wow it has a lot of notes i am proud of this

A list of quotes my band director has said

This martini isn’t dirty enough

We need a stronger bottom

Think of the ding dong, I need a lot of ding dong

Have your parents pick you up at 9:010

I want it tasty

Yeah I’m not liking the uterus either

I want you guys to learn beef

Judd: The band is only as good as the weakest link.
Anthony: Fuck we’re gonna lose

Don’t try not to lose time

How can I breathe without no air

I changed my mind, I’m not changing my mind

We got six on the bottom and five on top.

Play an A# instead of an B-flat

Try not to sound like a duck

You fracked your climactic one note of glory

Mikey, stop being pointy

Ziggy, stop hugging Malakai

You can’t frack and never return

If you’re not making Juddy proud, you’re wrong

Stop being an ice cream truck

The leaning tower of Luke Choi

You can all take a breath together after your ding dong

Add a curvy linear

Try not to have a bulge in the front

You need to have a strong d

You’re teasing me melodically

It’s getting a little tight in Darren land

The ding dong is being lost

Ziggy and Daniel are joining the ding dong

Your higher note on the ding dong has even more stress

The ding dong was well projected

I don’t hear enough of the dong

Now we know where we are at. THANK GOD

It needs to be the creepiest 3 blind mice you’ve ever heard

It’s just not big enough

Just grab me, it is destiny

Add weight, like my stomach

Finger the air

Jesus that sounds like cattle

We are not playing Frogger with our instruments

Yo, what’s with that gangster hat

We’re Swiss cheese in the clarinet block

There’s just too much body language, and I don’t appreciate it

If that amp was your mother, she would be proud

It sounds so much better when we don’t breathe

Even though I changed the music, I really haven’t changed the music

You need to have confidence on those bitches

Breathe through 8 counts without taking a breath

Are you a G?

Dylan, you’re an ass

You need to have laser eyes on Lexi

We have to be more smart at rehearsal

I’m a Facebook like Nazi

Dylan, sound like Mickey Mouse


Will’s on fire, somebody put him out

Is there a way to pause without pausing it

I’m literally turning into a parrot

I want Kaitlin on top and everyone else under her

More trumpets, more sex

Hey there J-dog(Justin)

This is Amish paradise


You need to listen for Lexi’s cut-off

Stop yabbadabbading

You’re not good

French horns, don’t put your hand in the bell

I’m hearing wrong fingers

Turn on a new hat

Finger with me

Play it as written, nice and long

Please stop touching each other

You’re the Toungey McToungerson I’ve been hearing the whole time

Just pull it out

You’re not matching the windses dynamics

There’s 2 counts of horse

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is, oh look at that, lunch detention! Congratulations Nikko, Donovan, and Nathan!

Oooo, that was a big one

A bunch of you guys need to be the icing on the cake

*plays invisible banjo passionately*


Here’s my time for glory

Imagine you’re in an algebra class, taking a test on trigonometry

Sing your finger one two ready go

I just wanna touch it

*stops band* Jesus, guys

Start at number C

You can play those notes more fuller

You sound like an elementary band learning how to play mallets for the first time

Oh Jesus

Never blink

Jesus, try again

I changed my mind, I haven’t changed my mind

It did got better

Lower my thing

You’re talking into the horn

Play the ding bum

I know you wanna shake it

Hey guys can we get rid of that chair? No chair left behind

Pull out more, more than the D would normally take

We learned how to use our tongues today. You do 16th notes until you are happy

The good ol’ sleight of glove


Take Nikko’s stick and hit it right on the downbeat

I have a guide to fingering and tonguing

That’s enough men for 2 months

Mrs. Mocha and myself might get a little excited

We can’t waste any time (plays G minor as a round twice)

You are a ninja

No girly birds!!!!!!!!

Shake this as you’re doing the wawa

I don’t hear no wawawa

Thunder where are you

Get your life together!

Jacob, you’re nothing

Be smart

I have other beaters in my office


You come when it’s time

There’s a lot of ding dongs, I feel like hostess

F all

Speak now or forever hold your run through

Play good

I’m honking my horn, get out of my way

Blend to the beef

Someone strike a D


The hunchback of Notre Justin

Don’t think of a snare, think of an instrument

Oh hello! What’s for dinner? COMPOUND TIME

I feel like I should rent a babysitter and put you in a play pen

Get better

We’re not in a smoking club here saying *cough cough cough* I’ve been doing this for 20 years, like there are like 5 band kids that need cough drops

Right now, you’re playing like a drunken sailor ballerina

*sings* be dahh boo dahhh DINNER TIME

It’s hard for Ryan because he has the runs

It sounds emotional, but it’s the wrong emotion

CUT, wow that’s a mess

Margaret you sound like the recorder version of Titanic on YouTube

You want candy, I want notes

Make it more shapey

FLINGER FLINGER FLINGER. I say FLINGER because it’s not quite there. It’s like you’re playing with octopus hands. Tentacles

This is the sound of not music

We are under the sea

Put your hand on your finger

How to tame your dragon

Right now, you’re a nike check mark

I feel like I’m feeding bread to a duck

We have a lot of articulation problems in the goat heard


It’s so bad, I feel like I’m on American Airline

Sound like a butterfly. FLY AWAY TUCKER, FLY AWAY

We’re not going to the zoo trombones, no butterflies today

Ba be ba da FORTSZANDO Ba be ba da AAHHH

WOAH! Wait that wasn’t Kaitlin, liar

Oh so you do have it on your stand. Hm. Two liars today *squinches eyes*


I want to hear a C, not an AAAAAAAA

Your guys’ bad phrasing gave him a bloody nose

Stop looking at me with your glossed over eyes

Why not, HA you thought

Here comes the Dylan!

Ding dong ding dong, don’t be a ding dong

I don’t want to expose everyone right now, but it has to be done


I guess I don’t yell enough

There’s limited times when we do that, like the McRib

It sounds like you’re in the bathroom

Don’t look like the hunchback of Notre Clarinet

This is like a daycare or something

It sounds like dinner time

Guys it sounds dorky

*turns to clarinets* bitch

I’ve always wanted to adopt Tucker

Light beer is like pee

Wow Hector, you’re like Jenni Craig

I was a lethal weapon

You have a secret affection for your clarinet

Figure out your life

It makes us sound like the asthma band

The Three Mistakes Of Wen Junhui (Minghao/The8 and Jun x Male Reader Threesome)

The Three Mistakes Of Wen Junhui (And One Really Great Decision)

Author: Finn

Word Count: 6.4k

Summary: Jun has no idea how he’s gotten himself into this mess (but he really, really likes it).

(A/N: This is officially the longest and filthiest thing I have ever written. I’d be ashamed of how shameless it is but I spent a really long time on it… I’m sorry for deviating so much from the original prompt but I had a lot of fun writing it, so… I hope you all enjoy it! ~Finn)

(Warnings: Daddy/Master kink, slut-shaming, blowjobs, spitroasting, Extreme Gay™, overstimulation, double penetration, Minghao is a little shit, awkwardness towards the end)

(Admin Note: my beautiful son has done it again. I cannot even begin to express how blown away I am by this and by all of his work - he’s gonna one-up me on my own blog if I’m not careful. (I’m gonna need to post some life ending smut soon to top this. cause this is pretty damn life ending). just. Finn. wow. gonna steal my Golden Dick award. damn. a Momma has never been more proud. -Tanisha<3)

The car is quiet. Jun stirs imperceptibly, becoming aware of the silence from his earphones and a low murmuring voice from somewhere just behind him – are those Chinese words?

