the fleet would be destroyed before the plans could get back to Yavin 4 altogether. So actually, Cassian has no idea if they really did succeed at all. To him- they might have just wasted all of those lives on the beach. But Jyn has absolute faith that it worked. Because Jyn believes in the Force. She knows that the Force helped her get here, that the Force wanted her to do this.

Cassian has never had much faith in the Force (going back to his joke in the jail cell about the Force) but just the fact that Jyn believes it makes him believe it.

Then they go to the beach and join the Force.

So yeah, when I say that Cassian’s character basically revolves around Jyn, during the course of this movie, I am not kidding. Now it would be awesome to get more background on him, his life in Fest, his time as a child solider. But that isn’t a part of the movie at all. Jyn is our hero, this is her story, so I will continue to ship them like crazy and not give a single fuck.


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okay but Jungkook leaned in a bit too????? there are so many things I’m confused about

  • Jungkoook said there was no one in the room to help him with the wifi connection so there’s no one who could’ve opened the door when Jimin came so did he have the key? Why? How? He literally broke in the second time and fell while running down the hall
  • Jungkook said there was no way Jimin could’ve heard him because his room was on the other side of the hall. How did he know? Had he already been to Jimins room? Definitely
  • The look Jimin gave Jk when he was talking about that one time he roomed with Tae in Mexico? And how Jungkook wasn’t even listening to him because his chest was too distracting?
  • How Jk was so visibly disappointed that Jimin wasn’t coming back to his room but when Tae entered he was suddenly so annoyed?
  • The thing Jimin does when he talks to Jk and his voice is really soft?
  • The way Jk just froze when Jimin touched his hair??????

Happy birthday to this rude cutie

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Actor Sid who's tired of people who fawn over him meeting Geno who stares at him weirdly on his morning jog. When Sid grumpily asks, "What?" he doesn't get the usual, OMG you're Sidney Crosby response, instead he gets in soft, accented English, "Wow, you snuggly. That right word? Snuggly?" And Sid just blushes because what the hell? Geno gestures vaguely at Sid's hoodie and says "Nice jacket" and he seems totally sincere. Geno loves how soft this man looks and has no idea who Sidney Crosby is

oh my GOD!!! Geno just calls him Snuggly as a nickname, like “Hi! Snuggly. Nice to see again. Is new jacket?” And Sidney starts to come over to Geno’s place for tea and realizes that Geno really Does Not Know who he is (”Romance movie?” Geno says sheepishly. “No. Not like to watch alone usually, so not know. I’m only know Liam Neeson. You know?”

Sidney does know. In fact, he’s pretty sure Neeson poured him champagne at one point, but that’s not important right now, when Geno is doing the old yawn and arm stretch trick during The A-Team. Sidney cuddles closer and rests his head on Geno’s shoulders, and Geno makes this happy noise that makes Sidney want to giggle.)

And let’s just say this Geno is a high school teacher who plays in a beer league. Sidney visits him during a game, waving and kissing his reddened nose aftwards saying, “Geno, that was incredible! You’re so good!!” while Geno’s teammates are like…omfg is that Sidney Crosby from ‘Love Me Tender’????? Is that not three time Oscar-winning Sidney Crosby kissing Geno all over his face??? What in the world??

Teammates: Oh my God, I’m sorry, but my wife loves your movies. Can I get an autograph?
Sidney: Oh, of course!
Geno: What movie?”
Sidney: Um–
Teammate: You know, ‘Desperate Dreams,’ ‘The Circle,’ ‘Seven Days Without You,’ those.
Geno: ……what?? I’ve never hear of those in my life.
Sidney: And he doesn’t have to! Hahahaha time to go nice seeing you!!!!!!! 

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I always imagine Jungkook asking Jimin to be less obvious in public. Jimin says "okay, sure, easy". But then, the next day, in front of his fans, Jimin says he loves Jungkook, hugs him, touches his butt weirdly, compliments him A LOT and admits wishing for date at the beach. Jungkook is so done he doesn't try to stop Jimin anymore 😂 (i'm sure Jungkook enjoys Jimin's attention. I mean, did you see the smile after Jimin grabbed his butt??? Wow. Just wow)

honestly though, that’s probably how it goes down. except sometimes jk’s the one doing the most™ and jimin’s the one that’s surprised lmao. but for real, jm is always so freaking extra when it comes to him and jk. like, he really doesn’t care what he does, he gives no cares anymore. it’s kinda amazing. and like jk’s reaction to jm ????? was honestly beautiful ???? like, he didn’t look weirded out, disgusted, or anything. he looked really freaking happy. like, that’s so gay omg. 