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So you’re thinking about leaving concrit on a fanfiction...

Hi there!  Dresupi here! Fanfic author, mostly MCU.  

So you’re browsing Ao3…you’re having fun.  You’re reading all your favorite ship or fandom has to offer.  And EGADS!  You’ve spotted an error in one of the fics.  

Originally posted by gurl

Well.  Surely the next step is for you to let them know in the comments.  Right?  That’s what they’re for, after all.  Communicating with the author, right? 


Originally posted by yourbasicaesthetics

Wait WHAT?  Dres…you’re telling me I shouldn’t alert this writer to their grave error in judgement (Or grammar, or characterization, or anything else I deem incorrect in this work they’ve posted out in public for everyone to see?)

Yes, imaginary fic commenter.  Yes, that’s exactly what I’m telling you.  


Calm down, I’m going to lay this out for you.  All professional like.  With bullets and everything.  ;) I got you, Babe.  Don’t worry. 

  • Okay, so the first thing you (as a potential commenter of fanfiction) need to do is decide…Did you like the fic?  If yes, please continue to the next step.  If no, I need you to go back up to the top of your web browser and click the arrow pointing left.  That will take you OUT of the fic and enable you to continue on your search for the perfect fanfic. :D
  • Okay, so, if you’re still reading, you’ve decided that yes.  You DID like the fanfic.  YAY!  I’m so happy for you!  I love finding good fics!  I really do!  It’s the best feeling to find someone who writes your OTP just right, isn’t it?  … Oh wait…you mean…you DIDN’T like the way they wrote your OTP?  A scene was too short?  The word count over all was too short?  Characters were OOC?  Goodness gracious!   Well, in that case…I’m going to need you to go on up to the top left of your screen and click the arrow pointing left.  This will take you OUT of the fic and enable you to continue on your search for the perfect fic with perfect A+ Characterization.  
  • NOW.  Okay.  So you liked the fic.  You liked the length.  The characterization.  AWESOME!  PARTY TIME!  … Oh?  A factual error, you say?  Oh no!  That really is kind of embarrassing, you know?  Really quick, though.  BEFORE you comment, can you check the author’s note and see if the author is asking for help?  A beta?  A general okay-ness with constructive criticism?  (Some authors really like it).   But no?  You don’t see anything like that in the author’s note?  Hmm.  Well, this is a tough situation.  You can either leave your comment sans unprompted concrit…or you can venture up to the top left of your screen and click on the left hand arrow.  This will take you OUT of the fic and enable you to continue on your search for the perfect fic with A+ characterization with bonus fact checking!   
  • Alright,alright, alright.  You’ve made it this far!  This must be an AMAZING fic.  Outstanding!  :D  All except for those pesky grammar and/or syntax errors, right?  Wow.  These are really interfering with your ability to enjoy the fic.  Either this author is in desperate need of a beta, or maybe it’s just that ONE GLARING ERROR in an otherwise perfect fic.  It’s time to leave a comment, tell the author, right?  *sigh*  Take a glance at the author’s note.  Is the author asking for concrit?  Perhaps there’s a call for a beta reader?  Or just a general call for help?  No?  *deeper sigh* Sorry, Friend.  If you’re able, please leave your comment sans concrit, otherwise…yeah…you know what to do.  Back click.  

Really though…what’s the big deal about me leaving concrit?  Even if mine is a touch rude.  I know for a FACT {this author} has many more positive comments.  This isn’t going to amount to more than a drop in the bucket.  

Well…and this is speaking from personal experience as an author.  You could have hundreds upon hundreds of positive comments, but that one negative, or concritty comment is the one that stands out.  It’s the one that makes an author stop before pressing that “post” button.  It’s the one that makes them second guess themselves.  

But Dres, these authors are sharing their works in the public.  They should really develop thicker skins about this kind of thing.  

Well.  I mean.  This isn’t really up to you to decide.  This isn’t something you paid money for.  All you’ve invested is your time.  Leaving unwanted concrit in the comments of a fanfiction is the online equivalent of receiving a handmade sweater from your Nana and saying, “This is cool, but I’d rather have had the store-bought one…”   

Maybe this author is having a really hard time this week.  Maybe their word count isn’t up to snuff because of it.  Maybe this was all they were able to put out there?  Maybe their beta reader is on vacation or taking a break?  Maybe none of the above, maybe this is just simply the best they can do and they’re very proud of what they’ve accomplished!  

Fanfiction is a free service. Fic authors take their free time to craft and write these stories.  A lot of us aren’t professional writers.  We’re moms.  Students.  High schoolers.  Investment bankers.  Scientists. Therapists. {insert name of other careers here}. In other words, people with real lives, who spend what little free time we have, creating content for you to enjoy. 

It isn’t like if you pay money for the latest book from your favorite author, only to find out that they’ve killed off your favorite character and made the other character into a villain and completely mucked up the series past all canonical help.  

Originally posted by nightpsychotic

Okay, okay.  I get you.  It’s rude.  But can’t I at least point out the grammatical/syntax errors?  

And here’s where it gets tricky.  And I’d like to defer to my mom on this one.  

She always used to say, “Never point out a fault that someone can’t fix in less than three seconds.”  

She used it to pertain to people’s appearances, their attitude, or their speech patterns.  But I think it applies here too.  

I think of single typos as like…the literary version of having spinach in your teeth.  Yes.  This is something you could technically point out.  KINDLY.  You wouldn’t point and laugh at someone you didn’t really know who had spinach stuck between their front teeth, would you?  

(I would certainly HOPE the answer is no.) 

Likewise, if you simply must point out a single typo…do it nicely?  Otherwise, it looks like you read this thing that this fic author put out into the world…this little piece of themselves…you read it, and found nothing good whatsoever.  Just that typo.  Maybe you didn’t mean it that way.  But it’s what it looks like to that author.  

On the other side of this coin…if the entire fic is a grammatical mess?  Just…back click out.  

Here’s why I say that.  To you, it might look like My Immortal…but to the person that wrote it?  It looks like the hard-work and effort they poured into it.  And you never know.  The person that wrote it could be ESL.  *shrugs*  And your comment could be the thing that keeps them from ever trying again.  You never really know.  It’s safer to be cautious.

I’m going to double star and bold this next thing.  Because I feel like it’s super important.

**A better way to point out typos, grammatical errors or basically any other errors is to contact the author directly.**  

I link my tumblr at the bottom of all my fics for this reason.  And I’ve gotten some lovely messages from people informing me of formatting errors, typos and grammatical errors. It literally takes the same amount of time to click on a link and type out your comment as it does to leave it at the bottom of the fic.  And I can tell you that I do not mind getting told about errors in private.  It’s when things get dragged out into the open that I start getting defensive.  

Which brings me to my last point before I shut up and leave you to your day.  

“I didn’t mean this in a bad way!  I was only trying to help!  Why is this author getting so defensive???”

I’d like to tell you about a little thing called tone.  

Something that is completely lost in online messaging and commenting.  

While you, the commenter, might have not intended anything bad from your comment…the author could have read it in a completely different way. Know why?  

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me?  Personally?  It’s because I’m self-conscious.  Yes.  I’m super self-conscious about everything I share.  Whether it’s a short prompt or an update to a longer fic, I’m self-conscious about sharing it.  And that translates over to how I read tone in online messages and comments.  I hate that I can’t read things neutrally, but…here I am.  In all my imperfection.   

I guess in short, what I’m saying is…and this is probably going to earn me some enemies for whatever reason…I mean…I stood up to someone leaving concrit on one of my fics and got called a c*nt and an attention whore for it.  *shrugs*  People are gonna do what they want to do, and that’s how it is.  

Originally posted by teachingfeelslike

It takes absolutely no time to back click out and say nothing.  *shrugs*  It takes zero effort to not be a dick.  So please.  Just…don’t be a dick?  Feed your authors.  Don’t leech from them.   

[scenario] [request] not so subtle glances

(i tried ok i cant write edgy stuff like this…………) 

22: “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
34: “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

Title: not so subtle glances

Member: Seungcheol 

Genre: slightly suggestive?? lots of kissing // fluff kinda

Word Count: 1235

“Seungkwan, I’m telling you, you cannot leave Seungcheol & I in the same room.” He rolls his eyes at you and continues to tie his laces.

“I won’t take long. I’m going to the store to get more soda and snacks, not flying to China.” He stands and unlocks the front door, humming loudly over the sound of your complaints. “Anyway, we’re just working on a group project, I don’t know why you’re so nervous.”

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ccehrler  asked:

Ok. Here we go. Let's do... avengers x reader? I guess specifically Bucky x reader What if... avengers find reader amongst Hydra files and locate her only to find out she has no memories of her own, but has all Bucky's memories. What if there was no machine and she was the memory eraser and the more she erased Bucky's memories, the more she lost her own and gained his?!! Angst, some fluff, I think you can cook something up MCU of course ;) Ooo this is gonna be fun

Hi, dear! Thanks a lot for taking part to this celebration, and sending in such a marvelous idea!

I hope you’ll like how it came out in the end.

Soldier and Eraser

Pairing: Avengers x reader, Bucky x reader

Warnings: oh well, this is difficult… there are so many bad things in here; I’ll try but I’m sure that I won’t be able to name everything, so just be cautious. Lots of angst, some fluff, violence (mostly mentioned more than depicted), manipulation, messed up minds and induced way to think, stealing, passing frontiers illegally, swearing and bad language, allusion to sex and to the use of it as part of a conditioned behavior, guilt feelings, … and probably something else.

Notes: this is quite a mental trip, sorry. The story begins soon after the events of CA:TWS; and X-men and the Avengers coexist in the same universe, but normally they mind their own business and do not really interact much, unless they are interested in the same thing. (I have heard that in the comics they should live in the same universe, but that in the movies they are apart because of licenses or something like that. By the way, I haven’t read enough comics to have an idea of their coexistence there, I have mostly just watched the movies. And I’ve thought that for this fic it would have been useful if they lived in the same universe. That’s all.) I’d really love if you could leave some feedback!

Word count: 7094 (Yep, this is much longer than my usual.)

Originally posted by busygina

Steve reviews the files of the folder Natasha has given him. It has been weeks and not him nor Sam have been able to find any good lead on Bucky. He absentmindedly turns page after page. His eyes fall on something handwritten on a corner.

‘Always keep the eraser to hand.’

Few pages later another note.

‘Keep the eraser out of cryo as long as the soldier.’

Steve frowns. There are mention of the ‘eraser’ through the entire dossier and until now, he has supposed that it should be some kind of machine, but a machine would never be kept under cryostasis. The ‘eraser’ must be some kind of living being.

Steve updates Sam on the new piece of info he has just discovered.

“Wait a minute.” Sam hums on the other hand of the line. Few seconds of silence follow. “I knew it! Meet me by my house in an hour. We can have a lead.”

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Divided: Part 18

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, a lot of combat 

Word Count: 4196 (I’m not even sorry, this is a massive scene and it was so hard to write) 

Summary: Unexpected guests arrive at the airport, blocking your teams ability to escape, you have no choice but to fight

Authors Note:  HOLY CRAP! I have never before tackled anything this difficult. I got to level with you guys, this was one of the hardest scenes I have ever written and it took forever and has been edited and rewritten more often than I care to admit. But, in the end I am enormously proud of what this is, I really really hope you guys enjoy it too. I always love hearing from you all, so drop a line with thoughts or predictions!  Tagging is open, just ask, if you are on my tag list and your username has changed PLEASE let me know!

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 

“Wow, it’s so weird how you run into people at the airport.” You can hear Tony over Caps open com line, projecting into your team’s ears as you all move into position. Clint and Wanda head up to the higher level, while you keep watch with Bucky and Sam through the glass terminal, waiting for your Captain’s signal.

“Ross gave me 36 hours to bring you in.” Tony continues as your eyes fly to Sam, both of you tensing as you listen in. Bucky’s hand twitches slightly in yours as your head turns to him, smiling at his nervous expression, trying to ease his anxiety as your hand sends a small pulse back to him.

“Your old war buddy killed innocent people yesterday.” Tony’s voice rises, as Bucky bites his lip. You look at him, your other hand rising up to force his gaze back to you. “It wasn’t you.” You whisper quietly, “You know that.” He nods as your hand falls from his face. He raises your intertwined knuckles to his lips, placing a soft kiss on your fingers.

“Steve,” You hear Natasha’s voice enter the scene, “You know what’s about to happen… Do you really want to punch your way out of this one?” You look to Sam, both of you feeling the full weight of Natasha’s question. Almost simultaneously, you both roll your shoulders back, steeling your resolve to stand and fight, knowing for certain the justice of your cause.

Sam focuses on his goggles as he presses his finger to the pad on his arm, following red wing as the small robot scans for Stark’s quinjet, trying to find an alternative way out of here. “Alright, I’ve run out of patience” Stark speaks nonchalantly, raising his hands to his mouth.

“Underoos.” Tony shouts, and Sam panics, thinking it to be an attack on Steve. He tenses, his eyes breaking from the screen of his glider, focusing back on the scene outside. “What the hell? What the fuck is that?” Your head snaps away from Bucky, quickly focusing on the conversation outside.

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|| ♤ ||

||happy belated birthday, spade ♤||

**dont repost this story**


Peter always found it to be a challenge to surprise his girlfriend, [Full Name], on her birthday.

Seemingly born with observational skills that could even put Batman to shame, to say it was difficult to surprise [Name] was a huge understatement. As Peter lay in bed with just about a week until his beloved’s birthday, he thought back to the years he had tried to surprise her, only to have it ruined each time within seconds.