Connor murphy as a crew boi
  • if anyone does crew, you will get this. and if u don't look it up
  • - Connor started crew bc during a fancy dinner party with his parents someone said 'hey, you kid looks like a good crew rower',,, and thus it started
  • - at first he thinks he's all bad and thinks he will suck, but surprisingly he doesn't.
  • - he's really tall so it's easy for him to take long strokes so after one season of doing it he's bumped up to varsity.
  • - let me tell you, all of the coxswains l o v e this man
  • - they look up to him in both ways, literal and mentally
  • - he started a natural and wow lOOK AT THOSE STROKES
  • - also, all of the girls love Connor, they love his hair and braiding it.
  • - Connor also love crew, it gives him propose, it makes him not feel like a freak. he doesn't feel like an outsider anymore
  • - also because he rows for a boathouse (which is with other schools) no one has literally ever heard of him, so firsts impressions are now 'hey your the best male rower on the team?' instead of 'hey your the one who threw a printer at a teacher in second grade?'
  • - ((also gives him a hOT C R E W. B O D Y))
  • - his parents love watching him race, and his sister even comes along. After 1 year of rowing she doesn't even ask or is forced too. It's a family weekly tradition to all go see Connor the crew star™ row
  • - all in all, Connor fucking loves crew(but he hates the crew uniforms, too tight, no long sleeves, no black)
  • - Connor later grows up to be a Olympic medalist, he's won 5 gold metals and continues to win more every olympics.

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imagine cat being really wary of alec at first because not only shadowhunter, but LIGHTWOOD and she's so sure that he's going to hurt magnus but then she sees them together and wow, she knows the look of someone head over heels in love and that shadowhunter is looking at magnus like he wants to lay the world to his feet (and it also doesn't hurt that madzie adores him and that she told cat that he complimented her warlock mark like it's the most normal thing in the world)

Okay, but real talk…. have they actually met yet? Cat and Alec that is. I mean yes, Magnus namedropped her when he told Alec that he brought Madzie to her and Alec suggested to bring in Catarina when Magnus was feeling off in 2x15. But… I don’t think they have “interacted” behind the scenes yet? Because seriously? I really would love to see them meeting for the first time. It probably would be so glorious now that we actually met her.

But that all aside. Cat and Alec. Having scenes together? Bonding? And Magnus maybe fondly rolling his eyes because of these two who will join forces to drag him? Where can I sign up for this???

Why Ruby Doesn't Like Santa Claus
  • Taiyang: Okay Ruby, you're gonna have to get to bed early tonight if you want Santa Claus to stop by.
  • Young Ruby: *munching on an Oreo* Who's Santa Claus, Dad?
  • Young Yang: Oh, he's the greatest Ruby! He's an old, jolly guy who flies through the sky on a sleigh and leaves presents for kids on Christmas!
  • Young Ruby: *gasps happily* Really? Wow!!!
  • Young Yang: That's right, sis!You just have to leave out some milk and cookies for him to eat when he gets here!
  • Young Ruby: *looks at the cookie in her hand* He's gonna eat our cookies?
  • Young Yang: Yep, and he'll leave gifts for us- if we've been good this year, that is!
  • Taiyang: You've both been very good girls this year. Now c'mon Yang, let's get you tucked in. *leaves with Yang*
  • Young Ruby: *drops her cookie before grabbing and deploying her brand new Crescent Rose* If this "Santa Claus" guy wants our cookies, he'll have to go through me! DO YOU HEAR ME, JOLLY MAN? YOU'll NEVER TAKE MY BAKED GOODS! NEVER!!!
  • Young Yang: *slowly looks at her dad as Ruby screams in smol fury* ... Maybe I should have left the cookie part out.