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for the girl who had everything

a little post-season add-on.

spoilers for the season 2 finale of supergirl.


A day after Lillian Luthor takes credit for saving the planet, the Tribune publishes an article that names Lena Luthor as Earth’s saviour.

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During Phil’s latest live show on the 16th of March 2017, he spent a few minutes (30.30-35.20) just ranting about his degrees and his university experience. I loved that bit so much that I wrote down the first part of the “quote” and posted it here on Tumblr and the last couple of days, I’ve just been smiling so wide at all the tags people have added when reblogging. I think it’s safe to say we all loved that bit and it brought inspiration and smiles to so many.

I’ve compiled a list of all the tags on the quote post so far. It’s quite long so you can read them all below the cut. It took ages but it was so calming to read through all the love and appreciation written in the tags. If you don’t feel comfortable being part of this list, message me and I’ll remove you immediately! I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable.

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aaltena26  asked:

My birthday is February 18. Could I have Smitty age gap please and thank you?

Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat

Happy, happy birthday @aaltena26! To help you celebrate in style, the always incredible @booksrockmyface has written this wonderful bit of Everlark, just for you. Enjoy!!

Dream Come True

Rated: Explicit

Trigger warning: Brief talk of a four wheeler (ATV) accident and a resulting injury ending in amputation of a limb.

Author’s note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope this is all you were hoping for and that your day is THE BEST! Much thanks to thesaltywinteradult for helping me get this story figured out when I got stuck on a transition.


Peeta remembered staying up late when he was eight years old to see Katniss Everdeen compete in the final archery round in Athens. She had been a frontrunner from the start, especially since she’d just barely missed out getting into the games four years before. She was his first crush.

When he was put in charge of showing the Olympian around campus as the Student Activities Board president, he was beside himself with excitement. He’d get to talk to her. Get her settled into her hotel. Introduce her to the group of students that would gather to see her archery demonstration.

“Calm down, Mellark. She’s just a person.” He told himself as he bounced around in the parking lot waiting for her arrival. “A really hot person you’ve had a crush on nearly all your like, but a person nonetheless.”

A compact car that looked like it had seen better days pulled in and Katniss Everdeen emerged. She was even more beautiful that Peeta could have ever imagined. Her long brown hair hung in waves over her shoulders. The sign, “Dangerous curves” came to mind as she stretched and looked around. She removed her sunglasses and sent a smile Peeta’s way, causing him to suddenly lose his normal ability to talk as her grey eyes landed on him.

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Star of the Show- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by antoinebibeau

You smiled and took the nights’ final bow with the rest of the cast as the audience cheered before waving goodbye as the curtains closed.

“Great show everyone!” you heard the director call. “Time to head home! Everyone have a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow!”

You grinned and hurried offstage, taking the red scrunchie out of your wig and going to the dressing rooms. Your musical debut was done and Veronica Sawyer had saved the school from her boyfriend once more. “Great job out there guys!”

“You too, (Y/N)!” Megan, the girl who played Heather Chandler, noted.”I’m seriously impressed. You were a natural out there. I guess all the rehearsals and tech week paid off for all of us.”

“I guess so.”

“And you seriously played the drama well,” Katie- the company’s Heather McNamara- said, “and- not going to lie- Dead Girl Walking got me turned on a little bit.”

Piper, who played Martha, snickered and chimed in. “You and everyone else. Let’s be realists here.”

“Well, it is a song about sex.”

Sam- who played Heather Duke- spoke up. “I still think it was enough to get Eric turned on, though. And he’s not into girls.”

You shrugged. “Well, maybe he was picturing it as Jonathan Groff or Aaron Tveit or someone instead of me.”

“How’d you guess?” you heard on the other side of the door, causing the room to erupt in laughter. He must’ve been walking by at the perfect timing.

“Lucky guess.”

You continued to dress down into your jeans, blouse, and jacket, and swapping your heels for sneakers and putting your costume back on the hanger to put away. You just finished combing your hair back out after taking the bald cap and wig off to put away when you heard a knock and a voice on the other side you recognized to be Alan, the guy who played Ram.

“Hey, (Y/N), there’s a couple of guys here who wants to meet the cast. Some celebrities it seems. Can’t do that without you.” he said. “One of them’s a looker, too. Your type. Just saying.”

You blushed. “What?”

Katie smiled. “Everyone good? No one’s naked. Good. Let’s go.”

“Wait, is this normal?”

“Oh don’t worry.” Piper said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “You’re going to be fine. It’s not common, but it’s not uncommon either. Whenever celebs come to see the show, sometimes they want to go back and congratulate us in person. That’s how I met the Obamas that one time.”

You went out with the other girls to see the other cast members and your male co-stars talking with three big guys. One who was blonde and the other two were brunet. The blonde and the taller of the brunets has long-ish straight hair and the other had curls. Speaking of the other one, he must have been the one Adam talked about.

He was tall, but not lanky and he had a nice jawline and great cheekbones, too. His eyes were bright as he spoke with Eric and Jane, who played Ms. Fleming, probably congratulating them on how well they did when Eric turned his head.

“Ah and here’s our little starlets.” he smiled. “Gents, these are the Heathers, Martha, and our Veronica, fresh from her debut. Or, as we like to call them, Katie, Sam, Megan, Piper, and (Y/N). Girls, these are Nicklas, Tom, and Andre. They play here for the Capitals. It’s ice hockey.”

Megan joked. “Of course you know, Eric. You’re from Toronto.”

He scoffed and put a hand to his chest in mock hurt. “Hey! Hockey loving is a Canadian stereotype that I am proud to uphold.”

The three Heathers and Piper went over to talk to them with the rest of the cast as you stayed behind. Surprisingly, for an actress with the lead role, you were ridiculously shy. Anyone other than someone you’re really familiar with and you’re as shut in as a clam. You opened up to Twitter and scrolled through social media absentmindedly.


You yelped and nearly dropped your phone in fright due to the sudden voice. You turned your head to find you face to face with a pair of warm brown eyes.

“You’re a sneaky one, aren’t you? I barely noticed you over here.” he smiled, backing away so you could see him better. It was the one Adam was talking about. The curly-haired man from before.

You blushed “Uh h-hi.”

“Hi. Sorry for being rude. Just… couldn’t help but notice you alone here. I’m Andre.”

You took the hand he held out and shook it. “(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N). Nice to meet you Andre.”

“(Y/N)? That’s really pretty… Wait. You’re Veronica!”

You blushed and nodded. “Uh yeah. That’s me.”

“Wow! You were great! Really, I mean that.” he gushed. “You were… God it was so awesome! Congrats on the great show. It’s unlike any other show I’ve seen. It’s so… funny. Like an SNL skit but 20 times longer and darker. But the music was great and the jokes were funny.”

You were red at this point and couldn’t help but smile at him. He was just too damn cute. Like the human embodiment of 20 puppies stacked up in a trench coat. “Oh thank you! That actually really means a lot. It was my debut tonight, after all. That really means a lot to me. Thank you for coming.”

“Whoa, that was your debut? Like your first time?”

You nodded. “Professionally, yeah.”

“Wow.” he marveled. “That’s something else. Really.”

“Thanks.” you said. “Sorry if I’m awkward. I’m kinda shy.”

“It’s okay. Promise.”

“Yeah?” you smiled. “You wanna get a picture?”

He grinned. “That’d be awesome, actually. Thank you.”

You tapped Megan on the shoulder and asked her to take the pic. She took Andre’s phone and had you two stand close together and grin.

“Alright! Say Heathers!”

You stood still until she put the phone down and gave a thumbs up. “You’re good.”

“Thank you.” you said in unison with him before peering over at the phone to see them. “Awww they’re so nice!”

He smiled. “Yeah… Do you want me to send them to you?”

You blushed. “Are you asking me for my number?”

“And if I am?”

You smirked. “If so, just don’t be a stranger and maybe use it for something besides sending the pictures.”

He grinned. “I see you’ve found some confidence.”

“A bit. You’re just really easy to talk to.” you said, taking his phone and putting yourself into a new contact slot and entering your number, using one of the pictures as the saver. “There you go.”

“Thanks.” He replied, taking it back and hearing his friend call him. “I should go. Thank you.”

“No problem. Thank you so much for coming.”

‘It was my pleasure.” he grinned. “I’ll text you. Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“Goodnight, Andre.”

Karamel Fanfic #36

Title: Baking 101

Prompt: Mon-El teaches Kara how to bake chocolate chip cookies. 

Word Count: 2797

Also posted on AO3.

Note: Sooooooo even though I’d literally promised to myself that I wouldn’t attempt to write a Karamel one-shot one week before my AP exams, since I also had Second Chance to work on, I saw a post on Tumblr and it sneaked an idea into my mind that I couldn’t get rid of, and here is the result. I’m blaming Tumblr for literally staying up till 2 a.m. to start this and spending almost the whole chemistry lesson finishing it (and I also just fell asleep in English lesson so there’s also that). 

Here is the post that inspired it

And I want to gift this work to @juliakaze​, because it was her post that inspired me, and despite losing two precious hours of sleep I’m not regretting it. So thank you sweetie :)

I hope you guys like this!

Originally posted by jj-c123

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Discussion on Recent Post on PJ

AKA Answering Ask Time

Ah man sorry for just suddenly disappearing like that guys. Just I had to take a sudden break from tumblr. Anyway – I got several asks over the hours I was not on there… though I did turn it off at one point due to some hate being sent to me, which I will address below. I decided to go ahead and answer all of the asks that are surrounding the situation that happened and the events that happened due to it in this post. Any other questions that are specifically asking about something else (though mentioning a bit of what happened Monday) I’ll answer on their own and appropriately tag them, since I know a few of you were wondering about PJ a bit.

Anyway! On with the show! I hope that with this I can clear up a bit of things as well as give my thoughts on what you have to say about it! And I’ll be going in a random order with the asks… so bear with me! ^^

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Downton Rewatch (Season 1): part ii

- oh my gOD Bates get a hold of yourself. so william comes barreling through the door and spills Thomas’ tea all over him and thomas gets mad. and says something snotty. wow. call the constable, what an effing crime. like. now thomas has tea all over his clothes so he’s either got to go and change (which i’m sure he has just masses of other clothes no problem right) or wait for it to dry, during which time if Mr. Carson catches him he’s going to get a verbal thrashing. DO EITHER OF THOSE OPTIONS SOUND APPEALING. like I am the first to admit that thomas is the most…JUST THE MOST. but don’t treat him like he just ripped the head off of a baby lamb for having a reaction jesus BACK OFF BATES

- oh good lord when Daisy says, “i’d do anything for you” and Thomas glows - ACTUALLY GLOWS - with something like pride and wonder and genuine surprise. i mean in the next second his face shifts and he does this villainous little smirk sure yeah because that’s a weapon, that’s something to defend yourself with if you need it, something to use against other people duh. (honestly i don’t know how anyone who isn’t a slytherin makes sense of the world but okay) but in that moment before, there was bare vulnerability and it was fucking beautiful. shit. i’m gonna make a shitty gif of it because you guys have got to see this shit.

THOMAS. (90% of my live action commentary watching this show is just me yelling out in a pained and strangled voice THUHMASSS).

-this is a real live actual conversation that happens.

OB: [plotting against Bates} What we need to do is to make him a suspect when something’s really been stolen.

Thomas: How do we know anything’s been stolen?

OB: Because you stole it, you noodle.

You are both noodles, and this is a terrible idea.

- side note: how fucking spot on is it that when there are scenes happening in Carson’s office or the servants hall you can hear Mrs. Patmore and Daisy bickering in the background. I mean. I take this show to task for a lot but wow that is some tight storytelling.

- man do i miss the good ole days of Thomas and OB plotting and smoking in the courtyard. iconic.

- there is not much i find more delightful than Thomas saying “sod ‘em.” why can’t he have been given more dirty lines please…why is RJC’s ridiculous accent so fucking soothing. SEE HOW SOOTHED I AM. i am currently just a skin bag of loose bones and honey.

- Daisy and Mrs. Patmore are fuking underappreciated. Daisy misunderstanding Mrs. Patmore and thinking she’s supposed to poison the food while Mrs. P is away for eye surgery is one of the best and most subtle moments of comedic genius in television history.

- why is watching Thomas putting food in his mouth…so erotic. i did not ask for this. i was perfectly happy not knowing this about myself.

- okay so look. i am the first (okay maybe not the first) to admit that Thomas says and does some mean shit. he’s not perfect! some days…he is so overwhelmingly far from perfect that hypothetically you have to go have a good long talk with yourself in the bathroom mirror about why the eff it’s one o clock in the morning and you are lulling yourself to sleep with VIVID fantasies of putting a grown man in the bathtub, washing the pomade out of his hair, and seeing what kinds of noises he makes when you skritch the back of his head. hypothetically. i can only imagine that’s what it would be like because none of this is personal experience. but also let’s not pretend that i won’t defend Thomas to the everloving end. yes, it is not his finest moment to make light of a woman losing her pregnancy or a young person losing their mother, BUT for fuck’s sake why does no one seem to have a problem with people putting their hands on Thomas in violence, holy shit.

- aghhhhh the fact that Thomas holds himself so still, head so high and proud when he’s got bruises on his face. It is the Don’t Fucking Touch Me Stillness, cousin to his Blank Look of Shame, and you all know how i feel about that.

- hahahahahhah ohhhhhhh well fuck me i guess branson/sybil/gwen was the ot3 i didn’t even know i wanted. 


ryeregular  asked:

A very homesick sports elf!

Despite the fact that he lived in a big and fancy, futuristic-looking airship, Sportacus was actually not exactly the most tech-savvy guy. However, after HOURS of insistence from the children that his life would be so much easier if he had a cell phone to communicate with people, he finally caved and went to the nearest electronics store to pick out a phone of his own, with the help of Pixel. 

It sure was a good thing that he had Pixel there to help him; these “smart phones” were really confusing. Pixel is a very smart boy though, and even someone as technologically inept as Sportacus still managed to figure out the basic functions of the phone, thanks to him. 