cool but what makes me really nervous is when people look at some of the “sweet” stuff in harley loves joker and say things like “sEE??! he really CaReS about her!! wow lOok!! tru Luv”

like you do realize that’s how the majority of abusive relationships start out right

they start out with the sorts of things you’re gushing over in this comic before everything goes to shit

so it’s not “sweet” or “cute” or “adorable” or whatever bc what it turns into is sick beyond belief

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it's so amusing to me how much taemin talk about jinki body nd how it looks nd how he say he's the only one allowed to see it not to mention how he always talk about how jinki look while he's sleeping like wow taemin chill it also really weird bc he doesn't live at the dorm anymore nd even in japan he doesn't share the room with him so *eyes emoji*

someone: hi how are-

Taemin: did you know that onew hyung is the best and most beautiful person in the world???

like honestly this boy will take every single opportunity he has to mention anything about jinki like pls at least try to be subtle about it akdslajf

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@anyone who thinks Tae doesn't have it in him to be a dom i'd like to point you to this gifset: fightminyoongi tumblr com/post/132767797333/the-rap-man-how-to-smack-that-a-guide-by-kim i mean just look at how he holds that bat look at the confidence look at the aim look at the RESTING DOM FACE i can very easily imagine that bat being a crop or a paddle wow wow i need to sit down


Originally posted by the-rap-man

well shit.

this just gave me some taejin sin thoughts that I did not expect today, but I’m really not complaining. 

*clears throat* kim taehyung is a switch with a preference for dom spread the word 

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I know who the kitty anon is whahahah!!!!! Anyways I have a crazy theory. What if Kit's mum is an angel? Okay but consider it. Like it could be though kit coyld also be the son of the unseelie king daughter but he doesn't look faerish (yeah I made up a word and what) Also I read these fic that was really good abt dru and idk what I'm doing with my life... I'm hungry love ya'

go eat something!

a dru fic you say?! i am deprived of dru content, please link me to it

i ADORE that theory of kit being part angel that would be… wOW. shadowhunters would worship him. 
and about kit not looking like a faerie, maybe magic was used to alter his features, idk it’s just a loose theory all together. i dont kit having just shadowhunter blood, i want him to have downworlder blood. give me this cassie! 


“So I think he’ll be okay” | “-And he has everything I don’t!”

Hinata has absolute belief that Tsukishima will be okay, because his image of Tsukki is that he’ll always choose to be cool. It’s such a straightforward way of thinking, but it also shows the level of begrudging admiration Hinata has for Tsukki. It’s further shown by his immediate answer to Yamaguchi. There’s no pause, just a quick “of course we’re rivals!”. “He has everything I don’t” he says. (Which is kinda the point of their dynamics. Sun and Moon, opposite and complimentary. Their heights, their style of blocking, and even their studies, all of it shows how they’re foils of each other.) But that isn’t gonna stop Hinata, because rather than seeing that as a bad thing (like Tsukki initially did), he just doesn’t wanna lose.

Don’t even get me started on Tsukki’s point of view, okay. That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.

What’s most fascinating about this is that Hinata’s desire to improve made everyone want to improve, which in the end, pushed Tsukishima to move forward. And seeing Tsukishima improve, well… 

Hinata doesn’t wanna lose. So he’ll push forward more. It’s a cycle of freaking development.

I’m a friggin’ loser who can’t even deal with how cute this edgy nerd is.

These are all literally drawings of Saeran that I did in class along the margins of my math notes. I just compiled them on one page and then traced them cause some of them were surprisingly cute. I found myself hoping that no one would look over my shoulder and ask who this was becasusesssss;;;;

I’ll probably color these all later when I’ve got time. Like the obsessed loser I am.

Daddy's Hair
  • The idea of his teacher with hair suddenly doesn't seem like such a good idea. XD
  • Inspired by @chen-art's fabulous Saitama Hairstyle Meme.♡
  • -------------------------------
  • -As Genos cleans the apartment, he notices Nii drawing on her tablet.-
  • Genos: What are you drawing, Nii?
  • Nii: Sensei with hair~[-she stopped to look up at him-]
  • Genos: Really? Mind if I see?
  • -She gladly shows him her work so far.-
  • Genos: [-impressed-] Wow, you're very good, Nii.
  • Nii: [-smiles happily-] Sensei said that he had black short hair, but I wanted to draw it a little longer like Amai Mask. Don't you think he looks handsome this way, too?
  • Genos: Of course. Sensei is always quite good-looking with or without hair. [-says with absolute pride-]
  • Nii: [-nods in agreement-] But what do you think he would have been like if he still had hair, Danna?
  • Genos: [-that was actually a good question-] I would daresay he would be very high in the popularity ranks, since society is known to prize those of aesthetically pleasing qualities, and-...
  • -Genos' daydream-
  • Saitama: Gentlemen, ladies. I have to get home to my family, so please get in line and I will be more than happy to give you an autograph and photo op.[-makes a point wink gesture as his teeth sparkle-]
  • -End of creepy daydream-
  • Genos: ...;; (Ugh, maybe it's good that Sensei went bald after all that training in the end...)
  • Nii: ...Danna...?

“It’s so funny the way Sebastian changes so quickly. He goes from a Disney prince to a villain just like that!”

Yeah, wow, it’s almost as if a catastrophic event just took place in which all he loved was destroyed and he was powerless to stop it, meanwhile the person responsible is standing right in front of him, and no one is attempting to comfort him.

Who knew nice people had their limits, too?

What does that mean?

Oh my god. That’s Dylan O'Brien.

You were a fan of Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner. Which is where you fell in love with the talented Mr. O'Brien.

And now, you were standing a few measly feet away from him, in the most random place ever.

Well now I have to go over. At least to say hi. Tell him I’m a big fan.

You didn’t want to bother him, but you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if you didn’t at least talk to him.

After a few more minutes of attempting to prepare yourself for what was about to happen, he was one of your favorite actors after all, you walked over to him.

“Um…hi,” you said nervously. 

He turned around, looked you over and gave you a very short, very mumbled hi back. Then he turned back around.

“Uh, I didn’t mean to bother you. I just wanted you to know that I’m a really big fan of yours.”

“Thanks,” he mumbled again, this time not even bothering to turn around.

Maybe he’s being rude because he doesn't like being bothered in public? you wondered.

“I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to bother you.”

“It’s fine,” he said curtly.

You were beginning to take this very personally. No. That’s not it. There’s no excuse to be this rude, even if it was someone being bothersome. This is a fan. It comes with the job. This is him being an ass.

“Wow okay. I sort of thought -at least hoped- that you were different, that you weren’t just another one of those actors that lets fame go to their head and look down on everybody else. But you know- my mistake. Thanks for your time,” you fumed.

With that you turned and began walking out the door. Not bothering to even bask in satisfaction at the look of shock on Dylan’s face.

“Wait, wait!” someone yells behind you.

You’re forced to halt when you feel a tug on your elbow.

“Get off of me,” you whip around.

Dylan. Fantastic. What does this asshole want now?

“Look I’m sorry. I was an jerk back there-”

You sneer, “An ass is more like it.”

“I know. I’m sorry. You’re right. And I don’t want to be one of those actors. I hate those actors. I don’t want to be thought of like that.”

“I don’t care. I know you’re just here talking to me because you don’t want me blasting you. No worries, I’m not like that. Not saying I wouldn’t have bragged about meeting you, but I don’t want to brag about how disappointed I am. No need to save your petty career. Nice try. You’re fine. Goodbye.”

Shock mixed with guilt. That was the look on Dylan’s face. Mouth open. Eyes wide. Stunned.

“Wh- what? No. Look no. That’s not what I meant. Seriously just hear me out. Please.”

You debated this. Yes I wanted him to be different. Do I want to give him a chance? Should I even bother?

He jumps in on your hesitation, “Please. Come on. Let me prove to you I’m not like that.”

“Prove to me how?

You mentally smacked yourself, Britt. He has a girlfriend. He’s talked about her in interviews. Those have been recent. How the hell is he supposed to prove this?

"I’ll take you out. Please.”

“You have a girlfriend,” you state.

“Uh…yeah. Well…not really.”

You crinkle your eyebrows, “What does that mean?”

“We’re on a break. Or we broke up. We broke up.”