It really WAS useful, he had learned. Not only had he and the kids grown the habit of texting each other good night before 8:08, but he was also able to easily catch up on current events, and the phone functioned as an excellent planner that reminded him of what he needed to do; which REALLY helped someone like him who had ADHD. He’s also been watching a lot of exercise videos on it and has even downloaded a couple apps to help him keep track of how much he has exercised. 

Phones REALLY ARE nice…maybe he’ll write to his family about how useful they are. MAYBE, …he can even give them his new phone number. He doesn’t think that any of the elves back home had cell phones, and it was probably wishful thinking but- …he just really wanted to hear everyone’s voices again….

Getting letters from his family every once in a while really felt special, but sometimes…the wait in between letters made it feel like it wasn’t enough….


It was two in the morning when his phone started to blare out its default ringtone, vibrating from across the room on the floor, over by the outlet where he had it plugged in. The elf groaned, slowly sitting up and attempting to rub the sleep from each of his eyes, but he still felt really tired. He definitely didn’t get his full eight hours of sleep yet; who on Earth would call him at THIS hour? Was someone in trouble? That can’t be it; his crystal wasn’t beeping…

Drowsy and confused, Sportacus climbed out of bed and walked across the room, unplugging his phone. …That’s funny. He didn’t recognize this number… 

“Hello?” He yawned. “This is Sportacus…” 

“Oh! It works!” A female voice on the other line chimed excitedly from the other line, and Sportacus immediately perked up, feeling his heart jump in his chest and almost completely forgetting the fact that he was tired. 

“Mamma!” He cried out into the receiver, his tone frantic as he clutched the phone tighter in his grip. Was it REALLY her? Or was he dreaming? This felt like a dream- 

But no, he heard her familiar, warm laughter on the other end, laughter so unique and so distinct to him that he couldn’t rationalize it as possibly belonging to anyone else. 

“Yes dear, it’s your mother,” the voice on the other end confirmed it for him, giggling once more before she let out a gasp. “Oh dear! I forgot about what time it is over there! Did I interrupt your sleep, honey?” 

“N-no!” the hero immediately stammered, waving his free arm around frantically, even though the other couldn’t see. “I mean- you DID, but it’s really no big deal, mamma. I can stay up and talk,” he said quickly. “I WANT to talk-” 

“Okay honey.” His mother laughed again, before letting out a soft sigh. “I’m sorry to have woken you up so early- actually, it’s still pretty early over here too. But your father and I got your letter last night about you getting a cell phone, so we went ahead and left the elf village to go buy one so we could talk to you.” 

“You DID?” He asked, his eyes widening as he felt his heart swell in his chest. …They left the elf village and went through all that trouble to do that for HIM? 

“Yes, we did,” his mother answered, and Sportacus SWORE that he could feel the warmth of her smile from the other end. “I was going to wait until a little later to call you, but I guess I got excited.” 

“No no mamma, it’s NOTHING,” he insisted. “You guys can call me at any time that suits you.”

“Oh, but we want you to get your sleep, darling. We KNOW how important your job is. Next time, we’ll call you at a more reasonable hour. …Maybe we can even do one of those “video chats”…once we figure out how-” 

…A video call? A chance to see his family? “…I would really like that,” he told his mother, his mind pulling back to the last time that he had seen everyone’s face. It’s…been a long time. A couple of years, even. He wondered if everybody even looked the same. Being that elves kept to their youth pretty well, they probably did, …but maybe his father was finally beginning to grey? Or his mother got a haircut? Perhaps his brother’s facial hair had gotten longer… 

“We would like that too. It really has been a while, hasn’t it?” she noted. 

Sportacus swallowed, a but more thickly than he expected. “…Yes,” he told his mother. The more he thought about his family, …the more that he realized that he was sort of forgetting what everyone looked like. “…It really has been a long time- …Umm, mamma, could you fill me in a bit about what’s been going on back home lately?” He asked, hoping that that would get his mind off of it. 

“Oh, of course dear! As you know, May is just around the corner, so we’ve all been getting ready for the flower festival. Your father has been spending EXTRA time back in the garden these days.”

Oh! How are his apple trees doing?” he asked. “Has he finally gotten them to sprout sportscan- duhh, fruit?” he asked, correcting himself. 

“He HAS,” his mother replied, beaming. “And your father is really proud of himself. It really WAS a stubborn tree. Perhaps we’ll send you a crate of apples- I don’t think your father will take no for an answer anyway-” 

“I don’t think he would either,” Sportacus laughed. “Tell him that i’ll take them.” Sure, it was true that Lazytown had more than enough apples for him to eat already- but he still MISSED the distinct taste and crunch of an elvish apple from back home- actually, there were a LOT of things back home that he missed…

“Your brothers are doing well,” his mother continued. “Alfreð still has his job working with the human police,” she told him. “And Magnús and Reginleif are expec- ooh, I probably shouldn’t say more,” she hesitated. 

“Shouldn’t say what?” Sportacus asked. 

“Well…I feel like Magnús would want to tell you this himself, ..but I’ve probably already said too much. He and Reginleif are expecting a baby.” 

“What? Really?” Sportacus sprang up, surprised by this news. “They are? That’s great!” 

“Yes honey, they are. But promise me to pretend you heard nothing when he finally tells you that you’re going to be an uncle.” 

“My lips are sealed, mamma,” he promised. Wow…he’s going to be an UNCLE. He’s never been one of THOSE before! It really did seem like a lot of fun, when he thought about it, teaching his niece or nephew to play games, and getting to spoil them…but then Sportacus realized something. He’s stuck in Lazytown. He’s going to MISS the birth of his brother’s child. He’s not going to get to meet his niece or nephew in person… 

He’s been seeing and missing A LOT, the more he thought about it. This year’s flower festival, and the one the year before it. He’s already missed his brother’s wedding, and now he’s missing his firstborn too. He’s missed every funny dinner table conversation, …and now that he thought of it, he missed his father’s sense of humor. He missed the rolling hills, the streams and waterfalls, he missed getting big group hugs, tackles by his brothers and friends and tickles behind his ears… 

“…Dear? You’ve been awfully quiet for a while,” he managed to hear his mother say to him through all of his thoughts. “Are you tired? We can talk again tomorrow.” 

“NO, I-” Sportacus swallowed, suddenly feeling tears spring into his eyes. “Don’t go, mamma-” he begged, his voice breaking. “I miss you…” 

Before he knew it, he was crying into the receiver, his breath hitching as his body began to rack with sobs.  Why was this happening to him so suddenly? Why couldn’t he control it? 

“I miss you,” he sobbed out, wiping at his eyes frantically, but the tears just kept coming. “I miss y-you and pabbi, a-and I m-miss Magnús and Alfreð, and I miss HOME…” he hiccuped, feeling his cheeks only get wetter. “A-and I feel b-bad b-because I feel like I’m m-missing out on e-everything that’s i-important to all of you-” 

“Oh darling…” His mother put on a sympathetic tone, trying her best to hush her son. “I know, it must be really hard on you, only being allowed to visit once every eight years…and sometimes, it’s hard on us too,” she told him. “There isn’t a day that goes by that the whole family doesn’t think about you. Alexander darling, we love you SO MUCH…and we’re all VERY proud of you,” she said, trying to console him. “Me, your father, your two older brothers, the WHOLE VILLAGE is VERY proud of what you have been doing.” 

“Y-you are?” he whimpered out, sniffling and wiping his nose on his wrist. 

“Yes, Alexander sweetheart, we are,” she said warmly, comfortingly, using the same tone that she did back in his boyhood whenever he seeked comfort. “The elf council couldn’t have possibly picked a better elf to become the tenth Sportacus. Whenever your father and I read the letters that you send to us, we always smile when we hear about how you’ve been helping the children in your town stay safe and healthy. Yes, we read about what you’ve been doing sometimes and it makes us miss you, …but we’re always so HAPPY to see you write about how much you love your job and what you do. I’m not sure if we say it enough or not, but we’re SO proud of you. You really are making a difference in that community you’ve been taking care of.” 

“I am?” 

“You are. You’ve been doing EXACTLY what you were assigned to do, and the whole village is proud of that. …Are you happy with what you’re doing?” she asked him. 

“I-I AM,” he nodded, wiping his eyes. He was sure of that much. “I LOVE what I do. I love it SO MUCH. I LOVE everyone in Lazytown to pieces.” 

“We KNOW you do,” his mother responded warmly, and the hero could feel himself calming down. “And you’ll continue to make all of us proud, each and every day. We LOVE you, darling-” 

“I love you too, mamma.” 

Hilarious - Wanda Maximoff x Reader x platonic!Pietro Maximoff

Originally posted by marveling-over-imagines

Words: 1218
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: Swearing
Requested by anon
Can I request a imagine with Wanda Maximoff, where Pietro thinks the reader likes him but she is dating his sister in secret? Thanksss ✨
Authors Note: wow this is new, lilly is posting early instead of late! OMG! Yeah, I’m going to go see my dad’s friend’s band perform so I won’t be home until late. BUT YAY WANDA I LOVE WANDA! I’m really proud of myself though, it took me less than 2 hours to write this XDDDD

Masterlist. Request List.

“Heeeeeey, Pietro,” You smiled as you glided into the kitchen on your ice path, in a sing-songy voice.

Pietro laughed as he turned his head slowly after grabbing a snack out of the fridge. “What’s got you so happy today?”

You shrugged. “Well, I am talking to my second favorite Maximoff!”

Pietro gave you a weird look, “Alright…” He started and took a bite of his snack, “What’s up?”

“I was just about to go train, want to join?” You smiled.

Pietro made a scared face, “Last time we trained together you made the floor icy and I was slipping for hours!”

“It was hilarious to see you falling all over the place, though!” You argued, “Especially when you tried to use your super speed; you really know how to make me laugh.”

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anonymous asked:

Latina MC that literally acts as if she's not in Korea. (ONLY Listens to Spanish music, ONLY dances Spanish dances, can barely talk Korean because wow so much Spanish.) (tip: Spanish music tends to be EXTREMELY Sexual. TO THE POINT OF IT BEING GROSS) So lmao I think seven would be lowkey shook at the explicit ass lyrics lmfaoooo? Idek go crazy with it. ((It's okay if you don't want to and it's okay if you get some stuff wrong.))

hey anon! this is a really cool request, thank you! ^^

also thanks for being forgiving if I get stuff wrong, I am a smol pacific islander;; 

leaving out saeran because well, i feel like saeran isn’t up to dancing..and he doesn’t mind the music, but the sexuality of it kind of makes him uncomfortable

side note: i didn’t mention it, but this is for everyone: imagine all the nicknames!


  • zen barely understands mc sometimes, since she speaks spanish most of the time
  • but he’s learning! and so is mc from helping him with his scripts 
  • basically, they kinda create their little language 
  • but on to the fun stuff
  • zen is totally hypnotized when she dances 
  • and he doesn’t know what this song is saying, but boy is he into it
  • one day he looks up the translated lyrics 
  • holy shit 
  • is suddenly very glad that mc dances at home most of the time
  • and understands why she looks at him a lot at certain parts of the song
  • dammit zen stop making me make innuendos 
  • anyways, you best believe zen wants to learn all these dances 
  • mc is more than happy to teach him
  • it’s right on time for a part that requires him to do that exact dance 
  • his director is so proud omg 


  • he’s probably the most shocked at the lyrics
  • but he has to get mc to tell him what they are
  • why couldn’t he just look them up? because he wants to hear it from mc, he’s Extra
  • when she finally gives in and tells him, he’s so surprised 
  • blushes for the rest of the day, he’s ridiculous
  • does not dance well
  • really enjoys watching mc dance, though
  • he’s better at deducing spanish
  • really only because he has a spanish dictionary on him
  • yeah, he took that class, haH
  • the kitchen always smells so good oh my godddd 
  • mc helps teach him all these latino recipes and he’s so happy
  • he’s really good at making them, too


  • is not surprised at the lyrics, is more surprised at mc’s skills
  • jaehee back at it again with an ‘i’m so gay’ moment 
  • she understands spanish and mc understands korean so they both speak to each other in their respective languages, but understand each other
  • it looks like a mess, but its not
  • mc offers to teach jaehee some of the dances!
  • and that works out well but it did backfire on mc
  • how, you ask?
  • jaehee learned the words to a song
  • and sang and danced to it for mc
  • now mc is having her “i’m so gay” moment 
  • they dance together in the middle of it
  • and it totally definitely turns into a makeout session


  • this man is multilingual 
  • language is not a problem for him
  • what is a problem, however, is all the songs mc sings and dances to
  • thank god she mostly does it at home
  • the songs do make him a bit uncomfortable at times
  • because they can get so vulgar and unprofessional to listen to in the office
  • but damn, even jumin has to tap his toes or something
  • mc can only teach him basic dances, though
  • he can’t seem to get loose enough
  • he sang a song once though and mc still hasn’t recovered
  • it haunts her
  • in a good way, pl eas e
  • like, he sounded so good
  • and the words were…so not good
  • and he knew it too, what an asshole 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • speaks in spanish with her
  • literally doesn’t even speak korean when he’s with her, just spanish
  • unless he has to translate to the rfa
  • sings along to the songs like a champ
  • and you’re right, anon, he is lowkey shook at these explicit ass lyrics
  • but it only hits him when he watches mc dance
  • then he’s like: ‘oh shit’ 
  • that’s the stuff that we sing all the time
  • but watching her dance makes it a whole different song to him
  • because now he listens to the lyrics and watches mc move to it and
  • daaamn
  • don’t get me wrong, this one can dance
  • they make a good dance duo, not gonna lie 

v / jihyun

  • also knows spanish
  • the words don’t phase him at all, he doesn’t even care
  • what does phase him, like jaehee, is the dancing
  • like jihyun could watch mc for hours
  • he wouldn’t even think of it as sexual most of the time, he would just be in awe
  • how can he move like that?
  • pro tip: he can’t
  • V has two left feet
  • mc makes it up to him by dancing a lot 
  • she has one special dance she does if she wants to get him frustrated, though
  • but that’s not the point
  • the point is, jihyun can’t dance 
  • can ya’ll just…v’s voice is so amazing in general 
  • and then imagine him talk in your native language i am..shook
Shifter / Part IV

Summary: Reader, as a child, was one of HYDRA’s experiments, which resulted in her being able to shapeshift into other people. Living and working with the Avengers after being rescued by them, the Reader becomes ill as the ‘Civil War’ starts, and Steve trusts Tony to take care of her. So how does she react when Tony recruits a new member the same age as her? And what happens when she gets sent away?