“What does that mean?” you repeat.

“We’ve been…fighting a lot. It’s not really working anymore. We’re basically done. We’re done. But that doesn’t even matter; I mean this doesn’t have to be a date. We can just hang out. Please.”

“Oh…" What. Does. That. Mean? What does this mean? What does he mean?

"No! Don’t take that as an insult! I was saying that in an attempt not to insult you. God I’m so bad at this,” he scolds himself.

Do I let him off the hook? Should I just go with this?

“Sure,” you shrug.

“What?” he asks.

“Prove to me you aren’t that guy. We can…hang out or whatever.”

“Good. Great!”

You take a step forward, look directly at him and say, “Do not disappoint me. I don’t need that. I’ve been through enough I do not need you to get my hopes up only for you to squash them again.”

“No I promise. I won’t.”

“We’ll see,” and with that that you turned your heals and walk away.

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Hello, what do you think of this line "grant thou, lest faith turn to despair"? I kind of feel like Romeo doesn't give Juliet any other chance, like if she doesn't love him he will be miserable forever.

Hi :) ,
oh wow that is an interesting question. I don’t think I have never really noticed that line or paid attention to it I even had to read up where it exactly was. At least I guessed correctly that it  was at the ball. ^^

Regarded out of context it certainly looks as if Romeo is urging Juliet to love him which would not be ok at all. However, considering the context

“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do.  They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.”

it is rather a really urgent plead for a kiss. It is their first encounter, they have their really witty, romantic banter about the nature of kissing, and Romeo clearly is desperate to kiss Juliet, who  does not seem averse to it. So I am not sure that he actually says without her love he’ll be miserable for eternity and she is to blame, but rather begs her to yield to his pleading and let him kiss her.

Actually I am not even sure that Romeo actually loves Juliet already at this stage. He is smitten by her, certainly. She is incredibly beautiful and he is totally overwhelmed by her. Maybe one can even say he is in love with the pretty girl that is dancing over there, but I don’t think he loves Juliet yet. Of course there are his lines “ Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.” in which he claims that she is his first real love. However, it seems that Romeo’s “real love” at this stage changes quite frequently. I don’t say that he is not saying the truth, he is truely expressing his feelings at the moment, but yet I am not sure he is already deeply in love with Juliet. Right now she is only another pretty girl on which he projects his idea of love. It is the idea of love that makes him climb into Capulet’s orchard.

At the beginning of the window scene we can cleary see him play his usual game. He is sweet talking her, Sweaering his love, talking in romantic images and actually hoping to talk his way into her bed. I think Romeo Montague climbig into the garden had no thought of getting married in the near future when climbing that wall, as surely as I think that  he was deliriously happy to be engaged when leaving the garden.

What happened?

He got to know Juliet.

While he is still playing his game in the usual routine, Juliet suddenly breaks out and turns the tables. Instead of cooly rejecting or happily accepting his advances hse makes him question his actions,  totally confuses him.While he tries to be romantic by talking about the moon, she interrupts, points out the mistakes of this similie,in the end he is totally clueless what to do, nothing goes as planned, and he realises he won’t get to her bed tonight. But he doesn’t mind it, he loves it, he accepts her proposal of marriage, and happily so.

Sorry, I started babbling but the point I try to make is that I don’t think that Romeo gave Juliet no other chance than to love him. Both had no choice but to love each other, neither was manipulated. As soon as he really got to know her, he was overwhelmed by his love for her. For the first time he was confronted with true, lively, love instead of the idea of it, and it was much stronger than he was.

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(Here ya go) "Excuse you, I believe you're staring at me. And you should stop." Seeing as he stuck out like a sore thumb, it was really no mystery why anyone would look at him. He just didn't like it. "Just because I'm not greasy, doesn't mean it's something worth staring at.... Some of us like looking like professionals." (Wow, r00d XD)

“Pfftt…oh you got to be kidding me? Professional? Since when are clowns consider professionals?” He looked bored as he glanced at his nails. “But the only joke here is your life.” He smirks at him. “Look bitch…I do whatever the hell I want and if I want to stare at you and your loud look than I fucking can. Have a problem? Then don’t dress like an attention seeking whore.”