Author’s note: IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS PART. I’ve been planning this since the start and i’m SO EXCITED!!! also, i absolutely freaking LOVE writing Dad!Tony and Dad!Steve. It’s so much fun. Also – this is my favorite piece i’ve ever written?? I’m so, so proud of it. Wow.
P.P.S. Don’t forget to leave feedback!!!!! 

Warning: Angsty talks, mentions of death, flUFFY AF

|| Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Coming soon!

Peter Parker x Reader

What? No, I’m not going to just leave you guys to–” You say, defiantly, but Tony cuts you off. “C’mon, kiddo – We still haven’t dealt with the Accords, and I need to work out the serum. You’d be a lot safer away from here. Just until we’ve figured this out.” You still aren’t entirely okay with the idea, but you know Tony won’t give up on this – he’ll send you away while you’re asleep if he has to. “Fine.” You mutter, short and clipped, and he sighs, leaning back into his chair. “Thank you.” He stands up, about to leave, when you realize something. “Where am I going?” You ask, and he spins around with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Queens.” He says, smirking, before he leaves the room, leaving you alone with a confused look on your face.

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kyouhaba fic rec !

this ship has gotten so much attention in the past few weeks and im so excited!!!! so,,, i made a fic rec ( courtesy of the request from @iwaizooms , thank u !!! ) !!! here are my personal favorites out of the ones i’ve read so far !! 

-note: i’ve missed a few of the recent fics, but i’ve read the majority of the fics from prior to the date of the kyouhaba debut in the anime!!! (also… i totally am gonna include my own fics in here because im ridiculous)

-note note: fics are not in any order !!

Deal || kiyala || 1/1 chapter || 1169 words || g+ || kyoutani and yahaba go on a bookstore date!!! i literally just finished reading this but it’s suuuuper cute and i love the dynamic between kyoutani and yahaba here!!! kyoutani is such a big nerd :^)

Kiss me like you mean it || Qitana || 1/1 chapter || 3163 words || t+ || oikawa and yahaba run a kissing booth and kyoutani is dared to kiss yahaba!!!! i laughed really hard at this and…. totally blushed a ton??? its written incredibly well and portrays all of the characters in such a neat yet accurate way!!

Baby steps (or ‘Yahaba’s guide to applying eyeliner on a grumpy puppy’) || fontsizesmol || 1/1 chapter || 1597 words || g+ || kyoutani breaks his arm, and yahaba helps him with his eyeliner!! also i love this because it feels like there’s some sort of exchange between kyouken and yahaba that’s not shown in the story and its GREAT

Kyouhaba Week - Soulmates Universe || MapacheLuna || 7/7 fics || 24,318 words || t+ || a soulmate au series with some dramatic side-oikuro!!! theres a slow build and a ton of tension and i love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT,,, its honestly completely worth reading because the writing style is so nice and because aaa,,,a, theyre both such dorks

Entwined || kiyala || 1/1 chapter || 2254 words || g+ || soulmates universe where you can feel the emotions of your soulmate upon touching !! wow, i love how kyoutani is portrayed SO MUCH (i left like.. an essay about it in the tags tbh) and it’s super chill and wonderful aah

Close to the Chest || darkmagicalgirl || 10/10 chapters || 61,185 words || t+ || taking place in the canon universe, a slow build over a few years. in all honesty, this is one of my favorite fics of all time, and i’ve cried every time i’ve read it. it’s beautiful and yahaba is hilarious and WOW!!!! my breath is taken away!! please read this fic

Safe in Your Hands || shions_heart || 3/3 chapters || 8915 words || t+ || yahaba begins doing kyoutani’s eyeliner for him, and it goes from there. this fic is super great and yahaba becomes really important to kyoutani and it just makes my heart complete holy shoot 

wear your love like it’s made of hate || memorde || 1/1 chapter || 3366 words || t+ || i love fics where yahaba does kyoutani’s eyeliner can u tell,,, bUt this fic is hysterical and the first years are shitholes (in a good way) and aaaaaaaaah i scream

Stray Arrows || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 3801 words || t+ || this fic is very important to me because, a) first kyouhaba fic i ever read and got me into the ship, b) its beautifully written…. wow!!! this fic is super good and kyoutani’s a big dork with a rough home life and yahaba is Too Good™

you can’t trust anyone these days || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 719 words || g+ || seijou. laser tag. do i have to say anything else ??? this fic is pure gold and yahaba kicks ass i love him

destroy the middle (it’s a waste of time) || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 9683 words || m+ || this fic absolutely blew me away!!! i loved every bit of it and yahaba’s trying his best okay ,,, its super sweet and AAAAAh,,,, i love

and now we get to my own fics because im ridiculous

maybe || fortyfiveangrycats || 1/1 chapter || 7100 words || t+ || yahaba and kyoutani meet when they’re thirteen, and the fic follows the course of ten years as they fall in love,,, its sickeningly fluffy and i had a lot of fun and support writing this fic!!! it’s definitely the work i’m most proud of and i’m glad to share it with fellow kyouhaba shippers!!

putting the dog to sleep || fortyfiveangrycats || 1/1 chapter || 1756 words || t+ || yahaba and kyoutani regret their decisions of coming to team sleepovers when theyre tossed into a closet together for seven minutes, and decide to tease their teammates a bit!! it gets remotely fluffier tho tbh bUt its very gay and i wrote the plot at 3am so i apologize for this fic being a Complete Train Wreck™

SO YEAH!!!! thats my kyouhaba fic rec i hope u all like these fics because theyre AMAZING and deserve all of the love and attention in the world!! thank u!!!

Fool’s Gold

ao3 link

Beta: @ingenue-dan

Word count: 53k

Rating: R

Warnings: alcohol, mild anxiety, swearing, smut

Summary: Fashion designer, or rather fashion student, Dan Howell has just moved to NYC and meets Phil Lester, an aspiring advertising major. Success seems like an easy task but will Dan’s ambition and trips to the other side of the world interrupt his life too much?

Artist: @fallenflorals​ (art to be posted) and also check out my art of it here

Author’s Notes: o wow i meant for this fic to be 20k at the most. hah. this is my first pbb and i just have to say this has been an amazing experience. just a big shoutout to my beta, Dawn, who has been so lovely and supportive. also all my love to @danschode who has been checking up on my fic since the beginning and pressed me to keep going even if i thought i didn’t want to. this fic really has taken up a majority of my year and i’m so incredibly proud of it and i just hope you all enjoy <3

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